Unicorn Horn

This is a flashback post, from when Crappy Boy was three. This is one of those magical moment memories.  

One morning, we’re playing a game where Crappy Boy makes things appear and disappear.

He waves a magic wand and says some magic words and then tells me that there is a monster on the sofa. I pretend to be scared and ask him to make it disappear. He does.

This is how the game works. He makes something scary appear, I react to it and then he makes it disappear and I act relieved.

After a while, it moves from scary to silly. He gives me a cat tail (that I pretend to sit on and trip over) and various other novel appendages.

Then he says:


And I reply:


I’m trying to explain that it won’t really work for our game since he isn’t here.

Still, Crappy Boy swishes his magic wand and says some magic words and grants Crappy Papa a unicorn horn:


We sit in silence for a moment.

Just looking at each other.


Then Crappy Boy says:



I still laugh when I picture Crappy Papa driving to work with a unicorn horn on his head that he doesn’t notice.

Come to think of it, Crappy Boy never said the magic words to remove the horn. This means he’s had it for four years without knowing! Imagine!



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And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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30 Responses to Unicorn Horn

  1. Andrea says:

    My son makes me play for hours his game “now the train (bus, car, plane) leaves and you are sad” and 10 seconds later “now it is back and you are happy”. His newest game is to pretend he goes to work like Daddy does. He puts on a belt (usually a bungee cord), tells me to cry because I am sick, grabs a computer keyboard, types a lot and then tells me I am OK. My husband is a doctor. He says it is a more accurate description of his job than most people would guess 😉

    • Jenny says:

      This is hilarious. I am a nurse in an ER, and 99% of the time, this is exactly what the doctor appears to be doing!! Because, hey, there is a lot of computer charting being done and most of the time, the patient *is* ok!

  2. I love the fantasy stage and hope my kids (now 8. 5. and 2) never outgrow it. I fear we may be getting close with the 5 year-old because whenever I try to fantasy play along, she totally judges me. She did not think it was at all funny this morning when I reminded her not to get bitten by any ponies or unicorns.


  3. Shut up! Target?? You have SO made it! That’s awesome… And now, I’m thinking of your Target post about the hypnotic eye. Heehee.

  4. Driving with a unicorn horn on his head? Surely there must be a traffic rule out there somewhere that gives one extra bonus points for that?

    Btw my 5 year old’s fav read-alone book is “that red one with the drawings’!

  5. Rachel says:

    So adorable that he thought of his daddy driving with a unicorn horn!

  6. Jill says:

    I bought your book in Target a couple months ago! I was so shocked and happy to see it there, I was all, “I KNOW her!” Except I don’t really, you know what I mean. 😉

  7. Sarah says:

    So sweet, I love the pretend stage!

  8. Carrie W says:

    So adorable! Do you still have the cat tail?

  9. Donna Arthurs says:

    I love your unicorn horn story. I have a precious one too. Several years ago my (then) 4 year old grandson was visiting. One of the things he loves to play with is my collection (coffee cans full) of sea shells. He came running up to me so excited, holding a spiral shell in his hand yelling ” Oh, no, a poor unicorn lost his unicorn hat!” The shell did look like an unicorn horn, better known as an unicorn hat. One of my many precious memories of my sweet grandson before he got bigger and less excited about such things. We are lucky when we remember these sweet stories.

  10. Baguette has done imaginative play for a while, but she’s just starting to play with us instead of near us. I’m looking forward to more of that. And to unicorn horns.

  11. karen w says:

    My four year old niece is all about dressing up recently. Every time I visit she pulls me into her room and tells her mom she can’t come in. Then she puts hats and necklaces and random things on me, and something to hold, be a doll or a hair rubber band, and I’m instucted to ” show mommy”. I have to do a runway show while complimenting my outfit, and then go back for a new outfit four or five times 🙂

  12. Kami says:

    That’s great. Grant (who will be 3 next month), has started telling tall tales. Yesterday he told me that PAPA had fallen in a hole and got a boo-boo earlier in the day while Grant was there. I was so nervous that I immediately wanted to call my dad. Then he said, a chipmunk pushed him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this age!

  13. Woolies says:

    Everybody needs a unicorn horn. Or, at the very least, a toy unicorn. I happen to know where you can find one…… 🙂

  14. cathy says:

    now you have to re-draw 4 years of crappy-pictures to include the unicorn horn…

  15. minnie says:

    My husband has a unicorn horn as well… it’s just further south. And trust me, he notices it!

  16. Nadine says:

    Mocus…..Lol. that is like boogers in Spanish.

  17. Lilygirl says:

    My 7 yr old daughter & I play a game where she says “hocus pocus go to sleep”. I pretend to fall into a deep sleep & then she tries to tickle me, or put ice down my back or put a hat on my head or any other random silliness. We’ve done this since she was three when she really did think she was putting me to sleep.

  18. Lana says:

    Totally love magic tricks. Maybe one day he will really be able to give someone a tail or a unicorn horn with out them noticing.

  19. Kismet says:

    You can find anything on the internet these days. I really want one of these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Unisex-Crochet-Beanie-Hat-Unicorn-in-Any-Color-/111112476018

  20. Heidi says:

    Ask him if the horn has superpowers.

  21. Emily says:

    Amber? Do you know any Target stores in Texas that are selling your book?

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  23. Ginger says:

    How does your husband wear hats with his unicorn horn? 😉

  24. Heather says:

    Looking forward to a new post…they add a smile to my day 🙂