waiting rooms before & after kids…illustrated with crappy pictures™

Last week I went to a few appointments.  Alone.  Appointments that involved waiting rooms.  And waiting in them!  Alone!

This is what waiting rooms were like before I had kids:


And this is what waiting rooms are like now, after having kids:


Is it just me?


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39 Responses to waiting rooms before & after kids…illustrated with crappy pictures™

  1. Lynnae says:

    ooh this reminds me, i have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow. i hope there are 20 people in front of me!!!

  2. Christina says:

    Yes! And I absolutely LOVE the dentist. Recliner chair where someone brushes MY teeth instead of me brushing theirs? Heaven.

  3. Totally not just you. I am the unreasonably happy lady that when the receptionist announces that the dr. is running behind and please be patient says “oh that’s fine, these things happen. Take your time.” : )

  4. Sharon says:

    Please do waiting rooms when you have kids in tow – shudder!

  5. KC says:

    Waiting room alone, sounds like heaven.

  6. AngieWestminister says:

    Oh yes! Totally! HOw do you know everything I feel?

  7. La says:

    I lined up a dentist appointment and a doctor’s appointment back-to-back on Monday. Two lovely hours of waiting rooms… I couldn’t agree more, but think you underestimate the relaxingness of the actual appointment as well (this from the woman who fell asleep at the dentists *and* the hairdressers soon after the birth of her apparently insomniac kid).

  8. suzie says:

    My favourite thing is when the hairdresser is running late…. “Oh, Suzie, sorry we are running a little late. Can we bring you a coffee? a glass of wine? Here are some lovely grown up magazines to read.” BLISS!!!! I do enjoy thinknig about hubby at home with four kids while I am waiting too… 🙂

  9. Megan Coates says:

    I used to have a 45 minute drive to work. That and my drive home were the best hour and a-half of my day.

  10. Jema says:

    When do you get to go to the dr alone after you have kids? LOL. I did feel that way when pg with my 4th at the “advanced maternal age” of 40, they said I had to do NST’s twice a week. I was like “What? I have to come in here twice a week and just sit for 20 minutes?! Do I HAVE to?” Then, I went for the first one . . . lazyboy, feet up, magazines, quiet . . . I was like “Can we schedule a couple more of these per week?”

  11. Amber says:

    HAHAHA! I so thought this would be me tomorrow night, but hubby has to work all night tonight, so now I have to take them with me or change the apptZ

  12. Lindsey says:

    I got delayed in traffic yesterday for a whole 45mins. Had to hide the glee in my voice when I rang dh! Bliss!

  13. Meredith says:

    YES–I have a friend, a parent, and he is male, who complains to me about taking trains to DC from New York for work. I drool thinking of the reading! The podcasts! The public transportation naps! I don’t care how much money he earns; clearly, he is not doing his share of the parenting.

  14. Mendie says:

    I love that the “pre-kids” you has perky boobs and heels, and the “post-kids” you has sensible shoes and the purple moomoo. *This* is my reality! 😉

  15. Bridgette says:

    Yes I love the waiting room now! Great chance to bring a book and sit and read or do like you did and read last month’s magazine. 🙂

  16. Buwahahaha, no it’s not just you! That is too funny!

  17. Debbie says:

    okay – my kids are all grown but I can sooooo relate remembering those times. It gets better – believe me!!

  18. Tanya says:

    hehe! When my first born was about 8 months old I had to start physio therapy on my knee – 2 days a week for an hour each time. It was total bliss. I would get there early to read their health magazines.

  19. JGuest says:

    So True. I actually tell the ladies at reception not to bother rushing me through. That it’s my ME time, and oddly enough, they seem to get it.

    Now that mine is in school, it’s different, but before that, the only other time I’d get was if I was admitted into the Emergency Room.

    Velcro baby Deluxe Edition.

  20. Nope. I enjoy it too! Utter bliss and peace and quiet and silence. aaaa….

  21. Shelley says:

    And the really funny part, you had high heels AND boobs before you had kids! lol

  22. Amber Dusick says:

    Oh yes. Details, details.

  23. Tonya says:

    I take my 4 kids to an art place so they can be as messy as they want without destroying my house…sure it costs more but not having the headache sure makes up for it!

  24. Heather says:

    I told my dental hygienist that seeing her is like going to the spa. Ha. And if you ever get to go on a plane without kids again…well. I used to be afraid of flying. But on my first flight alone post-child I was actually sad when we landed. All I had to do was sit there, read a book, listen to music, watch tv that wasn’t for kids and some guy brought me drinks and some cookies. Pretty sure that’s heaven.

  25. Liz says:

    And have you noticed that the more, impatient kids you have with you, the longer the wait? Two fussy, tired, hungry kids? 45 minute wait. Both kids at home with the hubby? 5 minutes max.

  26. Robin says:

    The first time I went to the dentist after having my daughter, I, too, felt like I was at a spa! It was amazing. The second time I went to the dentist after having her, I had to bring her with me, along with her chair, a movie, snacks, etc… 🙁

  27. cindyloo@telus.net says:

    I go for an iron infusion once a year, and I refer to it as my ‘spa day’. Have to sit in a recliner with an iv in my arm and sleep or read, or just sit and do nothing. I look forward to it!

  28. Me says:

    Not just you at all! TOTALLY agree

  29. Jody says:

    I’m off to the DMV tomorrow. Strangely looking forward to it!!! It could be decades….

  30. irene says:

    no joke, since having kids, i have thought the dentist chair while getting my teeth drilled was relaxing.

  31. kal says:

    agree… flying without kids is such a treat these days. my hubby and i went to a wedding in india this year, whilst nanny and poppy looked after our 3 young kids. one small handbag and a book for the plane, and i got to watch three movies… the whole way through (except for the bits where i was looking at pics of the kids on the iPad and missing them already)

  32. Tami says:

    It’s not just waiting rooms. Whenever I can get out of the house alone to grocery shop, I drag my feet. I let people in line in front of me. I look for the slowpoke cashier. Anything to keep me out of the house and around grownups for a little while longer!

  33. Mara V. Martinez says:

    T O T A L L Y T R U E !!!!!! Love your comic strip

  34. I’m definitely going to look into it.

  35. Francine says:

    I was recently delighted by a 3 hour delay in the airport traveling by myself. 3 hours. In an airport.

  36. Jenn says:

    I recently found you blog and love it and have been playing catch up. I recently had an appointment and had started to read an article that was very interesting so of course they came to get me. Afterwards I came out and sat down to read the article again. Some people in the waiting room looked at me funny but if they only knew a three year old and 16 month old awaited me when I returned home they would understand.

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