Non-Crappy Book Giveaway: Confessions of the World’s Best Father

Talking about another artist’s book today, spreading the love, baby! This time it is (drumroll please) Dave Engledow with his brand new book, Confessions of the World’s Best Father.

You’ve probably seen his photos via his Facebook Page and I’ve written about his work before and how he used some crappy glitter art of mine in one of his photographs. (The link to the photo on that old post is dead but you can see the photo in the book.) 

I caught Crappy Boy checking out the book:


Followed by a reaction of…


And then, “Is this real? It can’t be real!” (There’s a cool behind the scenes section at the back of the book where Dave shows how he doesn’t actually let Alice Bee play with deep fryers or knives.)

Not only are the photos amazing on their own, in the book they are accompanied by hilarious journal-style entries about their day. But here’s the shocker, although stuff is exaggerated to match the tone of the photographs, it’s all totally relatable. Like when he doesn’t understand why the dishes don’t wash themselves when his wife, Jen, leaves town. Or how difficult it is to convince a toddler to wear clothing.

Loved it.

Check it out: Confessions of the World’s Best Father.

And… ONE of you can win a copy right here! Enter via rafflecopter thingy below.
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Food Critic

Crappy Papa and I both like to teach and explain things. This is convenient now that we are parents since teaching is pretty much 99% what parenting entails. The other 1% is getting them to go to bed each night. And loving them of course, but that doesn’t take any effort. (Except during the 1% bedtime thing, then effort is required in the love/patience/keep calm and please-go-the-fuck-to-bed-already department.)  

However, we sometimes get a little overzealous about teaching and explaining. Just a little…


Crappy Boy is eating salad. He asks:


Crappy Papa answers:


To explain that there are other types of critics, I add:


And art critics and so on.

Then we trail off, explaining the exciting life of travel critics:



We get very animated and go back and forth about rating hotels and tourist attractions and travel shows and magazine articles and newspapers and travel books and guides. We discuss how one could get started in this business. How there are different formats for reviews such as magazines or newspapers or or radios books or TV shows or websites. Rating systems and things people look for and on and on.

We explain everything! The entire critic field! We explain that he too could do this if he was passionate about it. He could start now, he could start a journal about movies he sees or books he reads. He can do anything!

We’re teaching him so much! We’ve surely inspired him! We’re so good at this! So supportive! So encouraging!

Finally, we stop talking.


And Crappy Boy says:


Turns out, he’s a pretty good parenting critic already.



We actually used to play food critic in our house during dinner. If you have reluctant eaters, I highly recommend that trick. We haven’t talked about it (or used the star ratings) in over a year though. Like many things in parenting, I can look back and remember doing something but I don’t remember when I stopped doing it. It just sort of fades out. Does that ever happen to you? 

I got to play product critic recently, I’m one of the judges for the National Parenting Publications Awards! So. Much. Fun!

Thanks for all the insightful replies on my last post about Crappy Baby wanting a job! I should ask for advice more often, it really helped. 


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