Sex and Dogs Versus Cats

We’re sitting on the Crappy Couch and the kids are asleep. Crappy Papa gives me the look. You know the one.


And then the dog invades our space.


I don’t think he means to be rude.

I think he can sense that something cool is happening and he gets confused. (A walk? A treat? What is happening? Why are you guys so happy all of a sudden? Let me jump up here and get a closer look! Hey guys, what’s going on?


The cats, on the other hand, are totally different.

In fact, I never noticed how truly polite they were until we got a dog.

With the cats, it is always like this…

Crappy Husband and I have sex. We finish having sex.

One second after we split apart, the cats appear out of nowhere.


They appear immediately afterwards, so it must mean they were nearby. Waiting. But they were quiet! We never knew they were there. Which is actually kinda creepy but also rather polite, isn’t it?


Okay, I don’t know how to end this post. Other than, do your cats/dogs do this too?



In case you notice the small kitty in the picture above and the fact that there are two…we have two Crappy Cats again. We adopted a black kitty with yellow eyes about a month ago.  

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Artwork From Kids

Ever hear that phrase “too much of a good thing”?

I understand it better now.




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