What does Blank Say?

This post is from when Crappy Baby was two.

I was asking him “What does a cow say?” and so on. All parents do this simply because it is cute to hear them make the animal noises.

But eventually, you run out of animals.

Don’t stop though. Just keep going.


Of course, a doorbell!


A literary reference!


Agua? He is answering in Spanish?


Oh. He needs agua in his flower mouth. I see.ย (Flower mouth. I die at the cuteness.)

Just then Crappy Boy yells from across the room:


And this time he answers without words. Just with a strained noise and face.

We kept going, with unicorns and elves and trees and oceans.

Way more fun than “moo” or “baa”.



Wow, they grow fast. This was when he had just turned two. Feeling nostalgic, today I asked him, “Hey, what does a river say?” He said, “I don’t wanna play that game, Mama.” Sniff.ย 

OOPS – just noticed I forgot the ‘s’ in ‘does’ in the first image. Not going to fix it so just pretend I did. ย 

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  1. Farrah says:

    Time to have another one??

    • amber says:

      Wait, I also remember the bad stuff from those years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Anna F says:

        Hahahaha! Mine are 3 1/2 & 5 1/2, that is so how I feel! Miss the good stuff but not enough to forget the bad stuff.

        • Nicole says:

          Until they are teenagers. Somehow, I think the “bad stuff” from toddlers just won’t seem so bad.

          • Erica says:

            that’s what I’m worried about :\ So not looking forward to the stress of those years. I’m sure there will be plenty of good and awe and wonder at the things they can do and learn but the loss of so much control is a stressful thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Stefani Clark says:

            It’s not fun. Although my 11yo is much more moody than my 13yo.

  2. Amy says:

    Haha. We play this game in the car, but kind of opposite. My 3 yr old twins shout out animals/objects and I have to imitate them. Cow, moo, Dog, woof etc. One day Jack said, “Mommy be a chimney.” I said in a deep voice, “Hi, I’m a chimney”, to which he replied, “Mommy, chimney’s don’t talk.”

    • JessicaC says:

      we sing old McDonald every night before bed, I get to the “and on this farm he had a…….” and I pause and they yell out an animal, but it has been many many weeks since we had a normal farm animal, usually it’s something like a whale or a tree or shoes… their new thing is yelling out random made up words “DIT!!!!” okay…. “and on this farm he had a dit… e-i-e-I-o… what does a Dit say?” “BLOOP!!!” okay….” with a bloop bloop here…..”

      • KiwiBunnz says:

        We used to sing Old McDonald… but now I usually just sing “Hush Little Baby” (or whatever it’s actually called.) I have to stop at looking glass though, because my son has decided that’s an awesome present and he’ll keep it! (OK, tenuous segue and, I realise, not at all relevant to the animal noise stories, but I think it’s cute)

        • Donnelle says:

          I always sing Hush Little Baby. One night, my 3.5yr girl twin started crying at the end.

          “And then the little baby have no toys! Have no looking glass, no diamond ring!”

      • Tara N. says:

        My 2 year old daughter does this with Old McDonald too. I have to sing, then she tells me what animals are on the farm. Except she tells me crazy things like “alligator” or “giraffe” or “hippo”…animals that I have no idea what sound they make. I think she’s doing it on purpose…

        • S says:

          I get my songs mixed up. Sometimes the tractor on the bus goes “brrrrmm”, and the wipers on the farm have a “swish swish” here and there.

          Let alone the counting songs.

  3. Rachel says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Love it!

  4. Sarah C says:

    Oh no! When does the game stop?? I just played that this morning with my 2.5 year-old. At least I know there are other fun games that should come along (like Crappy Baby’s “old man” after getting out of the bath).

  5. Michelle says:

    I used to do this… one day I said, “What does Grammy say?” and my son’s response was, “I CAN’T TAKE IT!” Hysterical.

    • amber says:

      LOL They do impersonations of family and friends now, it is so funny and accurate. But I could never write about it since they all read the blog.

      • Kali says:

        It’s all good until Nana calls up and asks, “what was that you said about me on the blog?” Oh that’s right, the whole world can see this.

      • Nicole says:

        Ah, come on. You could change names, right? They’d never know. ๐Ÿ™‚
        But yes, impersonations of family and friends are awesome and it is amazing how accurate they can be.

    • Aleigh says:

      That is so good!

      We had: What does mummy say? “I love you.”
      What does daddy say? “NO NO NO!”

  6. Erika says:

    Oh, what a cute game! I love it.

  7. Nita says:

    I totally do this. I ask what cartoon characters say or what does Mommy/Daddy/Ms Parker say. I love that when I ask What Does Mommy Say, the response is I love you!

  8. Donna Karpan says:

    Sniff…sniff. My great-grandchildren are the age of your children. =) Thank you for allowing me to reminisce about the antics of my children! Can’t wait to receive your book in the mail!

  9. Anna says:

    “And what does mama say?”

    • amber says:


    • Tobi says:

      Ha! This happened to my friend, too. She asked, “What does Santa say?” “Ho, ho, ho!” Then she thought she’d stump her 2-year-old with, “What does Mama say?” But there was a prompt answer, “No, no, no!”

    • Erica says:

      The kids in my daughter’s (20 mos.) class at daycare all identify me as “No No” as soon as we walk in. I tell one kid “No no, we let her take off her own coat” and I’m branded for life.

  10. Paua says:

    They do grow fast….when Penny turned 2, whenever she didn’t like her food, she’d make a horrible face and say “I don’t want it, it’s too tasty!”. 6 months after that, she’d say, salty, hot, cold….and we’re the ones still calling stuff “too tasty” or “wayyy too tasty” when is horrible…still funny to us!

    • Katie says:

      My daughter calls anything that has too much of something, “too spicy”. Could be too salty, sour, or spicy, but to her flavor = spicy.

      • Leslie says:

        my son says the SAME thing!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Delora says:

        My 3yo did the same thing tonight when I asked if he wanted to eat a lemon slice. He doesn’t seem to get the concept of “sour” yet. But watching a 3yo eat a lemon is priceless!

    • Nicole says:

      My three year old boy flat out tells me it’s disgusting or yucky and he no like it. And hurray- the two year old sister mimics everything he says so she’s starting to do it, too.

    • Layla says:

      Food, activity, phrasing… anything my older one didn’t like was, “TOO BOUNCY!”

      • Stacie says:

        We get “too gross” around here. Sometimes he’ll eat it anyway, though, after chewing it up and then looking at it.

    • Anny Gateley says:

      My daughter (almost 4) was really tired, and we were in the car. I told her to just go to sleep. She was wearing a pair of Uggs, and she said “I can’t sleep, my boots are TOO SOFT!”

  11. Monica says:

    oh my! cute!!! We gotta enjoy the cuteness while we can becuz it’s gone too quickly. ๐Ÿ™ my boys turned 8 and 5 this past year and now it’s “i want to kiss a girl” “MOM! leave! i’m building something!” *sniffles* So i feel your pain! *hugs*

  12. Ruth says:

    Oh my god I just laughed so hard the kids came running.

  13. Stacie says:

    My son is 2 1/2 and we do the “where’s your eyes? where’s your nose?” game in the car. He turned it around on me once–“Where’s Mama’s hair?” (I point.) “Where’s Mama’s belbows?” (I point.) “Where’s Mama’s solidarity?” (Um…) He raises his fist.

    (We live in Wisconsin. He attended his first major protest, at the Capitol, at 7 months. I guess he’s been paying attention.)

  14. neal says:

    Way cute. Hmm. On the topic of things that elves say (or that we say to elves), I’d like to get my just-turned three year old to go around shouting what Aragorn says: “Legolas, we need your bow!”

    Me: Addison, this is a big mess. We need to clean it up.
    Addison: Legolas, we need your bow!

  15. cassie says:

    A fun game replacement game for What does the _____ say? is Would you rather… Example: Would you rather dive with whales in the ocean or climb trees with monkeys? This game has endless possiblities and it’s really fun!

    • Tracy says:

      Cassie! I need this one!! thank you for this idea–I feel like I need to go back to college to keep up with my 2.5 year olds quest for info…I like the spin of thinking/judgement!

    • Carol says:

      Ooh, I like this one, too! You can never have enough games for long car rides. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Katie says:

      My husband’s 9 year old plays this game all the time….but most things are dangerous or gross…or both…lmao

      • amber says:

        Yeah, we get a lot of “Would you rather eat poop or swim with alligators?” from Crappy Boy these days. (Just how many alligators? How much poop are we talking?)

      • Heather says:

        We do “how does a _____ take a bath?”
        My favourite so far is a giraffe – from my 3 year old: “first he gets into his giraffe shaped bathtub”

    • S says:

      “Would you like to swing on a star?
      Or carry moonbeams home in a jar?
      And be better off than you are?

      Or would you rather be a fish?”

  16. Herbwifemama says:

    I think this is my fave Crappy post yet! <3

  17. Steph says:

    lol cute … I used to love asking my niece about the vacuum lol … thanks for sharing your cute stories, and helping remind me of my own memories

  18. Jeanna says:

    Love it. When you ask Boyd (my 2 1/2 year old), “What does mama say?” His response,” ROARRRRRRR!” And no, no one taught him to say that….maybe I yell too much?

  19. Christina says:

    HA! When we play this game with our two year old the usual answers abound until the other day when hubby ran out of animals and asked what our dog does…. “He poops!” What do the cats do, “they puke”, What does Ariana do (shes three) “She cries.” What does mommy and daddy do? “Watch netflix!” …. Oh man we gotta work on this! -Mom to three under six and baby due in April.

    • Katie says:

      So will that be 4 under 6 or 4 under 7?


      • Sanj says:

        Christina, are you sure you’ve just been “watching Netflix”?

        BTW, my daughter shares your daughter’s pretty name. But she’s in her midthirties, so we can tell them apart.

  20. Lexie Lewis says:

    I played this game with my son all the time! My favorite: “What does a taco say?” His reply: Taco-doodle-doo. It still cracks me up and that was six years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Erin says:

    At my house “What does mommy say” is “Bagock” like a chicken. I’m not sure when I started bocking, but it’s my go-to frustration vent. Like instead of cussing.

    Anyhow your blog and kids are awesome. Probably because you are awesome.

    • Robin says:

      I am trying so hard to stop cursing (Smallie was heard saying f***ing f***). I may have to steal this. It’s just perfect like the way hens feel just after (during?) laying.

      • Lacey S says:

        I say *bleep* a lot. At first I assumed that was what this post was about ๐Ÿ˜› Oh course, I don’t always censor myself, but I have been trying to get a lot better since my 2yr old started saying “demmit!” after being told no *sighs*

      • Jo says:

        My 9 year old thinks its funny to use “cuss” in the place of curse words, a la “The Fantastic Mr Fox”.

    • Devan says:

      My 6 year old said “IT’S TOO FREAKING HARD!!” the other day….I didn’t flinch (if she gets a rise out of it she will do it more), but her daddy and I had a discussion about it later. Even the non-cuss words sound bad coming out of small mouths….damnit.

  22. Islajmom says:

    stinker at just over two:

    Mommy: “What does Mommy say?”

    IJ: “Mooooorreee Cooofffffeeeee”!

  23. Amanda says:

    Here’s a fun one…”What does Mommy say?” You’d be surprised.

  24. Kansas says:

    One of my favorite stories about cute conversations with my son involves playing this game…I could not think of another animal/sound combination and decided to ask “What do human beings say?” to which my son replied “I love you.” I thought that was the best answer (and still do).

    Much cuter than when he said to me last week “Hey mom, I am pretty sure there’s a baby in your belly, because it is definitely getting bigger.” No baby – just wine, lots of wine!

  25. Stephanie says:

    The three year old I watch has just discovered jokes. Why does Daddy cross the road? To take a nap. Why does (older brother) cross the road? To play Xbox. Why does mommy cross the road? To eat pickle chips. Why does (older sister) cross the road? To talk on the phone. Why does doggy cross the road? To chase a kitty. Why does (baby sister) cross the road? To get a baba.
    The best part is that she asks and answers with no pause in between so it is all one breath.

  26. Lisa says:

    When my daughter was just under two she would walk around in my shoes saying “no, no, no…” Apparently her impersonation of me. Pretty sure at that time I said I love you more than I said no. Now she’s a stubborn 3 1/2 year old and her impression is probably spot on!

    • Devan says:

      My kids were dressed up like mommy and daddy once and the then 5 y/o (dressed as mommy) instantly went into impersonation mode and scowled “DON’T SHOUT INSTRUCTIONS AT ME!” with gritted teeth. mothering fail.

  27. Carm says:

    I know you’re funny, but WARN ME when I’m about to cackle. Woke the baby up. That was hilarious! I have to stop thinking about it or I’ll wake her up again.

  28. Linnea says:

    We taught my firstborn “What do sharks say?” “da nuh… Da Nuh… DA NUH….AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” During bathtime of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Kbee says:

    What doe a doe say? (sorry, had to. Referring to your typo up there in the first crappy picture. The fact that I noticed a typo btw? Very encouraging news as far as recoup from mommybrain is concerned. Yay for me! And sorry to be a dick!)

  30. tara says:

    Hahah I love his poop face!! This was hilarious.

    But sads that he won’t play anymore ๐Ÿ™

  31. Betty says:

    One day in the car I was playing that game with my son on the way to the doctor. I asked him what a frog says, and he said “bud”. I thought it was adorable. I told the doc, and he said he was watching too much TV. Killjoy. He had been watching baseball with his dad and had seen the budweiser frog commercial a few times. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Lori says:

    When I would wake up my oldest (8 now but from 2-5) we would sing “When Cows Get Up In The Morning”.(when cows get up in the morning they always say good day. Moo moo that is what they say) he loved it! We did cows(moo), mommy(kiss kiss) mommo/grandma(I love you), pawpaw(where’s my coffee?), Joey/himself(Iwould tickle him) and uncle alan(snore snore). I miss that but can’t wait for lil guy to play this game!!

  33. JC says:

    My youngest turned 17 yesterday, I think I’ll try playing this game again with him. You know, just to see what he does and how long he answers before asking if I’m okay.

  34. Laura says:

    adorable! and yes, sadly they outgrow all the cute stuff waaaay too fast!

  35. British American says:

    Aww, too cute!

    My youngest is about to turn 2. He does some animal noises but doesn’t talk much yet – will have to remember to try this when he gets more talkative. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and from a mother of three, you should totally have a 3rd. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just think of all the extra blogging material! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Melissa says:

    Yes! We play this game too! Once we asked our son what a zombie says. It says, “Hello, Daddy!”

  37. Julie says:

    Am I the only one dying to know what a unicorn says?

    Around here, for the sake of Old MacDonald’s farm, a unicorn goes “sparkle sparkle”. Although I think the next unicorn will go “farkle farkle”…

  38. So cute. We ran out of animals, too, and started teaching him things like, “What does Michael Jackson say?” “Hee hee” “What does the Fonz say?” “Ayyyyy!”

  39. jane says:

    One winter I had had a cold for forever and when we asked “what does Mommy say?” they responded with coughing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. jane says:

    Just found you by the way. Thank you pintrest! LOVE your blog!

  41. Madeleine says:

    I love those last two so very much! My husband liked to confuse them by asking what a giraffe says or similar. I don’t think we got the kind of creative responses you did!

  42. Nif says:

    My son was making ME perform last night, probably inspired by my habit of singing his name to every possible children’s tune. He asked for dog song, truck song, horse song, zebra song, moo song, barn song, not to mention Mum song, looking around his room for inspiration. I responded by chanting the words demanded to the tune of “Row Row Row Your Boat.”

    • Nif says:

      Also, he vastly prefers the sound of an item to the name of an item. A car is a “vroom,” a cow is a “moo,” a cat is a “meow,” and a clock is a “tick-tock.” He’s almost 2.

  43. Baker Becky says:

    OMG! I absolutely love you! I follow you on FB on my fan page and I can’t tell you how much I laugh everyday! My kids are teenagers and I wish so much that I had written it all down…the funniest things happen when you are raising kids! Thanks for all the laughs!

  44. Lisa K. says:

    According to a friend’s daughter, Daddy says, “GET AWAY FROM MY PHONE!!”

  45. Melinda says:

    When my son was about 10, he was playing a game of emotion charades (pick an emotion and act it out) and chose constipated.

  46. JenW says:

    Ah, yes. We have two books that are kept in the bathroom. Farm Babies and Jungle Babies. At the start of PT we would read the books and ask him to make the noises. So adorable! Now he hans me the books and says “Please read these books. But I don’t want to make the noises” So sad. I can’t get him to tell me what a cow says to save my life now. Sniff.

  47. Lisa Lutes says:

    We’re going through this now. Only she asks stuff like ‘what do the pants say?’ Totally stumps us.

  48. We did this too. What does mom say? “I love you”. What does papa say? No answer. Papa prompts: I….. Kid: “iPhone!”

  49. kristen says:

    The first time I met my son he was playing with a stuffed turtle. I asked him what a turtle said and helooked at me and made a clicking chirping sound. I fell in love that moment.

  50. JP says:

    What does grandma say? “I bought you somethin!”
    And what does your brother say? “Gramma, did you bring me gum?”

  51. Kristen M says:

    My moms fav story is when I was 2 and she tried to trick me by asking “how does a turtle go?” (Instead of what does it say). I answered “reaaallllll sllloooewww”

  52. So cute! From about age 4 to probably 12, my kids favorite time killer game was “What’s your favorite…” when they were little it would be favorite color, animal…as they got older it would be super hero or rock band. My favorite answer to favorite superhero was Aquaman, because it caused only blank stares and change of conversation. (And darn I hate finding typos 2 years down the line!)

    • J. Haven says:

      We did sort of the same thing but with the pattern of The Minister’s Cat – The Minister’s Cat is an Analgesic Cat – alphabetically, in rounds. That cat surely got up to some strange stuff (of course he’s onomatopoeic, but he’s mute, too? And encephalitic?!) but eventually we got tired of him and moved on to The Minister’s Dog (or Elephant, or Hair, or Wife, etc.)
      Great opportunity to introduce new words, and to be flabbergasted by the words they already knew. They never tried inappropriate ones, for some reason… Maybe I’ll challenge them now that they’re all grown and the 4 grandbabies aren’t talking yet!

  53. Ceri says:

    my husband was going through animal noises with our son and everytime he got to the donkey my son would headbut him. We finally realised he was ‘donk-ing’ his dad.
    (In Australia if you hit your head, we say you got a donk to the head)

  54. Pamela says:

    So I’m 53 and my man is 56, and he has two grown daughters. He’s an engineer and a mechanic and knows how to fix just about anything. His story is that when his dd’s were little, they had the See’n’Say, but he opened it up and mixed them up so that it was all wrong…”What does the cow say?” “BAAA!”, ‘What does the dog say?” “MOO!”….those poor girls; now they are 30 and 34 and I’m surprised they’re not in therapy over this.

  55. Theresa says:

    My friend’s husband is a surgeon, and she used to ask her daughter what a pager says. “Beep beep!”

  56. mary says:

    My goddaughter and her dad lived with us for a while. We were really close to some train tracks. Her dad told her never ever to go by the tracks because you could get stuck and the train could cut your leg off. (I know horrible thing to tell a kid) Any way when we did “what does a train say” her response was “Cut your leg off” we just had to laugh every time.

  57. Angela says:

    I did this with my little girl when she was younger, cow said moo, pig said oink, owl said who, and kitty said “hissssss” which was very accurate for our cat. Still is.

  58. Murphy says:

    My husband enjoyed playing “Stump the Baby” by asking, “What does the bunny say?” (Nothing.)

  59. Denise says:

    When my son was two my husband was quizzing him in body parts. You know, where are your eyes, etc. He knew them all so my husband wanted to stump him. He asked him where his scrotum was. Tommy paused for a second and then pointed at his neck. We laughed so hard! The best part was I got it all on video! He thought his scrotum was a part of his neck until I finally told him last year. He’s seven now, that could have gotten embarrassing on the playground!

  60. heidi says:

    I just did this with my 15 and 17 year olds…. they calmly answered until I ran out of things to ask them. It is kinda scary that neither of them found this to be weird (what exactly does this say about me??) BTW they said that mom says “RAWR” and my 15 dd says “llama” and my 17 ds says “airplane”.

  61. Liz says:

    We have successfully taught our daughter that dolphins say “So long, and thanks for all the fish,” a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and that Daleks say “Exterminate!”

    Yeah, we’re proud geek parents ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Kimberly says:

    My 3yo said frogs say “reeburt” which is adorable. But my favorite story about this game is from my middle child (now 8) when HE was 3. My husband was naming the animals in the car on the way to school. When he ran out of animals, the following conversation occurred:

    Dad: What does a Xavier say?
    X: Hi!
    Dad: What does a teacher say?
    X: Hi! Welcome for coming to our class!
    Dad: What does a Mama say?
    X: I love you, Hi!
    Dad: What does a Daddy say?
    X: (long pause) Um… there are bad words in that.

  63. Amy K says:

    Mine last night went like this after the animals, just out of my own curiosity:

    Mommy: “What does a mommy say?”

    Little Bit: “I wuv you.”

    Mommy: “What does a Little Bit say?”

    Little Bit (happy sigh): “Diwwan.” (Dylan is her best friend.)

  64. This is perfect! I am running out of animal sounds!

  65. Liz says:

    my 25-m-o and i play “are you mama’s little turkey buzzard?” she answers, “yeeeeaaaahhh!” “are you mama’s little muskrat?” “yeeeaaaah!” you get the idea. this can go on for a half hour. I never run out…i’ve learned so many new animals from her books since she was born….i don’t remember narwhals, xolos, tapirs etc. from my books in the 70s…back in the olden days i think we just had cows and dogs and stuff…

  66. Dying at the cuteness too!

    My proudest achievement as a mum is teaching B “what does a shark say?”

    “Duh-nuh… duh-nuh… duhnuhduhnuhduhnuh….”

    She’s got some toy sharks so it comes out a lot when they’re playing. Seriously close to wetting myself whenever she does it.

  67. Heather says:

    My 5 yo was reading one of those animal sounds board books to her baby brother, and she added her own page:

    DD: And then there’s me. What do I say? I say Disneyland Princess!
    Me: That’s your sound? Disney Princess?
    DD: No, no. DisneyLAND Princess. There’s a land in there.

  68. Christina R. says:

    I used to do this all the time with my sisters! I tried to stump them. My all-time favorite answer was:

    “What does the fish say?”

  69. Christine says:

    I laughed so hard I cried and almost woke up both of my girls (ages 2 1/2 and 11mo). I needed that. XD