Hi. How Have You Been?


It’s official-ish. I can now draw the picture I’ve been thinking about drawing ever since I drew the “pause” button one. Can you guess what it is?

Here it is:

A gold star sticker for you if you guessed it correctly. Or the blue or red or silver one, whichever color you pick for yourself is okay.



Can we just skip the awkward part? Aren’t we two old friends who haven’t seen each other in ages but can just have glasses of wine and pick up where we left off? Let’s do that. It’s so much more fun.

However, like two old friends, I suppose there IS some updating on each other’s lives we should do, huh? After all, it has been a while since we last hung out.

Let’s do the typical update. “So how are the crappy kids?” They are good!

This is what they look and act like now:

I’m KIDDING. It hasn’t been that long. They are still little kids. Although “little” is relative since nobody is in diapers anymore and everyone sleeps through the night. Gosh, it HAS been a while.

The main thing that has changed with our family is that we moved.

Like, super duper moved.

Remember when I’d go on an on about moving to Wisconsin and my “rustic dreams” problem like in this post when we visited? Well. We did it. We moved. And mostly everyone (back in California) thinks we are crazy. Which has always been true, but now we’ve finally proven it to them.

Wanna know what every single person asks (and still asks) about us moving from Southern California to Wisconsin? THE WEATHER. The weather! The SNOW. The WINTER. Weather, weather, weather, weather! Let’s panic about the weather!

No matter how many times I told people that I “grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota” Californians (who have never lived anywhere outside of California) would continue to educate me on the severity of the weather.

To the point where I learned that the most fun thing to do in a situation like this is to completely play dumb.

Because that makes their heads implode. It also renders them speechless for at least a few moments where I can AGAIN tell them that “I’m just kidding, I grew up there.” Then it usually sinks in. Plus, don’t most people do a little research before moving to a new place?

Oops, I got off track. This was supposed to be a general update. It must be all the wine we’re drinking. It makes me chatty.

I’ll have more to say about moving and the culture shock of city to rural in another post or two or not. Who knows. I have TONS of stories, people. That’s the beauty of taking a pause to live a bit. You have more to say when you start again.

So why unpause now? Why not?

I honestly can’t explain succinctly why I was creatively stuck and now I’m unstuck. It’s too complicated and would be very boring to most of you. I don’t think creative flow is something you can control though. I do know that I want to balance writing here with making other types of “crappy” art. That doing both is the only way this will work for me.

There is so much more I’d like to say. About how much the world has changed since I paused and the struggle of finding and celebrating joy in the face of so much sadness. About the beautiful and tiring job of raising children and how it just gets even more complicated (and funnier and more joyful in different ways!) as they get older. But all of that is DEEP stuff, and I always tuck in the deep stuff with the funny stuff so nobody really notices. Later. Later.

So are we all caught up? Have another glass of wine.

What is new with you? (Seriously, I’d love to hear. How old are your kids now? Did you move? What is inspiring you? What is the last thing you ate? What is the last thing someone in your house threw up on? Tell me stuff. I miss you guys.)


Hey, this is where the disclaimers go!

Crap, I don’t think I have one. Clearly, not a good post then. Sorry. Cut me some slack, I’m rusty.

Oh, if you don’t want to drink wine for our catch up, we can drink tea or coffee. I swing all the ways with beverages. 

Oh wait, I thought of something else! For the jaded among you, you probably think I restarted this blog to hawk my art for sale. You are partly right. (Then again, you’d think I’d stock my shop more, wouldn’t you? I didn’t. Because balance. There is time for everything, just not all at once.) I’ll be very upfront and state that I do not want to sell advertising space here or host giveaways with sponsors. I’ve struggled with ways to make the time put into this space worth it financially. This is a way that I can make this work and feel good about it. If anyone is put off by the idea of an artist wanting to make money for what they create you can go ahead and suck it. 

(Wow, my first disclaimer and already I’m telling people to suck it. How is this blog so popular again?) 

HUGE thank you for being here. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I updated my Facebook profile pic recently and wow, I did not expect so many comments from doing that. It was pretty incredible. I’ve missed you all and forgot what an awesome community this is. I also really, really appreciate those of you who followed me on instagram all this time, which was the only place online I continued to hang out. Warning: I’m not funny on instagram. It’s real photos, people. It will probably hurt your eyes to see that we are real people. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 






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I’m still on pause so don’t get excited

Hi there.

It’s been a long time, no?

Why am I on pause? How many bags of money do I make on my books? It’s all here in this interview conversation produced by my dear friend Marisa. That dear friend part is important, because really, only she could have convinced me to do something like this.

Yes, episode 3 of the Creative Thursday interview series is…me.

You even get to see my lizard. That is not a euphemism. (Uh, thankfully.)

You can also watch it here.


This is where I’d normally put a disclaimer. But I don’t need to because there are plenty in the video. So I think we’ll be okay for now.   


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