Parenting – I Quit.


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  1. Tanya says:


    your thoughts are pretty similar to mine, I got 4 kids. I’m pretty sure I slip and say the wrong thing from time to time, and I instantly regret it, but hey, I do my best not too and make it right when I do. The more Kids i had, the more patience I got, it was the first couple I had a hard time with and I wanted to fly the coop more often, Lol. now that it’s my last and I’m certain, I feel more gratitude for the last born, I also know alot of people who can’t have kids or wish they could have more , and can’t or tied thier tubes too soon and regretted it. somehow not being able to helps. Alot. I’m looking forward to my husband and I having time together and by ourselves without interruption. I laughed at the comment about someone saying ” can I puke in peace” lol everything can be put into the “puke” spot in that sentence , right?

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