The Food Truck

Sometimes Crappy Papa and I talk about making a dramatic life change. We’re not serious about any of the ideas though, we’re just playing around and imagining what it would be like. Things like joining the circus and becoming a circus family! Or buying a boat to live on and becoming a fishing family!

Recently, we joked about buying a food truck. It would be awesome! We’d vend at all the festivals, like some nomadic traveling food truck family. We’d sell yummy stuff (no idea what) and then we could eat the yummy stuff! So easy!

Of course, we’d never actually do this. We don’t even want to. At all.

Unfortunately, the kids latched onto this particular idea and decided that it is our family’s destiny. We MUST get a food truck.

So I tried to talk some sense into them. I told them about the realities of running a business like that. I told them about dealing with customers and about having to train employees.

But they were not deterred. Crappy Boy decided that he would be the boss of the food truck and Crappy Baby decided that he would be one of the workers.

They set up a mock food truck in the corner of the family room and got to work. They wanted to prove to me that they could do it and would be good at it and that they’d love it. They set out to make it as realistic as possible.

(In case it isn’t clear, when Crappy Boy is wearing a red hat he’s the boss. No hat and he’s a customer.)


Customer tries to order, but Crappy Baby isn’t sure about the special of the day.


So the customer storms off.


Uh oh. Boss is upset.


Now that Crappy Baby is clear on the special, they try again.

Another customer arrives…


So far so good!


Uh oh.


Well, that’s easy to remember.

Crappy Baby relays the information to his customer who is patiently waiting.


Yay! We have a customer who wants to order!!


Uh oh. Those sizes exclude all sorts of people. Not good business practice.


Another angry customer storms off.


And it just kept going…

This was the only snippet that I saw, but they continued to play for quite a while after that.

Eventually, they abandoned the food truck corner and I checked in with each of them.




and finally…



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On the Phone With Crappy Grandma

I always like to talk to Crappy Grandma on the phone. Though we’re at different stages in our lives, we have a lot in common. We talk about raising chickens and farming and gardening and canning and baking pies and such. We also laugh a lot.

So we’re on the phone. And my doorbell rings.


I ‘m not expecting anyone so I’m not exactly prepared.


She laughs at me and I answer the door. It was a delivery.

About twenty minutes later, we’re still talking and she pauses.


She explains that someone is driving down her long driveway.

She isn’t expecting anyone, so she isn’t exactly prepared either.


And this time, we both laugh.

We do have a lot in common. And we do laugh a lot.


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