Losing the Game of Catch Up

Kids are on the mend so I’m playing a game of catch up. This is a losing game. You can’t really win it.


Anyway, more later soon. (Hopefully soon. Certainly later. Might not be soon. Uh, Crappy Papa is out of town until next Wednesday and I’m circling the drain over here. It isn’t pretty.)


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Since my blog sucks this week because I’m underwater, you can read other things and I’ll even help point you to a couple. Like about how it is World Malaria Day. <–no really, it’s funny. Or see if you can read this without laughing. (Warning: not safe for work and you’ll only love it if you are super immature like me. I kept it together until the rooster soup. Probably because I’m hungry.) Thanks to In the Powder Room for sharing that one on twitter. 

Also, I really want David Cross to adopt this adorable dog that reminds me of him (here is the picture so you know what I mean) from Pug Nation Rescue LA. Am I the only one that sees it?

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56 Responses to Losing the Game of Catch Up

  1. Liz says:

    I love David Cross and OMG, that little doggy does look like him! LMFAO, he needs to adopt it!

  2. Sarah says:

    Oy, the unclimbable and ever expanding laundry mountain. Good luck and I hope things are easier for you soon.

  3. Someone needs to invent a machine that sorts, folds and puts clothes away. Today is a laundry day for me as well, which means clothes will actually make it back into their appropriate location in two weeks, if at all.

  4. Amanda says:

    I am tackling mount washmore myself right now as well.

  5. Robin Jingjit says:

    Where are all those colors coming from?? Someone has been straying from the uniforms!

  6. Kai DuBose says:

    Amber you already know laundry is EVIL. It’s beyond EVIL. Two of my children are at the age where they can drop off their laundry in the laundry room and I swear they wait until the mountain has been conquered then drop their laundry bags filled with clothes and it’s like a dagger to the heart…I see red and want to run screaming…(this scenario repeats itself several times during the week by the way). Did I mention laundry was EVIL???? Thanks for the crappy pictures always. This one holds special meaning to me. I think I will print, frame and post in my laundry room…if I can actually get in the door. 🙂

  7. islajmom says:

    Ahhh David Cross dog!!! Love it. And cannot wait until next month! May 26th cannot come soon enough!

  8. Mt. Laundry isn’t all that bad as long as you remember to bring a really big bottle of wine to base camp. And then stay at base camp for a long time to “acclimatize” before trying to summit.

    And thanks for the World Malaria Day shout-out. Happy World Malaria Day! (Psst… someday, I hope we kick malaria’s ass and make the “happy” part of that a reality.)

  9. Tiffani says:

    I am so sorry. I feel your pain. My husband has been traveling a lot lately, too! I am literally about to unravel! Hope there is comfort in knowing someone else is climbing a similar mountain!

  10. Sam says:

    David Cross dog! 🙂 That is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all week.

  11. Jill says:

    Oh gosh, sick kids and solo parenting that has got to be awful! Hope everyone is all better soon.

  12. IrisMommy says:

    Had no idea who David Cross was until I looked at the pic, he was the guy on Arrested Development, right? I think I want to adopt that little dog, man it is cute.

  13. Heather says:

    We all deserve a laundry medal. There has got to be some kind of incentive other than clean clothes. A glass of wine for each load folded and put away?

  14. Rach says:

    That DOG! LOL, isn’t he the cutest thing? I love Poor Decision of Todd Margaret, that is the perfect picture to pair with the sad little dog. David Cross has the perfect sad puppy dog face too. Well done, made me laugh out loud.

  15. Abby says:

    I have 3 packets of rooster soup sitting in my pantry. I’m planning to anonymously mail them to people.

  16. Wilson says:

    Your honesty about motherhood allows me to keep on living. And, you know, feeding my children.

  17. Delora says:

    The sign about the anniversary got me. Though I do want to try some cemen dip 😉

  18. Devan says:

    My 3 year old was sick last week and now I have had it this week (what’s up with that??)…anyways, yes, I am climbing a laundry pile right now too. And I love and will follow the wine-rewards idea! Just keep swimming, Amber! <3 Devan

  19. Em says:

    I call this “vanquishing the laundry monster”. He is an evil beast and a strong opponent. I imagine myself wielding a sword, and dodging his vomit-breathing affront.

  20. Starla says:

    Those links were awesome! Your laundry pile looks like ours…only no one’s been sick. We just hate laundry. =D (Maybe I should just buy new clothes…)

    On a happy note, I bought your book last night. Yay! I’m about half way through and loving it. I can’t wait to use it to introduce all my friends and family to the Crappy Family.

  21. Trisha_K says:

    Oops – Parking for BJ’s got me!

  22. Becky says:

    Wishing you easy days and happy kids until Crappy Daddy gets home.

  23. Papu says:

    Just wanted to let you know I finally got my book yesterday. Your book, which I *preordered*. I had no idea Amazon would be using a cart pulled by a donkey for delivering them to Europe. *sigh* But I’m happy I finally have it. 😀

  24. Carrie says:

    Did you create your own “Crappy font?” Or are you so busy, you found one in crappy-style and use that? Either one, I think I need me some crappy font- what is it? Because, yes, some people are detail-oriented (anal) and notice when people change fonts or don’t hand write things.

    • amber says:

      Yes and yes. I made that font last year and never used it. Too busy to handwrite so finally using it!

  25. Nickol says:

    My laundry pile looked worse than that yesterday morning, now we are down from horrendous mountainous pile to normal neglected laundry pile. How you ask? I offered my teenage daughter anything she wanted as payment to do it. The cost: An entire carton of ice cream to herself. (If any is stolen another carton must be purchased for her.) Totally worth it!!!

  26. Colleen says:

    I didn’t make it past the noodle soup place. Guess I’m extra immature today. (actually I started laughing just thinking of not laughing!)

  27. Karen says:

    I have a CD of a woman singing “Climb Laundry Mountain” (it’s to the tune of Sound of Musics, “Climb Every Mountain.”) Looks like you could have used it today. My laugh is that our pile looks just like mine!

  28. Janae says:

    OK. So my laundry doesn’t look too bad but I haven’t run errands or done grocery shopping for two weeks because that involves leaving the house and the car and pushing a heavy cart and walking, etc. And I’ve been sicko. Bleh! So now that I feel human again I will be tackling the errand obstacle course. Hopefully before we run out of yogurt. It’s the only thing standing between us and my kids on a diet of fruit snacks.

  29. Lynette says:

    I’m an abandoned claim this week, too. Someone either needs to come get mah chilluns or shoot me with a tranquilizer dart, stat!

  30. Erica says:


    We all had the barf/sharts this week, plus guests, so DUDE my pile looks exactly the same, with special b/s flecks all over it maybe.

  31. Cameron says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE you made it to the rooster soup. I don’t generally think of myself as having an immature sense of humor but I lost it way before that! It was the noodle bar that did me in. HA! Thanks for sharing and good luck finding your way back. I’m there, too. Which is why I’m reading your blog instead. OOPS!

  32. Holy hell–is that tree REAL?!!!! I’m asking for a friend…

  33. I have only just discovered your crappy blog, and I love it!
    We are a little slow on the uptake here in Australia, I’ve only JUST started my own blog. Feel free to critique me here http://lilyandcharliedesigns.blogspot.com
    ANY feedback is appreciated! :)))

  34. Kim @ LiaH says:

    I hear you on the mountain of laundry. I have gremlins or brownies or some other strange woodland creatures that like to sneak into human homes in the dead of night, wave their teeny wands and multiple the laundry and dirty dishes tenfold. I’ve tried to stay awake and catch the little suckers – but I think they send the invisible fairies in ahead of time to sprinkle sleepytime dust into my eyeballs.

  35. Rachel says:

    I am laughing soo hard because the laundry mountain is EXACTLY what mine looks like today. Can you draw an evil face on it like its about to swallow u up inside the pile??

  36. Chrissy says:

    I left reviews of your book (5 stars) at Barnes and Noble and Amazon! LOVE YOUR BOOK! 🙂

  37. Woolies says:

    The laundry mountain never goes away. My kids are 20 and 17 and the 20 year old doesn’t even live here and the mountain still exists. And since I work from home in my jammies, it’s not my dirty clothes. ???

  38. Stephanie says:

    I cannot believe you made it all the way to the soup!

  39. Erin says:

    More super funny stuff when Amber needs a break from taking care of all us – the honest toddler blog – thehonesttoddler.com. So much truth, so much laughing.

  40. Kat says:

    I didn’t make it past the first picture. I am very immature. I ordered your book a while ago and yippee! It arrived on Friday – having made it’s way all the way down to Sydney, Australia and finished it in an hour – it’s now making the rounds of all my friends!

  41. Isn’t it amazing how fast that laundry BECOMES a mountain? Gee, it was just a little hill yesterday…

  42. Diana Anderson says:

    Oh my gosh. I giggled throughout the whole thing. I’m so immature.

  43. Kelly says:

    I conquered that very same mountain yesterday and was so proud of myself….and then I woke up this morning, there was another one just like it! I think I heard the gods laughing at me.

  44. DEFINITELY DAVID CROSS. You have my vote.

    Hang in there. Or just dig yourself a soft bed in the laundry and take a nap. 🙂

  45. Samantha Moore-Schwermann says:

    I’ve been playing this game for what feels like months now! With baby 2 due in a month, I’m not sure if I will ever catch up. 🙁

  46. Ginger says:

    out of the blue question, what does Crappy Papa do? Bought your book last weekend, finished it. When is book number two coming out? 😀 LOOOOOVED the travelling chapter, I read it just before a 6 hour road trip with my family and thought about when I needed to pee but didnt want to pull over because i would have woken up my toddler LOL. Awesome job Amber!

  47. amanda says:

    Oh how I hate laundry yet love the satisfaction of it being all done for the whole 5 mins that there’s nothing dirty in this house I feel like I’ve conqured the world. But then I realize babyzila has a crappy cloth diaper to change and the cycle continues in this house. oh and I WISH I had just a luandry DAY but alas with 6 of us if I miss just 1 day of luandry then by day 2 I have the mountain. Doesn’t take long 🙁

  48. sb25 says:

    Whenever I think about the fact that laundry is never done, I imagine the theme song to “The Never-Ending Story”, but it’s “The Never-Ending Laundry”.

  49. Ricaud says:

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