On the Phone With Crappy Grandma

I always like to talk to Crappy Grandma on the phone. Though we’re at different stages in our lives, we have a lot in common. We talk about raising chickens and farming and gardening and canning and baking pies and such. We also laugh a lot.

So we’re on the phone. And my doorbell rings.


I ‘m not expecting anyone so I’m not exactly prepared.


She laughs at me and I answer the door. It was a delivery.

About twenty minutes later, we’re still talking and she pauses.


She explains that someone is driving down her long driveway.

She isn’t expecting anyone, so she isn’t exactly prepared either.


And this time, we both laugh.

We do have a lot in common. And we do laugh a lot.


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The Crappy Couch

We have a couch. It’s crappy.


It’s only a bunch of years old.

You’ve probably seen it in some of my stories before, but the books propping up the right corner is a new development.

It is a well-loved couch.

So we’re sitting on the crappy couch, discussing the probability of its collapse.


Now here’s the thing. If you are sitting on a couch and discussing its inevitable collapse and whether or not it will injure someone, you have a crappy couch.


I mean, really. I don’t think we’re normal.





A couch’s purpose is to provide a place to sit.

As long as you can still sit on it, it is not broken.

Why replace something that still works just fine?


By joking about it, the shabbiness of our couch has become a point of pride, rather than shame.

And now that I think about it, this trick works for most everything.



Warning: If you come over, you might not want to sit on our couch unless you are fully vaccinated. Or maybe we could put a towel down or something. 

We’ll probably buy a new cover for it, especially since I just recovered our dining room chairs and they look so spiffy. And as Crappy Husband says, “I’m not ready to give up on the couch yet.” Course when we recover it, it will involve rebuilding the frame and fixing the leg… Sigh. Maybe we should just relax on the couch. After all, it still works just fine!


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