Glitter & Engledow Art Photography

I am doing a glitter project. (I have a reason. I’ll get to that later.)

I carefully “draw” in glue and the I start sprinkling glitter on top.

I’m an artist! Look at me and my fancy artistic ways!



It isn’t that messy. Just a huge pile on the floor. And all over me. No problem. I’ve got this contained.

Crappy Baby enters the room.

His eyes widen when he sees what I’m doing.

He runs over, scoops up handfuls of glitter and:


Tosses it into the air. Most of it falls on his head.

Before I can even say anything, he says:


And then he runs around the house shaking glitter off his head and yelling “It’s snowing!”

It is officially winter. There is snow all over our house. Course I have a feeling it will still be here in July.

But the real reason for this post is to tell you why I was doing  this glitter project in the first place. It was for this guy:


You know this photographer dad, right? The “World’s Best Father” guy who takes hilarious yet amazing photos with his daughter? He and his wife read this blog.

Drumroll please….

Here is the photo he did with MY crappy glitter art. How cool is that? My crappy art is in one of his photos!

(In case it isn’t clear, mine is the one on the left. Sue Zola did the one on the right. I’m sure you couldn’t tell.) 

Check out the Engledow Art Photography page for the rest. I love the vacuuming one. And the leaf pile one. And the pumpkin one…


PS  – After he received the art, he asked me if I used cat glitter on it. I didn’t. Not much. 

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44 Responses to Glitter & Engledow Art Photography

  1. Jen Keeler says:

    My gf likes to say that glitter is “the herpes of the crafting world” because that shit never goes away… LOL!

    • Amy says:

      you go into the sun and FLARE UP!

    • Briony says:

      Herpes glitter, that is hilarious. I will be giggling all day

      • Madeleine says:

        Fits right in with what we used to call STG- Sexually Transmitted Glitter- and it’s when a male has glitter on his person due to intimate contact with a female!
        I bet it was hard to be stern when he was all covered in glitter exclaiming “Snow”!

    • Beth Ineson says:

      ROTFL! It is so true! Glitter is a blight on the crafting world, but so so so sparkly and pretty……….

  2. Kimberly says:

    Love his photos! How awesome to be a part of that!

  3. neal says:

    Glitter pretty much turns our entire house into one of those snowglobes. One of the tacky ones.

    But three cheers for people who already know the dangers of glitter, and plow ahead anyway. Amber, you are a brave, foolhardy hero.

  4. Darcy says:

    That is fabulous!

  5. Adriane says:

    The glitter really adds a certain something!

  6. Katia says:

    I feel so much better about the blow up spider with the pink polka dots on my kitchen floor since Halloween now that I know there will still be snow on your floor in July.

    And the naive cat glittery portrait is great.

  7. Lauren says:

    Love it! Also, a tip for all the other moms with glitter scatter issues- I’ve just discovered that you can buy glitter pre-mixed with glue in tubes of varying colors. Just squeeze and voila, glitter art! Cuts down on the glitter mess BIG TIME and may just be one of the best crafty things ever invented! Most art supply stores carry them. I can’t recommend it enough!

  8. natashia says:

    After your cat glitter post someone posted on fb a few days later a picture of pills that contain actual gold glitter that you take and you shit glitter! It’s only like 450$ a pill! Made me think of the cat glitter post!

  9. tara says:

    Haha, Jen, glitter is totally herpes of the crafting world.

    It will be in your house for at least another year 🙂

    Your glitter art is fantastic!

  10. Chris says:

    I love the Engledow and Alice Bee Drawing. 🙂

  11. Laurie says:

    God, I love it when I go through my “popular” bookmarks and find a new Crappy Pictures. And two in (almost) one day! Need those laughs this time of year–and more than half the fun is reading the (hundreds!!) of clever comments!!!! (And that’s my excuse why I’m so behind on holiday preparations.) Just wanted to add what the granddaughter of a friend calls glitter: farkles.

    • amber says:

      Is that when you fart sparkles? I think unicorns make farkles.

      • Shea says:

        Omg, in my house I refused to admit that girls fart since I live in a house of disgusting farting boys. I will now admit that we “farkle.” Made my day!

        • amanda says:

          I too live in house of all boys so I tell my little ones girls don’t fart and if 1 happens to slip by I tell them it was the barking spider! my 1 boy realizes it obviously wasn’t and laughs and laughs and now when he farts he says it was the barking spider.

      • Angela says:

        LOL that is hilarous.

  12. I love his pictures!! They’re so clever. You must’ve been beside yourself when he contacted you for some crappy art!

  13. Kelly Parker says:

    Sad to say that we now live in a “glitter-free” household. After years of crafting with my older kids when they were young (the 1st 3) my husband outlawed glitter in our house. The younger 3 have never (well, almost never) had the pleasure of crafting with glitter. He almost had a heart attack when our daughter wore a formal covered in glitter. Even in a dress it gets all over the car! I think that car still has glitter in it. He even double checks my Christmas ribbon to make sure it is “glitter-free”. Kid #4 pretty much was the cause of us becoming “sticker-free”. Kid #6 was lucky if he got to play with playdough. 🙂

  14. sarah says:

    As usual, I live your post, and thank you for introducing me to another awesome person that I might have missed, I think I just got caught up for the past 30 minutes looking at his pictures, oh CRAP, hubby is gonna be home soon and I haven’t started dinner….. I’ll just show him the page and he’ll get lost too!

  15. Paula says:

    That picture is how I found your blog. I am ever so grateful! <3

  16. Fenny says:

    When we were kids we used to make our own Christmas cards out of a roll of cartridge paper and pictures cut from wrapping paper. We made 2 sets – with and without glitter. Granny & Grandpa got one of the one without, as Grandpa was a miserable bugger and complained the glitter got all over the place. I’d have more sympathy now if I thought he had ever done the vacuuming!

    I love your portrait.

  17. Shea says:

    I hate glitter, it has beenbanned from my house. FUCK glitter.

  18. Laura M. says:

    Love the Engledow photos. Congrats on the glitter product placement! 😀
    Have you seen the Baby Trashes Bar In Las Palmas short? Just the trailor makes me laugh ’til I cry, every time I see it.

  19. I wondered when I first saw the title of the post if this was related to the “cat glitter”. I am very glad you didn’t use the cat glitter. My cat used his butt to help make glittery christmas cards one year. He sat on them right after my son got done making his cute little sponge painted glittery trees and made cat tree butt prints. Isn’t that the same thing as glitter art?

  20. Anne-Marie says:

    That reminds me! My daughter (she’s 4) was in the pet aisle at the grocery store the day after I read about crappy baby and the cat litter and she was like “Let’s get cat glitter!” She has never even seen that post! lol!

  21. Sarah says:

    I’ve also used the phrase “glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts”. I’ll find it forever. The best is that now I have two little girls who like to dress up and the jerks at the princess dress making factories like to put glitter ALL OVER IT. Well, I need to correct myself – the very best part is that they only need to walk by me and I get glitter somehow lodged in my eyes and it takes the better part of a 20 minutes trying to flush it out.

  22. Mary says:

    I just had to share: As I am reading this post my 5 yr old son comes over and says very seriously “Wow. That’s a really nice picture. Oh. (pointing to sidebar) Those are really nice pictures, too. This person is a very good drawer.” It was great.

  23. Jess says:

    My friend once told me that glitter was the herpes of crafts. It spreads everywhere and you can’t do anything to get rid of it.

  24. BethanyH says:

    So, am I the only mom in the world that doesn’t mind glitter in my house? I always love when I walk past something and there is one tiny speck of glitter on it. It’s like a reminder to smile and make your world a little more sparkly too!

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