Teeth Brushing


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  1. melissa says:

    My AbbyJean is seven and …I have been trying to be more creative with her …I tried singing a song that I came up with…”brush brush brush your teeth get them them nice and clean don’t forget to swish and spit (Act mouth wash) and floss in between” to the tune of row ya boat lol I have one for washing hands too the point to these songs is saying it in your head or out load 3 times so that they do it for the recommended time of two minutes it works however the song for brushing got old lol so I tried your dinosaur /monkey/mouse and she loved it I would love some suggestions on those rainy days …we also don’t have a car and limited budget so any creative ideals would help…we bake …make home made play dough….and are currently doin a mural on her wall she is my little artist ….she never runs out of paper/crayons/markers/paint ect. We love to find more creative things to do 🙂 Happy New Year and God Bless you and yours

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