Go Away! No, Don’t Go Away!

A new terrible three phase has emerged in Crappy Baby.

This one:




Yeah, because that makes sense.

We’ve also started seeing familiar classics such as “I’m hungry but I CAN’T eat!” and “I want to go but I CAN’T go!” and more. Any two opposing choices = potential short circuit.

We didn’t see this lovely stage until age four with Crappy Boy so why the hell is he pulling this shit early?

Just precocious I guess.



Course this will mean he’ll grow out of it earlier. Right? Am I right? Just lie and say I’m right.



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  1. Woolies says:

    Yes of course!

    Just don’t let him turn 17. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. Emerald says:

    LOL I had almost this exact conversation with my 3 year old last night. Trying to get him to go to bed and he’s yelling at me to GET OUT of his room. So I said fine, good night and walked out the door only to hear WAIT Come back in here!

    • Paige says:

      OMG my 3yo does this *all* the time… he’ll ask for a car, I hand it to him and he says “no!”… “GET OUT!” followed by “get over here” as I walk off… “turn the light off” and then “LIGHT ONNNN” the minute I hit the switch… aaaaggggghhhh!!!!!!!! I need more wine. *sigh*

      • Laura says:

        Uh… Mine is only 2.5 and he just started doing this last week… He’s like conflicted feelings incarnate… Please tell me what Amber’s hoping for will be true with my guy too? (In his defense, we just moved, so I’m sure he’s a little stressed by that.)

        • Ashley says:

          My son is 2 1/2 and is doing this as well! When does he out grow this stage??? In the bath, I told him to stand up, and he says, ” no I sit!” so I stand him up and he is whining bc he wants to sit. Finally when I ask him to sit, he says “no! Stand!” so I say “ok fine stand.” he then says, “no I sit!” it’s never ending! Haha

  3. Whitney says:

    One of my fiance’s favorite moments of mine was when the 3-year-old niece was misbehaving and I was going to put her in a time out as that was her parents’ method of discipline. She said, “No, I CAN’T!” and I replied with “Yes, you can, and I’m going to make you.” Gotta love the “I can’t”s and “never, never, never!”s! It will be OK.

  4. Jenny Trickett says:

    You’re so right!!!

    For sure!

    No doubts about it….

    (like that?)

  5. Megan says:

    He’ll absolutely grow out of it earlier. His advanced brain activity also shows that he’ll be able to recognize when it’s time to play quietly so that you can enjoy a glass of wine.

  6. Pooping, he would yell /
    Mom! I need conversation! /
    He meant privacy.

  7. Lisa says:

    I get “I just want to be alone in my room” to be followed by “I’m just a bit lonely in my room” from my 5 year old.

  8. Melissa Wright says:

    Your right….at least I hope you are! I have 4 and it seems they do these things earlier and earlier….

  9. Christopher says:

    My wife and I feel you. Our first turned three in October, and in the past couple weeks he’s begun manifesting these episodes of monstrosity. He negates everything, defies every instruction, etc, etc.

    Often, he’s sweet as can be, but when something triggers one of these episodes, it usually leads to complete meltdown. As evidenced by the fact that right now, the Mrs. is putting him in the bath and sending him to bed. At 4pm.

    We’re praying this phase is short-lived. And that our second son doesn’t go through it at all. (Yeah, right.)

    • Hope says:

      You made me laugh! There are times I wished bedtime was 2:00 in the afternoon. (Sometimes for me too!)

    • JessicaC says:

      I often find myself looking at the clock and saying,”seriously? it’s not 8 yet??”

      • Briony says:

        There was a great story I heard recently. It was an interview with Edmund De Waal, who wrote ‘the hare with the Amber eyes’ wonderful true story about Japanese ornaments that had been in his family since end of 19th century and history of Europe.

        He was one of 4 boys all very close in age and his mother managed to write a novel when they were all under 6. How did she manage it? She would just invent bedtime at any convenient time, genius idea really. I haven’t tried it yet, and would worry my 2 boys would just scream the house down if they weren’t tired enough to go to sleep… But I’m still tempted. Makes up for all the nights they are awake when they should be asleep.

  10. brooke says:

    He’s divided. Which you can totally use to your advantage. when my boy throws one he says “i’m not your friend” or “go away” then I say “no problem” then he gets worried,. and the power shifts and I can start manipulating until he is trying to do what I want.

  11. Sarah says:

    LOL. I remember my daughter going thru this a couple of years ago, she’s five now and still tries things like ‘I’m hungry but I’m not eating dinner’ lol. Ahuh.

    • KiwiBunnz says:

      My son (three), I’m hungry – would you like a cracker? – No, I’m not hungry for a cracker… I’m hungry for an ice-block (good try buddy!)

  12. DianeMargaret says:

    Thank GOODNESS!!! I was beginning to think it was just mine!
    Only…she is only 2 1/2!!!

  13. Cheryl says:

    When my son was three I got the help me, no I can do it myself, help me, no I can do it myself contradiction. Once it led to an all time parenting low of dropping him off at daycare in nothing but pee soaked underwear and making them deal with the rest of the tantrum.

    • Lacey S says:

      Congrats on at least getting the underwear on ๐Ÿ˜›

      We’re not here yet. My son just turned 2 and he is a ridiculously thoughtful and polite 2, saying “Please” and “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” and “Good Job!” to everything. I think I’m going to now put earplugs in my ears for the next 17 years so can not lose my sweet baby’s voice to a tantruming three-year old’s scream ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Oh my gosh. This is so, so funny. Only in the “it could have been any of us” funny way, not laughing at you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Melanie says:

    we are having the exact same problem. I give my toddler 2 choices and she will choose, then 5 minutes later be really mad at me because she changed her mind. ugh.

    • Rachel says:

      Okay my five year old changes his mind…all…the…friggin…time. And then he says I got it wrong.

      Ah, no dude, you said you wanted PB&J, don’t give me this crap about how you said it was friggin turkey sandwich.

      Little f’er sometimes.

  15. Sarah says:

    Thank god – it’s not only my 3 year old who is the Master of Contrary!

  16. ldoo says:

    My oldest started this at 3. You know what that means? It means my youngest started it at 2! Yeah, just so damn precocious.

  17. Emily says:

    My 2 1/2 year old (almost 3) is pulling this. It makes no sense as he’s screaming at me to fix something I can’t fix. Last night he woke with either a bad dream or just feeling cold. “Do you want to sleep in mommy’s room?” “NO!” “do you want to sleep here?” “Yes.” “Okay, mommy’s going to go to bed then” “NO!” “Do you want to go to bed with mommy?” “NO! YES! SCREAM!” “How about a snuggle?” “NO!” So I snuggled him anyway, that calmed him down.

    Then he started arguing with me while his eyes were closing. I finally just put him in my bed and got back to sleep. Which meant he argued with me all night, hit me and yelled “NO!” a few times in his sleep for good measure, and then got upset when the baby woke him up at 6am for her feeding. Gotta love them. Because any other man who pulled this would be out on his…

    • Rachel says:

      Oh my goodness, this is so my niece. Could he be walking/talking in his sleep? She gets SO mean when she does it.

      I remember one time though she and her brother were spending the night. They share a room at my house and I had been in bed about 15 minutes when I hear “FREDRICK!!! and then little feet pounding down the hallway.” So I jump out of bed before she can wake him up and she’s freaking out “he took all the glitter and dumped it all over, it’s all over the bed, all over the floor and he has it all over him, he’s making a huge mess. Make him stop!!”

      After unsuccessfully trying to convince her that she was dreaming, I told her to go to bed and I’d take care of it.

      Not another peep the rest of the night! LOL

  18. Melanie says:

    My 19 month-old does this. Someone needs to tell her she’s too little for this crap. My favorite is when she’s nursing and I am gently rubbing her back. She will SHOVE my hand away to tell me to go away while she’s eating.. From my body.. And when I am carrying her when she’s upset, she will try to shove my hands away, but if I try to put her down she gets furious. “Mommy! I want you to carry my around but not with your hands! Just use the damn force, lady!” She cracks me up with her little personality!

    • Lacey S says:


      • Betsy says:

        OMG the nursing toddler logic… go away while I’m eating! use the damn force! wow, write this stuff down, it’s worth illustrating in a blogpost!

    • Rachel says:

      My 18 month old does this too! She points to what she wants for snack, then when I’m getting it out she shakes her head and says no and refuses to take it or pushes it away. So I put it back and she cries and points to it. Then she finally takes it.

      • S says:

        I overheard my 24 mo muttering: “juice? Yes yes. No no. Juice? Yes yes. No no. Juice? Yes yes yes yes.”

        I swear these are all games to him.

  19. Lex says:

    Our 3 yr old had to take prednisone for pneumonia last week… he had a terrible reaction and it was like the opposite phase on… well, on steroids. This week I can pretty much laugh off all the regular tantrums : )

    • Rachel says:

      OMG My niece was a MONSTER child on Steroids!!!! This little girl, who rarely throws tantrums, usually says please and thank you and rather than raising her voice to get what she wanted would just walk away… was a kicking, screaming, punching, big fat meanie head!!! It was horrible!

  20. Ginger says:

    ahh this is what I have to look forward to with my 19 month old son.

  21. Krista says:

    Here’s the bad news…just a few days ago my 8-year old son was insisting on bringing his ear-bud earphones on a long car trip instead of the over-the-head ones. I tried to persuade him that he should bring both – just in case. “no, it’s fine, I know what I want!” After 20 minutes in the car, the ear-bud were bothering him and a giant screaming hissy-fit ensued (it was, of course, my fault that he had the wrong earphones). I am blaming this behaviour on being a male who must always be right, therefore, it will never end. Sorry.

    • RedinNC says:

      “I am blaming this behaviour on being a male who must always be right, therefore, it will never end.” Aaaaaaaggghhh! I just saw my entire future flash before my eyes. You are right!

  22. Kay says:

    I have to thank you for writing these posts because my son is a little bit younger than yours (he’s 2 1/2) and your posts give me heads up for what kind of things I will have to deal with next and also give me hope that these too shall past (right?).

  23. Lissa says:

    Every single day we have this exchange with our 3 yr old daughter:
    Me: Do you want bubbles in your bath.
    Toddler: Yes and no!
    Me: Which one?
    Toddler: Both!!

  24. Jlynn says:

    My 22 month old does something like this at night. I will lay him down and he will not want his blanket then I will walk away and he will start crying that he wants his blanket.

    • Rachel says:

      I started leaving that kind of stuff at the end of the bed… “if you want it, its right there!” So totally better than the tantrums and running back and forth!

      • RedinNC says:

        You’d think this would work, but then we get “put it on me!” “Take it off me!” “I can’t pull it up myself!” “Ack, I can’t take it off myself!”

  25. My 2.5-year-old sometimes complains that he can’t go to sleep because he’s too tired. When asked questions he sometimes also likes to chant over and over “maybe yes and maybe no… maybe yes and maybe no…”

  26. Danielle says:

    Ooooh yeah. My 6 year old still does the “I can’t!” (today, she couldn’t go in her room. “I can’t!” Why? Because she didn’t want to, haha)…

  27. meganleiann says:

    “Mom, I can buckle myself but I need help! Don’t touch it!”

    • Ian Wrigley says:

      Oh god this a million times over. super spirited and independant 19 month old red head son… I DO IT SELF! you have to be super subtle helping him line the ends up or he will pull it away and start again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Elisabeth says:

      hahaha totally … “Ok, mommy will do this side, and you can do the other buckle!” or “I’ll buckle the bottom ones and you do the top one!” hahaha remember those days all too well ..

    • Rachel says:

      The dreaded seat belt wars!! Thank God and all that is holy THOSE days are over!!

  28. My nearly-two-year-old has a similar reaction many mornings/post-nap-times when he wants a drink or something but doesn’t want it from me. I call it the “feral cat stage” because if I leave it where he can reach it, he’ll come get it (when he’s done screaming about it), but he won’t take it from my hand…

    • Megan O says:

      Nice! I just had that with my almost 4 year old. He wanted a snack but not from me. I had to leave it on the table and look away.

      • My husband can rarely help because our daughter wants everything from me. “Mommy do it!” So he’ll get the item, hand it to me, and I’ll hand it to her. It’s stupid but it works.

        • Martha says:

          I really struggle with how much our daughter prefers I do things with/for her. We’re starting to actively practice asking Daddy for things in preparation for #2.

      • Ally says:

        I will have to remember this one! My soon is 20 mos and just starting with this kind of thing.

    • Elisabeth says:

      hahahaha That’s hilarious … you should get it on video and save it for his future bride … she should know that his mother knows what he is really like, she doesn’t have to tell you about it ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Andie's Mommy says:

      My 22 month old daughter does this same exact thing. I’ll ask her if she wants water and she’ll say yeah. So I’ll put some in her cup and she’ll say no, no. I just leave it where she can get it and eventually (in about 2 seconds) she goes and picks it up and takes a drink. Oh the joys of toddlerhood!

  29. Shaina Stinard says:

    Hahaha! Well, mine is 2 1/2 and we are almost there too. Her favorite phrase is, ” I caaaaan’t.” ,in a wonderful whiny tone and this is her comeback to just about everything. I love it. *note sarcasm*

  30. Jennifer says:

    This reminded me both of my 3 year old and this: http://jasongood.net/365/2012/12/46-reasons-why-my-three-year-old-might-be-freaking-out/


  31. Charlene H. says:

    Of course, unless he can’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. AmericanMum says:

    My almost 3 year old does this when she’s having or has just had a poo. Don’t mind too much if she has her pull ups on and we’re home. Bit difficult when we are out and she’s in underpants.

  33. Julie H says:

    Love it. My son just turned 2 (today is his birthday!) and we’ve had more of these exchanges lately than I care to remember. Today it was the potty. We both had to go. Went to sit him on the toilet and he refused to sit on it. “Ok then it’s my turn I said”. “Nooo I have to go!” Try to pick him up and he screams “No I don’t wanna!” Then I sit down and he literally tries to shove me off the toilet. Luckily it was a mostly good day so rather than get upset I was trying hard not to laugh at him. On other occasions not so much, like the time he refused to get out of the carseat and told me to go away, then screamed when I left, and on and on till I dragged him out of the car. I told a friend of mine that if 3 is worse than 2 as she and many others have told me then I’m shipping him off til he’s 4! There’s boarding preschool somewhere right? ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. tara says:

    Hahaha awesome. It’s only because the youngest children are the smartest and advance at a younger age ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But the good news is, he’ll totally grow out of it sooner. I’m sure of it….

  35. Megan O says:

    My son, who will be 4 in April now says “I don’t care” to most requests. There was a crappy morning last week before my coffee when those words came out of my mouth. For example:

    Me: Let’s get in the car. Him: I don’t care!!

    I don’t like that phrase anymore.

    • Lauren says:

      Then clearly you need to get a copy of “Pierre” by Maurice Sendak. Wonder what your little one will think of it!

  36. Robin says:

    When is crappy baby going to get upgraded to crappy toddler or crappy preschooler? Seems like he is really growing up!

  37. Cheryl P. says:

    My three year old says, “I don’t need help!” Then two seconds later, “I can’t do it. I need help.” I just put my hands on my hips and walk away until he does it. Of course that is if I have the time to waste.

    • Rachel says:

      I hated that stage! For us it wasn’t “I need help” it was “UGH! (struggle struggle, not say anything) “AARRRGGHHH” and throw a fit on the floor. Mind you, the whole I’m I’m standing there watching her with that “something wrong?” sarcastic look. She’d just give me “the look” then get more ticked off that I wouldn’t jump in and help her and go back to throwing her fit.

      Finally I would say in my cool calm and collected voice (which even now she finds SO annoying) “something wrong?” To which I would get the very loud reply “I CAAAAANNNTTTT DOOOO ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Me: “well, you know… you do have a couple of choices here” With would just annoy the crap out of her, because she very well knew that the choices were to slow down and try again or politely ask for help, both of which were out of the question in her stubborn little mind. A few more minutes of my standing around looking annoying would usually get a “will you help me, please?”

      I love it!

  38. Leslie Hanzelka says:

    My newly minted 3 year old is in that stage too. “I want some milk!” “Okay, here’s some milk.” “NOOOO, I don’t want milk!!!” My only comfort is that his older sister grew out of that stage in about 6 or 8 months.

  39. Madeleine says:

    I thought my little fellow hit the “poo is funny” stage quite early- pretty much before he could speak- and I’m now pretty sure I’m stuck with it til he hits maturity

    • Elisabeth says:

      Which is? I’m pretty mature (I mean, I’m 33 and have a job and kids and stuff), and I still think poo is funny ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. Catharine says:

    Oh my! Mine is just 2.5 and boy can i see this coming. I have been following your writing since the nighttime starfish (which had tears of laughter running down both my both my mine and my husband’s faces). I can’t wait for your book, which i just preordered, and your next post. I love love love being a mom, it is tricky! Thanks for the ground hilarious perspective on this wonderful journey. You rock!

  41. Amanda N says:

    Why does the whole world talk about the ‘Terrible Twos’ when the ‘Thrashing Threes’ are SO much more challenging?! I swear its a conspiracy against parents. I thought I would have to join a debate team to keep up with my daughter when she was 3. My son… Oh my….let’s just say there was plenty of mommy grape juice drinking that year!

  42. Rebecca says:

    My 2 year old wants me to hold her and put her down at the same time, while screaming at me. Parenting is not for wimps!

  43. Annie says:

    So true. My son is 3 now, but has only just realized that his car seat is trying to eat him. I think of your post on it, and it makes me laugh. Oh, if not for laughter, where would we all be?

  44. Erika says:

    In these situations, I just say “ok” gently to everything. “Go away!” Ok. “Pick me up!” Ok. Once he sees im on his side no matter what he calms down.

  45. Elisabeth says:

    hahaha My five year old who always was a “I love my mommy, she’s my best friend” kind of kid has turned into the “go away!”(I know, precious, right?) kid overnight … of course, sometimes when I say “ok” and go into my bedroom to enjoy my moment of child imposed freedom, he follows me saying “I only wanted you to go away. You can still play with me.” … um ok.

  46. Crystal Armstrong says:

    My two year old daughter’s first stage of verbal tantrums now-a-days “No. I NOT two. Mommy do it.”
    Child: I want shoes off please.
    Me: You try. You know how to take your shoes off.
    Child: NO. I NOT two. Mommy do it.
    (tantrum then escalates until child gives up or takes off her own shoes)

  47. Kathleen says:

    My one year old does this already. He will crawl into my arms and then immediately try to wiggle away, “don’t hold me!”

  48. Jessica says:

    You will appreciate this song! The Tantrum song. (Listen or read until the end)

  49. sara says:

    My 5 year old spent an entire day upset with me for not knowing the name of a bird he made up!!! My self-contradicting 2 year old is his perfect little sidekick!!! Love your blog!!!

  50. Mercy says:

    My 2 year old is into this back and forth, I-want-it-I-don’t-want-it stuff. It’s enough to drive me crazy. And the best way to get her to take anything she says no to is to put it away.

  51. Joslyn says:

    My three year old is always saying things like “I’m too tired to take a nap” Or.. “I’m too hungry to eat green beans” … He’s totally missing the concept even though his grammar is correct! haha

  52. Heather says:

    Okay, so I know this is nerdy and not at all funny, but it’s too exciting not to share. I’m taking a course about children’s brain development, and I just learned that there’s actually a reason that toddlers and preschoolers do this! Their brains are still developing, and so until about 5 or 6 most children don’t have mixed feelings. In other words, they can only feel/think one thing at a time. So instead of feeling angry but still wanting you close, they really DO desperately want you to go away, then suddenly realize they (also) want you to stay, then shift back to feeling like you should go away. When they’re really young and their thoughts are too opposed, it can even trigger the meltdowns and drama that we all know. It’s pretty cool to imagine how crazy we’d act if we couldn’t integrate our thoughts. And it’s made it a lot less frustrating to deal with my daughters in those moments, because I’m no longer thinking “Seriously . . . do you have a couple of personalities in there duking it out?”

    • amber says:

      ๐Ÿ™‚ That is awesome.

      • Lisa says:

        One time I just walked away from the tantrum saying “I think your brain fell out, let me know when it gets back.” And almost every time after that my daughter would get wide eyed and say ‘brain falling out!’ when it was about to happen. Sometimes we could head off the meltdown!

    • Devan says:

      I was gonna say something kinda like this…I think 2-3 is just an age that they have a hard time expressing thier feelings and processing them, like you said…that’s why so many do the same thing, it’s not THAT kid, it’s just 2-3 year olds. It’s on up to 5-7 where I have a problem, when they CAN process feelings and express them and they are just hateful on purpose! And of course I have both, 3 and 6.5 year olds…..good thing they are cute as heck!

    • Martha says:

      Thanks for sharing. This will (hopefully) help me be more patient too.

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  54. 1perriwinkle says:

    Congratulations! You’re now the mother of a threenager….

  55. Julie says:

    OK! I have one of these right now too, and he’s four. It manifests itself mainly in his choices of food and drink. However, this is my 7th child, so I have learned not to give him anything until he is done “changing his mind”! Our conversations sound something like this:
    ME: Do you want milk or water?
    HIM: Milk…..water…..water, water,water…….actually…. milk.

    Sometimes he’ll be like, “Mom, you didn’t get me my drink!”
    So we go through the ritual again.

  56. As I’m reading this, my 4yo is telling me that he doesn’t have the energy to eat.

  57. Kim says:

    My day care kids arrive in the morning and don’t want parent to leave. Then when the parents get there for pick-up they don’t want to go. The absolute best method I’ve seen for getting them to leave is when the parents say, “ok, I’m leaving, see you later!” and walk out of the room/building. 2 seconds later, “mooooom, wait for me!!!!!!!!!” as they run out the door

    Yeah, you guys get the parenting 24/7. I get 7-10 toddler/preschoolers all at the same time but for shorter time frames. I swear I’ve seen it all… until the next time a kid does something ridiculous or contradictory or anything! :)I’m sure you can relate!

  58. Amy says:

    Oh no! I’m doing this with mine at a little over two! Please!!! Someone tell me this is short-lived.
    I was beginning to think my cherub had become possessed!

  59. Shannan says:

    My daughter is only 20 months, but I know this is coming because this week, her favorite answer to everything after “No” is “No-kay”. She can’t even get through the word without changing her mind.

  60. Trisha W. says:

    I first read the end as “Just precious I guess.”

  61. Kristin H says:

    It’s the same with our 2 1/2 y.o. but her dichotomous word of choice is “never”. She uses it as an adjective.
    We’ll ask er if she wants water with dinner and she’ll say, “Yes.”
    So I give it to her and she says, “No! Not water!”
    “But you said water, what do you want!?”
    “NO! Neverwater!”
    “Neverwater?” (yes we toy with her a little, it’s mean, I know)
    At least it gives her dad and I a laugh…

  62. Courtney says:

    My daughter is 16 months does this, too! She will walk up to me, put her arms up and say “up!” As soon as I pick her up, she squirms and says “down.” If I take one step, she whines and says “up.” This also happens with “more” and “all done” when it comes to food.
    I am not looking forward to this stage when she is more verbal!

  63. Rachel says:

    Have you had a hair cut? If you have, it looks as though it shows off the nape of your neck beautifully. Lovely!

  64. My sons have been doing this since infancy, I just didn’t realize it. They would want to be held, but push away from me they whole time I was holding them. Used to drive me crazy.

  65. Caz says:

    Kidding? Our shouting conflicting wants at mummy phase started at about 2 and a half years!!

  66. Ellie says:

    Mayhaps the sneaky scoundrel learnt it from Crappy Boy. Crappy Boy, this is not a good use of your teaching skills. Teach better.

  67. Chrissy says:

    My youngest son started this at 3 and now he’s 4.5 and we’ve progressed into him crying at the drop of a hat and when we ask what’s wrong he’ll say “I’m crying so hard.” and we’ll ask why and he’ll answer “I don’t know!” and I thought having boys meant NOT dealing with random drama!

  68. Jessica says:

    Yeah, that’s what happened to my second kid too. They do it earlier because they learn it from the first one. One day when they’re all grown up we’re gonna miss this stuff.

  69. He’s just trying to one up his brother by starting early, that’s all. And to provide you with blog material.

  70. peter says:

    We wait so long for them to start talking, thinking “then we’ll understand what they need” and then when they do start talking they don’t make any sense. My eldest is 5 and we still have to decode what she really needs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. Suzanne says:

    I wish I ever grew out of this phase. I’m 26 and I still get episodes of “I want to sleep but I also want to do these crosswords.. arggh what to do what to do!”

    Or “I want wings but I also want pizza.. what to order, I can’t decide! arrgh!” I’m just an undecisive person :/ I pity my mom, this stage must have lasted forever!

    We have this children’s album from Joe Wise and there’s a song on it about a guy who could never make up his mind…called “Yes indeedy” it’s the catchiest thing I’ve ever heard.. Anyway when I get into these “episodes” we’ll call them.. my husband starts humming it. I usually get the message. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Bonne says:

    This started before age two in our house. So far my favorite has been when we are trying to agree with the kid and she angrily replies, “No, DON’T say OK! OK?”

  73. My lovely 2y10m old has been trying out some really tough 3 year old strong willed behaviors lately too, so I feel the pain. I too hope that this means it will pass sooner!

  74. Jesse says:

    My 2yo does this too. I’m sticking to the “every child is different” theory…cause this child is VERY different *sigh*

  75. GG says:

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  76. Tracy says:

    HA! My 2, almost 2 1/2 year old does this. DH and I have mastered the OK method.
    Little Miss falls, “Mommy go away!!!”
    Me “OK”
    LM “Mommy come here!!!!!”
    Me “OK, do you want Mommy to kiss it better?”
    Me “OK”
    LM “Mommy kiss it better!”
    Me “OK”

    or at night when getting ready for bed

    LM “Mommy go away”
    Me “OK” I start to walk away
    ML “Mommy come here!”
    Me “OK” I walk back
    LM “I want Boba!”
    Me “OK” I get the Boba (baby carrier)
    LM “No Boba! Mommy lay down!”
    Me “OK” I lay down with her “Do you want boobie?”
    LM “No!”
    Me “OK”
    LM “I want boobie!”
    Me “OK”

    It’s freaking exhausting and I can’t wait until we are out of this stage, but just saying OK over and over (sometimes DH and I do giggle a bit while doing it) will eventually get her to figure out what she wants. Obviously she doesn’t always get her way, but it works surprisingly most of time in us both getting what we want.