Non-Crappy Book Giveaway: From Pea to Pumpkin

Talking about another friend’s book today! Sharing the love, baby.

This time it is From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal by Geralyn Broder Murray.

Yes, a pregnancy journal. No, I’m not pregnant.

I figured that some of you might be pregnant though so there is a good chance you’ll be interested. Or maybe you know someone who is pregnant. Or maybe you’ll get pregnant later. Lots of options here.

Anyway, I asked Geralyn to share a memory from her own pregnancies and she said,

I remember so few things about being pregnant (six and nine years ago); that’s actually why I created From Pea to Pumpkin, my little illustrated pregnancy journal, so that other mamas would have the chance to easily and quickly document all of the pregnancy goodness/swollen-ness/emotional rollercoaster-ness that comes with the territory, and do so before mommy brain/sleep deprivation arrives and clears the memory banks completely.

Here’s what I do remember:

-Feeling my babies move was the coolest – especially watching my belly contort when they perked up in the evenings. The baby would start moving and I’d yell for my husband to come feel him/her and then, of course, the little trickster would play possum.


I always imagined the baby, snickering over in the corner of my uterus, laughing at us heartily.

Thanks Geralyn! You can win a copy by entering via Rafflecopter below. US addresses only please. Giveaway ends on May 28th & winner will be selected at random, emailed and displayed on the widget thingy below.


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(Psst! I have one more book giveaway in the pipeline and then I’ll take a break from books so this blog doesn’t turn into a book giveaway blog. Seriously, it could happen. I’m flooded with requests so apologies in advance to anyone I have to turn down later.)

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