More Nicknames

Remember how I wrote about The Trouble With Nicknames last month and how I call Crappy Boy ‘Buddy’ sometimes?

The other night he gave me a hug and I said:


Which is another thing I call him. (His toes looked like perfect little beans when he was born.)

And then I started thinking about all the random nicknames they answer to:

Poop Deck, Boost, Stone, Porky Pie, Bolsa, Bingo, Dingo, Toto Menendez and Cruz Bustamante (those last two are part of a song to the tune of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople”) 

And a bunch more that I can’t remember at the moment but I’ll probably say later today.

This list doesn’t even count the “normal” ones like Sweetie, Honey and Buddy.

I’m not even sure they know their real names.

And I have no recollection of how most of the nicknames started.

I have a friend that calls her 3-year-old daughter ‘Crackhead’. But in a nice way. Lovingly. No, she isn’t on crack. The origin had to do with an Easter egg and a song.

What do you call your kids? Do they have evolving nicknames? Do you remember your own nicknames from your family as a kid? (And most importantly, did it scar you for life?) 



Oh and my own childhood nicknames from family: Munchkin and Toady. Toady sounds bad. Maybe it was Froggy? It was because I had long legs. Either way, I’m cool with it now. No therapy needed. At least not for that.  

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666 Responses to More Nicknames

  1. Andrea says:

    My son’s nickname is Punka-doo. Don’t ask where it came from. Don’t know!

    • Michelle says:

      I called my oldest Punkadoo!

    • M says:

      Oh snaps, mine is punkerdoo. No clue where it came from either!

    • Jen Sawyer says:

      My 7 year old is Boopah, and my 3 year old is Pooka. For whatever reason, I just decided one day when they were each babies that that was what they looked like, and the names have just stuck. There’s also Sweet Potato, Shookadoo, Snarfy, Boops in the Doops, Pooka Party… so many more that I can’t think of right now that are equally as bizarre.

      • Tanya says:

        My daughter is Pooka-poo! I didn’t think anyone else would have that one. She is also monkey and angel. My youngest is Zoo, zoo-zoo, Ewie gooey zooey, bum-bum and monkey. Sigh. I love them so.

    • Tricia says:

      punkadoodle here!

    • Mle says:

      My daughter’s nickname is punky-pie. Or just punky when I’m lazy.

  2. Nellie says:

    My nickname growing up was “Noodle-Arm”. Go figure. Nope, no scars!

  3. Sarah says:

    My kids are Bellybutton (4.5) and Bubblegum (2.5). There are more names. Just as silly.

  4. Susanne says:

    I call my 9 year old “Kawasaki” and “Karyoke” because they start with K like her first name…

    sigh. yeah, i’ve a fund started for therapy for when they are all grown.

  5. Shea says:

    Hahahaha, we get made fun of regularly for the things we call our 4 year old. The most common is “Doodie”…it started as Dude, and somehow went through stages of Duder, Doo, Doodiebear…that’s the most common, but it is far from the only things we refer to him as. Glad we’re not alone!

    • It always evolves, huh?. Our older one is Miles but we called him buddy, which changed to Budders, and finally butterball. He’s not even chubby!

      The youngest is worse. We named him Lennon, which we love, but all we ever call him is Benners. Lennon became Lenners, then Lenners-Benners, and now just Benners. Why did we bother which such a cool name, we might as well have named him Ben? (Also lovely, nothing against any moms of Bens out there).

    • Cassie says:

      Hey we call our 16month old Dudie too! Came from nudie-dudie when he isn’t wearing any clothes… also Bubba, Bubbaji, Scrunchbub, Scrunchkin, Little friend, etc. etc. Sounds kinda weird when you see them written down..

  6. Marilyn says:

    My 3 month old is named Evelyn. We started calling her Evie, but my three year old pronounced it “E-bee.” So, we called her Ebee. It has since shortened to “Bee.”
    Poor baby. She’s the third. After saying the older two kids’ names all day, I just don’t have the energy to say her full name. LOL

  7. Randa says:

    Lol I call my son cheese, his name is Kaeson, Kaeso for short (like queso spanish for cheese)

  8. Nikkole says:

    I have a Stinker Goose, Bubba, Godzilla, Monkey baby, and Cranker pants and their still in my belly names that some members of my family still use, Stinker, Cletus the fetus, Shilo the embryo and most recently Double and Mint

  9. Shauna says:

    My older son didn’t respond to his actual name for a really long time, but responded to Bubba, Buddy, Monkey and Moo.

    My younger son responds to his name, but we also call him Booger and Boogie Baby, haha.

    • Amber says:

      I use booger for both of mine too. 🙂

      • lisa says:

        So funny! We called my 9 mo cletus the fetus when she was still in my belly. My husband made it up but we’ re definitely going to use shiloh the embryo for the next! BTW love your blog!

    • Cass says:

      We (and by we I mean I, and not necessarily my husband) call our little girl Goo-buh (with the ‘Goo’ sound like in ‘good’, not ‘goo’)… this originally came from Booger – glad we weren’t the only ones!

      She also gets/has gotten Goobs, Baby Bear, Munchkin, Pooh-Bear, Bubba.. etc etc etc

      Funny to see everyone seems to do this with their kidlets! =)

  10. Becci says:

    Moomin 🙂 (Sofia – 10 months)

  11. Katie says:

    I call my daughter (2 years old) ‘punkin’ and ‘punk’ usually.

    Her special nick name is ‘Midget’ though. The first time I held her, I couldn’t get over how tiny she was. She was 4lbs10ozs. I stared at her, whispered ‘well you’re just a little midget, aren’t you?’

    It stuck. At her first well child, the doctor called her a peanut. My husbands then-7 year old responded ‘she is not a peanut. she is my baby sister, a peanut is a food! she is momma’s midget!’

    I think she’s stuck with it…

  12. Kelly says:

    OH the nicknames. We have one girl who is almost two. Nicknames have included bean, rainbow ( her name is Raynee), nuggett, midget, and chicken little. Turns out, if your at a border patrol check point, you do not want to jokingly refer to your kid as a midget : ” Just me and the midget in the back” because you then get searched. Yea.

    • Roxanna Boley says:

      My daughter started out as Gorbit, it was a Midwest term of some kind and it just stuck for the first year … check on the gorbit, pick up the gorbit droppings (toys & stuff). As she was so small and we relocated to SoCal and no one knew gorbit she morphed to The Midget. I am very grateful she is not scarred and that we never made that very funny mistake at the border

    • amy says:

      ha ha ha! “then you get searched” – that is hilarious.

      • Kristin says:

        lol… what is Gorbit??? I googled it, but urban dictionary says it’s “a tall skinny man in his 20s who likes young boys” !!!

  13. Amber says:

    My mom always called me Pumpkin Head…which fit my giant head covered in red hair.
    My son is Land O’Lakes Baby Butter. After the fact that his name is Landon and …I don’t know.

    • Lisa says:

      My sister named her infacnt doll Pumpkin Head when we were growing up. He was always naked (in the 70s when it seemed like a good idea to have anatomically correct baby dolls).

  14. Kate says:

    One kid, lots of nicknames … Porcupine, Dannerpuss, Monkey, Silly Willie, Stinker McStinkerpants, The Boy, Pumpkin Pie … I know I am forgetting some.

    • Elizabeth says:

      “The Boy” lol. I swear I heard that every night at the dinner table in the following context
      Dad, “Hunny, what happened to the ______?”
      Mom, “Go talk to (voice magically drops an octave as she scowls) The Boy.”

      • Lacy says:

        We have a “The Boy” too. Always said in a very deep voice. Now I’ve migrated to “Zee Boy”.

        The third child is called Captain Insano, Hulk Smash and Banyan the Barbarian. He’s the one who says “Big Hot Cano”. 🙂

        The newborn one I call pudding-pop-arooney-dooney-tooney. Yeah, not sure where that came from………..

    • loren says:

      Punk’n pie, monkey shine, puddin girl (my mom)

      Dad was B-Bo (Bill) and he called mom E-Bo (Elaine) my brother was just Bo, and unfortunately that left me as L-bo. (Elbow)

    • loren says:

      Punk’n pie, monkey shine, puddin girl (my mom)

      Dad was B-Bo (Bill) and he called mom E-Bo (Elaine) my brother was just Bo, and unfortunately that left me as L-bo. (Elbow)

      My brother is William and we have always called him Wilkie

  15. Holly says:

    My husband calls my daughter ding dong and one time he called my son that name. She got mad at him and said “No! I am ding dong”. I am wondering what she will think of that name when she gets a little older.

  16. Heidi says:

    When our youngest was just a wee babe, I started calling him my little Bug. Somehow that evolved into “Bugger” and now the whole family calls him that. Just the other day my husband mentioned that it had just occurred to him that that’s not exactly a pleasant nickname over in England.


  17. Alan says:

    I like to call my son Buckaroo Banzai. I secretly hope that one day he will stumble upon the movie and have a “What the…?” moment.

  18. Michelle Anderson says:

    Boo, Goober-Boo, Goober, Goobs, Sweetie Angel Bug.

  19. Sara says:

    Lousha Magoosha for my 14 year old, Boo-gee Beans or Beany for my 11 year old, Chungalun or Sugar Shack for my 5 year old and Mingu or Mingu Pingu or Shingu Mingu for my 3 year old.

  20. kathy says:

    For my son…mr magoo and my daughter is boo boo and ding bat. I assure you, they r loved!

  21. Cora says:

    I remember the nicknames I was called as a kid and no they didn’t scar me for life. My son’s name is Boston Murphy and we call him B, Mr. Murphy, BuhBuh, Dude, Buddy & his least favorite Baba-Louie. My daughter’s name is Kaysen Dawn and we call her Sister, Kaysaroonie, Rooniekins, Roon, Roony Toons, Macaroonie and Cheese and K. 🙂

  22. Nancy L says:

    My dad called me “Bubbles” — and then a friend caught wind of it in college, spread the word and I was Bubbles from then on. He called me Bubbles until the day he died last year, and I miss it!!

  23. Kiinu says:

    Growing up my father called me muffet-head… no my hair wasn’t strange, it was straight as a board and babyfine and blond.

    annnd as for my son, he answers to Beast, Bug, wilde-beast, dude, shorty, and his middle name… Not a single person has ever called him by his first name.. I need to go legally change it before he starts school lol. I’ll just swap them around and he’ll never know, right?

    • amy says:

      I got a surprise when I started school since at home I was called by a nickname version of my middle name (“Kitty” for “Katherine”). Turns out my first name is “Amy”.

  24. Lily says:

    My girl’s nicknames constantly evolve. Currently, she’s called: Bubba, Nellie, Nells, Nellers, Penela, Penels, Penelers, Baby, Honey, Sweetie Pie, Sweetheart, Sugar Pie, Pumpkin, Honey Pie, Princess…. and it goes on. When she was a baby, she was called “Didi” which evolved from: Penelopita to pita to tita to titi to didi (of course). She called herself Didi from the time she started talking until she changed her name to Stripey. She was Stripey for a year. Who knows what she’ll be next?

  25. Natilie says:

    My son goes by The Boobos, ChaCha, ChaCha Boy, ChaCha Face, Tubby, Stinker, Sunshine, Sunshine Boy and HG.

  26. Melonie says:

    I’m not sure why, but I sometimes call my son Turkeybutt. As in ” Get back here, you little Turkeybutt!” I’m pretty sure it’s something I heard when I was little. My nicknames were jellybean, pumpkin, and short-stuff.

    • Shannon says:

      That is too funny!! I have called my son turkeypants for years!!! Also muffin butt and case-o-de-o (his name is Casey)

    • Sarah says:

      Haha, my husband calls our 14-mo-old Turkeybutt, and uses it in exactly the same way–usually when she’s rolling over and crawling away in the middle of a diaper change. 🙂

  27. Danielle says:

    My 3 year-old son has always been “The Goose” and derivatives thereof. I’ve begun referring to my 3 month old daughter as “Duck”. Apparently my subconscious has a fondness for waterfowl.

    • Lacey S says:

      You need to have a few more, so you can yell Duck,Duck,Duck, GOOSE! 🙂 Ah, man, I crack myself up *falls asleep on desk*

    • Morgan says:

      Hahaha 🙂

    • Karen says:

      I called my nephew Goose when he was about one (started as Silly Little Goose) and everyone started calling him that. It stuck until he started hating it at 13. I remember someone asking him his name when he was about 4 and he told them it was Goose.

    • Ashley says:

      “Apparently my subconscious has a fondness for waterfowl.” …. hahaha, laughed out loud at this.

  28. Eileen says:

    I was “Punkin” – a variety of Pumpkin I guess

  29. Laura says:

    I call my son Jackalopito. It started out as Jack and the Jackalope and then since I only speak Spanish with my kids (want them to be bilingual, don’t worry everyone else speaks English with them) I morphed it to Jackalopito because he’s a Jackalope and little 😉

    • Tanja says:

      We are
      A bilingual family too, and my hunby loves to call our son “colita de grillo” (cricket’s butt) when he gets out of bed with a diaper full of pee. The rest of the day, he goes by “chiquitin” (little one), “principe” (prince) and “Danielon” (his bame is Daniel). I call him Dani, mama’s little bear hug and my little prince. All in my native Norwegian.

      Or little girl (Daniel’s twin) is “princesa” (princess). In a group of six couples that are friends and all had babies the same year, she’s the only girl baby, so everybody calls her that, even the little boys. ( who are now 2,5).

  30. Melanie says:

    My daughter’s nickname has been (and continues to be) The Chub (this one will be discontinued once she becomes verbal; I have my own scars from a much used fat-based childhood nickname). She’s also known as Eva (the) Bean 🙂

  31. Katie says:

    I call my kids poop head and buttmuch. They’re more personalized nick names are Bubba (my 8 year old), Muffin or MuffinButt (my 5 year old), Moose (my 2 year old boy), Stinkybutt (my 2 year old girl) and Scrawny (my 1 year old girl).

    My parents called me Booger until they called me it in front of my friends in middle school an embarrassed me so badly.

  32. Mandy says:

    My boys’ nicknames are

    Busy Bee, Monkey, Pickie Pickie Pingos, Spickies, Lickies, Tickies, Tumbo, Pee-Lie, BeeBee Eng-o-Lye, Bum, Butt, Butterbum, Nutterball, Kid, Kiddo, Munchkin, Dorfie (*shrugs*), AJ, Pajamas-Pants, Li’l Jeff, Fart, BAAAAAYBEEEEEE, Li’l Baybeee, Silly-pants, Hunny Bun, Fuzzy Bunny, Robot… and that’s not even the nicer ones lol!!

    I have 3 boys.. they’re my lovies ♥

  33. Sophie says:

    My sons (4 & 7) are called any and all of the following:

    Munchkin Pants

    • Sarah says:

      Another mother of a Munchkin Pants here! Along with Stinker, Pumpkin Patch, Princess and countless others.

  34. Ange;a says:

    I call my sons monkeybutt and gooseberry.

    Growing up my brother’s nickname was pork-chop. Poor kid.

  35. Mel says:

    The little guy has plenty. His actual name is Edward. He gets Woo a lot (derived from his Asian drift-racing name of Ee Woo Tee), and variations (WooWoo, Woo Town, The Woo) also Captain Chaos, Captain Destructo, El Desctructo, Chunky Monkey, Curly Wurly (earlier ones to do with his activities; the latter his appearance). Ummm about a bazillion others that I can’t think of right now!

    • Anna says:

      I love Captain Destructo! I’ve used that one liberally!

    • Devan says:

      My 6DD calls (or did for a while) my 3DD Godzilla cause she always knocked down any tower or structure she ever made. She heard it from us and when she first started saying it she would say “Zagenda”. It was cute.

      • Mary says:

        haha we call my kiddo Mothra, for similar reasons. Just add in the high pitched shrieks. We actually filmed a 5 minute short with her being the title character and my sister and I being the frantically rebuilding Japanese.

  36. Joanna moore says:

    Pumpkin poodle, pookie, honeyboo, hunkaboo, sugar booger…

    • Dan says:

      my mom called all of us ‘sugar-booger’. My son had little-bit, buddy-bear, sugar-bear, and danny dudester-wooster. My dad called me termite, for no reason i could ever think of!

  37. Heather says:

    My oldest (10) is called “Bubba” which was shortened from “Bubba bear” when he was younger. His 2 year old brother even calls him that. The 2 year old is “Love bug”, which my oldest told me I had to shorten to “Bug” before he goes to school because “Love Bug” isn’t manly sounding and we don’t want the little one beat up 🙂

  38. elle m says:

    honey pie
    pumpkin muffin
    boonka doonka

    I swear there is a new one each week..
    And then there are the ones based on his actual name!

  39. serenity says:

    My family called me “Booby” for until I was 15 ans creamed so loud they finally gave it up. I hated it from about 10 on.

    I called my 1st daughter bean names until it evolved into beaner and I realized I could give people the wrong impression, LOL

    • serenity says:

      * and screamed*

      • Sarah Jo says:

        Awww, lol, my boy is a ‘booby’ too, also ‘boob-brain’, ‘boobien’, ‘boob-face’ and several other variants on the theme… his real name is Reuben and as a breastfed baby it seemed to suit him well! I’m sure as he gets older we’ll have to stop saying it, but to me and his Daddy he’ll always be our little booby 🙂

  40. Elisa Evans says:

    We have a Big Boy (3 yrs) and Sissy (1 yr) neither know their “real” names and only answer to their nicknames.

  41. Tina says:

    My daughter was boogie which sounds horrible, she is of course; princesses, princess toadstool, olive, augum. My older son stayed with boogaboo which was shortened to boo. And my little guy is joshawee, moshammoshamaa, marshmallow, bean, bean patch.
    Growing up I was rug rat and booboo.

  42. Beth says:

    I was Buns, because I was always getting a wedgie in my bathing suit. How do you *think * I felt about that?

    • Lolli says:

      Aww! You must’ve had cute buns!!

      Growing up I was called Lolli instead of my ‘real’ name.
      I quit that name when I went to a different school for 6th grade after enduring a year or 2 of a stupid boy saying ‘lollipop lollipop’ every single day at school.

      Then in high school I had worse ones. 🙁 I miss ‘Lolli’ now.

  43. Michelle says:

    I call my little one Munch, Munchie, and Munchkin Head. Her name is Gabriella, so I will also refer to her as Gabidoo. Her dad calls her Monkey.

  44. Ryan says:

    I call my 2.5 year old “bug”. Her name is Vivian but her older brother called her “vivibug” once and it stuck and was eventually shortened to just bug or sometimes “the bug”.

  45. Angela says:

    I used to call my now 5 year old Sweetie Peteetie. She was only 6 pounds born at full term, so she was sweet and petite!

  46. Melissa says:

    Here’s a list of all the random nicknames I’ve called my 4 daughters over the years:
    Monkey, boogerhead, poopface, poops mcgee, baskin robbins, bobbaloo, bobba fett, sugar butt, pancake, stinky pete, honey bunches of oats, cracker jack, love cookie, sweetiepie, munch, chubba wubba, pieface, and I think that’s about it. Lol

  47. Heather says:

    Cryin’ Bubs, Sweet Potato, Monkey, Weeps McGee, and PITA when I’m annoyed (it sounds like a cute nickname, but stands for Pain in the Ass – which he doesn’t know).

  48. Lindsey says:

    I’ve always had a habit of calling my kids “boo boo”.
    My son was always “joey boo boo” then my middle daughter was “Amelie boo” which became ” lambly boo” which them became “lamb bhuna” the curry!!! My little daughter is called Sophia. Her nickname was “Sophia boo” which has now become ” soapy bubbles”. Poor kids!!

  49. Helen (aka Doodlebags) says:

    My 4 have loads of nicknames and I labelled their Christmas presents with them this year rather than their given names. They include Bumpy, Pretty Mitty, Moo Face, Short Stuff, Libby Looby, Doody Boo. My own as a child was Helen Jane Wing Wong and my sisters were Rutty Roo and Button Box whilst my brother was Buggerlugs. Did my nickname scar me? No, I was always very fond of it and still am.

  50. Lee says:

    I’m the same…so many!
    Ninky Nonk (from the night garden)
    Chicken (sometimes she just won’t stop talking, reminds me of a clucky chicken)
    And variations on words her name rhymes with

    It’s a bit out of control actually!

  51. Nicole says:

    Our little guy is boo boo and bear. Pretty simple.

  52. Sharon says:

    Our son’s name is Luke, so from the start we called him Lukey Pookie. That has since transformed into nicknames for his nickname. Just Pookie, the Pook, pookster, Pook face, etc.

  53. Jennifer says:

    If you ask my 13 month old who the stinky baby is he points to himself… Hope it doesn’t continue into adulthood lol

  54. llaney says:

    I called my son “hugga bugga” which morphed from “hug bug” — in fact, I still call him that — texted it to him as part of a congratulatory message about his college basketball game win. Oh yeah, he’s 20.

  55. My word, I call my children Punkadoo, too! (It was possibly once Pumpkin…then Punkadoo…then just plain Punk.) And Bugsy (not to be confused with Budsy, which is the variation I use for my son) which was once Bug, Señor Baby (usually when he’s in trouble), Mister Man, Pumpkin Pie, Stinkpot, GirlChild and BoyChild (although that’s just for my blog), Bob-a-loot, Bug-a-boo, Baby Boy (which I stopped when my son first started calling himself “Bay-Boh” when he saw himself in the mirror!)…the list could go on forever. GirlChild went through a phase where she only wanted to be called by her name…or Pumpkin Pie. Not sweetie or honey or darlin’ or anything. (I had the nursery workers she kept correcting try “Stinkmonkey”–another name I used for her!–and she didn’t protest that one either…) They were Tadpole and Flipper en utero. 🙂

    I was known as The Barf Queen growing up, but only by title. My brother called me Vomit, though. For clear reasons. Also Schwannee (because my name is Shawna). For some reason, I really hated that one!

  56. Doni says:

    I LOVE nicknames and give them to pretty much everyone I know. We have a variety for our kids — all of which seem to be accepted good-naturedly. (As far as we know. None has threatened us with emancipation or knives).

    As a group, we call our four children “munchkins”, and the girls “gargoyles”. Individually, we have Kalimunkamoohaha, Monkey Face, Boo, and Quinnifred Peanut Jones. The shorthand nicknames are Kal, Chayse, Kier, and Q.

    I grew up as Donut, Neeter, Rookie, and a few choice names from my sisters. The one I gave to my little sister, Kirsten was Kirs (pronounced “curse”) and it stuck.

    I even nickname my twitter friends. Yours is “Cool lady who draws awesome blogs.” Sounds a bit Native American.

  57. McKenzie says:

    I call my daughter “missile” dad calls her “spanky”. I call my son “dude” “duder” “doodie”. My nickname as a child was scooter. No idea why.

  58. Aleigh says:

    So many! Bisou, Lumpkin, Mouly Kadouly, Ewok, and Isaac-in-the-buttermilk leap to mind. Of course, I call his father Tassimo (on account of his aunt accused him of breaking her Tassimo), so it all works out.

  59. Susan says:

    Started out as Judah-Buddha. Now he’s also The Buddha and J.B. (short for Judah-Buddha).

  60. Stephanie says:

    One camping trip my daughter called herself the “master baiter”, as she was helping dad put bait on the fishing pole. We quickly added fish…she was now “master fish baiter” by the end of the camping trip she was …”master fish baiter babe .com” lol

  61. Ceri says:

    My little man is called Peter Josiah… Which became PJ… Which became Peej. Which is pretty much his name now. He also gets called Pie and Poop a lot. People get a bit confused as to why I am so hungry and obsessed with pie all the time (‘I must get home for Pie!’ ‘I wonder how Pie is?’ ‘Yeh Pie is cute!’) until I twig and explain to them… Oh and my husband tells me off when I call him Poop in a restaurant. He says it will put people off their meals. Sensitive souls…

  62. Kagan says:

    I have a smiley butt, lady, mostly just things + butt. So “Butty” hit home for this mama. (Sophie, 10 months.)

  63. Carah says:

    We have tons, but the most recent for our daughter is Lime Green Jelly Bean. Due to one of her pajama sets.

  64. Amber says:

    My kids were “Coodle bean” (evolving from Baracuda because of how he nursed, with several variations between the two) and “Weiner Dog” which really doesn’t make much sense and if I told you might sound PG13 rated, but it wasn’t.

  65. Sara says:

    Monkey and crazypants (and sometimes stinkypants, but only right before a diaper change).

  66. Jessica says:

    I call my son ‘Moo’ and ‘Mug’.

  67. Kathleen says:

    My dad always called me “Ms K” and my parents still call my sister “Q” (as in Suze-q – her name is Suzanne).

    So far all our nicknames for our son are poop- related: “Sir Poops-a-Lot” and “Poop-a-saurus Rex”. Hopefully we’ll all outgrow those! LOL

  68. Camille says:

    My daughter I call “Babe” while my son I call “Bub” or “Bubby”.

  69. Whitney says:

    I’ve call my 4-year-old niece “Little Butt” (like LittleFoot from Land Before Time) and “Goober” since I met her. She likes to say “I’m not a goober, I Leelee!” (Her name is Lorelai.) I’ve also taken to call her “Li’l Bit” which is a nickname my mom used to use for me. My mother still lovingly calls me her “Scourge”. I was also “Whit Noodle” (because I was a very squirmy, floppy baby), “Drill Bit”, and “The Wedge” because I couldn’t stand my parents being too close to each other for some reason so I would wedge myself between them. Kid nicknames are the best!

  70. Laurie C says:

    My son’s nickname is Dee, my middle child is Pumpkin because when she was a baby she had really bad jaundice, and my youngest is Ellie or peanut even though she’s one of the taller ones. XD

  71. Laura says:

    My son is “Bubba,” but not in like a red-necky kind of way. It evolved from a combination of “baby” and a reference to my boobs, which I call “bubs” sometimes (don’t ask, drunken conversation with another small-chested girl way back in college). I nursed, so those words were often used in close proximity.

  72. Lori says:

    My oldest is Budah boy. It came about cause I would call him “My Beautiful Boy”. One day he wanted some love & said “Give Budah Boy a hug mommy!” It stuck. I was Bitsy. My dad called me “Itsty Bitsy Butt” cause I was so tiny(both my boys are too!). My parents never heard me talk but one day I came out with “Bitsy wants.” Bitsy still getscalled out and I’m 34! We call my lil guy “Buddy Boy”. Oh and no therapy needed.

  73. Jans says:

    My five year old answers to “Goober” and “the goobs” among others. The two year old lovingly gets referred to as “Linda Blair”

  74. Shannon M. says:

    We call my 4yr old daughter Bean, Love Bug, Chicken Little…
    and we call our 2 1/2yr old son Bubba, Buddy and Toots Magee (he’s a gassy little guy, much like his daddy! LOL)

  75. Meredith says:

    I call my 6 mo Bug most of the time but I also call him Senor FussyPants or McFussinstuff when he’s being fussy. My husband occasionally calls him Cheddar Chunk, I have no idea where that came from. There is also a list of all kinds of random nonsense we call him that pops into our heads.

    My dad gave us nicknames when we were kids, I was Pooh or Poodles and my sister was Booper. I have no idea where those came from! But no therapy, at least not for that lol

  76. Kristi says:

    My dad called me Whiskey. From an old country song. I only remember the line “whiskey river take my mind.” Not bad of a name. But I like whiskey. Straight. On the rocks. I wonder if he knew that would be the side effect! haha!
    My son is Prince and Monkey and Boog and Boog-a-loo and the Magnificent Mess Maker Mason.
    My toddler is Princess and Crazy Butt.
    So far the baby is Angel.
    It seems that the older they get the more nicknames they get. 🙂

  77. Deb says:

    Mine are tater head, tater tot and half pint- we sure <3 Oreda in our house.

  78. Shannon says:

    I call my kids mostly normal nicknames, though sometimes I’ll call my 3 year old son “beefcake” or “my little beefcake”. My husband thinks it’s strange lol but he always looked more solid and, well, beefy than his older sisters, even when a little baby!

  79. Christine says:

    “Beaner von Weiner” not sure why I call my boys this, I just do. My 3 year old likes to then tell me loudly that weiner is a bathroom word, lol!

  80. Ash says:

    Boo boo, bubby, poodle, bumpers, bean muffin, bunny bear, deeny, j-rob, j-dub, puffin, pumpkin, bunsy, bum bum, ba-do, bipsy, bebe, bum bee, twinkle toes, tiny, littlest, skinny buns, puppy, dinosaur man, tootin, tooter scooter, pumpkin butt, mr magoo, wiggle bottom….. I could go on for days. You get the idea 🙂

  81. Cin says:

    We call the kids “stinky butt” as a term of endearment.

    I also call them “baby heart” but not so much as I used to. The older ones say “Mooooom!” when I do it now.

  82. THCapo says:

    I think my kids often get called whatever describes them in the moment. Poop Star, Mr. Pee Pants, Hungry Hippo, Fuss Face, etc… And then there are all kinds of evolving nicknames as Daddy randomly throws out the first syllables that come to mind like Skwerkle, Skwonkie and Skwampkie, Oompie and Oompa Do. It amazes me how they still respond to just about anything thrown their direction!

  83. Laura says:

    DS 1 (6y) – Mr Man
    DS 2 (4y) – Punkerdoodle or Punker-chunker, even though he’s pretty skinny
    DD 1 (2.5y) – Cheerio (formerly missy moo)
    DD 2 (2.5y) – Sweet Pea (formerly miss piggy, because she had the cutest little snort when she nursed)

  84. tovah says:

    Booger bear, ava bug, turd. .. and the baby in utero is already called ruby bee, rubles, ruby doo….

  85. Barbara P says:

    We’ve been calling my 13-year-old “little love” since she was very small. Nothing particularly odd, I suppose, except that my 5-year-old son calls her that too 🙂

  86. Gina says:

    Nicknames: We have the standard abrevated name- Zed /Zeddy (short for Zedechiah) KK (short for Calleigh) that they answer to. They will also respond to Meanie 1 and 2, Monsters, Bubba and Honey ( yep we are a little Southern) Babes ( for the girl) and Goofball for the boy. My family had two nicknames for me Stinky and Troll. Those names still follow me, and even made their way onto Address lines during my military career. Which, those nicknames warrented extra push ups for mail in Basic and AIT. Worn on shirts for gradutations,and deployment returns. I have made peace with them. I have tried to keep from giving my kids nicknames that will embarass them if they follow them into adulthood.

  87. Krystal says:

    Tar Butt…. (Now shortened to Tar or Tart)

    Our son had a “tar (meconium) bubble” during one of the first diapers my husband ever changed. Poor guy hasn’t lived it down since, he’s 2.5.

  88. Jackie says:

    We call our son V-Man, Dude, Mooshka, Booshka, Vaughn Brawn, BooBoo, and a whole bunch of others. Everytime I walk in the front door he says, “Hi, Sweetheart!” because that’s how our daughter greets him everyday when she gets home from school. The only nickname that stuck for The Girl was Bug.

  89. Jennifer says:

    My younger niece answered to “Destructo” for a while (for obvious reasons) in her toddlerhood, and also responds when I call her “Monkeybum”. I suspect she may not be thrilled with either when she’s older . . .

  90. Eileen says:

    I’m pretty sure at one point in our lives we all thought our name was “Jesus Christ” – I always came to attention when my Dad was not happy with something we had done !

  91. Wendy says:

    I call my Bianca: bi, bibi, binkin, bibop, bieber, bibinski and probably 100 more I can’t remember.

    Delaina: lanie, lane, lanie bear, lanie banie and I think that’s it.

    Marceline: mari and mar mar. I think they accumulate more names as thy get older!

  92. Melanie says:

    We call our daughter Zoë: Little Baby, Monster, Booger, Bee, Little, Cuddle Bunny, and Stinky Butt. Little Baby/Little/Bee are what I call her most, and Monster is what her dad calls her most. I was called Pickle and my sister was Pie. She was sweet and I was sassy. Lol! No scars! Random: My mom called my brother Louie even though his name is Russell. No one has any idea how it started.

  93. Ettastic says:

    My Dad used to (and still does) call me Baby Lamb as I once fed a baby Lamb. My mum used to call me Tinkerbell.

    My 13 month old is any of the following: Buddy, Bud-bud, Pup,Puppy, Puppy Dawg, Boo-boo, bowbow, Bubba, Hiccupy John, Spud, Pickle, The Baby, monkey, monster, poopy, snotface, Dude, tinker, smiley Dan, Mr Mr, big belly and many more. His name is neither John nor Dan

  94. Kimmy says:

    My 6 year old answers to Rabbit, because when he was a nursing baby he used to kick his legs at everything in reach so I started calling him “bunny” when he was 3 he decided “bunny” was a baby name and he prefers “Rabbit”
    My 3 year old answers to “Bear” he’s a complicated kid, and so sometimes he has the personality of a grizzly bear, and sometimes he’s sweet and cuddly like a teddy bear, he will notify you when he’s feeling Grizzly and duly will notify you when the “teddy side of the bear was able to lock the grizzly in his cage” yep, I’m pretty sure I need to start the therapy fund early 😉

  95. sunny says:

    My siblings and I have a ton of weird ones from our parents. We know where almost every nickname originated from though. My name is sunny and a few of mine are geegee monsta, ceecee, geeg, ceec, squako, the squak, sunsun… My sister Holland has wee gee, weeg, squishy, lala, sklanga, squeakits, squeaka…. My brother Jordan has Jojo, bongoladesh, the wing, wing man, bong, bongo…. My brother jared is judgie or judge.

  96. Melli says:

    My 17 month old daughter BetseyAnn gets Boo. She has started calling herself Boo in the last couple of weeks 🙂
    My husband hates that I call her that, but it just suits her. He is worried that she will be called Boo for the rest of her life-meh, could be worse.
    When I was pregnant with her, we called her Vanilla as I couldn’t keep anything but vanilla milkshakes down for the first 15 weeks.
    My 3 1/2 year old son is named AJ, his friend calls him J……. :-/

  97. Darcy says:

    We have a 2 year old boy. He gets called: Grumpasaurus Rex, Focus Group, Boober, Booger, bubba, Bubby, Buddy, Goof Nut, Booger butts, And very rarely, AJ. 😛 Which is his name. 😛

    • Jessica says:

      Haha I use Goof Nut too! I didn’t even think of that one!

    • Candi says:

      Grumpasaurus Rex! That was one of mine when my son was still an infant (his demeanor has improved greatly since then). I also called him grumplstiltskin, grumpatomus, and krabappel (like mrs. Krabappel from the Simpsons).

  98. Nicole MacRae says:

    I call my daughter Monkey-Moo. And all the usual suspects aswell, sweet-pea, honey, blah blah blah. I also call her Troll and Toad!
    Her real name is Maddison, so she gets Maddie a lot too!

  99. Kristina says:

    We call our oldest Magoo, big guy, biggie, or buddy bear. Our youngest is called Townie, feel-town, townie bear from his early love of the tv show bunny town.

  100. Tacy says:

    In my household, we have a Noodle, a Stinky Pete, and a Roo (sometimes Rooby Do). I think only Stinky Pete may end up in therapy.

  101. Jessica says:

    Stinker, Booger, Boog, Bug, Tweedle Dee/Dum, Booger Butt, Buck-a-roo, Roo, and the usual honey, sweetie, etc 🙂

  102. Audry says:

    Monkey fart
    Ba-boy (bad boy)
    Cheesy boy
    Punky butt
    Swamp ass
    Snuggle bug
    And more that I’m not remembering.

  103. Susie says:

    In our house nicknames seem to evolve out of titles and clothing. Our kiddo is Captain grumpy pants, Captain fussy hat, and Sir stinky socks. Not sure how that happened. My husband is honey but when I need something it’s Hun-eeee. Now the kiddo (who is 1 1/2) has started parroting me- Hun-eee, hun-eee, hun-eee. My husband hates it. The kiddo is also pumpkin butt- a nickname my mom called me and my sister. Punkin, sunshine, loves, little loves, and monster are also contenders.

  104. Charlotte says:

    Mine as a child were Amanda Pantless (I would always get undressed to my underpants the second I came home) and Maria Callas (Famous opera singer).

    We call our son Buddy, I sometimes call him Butt-Buddy, because of the focus on poop and butt when I was potty training him. Our daughter now also calls him Buddy and refuses to call him by his real name. Which can get confusing because Buddy and Potty sound nearly identical from her.

  105. Christine says:

    Count Von Poopenstein, mr. Bundles, Fat Truck (his name is Patrick)…

    Those are three different boys. My daughter doesn’t have a good nickname.

  106. Jessica says:

    I’ve called my daughter BaBa or Ba, or Babaloo from birth (she’s 2.5 now) but people think I’m calling her Bubba which is just gross. So I try not to call her that anymore in public.
    She’s already over it herself- she only referred to herself as BaBa until people started asking her what her name was and she answered BaBa. We told her that her name is Julia (which she knew already) and she should tell people that. She gave BaBa up immediately but it’s been harder for me.
    The thought that someday I’ll say “Remember when we called you BaBa?” makes me sad.

  107. Jessica says:

    Our daughter is Norah Kelley, which was shortened to ‘Rah K. & became Rocky! Mostly she’s just ‘Rah though.
    Our son is Benjamin Robert, which was shortened to Benji Bob & became B-Bo! He’s also ‘Jamin.
    We lovingly refer to them as Sugar Lips & Fish Face!

    Growing up I was Merf, which is a shortened form of Smurfette (sp)-I’m sure it was derogatory, but I didn’t know it then & I don’t really care now!

  108. Alison says:

    My dad called me Beanie and every time he did, I would call him Big Weanie. Not really sure why, but that’s how my 3 year old brain worked I guess 🙂
    Love your random nicknames for your kids!

  109. Colleen R. says:

    I call my son: baby button boy, baby bumble bee, poo poo pants, señor screechy pants, and mama’s baby. He’s two so its ok for now…

  110. Bree says:

    I call my daughter Pickle Bottom and Stink Stink 🙂

  111. Carrie B says:

    My 4 year old son has been (in chronological order): Pipu (because that’s all he did at first lol), Booba, Baby D, Boodle, Baby Doodle, Monkey Butt, Monkey Child, Baby Meat…and they are still evolving lol

  112. Melinda says:

    My nicknames were smurf, beebs, and froggy (as a baby my dad called me tadpole so when I got bigger…yeah). My dad still refers to me with these names and I’m 33 so some things never change I guess.
    I call my daughter (Madeleine) Maddie-moo, Mads, muppet, and monkey.
    My son (Parker) goes by pumpkin, Mr. P, little P, Parker-man, P-man, JP, and Parker-poo (which not his favorite).

  113. Janae says:

    My daughter takes great pride in being called Sassy Pants and Sassafras. Also, both kids can say “My daddy is a go go” in mandarin. My husband tried to teach them to talk respectfully to adults by using Sir and mam. It devolved into Ms. Lady, Lady Coco or “yes sir Captain Pilot.”

  114. Andrea says:

    We don’t really have any nicknames established for our 2-year old, but my husband calls me Honeypoo and sometimes it flows to Honeypoopy, which always makes me replay the scene from American Dreamz where the president of the US tells his wife “and don’t call me Poopy.”

  115. Kristen says:

    When my little girl was born, she made the cutest little noises when sleeping on my chest, so I called her “Snufflepuff”. My mom started calling her “Pixie”, because she looks like a little elf to her. My husband and I call her “Pookie”, or a variant of Pookie : Pookle, Pookabear, Pooky-Doo, Pookemon, Pookalicious, Pookadot, Pookarina, Pookpook, Pookabella, Princess Pookalot (and occasionally Princess Poopalot!). I have no idea why I started calling her Pookie, but it stuck and she answers to every form of it.

  116. Shawna says:

    My nicknames growing up were Duracell (like the battery; it’s the copper top and I have red hair) and PIT (aka Princess in Training). My dad now calls me Pond after the Doctor Who character Amy Pond (we look alike and have very similar personalities). Not scarred at all; I like having unusual nicknames! It keeps people guessing.

    My daughter is Bean (she’s tall and skinny like a bean pole), my older son is Boodle (no idea on that one, sorry…) and our youngest son is Loopy (shortened version of Lyublyu (Lew-blew); it means “love you” in Russian, and we heard it in a movie and he’d giggle whenever we’d say it to him).

    My brother and I have nick names for each other: he’s Lou, and I’m Zer. Put them together and you get Loser 🙂

  117. Robin says:

    Mine was piglet for a long time as a child.. Not because I was fat.. but because I squealed alot

  118. Cecilia says:

    OMG . . My baby responds to Pooters . . . Punk-a-Dunk . . Bubba . . Papa . .. Papito . . . Pooch . . Doo-da . .. and baby . . as in “Listen here, Baby.” LOL

    In terms of my names . .. Poopa-Shoo . . Punkin .. . Angel Eyes . . and Peanut . . .

    LMAO! What a life!!!

  119. jen says:

    Big e bows….its how I said peek a boo….parents thought it was cute….i’ve come to despise it over the years…*sigh*…..I call my 5yo “buster brown” I have no idea why, it just came out once and he thought it was funny….his other, more accurate nickname is “mini mayhem” that is a take on the character “mayhem” from. The allstate commecials….it is too close to the truth!

  120. Morgan says:

    We call our son “stink bum”
    No idea where it came from. His dad just started callin him that one day.
    My friend calls her son “bud-sicle” … No idea where that came from but it’s one if the most random nicknames I’ve heard

  121. Margaret C says:

    My two year old son has lots of funny nicknames. Gagoonie, goose, goosie, goosie goo, moose, mooska just to name a few.

  122. Lauren says:

    My dad still calls me Shitball. And I was Monket because when I was born I only had hair around the back of my head, like a monk. I already call my unborn son Gomba because he is 1/2 Italian.

  123. Amy says:

    I have twins, one is called Bogey (not my choice, his aunties) and the other is Teddy. They are 18 months. When you ask Logan what his name is he says Bogey. When you ask Tyler what his name is he says Bogey haha!

  124. I haven’t had many nicknames for my kids, pretty much what you see on my blog is what I have called them. My super smart (and miniature adult on some occasions) son is The Professor or Sheldon. My daughter is Princess-whatever-we-are-calling-her-that-day. She has been Princess Tantrum, Princess Defiant, Princess Difficult, Princess Pinkeye… well, you get the idea…

  125. Katie says:

    We always called each other weird things growing up so it was just natural to call my kids weird names as well. I called my sister (Jenny) Nina, Diablo Niña (not very nice), Pencil, Pad, Cassandra, Cass, Cassie (and no, her middle name was not Cassandra or Nina). My brother Jorden was Jordenausea or Naj.

    My first was just Peanut..just an ordinary cute nickname that she grew out of. My second was Bucket. I have no explanation for that. Number three was Munchkin, another normal one, and then number four and five got the weirdest ones – my fourth we called Turkey Bum Bum Smack quite frequently. Number five regularly gets Captain Sham (his name is Sam, that evolved to Sham, which reminded us of the Lemony Snicket character).

    They do all seem to grow out of their nicknames eventually, though. 🙂

  126. Melissa says:

    7 year old we have the usual, bug, boo, Jo, Josie, JoJo, foofie, oh and then there is “face of a monkey bird” that’s my favorite and likely the worst and most scarring. My dad started that one, oh and “little tony”

  127. Kayni says:

    We call my 2 yr old “boobs” and “boobsy”, which are probably going to cause long term trauma, seeing as he is a boy :). But they evolved innocently enough from calling him Boo Boo…

  128. Lynne says:

    We call our two-year-old daughter Fish… When I was pregnant, one of our best friends said her name (Ava) reminded her, for some reason, of Abe Vigoda, which morphed into Ava Vigoda, and now, just simply Fish… Extra points to those of you who know who Abe Vigoda is, what Barney Miller refers to, and thus, just what the hell I’m talking about!

  129. Wifey says:

    Hederson, Hendu, Peanut Snax, Peanut Butter, Bug… She’s not even two and calls herself Hendu. Oops!

  130. Jeanette says:

    Miss 2.5 gets called “Hobbit” all the time as she is thick boned, has curly hair, and eats ALL THE TIME!
    Miss 5 asked what a hobbit was – so we showed her the first 10 minutes of The Fellowship of the Rings. Thinking the bday party would be fine for her to watch – totally forgot about the prologue!! oops. She had nightmares that night. 🙁

  131. buffi says:

    My daddy still calls me 2D and Pete. I have no idea why.

    I call my daughter Kiki (how she said her name when she was learning to talk) and Beez, which is a bastardization of her middle name. She answers to both. I also call her Angel Girl, Senorita, and SugarPlum.

    My boys are Bear, Little Bear or Sugar Bear; and Bug, SugarBug, and Buggy Boy (sometimes “my little-bitty-baby-buggy-boy” if I really want to piss him off). I’m not allowed to call them those in public anymore, though Bear & Bug come out of my mouth far more often than they’d like!

  132. Leah says:

    Hogi logo, Avebaby and Skippy ( aka Fantastic Plastic Skip-Tastic)

  133. Kat says:

    My sister and I call my LO, Charlotte “C-dizzle” or “diz” for short because she used to make what looked like gang signs with her hands when she was a newborn.

  134. Heidi says:

    Right now my son if My Funkyness 🙂 no clue why. There was Monkey Face before that and a host of others in the last four years. I am the only one who can give him nicknames. He won’t stand for it from anyone else, including Daddy. 😀 (Mama win)

  135. Sarah says:

    My youngest is sleepy bird. It’s from the PBS cartoon Pocoyo because he has always slept a lot. From that I somehow came up with sleepy beepy so sometimes he’s just beepy. My oldest is Sam alama ding dong, cause he’s Sam but like the song line, ram alama ding dong. I also call him pussycat cause when he wants something I find myself asking “what’s new pussycat?”

  136. Michelle says:

    I call my son (who is now 10) the following:
    Baby Snuggles
    Fatty McGursky – I have no idea where this came from, as he has always been in the 5th percentile for weight, but I used to sing a song about it when he was an infant that involved him being a “baby of the wild frontier.”

  137. Kimberly says:

    I was “Toady Poady” as a kid . . . no idea why. My kids are Munchkin, Kadybug and Chango (spanish for monkey), and as of late I added “Bam Bam” because the youngest is a little brut.

  138. Sarah says:

    My son had a nickname of Chachi. No, not from “Happy Days,” but it evolved another way.

    My grandfather’s name was Charles, but Chuck for short. He was stubborn and very stuck in his ways. He was also one of my favorite people to have ever walked this earth. My son’s middle name is Charles, after my grandfather. When my son was younger and acting stubborn and very stuck in his ways, we’d call him Chuck. One day, my husband was about to call him Chuck and “Chachi” came out. It seemed to fit. He is almost 9 now and his primary nickname is Chachi.

    My daughter’s nickname was actually made up by my son while I was still pregnant and has stuck. He called her “Baby Rhaya Kiki Fin” after an episode of Dragon Tales. We have successfully shortened that to “Kiki”

  139. Jlynn says:

    Well my daughters name is Holland and after telling many people her name would not be shortened to Holly I call her Holl(Hall) I say she is my little Holl-Doll. Took me 3.5 years to call her that. My son I call my little Bub-boo, G, G.G., G-Man, and Grey. I call both Charlie because Greyson bit Holland’s finger one day and she said “Greyson bit my finger” and I thought of the viral video a few years ago of a little baby biting his brothers finger and saying “Ow, Charlie. Charlie bit my finger” They do not have the British accent so it did not sound nearly as cute.
    I called my son Charlie the other day and he busted out a huge sentence for his 21 month self “I not Charlie, Holland Charlie” He also will not say his name but says anyone else name you ask. I think it might be because I call him so many different things.

  140. Kimberly says:

    OH and I almost forgot “Sir Poops-a-lot”

  141. Denise says:

    We call our daughter Rufflebum. It started when she was a baby had had an outfit with pink ruffles on the bum. It began as Princess Rufflebum and now fluctuates between Ruffle and Rufflebum (maybe even a Ruff once in a while.) She’s ten and still loves it.
    My dad used to tease my sister and I that he really wanted boys so he nicknamed us Harry and Charlie. Mine stuck (Harry) and he still calls me it. No one else is allowed to call me that and it comes out so naturally that most poeple don’t even notice that he has called me by a different name. It’s our special thing. 🙂

  142. Nick says:

    My 8 year old daughter Abby is “Fluffernutter”. My 5 year old daughter Ariana used to be “Squinkle Doo-Dog”, now she claims her name is “Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops”. My 2 year old daughter Molly answers to “Poophead” although her old nickname was “Stinky Pete”.

  143. Fuchsia says:

    We often call our 4 year old Dunky or Dunky Moodles. This is a result of parental exhaustion when she was a baby. It started as Monkey. Then Monkey Doodles. Then Monkey Doodle Head. Then someone said it wrong and it was Dunky Moodles. And it stuck.

  144. Amye says:

    Bozo. My Dad called me Bozo. Looking back, it was not a compliment, as he usually called me Bozo when I was doing something stupid, which was always.

  145. Kris says:

    My first name is Kristina. My grandma always called by my full first name rather than anything like Kris, Kristi or Krissy. However, she came up with a horrible pet name for me. Krissy-Tuna. I haven’t gone by Kristina for my entire adult life because, yes, it scarred me.

  146. Tan says:

    My grandpa used to call me “mukha sheina”, which I always took to be the Russian for “fly around my neck” as I was always hanging off him… and it was only many years later that I realised that he was actually saying “sheina” in Yiddish, which means “pretty” — I was “pretty fly” all that time, and didn’t know it!

    My sister was “electro-mop”, because she was so quick — she learned to run before she could walk (bicycle-style, she’d fall over as soon as she lost momentum).

  147. Crystal says:

    For The Boy: String Bean, J-Dub, J-Bob Crankypants, Skinny Butt, Sweetie Nubbins, Punkin-Lunkin…

    For The Girl: Roob-Doob-3-Men-in-a-Toob, Doobie, Monkey Brains, Stinkerbell, Cindersmelly, Tiny-Hiney, Squooshie-Tooshie, Smokey, Hey You, Banana Brains…

    Those are just off the top of my head. 🙂

  148. Kristin says:

    My youngest daughter’s name is Karis. My other daughter, just barely 2 at the time Karis was born, would call her carrot. So now we call her carrot.

    My sister always called me butthead growing up. I didn’t like it. She still occasionally calls me by that name, and I’m in my 30s, she in her 40s!

  149. B23 says:

    My oldest is Pman and Peanut and they are both Monkey and Monkey Pants.

  150. Anne-Marie says:

    Adelynne: Pooka, Chickaboo, Bubaloo, Addlelooneybird (shortened to Addlebird), Addlepants, Addles. I just asked her what she would like for a nickname (she’s 4 going on 5 in July) and now we’re playing a game where she goes “Hi Mom” and I have to say “Hi *insert new madeup name here*” and she laughs. She’s also a fan of Addlebird though 🙂 One nickname I don’t call her to her face but I constantly think about in my head: Hurricane Adelynne.

  151. Renee says:

    My 5-year-old, Soren, started out as Sorybear…then Sory…now I just call him Bear. Jaxon my 14-month-old responds to Stinky Peanut. Sometimes to the tune of Gangam Style…”heeeeey, stinky peanut”.

  152. jennie says:

    The ONLY baby duty my hubby had when our daughter was little was sucking the boogers out of her nose with the bulb. So he nicknamed her Boogernose. She still gets called that today even though she is 7, although it is usually when she is acting silly. It can also be shortened to Booger or Boog. That is the only one that she has that is unique. The dog however has a whole bunch. His name is “Rocco” so he gets Rocco, Rocco-socko, Rocco-socko-pick you up and dropo. Bubba, Bubba Gump, and we also sing to him. His anthem is “We will Rock you” by Queen….which is where half of them came from. I even rearranged a few of the words for him, my favorite line being “And bad mistakes, I’ve chewed a few” instead of made a few.

    I was called Punky and Chickadee as a kid.

  153. Erin says:

    Chick pea, chick-a-pea, chook, bugs, bugalugs, 99 (from Get Smart), nou nou, boogs, boog-a-loogs, darling, nyssa-von-hoobie-boobie, scounz scounz. There’s more. Lots of silly rhyming stuff. I get mumsy wumsy and a whole host of others.

  154. Becky F says:

    Ha! I call my daughter peanut butter baby and if I slip & call her brother by that name, wow does she get mad! She is super possessive of that name!

  155. Chris says:

    My little one, now 13, still answers to Colie-Bug, N-Bug, Colie-Bolie, Little Chick and Wack-a -doodle. 🙂

  156. Jessica says:

    My oldest has been The Chief since day one because well, he was pretty much our boss. We shorten it to just Chief or Chiefy sometimes. My daughter is Honey or Lucybell (she’s a Lucy).

  157. Aly says:

    My 2 year old is: EllaBean, Ella Bella Boo Boo (if asked her name this is what she will say), and lovingly called Stink Tot.

  158. Ryann says:

    My son’s name is Jack, and here’s a short list of what I will call him on any given day:

    Jacky, Booger, Butthead, Sugarbutt, Baby, Rainbow Dash (sometimes he identifies as a pony, what can I say), Speed Racer, Hercules…

    I’m sure I’m missing a ton.

  159. jenny says:

    My daughter, now almost 5, has been called Stinkerella for a really long time. I am not sure exactly how that started but I like it and she doesn’t seem to mind. My son, almost 8, usually ends up with Bub or Bubs. That or we just call him Boy. That started lovingly as we called him The Boy as a baby. My dad and stepmom seem to think that saying “Get over here Boy” doesn’t excactly sound like a loving nickname.

  160. AJ says:

    When my oldest was a baby she was “munch” for munchkin, except for when she was being a pain, then it stood for buttmunch. haha. Other nicknames for my three kids (1 girl, 2 boys) are kiddo, monkey, pumpkin, jayman, g-money, mokey-man, bum, and stooge.

  161. Sarah says:

    Our Evelyn has a couple of nicknames: Evie (or as my husband likes to spell it Eevee, like the pokemon), Evilyn (when she’s being particularly annoying – totally my idea) and finally, Princess Poopy Toes from when she was a baby and had a blowout…..and yes, had poop on her toes – which has now evolved into just Evie Toes.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, I forgot one! Eviesaurus Rex! She likes to growl like a dinosaur. And she was our little sea monkey while still in utero.

  162. Claire says:

    There’s a kid in the next town whose parents call him “Cheese”, now they’ve named their cafe after him and his brother!

  163. Kara says:

    Cheeky monkey, Mr Magoo, Droolian (my son Julian from when he was teething) drool monkey, booger face, snot face, spew monkey/spew face (the 5 month old), devondale, devonderry (my son Devon) Devvy doo… The list goes on but they’re off the top of my head 🙂

  164. Mummoo says:

    We have got the most ridiculously long nickname list for our kids.

    Mrs. Bobbins (later just “Bobbins”) was the first obscure one we gave to our eldest (her name is Yara), which has evolved into many forms; Bobbinda (the Bollywood superhero), Bobby Boo, Bobby Bean Nose, Wilhelmina Bobbilina, Bobsicle, Roberta, Crazy Hair Bob…more, which we can’t think of right now!

    Then came her sister, Rhea, who is grumpy as anything. She started at Rheerhee Bumble Bee, which naturally turned into Grumble Bee. Grumble Bumble, Grumple Stiltskin, Bumblesaur, Grumbileena,Bumbles. There’s also Bhindi-Bhindi (Bobbinda’s arch nemesis..).

    Other names include:

    Upsidedownasaur, Fatty-Fatty-Baby, Little Lady Chub-Chub, C-Lo Neck, Sausage Chin Strap, Asian Baby, Little Mummy, Bonkers & The Grump, Snuffs, Little Mouth, Nakey Bot and Charley Brooker Baby.

    There are and have been many more, but that’s all I remember right now!

  165. Cassandra M. says:

    I was called chunk as a child because I was… well… chunky. Yes, scarring. Haha. We call our DD many things. Her name is Ruby. We call her Ruby, Ruby-Doo, RuRu, Roobz, Roobadoo, Ruberton(my favorite), Ruby Boobie, Boob, Boobie, Boo-Boo, Ruby Doll, Ruby Tuby, BooBoo Bear, little, sugar face and her Ya-Ya has always called her Birdie and Little Bird.

  166. Tanya says:

    In my belly I called my daughter her name.. Then when she came out she was “Cakes”… Because she was sweet like cake.. Now it’s “the girl”… She answer to “girl” when we are out in a store… Love my girl and my friends call her “the girl” too.

  167. I called my little brother Thunderchunk, and the name has stuck his entire life. He’s always been a little big-boned . . . but he loves it. 🙂

    For some reason (I have no idea why), we’ve called my daughter “Julie-beet” since she was little. She’s almost 9, and I still call her that. So odd . . . but cute.

  168. Ellyn says:

    My brother was heat miser, rooster, jay-bird, and finally bird. My son even calls him uncle bird sometimes.
    I was called many things but none ever “stuck” until my husband came up with an abbreviation.
    My uncles were hamhock & ramrod.
    My cousins were (among the most memorable) bonechomper, doo-doo, & bucket head. Doo-doo is called such because she had several thick nasty meuconium poos her first day of life. back-to-back-to-back-to-back.
    My kids are mayonnaise or monkey & pumpkin or big’en.

    loving family in the south!

  169. MamaJen says:

    my baby boy (5 y.o. lol) was “inchworm” b/c of how he inched along on his belly at just a few weeks old. that became “love and/or snuggle bug”. which became “buggie” & is now just Bug. although i also call him “snug” (see snuggle bug reference). my hubby’s Nana & aunt call him “Deuce” b/c he’s a second but we just can’t do it b/c my hubby says he has bad connotations from that one 😛

    i was “miss sniffs” & “sniffy-snoodle” due to my allergies. not scarred & hopefully the boy won’t be either 😀

  170. Laura M. says:

    Snagletooth, SillyGoose, LauraFedora.
    I got braces and fixed the snagletoothyness. The other two are still viable as nicknames for me though. 😀

  171. Salvia says:

    We call our 16 month old son Hoobie-Doobie, Turd burgler, crazy knocker and a couple others. No therapy for my names no therapy for his & I turned out pretty good.


  172. Dawn says:

    My nick name as a child was “Bee Fart”. I’m not sure who came up with it but my oldest brother (13 years my senior) called me it well into my 20’s. I think it’s supposed to mean honey.

  173. Pip says:

    My eldest’s nickname is his name with -aloo at the end of it. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The younger is his name, but the first letter is changed to make it the name of a fish. The intent was not for him to be named after a fish, it just happened… 😮 Oh and sometimes we say the fish name with -doo at the end of it. Again don’t as me why. :/

    Other than that it’s all the normal ones like mate, buddy, sweetheart, darling, etc.

  174. Bridget says:

    When our youngest was born he was really small compared to all his cousins. So my family called him Teeny Tiny Tyler until it morphed into TeeTy. He’s 4 now and everyone still calls him TeeTy. But at home he is Monkey-Do. As in “Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey get in trouble, too”. His Daddy thought it fit him perfectly.

  175. Dawn says:

    Oh and I call my kid Stink Muffin, Booger Bomb, and boog that I remember in addition to the normal bud, buddy etc.

  176. Jean Russell says:

    with four kids we have:
    yongfunson,tuddy, tudin, TeeToe, Squeal, Banana, Caldy Toedoe,Lolo Lowly Loganberry,her royal cryness.

  177. sarah says:

    Love your blog! I was wondering if there was any way you could change the feed so that it doesn’t truncate on an RSS reader? No worries if you set it up intentionally for the click-throughs!

  178. Shannon says:

    My son’s name is Tate and we call him: Tater, Taternator, Mister Tate, Taties, Tatie-natie-nute-nute, Tatie-natie-nut-nuts, and Wildcard (because he is the wildcard of the family). He’s only 1 so I’m sure I’ll come up with a ton more through the years.

    My sister’s nickname was Moomers growing up… which evolved to Mooms then Moos. She hated it when we were young, but now she embraces it and actually collects things with cows or Moos written on it.

  179. Barbara Goebel says:

    My girl was Peas, Beasley, Bees and 50 others. I don’t remember how any of it started, but the names were constantly evolving. Now that she’s in college, we’re back to the original Beasley (Family Affair, 1966-19710.

  180. DianeMargaret says:

    Our Rachel is our Little Rā of Sunshine! Just Rā, for short.
    We even call our homeschool, The Rā of Sunshine Academy!!!

  181. Jen says:

    My daughter answers to Fred or more commonly Dusty Sid. Fred is because I used to say to her “come on friend” and one say it came out wrong. I have no idea how Dusty Sid started. Real name: Amelia

  182. Barbara Marshall says:

    I affectionately refer to my son as Turd Ferguson. It seems to fit.

  183. Kate E says:

    Our oldest son is meegle or moogle, our middle daughter is pickle or bird, and our youngest son is mace face (short for Mason).

  184. Cspin says:

    For some reason our youngest got all the nicknames. She was a big baby–9 pounds–and we thought it funny to call her peanut. It stuck. Her sister was three and couldn’t say Annelise, so she called her Anna-peace. That stuck too. That led to peace-ey. I also call her bay-buh, punkie, punka-boo, bug-a-boo, Lis-eey, Lis-Lis. Our oldest, Gabrielle is G, G-meister, G-monster, and my favorite, Special Pooh, based on something cute she said as a toddler. The sad thing is, that Annelise hates when we use her nicknames now. She is ten and wants to feel grown up now ):

  185. Amanda Reed says:

    I was half-pint and Manna from Heaven…

    Some funny ones for my kids: turkey bird, stinkerbell, tootie bootie, blondie bear… All my kids are girls and sometimes I call them George or Fred. Um, one of my kids just said I sometimes call them “monkey chunk”. rofl

  186. Jen says:

    For my beautiful little daughter: Monkey Butt. Monk. Monka-dunk. Bub. Bubba. Babygirl.

  187. Amanda Reed says:

    ah… I forgot… I call my daughter (Grace) Gracemus Maximus.

  188. Kelsey says:

    This subject is one I love!!

    I call my daughter the following nicknames (Her real name is Lorelei): Lo, Lolo, Lu, Lulu, apple pie, bea, Stinky Minx, Laura The Liar, Booshka, baboo, baby bird. (I’m sure there are more but cant think of off the top of my head)

    When I was a child my prime nick name was “Shnook Snake”.
    As a grown Adult since my ealry 20’s all of my friends and co-workers call my Smelsey Queef (Rhymes with my real name, it’s rather hilarious) and after I get married this summer and hyphenate my last name my new nick name will be Smelsey Queef-Rent-a-Cop Glorious!

  189. Kristin says:

    my girls are stinky booty 🙂

  190. Heather says:

    I was always called Heather Bunny and once my younger sister came along, Thing 1 (and she was Thing 2). No scarring here 🙂
    I call my niece Ugly (which she isn’t-she’s absolutely gorgeous!) or Elfie because when she was younger she looked like she had little elf ears 🙂

  191. Angela says:

    I call my kiddos “bugs” because they are and they love them.

  192. Tasha says:

    When I was a kid, my older sister called me Stinky Minky, or Stink-a-mink, and continues to do so even now that I am nearly 40 years old. I have lovingly passed this nickname along to my 4 year old daughter Sophia, to which she promptly replies “I AM NOT STINKY!”. *snicker*. Other names we have for her: Stink-butt, bugaboo, lil’ bug, Soph-a-loaf (for her notoriously gigantic poos), poopiekins, Poop McPooperkins, and chunkamunk (We don’t use this anymore, though, so she won’t develop a complex).

    For our 2 year old Olivia: Boogie-boo and boog (she was a seriously snotty baby), wigglebritches (grandpa’s name for her, because she has so much energy), PITA, Livvie, and snuggle mcsnuggleton. She may also think her name is Goddamnit! or Jesus H. Christ! because I may or may not scream those out loud when she gets into things every 2 minutes. I plead the 5th.

  193. Kath says:

    My 3yo “William” refers to himself as “Little Willy” whenever he meets an older kid with the same name…

  194. Kimberly says:

    I never gave a second thought to my daughter’s nickname until i volunteered for a field trip and got a few odd looks from the other moms. When she was twoish she had a (erm) little hitting problem. Her name is Sofia so I used to joke that she’d be a boxer and her stage name would be “sofster the toaster.” Three years later and i routinely find myself saying things like “Come on, Toaster, its time to put your shoes on.”

  195. Angie says:

    My 3 yearold is; Fluffy, furball, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, gymberee,Jamber ree, Jambers, fluffy flew, Fluffy flew over the ocean… lol
    Her name is Jaime.

    My 17 monthold is; Elliette, baby good girl (my 3 yearold came up with that one) Baby ellie boo, Ellie ellie oxen free,
    Her name is Elliott.

  196. Mav says:

    Bug, bean, bits, Zo, chuch (because his cousin called him chucho instead of chulo), steez, low tide, & stink butt.
    He wants me to call him Deegan (??) Is that even a name?
    Real name: Enzo

  197. Lisa says:

    My 8 year old son was called Baby Hippo as a baby, because when he was hungry and wanted to nurse he would open his mouth up so wide and shake his head back and forth just like a hippo on Animal Planet. Now that he is older I call him Meatball (because he loves spicy food, as in ‘that’s a spicy meatball’), Mr. Moose, and Sugar Cookie. My 5 year old daughter is Pinkie Pie, Punkin’ Potata, and Snickerdoodle.

  198. Amanda says:

    Boogs, Monkey boy, Boobie (hey, it REALLY bugs my older sister), Brat face, goobs, Dude. So many more I can’t think of. Buddy, as my husband is saying now… lol

    I love nicknames, they totally take on a life all their own.

  199. lily says:

    My brother, a marine, has always called my daughter A.K. I tend to call her Munch-a-munch, munchkin, and scootch.

  200. Sarah says:

    We call our baby boy Nugget most often, or occasionally “Snugget”, which sounds cuddly and adorable but is really code for when he’s in a pissy mood…e.g., “He’s being very Snuggety today…” The first letter of his name is J, so we also have a lot of J-derived nicknames: J-town, J-stor, J-bay, etc. His actually nickname abbreviation IS J., just the letter by itself, and we call him that too. Funny you should bring this up here; my mother just gave me an earful that “he’ll never learn his name if you call him all of these cutesy names.” Quite the opposite, it seems – he knows exactly what silly names refer to him, and he’s still a baby. They deserve so much more credit than they get sometimes!

  201. Nikki says:

    My kids are known as Sugar Booger and Bucka (as in Buckaroo)

  202. Letha says:

    Son (21) started out as my little Love, then Lovey Dovey, then just Lovey. And other than about 3 High School years he has remained Lovey ever since.
    Daughter (19): Princess, then Princess Prettypants, then Tootie/Rootin’ Tootin’ Tootie. She goes by Tootie now.
    Son (13) is Angel-baby.

  203. Stephanie H. says:

    My childhood nickname is “Ting” given to me and only used by two maternal uncles.

    The story goes that I would walk around singing “ting ting ting ting” to my own little tune.

    I love when my uncles use it but dislike when someone else tries to.

  204. Rose says:

    I call our 20 month old Susanna a few, but nothing too weird. Susie-Q, Beautiful, baby girl, chicky, chickadee and fussypants.

  205. Amanda says:

    Evelyn’s nicknames: stinky doo doo, doo doo, doos, doo doo headed baby, baby doos, stinky doos, Evelyn baby head. Lol It all started with stinky doo doo, she pooped and that is what made her smile and laugh when she was really little. 🙂

    My nicknames were magpie and maggie. Lol oh and manda and tippy. :p

  206. My son didn’t cry until he was a week old, and even once he did, it was rare. He usually complained by saying “Eh, eh, eh.” So we called him Eheh. And now, his “anonymous name” on my blog is “the boy,” because we really do call him that. I think we stole it from Homer Simpson.

  207. Jessica says:

    My oldest son was Monkey (he had super long monkey toes), we call our middle son Chunk (he was our biggest baby), and the baby we call Panda (our oldest called him Xander-pander and I just started calling him Panda). My parents nicknamed me “Girl”, because I was their only girl. They still call me that, even though I’m 28.

  208. Sommer says:

    My son is Bubba. Everyone calls him that. No one calls him by his actually name Kaden! My daughter has a lot of nicknames but the main one is Punky or Punk for short. I call her Noodle, Sissy or Sis. Her name is actually Ryane. Growing up I was (and still am to my parents!) Bugaler or Bug for short. My sister was Taught-ums. Given to her by my three year old self “Because she always has to be taught something” LOL!

  209. Courtney Tran says:

    Sophie age 10 – Sophie Doodle, Fee, Fifi, Fifi Trixibelle, Dolly.

    Ella age 7 – Ellie, Ella Bella, Ellie Belly, Belly, Ella Bella Cinderella, Ellie Belly Cinderelly, Dolly, Monka Monk.

    Caleb age 3 – Cal, Caleby, Calabis, Monka Monk, Monkey Bo Dunkey, Doodle.

    We’re big nick name people too. 🙂

  210. connie says:

    my first son’s (nicolai) inutero nickname was peep given by my mom the first year of his life he went by that and numerous offshoots such as: peepito, peepster, peepalonius, nicolai pickolai, and na (given by his best friend) now i just usually call him bug. my second son’s name is cohen, then his offshoots were: coco, cocomo (short for coco monster), cocoscrum, scrumptious bug,

  211. Lisa Lutes says:

    The Alabammers (Emma became Bem bem became bemmers became bammers became ‘the alabammers’) We sing ‘sweet home Alabammers..’

  212. Lisa says:

    I announced to my son one day (after a particularly long week of misbehaviour) that I was going to start calling him Henry instead of James (Henry was my first choice name anyway), because I was sick of saying his name. Funny enough he behaves better if I yell HEN-RY!! like an old timey cartoon wife.
    And my daughter is every variation of Funky Winkerbean we can think of. Stinky Monkeybean, Monkey Funkerbean… 🙂

  213. Victoria says:

    Stink Butt yup that is what my dad called me my whole life 29years old and he still calls me that. My kids. Well my dd is 5 1/2 she is my suggie bumm, puntin, suggie. My youngest dd is 3 yrs nugget (as a baby she was constipated one time it was little nuggets. Stinker, Boo Boo. Beller Boo. Mama Sita. Yup my kiddos love their nicknames they sometimes call eachother by them. BYW I love reading your stories especially when I’m having a crappy day and you post a picture of a unicorn with sparkle farts. Thank you :0)

  214. Beverley M says:

    I call my girls monkey, or sometimes monkey-butt. I’m not sure why the butt part; the monkey part was due to climbing.

  215. Chelsie says:

    I tend to add Loo to the end of girl names, like Shannon=shannyloo, Alyssa=lyssyloo, Amber=Amberloo, you get the idea. Boys end up being buddy lol anyone can get hunnybunny or hunnybun-even the cat, or lovey.
    Growing up I had so many! Chach/Chachi (think Happy Days), Bunny, little bear, bean/beaner, Chelsie Marie (which isn’t my middle name…). My mom has about 5 different names for her cat too lol The most current one is Dr. Stink, which evolved from Cinco de Mayo.

  216. Sarah says:

    My husband and I have so many nick names for our kids! My 3 year old answers to Rook, Spook a duke, rook the duke ect. Andbhe calls our 9 month old baby arugala which he had no idea was an actual name for lettuce!

  217. Yasmin says:

    Aminah is Meems, Mina, Beeny, Beanfeast, and Meeny. She is officially Pinky but hardly ever gets that. Saskia is Saski, Saski-paski, Sask, Sassm, Sassy pie, Cranberry, Mince Pie, Littlest, chubster lubster, chubster cheekster, and chimpy cheeks. And those are the ones I can think of, it’s possible that there’ll be even more emerge tomorrow.

  218. Randi says:

    My son’s nickname is Bubba. Originally it was Baby, then morphed into Buby, then in to Bubba, which stuck. We actually had to work with him when he started talking because he would tell people his name was Bubba. LOL.

    My little girl’s nickname is Beanie. Her name is Lilly and originally we called her Lilly-Bean (like Jelly Bean). This morped into just Bean, then Beans, then Beanie.

  219. Beth says:

    I was called ‘Shorty’, up until I passed my mom up in height. Never scarred me, I’m just fine.
    I call my own daughter anything and everything… Sugar Butt, Snuggly Puddin’, Squishy Toes, Bug, Boo, Snickerdoodle, Wiggle Pants, Baby Bear, and on and on and on.

  220. Kristy says:

    The list of names I call my two little boys: bubba, madooski or dooski, choocharelli, wildcat, piranha,pugsley Porkchop, monchichi, Muchacho, and stinky madoodles

  221. Linda says:

    My name is Linda, but my older sister called me Lin-Duh. I wasn’t all that happy about that one, especially when she called me that in front of her friends. We call my son Bear and Cake. He prefers his name, but answers to all three.

  222. Amber says:

    My son was mooch, babe, baby, buddy, stinker, booger, monkey-butt, you know, the usual. My daughter as munchi, short for munchkin, monkey, booger, people, and most recently, baby doll.

  223. Leigh says:

    I demand the lyrics to the Cruz Bustamante song!!!


  224. Brandy P says:

    My daughter is Bug, shortened from Kyleigh Bug. My son’s name is Gavin and his nicknames are more profuse, Gator, Tater, and Gavinater (combo of the first two) are the only ones I can think of at the moment.

  225. Brook says:

    We call our son (whose name is Casey) buddy, bud, Caseman, most often
    formerly noodle because of how babies noodle around and somehow move even though they can’t “move.” also noodle doodle
    turtle when he was just born because he had the little head and neck and was stuck where you put him.
    I used to call him Buttercup which was my way of calling him a butt without actually calling him that. Now i just call him turkey if he’s being one.
    My mom always called me Pete or Pete Pickle. (Peter would have been my name if I’d been a boy. and I liked pickles) Only other nicknames I had were Brooklet which I didn’t mind and occasionally Brookie which I loathe. and one uncle would call me Bork every once in a while which I found out later was a political joke. It wasn’t my favorite, but since it was rare it didn’t really bother me much.

  226. Erin Leake says:

    My oldest is Punky Bean (Sierra for real) and my youngest is Mason for real, Rubicon for some weird reason.

  227. Amy says:

    My DD is and always was Bean. She isn’t real fond of it at 16 now LOL. Especially when her sister calls her that. My middle is Pooh (step DD and she already had it when I met her) and the toddler is Bug-Bug. My niece I call Lexie Lou Hoo and my sweet pea. I think the only nick name I had was “Aim” shortened name, my brother was Hopper and sister was Spud. No idea why though.

  228. EmilyB says:

    Not quite 5 year old is “baby girl”, Wiggles or Wiggles McGee, sweet pea, little bit, chicken butt and crazy.

    In utero girl is Turkey. Conceived on Election Day, transferred on Veterans Day and positive HPT day before Thanksgiving. Turkey seemed appropriate(much desired IVF baby for those going “transferred?”.

  229. Just Me says:

    We call our son Cornpone, Fred, George, Punk, Pocket and Princess (he chose this one)

  230. Donna Arthurs says:

    I called my kids many, many different names: peanut, punkin pie, sugar cakes, tiger, dolly, wee-wee (I know, I know, but my son couldn’t say his sister’s name, Emily, it came out as wee-wee) and we called her that for a LONG time. Angel cakes, p pies (short for punkin pie), honey buns,sweetie pie and many more, and yes I do notice a lot of these names suggest food items, but I always felt like they were so yummy, I could just eat them up! They are now 32 and 29 years old and apparently not marked for life by these names. My son is a police officer and my daughter is a stay at home mom to 2 soon to be 3 kids and she uses a lot of the same nicknames. Wow, lots of people replied to this one!

  231. Liz says:

    Jill (age 5) – Beanie, Jilly-Bean, Beans, Beanalina, Jilly, Jilly-Cakes

    Cecelia (age 4) – Cece, Sassy-Pants, Sassy, Ceese, Cee, Cecalina

    Connor (age 4) – Coogie, Coog, Coogs – when he was a newborn, he made these growling noises when he nursed, which earned him the nickname “Connor the Cougar”, which then got shortened to “Cougar”, which evolved into “Coogie”

    Logan (age 15 months) – Nugget – When he was born, my then-2-year-old niece had a speech impediment where she pronounced her “L”s like “N”s, so when she said “Logan”, it kind of sounded like “Nuggin”, which then turned into “Nugget”

  232. Lori says:

    My eldest daughter was Poohbear, Pooky, or Kaitybree as a kid. My younger daughter was Ali, Alirose, or Stinky. My son is called AJ, Chunky, Monkey, or our favorite: Chunkito Mojito Burrito Bandito 🙂

  233. Karli says:

    Bitey McGrabbyHands, stinkbug, burrito, the list goes on…

  234. Ann says:

    My daughter’s not born yet, but we’ve named her Genevieve. So far the main nickname is Gennybean.

    I, however, have been through any number of nicknames. My father called me Suzie Q (shortened to Suzie), my aunts called me Oopie do (shortened to Oopie or Oopers), my uncles called me Tina, my friends called me Garnigal (shortened to Garni, Garn or just The Gal) and my husband calls me Ner or Bunner. I also answer to Ann, Anna, Angie and Hannah.

    This baby doesn’t have a chance. 🙂

  235. Sarah says:

    This is so funny. I thought I was the only deranged mother out there who had crazy random names for the children. My surprisingly well adjusted children will answer to the following:
    Aaron: Puppy, Puppy Cheeks, Angel Dust, Dudeski, Bro, Broski, Killer MC, Punkin Face, Snuggle Puppy, Errn, Ernski, Double A, Buster Douglas, Sucka MC.
    Reese: Reesie Pie, Poodle, Poodle Noodle, Snuggle Nugget, Princess Lady Baby, Baby Smalls, Snoopy Poodle, Snoop, Princess Cheeks, Snuggle face gremlin, Baby Face Nugget, Little Bug, BugaSnuga.
    LOL I’m crying laughing right now, until I had to sit and actually write it out, I had no idea. I can’t believe my children know their names. LOL!!!

  236. Jenna says:

    My son’s name is Liam and sometimes when I go to call him “Love” I also try to say Liam at the same time and it comes out “Lum.” I have done this so many times in his short 5 years that now he answers to just Lum.

    My nickname was Munchkin as a kid too, but my Dad shortened it to just Munchie. And Sunshine. I wasn’t scarred by either. I hope he’s not scarred by Lum.

  237. Rachel says:

    We thought we picked the magical nicknameless name–meaning I agonized for about six months before she was born over finding the perfect name that couldn’t possibly come with any stupid nicknames. So we called her Ruby. (A friend of mine was kind enough to point out that this rhymes with Booby, so kids in school will probably call her Ruby Booby…great. Oversight on our part, but kids always find a way to turn names into teasing, even when your name is something totally innocuous, so…moving on.) Anyway, 5 months later, I find myself calling her Ruby-Doodle and Ruby-Bean a lot. Also Toots McGhee, when she’s gassy (no, not our last name). I think a name involving “Frog” will be forthcoming soon b/c she’s discovered she can make a particular noise that sounds a lot like a croaking frog. Not that she knows this.

    My cousins have called me Hamhead my whole life (yes, they are now on the downhill slope toward 40, and I’m on the wrong side of 25.) because apparently I had a huge head as a baby. My aunt called me George (and my two cousins who were siblings Pete & “Re-pete”). My mother still occasionally calls me Chief, a childhood nickname whose origins have never actually been explained to me but which I decided is probably related to her desire to call me Sequoyah after the Cherokee Indian chief if I had been a boy (My dad vetoed that.) My dad often called me Gumby, I’m not sure why.

  238. Karen Shea says:

    OMG. My nickname was Toady…. so much so, that it’s on my high school diploma right after my ‘real name’. I carried it all through college where I was a swimmer (seriously, you can Google “Toady Kimble” and I come up). I never guessed someone else had that privilege. I was so named because when I was an infant, I used to sleep on my stomach (gasp!) with my knees tucked up under my armpits. You know, like a little toad….

  239. Sandra says:

    Boy #1 is called roo, roo-mcgoo, stinker butt, rat face and bubs, among others.

    Boy #2 is referred to as monkey butt, mr mcgoo, monster face and hader.

  240. Tracy says:

    My oldest was given the nickname “Pickles.” He’s 17 now and I still call him that. My 5 year old is “Boogie.” I have no idea how that started. My youngest was given the nickname “Crackhead.” He refers to crackers as crack. He has always loved to eat “crack and cheese.” He also used to manage to end up with more of the crackers and cheese in his hair than he would get into his mouth.

  241. Marie says:

    Our son’s (18 months) nickname has always been munchkin, because he never had a baby face, he always kinda looked like a shrunken little man. Somehow when he was a little baby, it evolved into munchie-kin. I’m not really sure how.. Or why. But I was pretty delirious for the first few months of his existence from lack of sleep, so who knows.

  242. Gigi says:

    Great post! For my daughter 5 we have: “pikachu”, “chinita”, and then “pika” because “pikachu” can get too long when in a hurry. For my son, 2.5: “Pollito” and “Pollo” which is Spanish for “little chick” and “chicken” respectively. Plus “Chono” because his name is Sean and we are Latinos… the Latina ladies who care for him can’t really get Sean out so it’s “hello Chon (with a long O)”… so Chono, Chonito, Bon-Chon etc. you get the picture. I was Gigetta… then “gorda” in a loving way (which means fatty… I did look like the Michelin Man when I was two, rolls and all) — and now my friends are too lazy to say “gigi” so it’s “geeg” with a hard “g”. no scars, all good. my kids know there names.

  243. Erika Marie says:

    Bunky (how she used to say monkey)
    Weinerhead (her love of Vienna sausages)

    Variations of the above… Her name is Elianah & she’s 2…

  244. My daughter is Angelina. But the first moment my husband saw her in the hospital he looked at her and said, “Hi, Bunny!” And it stuck. She’s almost 3 and we still call her The Bunny, or “Buns” for short. My son Antonio is 3 months old, but we don’t really have a nickname for him yet. Sometimes I call him Buddy, or Little Man, or something equally obvious, but nothing that’s really stuck yet.

  245. Allie says:

    Bubba-lubba-ding-dong for my son and the far more unfortunate Farty McPoopsalot for my infant daughter. I guess we’ll see how that works out for her…

  246. Shannon says:

    Oh where to start? Noodle, buttons, sweet head, doodle, cryful tower, flying buttress, doodle bop, Destructo baby, and the goat to name a few.

  247. Dustin says:

    Lincs, linky, link, buddy or tug for our son Lincoln

    Woose, luce, doctor, squirrel, or boo boo for our daughter Lucy.


  248. mouse605 says:

    My daughter is usually referred to as Moo, Moo bear, Booger bear, boo, Meadow Muffin (her name is Meadow, and my father was a dairy man {dairy cattle}, and right after we had her he IMMEDIATELY started calling her Meadow Muffin, like in reference to a cow patty. it’s her favorite nickname, actually…and even at 4 she will argue with you that her REAL middle name is ‘MUFFIN’!!).
    this same loving father-o-mine calls me Ralph still to this day. when i was a kid it was Ralphie Banana Head with Meatball eyes. (don’t ask, i haven’t the slightest clue. might have something to do with me being his only daughter after 3 sons, then a 12 year hiatus before me…)
    Mom refers to all 4 of is as “goob” and “goober”.

    • mouse605 says:

      oh, addendum: I also refer to Meadow as Moosker, sometimes Moosker Doodle Doo. 🙂 “M” is an excellent letter to tool around with!!

  249. Sally says:

    We call our son moo, because he likes milk. It started off as mr moo. I also call him my darling cheese, baba ganush and nooshie short for baba ganush. Don’t know why either!

  250. Christine says:

    Love that you know the song “Istanbul (not Constantinople)”!

  251. keri says:

    Doodle is the most common, but Bruiser, Junior, Tiny, Smush, and Pooper (he is Cooper…. Cooper the Pooper, and there IS a song, too,) also get a lot of action around here. 🙂

  252. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a big fan of nicknames. My teenager is Pookums or Pooks (what I call him) or Peanut (what my husband calls him). We both have to be careful not to do that in public anymore. My daughter is Claire, so she’s usually Bear, but also I call her Bundle (cuz she was such a tiny little bundle) or Bundle Bear. Or Lovey-Loo. Her twin brother is Sammy-Lamby or Lamb or, weirdly, Bubby or Bubby-Lubby or Bubbaloo. I’m pretty sure I never use their actual names.

  253. Virginia says:

    Buttbutt, Sparklehorse, Bratinka… there’s surely oodles more, but bed is calling. <3

  254. Missy says:

    Currently, my sons nicknames are Ti-Monster and Asher Masher. Youngest calls oldest Bubba. I tried to think of nicknames that they would eventually carry on to college and wear on the back of their fraternity shirts (ha!). Can’t think of one for the oldest, but the youngest’s initials are ANW, so I’ve thought about calling him “Root Beer”. 🙂

  255. Maranda says:

    Our oldest is finnster, middle goes by boogie, and the baby girl answers to stinky and sugar pie.

  256. stacy marie says:

    my oldest (his name is nunuk); bubbuh, boobie, nookie, nookie bear, bubbie, lil’ bear
    my middle (his name is kenai); kenai bear, snuggle butt, bubbie, boo boo, little bear, brother bear (and no, not from the movie… his name was picked out long before that came out.)
    my baby (his name is kodiak); koko, koko krispies, kodi bear, baby bear, cuppy uppy up cake, baby cakes, hey! hey you! guy!, the third one, seymour, maurice, crazy old maurice, and my favorite of all time…. freddy kruger junior!!!

    • stacy marie says:

      hmmm…. actually, there are way more… but, i just remembered that i call all three of them moo-moo… like, when they come up to me for out of the blue no reason just need a cuddle up kind of a hug, i say “whatcha need moo-moo?” 🙂 i love my boys!!!!

  257. Jen says:

    My son, Josh, is Dude, Duderpants, Scoobs or Scoobie. My daughter, Sophie, is Soph-a-Loaf, Loaf, Lu or Lulu (I so wish I had named her Sophia Louise!).

  258. Pam says:

    My younger brother was called Pilty for a few years because it was decided he looked like the Piltdown Man at birth. A concerted effort was made when he was about four to call him his real name. Now THAT would have required therapy.

  259. Elisabeth says:

    My dad called me Baby, of course.

    I don’t have children, but my nephew and niece are like my kids. Ben is now 18, but my brother still calls him Admiral Benbow. His daughter Olivia (now 21) is Miss O, Oee, or Livida, which is what Ben used to call her.

    The name “murphy” up above triggered a memory and perhaps a new blog entry for you. “Murphy” was my brother’s nickname for a penis, as in, “Whoa, don’t kick Daddy in the murphy” or “Don’t touch your murph in public.” They started out with the proper clinical names, but it didn’t last long when Ben started saying things like “I want to tell everyone about my penis.”

  260. Kim says:

    Our progression was Sophina > Sophie > Sophie loafie > Sopher loafer > Sopher topher > Topher > Tiny Tofe/Tiny Loaf. For the record, we have no idea what a Tofe is, and she is not a loafer by any means. Nor is she tiny. XD

  261. jules says:

    Ok I don’t have kids but I wanna play… I call my bf Punk or Punky and my dog Toby is Wubs or Wubster.

  262. Heather says:

    I alternate between Lentil Soup and Pacs for my oldest son (4.5). Don’t remember why Lentil Soup… Pacs because I thought the 5 week ultrasound picture looked just like one of those monsters on Pacman. My Dad has called me Moppy my whole life and my younger son calls me Mommy-Salami even though I don’t eat meat… no scars at all 🙂

  263. Sarah J says:

    My dad always called me squirt. Actually, he still does. (My guess is because I was the youngest daughter.) I’m certainly not scarred by it, and grew to always call my son squirt. It’s synonymous to sweetie in my mind. 🙂 I call my baby girl “sweet little,” “little miss,” or just “baby” usually. I’ll sometimes add something soecific to the moment too, like “little miss crabby pants” if she’s being particularly crabby. I was just thinking the other day that she isn’t going to know her real name at this rate!

  264. Julie says:

    Growing up I had 4 younger sibs (and one older; didn’t dare nick-name him). “Sara” became “Say-Ray” when one of the younger kids couldn’t say it right and we still often call her either “Say” or “Ray”. Russell became Russ which became Rooster, occasionally. Youngest brother was “bubba” most of the time and still is to us. And when my mom brought home my baby sister, my 11 year old self declared her to look like a pink jellybean which turned into “bean” or “beanie”. She’s now 5’11” and I still call her Bean when we’re being affectionate (e.g. Hard day phone calls get a lot of “ah, Bean, it’ll be ok.”)

    My kids have a ton of names based closely off of their real names, and I also call them puppies a LOT as well as “Trouble and Bubble” .

  265. Sarah says:

    Oh, I’m terrible with nicknames – none of mine get called by their real names!

    I’ve got Sally, who became Sally Sausage, and then just sausage-girl, and is now known as Salsa-boo;

    Then there’s Amelia, shortened to Milly, which became Milly-moo, and is now Moo-bag;

    And finally Harriet, whose name Milly couldn’t pronounce, so she was called Harri-rat for a while, then Ratty, and now more often than not, just Rat. Poor baby is going to have a complex! :S

  266. Laura says:

    Ours are Moe and Larry (Curly is the hubs) because before they were born we had no idea if they would be boys or girls (one of each, in truth). Also, the hubs got into a car accident and had to go to his chiropractor (he calls hubs Crash) who joked I would have triplets, the Stooges.

    I was Lolly growing up. Like that song: “Lollipop, lollipop, lol-lolly-lollipop…” My sister was Boobo (HEy Booboo, hands off that pic-a-nic basket!) and my brother was Bugbutt because he would scoot across the floor like a dog does saying Bugbutt.

  267. Val Z says:

    I used to call my daughter “Eyebrow of My Eyebrow”. My husband liked it so much that he shortened in to Brow and still calls her that some 30 years later.

  268. Katy says:

    My baby is Cooper. My two year old, who has some speech issues, calls him “Poop-Poop”.

    And don’t worry. Cooper lives up to his nickname.

  269. Tori Michel says:

    My son Zach is Z, ZeeZee, Zippy, Huggie Bug or Snuggle Bug, Hey You, Child, Kidlet, Goofy, The Boy, and TV Boy for the blog. He knows his full name means he’s in serious trouble and momma’s pissed. However, he still has no idea that he even has a last name, let alone what it is.

  270. Beth says:

    My 5-year-old is punky, punkabean, punky noodle, dudaroo, and beanie boo.

    My 1-year-old is Baby One Kenobi or just Baby One.

  271. Kaity says:

    My oldest is nicknamed Bubba which is a shortened version on Bubbalou…My middle child is Booga or Booger becasue he always as a snotty nose (we think its from allergies), and my littlest I nicknamed Brittna-Leah Who…becasue she lookes like a little native version of Cindy-Lou Who so we just added Who on the end of her name, we also call her Squawker, and Button…

    • Kaity says:

      Ooops I forgot, as a child I was nicknamed Kaity-Fred, Misrabella, and Brat Child….I am far from scared…lol

  272. marcy says:

    Bubba, monkey boy, marquiviris, (related to his name), little clown… or the superhero of the day; besides usual varieties sweetie, buddy etc. For DD is skinny bean, girlypie, and princess (afterher personailty).

    I didn’t have any. My parents were nickname people. I get called mommy boo, or poopy head, poopy mommy or anything with poop in it. Little clown finds it hilarious to nickname anything with poop in it.

  273. Dawn says:

    My son (2 1/2) is Monkey Man, Monkey Head, Bunchie (which started out as Honey Bunches) and Boogie Head…I love when I refer to him as Boogie head to someone and they’re like, Oh…Is he sick? Um, nope, Boogie Head just sorta stuck. I still chuckle every time I (or my husband) call him Buddy. I wonder if he thinks of butts too. 🙂

  274. Aubrey says:

    I called one of mine “pumpkin butt” because she looks like she has a pumpkin back there. I’m jealous. My butt has always had it’s own song to the tune of “Deep and Wide” from Sunday School. “Flat and wide, flat and wide, there’s a butt that’s bouncing flat and wide…”

  275. Sharee says:

    My 7 yo nicknames have included (but not limited to): Tommy tickle toes, Tom-ster, and Thing One.
    My 4 1/2 yo nicknames have included (but again not limited to): Benny bear, Honey bear (he really likes honey), Benny baby, and Thing Two.

  276. julie says:

    We have called my almost 4 yr old “stinky butt” since she was a week old..she was combo breast & formula fed and it really caused some horrible diapers. My 1yr old we call Jay bird. ..hard to explain. .it just fits him.

  277. Ashley says:

    I call my 2 1/2yr. old daughter: Buns, Bubba, Baabaa, Doodle, Lucy (her real name is Sophia), Lucy Goosey, Goose, Toodles, Belle (her middle name), Baby Belle, Bugs, Noodle, Tiny, (her Dad calls her Tiny Gem exclusively), Gemmie, Bundle, Dolly, Gasser (when appropriate, which she takes great joy in lol).

    I was called Tweety by my Dad b/c my head was truly shaped like tweety birds. I also answered to Lettuce. My mom called me her little Dolly. And my sister takes the cake with the following made up names- Betiva, Beavis and Ashlrod. (My name is Ashley.) I wasn’t scarred. I kinds liked my nicknames as long as they were mostly used in private hehe! 🙂

  278. Charlene says:

    My almost 5 year old is a “Bug” too. Everyone calls her that. My family owns a restaurant and even the customers call her Bug. Her name is Zoey. Which was shortened to Zo, and then lengthened to Zo-Bug by my nephew. She answers to any form of Bug now. She is also lucky enough to have other nicknames that only I am allowed to call her. (if anyone else tries, she will ignore them or tell them, only mama can call me that) Let’s see… Bug, buglet, stinky bug, peanugget, punkin head, stinky magillacutty, love bug, fruit loop, mcnugget, chunk a monk, monkey butt, and I’m sure there are more I just can’t think of right now. My nephew who is now 14 is named Tristin Paul, he is nicknamed Paulie or Paul now. But when he was a baby, he was always Tristin Paul Lesterhead stinky pants boy. Yeah, I still call him that sometimes in front of his buddies at the skate park. He loves it! NOT!!! LOL

  279. LC says:

    As a baby my older daughter was “Sweet Chickie” after a favorite onsie with a chick illustration on it, then she renamed her infant sister Charlotte “Little Pea” after a character in a book. After many incarnations my Chicks and Peas are now called (the) Chicken and (the) Char Bar. The names don’t make much sense but they answer to them 🙂

  280. alisha says:

    our daughter is tayla and we call her tay.
    and our son is zachary, and he is bubby, zacy, zacazoo, zack attack, zacadoo

  281. tessa valyou says:

    my name is Tessa and once I was called ‘testicle’ by some school buss boys. My sons name is Wes… and yes, I have called him “westicle”. Though he is only 4 months old so hopefully it wont stick. I also dropped the ‘l’ in Wesley out of sheer laziness and call him “Wessy” sometimes and hate myself for it. “wessy” really?! come on mom.

  282. Liz says:

    To me, he’s mostly “my little bug”, but Daddy came up with the epic “Tootenheimer Bumblefuss,” often shortened to Bumble.”

  283. Emily says:

    My little guy is only three months old…but some of his nicknames are: Big Hungry, Dino baby, PNB (pretty neat baby), Tootie, O, Oreo, and my go to that I have no idea how it started is Mister Mister.

  284. Anne says:

    I always feel compelled to call my boys “bear” as babies. It really stuck with the second and now we just call him “bear” all the time. When I had my third boy I had to fight the urge to call him bear, so I called him “bug” instead. That changed to “buggle” and then “huggle” or “huggle-buggle.” I know my husband can’t wait until he’s too old and I have to stop. 😉

    Others I’ve used: boo-bear, stinker-booger, snuggle-huggle, booger-bear,… I could go on.

  285. Ali says:

    My daughter just turned 3 and I call her Monkey Butt all the time… No idea where it came from, but it stuck.

  286. heidi says:

    My grandfather called me pissant as a term of endearment. I knew he was dying when he called me his princess… I missed his special name for me, lol.
    I call my kids: chicklet, petunia, kiki, little llama (come to think of it, those are all my dd).. my ds I call guy and flyboy
    My dd babysits for a 2 year old 4 days a week the poor little girl has decided she likes her pet name better than her real name.. her name is Isabella, but she will tell you that her name is “Kiki’s nunkey ninun”… translation to English from 2 year old… “Kiki’s Monkey Minion”

  287. Hillary says:

    My older daughter (now age 7) was punkinunkin as a baby, and now is variously peanut, sweet pea, and peanut butter. The new baby (3 months) is called chunky monkey and little bird, and sometimes punkinunkin by accident.

  288. I call my son Bunny. I have since he was a very small 5 pounder who ate like a hungry bunny. My brother has been adamant from the start that I cannot call him bunny, it’s too feminine, and I should be calling him tiger. But 15 years later, he’s still Bunny. And he’s fine with it. As long as I don’t call him that in public.

  289. V. Dub says:

    We’ve called our daughter all kinds of names since she was in the womb: Bursting Starfish, Baby Nerd, Stink Butt, Red Wriggler, and Mo.

    But our latest and greatest nickname for her has been inspired by her hair growth pattern: Crazy Mullet. 😉

  290. Jennifer says:

    My daughter (named Harper Renee) is affectionately known as “Tooty” or “Toots”… Sometimes “NayNay” or “Bunnay”… I don’t really remember how any of them got started!!

  291. Donna says:

    I have never seen so many nicknames. Good job, crappy readers!

  292. Wendi says:

    My Dad nicknamed me Wink as a baby and 36 years later, my family still calls me that fairly regularly. My daughter is Punky Roo, Punky or Punks. My baby boy is Bubs or Wubzy but mostly we call him Holdie (his name is Holden)

  293. Clodia says:

    Our younger son (1yr) has a lot more nicknames than my older son (4yr) does. The older one yells at us if we call him anything other than his name (Hans;) although, he lets me slip by sweat pea and honey. The younger one gets called monkey, monkey butt, bubbe, bubba bear, munchkin, and Ridder-bidder (his name is Ridder.) Our older son does yell at us for using nicknames for his brother too.

  294. Mercy says:

    I’ve not really used nicknames with my kids, except for cutesy names when they were babies. Maybe it’s because my step dad used to call me gorda and it made me think I was fat, even though I wasn’t. I still hate it. (And I’m fighting fat now, but only because I’ve had 3 babies. That’s different.)

  295. Cecilia says:

    He was tapeworm before we knew gender then jellyfish then once born he was Piglet. Piglet turned into Piggie, Piggie-pie, Pig-butt, Pigaroo, and Spider-pig. Then my dad added Monkey, which was my old nickname. So then he was Monkeybutter, Monkeybutt, Pig-Monkey, Chunky Monkey, Chunk a lunk, and Chunkaroo. He at times has also been Boob-monster, Squish, Smoosh, Smooshface, Smoosharoo, Smooshy, Sir Kicks a Lot, Rinpoche, Oogie Googie, Little Dude, and the list goes on.

  296. Lindsay H says:

    I have Care Bear, Little Pie and Punky. My best friend calls the oldest two by their nicknames and it messes me up to hear others say it. All 3 are girls so as a whole we call them girlies. My childhood nickname was Frog.

  297. Lindsay says:

    With five kids, the nicknames are endless LOL… My step-daughter’s real name is Katie, but her dad has called her KD forever. She also gets Miss Kitty. Our other children get things like monkey butt, monkey poop, miss moo, captain shithead (pronounced with a “th” instead of “t””h” if that makes sense), pumpkin, pumpkin head, oober goober boober butt, Megaggers, and so on. I’m sure we do worse stuff that will result in therapy like singing operatic arias in the parking lot at the mall, football tackling them when they try to run off, making out in the kitchen (and getting caught of course LOL ), etc.

  298. Christine E says:

    My son is Pookie Bear and my daughter is Birdie. And both get called boogie, which is gross but I can’t help myself.

  299. Lynann says:

    I called my daughter honey so much when she was little, that when she began talking and playing with dolls, she always called them honey instead of baby. “This is my honey, she’s nursing” “My honey was crying, so I had to cuddle her.”. For some reason my son has more nicknames: buddy, bubba, The Captain (short for Captain Whiny Pants), buttercup, monkey, love bucket. There’s more, I’m sure. 🙂

  300. Kristen says:

    The littlest got the nickname of Monkeysaurus. She came up with it and we started to call her it and it stuck. We called all of them poopybut once in a while, but that is self explanatory.

  301. Faith says:

    I have an Ian, who used to Boo and then Bubba after the 2nd was born. Now it’s just Ian.
    I have a Reed aka Reedle Beetle Bailey or BeetleBailey or Beetle or Bailey.
    and I have a Leah aka Loo or Lulu or Lulu Bugs or Bugsy or BuggaBoo.
    When she was first born, Reed would call her Le-Lah, for some reason he could say that but not Leah. It was super cute and I wish that name had stuck, but it didn’t.

  302. Angela says:

    With 5 kids there’s a lot of nicknames! But the ones that have really stuck are
    16 year old girl – bear (Claire)
    14year old boy – willy boy (Will)
    8 year old boy – doodie or lukey duke (Luke)
    6 year old girl – punkin patch (Paige)
    6 year old girl – doodle (Grace)

  303. Amanda says:

    My little guy is Bubboo. It started as Buddy Boo and devolved a bit. I guess even Buddy Boo is a little weird.

    When I was a kid, my mom called me Boo. She said it came from “My Sweet Baboo” from the Peanuts cartoons and got shortened to just Boo. It continued until I was old enough to demand that she stop and charge her a quarter each time she used it. She played along. Did I mention that my mom is kinda awesome?

  304. Skadi says:

    Since you bake the babies in the oven … we had to go for the pastry family. My DD (7yo) is muffin and DS (2yo) is the bisquit. He had to be smaller then her, as she is older. However I am sure he WILL be taller in the end. So maybe we have to switch names then. DD was also referred to as Tigsie and DS as Mouger during pregnancy, due to DH and my nicknames. As it turned out Tigsie was very female and Mouger rather male-ish … and that’s what they turned out to be. I know there are others that I can’t think of atm as well. I am sure however, like you, I will click the “post comment” button and all of them will be there 🙂

  305. Angie "Quaxler" says:

    Sorry this is so long, when you already have a million comments. My family gets crazy with nicknames. It is nice to hear we aren’t the only crazy ones.

    When my sister was little, she asked my mom to call her “Feetie.” She said, “I want you to call me what you call the dog. Feeeetie Pie!.” So of course Feetie has stuck.

    My husband and I have been calling each other a “duck” for over 10 years. Ducky, Quacker, we don’t have hands anymore, we have feathertips and wings. All our friends and family are in on it, and it isn’t even silly anymore. Yesterday, we were bickering, and my 2.5 year old told us to “Stop quacking you two!”

    Finally, when I was in high school I decided I was “Ghetto.” I gave my family new “ghetto” names. I was G Dawg, mom=homie, dad=diggity dawg, sister C Dawg, and my brother David was V Dawg. We still call each other C, V, and G. My sister has warped David’s name so much it was ridiculous. V Dawg, V, V Face, Face, Face Head, FH, Face Head Jones, Jones, and finally, F Head.

    How David became F Head…? And we are all grown adults!

  306. KimR says:

    We have 8 mo old twins… Turtle Man and Stink Bug.

  307. Tracy says:

    My two little girls are ‘PeanutButter’ – because we told her that’s what her belly button smelled like and ‘Ernie’ because her middle name is Erin.

  308. JJS says:

    My daughter was “Poopchunk” for the first year of her life. Her nickname is now Louie (sometimes Louis, sometimes Lou). My son is called Ratbait.

  309. Gina D. says:

    My kids were/are, Silly goose, Bugs, Monkey Man and Stinky. When I was little, my parents called me Baby Huey. Google it. It’s a wonder that I’m not in therapy… lol.

  310. KA says:

    Leagally, my name is Kerri Ann. But for years, I have gone by KerriAnn, with Ellen as my middle name (Ellen is my confirmation name). My dad always called me KerriAnn, until I wanted other people to call me KerriAnn. Now I am Kerri to him. My proof that he used to call me KerriAnn??? One of (many) childhood nicknames was “Anno”.

    Apparently, when my mom was pregnant with me, he called me ‘Tripple T’ — “Ted or Tilly Tummy Tumor”. When I was pregnant, he was ‘4-T’ — “Ted or Tilly Tummy Tumor Too” ( or Two — we never did make up our minds on that….)

  311. Mel says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one!
    My oldest was Fred before he was born, and will always be Fred, but the name on his birth certificate is Logan Robert, so he is sometimes called Logie Bob. Damon Edward was Pepsi (was Max, until someone said, ‘like Pepsi Max?’) but it never really stuck like Fred, so he gets Damon Ed, which became Mr Ed (must stop before he finds out who Mr Ed is!) and Evelyn Kathleen was Silly ( Logan, why don’t you pick the baby’s silly belly name….) but she’s Ebee, which has become EB Games (a game shop), except her Nanma keeps trying to call her Evie Kat

  312. Lisa says:

    Kitty Jam Girl – she used to have pajamas with kittys on them.
    and my baby was called Miss Magoo

  313. piccolabambola says:

    My daughter has many nicknames, but one that stuck out was “cipolla” (Italian. pron: Cheap-ola, means: onion…don’t ask) which was further shortened to “cipo” (pron: Cheap-O, means…nothing) by my ever-word-diminutizing Italian husband. So, our poor kiddo thought her name was actually “Cheap-O” until she was at least 15 months old.

  314. My son called my daughter “Nanine” when he was too little to pronounce her name. It became, somehow Nani Noodles. Then, when the Noodles part became too embarrassing, just Nani. It was only recently that I found out that Nani means beautiful in Greek. Perfect. Just perfect.

  315. Megan says:

    We call our five year old son “McConahey” after the actor of the same name because he likes to walk around without a shirt on. Our 3 year old daughter’s name it’s Lucy, which morphed to Luz, then Goose. When asked what her name is, she says “Lucy the Goosey!”

    When I was young, until the age of five or so, I thought my name was Shua. My mom still calls me that 30 years later and I love it!

  316. Clea says:

    My son’s evolving nickname: squishy —> squishy bean —> squishy bean paste 🙂

  317. Yuki says:

    I call my daughter Chick Chicken – she’s got a nice, soft, round behind that reminds me of a plump, feathery chicken. She’s always been my Chick Chicken. I called my son, when he was a baby, Cookie. I guess I like food!

  318. Tara says:

    I call my 2 yr old dooders, dooder pooder and monkey butt. He answers more to dooders than his real name.

  319. Satyana Love Lotus says:

    My daughter’s first nicknames were Deucey Lucy – because she immediately pooped on my leg after her birth – and Houdini – because she could escape any swaddle, no mater how tight.

  320. MIchelle says:

    My nicknames growing up were: Bratina, Shell-Bell and Gimpy from what I recall. I have since passed the good fortune of crazy names on to my two sons, AKA Booger-Butt, Nay-Nay, Lo-Lo, Butt-Butt, Sweet Pea and The Devil.

  321. Crystal Armstrong says:

    My grandmother called me Crissy Pissy when I was little, and still calls me Crissy. She’s the ONLY person allowed to do this. I’m 30.

    My 2 yr old daughter was Stinkybug/Baby Stinkbug at about 3 wks old. She was allergic to milk protein and it made her VERY gassy. Very stinky. Also, there are bugs here that are a problem lately that are called “stinkbugs” and they were bad that year. That stuck for a long time. Her real name is Amelia, and we call her Millie. My grandmother (yep, same one) calls her Millie Moo. She was chunky, but has thinned way out.

    My 5 month old son was dubbed “The Teddy Graham” in utero (his ultrasound picture looked like he was a teddy graham cookie). For a while I called him Sir and Mister. My daughter called him Branny, and now Brannon (his name is Brandon), so sometimes he gets called Branny or Branny Bear. Most of the time now I call him Mr. Bear. Lord only knows what my grandmother will come up with for him…

  322. Gretchen says:

    We called our little guy Mulhouse while I never got pregnant and then (when I did finally) also while I was and for a bit after he was born, and then somehow it became The Muli when he was little and then The Pou (which means louse in french) which he still is called and we (the parents) are The Mous. Its totally ridiculous, but its like they need lots of not-name names that can shift as they come into being. Still, it will be good when we don’t call him louse any more, thats objectively terrible!

  323. Rebecca says:

    I was so anti-nicknames when I named our oldest Charlotte. I thought there are no real nicknames for that. WRONG. We immediately shortened it to “Char” and call her that all the time. Same thoughts with #2, Leah. WRONG AGAIN. Oldest couldn’t say her “L’s” so we called her “Wee-ah” which somehow turned to “Leah-Pee-ah” or “wee-ah-pee-ah”. I call both the girls, “Stinker Bottom” all the time. Weird. Also, “Monkey Face”. Hope they don’t grow up thinking they stink like a monkey. 😉

  324. Momrn4u says:

    My oldest was squirt (a boy, easy to figure out why) and buddy
    Middle was squeaker (he was so tiny and only squeaked) and snuggly bear
    Baby girl, is pea-pot tater-tot (no clue why) and queen pea (she can wet a diaper like nobody’s business)

  325. Mimi says:

    Georges – Georgio, Horhe, The Taco (because of the way he sleeps) Georgie
    Katherine – Katherinette
    Isabelle-Rose – Bella, Isa, Toostie pop
    Henry – Tim bit, Quique,

    All usually get lovingly referred to as Toots.

    Tim – the papa – The Spice, my Chubby, Sparky, Timmy

    Me – I get nothing, nadda. Just Mom or Mimi

  326. Michelle says:

    I have begun calling my daughter “my little hummingbird” because she has boundless energy, flits around from thing to thing, and has no attention span whatsoever.

  327. Toni says:

    My two youngest are girls. (When I say youngest, they are 18 and 20).
    Whichever one is in the room, the other one is “the ugly stepsister”
    I can’t remember why this started.

  328. Mindy says:

    My 3 year old daughter’s nickname is many variations of ‘Bronco’, most often Bronky, but also including Broncolicious, Broncosaurus, Bronkington, Bronkoseph, and sometimes if she won’t leave me alone I say I have a case of Bronk-itis. When she is being particularly crazy we sometimes say she is “Bronking it up.” The origin is that when she was a baby she would often bounce herself up and down in your arms when being held upright and grab onto your shoulders with her hands like she was riding a bucking bronco. It just stuck. For a while I think she thought her name was actually Bronky.

  329. Laykneee says:

    Ryan a.k.a. Bubbas, Bunchkins, Love Muffin, Chunky Butter turned into Love Butter, etc etc etc.

    Mine growing up was Miss Pooh. Hah!

  330. Lindsay J says:

    My brother called me Doofus and I called him Fungus. We always argued that the other had the worse one.

    I call my crappy baby Nee-Poo-Zin (sounded out). Not really sure where it started, but sometimes it comes down to Nee Nee. I used to call my crappy boy chi-cheat. Same thing, not sure where that one came from, but it didn’t stick. Lucky for him I guess.

  331. Tracy says:

    My oldest son (5):
    Honey Bunny, Babycakes, Chunk-a-munk

    My youngest son (2.5):
    Tank, Poo-Poo-Magoo

    Interchangeable between the 2:
    Stink Bug, Stinky Dink, Stinky Dinky

  332. Elizabeth says:

    Hmm…mine do have plenty of nicknames, but there’s a set I use for all of them (sweetie, sweetheart, baby-baby, honey, sweetie-feetie, sweetie-petey, babes, babelet, smalls, piecake, gooselet, gosling) and then each child has a set that stems from one particular “original” nickname. My daughter was baby girl, girlpie, girlywhirly, and girlywhirlygig. My older son is noodle, noodlepie, noodle-oo, and noodle-oodle. My younger son is monkey, monkey-monkey, monkey bits, and monklet. They all had fetal nicknames too, since our religion doesn’t name babies before birth– lub-lub (you know, the fetal heartbeat sound), 8-bit, and D.G. for my current children, and the one due in April is cool socks (and seriously, you should SEE the socks I’m knitting for this kid!).

  333. Holly says:

    Little man, Senior Crabbypants, Little Monkey, Imp, and Stink butt. He is 14 months so not sure how long all of these will lady. He was squash while I was pregnant since we didn’t find out the gender and all the sites compare babies to vegetable sizes. I was called punkin and hollyberry growing up. The only nicknames that scarred me were given by my brothers and were very unflattering.

  334. Our almost 3 year old Margaret, normally called Maggie, is also Magaroni, Magarooni, Magpie, Maggiemae, Maggimoo, Mags, Magster, the variations go on and on. I just hope she knows her own name. Husband and I both like Maggiemae, because of the song, but for the same reason, a little weird for a 3 yr old!

  335. Cassandra says:

    Mine were Crooked Eagle, Ugg Bomb, and DwaDwa.

    Crooked Eagle got shortened to Crooked or Crook or Crooky, but by middle school I protested that one because if I was “crooked” that meant I wasn’t “straight,” as in sexuality. What?! I still look down on middle school me for feeling that way.

    Ugg Bomb has stuck, and to this day my parents still call me Ugg, Uggo, or Uggie. And it is definitely appropriate. It is still one of my most used phrases. 🙂

    DwaDwa was how my brother pronounced my name when he was little, and my parents still call me that too.

    My best friends call me Suss, as in “Sussandra.”

    My brother was Tadpole, and then Tad. That only lasted until he was school aged.

    His name is Stefano, so they now mostly call him Mo, or MoMo, or Moley, as a derivation of “Stefamo.” I call him Brother or Hermano. He calls me Sister or Hermana.

    My dog’s name is Pica, and I call her My Pikey Bikey. 🙂

  336. Charity says:

    my oldest is bookey, shabookey Boo or just Boo her name is Ruby which started as herbert as her in belly name, then turned into roo boo bear then somehow morphed into the current shabookey boo. My sons in belly was Eggburt and his others are bubba, bubby, bubbawooskey his name is Kane…. we are southern so his name naturally is bubba…. as for me were little one from my dad and chertwill.. or cherty for Charity from my uncle and cousins. I don’t think any of us are scarred; at least not yet….

  337. SeriousCakes says:

    Let’s see, my oldest Nadia is Noodles, Noodle-uh, Nadzilla, and Yaya.
    Caelyn is Kk, Cakers, and Coo-coo Kk.
    Faith is Faif and Fay-Fay.
    I refer to all of them as chickens or chicken heads. I have no idea how we got into calling them chicken heads!

  338. Moose says:

    My second daughter is Remi Olivia, and my husband wanted to call her Ro. For some reason it wasn’t sticking, so I added bear.
    She became Ro-Bear. (Which causes my husband to wonder why we’re calling her Robert).

  339. Brigitte says:

    We named our daughter when she was about 20 weeks baked, so by the time she was born, she’d already been through a bunch of nicknames. The midwife certainly gave my husband a bit of the side eye when Madeleine came out and hubs hollered “it’s the Mad Dog!”

  340. sandra says:

    My sweet little baby girl is also known as “Tooty McBootie” around our house, and for some unknown reason my son has always been “boobs” or “booby”

  341. Amanda L. says:

    The baby is named Jaxon, our middle son started calling him baby JoJo, that evolved to JoJo Potato because our Albertson’s store has potato wedges called jojo potatoes. JoJo Potato turned to just potato, and now tater or tater tot. Brodie our middle son is Broders, Brocefus, Broman, fathead, because he has an abnormally huge noggin. Our oldest is usually just referred to as Kritter or Kissyfer, bet you can guess his actual name lol! On days I can’t figure out which boy I want for what ever reason, I just say Brojaxtopher, and one of them comes. They have tons of other nicknames as well. Funny how that goes. Not one of them is really ever called by their actual name.

  342. Serena says:

    My nickname growing up was Beaner. It started as Serena-Beaner and then just Beaner. Yes, I was called an insulting and derogatory term for a mexican. Go figure.

    My son’s name is Roman. His daddy calls him Roman Doman and little man, I just call him Ro-Man.

  343. Jessie says:

    Poop ‘n stink
    Puppy cubby
    And Mr. Torin

    I was sweetpea as a child

    Love this post!

  344. cassie says:

    I called my daughter Little Ness when she was a newborn, then she was sugar mama, boo boos a moo boos, peanut butter, love bucky beaver face, midget, scoots… and on and on. Mostly she is boo boo but I call her all of these on the regular.

  345. heather says:

    Nicknames = Schmoopie (No, YOU’RE Schmoopie!), pumpkin, pookie, lovey pudding pie. I’m not a lovey dovey nickname person with my husband, but somehow the cheesiest love names have become perfect for my girls.

    And now I’m singing, “Ain’t nobody’s business but the Turks… Is-tan-buuuuuuuul.”

  346. janelle says:

    My little guy has several nick-names the most used are snoogie or snoogs or boobs. My sister thinks it is absolutely horrible that i call him boobs especially in public. I really think nothing of it, it is shortened from booboo bear which we used to call him. Another is Turtle as in “turd”-el…as in I want to say he’s being a turd but that seems a little mean so I call him turtle.

  347. Jen says:

    I call the 4 yr old (Sophia) sophita and sophiata, and her baby twin sisters are “baby sister” since she can’t tell them apart 🙂

  348. Sara says:

    J-Town Smoov
    Jack Attack
    Cletus Jenkins

    There will probably be more tomorrow.

  349. Vicki says:

    I call our 13 year old ‘Kimosabe’, and ‘Bug’. He doesn’t mind. We called our Sheltie while growing up, Buttface. My dad called me ‘Clyde’ while growing up. I love these terms of endearment!

  350. Genevieve says:

    My one daughter is Hannah, which naturally leads to “Hannah Banana.” At one point, my older daughter got jealous and started saying she was “Courtney Banana,” so Hannah became “Hannah Kiwi.” (First fruit that came to my mind.) She also answers to “chickie,” “chickie-momma,” and any combination of “Hannah Cabana Montana Banana.”

  351. Amanda says:

    From the first time my son was swaddled he was ‘Burrito.’. Now, I usually just call him ‘Rito Rito’ but I also use Mister Mister, Sweet Pea, Bugger Boo, Ridiculous, Trouble and probably more…

  352. Kellie B. says:

    My daughter is Sara which my mom calls her Sara-Beara. My husband and I call her “The Muffin” because she was a Preemie and someone joked that he and I tried to “bake a cake” but the cake didn’t stay in long enough so she came out a muffin. It stuck and that has since morphed into Muffin-Stuffin and my husband’s favorite The Muffinator. Her daycare provider also watches another little girl whose nickname is Soph-a-loaf (Sophia) so we joke that she isn’t doing childcare, she is running a bakery!

  353. Amanda says:

    My son’s name is dominic. we call him dom. but dominic turned into domanooch and that turned into nooch noochie noochers dominichi. the noochers. so now we call him those or bean (what i called him while i was pregnant) or monkey. monkey butt. stinky-o. he invented that one when we were talking about having another baby. he said if we had another baby he would name her stinky-a so i started calling him stinky-o. i don’t know lots of random crazy ones i can’t even think about right now.

  354. Alison says:

    I call my daughter bunny, Tallullah, Leelanor (her name’s Eleanor). Before she was born we called her Squirmy.

  355. Miranda says:

    My daughter is 2 and 3 months. She is half Chinese and her Chinese inlaws call her what translates to “stinky poo”. Or “smelly poo”. It sounds cute in Chinese.

  356. Candi says:

    Okay, having a name like “Candi” lends itself to all sorts of nicknames, and YES I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE. 😉 Not really, but now, in my 40s, if anyone makes a comment about my name, I just say, “Thanks! I’ve never heard that one before,” and wink.

    The worst was when I was in junior high and boys started giggling, “We know what kind of candy you are… Mounds.” Cue Beavis and Butthead laughter.

    I inflicted all kinds of nicknames on my daughter, who at almost 20 still gets called “Garbanzo Bean” and occasionally “Munchkin Butt” or “Schminkey.” The one that really stuck, though, was “Larva.” She even incorporated it into her screen name once she needed one. I would just casually refer to her this way, like “I have to go pick the Larva up from school.” It definitely stuck. And maybe her life is ruined. She can pay it forward to her own kids!

  357. Candi says:

    Oh, my husband’s childhood nickname is fantastic. His name is Thaddeus, and a little neighbor boy couldn’t pronounce it, so he said “Faddeus.” An older neighbor heard this and said, “Your name is Fatty Face?” Yeah, that one stuck. His brother still calls him that.

  358. neo says:

    I cal my little girl ba bah. Her name is Violet and I started to call her Vi, then vi vi, then va va, then ba and now ba bah. So random.

  359. Rachel says:

    My nickname from my parents was “Poopy Lou Gibson.” I’m not sure about the “Poopy Lou” part, but the last name Gibson came from this redneck family in the neighborhood that always had a lot of drama and my dad considered them “trashy.” He was basically insulting me with the nickname. Thanks dad.

  360. fiona says:

    our wee man is either captain poopy pants or monkey boy. i’m sure he will collect a load more names as he gets older (he’s only 20 months)

  361. Cassi says:

    Officially, we have Mouse, Squirrel (sometimes Squirtle), Taz, and the Rat. Unofficially, any number of nicknames may apply, from the usual (munchkin, midget, buddy, sugar-pop) to the not so usual (widget, turkey-butt, stinkweed). There are also your garden-variety name-based nicknames. ~lifts glass~ Here’s to no one needing therapy.

  362. Stephanie says:

    My nicknames growing up were: Step-On-Me, Stub-Your-Knee (I was clumsy, still am, really…), and Peanut. My dad still calls me Peanut, and when I was in high school, he told me that maybe he’d stop calling me that, because he was afraid it would embarass me. I cried and asked my mom why my dad would stop calling me Peanut?! So…now, I’m 36 and he still calls me that.

    My boys are: (4yo) – Bean, Goonie; (3yo) – Little One, Bobo. And probably a dozen other random things that pop into my head and haven’t really stuck, so I can’t remember them right now. Why do we do this to our kids?! LOL. We spent a lot of time picking out very nice names for them…

  363. Morgan says:

    We call our six month old son Prince Charming, or Charming for short. When we told our daughter (then 2) that we were pregnant, she was insisting that it was a girl and we would name her Cinderella. After we found out it was a boy, she refused to believe it until we started calling him Prince Charming. We hardly ever call Ezra by his name 🙂

  364. Ellie says:

    We call our little brother ‘Bean’. Have done since he was born, and none of us know why. It’s warped into many things over the years, like Beanie, Bean Sprout, Bouncing Bean, Jelly B, but it’s always come back to Bean. He recently got chucked into hospital with Meningitis and the doctors were getting all ruffled up because he wasn’t responding to his name (Jacob), Dad waltzes in, goes ‘Whut up, Bean’, he opens his eyes, shuffles a bit then carries on with his bean thoughts. Proof he doesn’t know his name is really Jacob.

  365. Mel says:

    Oldest was called bubba, bubby, and now Sneezin (his middle name is Stephen and that’s how he pronounced it when he first started saying it).

    Younger one has always been Chuckie. In utero we called him Baby Chuck (4 year old wanted to name him after the TV show Chuck). Now that he’s out he’s Chuckie, Chuckster, Chuckie Poo, Chuckolio, Chuckie Fridge Raidin, and on it goes. Nobody calls him by his proper name!

  366. amanda says:

    My son’s name is Laszlo but everyone calls him “Oatey”.

  367. Julia says:

    We call our 3 year old “Tiny Hiney” and Elfikins. Everyone said she looked like an Elf when she was little.
    We tried calling the new baby Chipmunk but that turned into Chunk-a-munk because she has these cheeks and thighs you could just squeeze. Luckily Tiney Hiney has decided she should be called Fluffy Head (because no matter what we do, the baby’s hair stand straight up) and now everyone calls her Fluffy Head. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone has actually called her Delaina this week. Oh well. She’s only 4 mos old.

  368. Claire says:

    I call my 2.5 year old son “Pie”. My husband absolutely despises it, though I don’t know why. I’m not entirely certain where it came from, either. For his first few of months I called him “poo bum”, appropriately. It may have evolved into “poo pie” which then became just “pie” but I can’t be sure.

  369. Samantha says:

    My son was sea monkey before he was born. Then he was chunky monkey, pork chop, now it is bubby, buttmunch, stinker, busy beaver, and when I want him to be quiet I say zip it happy meal. Lol His name is Edmund Xavier which we carefully choose for its uniqueness….it does not get used often.
    Lol My nickname was chicken legs PR scubber growing up my brothers came up with it.

  370. Devan says:

    To my grandmother, I always have been and always will be “sweetie pie huggy bear” 🙂 I am 38.

  371. Heather says:

    I grew up with the nickname Crip. As in Crippled. I spent much of my youth on crutches due to a growth issue. No emotional scars but as I teenager I was able to enjoy all the awful looks my parents got when they called me that in public.

    My own kids are most often called kid. Yup, all of them answer to the same thing.

  372. Lisa Ruvola says:

    Our oldest is most often boochicken. Our only daughter is squirrely-merle-pearl girl. Our third born most often is Junior Mint…we joke that he’s a reverse Junior Mint since he wears his white on the outside and his black on the inside…for his love of all funk and soul music. Our youngest, a red head, is Red Hot.

  373. Skye says:

    There is a long history of ridiculous nicknames in my family related to bathtime nudity. I was called “Fafa,” which I later found out at the tender age of nine meant “vagina.” Thanks, Mom and Dad. Now we either call my son, 2.5, CuteButt NoPants when he’s naked or “Nudity Patooty,” which has shortened to “Nudes Patoodes.” And he calls me “Silly ‘Ol Mummy,” naked or not. We do wear clothes in our family, I swear.

  374. Susan says:

    Three kids, called, variously, Squeaker, Squawker, Monkey, Sam Chop, Chopper, Pooch, Lor Gabor, Loopy LaRue, Loola, Elle-Belle.

  375. Heather says:

    Dannny is Dannerpuss, or DP, or Danny Boogers, or Boogers, or Blondie Bear, or Boo-Boo Face, or Super Boo, or Dimple City.

    Billy is Browners, or Brownie Bear, or Super O, or Crazypants. For some reason, the older one doesn’t have as many silly nicknames.

    Collectively, they are the Snigglefritz Brothers.

  376. Jennifer says:

    Small fry and hubba bubba. The last one was from when I think I’d gone a little crazy after having him (from the incessant crying). My husband asked why I called him a brand of chewing gum and I explained it was because you couldn’t get mad at gum because everyone loves gum. *maniacal laugh*. Coping mechanism I guess.

  377. Stacey Wolf says:

    My name is Stacey and my brothers’ is Aaron. We will always be Spacey and Airhead

  378. Myra says:

    We have so many we call our son some of which are: Stink, Professional, The Smell, Tater Tot, Potato, Fuzz, Monkey Brains and Mr. Bones Jones

  379. Sierra says:

    My youngest gets called Taco. It sounds really similar to his actual name and sounds a lot like what my oldest son called him when he was born. That or Gecko, but I like Taco more. So he’s my Taco-bear. I hope he never gets concerned when I say we’re having tacos for dinner, because we have them a LOT.

  380. Lauren says:

    I am 42 yrs. old with 4 kids and my Dad still calls me “Doop-a-Doo”!

  381. Jen says:

    Like you, I end up calling my son pretty much whatever random word(s) come out of my mouth. I never plan it, I just open my mouth, and the “nicknames” flow out without any sort of thought being put into it. My little guy definitely has no clue what his real name is. It’s never anything insulting (though, I suppose some of the names could seem that way to an outsider) and it’s always in a loving way. I think the oddest nicknames I’ve given him are: Pants, Bucket, and Dublin.

  382. Bekah says:

    my mum an dad used to call my ‘becky-bonks’ , i have no idea why, but telling people as an adult its just sounds insanly wrong. lol!

    i call my 2 an a half yr old daughter, Bumbum, funnybum, yummybum numpty, crazybean, kittycat, scruff, and probably lots more without even noticing! i loved your ‘buddy/butty’ post annd did wonder if calling my child ‘bumbum’ all the time will make her love poop O.o too late to stop now tho!

  383. sarah says:

    my husband calls the boys his “sperm-alerms”. I toldhim he was going to have to stop before they get old enough to repeat it to someone else. lol.

  384. I called my daughter a ton of things but eventually ended up with “Pooh,” which is amusing only because I dislike Winnie the Pooh. Now we call her by the usual stuff like Sweetie or just her name. She, one the other hand, has nicknamed herself “Tira” because she has trouble with her actual name.

    My son is generally “Little Man” or “Mr. Complainy-Pants.”

  385. Alison says:

    Dinkus, widgit, freakazoid, lunchbox, weirdface and dillhole. Over the last four years they’ve become less child specific yet through some kind of preschooler magic they seem to know which one I’m calling to.

  386. Kristin says:

    Most frequently Monkey-Turd or Turds depending on whether I’m referring to one or both of my girls, we’ve had to have discussions about not calling other people turds even though in our family it’s a term of endearment 🙂 Also Pigeon-Pie, Biscuit Brain, Cumquat, Kika-Butt or Kika-Butt-Poo (courtesy of her grandpa! Her middle name’s Kika, not sure where the Butt part came from), & Poo-Dinky (a term a cousin used to refer to her genitalia but still makes a great nick name!) too name a few. I’m surprised they even know their real names & yes, we’re pretty sure they will need therapy in the future. Or at least pass on this weird custom to their own kids as my parents did to me (formerly Daddy’s Little Puppy, Krispin, or Drisdin Doorknob-don’t ask)…

  387. Kai says:

    Pool TONS!!!!!
    Ds1’s ‘official name’ is Alexander-James, he is known as Lez, Lex-Lu, Lu-Lu, Roo, Roo-be-roo-roo, doodle, doddlebug, curly fry the first, number 1, boy-who-never-stops-jumping and bendy boy/bend a lot!
    Ds2 is Oliver Leo, but he is: Penguin, Penguin boy, Pengs, Mr P, the BOY/Boy Hulk (he’s ASD and this is when he’s going off on one) Buddha, chunks (as he is a big boy), the monkey boy, Number 2 and Middle fry
    DD is Amelia-Mae: Moo, Princess Moopunzel, Farty pants, Banshae, Curly the second, small fry, Number 3, that girlie, the cheeky one, the baby, cling-pot and the boob machine!!!!

    Plus LOADS more! We are big on nicknames here!

  388. Emily says:

    My Nickname was Baggage. That developed into Noodle-Doodle, which got shortened to Noodle-Doo, Which got shortened to Noo-Noo. Which was all well and good until my Mum went back to work at a daycare, and took me with her. I was COMPLETELY convinced my name was Noo-Noo (or Noo for short). When people called me Emily I would correct them that actually my proper name was Noo-Noo, but they could call me Noo. Hey, I wasn’t even three. I got it in the end, and I’m not scarred for life. And have clearly learned nothing as I call my son Piglet, Squishy, Li’l Squish, the Boob Monster, and many more!

  389. amanda patterson says:

    My nicknames for my kids my oldest is monkey man my daughter is bug and my youngest is stinky, stinky butt or fatboy. probably should stop calling him fatboy dont wanna give him a complex although hes 2 so he doesnt realize yet. my nickname from when i was a kid that my aunts still call me (im 30 now) is Pooh bear and amanda panda pooh bear. doesnt bother me though.

  390. FarmWife says:

    I call my youngest daughter “Chicken Jane” after a cartoon character. I’m not sure why I started but it stuck & it makes her crazy. 🙂 Until about 3 months ago she stuck “Bee Coconut” in between her first and middle names when she introduced herself to people. The Bee was my fault since her middle name is Elizabeth and I shortened it to Beth and eventually just the letter B. The Coconut was something she latched on to after I called her a coconut because her shampoo was scented.

  391. Erin says:

    our 19month old daughter has always been “Bean” and the below variations…why do we spend so much time choosing names that we never call our children??:
    Beanie Weenie
    Beansie Weensie
    Lady Bean
    Miss Bean
    Bean Sprout

  392. Brooke says:

    Eldest gets Abba dabba doo (Abigail shorten to Abbie) a lot as well as the usual pumpkin etc.

    Youngest gets Buddha, Michelin man and midget. Although he is the biggest out of the 3 he still gets midget because his my baby

  393. YES! I looooved this post!! My family is big on nicknames, and I haven’t been called by my first name (by family) maybe ever.
    this is not a shameless blog plug, but I had posted all my nick-names in my post about selecting the name of my biz. I’m proud to carry the weird, inspired, nick-name torch on to my children 🙂

  394. Jenny says:

    My 4 year old Daughter is Booger, Boogs and Boogie among others. My 7 month old Daughter is Thumper sometimes and Bubbles, which has evolved into Bubba. Yep, Boogie and Bubba…

  395. Mary Yarwood says:

    My six year old girl is Evil-Lyn when she is being particularly irksome, Evie most of the time, and othertimes she is Mistress Moo or Mad-ar-me if she is being a madam. My little boy is called Isaac but I always call him Manfred. When he was a baby he was ‘little man’ which turned into Manfred Man and is now just Manfred. If he is being miserable he is The Grumpatron.

  396. Patty says:

    our nicknames now include sugar bun, saucy boots, punkin head, girlywoo. Growing up w had ambroochsky (andy) timmy tiptoes, dizzy lizzy, patalina and called our parents mumoosky and doodah that
    s just to name a few

  397. Lidia says:

    I love these! We say bugaboo, baby doll, monkey, stinky fart, crazy baby, and dude. I know there are so many more, but that’s all I can remember right now.

  398. KiwiBunnz says:

    My son is Zekeasaurus Rex. My dad called my sister and me big Binkerbonk and Little Binkerbonk or Big Fart and Little Fart. We are just the usual amount of unbalanced 🙂

  399. Tracy @ The UnCoordinated Mommy says:

    Lol, my family called me Nappy. I had curly hair and my mom (and I) had no idea what to do with it. Not cool!! Luckily my mom had a nicer nickname and called me doodlebug and Tracy Lacy (not my middle name) 🙂

    I call my youngest B-Rice or Bryce-aroni. And my oldest is doodle-butt or stinker-bean.

  400. Jessica says:

    My 3 year old daughter was “Chuck” in utero since we didn’t find out her gender til birth and my hubby worked for Geek Squad at the time and there was a show on TV by that name about a guy who worked for the Nerd Herd. When the doctor announced she was a girl, I said, “Awww, Chuck’s a Chick!” Now we mostly call her Gingersnap or Princess Gingersnap.
    My 1 year old daughter is Doodlebug, Sweet Pea, and Livy Lou.
    I’m due with a boy in 2 weeks. No nicknames for him yet, but I’m hoping for a redhead! 🙂

  401. Kim says:

    My son Jordan was Jordonie bologna head when he was little. Don’t ask me where THAT one came from. Daughter Katie has always been Katiecakes or Kakes. And now her half-sister (ex’s daughter) is/was Megan muffin.

  402. Pamela says:

    BOODLE. He’s my Boodle-boy. He’s 12. I can’t remember how that evolved. When he was born, like 3 days old, I called him Goober, then Goo-bah, then Boo-gah, but that sounded too much like booger, then I switched it to Boo-dah (but people kept thinking I was saying “Buddha”), then I think it was Boo-de-boo, then Booder, then Boodle. I think.

  403. Angie says:

    I call my daughter “stinky”. She likes it when I smell her feet and pretend that they smell wretched.

    Also, random nicks are as follows: Punkin Head, Pickle, Pinky Pie, and Doodlebug.

    My nickname as a kid was “Turkey Neck”. My grandpa was rather strange. -shrug-

  404. Riki W says:

    I was the youngest, and I was called “Peanut”, or “Pean” for short. I’m 36 years old, and my parents still call me this – and I am okay with it. My daughter has been safe with normal names of affection. However, when I was pregnant with our 3 year old son, we started calling him “#2” since he was our second. Being fans of the Austin Powers movies, we then thought about Robert Wagner’s character, and at times would call the fetus “R.J.” We actually almost named him after Robert, but didn’t. Though I do often call him “Mr Cranky Pants!”

  405. Adrienne says:

    My 1 yr old was goober (or goobs) in utero. He is now mostly called little man or monkey. It took him a long time to respond to his actual name, lol, but he does now.

  406. Kristen M says:

    My dad has and still does call me “Bug” and I’m 38 years old!

    My oldest son is 8 and he is usually buddy or dude (sometimes still ” Riley-doodle” – as another commenter posted on the evolution of dude).

    My 4 year old is Ella so she’s usually ellabell. Or sister. Or girlfriend. Real original.

    Now my dog – he’s 14. For the Longest, I called him sweet pea which went to sweet Pete, to just “Pete”. But his name is actually bailey!

  407. My son’s name is Edmund. We planned to nickname him Teddy. So of course I call him Bear. Which I shortened to Boo.

  408. Alayne says:

    My brother and I were 4 years apart and given rhyming names. (I could complain, but we really didn’t care.) The only nicknames we had were the ones we gave each other “Petite Brethren” and “Humongous Sisterage.” Just the weirdest things we could come up with for little bro and big sister. Also called him Corporal and he called me Sergeant Major. NO idea where that came from. No one else was allowed to use those names. Just us. (Not that they would have wanted too.)
    One of my younger sisters called me Layne-Layne, which stuck fora long time. My mom still calls me that. So do my nephews, and my stepson did until he moved in with us and started calling me Mother. Daddy called me Cassidy (when he was telling me to get in the car or get in my chair at dinner, “Hop along in there Cassidy), and Long Drink of Water (I got tall at a young age, had long legs, then haven’t grown since I was 12) I get a lot of Layne and Laynie now.

    Moira gets called by her real name most of the time. When she was 2, she decided that her name was Rora, so we often go with that. I also call her M, which she refuses to answer to. Bennett calls her Moirie which, remarkably, she does answer to. Bennett is Benny at home, but doesn’t like anyone outside the family using it. My husband named him that with the intention of calling him Ben when he is older. I’m not sure how that will go over. My husband also calls him Bud or Buddy sometimes. We’re just not creative enough.

  409. Lisa says:

    Pookie, Pooks, Bubba, Baby Bear, Mama, Cheeks McGillicutty. Tip of the iceberg….

  410. Jamie says:

    Stephanie: Stephie, Fluffy(courtesy of lil bro), Meatball, Toothpick, Deaf-anie(she always says, “What?”), Hersoman(couldn’t pronounce her last name forever), Brattiny
    Matthew: Matt, Math-pew(apparently he smells bad), Matt Ryan(shortening of 1st & middle names),Matchoo(courtesy of siblings), Maddie, Little Buddy, Guido
    Devin: Devers, Dev, Pork Chop, Skittles, Dev Mike(shortening of 1st & middle names), Paulie
    Dustin: Dusters, Dust, Dusty, Monkey Boy, Opie, Daywalker, Beaners, Ginger Ninja, Dust Mitch(shortening of 1st & middle names)
    Sadie: Silly Sadie, Saddie, Sassy Sadie
    Dylan: Baby Dyl, Dyl Pickle, Pickle, Pick,
    They call my husband, “King Dork”

  411. Mommy says:

    When I was pregnant we called my little bump “Sherlock” (our last name is Holmes).

    My sister called her first unborn child “Bob” then when pregnant with child #2, it was called “Bob 2.0” “Bob 3.0” came next.

  412. Tara says:

    My third child has the most morphed nickname. I’m not sure I even remember the whole story…but it started something like…about the time the game Crash Bandicoot came out, we had this child who was going through a clumsy stage. We called him ‘crash’ or ‘crash benjicoot’. Somewhere along the lines he got morphed to ‘benjinugget’ and ‘nugget’. He’s still ‘nugget’, a lot.

    Other than that, we don’t have anything really off the wall. Doodles/Doodlebug, Sweet Cheeks, BabyGirl, Dude, Sparky…

    Oh, there is “Yo” which came from “yogurt” which came from “yo-yo”. Which came from “Joel toes” which I would exclaim excitedly when he was teeny tiny and took his socks off. You know, just that silly, typical mama stuff…that goes along with peek a boo. We shouted in excitement at his baby toes. He, apparently, heard “Joel toes” as ‘yo-yo’ and thus proclaimed his name WAS “yo-yo”. Then began his love for yogurt, so it morphed. And has stuck.

    Along with everyone’s general term of endearment “freaks” 😀

  413. Chrissy says:

    Completely hilarious, as usual. My littone one gets Maxibon, Bon Bon, Bear Bum

  414. Jenn says:

    My oldest, Baker, was Bacon for awhile. Then he became Bakes. He was also sweet pea. Not too bad. My next one was Jamie Jame (he’s Jamison) and pumkin. My last one, is my baby-cakes, peanut, M&M (he’s Emery) and, the odd one, cheeky-but.

  415. Brenna says:

    My son is my Bear. When he was a baby he made this cheeky grin that looked exactly like a Berenstain Bear. He got upset when I called him honey once. “Bears EAT honey.” And when I accidentally called his sister my “little bear”, I think he would have run away if he could have managed the doors back then. It took me days to get him to forgive me.

    My middle child is stubbornly resistant of any nicknames. And my youngest hasn’t been around long enough to have anything stick yet. But there are generic nicknames for everyone. My personal favorite is “booger butt”. It just kinda slipped out one day when I was changing my oldest’s diaper. 🙂

  416. Elizabeth says:

    My mom called me “Pigeon”, which I hated, so I swore I would never use a stupid nickname like that for my children. Thirty-some-odd years later, I call my daughter “Poot”. I can’t help it. It just comes out of my mouth. It came from “Cutesy-Pootsie”.

  417. jessica says:

    I call my 2 year old so many things … lovebug, little miss, monkey, diva, the list continues but the two worst are stinkbutt and little miss poopoo. The funniest part is she answers to those more than anything else haha

  418. Francesca says:

    Lucas was corn bread.

  419. Angie F says:

    We call my 20-month old daughter Pickles (because she’s a sweet little pickle), Bug (shortened from Lady Bug), and my husband’s favorite… Stinkerbell. She was Tinkerbell for Halloween, but somehow became Stinkerbell. LOL

  420. Erin Wood says:

    Ugga- my son Henry, and Schmoop-a-doop for my daughter Hattie!

  421. Nada says:

    I didn`t really have a nickname but my brother, whose name was Adam, was called Abner Teapot by our father for years and years.

    We call our daughter Bean, Beangirl, Nay-Nay Bean, The Bean, Beanaroo, Pumpkin Bean, Monkey Bean… pretty much any variation on bean. 😛

  422. Ashley Brown says:

    I call my 8 month old twins Booka (“bew-kah”) interchangeably and refer to them as my little books (“bewks”). I have no idea where it came from, but I’ve even caught my husband doing it!

  423. mama_k says:

    oh lordy. there’s not nearly enough storage on this blog, but in the last 15 mins i’ve used (on the same one kid): bug, chugalug, buggy, miss mcgoo, peeps mcgeeps, lovey, love, lovedove, stinkerpot, dove, bossy boots, pinecone mcgillicuddy, buns mcgoo.

  424. Jamie McMillan says:

    We call our son milosh, bubba, boober, boo, boozer and whatever random thing comes out of hubby’s mouth 🙂 he’s 2.5 and beanpole skinny 😀 Boo was my kid sister’s nickname and it evolved to boozie then boozer and it was passed on to my son 🙂

  425. Lexi says:

    My daughter is Charlottenbaby. We visited Berlin while she was in utero and there were all sorts of things named after a Queen Charlotte that were “Charlotten_______”. We started calling her Charlottenbaby.

  426. cass says:

    when my son was still a fetus, i was receiving those emails that tell you what your fetus is the size of. so, i started calling him Fig. he was Fig and Figgy but then when he was born, it just didn’t fit anymore. Monkey was the one for a long time until one of his preschool teachers called him Ollie-Doodle. now he is Doodles, Doodle-head, and we are Mommy and Daddy-Doodle.

  427. Lj says:

    Peanut butta
    Monkey butt
    Little man
    Monkey man

  428. Julie says:

    My favorite nickname that we had for my daughter when she was little was P-Nutty (like P-Diddy, except for a little peanut). It’s been phased out though, sadly.

    • Julie says:

      Oh, and she’s also been called Crankenstein and Captain Cranky Pants on more than one occasion. Crankenstein is a favorite (except not when she really deserves the title).

  429. Jen says:

    Our oldest is gege (guh-guh) and the younger is didi (dee-dee). Both boys. Sounds strange, but we live in Asia and those are the terms for big brother and little brother. The little one also thinks the Chinese phrase “how cute” is a reference to himself. We moved here when he was barely 2 and, as a mom, I know he’s cute 😉 , but he’s got this awesome white-blond hair and people in a country of nothing but black hair go nuts over him always saying “how cute, how cute!”

  430. Alice Rudin says:

    I still call my 8.5yr old “Monkey Butt”. It goes back to when he was a baby and got a lot of, a real lot of diaper rashes…

  431. Lauren says:

    Crazy number of comments! Currently the fetus is called the Jellybean- we got our first ultrasound to confirm at 7 weeks- size of a jellybean! I have a feeling that will last outside the womb. Other nicknames are the minion and baby bird.

    My sister calls me The Ginger (red hair, and we live in the US, so not offensive to me), and I call my littlest sis SquirtFace. I’m the only one allowed to call her that and have no idea why she still let’s me- she’s 15! I had plenty of redheaded nicknames, but that’s not the reason why I’m in therapy. 😉

  432. Christa says:

    Oh my – nicknames…yes, they do evolve.

    My oldest goes by many names. Beena, Bean, Beanz, Beenga, Crust, Crusty Hole, Crusty Hole Pizza, Ner, Beh-nah, Ben-wah: her name is Christina.
    She seems to have the most. Then we have Lou lou, lou-lou bell or lou loud smell.
    Buddah, Budsie.
    Faif, Faith-a Waith-a.

    I don’t think I can really trace the origin of most of these names – I almost never use actual names…it’s kind of funny actually! 🙂

  433. Cindy says:

    I always called my daughter Punkin, not very creative. With my baby boy, he goes by Boo Boo, Boo Bear or my favorite Moo Man (because he loves his mommy’s milk)

  434. Sandra says:

    My sister in law was “Tweedie” as she couldn’t say “Wheaties”, the cereal when she was small. My grandson, Matthew, I call Chewie, as when he was learning his name, He’d say, “My name is NOT MattCHEW, it is MattCHEW, grandma!” We call Brienne, Breezy. No one is scarred for life.

  435. Cassandra says:

    I was Pookie and my brother was PaNunchkin. Not sure where my mother came up with those but when I announced to her that she would be a grandmother I got the little Pookie books and rewrote the ending of one of the stories to say that Pookie #2 was on the way. She started crying and hyperventilating and couldn’t finish the book. Then I heard she showed it to all her friends and read it to the hairdresser. But my little guy is usually just Buddie unless I’m in a weird mood and then I make up strange alterations that never come out the same way twice.

  436. Kim says:

    At the risk of being labeled as scatalogically obsessed…

    The Girl Child (who is now a teen and will murderize me if she sees this): Madame Pooty-Britches, Meggy-Poo, Stinky-Poo…

    The Boy Child: Butterbean (from first ultrasound), The Gopher

    Both: Poot-Monkey, Monkey-Butt, Hey You, SweetTater, “meh beebies”, Sweetheart/Sweetie, Kiddo, No Dam*** Stop That, and Thank God I Had My Tubes Tied (just kidding, haha)… ;-p

  437. Jules says:

    My daughters name is Annabelle, which later meshed into annabells…and my idiot husband calls her annabelly…very cute now that she still resembles the state puff Marsalis man, but sweet lord I hope she never hears it past infancy…

  438. emily g says:

    This is just great info… I’m so relieved that other parents have off the wall names for their kids too!!
    First born has always just been bubby but my second child’s names have gone nutso.

    She started with goo= goo goo = goo goo baby = goo goo doll= goobie= goobie goo = goob.

    Wtf? Goobie? I am nuts. But I’m glad I’m not alone. 😀

  439. Amberwj says:

    I got ‘pontoons’ cause I was on swim team and had big feet, definitely took years to get over that but not life. Also got ‘flea-ber’ for jumping and climbing a lot.

    My kids get things like ‘crank-enstein’, ‘turd-nip’, ‘crab apple’… As you might guess they have bad attitudes regularly.

  440. Laura says:

    My dad recently had auto-immune encephalitis (stay with me, it’s relevant, honest!) and every day for a couple of weeks he lost brain function to the point that he was barely conscious. When the doctors came in every day they would ask him questions, one day they asked him my name, he stuttered, ‘F, F, F ….’ And they marked it as a fail as my name is Laura but then clear as a bell he said, ‘Flossie!’, my childhood nickname. It was a wonderful moment in a horrible time.

    He is recovering nicely now and getting back to normal 🙂

    That nickname once got my brother into trouble. The full nickname was ‘Flossie Buckets’ and my brother did an unfortunate spoonerism calling for me in the park ….

  441. Sara says:

    We call our son Bubs, which started out as Bubbles. We were marathoning The Wire when he was a baby… Out of all characters, I’m not sure why we chose THAT one to call our son…

  442. heather says:

    I started out calling my son Pumpkin and now I call him stinker butt (which is what i was also called as a kid),,He asks me why I call him that and I am like I don’t know… I also call him baby…

  443. Jena says:

    other than name variations (jen, jen-jen, jenja priss, jena lei etc) my childhood nickname from my parents was pork chop. which i hated from 7th-11th grade, then i was ok with it.

    My 13 month old is called jax, named jaxon and also jaxon the baxon (pooh movie?), possum, buzzard, bubba, bud, bub, little man, and turkeybutt.

  444. Emily says:

    We have Poopa and The Bun. And these poor kids will probably answer to those nicknames in highschool.

    Note: Poopa has nothing to do with poop, but mostly because she looked like a little papoose with such dark hair when we brought her home from the hospital, and her brother couldn’t pronounce papoose, just Poopa. Her brother has been The Bun since we found out we were pregnant with him and decided to wait until he was born to find out the sex . . . so “bun in the oven” got a whole new meaning 🙂

  445. My kids’ nicknames “sprout” from their other nicknames. The lists are crazy long… too long to list them all, but my daughter Lillian, has been many things, but her staple nickname is currently Phyllis. It went from Lilli to Milli Vanilli-Nilli-Philly-Phillip and now Phyllis. I myself am embarrassed when I call out PHYLLIS in Target. I don’t want people to think I named my 5 year old that…

    My son is fart-face, fart bubble, Grandma… He so lovingly calls me “Momma fart.”

    My baby daughter, River, is known by a various number of nicknames, but her staples are Squiv, Rio, butt cheeks (she’s 1…) So many more, I can’t even think or narrow it down. I’m sure they will all leave scars…

    To be fair, there are an equal number of “handsome, beautifuls, sweeties” thrown around all day too. 🙂

  446. Lesa says:

    For some reason we got on the Bubba train like so many other parents of boys, but Bubba has evolved to: bubs, bub, bubba-yoo, bubba-yoonie-roonie, younie, youn, chubba-bubba, chubsicle…etc. And those are just the bubba related nicknames!

    My dad always said that the more nicknames he gave people, the more he liked them. I think that’s true for a lot of people. They don’t call them “terms of endearment” for nothing 🙂

    PS: The pets have many nicknames too!

  447. Ginger says:

    My son Ben was called “Mr.Benjamin” when he was a newborn/infant because he reminded me of an elderly man all wrinkly and stuff. So now that he’s 19 months and doesn’t look like an old man I don’t call him that anymore, I somehow started calling him “beh-bets” and it stuck, only I can call him that though, sounds weird when my husband says it LOL! As for MY nickname, it was “Cheeto” as in the chip! Only older family members call me that, my mom, dad, aunts…

    • Ginger says:

      oh I have an uncle that EVERYONE refer’s to as Peanuts because he had a peanut shaped head when he was a baby. I never knew his real name for the longest time. His son (my cousin) is now called P-nut because he too has a peanut shaped head.

  448. Paula says:

    Our son’s knicknames are:

    “The Loaf”
    “Captain Pee Pants”
    “The Rumpus”
    And other forms of “Rumpus”

    It’s nice to see that we’re not alone in our ridiculousness.

  449. Paula says:

    Oh… And “Fat Baby-Head”.

  450. Alayna says:

    I call my 18-month old:
    Biskin (a variation of Biscuit)

    Apparently I should have named her Bean! I’m pretty sure I only say her real name (Lyric) when she’s getting into something that she’s not supposed to….

  451. teagansmomma says:

    My little one is Teagan, so we call her T, Teagie, Teagaboo, Boo-Boo, Boobadoo, Baby Girl, Baby Boo, Baby Girl Stinkerbutt, Stink, Little Bits… she responds to every single one as well.

    My nicknames growing up were Pebbles, because I had red hair and looked just like her, and Grace, because I’m very clumsy…

    My adult nickname is boring, It’s Aut, short for Autumn, which is my first name. 🙂

  452. Bianca is “boubie” (actually we all are, in this house), “bubble”, and “Dolly”, from Bianca Doll. When she was little I tried to make nicknames like Binky stick but they just wouldn’t. But she answers to Dolly, which I think is sweet.

    My nickname? My mother calls me (STILL) “My Sausage”. In fact she calls me Nicky when she’s angry, my full name never comes out.

  453. Dee says:

    my nickname was “springkaan” which is grasshopper in Afrikaans, I was skinny and fidgety back then. My sister was “beans” which we still call her sometimes.

  454. Heather says:

    My 3 year old will not answer to even one. single. nickname. I’ve tried (oh, I’ve tried) but even non-weird ones (sweetheart, honey, dude) get the response, “Don’t call me that, my name is Hannah”. She won’t even answer to her full first and last name – that’s apparently not appropriate either 🙂

  455. Veronica says:

    For my little one, usually a Logi Bear, little one, punk and monkey toes (he uses his toes to climb like a monkey), tiny tornado, and Loki (by his uncle)…my nicknames growing up were Monkey Butt and Roni. I wasn’t scarred by either, but hated Roni growing up because my dad is also Ronnie (Ronald) and I was named Veronica for the very purpose of having the same nickname as my dad, which pissed me off, now I don’t care so much-at least it was unique without being too strange.

  456. Stacey says:

    Bunnel-pants is my favorite nickname for my babe. “Bunnel” is a derivative of “bun in the oven” but I have no idea where “pants” came from.

  457. Kelsie says:

    I call my 5 y/o “Turd Bird” not sure why, I just always have.

  458. KC says:

    I call my son booger and my daughter chicken. Came from nowhere, but i love them! Hopefully, no scars!

  459. Beth says:

    When my daughter was born (4 now) my husband started calling her ” pants” bc it was obvious who wore the pants in the family. It has stuck. It does vary some now depending on her mood we will alter to bossy pants or cranky pants or silly pants but mainly she is just pants and everyone calls her that.

  460. Ali says:

    “Tater Head Puddin’ Blob”. This is what my husband called our second daughter, named Taylor, during her “squishy, slouchy” newborn stage. I made him stop, so it didn’t become permanent. She is 18 now, and actually thinks it’s cute when we reminisce about this. Oh, and my next door neighbor called me “Sam” when I was a kid because I was such a tomboy. I loved it! I wanted to change my name to Samantha, so I could really be a Sam!

  461. Wendy says:

    Schurk (translates to villain) and stinkerd (you guessed it)

  462. Kristin says:

    I refer to mine as poopyhead (in a cute way) or stinky face (from the book I love You Stinky face). I am afraid of the backlash when my 4 yr old may call a classmate a similar name at school – then how do you justify it when I, the parent, have started the name calling. “Uh, sorry, Mr./Mrs. Teacher, poopyhead is a term of endearment at home.”

  463. Katie says:

    We have several for our kids that are used based on the circumstance. Our oldest we call “Biggie Smalls” because she had a huge head and tiny body, the younger got “Lil’ Wheezy” for constant coughing as an infant. Then there’s “Ben Ber-nakey”, whichever one is currently leading the bathtub Fed. Then we just add McGee to whatever they’ve just done – Poops McGee, Burps McGee, Spaz McGee, Cranky-face McGee. Now that I’m listing them, I realize how weird we are!

  464. MB says:

    When my son was new, he was Squash Muffin b/c he was so squishy and squashy looking. That was later shortened to just Squash.
    As he got older, he had the skinniest legs, so we would jokingly ask him, “Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?” That led to him being called: Chicken Leg, Chicken Head, Chicken Little, and the ever popular Chicken Noodle Soup.
    He’s 13 now, still has skinny legs, and answers to anything beginning with Chicken.

  465. Sara Dalton says:

    I try to call mine honey, sweet pea, baby girl, daughter of mine but she always corrects me in the caveman talk of early preschoolers:
    “No mama. Me not bebe durl. Me Emagene!”

  466. Melanie, the Library Girl says:

    Hmmm…my daughter has a lot of names, too.

    Her name is Katie, but lately, she’s been called: Katers Potaters, Cranky Pants, Pork Chop butt, Punk, PeeYooSki, Muncho, Stinker, Oh Toodles and Cuckoo Loca (yes, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!).

    However, our special nickname for her is Bee. Because she buzzed around in my belly for 9 months. 🙂

    • Melanie, the Library Girl says:

      Oh, and my nickname as a child was Doll. Or dolly. It still is, both my parents and extended family members use it to this day.

      My brother did not fare as well – his nickname was Beanie or Bonzo. Poor guy. 😛

  467. Melanie says:

    My daughter’s nickname is either Booja (she called her blankie this when she was really little. Surprising this is “god” in polish so my aunt absolutely loved it lol). From this name my father in law came up with the name Punja which is the ONLY thing he EVER calls her. She has super long curly hair so of course the basic “Curly Sue” is one also.
    I didn’t really have any when I was a child that scarred me or anything lol Well my dad called and still calls me “kid”

  468. Amber says:

    We use nicknames more often than not at our house. Nathan has Nate, Nater, Nater-Tater, Tater, Tater-Tot, Tot. Grayson has Gray, Gray-Gray, Gray-bay, Grater-tot. Megan has Meg, Meggy, Meg-a-leg.

  469. Kerry says:

    We use lots of nicknames too. “Monkey” has been the standard for my now 10-year-old daughter. And I frequently call my 4-year-old son “Pants.” When he was a baby, I always called him something-pants, e.g. Silly Pants, Sleepy Pants, Cranky Pants… And it evolved into simply Pants. I love it now because it’s uniquely him.

  470. Misty says:

    I’ve called my son: Peej, Pee Pie and Angel (his name is Jackson). My nicknames are: Mystery, La Ruski, Rooskie (for short LOL), Moo, RIL (for Rooster in Law instead of Sister in Law) and Mist.

  471. Deborah says:

    The only nickname that has really “stuck” (besides the usual honey, sweetie, etc) is our daughter Jordan who we call Scootie. So much so that she sometimes puts that as her name on papers at school and pretty much everyone, from family, friends and teachers call her that all the time.

    P.S. Funny, my nickname from birth from my Dad is Froggy, (because newborns hold their legs like frogs apparently). He still calls me that to this day!

  472. LIttler says:

    I call my son Smooch or Smoochy because, when he was little, I always asked him to give me a smooch. Sometimes I also call him Boo or Buddy.

  473. Jessica says:

    I swear my mom had a new nickname for me every time she saw me. I learned that if she was talking in my general direction, then she probably was talking to me. And no, I don’t have issues now. 🙂

    A few names I can remember: Jessa woo, woo, woozlewart, wart (one I discouraged when I could talk for myself), woopie wompin wennow, toenail, toad, chief…there were many, many more where those came from.

  474. tiffany says:

    We call our youngest gozirra. Like godzilla but with a horribly cliched accent. Because she is in charge of destruction in our home.
    When our 9 year old why we pronounced it that way I realized I probably had to stop since I felt bad trying to explain the l to r conversion. But I still call her that. Oh the therapy.

    My eldest is meatball or bug, her younger brother is baby boy, little man or Dino (his name is dean), and the next boy is zippity (as in zippity doo da, still not sure where that came from) and Peabody (he was tiny when we got him, way under weight for his age). There are more. But the mind wanders.

  475. Ali says:

    For whatever reason we used to call my younger sister (named Kelly) “Beckslaren” or “Becky Sue”. No idea where those came from!

    I am sad that I have no crazy nicknames for my daughter yet, and she’s already 2!!! I need to get on that…

  476. It makes me so happy that it isn’t just my family that had a bunch of weird nicknames. It always boggles my mind when one of my friends doesn’t have a single nickname from their parents. My 1st cousin, Kevin, one has one, Kev. Lame. Coming from my nickname happy family, this is unacceptable. I’ve called him Kev-bo since he was about 5. As for me, I was dubbed GinaMcWeenaMaeGirlfriendTypeBucketofLadyKid on the day I was born. Bucket, Bucket of Love, Gina McWeena, Lady Bug, Bug Lady, and McBucket of Chicken were all derivations that occurred later. And while I don’t have kids yet, my cat has more nicknames I’m sure than most young children. His given name is Cody but he looks up for Cody McCody, furry friend, fur face, monkey, kitty head and many more.

  477. Tracy says:

    His in-utero nickname was Bugatti (‘cuz we knew he’d have a car name of some sort.) I started a journal at the time and alternated between Bugatti, Bug and Bitty. Now I string his whole name together, inevitably starting with “Handsome”- Handsome-Hudson- Michael-Beck, or dude, dude-o, monster, smiles, goof, man-o, among others.

  478. Victoria says:

    Sadly, instead of sitting in a reverie of happy childhood nickname memories, I’m sitting here singing “Toto Menendez and Cruz Bustamante” to all the different parts of Istanbul (Not Constantinople) to figure out where they fit in. The cats are looking at me. Witheringly.

  479. Jo says:

    My oldest son’s nickname is Boomer. When he was little he was super clumsy. He’d walk into the wall, door jam, edge of furniture. When he was three he got glasses…. his vision is 20/200. Now we know why he was so clumsy, but the nickname stuck. He is ten and I still call him that.

    My daughter’s nick name is tater (tate, tatie, taetae). I used to say she was no bigger than a sack of taters… then I just starte calling her tater. Most folks think I am calling her Kate or Katie instead of tate and tatie. Her other nickname is big…. from big girl or big sister.

    My youngest doesn’t have a nickname like the other two. I guess we’re just too busy and mentally exhausted to put that much effort into it!! His name is Levi and we call him Lovems, Lovi, Levums, love bucket, love muffin, stink-a-roo and of course buddy.

  480. Jackie says:

    Love nicknames. My daughter was Lucy for a long time because my husband would come through the door yelling “hey, Lucy, I’m home!!!”, and she thought he was talking to her. My son is now 16, and I recently I have tried to break the habit of calling him “boobers”. Started out as Boo Bear when he was a little thing, because he was short and round, but somewhere along the line evolved to a name that is embarrassing to him as a teenager, lol.

  481. Lisa says:

    My Dad called me Lees (Pronounced “lease”), and a few friends picked it up. My hubby’s is “Boo”, because when we first lived together, I jumped and screamed every time he came around a corner in the house. lol. He started saying “boo!”, thinking that it would be a warning that he was coming so that I wouldn’t scream. Didn’t work. Since then, I call him “Boo”. Our oldest son, got stuck with Bubba, long before he had a sibling. Not sure how that started, but he still answers to it. My daughter was called “punk’n” or “punk’n baby” by me and still called “Sweetie” by my hubby. I’ve evolved to “Baby Girl”… and she’s taller than me. 🙂 The youngest son is Woobie. None of the names evolved except me with my daughter. lol.

  482. Casie says:

    Booger-head and Wookie.

  483. JenW says:

    Funny to hear others with “the boy” as well. We only say it when referring TO him…drives my FIL bonkers…which pleases me to no end. Because I am 14. Mostly we call him Monkey though. It used to be Monkey Butt…then I realized he was going to start talking one day and I didn’t want him saying BUTT BUTT BUTT at school. So it became Monkey or Monkeekee.

  484. Nadine says:

    I’m Francophone, so most my terms of endearment for my son are French. Among other things, I call him pitou, pinotte (which is a French bastardization of “peanut”), and “mon p’tit pète” (“my little fart”).

  485. Nobodaddy says:

    Zobotron 2084

  486. Delora says:

    I called my oldest Pumpkin after he was dressed up like a pumpkin at 3mos for Halloween. That stuck until he was probably 5 or 6. When my youngest was born, he was Peanut for a while due to his size (4lb 8oz), but eventually became Pumpkin also since it’s what I was used to saying.

    Poor second child getting the recycled nicknames…

  487. Gae says:

    When he was little he looked sort of like an elf so my husband and I decided we would save the nickname Mr. Keebler so we could talk about him without him knowing it. My husband calls him The Boy and he also gets called bud, buddy, dude. We’re pretty creative over here! LOL

    • Gae says:

      I forgot to mention my own childhood nicknames. My mom used to call me Gae-Gae (sort of like John-John I assume) and also Baby Gae (last born in the family). Hated both of them and am a little scared from it all.

  488. Stephanie says:

    Hen, henny, henny dew, dew bop, dew bot, (dew) boppers, monkey dew, doodie poo
    His REAL name is Henry

  489. Oh my gosh, these comments are cracking me up. 🙂 My daughter Lucy’s nicknames are Luce, BooBoo, Baby Bird, Chip, Wuce, Dr. Wuce, Sassypants. My son Lincoln’s nicknames are Lincs, Mr. Lincs, Smacky Smacky (which he also calls himself), Doodles, Doodlebug, Bug, Dr. Wincs, Stinker Linker. They probably have a good 20 more that I’m not thinking of at the moment.

  490. Hazel says:

    We have delightful ones for our boys: sock head, thug, bubba-ganoush, elf, Jet-ski, bunker-boo (but they are getting too big for that last one) and just plain ‘bubba’ works for either.

  491. Charmaine says:

    As a child I was called Tony, Princess and Bubba. I would have to say the last one scared me. I was a chubby kid and I always thought of it as a chubby kid name. I can’t stand to this day if someone calls me bubba.
    As for my girls. When my first was a baby she had a lot of gas so started calling her Captin Toot toots. Ya, I don’t know why. I call her Swami (her name is Slavica). I refer to her as Slavica eats a pizza, I call her slobby…, boobies, boo boo.
    For my other daughter I call her Mad dog (her name is Matisa), Mad Dog Mati. She has quiet a temper so it was fitting. Ma-tee-to Mojito the bare foot Assassin. Similar to the previous name, she has a temper and never likes to wear any socks. So one night when I was watching UFC I came up with her cage name.
    I don’t think there is enough therapy one can do to for what I have done to my girls. lol
    My favorite that I use for everyone in the house is Duce. Our last name is Dusic and Duce is the short form so I can them Duce or Little Doo and Medium Doo while Papa is Big Doo…
    My dog, well she will answer to Beagle, obvious nick name, she’s a Beagle. Beags, Regal Beagle, B, Z-Z (her name is Zoe), Zo Zo, Zeepy (pronounced with like “zed” not “zee” cuz I AM CANADIAN) lol.

  492. tarabyte says:

    Ooh, let’s see. My 16 month old has been: Ivykins, Boo, Boo-boo Bear, Toots McGee, Pterodactyl, Stinks, and The Honey Badger. Boo is used most frequently, and has been in use since she started saying “booo” when she was about 4 months old – the sweetest sound in the world (well, at least until she started saying “I wuh woo” recently). Honey Badger is the most appropriate nn since she started walking. In fact, I’d better go make sure she’s not eating a rattlesnake or something.

  493. Jamie says:

    Bubba and Sis. Yeah, I’m from Tennessee.

  494. Sarah says:

    Thanks to the book Goodnight Oregon, my son always calls us Monkey Face now. But whenever we’re out and I call him that, I get some very strange looks…

  495. Beki says:

    My oldest who is 16 I still call Chobee, my daughter who is 14 is Snitzy or Sweaty Peaches and my 4 year old is bug face which has now become just “face” and also Sugar Babe… but his name is Frankie so we sometimes have: Cranky Frankie, Frankie needs his Blankie, Frankie’s gonnna get a spankey. We also celebrate “Franksgiving”..

  496. Jade says:

    I call my little guy Squeakers (and Squeaks, & Squeaky- which referred to his cry and baby noises as a newborn), Doodlebug, Twiddlebug, Schnoodles, Squiggle-butt, Bubby-boy, Angel-boy, Snuggles&Buggles, Turkey, Monkey, and of course all of the normal terms of endearment too, plus a bunch I’m forgetting! 🙂 What’s really, really bad, is that twice when caring for really cute, confused elderly people, I accidently let “Monkey” and “Turkey” slip out while speaking to them when their behavior reminded me of my son! Ooooops!

  497. Nicole says:

    I had no nicknames. My grandmother called me “coley” for a while, but then my Aunt named her youngest Cole so that had to stop. And my parents have never used nicknames. My sister (Julie) got “jules” though.
    However…my DOG has a million nicknames. So many that he answers to some of them provided you sound cheerful enough. Examples are… “Sh*t head” ( my dad’s favourite) and “Zeusy-poo” (his name is Zeus) are the most common, although “Zeusy” and “puppy” and “boo-boo” are up there. But my Dad can say “sh*t head come here” and he will come!

  498. Shelle says:

    We call the baby “the Beeble” or “Boo Boo” or “Snerp”. “Snerp” came from the sniffing and slurping he did when he was eating. My 10 year old has gone through a series of nicknames, “Fang, Fangovitz, Bean, Monkey …” Now he is known as Fang and he likes it.

  499. Katie says:

    my cousin’s son luke is “lukulele” like the instrument “ukulele” … really cute.

    my friend has Monkey (likes to climb everything), Possum (would pretend to be asleep even as an infant), and Turtle (from TURDle ) … 🙂

    and when my niece was 2 she couldn’t say her name (aria) so she called herself “ya-ya”. unfortunately that didn’t stick. i thought it was really cute.

  500. Sasha says:

    When my son was 5, he told me one day that he only wanted me to call him Sweetie Cake (my heart melted). And so I do. And probably will forever. He is almost 8 now and has certainly already lived long enough to regret saying it.

  501. Katie says:

    The baby used to be pretty chubby so we have a lot of loving fat-based names for him: Fatty Matty, Chubble Bubble, Fatthias, Mr. McChubbs, Thick McRunFast (from a Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Space Mutiny), Sir Chunksalott, Chubby Bubbs, Chubber McBubber.

    Now he’s not so fat so we call him Bubbles, Bubby, or Bubba.

    His older sister Honey Buns has a lot of sweet pastry-type nicknames. Anything with sugar in it goes for her.

  502. Courtney says:

    Oh my god, I get made fun of for all the differdnt nicknames I have for my son: boogie(which is how his big sister refers to him), pooter, pooter-scooter, dilly bean( Dylan is his real name), padoodle, and pooper.
    My favorite nickname we ever had, and we sadly don’t use anymore, was for my daughter : squeezal. Its a word we learned drom anthony bourdain and applied to her based on the noises she made.

  503. NancyJ says:

    “Boogenz” is the evolutionary equivalent of the human in the hundreds of smaller names that were washing around the primordial shore for years: katie-bug, bug, bugster, poo-bear, bear, bean, etc. A ‘boogenz’ can also be more than just a person that is the object of your affection. It can also be an object of unaffection, such as ‘don’t be a boogenz.’ The problem with boogenz is the shortened version, which is what happens with all names, is it sounds uncannily like ‘boob’. Many times in public I called one of my kids a ‘boog’ and that didn’t go over well. Or last long. So I guess the moral of the story is, be careful w/ the names you settle on; they might be the last ones you use! (Or they just become the passwords for all of your online accounts)

  504. Shauna says:

    A culmination of 7 years has given our oldest son the names Monko,Bum,Bummy,Naffie,Bubba,Bub,Babe and Juicy Potato

    So far the 6 month old son has thus far been deemed Ham,BAYBAY (Said just like it looks!) and Mister…I think the Mister might stick a while 🙂

  505. Fuzzy says:

    I nicknamed our son Burrito Boy, because he looked so cute when swaddled. He’s also Stinky Butt and Little Dude.

  506. sanndra says:

    2.5 yo called Peach mostly, cause she had such a fuzzy peach head when she was born. Sometimes The Peach. Also boogaloo boobie doo(?), muffin -> muffy ->miffy->miss miffeth, little munchkin, beluga looga, lovebug, Peachy.

    My dad still calls me Kid and I’m 38 – which I didn’t notice until a stranger pointed it out. 🙂

  507. Buttons says:

    My daughter has so many, I had to stop calling her them when she was little because I was afraid she really didn’t know her own name! Besides just the normal kid nicknames, we’ve got, Livia Lou, Smudgen (or Smudge for short since even nicknames need nicknames), Butt Butt (not sure where this came from at all), Toots in the Boots, Stink, Bug, and I know we have way more. My nephew is Bubbahs (short for Bubbah T Wubbah T’s) and Chubby Chootikans, but he is only 7 months old so I am sure he will accumulate more. I am still stuck with Bunnyface and Katarina Queena, and my sister is Haheese the Beast and Jungle Regina, and she calls my mom Mooface and my dad Pups. We are just a nickname kind of family. I’m glad we’re not alone!

  508. Stacey says:

    I was Squeegie as a kid. No clue where it came from. My son (10 1/2) is Bubba, Bubba Lou, Peanie (shortened from Peanut Butter), Monkey, Monkin, The Boy and many more!

  509. Kathleen says:

    We call my son Johnnycakes and Boo. In my head I think if John as JB for Johnny Boy.

    Not as creative as my family who called me Katrina Bobina and Lena Lena Carpet Cleaner (to the tune of Regina carpet cleaner add).

  510. Ari says:

    My 4 year old (Weston) started out with boogers, which turned into boogs, which turned into booger-butt, then bug, then buggie, then bugaroono. My daugher is 2 and a very loud child. Her name is Rowan and her NN is Rar-Rarr.

  511. heather mcvaugh says:

    Some how my 2yr since she was born we called her Fat Head, But i have stopped that Now. Don’t want her growing up thinking she really has a fat head.

  512. Snarkmeister says:

    My 14-yr-old is Munchkin, Kiddo, Rugrat, or Monkeypod. In fact since Siri confuses his real name with other people in my contact list, I renamed him to Rugrat Monkeypod in my phone, so that I can easily use voice-command to call him.

  513. Allison says:

    My son’s nicknames are Turkey (sometimes with face or butt added to the end), The Buster, Bubs, Chauncey, Stink Pot, B-Rex, B-Man, the Tiny Terrorist (ok that last one is only in my head, or in frazzled text messages to my fiancé.) But mostly he’s Turkey or The Buster. His name is actually Braeden, for the record.

    I also went to high school with a girl whose little sister was Critter. Like, I honestly don’t know that girls real name, everyone including teachers, coaches, etc. called her Critter. It really is funny how same names stick.

  514. Rosie says:

    My cherished firstborn was a voracious easter so started out as boobmonkey which has then diversified to boomonkey, monkeyboo, boomunks, boochunks, boomunka, chewbunka, boochops, boochops boochops gali… Now I have a second the cycle begins again!

  515. Gabrielle says:

    3 year old boy – Monkey boy. Simple enough, right?
    21 month year old girl – – dingleberry. She has taken to walking directly behind me with her head in my butt .
    3 month old girl: kling-on. She’s 3 months old. She lives in the slings. But also feels the need to dig her claws into my neck to remind me she is there. As if I could forget.

  516. Gabrielle says:

    Forgot my own: My childhood babysitter called me beaver because I chewed all the wood on her porch and my family calls me buckmeat because when I was 8, I was served a hotdog on a family camping trip, I said, in front of all 20 children on the camping trip, ranging in age from 2 to 15 , ”Is this venison? You know, like meat from a deer?” My uncle responded, ”No. It’s buckmeat.” None of the kids would eat Bambi after I pointed it out 🙂

  517. Anna says:

    I call my little guy Monkey, because he is! He climbs on everything, esp. me and daddy, he makes funny noises, and likes to throw stuff (not poop though!).

    • Anna says:

      ooh! Also, when he was first born and made those cute rooting sounds, I called him my little truffle hunter! (pigs hunt truffles)

  518. Alex says:

    We called my 2nd Mammoth Hunter in utero, as per 1st kid’s suggestions. Except when “she” came out woopsie the ultrasound techs were wrong and we had no boy names we kept calling him that. To much horror. Eventually we gave up trying to find a “real” name and named him Hunter.
    Daughter is Little Boo, Shookashoo, her name plus booboo. I can’t even remember what else until it comes out…I call the 2nd the same…My mom called me Punky and my 89 year old grandma still calls me Sweetie Pie.

  519. amanda w says:

    oldest…now 17 got called butterbean butt, fat legs, lee-see, sweet pea, and shortstop

    second now 15, got called gabe-babe, bagriel (his sisters invention),frog,little dude, and G-man

    third, 10- got called little man, mister man,turtle, buddy, and Gay-Micah (this came from being used to saying gabriel and now learning micah)

    fourth-8 has been called chicken little, emmakins, rory, princess, little bits, and My-Emma (see gay-micah above)

    collectively the 2 olders have been referred to as “the kids” or the bigs
    the 2 youngers get called the littles

  520. Anna Czarnomski says:

    oh too many…

  521. Vicky says:

    My older son has always been simply Ashbash. My younger son is zeezul, zeezul MacFurless, zoozoo, zeezee, zee, buggy and bug bug. He answers to all of them 🙂 My favorite is Zeezul MacFurless because it’s so bizarre and I have no idea where it came from.

  522. Garzaster says:

    My oldest is kiddo. Or if we’re in public I like to call her kid really loud so other people hear me say “Hey kid, just sit in the cart and be quiet.”

    I used to call them both bay-bas but my 3 year old delicately informed me that she is NOT my bay-ba anymore because she is a 3 year old girl!

  523. Anna says:

    My 8 year old daughter has a plethora of nicknames that seem to make very little sense including: Bean, Booger-head (given by her older sister), Munchkiny-minipants, Turd-burger (she mispronounced bird-burger at an unusual restaurant that had a chicken, duck and turkey burger patty), Sausage, Chicken, Princess Prissy-pants and Pencil.

  524. Katie says:

    I call my daughter punkin pie, bugaboo, bugabean, and bear. My brother calls her Alfred George because I named her Aly after my late grandfather. When we were kids, my sister was Monkey Legs because she had long legs and my other sister was Petite Sweet but I can’t remember why — she definitely wasn’t sweet! lol

  525. Nicole says:

    My Mr3 is sometimes called Paul-Bunchkin (a warped version of poor munchkin), buddy, stinky-bones and squiggle-butt. Little Miss 9mths is named Ruby and since teething has been pooey and so we call her Pooby… must stop doing that before reached school and it catches on!

  526. Morgan says:

    I read the two names from “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” and thought, “How do I know those names??” before I continued reading. 😛

  527. Kristin says:

    My son’s name is Brady. We started out with Sir Brady, then Sir Bradykins. When he is being a pan in the butt, he is Sir Brattykins.

  528. rita says:

    My Makaila Desiree is 10 now, but still answers to Mickie, Mickie D, McDiesel, just Diesel… I am a “car chick” and one of my dad’s cars I loved was an Oldsmobile that had a diesel engine… and I loved being outside when it was running, loved the diesel exhaust fumes, which is what my husband attributes my quirks to now…

  529. Rachel says:

    I started calling my niece LaneyBug (her name is Alayna) before she was even born, and I also call her nerd most of the time. That one started as one of those silly things kids do to which I said “you’re such a nerd.”

    When my nephew was born, he got the title of Dork.

    Yep. I’m the fun aunt 😉

  530. chantelle hernandez says:

    Growing up I was called bundidusky (bandida Spanish for cheeky) lollipop and shorty I am now the tallest in my family. Haha, my family are now stuck with nicknames, my dad is dadios, pappadums, vatti, farter 😉 my mum is ma, Madre, Abu from my son,

  531. Cassie says:

    I call my son Jack: Jackie, Ding dong, Bumbum, Poophead, Jack Frost. Mostly.

  532. Trista says:

    My oldest is booger. He had an undiagnosed cleft of his soft palate and everything came out of his nose.
    My youngest, do-do. Dont ask. His name is Reese, I dont know where it came from, but my husband uses it now too.

  533. Dread Pirate Robyn says:

    Hi. I’m Lizard. Have been since toddlerhood.
    I’m 32 and I answer to that more than my real name.

  534. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, nicknames!

    When I was little, I loved the pink-eared dog Poochie. My big brother and sister started calling me Poochie, which evolved to Pooch. I’m now 30 years old and my sister still calls me Pooch! My brother, however, calls me Rooch after a failed attempt at signing his wrist cast when he was in high school. Ps and Rs are so similar . . .

    My dad calls me Zuzu after It’s a Wonderful Life (I adore this nickname). He also calls me Dooey, Doo-Wop, Juju, and Toot n’ Scoot (that last one after a convenience store near my uncle’s house).

  535. Marie says:

    I have heard at many a family reunion stories of how two of my aunts were called “skigly” and “fagly” by their brothers because they were “skinny and ugly” and “fat and ugly.” I was always a little horrified they’d be so mean, but they just laugh about it now. One of my uncles used to be called “grasshopper” because he was knee-high to a grasshopper aka short.

  536. Ashley says:

    I call both my girls Bug. Sometimes I call them either peanut butter or peanut brittle. I have no idea why. And there’s a ton of others, too, like Little Bit (Elizabeth), monkey, booger (in a nice way). It goes on and on.

  537. Erin says:

    My Dad used to call me Stinkbug because I guess my poop was really stinky. I didn’t believe his stories until my second daughter was born and her poops were RANK right out of the gate. Turns out we are both dairy sensitive and allergic to wheat. Eliminating both solves the problem. Who knew?

    And we call her MapleBean. It was originally Mapaleen [like maybelline] as a combination of her first and middle names, Maple and Aileen, but her sister [who was only 18 months old] could not say it and started calling her MapleBean and it stuck.

  538. Starla says:

    When I was a child, my mother called me Sugar Bear. My dad would call me Sissy (as in big sister). I am still called Sissy by my dad and little brothers (as in big sister, not as in “you’re a sissy”. I lived two states away from my dad and brothers so got to skip the majority of sibling fighting.). As for my little one, when I was pregnant he was Bean. Now that he’s in the real world, we call him Bear, short for Baby Bear. We also call him Buddy, Buddy Bear, Bubba, Punkin, Wiggle Worm, Doodle Bug, Punk-a-Roo…and who knows what else. He is only 4 months. I can only imagine how many he’ll have by the time he’s 1.

    On a side note, I recently found your blog and have been reading it backwards (so sorry if my comments are ages too late). I’ve read maybe 20+ in a row, and someone at work asked me about Bear. Without thinking about it I said “Crappy Baby’s doing just fine, a little fussy.” They gave me an odd look, and I said “Yep, crabby baby. He’s a crabby one right now.” I have the Crappy Family stuck in my head. LOL

  539. alianora says:

    Online, my six year old is Voldemort, Dark Lordling, or the Little Dark Lord. Offline, he’s Bucky, Buck, G, Griffindor, Shortstuff, McWeirdo, and Goofus.

    I have two sisters, and we all have 3 syllable names because our mom wanted to give us nicknames. We all go by our full names, but as a kid, I was Allie, Allicat, Allipoop, Sunny, and Slimy. Collectively, we were “Nata-Missa-Sunny” when my dad had to call all three of us.

  540. Erica says:

    I was Lucy, from Charlie brown as I had dark hair and was bossy.
    My kids: Adi is deedee, deeda, deedu, adiluli, adishuna, deedush
    Leeam (accent on second syllable) is leeamoosh, limi lemon, Yama, Barack Obama (rhymes with Yama) and Leeami
    Eitan is toonie, tuna, eitush, toosh, toosh toosh. He was the only one named in utero- foofoo, which lasted 3 weeks after he was born as we couldn’t think of a name.
    I figure as long as they answer they aren’t too bad.

  541. Rose says:

    Doodle bugg or doodle for short, MC poopypants (my husbands choice but fun to say 😉 ) Chubbs or chubster… she’s not even four months yet!

  542. papa daddy says:

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  543. Krista says:

    I call my dd all sorts of things. In utero, she was Cubby(and new baby otw is CubbyTwo) because I call my husband Cheetah(comes out more like Chehda nowadays though), and he calls me Kitteh.

    Her nicknames now are Cazzi bear(her name is Casdia), stinky butt, baby-thing(because she not the elder thing, she’s the baby thing!) Baby-thulu (Babythulu stirs in her slumber!), and of course, My monster, or Cazzi-monster

  544. papa daddy says:

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  545. Vanessa says:

    Mine was Little Monkey (Twilight Zone reference). Then Big Monkey. Then Big Monkey Flea, Monkey Flea, then finally just Flea. I have no clue.
    My daughter is Brathead. She also now answers to Girl. This is because of my second child’s main nickname.
    My older son is Tree, Bud, or simply Boy.
    My younger son is Bear.

  546. Kat says:

    My 11 week old is: Fussy Face, Turkey Burger, BennyBoo, Cutes Patoots & Baby Bubba. As in “Baby Bubba, Baby Bubba to the boogity beat” from Rapper’s Delight.

    I was Woodle (rhymes w/ poodle) as a kid and I HATED it but still didn’t need therapy. 😉

    I’m new to this blog & I love it! You’re hilarious.

  547. Sam says:

    I used to call my little sister Stinkerpants, and she wouldn’t respond to her actual name! she was 3ish, now almost 20 🙁 Then she wanted to be called Thumbelina, except she said it Fumbelina. ugh lol