This is the very first time I’ve needed to write a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Because people have started to ask me questions. Frequently.

Some of these aren’t even questions though, they are FCCs or “Frequently Commented Complaints”.

It’s okay, I don’t think anyone actually reads these pages.


Why does Crappy Boy wear a dress?

Is it a dress? I really can’t tell. The pictures are too crappy.


What program/drawing tablet do you use?

I use an ancient version of Photoshop. I don’t use a drawing tablet thingy, just the trackpad on my laptop and my finger.


Can I send you (insert random thing) for you to review/giveaway on your blog?

I don’t do reviews. Giveaways are pretty rare and it has to be pretty spectacular and fit right in just perfectly. Sometimes it works, but usually not. Sorry. Just not that sort of a blog.


Do you accept sponsors or advertisers?

Not currently working with sponsors or advertisers.


Can I guest post on your blog?

No, this space is mine, all mine.

In October 2012 I did a special Crappy Collaboration series where I partnered up with other writers. I might do this again. I might not. But either way there isn’t a sign up sheet.


You swore! Can you please not ever swear again? (variations: I can’t read this to my child because you swore, if you don’t swear you’ll reach a larger audience, I’m unsubscribing because you swore, your swearing offends me)

What? Did I? Sorry.

I’m sorry you are offended. I swear in real life sometimes so we probably couldn’t be friends. I’m okay with this. I’m guessing that if you are offended by a swear word here and there then there would be a whole lot about me that would offend you. I do not think I’m your type. It’s not you, it’s me.

As for reading to your children, these posts are not written for children, they are written for the parents of children. Sorry if that was confusing. Again, this really isn’t the blog for you.


Can I link to your blog or post?

Of course and thank you!


Can I post one of your images on my blog?

Yes, but DO NOT use my images without credit (image credit CrappyPictures.com) AND a link back to this site. This includes social media. Sharing is wonderful! But stealing sucks.


Your pictures aren’t as crappy as they used to be!

The thing is, if you do something over and over for enough years you eventually get better at it. It was bound to happen. Should I be apologizing for this?


How can I contact you?

There are numerous ways. Use the contact form.

Okay, that’s just one way and now the contact form is no longer a form.



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