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I am officially an uncool parent

We have reached a new stage. A new level.

My children no longer think I am cool. Neither of them.

So uncool, in fact, that they try to be as unlike me as they possibly can.

They know they are doing it. I know they are doing it. It has become an ongoing joke.


We are talking about things we like.

They insist that they like nothing that I like. Because everything I like is lame.

But just how committed are they to being different?

I will list things that I like and see if they agree with me on anything.

I start with something I know they will easily claim distaste for:

They roll their eyes at me.

So I pick another cliché for them to easily hate on:

You see, them believing I am uncool makes me BE uncool. On purpose. Because it is fun.

So I pick an even worse one:

They are starting to get annoyed by my undeniable uncoolness.

What they do not know is that I am doing this on purpose. I could easily say Star Wars or candy or any number of things they would have to agree with me on. But that is no fun.

So I make it just a little bit trickier:

They falter only for a moment.

Who likes sunny days? Lame people, that’s who.

So then I drop one that will undeniably give them pause but still fits in with the theme:

But they are resolute.

They have betrayed the fuzzy kittens of the world. Betrayed their true feelings. Just to prove a point.

So I relent.

This is his typical answer.

Then Crappy Baby pipes up with:

So I guess his reasoning:

And they realize how ridiculous this all is.

They then admit that unicorns, rainbows and daisies are okay.

And that they do, in fact, like fuzzy kittens.

However, they want to be clear on one thing:

Fair enough.


Are you an uncool parent yet?

No fuzzy kittens were hurt in the making of this post. Except their feelings. 

No, I do not believe it is important to be cool in the eyes of your children. At all. It isn’t about you, it is about them. They are trying things out. Trying on new likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc. They are shaping their own identities, separate from you. This is a good thing! Just continue to be your awesome lame self and let them do their thing.

Crappy Parenting Tip: I highly recommend being even MORE lame and uncool on purpose. Occasionally. It can be very entertaining.     

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