About Me


These are my stories. And my drawings. I’m the one in purple.


My name is Amber and I have two boys, a husband and two black cats. I also have a fish, but I usually leave him out of bios. I used to have a fish but he died. It wasn’t because I left him out of bios. It was because he got old. I dedicated a whole post to him so spare me the hate mail. (Now since I’m paranoid about including everyone, we also have a dog. And chickens. And ducks. And a bearded dragon. And an invisible unicorn named Farkles.)

Wait. This is an about ME page, not about my animals.


Okay, I’m an artist. Mother. Writer. Drinker of wine. Eater of coconuts. I try to have a garden. I like to sew and knit and make stuff. I collect rocks. I love nature. I bite my fingernails.

Thanks to the surprising popularity of this blog (thank you!) I published BOOKS!!  Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures in 2013 and Marriage: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures in 2014 and The Totally Non-Crappy Coloring Book in 2017.

Thanks for all the support and laughs throughout the years!

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