About Me

Yep, I’m the mama.

These are my parenting stories. And my drawings.


My name is Amber Dusick and I have two boys, a husband and two black cats. I also have a fish, but I usually leave him out of bios.

My husband is really, really amazing. And my kids are fabulous. The cats are just okay.

I started this whole thing because I was going crazy and needed a place to vent. Since I don’t have a photographer following me around* I wound up drawing some crappy pictures to illustrate the day to day things that happen as a parent. Apparently these things happen to other parents too!  I’m just as shocked as anyone.  And very relieved.

Parenting is wonderful!  And also, well, you know.

I’m glad you’re here.

*okay, this bit isn’t entirely true.  Crappy Boy follows me around with his camera plenty. Plenty. 

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