Where I’ve Been

 Don’t you hate it when bloggers disappear for a week? 


I just did that. 

While I wish I could tell you that I skipped off to a tropical island to have drinks with umbrellas in them, the truth is that my grandfather died. (Or, Bumpa as I called him.)

I could go ahead and write a beautiful yet still funny post that would make everyone cry at the end.

I could write about how he had twinkling blue eyes and a boyish grin. How he was friendly and welcoming to everyone he met. How he laughed more than he talked. How he constructed many of his sentences like Yoda because he was Dutch. I could tell about his life as a Wisconsin dairy farmer and as an identical twin. And I could even illustrate the funny story of when he took me along to milk the cows and I peed in his truck. So many good memories…

I know I could do that. But I really don’t feel like it today. So I’m not gonna. Maybe later. But maybe not.  

Comments on this post are closed, this is just a “where I’ve been” update. I’ll be back next week. 

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