The Empire State Building

The other day, I was walking through the family room when Crappy Boy ran up to me:


Random, but okay. Sure, I’ve heard of it.

I had no idea he was interested in buildings. I mean, architecture is fascinating and all so I’m not surprised.


He seems shocked that I’ve heard of it.


Now he’s getting excited. Too excited.


He asks if we can go there to see it. I say, “yeah, sure, maybe someday” seeing as it is on the other side of the country from us.

But then I start daydreaming about a family trip. Oh how educational it would be! If he is interested in the architecture of the Empire State Building, why, just think of what we could see if we traveled to NYC! It will be amazing!

Hey, let’s look at a map!


We study the map for a while and talk about how long it would take to get there and what else is there and all sorts of good stuff. I go on and on about old buildings and history.

He seems really interested! Almost too interested.

Then finally, I ask the obvious.


And he answers…


Ha ha, who says learning can’t come from comic books? (Or learning from poop, for that matter.) 


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39 Responses to The Empire State Building

  1. Mike says:

    My son is convinced the ninja turtles are real and live in our sewers. Sometimes I’ll find him talking to them by yelling at our potty.

  2. Kat says:

    LOL! This is awesome.

  3. Sheila says:

    I swear this is also my life as a homeschool mom. I’ll try to laugh more next time it happens to me. Thanks!

  4. Nicole says:

    Heck, my daughters think Cinderella uses the local cheese chalet (outside Madison) as her vacation cabin. It’s the closest we’ll get to Disney for some time, so, whatevs. It’s still cool.

    • Jlynn says:

      My 20 year old niece who lives just outside of Orlando came to visit this summer and she told my 5 year old daughter that she lives near the princesses. A couple weeks later my daughter asks me if there is boy princesses. My mind goes to Prince William and Harry and I tell her about them and show her picture on the computer and pictures of Prince George, I tell her they live far away in London. She then asks why they do not live in Florida with my niece. I am confused and she could tell so she asks “Why don’t they live with the princesses?” I then click on to what she is talking about.

    • amber says:

      That cheese chalet IS pretty magical looking. I’m pretty sure Cinderella goes there for the cheese curds.

  5. Mama Durso says:

    HAHAHAHA! I love kids. They are just so… fantastical.

  6. tygalilee says:

    LOL I’m sure you’ll be lucky enough to catch a Spiderman or two walking around Times Square.

  7. Marcia says:

    That’s so cute! I remember going to Disney World when I was 8 and thinking the castle there was real, until we actually visited it. It was so deflating to realize it was just fancy offices.

    • Rachel says:

      You just popped my balloon. I am going to Orlando in January and I thought it was a real castle inside. Not offices 🙁 I mean I knew no one lived there but at least a banquet hall or ballroom should be inside.

  8. Hey, everything is a teachable moment if you look at it right.

  9. Mimi says:

    Video games got my son interested in all things Japanese. He is 30 now and has lived in Japan for 7 years. He works for a big company there but not a video game company.

  10. Alex says:

    Welcome back Amber! I’m so happy to see a new story.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I thought for sure this was gonna go in a Percy Jackson direction… (Not sure how old Crappy Boy is but I think not old enough to read those books but he may have seen the movie.) (Don’t watch the movie. It’s terrible. Both of them are, really.)

    • Delora says:

      haha, that’s where I thought this was coming from, too. Those books are why my son has been asking to go to Rome for 6yrs. We went to NYC last summer, and there were many jokes made about going up to the 600th floor.

  12. Oh my goodness, too hilarious! So are you going to take him to see Spider Man?! LOL

    I just love this. Children are seriously funny. (Your drawings make me laugh too).

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  13. LilyT says:

    HAha! Glad you thought it was funny, though! Sometimes homeschooling, I despair of getting them to distinguish real from fantasy, lol! As an aside, my kids at that age were terrified of spiderman. They had gotten pillows once with spiderman pictured on them and they had to be covered up for years!

  14. Meri says:

    I work in Manhattan and are the Empire State Building every day. I’ve seen Spider-Man in Times Square but never at the ESB!

  15. Monique says:

    My son became obsessed with the Umpire State Building (yes, that is how he says it) at age five…still is! On the way home from an international trip, after not sleeping all night on the flight, we happened to have a several-hour layover in NYC so we crazily hopped in a cab with all our luggage and two small children, drove to Manhattan and lugged everything to the top of it. And guess what? fog. zero visibility. my hubby was so bummed but the kids were thrilled. oh, the nutty things you do for your kids…

  16. Ally says:

    My son is 3 and came in the room to find out why I was laughing. So I summarized for him and now he is talking about how much he loves Spiderman. I can totally see him doing this one day.

  17. anna says:

    Wow how hilarious and lovely! My girl is 2 yrs old now and will happen someday in the future.
    I should prepare for the history and a map too

  18. Meghann says:

    Totally saw where this was going from the beginning! Of course, I also live with a superhero obsessed boy!