Happy Crappy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate eating chocolates out of heart shaped boxes instead of rectangular ones.

Also, this occurred to me this morning:


But it’s okay. I still get the chocolate.

I wrote more on Valentine’s Day last year right here.




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56 Responses to Happy Crappy Valentine’s Day!

  1. It’s still romantic because he knows what kind of chocolates you like, right?

  2. Hahaha. I just wrote a post about how slicing an apple was the extent of our married life romance! I still wouldn’t change it to life before, though.


  3. Kate says:

    Love this!

  4. Kari says:

    My husband and I are exchanging gifts this weekend, because I know that he hasn’t gotten me anything yet.
    I loved your post from last year! I bought some Valentines for my daughter for daycare, and it felt silly, because they are all about 1 1/2 years old. They have no idea what’s going on! I let her color all over them though, so we had fun with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Ginger says:

    LOL so true! My husband texted me “I’m coming home to get the car and off to the grocery store to pick you up something” LMAO, that’s as romantic as it’s going to get ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually I’m the one that’s getting stuff done, I posted a bunch of pics on instagram @procrastinative (shameless self-promoting)

  7. hahaha! I just said that to my husband when he left today! He got a box of fruit snacks. We’re romantic like that.

  8. Love this. Because it’s all about the end game. Chocolate.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Ha, we’ve moved on to the next phase – buying the chocolate the day AFTER, when it’s cheaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Julia says:

    Haha! too true!

  11. Vicky says:

    Ha! Never buy the heart shaped boxes! They cost more and you get less, usually the yucky ones no one likes.

  12. Robonanny says:

    I got a card, but no flowers, jewels or chocolates ๐Ÿ™

    Someone have a word with my fiancรฉ, because if this is the pre-wedding Valentine’s, I’m not sure I’ll even get a card afterwards!

  13. Kara says:

    My husband will pick me up flowers and chocolate tomorrow, because we get paid then and everything will be half off lol. And I told him to pick up the 3rd season of Big Bang Theory as my gift to him. Yep, no surprises here, but we both get what we want and are happy with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Learned long ago to only expect what I go out and get and/or make and/or draw and or whathaveyou myself. We’re all pretty happy with it in the long run. There are far more important forgotten dates to get mad about!

  15. Sarah says:

    LMAO… So true.
    In our house we have a different Valentines tradition (I worked for 14 years at a chocolate store so hubby buying me chocolate was kind of dumb since I could eat as much as I wanted at work everyday…I know- I still wonder why I quit… And flowers were moot since our two cats old destroy them anyway) and we exchange horror movie DVDs.
    However this year I texted him “don’t pick up a horror movie for me, I just bought my own…and yours”. He texted back “what?!? What if I already got you one???” Me “well, did you?” Him “no”. Me, “then shush!”


  16. Beth says:

    I brought my husband a bottle of Coke for Valentine’s Day and he said “I didn’t get you anything” which is funny because he never gets me anything. My 18 year old son said to his father “you’re a loser”. However, I did let him off the hook because he drove to montana to get me a dining room table I found in an antique store when we were on vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Shelley P. says:

    This is very close to how my valentines day went this year and I don’t mind either lol

  18. minnie says:

    When we were engaged I told my fiance not to waste money buying me flowers. Then the other 2 ladies in my office were delivered humongous bouquets from their loves, I was almost weeping by the end of the work day when there was still nothing for me. I told him about it later- he said, “Well, you TOLD me not to!” I said, “Next year, ignore me! Hello….” Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of women!

  19. Jenn says:

    Last night my husband was going to the grocery store and I told him to pick up a Valentine’s card for me to give him! He picked out the most expensive card there and claims he didn’t read it, just made sure it was “gender appropriate”!

  20. Heidi says:

    Even though we’re not Valentine’s day “people”, my husband still brought me a rose last night. I’m not complaining….

  21. Marraige, all the chocolate without the suspense. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite is that you still drew yourself happy, not rolling your eyes and sigh-y. Good attitude!!

  22. josanpu says:

    Roses are red,
    Cats better than dogs…
    Congratulations on
    Your winning blogs!

  23. Tammy says:

    Yeah, the extent of V-day in our house is pretty much picking up a package of M&M’s. I like the holiday colors. I SWEAR they taste better.

  24. Angela says:

    My husband surprised me with a dozen red roses. The fact that he surprised me with flowers is great, but the fact that he can’t remember that I don’t like red roses kinda ruins the whole experience…

  25. Woolies says:

    My husband informed me that he left his wallet at home today. I think chocolates are out of the question.

  26. MamaBean says:

    We have two kids – youngest is 7 weeks old and has a cold courtesy of big sis who is 2. Hubby and I decided this morning that we were gifting each other naps this weekend. I almost cried! Best V day gift ever.

  27. This hits pretty close to home for me ๐Ÿ™‚ This morning, I awoke to a bag of m&m’s being thrown at me in bed (my husband works the night shift and gets home just as the rest of us are getting up) and a “here, you can either have these or the 12 pack of root beer in the kitchen.” I took both.
    But he did take the baby so I could go back to sleep until 8 am ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s an awesome Valentine’s Day in my book.

  28. Erin says:

    I had to go grocery shopping today, and when I was leaving my husband said “buy yourself some flowers from me.” I think he was kidding, but I did it anyway. And I have to say, he did an EXCELLENT job picking them out this year . . . LOL

  29. kate l says:

    LOL! This is completely my husband and I after almost 10new years of marriage.
    This I bought him 2 pairs of new boxers… At least I tgought ahead and wrapped them with a funny card.. He , after all the requests of just bring me “something – flowers or chocolate will do”, stopped on his way home and bought 2 wind up toys for our girls and a can of air freshener and a strange bracelet … No wrapping paper or card.
    I guess I should be happy I got 2 gifts and my girls only got 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahahaha!

  30. Jay says:

    I’m so pleased we’re not the only ones who suck at doing valentines! My husband cured me by buying me a blender one year and I was horrified at the lack of romance (I guess if you’re into cooking it would be awesome. I make a mean peanut butter sandwich)… I’ve never wanted or asked for anything since. Pretty good way to train your wife I reckon!!!

  31. Ali says:

    Yay, chocolate!

  32. April says:

    Our first Valentine’s Day as a dating couple, my then-boyfriend (now husband) got me a hair dryer. And not a good one.

    He’s gotten a lot better at it since! A big box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers this year… though admittedly I had to basically tell him what I wanted. (“Nice chocolates, not the cheapo kind made out of vegetable oil. Flowers or a nice note you wrote yourself would be a pleasant bonus, but I at least want the chocolates.”)

  33. Carly says:

    Our Valentine’s are usually just as romantic, him telling me to pick something out and order it (usually on amazon) lmao! But this year he did try to surprise me, which I totally ruined! He said, I’m expecting a delivery today, so I said okay and assumed it was from the post office. So my post man had a package from my mom (yeah! Christmas in February!) but nothing for my husband. So I messaged him, you are expecting a package today? He said, yea did it get there? I said, no what is it. And he refused to answer me. So I get a phone call from some strange man talking about stopping in this afternoon and I was like what? No you are not coming and ignored his calls lmao! My husband arrives home and says, did you get the flowers I sent? Um no, I kinda told the delivery man not to come BECAUSE dammit you didn’t tell me to expect an in-person delivery! The man did call back and my husband told him to bring them (luckily they were still delivering). So that is how I ruined my Valentine’s surprise this year lol but that is so like me anyway.

    BUT in the morning, before all the delivery hoopla, my son did ask what Valentine’s Day was, so I explained how some give flowers, chocolates, cards, etc… and he said, well I gave you flowers yesterday so Happy Valentine’s Day Mama! LOL And it is true, he picked some flowers, um weeds actually, in the garden and gave them to me the day before, so in his mind that counted!

  34. Chris Carter says:

    OMGOSH that is HILARIOUS AND SO SO TRUE!!!! Brilliant Amber! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Amanda says:

    Our Valentine’s day consisted of our ancient fridge finally meeting it’s death…on top of the already broken oven lurking in the background…and finding out our homeowners insurance is dropping us in June! I couldn’t cook my planned crock pot meal…so the fam loaded up and we went to Taco Bell! YES!

  36. Wendy says:

    Dang! I knew I did something wrong!

  37. Omigosh, yes! I even sent him coupons this year! LOL. And the worst part is– I still didn’t get the chocolate I asked for! But I did get a homemade lobster dinner, so I guess I can’t complain too much (even though I had to do all the dishes after). :-/

  38. Liz says:

    Hubby and I didn’t really plan anything, because we’re going on a Valentine’s Day/5 year anniversary (!) trip in a couple of weeks, but when he got home we had this conversation:

    Him: “We should do something romantical* this evening, like dinner with the Pei Wei coupon. And the toddler.”
    Me: “Yeah, that sounds good.”
    Him: “Oh, I was going to get you flowers, but…”
    Me: “That’s okay, I’d just have to clean up flower corpses in a few days.”
    Him: “Well, actually…I figured I’d get them tomorrow, when they’re on sale.”
    Me: “Oh, that works too!”

    *Yes, he actually said “romanitcal.” He has a language all his own.

  39. sally says:

    ha ha. I loved this one. we stopped at the grocery store last night to pick up milk. the parking lot was crazy and I saw tons of people leaving with bouquets. I stayed in the car and told husband “if you want to surprise me with flowers, I’d like them, but if you don’t surprise me that is fine too.” he came back without flowers commenting on what a rip off they are on valentines day. “$30 for a plain old bouquet!” they are not that much at other times. Luckily we still have chocolate from the supply we bought to put in our kids valentines.

    Thanks for the link of last year! that is exactly how I approached the cards, and that was so perfect to read after seeing our son have valentines in Pre-K this year. however, he is a romantic… we made his valentines, and he carefully selected the stickers based on the person, and added an extra “have a great day” to 2 girls’ cards (girls that he likes). he got a card from one of those girls that said “Be Mine”. thanks to that, he is convinced that they are “IN LOVE,” and he’s been carrying around the card with him. I tried to explain to him (don’t want him to get too carried away at this age) that the messages are generic, and I don’t think she even filled out the “to:” ! but he is still convinced they are in love…

  40. Lisa says:

    This year I told my husband exactly what to get me. I lost an earring, so I asked him to get me another pair similar. Gave him the solo earring and sold him where I bout them. It was so easy for him (they had the exact same pair) that he picked out another pair himself. :). Super big win for me. Oh and somehow we have always made valentines day 100% about me…I’m not complaining ;). He got me some flowers, only thing missing is the chocolates… But that’s just being greedy ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. The joys of being married, right? It’s amazing how things change once you are married. The husband/wife dynamic is so different from the boyfriend/girlfriend one.

  42. neo says:

    This is SO my Valentine’s day too. That’s ok. He still rules.