Interview Your Kids, Part One

This is post part one. The next post will be part two. Don’t you love it when things make sense?

Backstory – It all started when I read Jenn Rose’s About Me page on her blog ages ago. She asked her son questions about her and then used his answers and added her own commentary. I love it.

Here she is interviewing her son:


(Read her response and the rest right HERE and check out her blog too!)

We emailed back and forth about doing a post here on this topic. That ALL of us should write an “About Me” page as written by our kids. And how funny the comments would be hearing some of the best answers.

So I gave it a shot and asked both Crappy Boy and Crappy Baby a bunch of questions about me.

These were my two favorites…

I asked, “How old do you think I am?”


(Crappy Baby is my favorite today.)

Then I asked, “What do I dream about at night?”


(Yes! Frogs! I dream of frogs every single night! Except I don’t. Ever.)

So now it is your turn! Ask your kids a few questions about you. Then share your favorites below.

Come up with your own questions or get some more ideas from Something Clever 2.0’s About Me page.

PS – there is a giveaway included to motivate you. It’s okay. I’m lazy too.

GIVEAWAY: One winner will be chosen at random to select any in-stock item from the Crappy Shop! OR a signed copy of my book. Winner can pick.    

To enter, comment below! (Rules – just comment. It doesn’t have to be a question/answer comment, although those will be way more fun to read. Some of you have babies or no kids or other various reasons you can’t participate. It’s cool. You can still win. Just comment. Worldwide.) Ends this Friday – June 21, 2013. Winner will be emailed.

Congrats to Jenny!

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961 Responses to Interview Your Kids, Part One

  1. Zoe says:

    Ha, I love your kids!

  2. Jenny says:

    I asked my 4yo DD what my job is and she said, “Your job is to make me food and wash the dishes.” LOL!

    • Misty says:

      That is too funny! Did she conspire with DH?

    • I’m a newlywed and I’m pretty sure this is what my HUSBAND would say I do! LOL

      • Julien says:

        Cheryl- I lived with my husband for 7 years before we were married and I’ve ironed his shirts about 1.3 times. Shortly after we got married he was like “Why aren’t you ironed my shirts?” And I was like, “Oh honey, that’s never going to happen.” I don’t know why getting married = me turning into the cleaning lady.

  3. kristi says:

    My daughter also said my favorite thing to do was to go shopping… almost true!

  4. Jeanne says:

    My oldest it two and while his vocabulary is ever-expanding, if I asked him any question about myself he would probably answer with “doggy”…

    • Mel says:

      Mine too! Except he says “digger” or ” ‘rain” (train). He does sometimes use his lack of vocab for comedic effect, and actually laughs at himself when I ask him what fruit he’d like and he answers “digger”. I love that at 20mo he’s already working on his clowning skills.

    • Laura says:

      Mine doesn’t reliably communicate yet, but he’s aces on nonverbal cues.

  5. Rebecca says:

    My son likes to put on my glasses and pretend to be me. Last time he put them on he said “I want a caramel frappuccino.”…. that kid knows me TOO well!

  6. Helga says:

    Can’t wait until mine is old enough to answer back, he’s only 8 months old 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      you can wait – trust me. Once they start talking they never stop. You’ll wish for the days when they didn’t talk!

      • Christina says:

        Someone wise once said:
        “We spend two years teaching our children to walk and talk, and the rest of our lives teaching them to sit down and shut up.”

      • Bronwyn says:

        Tonight’s conversation with a 5 year old – whilst trying to get him to sleep:
        Him “ask me a question.”
        Me “when will you stop talking?”
        Him “no, a hard question.”
        Me “Ok, ‘when will you go to sleep’?”
        Laughing ensues. Sleep recedes further….

  7. Juli W. says:

    What do you REALLY dream about, though? Will that be answered in Part 2?
    My 6-year-old son thinks I’m 13. 🙂

    • Batsheva says:

      haha! awesome! my son (4.5yo) thinks i’m 9, and then the 3 year old goes “ooooh, that’s BIG!” with eyes widened.

  8. Meggin D says:

    Here’s my 4 1/2 year old’s answers.
    Me: Nolan, what’s my favorite food?
    N: Ummm… I don’t know….soup?

    Me: Nolan, what’s my favorite thing to do?
    N: Play with me!! With a big smile on his face 🙂

  9. Jesse Reid says:

    What I great idea! When my two year old is a little older and I can understand more of what he says, I’ll add this to my own blog! Thanks!

  10. Casey R says:

    Q: Brooklyn, what’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    A: Eat.

  11. Cyndi says:

    I’d love a crappy cats t-shirt. 🙂

  12. Linda May says:

    Conversation this week:
    Steven: “Momma. why did you make me get my haircut?”
    Me: Because it was getting long and shaggy
    Steven: Oh…..I thought it was because you didn’t like the buffalos running around in it…”
    Me: 8-0

    • rtleeb says:

      Last fall I was taking my then almost 3 year old daughter to have her hair cut. Here is the conversation we had in the car on the way to the haircut:

      B: Where are we going?
      Me: We are going to get your hair cut.
      B: Why?
      Me: To make it pretty.
      B: Like yours?
      Me (Awww. She’s the best kid ever.): Thank you sweetie.
      B: Noooooooo! Don’t want like yours!

    • Susan says:

      I cut my boys’ hair, and asked my then 6 year old how he wanted it. He said he wanted a “U” like daddy’s. When I asked him to explain, he replied that he wanted hair around his head and no hair on top, just like his daddy’s. (Daddy is bald.)

  13. Erin Cutri says:

    There are a lot of things I am looking forward to after years of trying to have a child through IVF and finally I am going to be able to experience them. I love the innocent humor children possess and I plan on laughing at everything I can and taking in these moments as they do not last forever! Great post! I can’t wait to read the comments!

    • Danielle says:

      Sending prayers up on your behalf, Erin, as you anticipate your little one! May your pregnancy and birth be uncomplicated and joyful!

    • Tricia says:

      Sending happy and healthy pregnancy and labor vibes your way Erin! Soon you will be enjoying all the little moments that you have been dreaming about for years <3

  14. Jill says:

    Me – What does Mommy like to do for fun?
    2.5yo – Playdoh?

  15. Megan H. says:

    Her ‘About Me’ is hilarious. I must admit I am wearing one of those v-neck pocket t-shirts from Tarjay right now.

    • Sarah says:

      I probably have at least 15 of those. Aren’t they part of some sort of mandatory mom dress code/uniform?

      • Do yours get tiny holes in the stomach area after three months, too?

        • Elizabeth says:

          Ha! I finally figured out those holes were from spending so much time leaning up against my kitchen counter at the sink. I guess I could have stopped rinsing dishes so often, but instead I now put on an apron every single time I’m in the kitchen. Way too many ruined t-shirts over the years!

          • Nerissa says:

            Ahhhh! Thank you! I’ve been wondering where all the holes were coming from lately and suspected either my belt or the counter (my dishwasher broke a little over a month ago so I’ve been doing dishes usually twice a day :/ ). I have an apron that I need to start using!!

        • Stacy says:

          YES! My Target shirts sooo do this, but I have other brands that do it as well. I thought it was just me!

          • Chrissy says:

            I just realized all the holes are from leaning over the washer machine after using bleach. I have tons of shirts with holes right on my right boob from leaning in to the washer for too much bleached laundry!

        • jenlarson says:

          Argh…I get those holes in my t-shirts, too! Now that I know what it’s from, I’ll just have to stop doing dishes! I haven’t noticed any holes in my husband’s t-shirts :-/

        • Wait – I’m not the only one who gets holes at the stomach area???? It always happens to my LOFT t-shirts.

          So it’s from being productive and doing too many dishes/too much laundry. Duly noted. Will inform the Hubs I have to do less to save my shirts. I’m sure he’ll understand.

          • Jacque says:

            Ditto! Thought my Loft shirts were just getting cheaper over the years but I never really considered the fact that the holes are always in the same spots – on my stomach!

        • Lisa says:

          The holes in my t-shirts come from covering the beer caps when twisting open a bottle of beer.

        • Alex says:

          Mine get holes in the stomach area from my purse buckle. I had a purse that I slung across my shoulder and attacked my shirts. The cheap purse is gone but not before I bought cedar lumber to put in my close to get rid of these weird moths obsessed with the tummy area of my shirts… LOL, I’m slow I guess.

          • Mary says:

            I get those holes in my shirts too. Glad to see I am not alone. I also was getting concerned about weird moths 😛

        • Kelsey says:

          Curse those tiny holes! I’ve had many shirts ruined because of them. Curiously, though, the counter in my new (old) house doesn’t seem to make them. Either that, or I’m just not washing as many dishes since my baby was born…

          • Erica says:

            I get them too! So frustrating! I think it’s from my jeans button. I also think they are making shirts cheaper now too. Thinner material. I have started to be more cautious which shirts I buy.

        • Liz says:

          my t-shirt holes are from carrying the baby in the carrier and the edge of my pants…

        • Amy Sanchez says:

          Oh my gosh! I never knew where those holes came from! I have a closet full of them!!

  16. Sophie Walker says:

    I asked my 2 yo what my fav thing is. She replied “it’s Dad”
    aww, depends on the day sweet heart 😉

  17. Rose says:

    I don’t have kids! But my nephew called me Aunt Why for about a month when he was learning to speak.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      My best friend, Beth, was Aunt The (pronounced Thu) to my daughter for the longest time. 🙂

      • Leslie says:

        My daughter always called her younger brother Boy. Now her daughter calls him Uncle Boy.

        • Christina says:

          For a while, my 2yo called her aunt Boy, and no one knows why. After much retraining, she is now Tia, which is Spanish for aunt.

        • Tricia says:

          Aw, that is kinda cute! My yngest doesnt get a name either, my oldest (only 3.5) calls her “my baby” .

          • Millie says:

            heaps of the kids in my life have trouble getting the double l in millie, so I often get called meewee or weewee, or if aunty gets put in front i get called aunty mitty 🙂

            I answer to all of them!

    • Jill says:

      My daughter used to call my husband’s identical twin brother, Uncle daddy (his name is Andy, but he spent so much time with us, he was like a 2nd daddy).

      • JoF says:

        Love that – it’s spot on!

      • katrina says:

        That’s awesome, I have an identical twin sister and we both have 2 boys ( first two are 2 years old, second 2 are 8mts and 4 mts) and we call each other ‘ Auntie Mummie’ – there’s also my moms sister, who is Auntie-Grandma.

        My sister and I sometimes confuse our own children, unintentionally. hope it won’t scar them to bad.

  18. Cate says:

    I asked my son what I was doing today. He replied “er ma la la”. He’s a baby but I’m sure it means something.

  19. kelli says:

    my youngest (5) says my job is to sit in front of the computer and help at her school.

  20. Morag says:

    I asked my kids:
    What is my job? – “to protect” (my kids)
    What do I like? – purple, kids, daddy!
    What do I do after you go to sleep? – “have mummy and daddy time, watch television, go to bed”.

    • Tricia says:

      “Mummy and daddy time” eh? My kids wake too often (nightmares, needing to nurse, etc) for us to ever enjoy mommy and daddy time 😉

  21. Steven says:

    My wife actually did something like this for Father’s Day based on your last post. This was my favorite:

    “What’s Daddy’s favorite game?”

    Should I take that as a sign to exercise more?

  22. Emily says:

    My son is a pre-teen, so the only answer I get to my questioning is a look that tells me my words sound like the adults in the Peanuts comic strip…”Wah wah wah, wah wah wah.”

  23. Pnina says:

    my kiddies are sleeping but I can’t wait to try this on my 4-year old tomorrow need to think of some juicy questions….

  24. Christina says:

    At 11 months, the only question my son can answer is, “who am I?”, to which he replies, “Ma Ma Ma Ma” or “mom mom mom mom mom” or even, sometimes, “dada dada dada”. We’re working on it. 🙂

  25. Janet says:

    Love it!

  26. christine says:

    i asked my 3 year old a few questions. he answered “know?” for the majority. that is how he says i don’t know. i did manage one real answer. when asked what i eat, he said, “know? ood.” vague, but accurate… 🙂

  27. KB says:


  28. Jeanine says:

    The other day my 2 year old asked if I would go jump on the trampoline with him, I told him I cannot, and he said, “Because the baby fall out?” (I am 8 months pregnant)… Just now I tried to ask him some questions, but he answered truthfully with, “I don’t know” 🙂

  29. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    My kids are non-verbal, but I shudder to think of how they would answer questions about me, lol! Although my youngest, who has a few words, did answer a question about Grandma the other day. We asked how old she was (it was her birthday) and Charlotte answered, “6”. 🙂

  30. Ginelle says:

    I asked my son “What do you think my favorite thing to do is?”
    He said, “HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM….. My guess is sleep.”
    HHHHHMMMMM…. He is probably right.

  31. Emily W. says:

    I asked my 3 year old what my favorite color is and she says “flowers”. Yup, she’s really smart! lol

  32. Beth Pendleton says:

    One 6 year old boy says I am 200, his twin says I am 14. J says my favorite food is PB&J, the other one (T) says my favorite food is Pinot Grigio wine! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  33. Heather Oliver says:

    My 2 year-olds answer to “what clothes do I wear”… he says: Underwear! When asked “what do I do when you are napping:…he says: Stay away from spiders! 🙂

  34. Brenda says:

    Oh, this sounds fun! If I had kids I would definitely ask questions. I have the feeling that had my mom asked me, I would have answered with exact, correct, boring answers. It would have bothered me to get the answers wrong.

    • Julie says:

      This is what I’m imagining my son will do. If he doesn’t know the answer to something he just looks at me and asks it right back because he WANTS the answer. Only his imaginary friends get things made up about them.

  35. Sarah says:

    Me: “What do I do with my friends?”
    Evan, age 5: “Probably talk about missing me. Or you play hide and seek.”

  36. Kaylene says:

    I don’t have any kids, but I love your blog and I super love winning things. My kitten licks my eyebrows to wake me up in the mornings. Does that count for something? I like the cat shirt in your shop.

  37. cassie says:

    I did a version of this for my daughters baby book. I interviewed her when she was 3 and 5. I wrote her answers as she stated them and then added my own comentary. I asked her things like, what’s your favorite color, and what do you want to be when you grow up but I also threw in a few zingers for comedic value. Her answers were great! It’s her favorite part of the book now 🙂

    • albie says:

      and what were the zingers? This is a great idea — I should do this for my kids scrapbooks!

  38. lys810 says:

    If I asked my daughter (10 months old) what my job is, I’m pretty sure she’d say my job is to wash diapers.

    My 4 year old stepdaughter, however, is convinced that my sole reason for existing is to bring her bubbles. Every week. I can ask her questions about me on Friday. 🙂
    Also, I’m her favorite princess. I have video evidence.

  39. Sophie Wolford says:

    Quick interview with my 7 year old:

    Me: How awesome am I?
    Gaven: More awesome than a tiger, but not as awesome as a Raptor.

    He’s on a Jurassic Park kick.

  40. Sara says:

    Me: what do you guys think is my favourite thing to do?
    5-year-old daughter: turn the TV off?
    9-year-old daughter: listen to no fighting?

    yeah, they’re both right.

    • Kris says:

      “Listen to no fighting”! I think that would top the list of most moms with multiple children. She’s clever.

  41. Shae H. says:

    Your kids are too funny!

  42. Brittany says:

    I’d love a copy of your book. I’d include a question and answer, but my son is only 13 months. 🙂

  43. Angela says:

    Cute! I’ll be sure to find out what Baby One thinks of me as soon as she’s got words!

  44. Barbara Archer says:

    I asked my daughter what daddy likes to do and she said, “do a job!”

  45. Lisa says:

    I just did a survey thing for my husband for father’s day. It was interesting trying to get answers out of my two year old.

    I asked him what Daddy does at work, he said ‘daddy’s at work’… can’t argue there.
    I asked him what color Daddy’s eyes were, he said ‘white’… got me again
    When I asked him what Daddy’s favorite sport was he said ‘I see trees’ (short attention span apparently).

    I filled out the survey with his exact answers no matter how non-sensical.. it was awesome 🙂

  46. Patty says:

    I asked my son what my job was and he said ” going poop”. Oh my, we use that word too often!

  47. Bonnie says:

    I asked my kids what I dream about, one said “That daddy didn’t get you ice water” and the other one said “That daddy didn’t get you food.” I guess they think it is daddy’s job to feed me and get me drinks.

  48. Brittany Jimenez says:

    I have a 14 mth old but I really wish I could hear what he thinks about me. I do, however, have a 6yr old niece and 8 yr old brother. They are some true smartasses so I’m sure they’d give out clever responses.

    [I did ask, once, how old my little brother thought I was. He said, “86!” I was 22….]

  49. Bethany says:

    ha! I love the age question. I wish my toddler was old enough to form some sort of answer for me.

  50. meredith says:

    According to my daughter, I’m 4 and spend my days drinking coffee and sitting in daddy’s chair while he talks on the phone while pooping.

  51. Lucy says:

    She says daddy has to go to work to color!

  52. Jennifer says:

    Me: What do I like to do?
    5 year old son: make dinner (uh, no, I just have to do that)

    Me: What is my favorite food?
    Son: salad

    Me: where does mommy like to go?
    Son: Disney world (I’ve never been. Subliminal message perhaps?!)

  53. Kara says:

    Ha! I asked one of my three year old twins what I did for a living (I am a stay at home Mom). He said, “clean up with me.” It just so happens he loves to help me clean up things. The help isn’t always wanted but he loves to help whenever he can. I asked the other twin what my job was and he said, “number 5”. I have NO idea what he is talking about. 🙂

  54. When someone at a kid’s birthday party asked me what I wanted to drink, my daughter answered, “Mommy wants wine.” Truth.

  55. Diana B. says:

    My 16 month old, when I asked what I do for fun, answered “doggin” – which means water. Or dog. Or both.

  56. katie says:

    I’d love to win some Crappy stuffs!

  57. Brandi Heil says:

    I asked my son how old I was and he said 12. Then I asked him what I did for a job and he said my job was to be his babysitter and I was really good at my job because I wear him out everyday.

  58. Ami says:

    Ooh, definitely going to have to try this! As a blog post, because I cannot motivate myself to review any of the books sitting next to my computer. This would be MUCH more productive:)

  59. Laura says:

    I wish I had kids to ask questions like these to!

  60. Jocelyn says:

    I asked my 5yo son what I like to do for fun and he said go to the park (true) and go to the store and buy toys and food (untrue).

  61. Kharissa says:

    What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    “Um… get flowers. ”
    Really? Who gives me flowers?
    “You get them because I want ice cream, so i give you them. Then you can give me a treat.”
    And that’s my favorite thing to do, huh?
    “You love to give me ice cream.”

  62. Johanna says:

    I asked my three year old questions about daddy for fathers day and one of the questions was what does daddy love about mommy? She said how I work in the kitchen and give them drinks.

  63. Angela says:

    Mine would say I like to annoy her. She isn’t here yet, I figure if she gets to kick me I get to poke and jiggle her back and sing loudly on the morning drive to work to delude myself that I am putting her on a schedule 😀 .

  64. Holly hakes says:

    I can’t wait for my 1 yr old to be big enough to ask him questions about me! What a fun idea

  65. becca says:

    If I asked my son what mommy likes to do his reply would probably be dadadadada and that would be inappropriate to post here.

  66. Mary says:

    What’s Mommy’s Job?

    To sit on the computer all day.


  67. Sam says:

    Me: what does mammy do?
    My 19 month son: *makes noise that I do when I struggle to open a bottle*

    So basically I struggle to open things all day.

  68. Lauren w says:

    My kids don’t put sentences together yet, but reading the comments is funny. 🙂

  69. Kendra says:

    Question: “What is my favorite thing to do”
    5 yr old: “Read”
    3 yr old: “Play”
    1 yr old: “Woah woah” pointing to Mater!

  70. Nicole says:

    Whats mommies favorite thing to do?

  71. Tina says:

    My daughter filled out one of those cute cards the Kindergarten teachers give out before Mother’s Day. One of the spaces required her Mom’s age. My daughter put that I am 19 years old. While I appreciate that, that would mean I was a mom at 13 years old…

  72. Wendy says:

    My son is too young to answer yet, but I remember crying when my Dad turned 40 as I thought he was old and was going to die. Now I’m 40 …. hmmmm ….

  73. Christina says:

    I asked my 3 yr old son what I like to do most, his answer was, “reading on your smartphone.” Which was what i was doing. Oops!

  74. Susan says:

    What do I do when you’re sleeping? “Try to wake me up.” (Um…no.)
    What do I like to wear? “Birds” (I do wear a lot of bird prints. Not a strange thing when you consider both of my kids have bird names. But I assure you they are “cool” bird prints, not frumpy or grandmotherly).
    What do I do with my friends? “Play.” (Naturally, because that is what she does with her friends!
    What do I like to drink? “I know that one! Tea!” (Very true, I can’t function without a few cups of tea throughout the day).
    What does Daddy like to drink? “Daddy juice.” (beer).
    How old do you think I am? “Five – I mean fifteen?”
    How old do you think Grandmommy is? “One hundred.”

  75. Linda Yeary says:

    My DIL made us a book about the things my grand kids answered about bunch of questions…(I love it)
    What do Grammy and Papa do all day?
    Celeb: Grammy sits all day and knits. Papa works as a fireman.
    Abby: Grammy cleans the kitchen and papa goes to work and plays on the computer.
    What makes Grammy and Papa laugh?
    Caleb: Grammy doesn’t laugh. Papa laughs when we do silly things like making funny noises in the car.
    Abby: Grammy likes to spin and get dizzy. Papa laughs when he smells our feet.
    What are the most important rules?
    Caleb: Grammy’s rule is to always clean up everything. Papa’s most important rule is to always be silly. We just like Papa’s rule.
    Abby:Grammy’s rule is to always be so happy. Papa’s rule is to play with Papa all the time.

  76. Davina G says:

    asked my 10, 5 and 3 year old these same questions.

    What does mommy dream about?
    5-me and the baby
    3- Santa

  77. Stana says:

    me: “how old is mommy?”
    3 yr old: “3”
    me: “what is mommy’s job?
    3 yr old: “take care of me!”

  78. meeghan belford says:

    My daughter thinks I’m 21 but then she says everyone is 21

  79. Justine says:

    What do I do for fun?
    Parker: cupcakes!
    Tessa: I make cupcakes
    Aiedan: make cupcakes
    What’s my favorite tv show?
    Parker: people show
    Aiedan: the view
    Tessa: what I’m watching right now ( people’s court)
    What do I drink?
    Parker: iced tea
    Tessa: iced tea
    Aiedan: mommy juice
    What do I eat?
    Parker: food
    Aiedan: chocolate
    Tessa: chicken
    What do I wear ?
    Tessa: dresses
    Aiedan: a dress
    Parker: dress!
    (Even tho I’m sitting here in shorts and tank)
    What do I do when you take a nap?
    Aiedan: you take a nap too
    Parker: you walk
    Tessa: watch tv
    What’s my fav song?
    Parker: I love it (icona pop)
    Aiedan: call me maybe
    Tessa: I love it (icona pop)

  80. Rachel says:

    My two year old would most likely say something along the lines of “baabaa sheep” or “outside!” to anything I ask him. 8 month old more like “mamama squeal” happy face. I love this idea though!

  81. Tasha says:

    Courtesy of my 4 year old daughter:
    My favorite thing to do is: work (wtf? No, it’s drinking wine. Sheesh, it’s like you don’t even know me at all, kid).
    My favorite food is: fruit and vegetables (not true, but I’m willing to let her think it is).
    How old I am: 32 (not bad, I’m 39. I’ll take it).
    What she likes most about me as her mommy: Eating ice cream with me (yeah, I admit, that is pretty cool).
    What I do that is gross: make eggs for breakfast (she hates eggs).
    This was fun!

  82. Deanna says:

    Interview about me with my 6 yr old… (It’s my birthday today on top of asking him)
    How old do you think I am?
    gives me a weird look- 28
    What do I dream about?
    um.. I don’t know.. ME
    What’s my favorite thing?
    What do I want to be when I grow up?
    I don’t know.. how about you want to be a mechanic..

    lol- Age is right, hmm my dreams he should not know about, I do like movies wouldn’t say it my favorite thing, and me a mechanic.. hmm I can work on cars but that is not what I am passionate about.. lol

    Gotta love kiddos.

  83. Fiona says:

    Brilliant! When I have kids, I will definitely do this 🙂

  84. Hadley says:

    Me: Why do I work and not stay at home?
    My 4.5 yr old: So that you can give me all your money and I can buy myself Legos.

  85. Glenna says:

    I look forward to doing things like this with my son when he is a little older 🙂

  86. Jan says:

    Mum: How old am I?
    Toddler girl: 14
    Mum: What’s my favourite TV show?
    Toddler girl: Peppa Pig
    Mum: What do I like doing?
    Toddler girl: ballet

    Ps. I’m injured and cannot dance! 🙂 I think that’s all of her favourite things not mine.

  87. Andrea says:

    I am afraid to ask my 3 year old about what he thinks my favorite thing or dream is, because I suspect his answer will be “wine”.

  88. Jenn mac says:

    I have a 4.5 month old.. Anything i ask him his answer is “brrrrrra” which is him trying to make fart noises with his mouth…

    P.s. i read your blog to prep my fiance and myself of the coming ages..^^ someday i will be saying…”see? Crappy pictures was right!”

  89. JennD says:

    I tried asking a bunch of questions and my dog just looked at me with her head tilted. Not sure if she is saying I am crazy or I am no longer putting coherent sentences together.

    • HeatherDL. says:

      I asked my cat what she thought I did while she slept and she just looked at me before jumping on my chest and falling asleep… I guess she knows…. 😛

  90. Brenda L says:

    Ask them where a family member lives. I had my 3 year old nephew ask me that, and I tried to explain and I think he left the conversation more puzzled than not!

  91. Heather says:

    ME: “whats my job?”
    My 4yo DS: “home”
    ME: “what my favorite thing to do?”
    DS: “pick up the house”

    If only son, if only!

  92. Tracey says:

    My daughter’s daycare teacher did something like that for the kids’ Father’s Day gifts to their dads. My husband was thrilled to find out he was 22 and as big as a bumblebee.

  93. Andrea says:

    Love how their minds work! I can’t wait until my kiddo can have words with me. (he’s 8 months old)

  94. Melissa says:

    I asked my kids questions about my husband for Father’s Day. The older one said he was 40, 603 inches tall and the little one said he was 781 years old. The rest were pretty funny, too!

  95. Jessi says:

    So funny!

  96. T says:

    I can’t ask my son anything right now since he’s getting ready for bed with Daddy, but when he was around a year or so, I was changing him and he was going through all the people he knew: “mama, dada, nana…” etc. And I said, “yeah? Who’s your favourite?” and he replied, “Baby!”

    What a coincidence, he’s my favourite too.

  97. Shelley B. says:

    My son is only 17 months so i hope i can remember to do this later when he could give me some good answers.

  98. Jenn says:

    My son is 18 mos old and if I asked him about me, he’d probably say “nez” (“nose” in French). So that’s me: nez.

  99. Carolynn Chamlee says:

    What’s mommys fav color?
    Brown…it looks like amigo (amigo is a horse I ride)

  100. Lisa says:

    My birthday is tomorrow. I asked my 4 yr old daughter how old she thought I was going to be. She said 68….I’m turning 33… Ouch! 🙂

  101. Amanda says:

    “Do you love me more than cheese?”
    -Ba BA Ba (she’s 10 months old) But I got a very sloppy kiss so I take it as a yes.

    • Sarah says:

      haha that’s awesome cause I always tell my 16 month old son that I love him more than Kraft Dinner.

  102. Charlene H. says:

    Me: What is mommy wearing?
    DS: No!
    Me: What did mommy eat for lunch today?
    DS: I eat it!
    Me: Where is mommy’s car?
    DS: Outside… Actually, my car!

    Can you tell he’s two? 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Oh my, the terrible twos.. We’re in the same boat.

      I really had to LOL at the car question. I asked precisely the same question 🙂
      The answer: No, not mama’s car MY car! He didn’t care the least about answering the ‘where’ question. The only thing on his mind is to claim everything on this world for him…
      But as soon as I agree ‘yeah all yours’ he will happily share. So, at least for today it’s our car 🙂

    • Cassandra says:

      I decided to ask my just turned two this weekend little boy your questions. He pointed to a book with a picture of a lady in a blue car when I asked about my car and then told me that mama likes to drink cow milk because one of the other pictures showed a milk truck. I tried to get him to focus on me instead of the book and asked him what mamma like to do and he said, “shh shh shhhh…all day long” to the tune of wheels on the bus. So apparently any question about mama can be answered by a song or picture in a book.

  103. Christine W says:

    Great idea! I’ll have to do this with my 3yo sometime soon!

  104. Molly Dermody says:

    I asked my 6 year old these questions and she apparently imagines me to be much cooler than I am as she described me as someone who goes out her friends, drinks red wine, watches the bachelor and wears skinny jeans- none of which is true (I am a white wine drinker and my friends don’t have kids so they come to me)

  105. Dawn Seeman says:

    Me: What is Mommy’s Favorite thing to do in the whole world?!?

    My 5 year old daughter: Vacuum and Clean! = /

  106. Lisa says:

    well with a one year old at this point pretty much any question is answered with 1. kitteh! (yea his only word) or 2. really wet raspberries blown in my face (yea i taught him that, too!) I wouldn’t trade him for anything!!!

  107. Jessica says:

    What does mommy like to do?

    2 year old: Go to the beach! (we live in Utah, I guess there are beaches on the lakes here. I don’t go to them though)

  108. andrea says:

    I love your blog. thanks for the contest.

  109. Sarah says:

    Me: What’s my favorite place?
    4 year old: Your Ami
    Me: Miami?
    4 y.o.: yes, that’s what I said. Your Ami.
    Love it. He calls it “Mama’s Ami” to other people.

    • Julie says:

      This is hilarious. One of my daughters used to need her “mytensils” for eating dinner.

      • Mrs D says:

        That’s so funny, had the same conversation with my 2.5 yo when her dad was in Miami in March – she asked “Where is Your Ami?”.

  110. Catherine Jones says:

    questions i asked our 5 1/2 y/o:

    q: what’s my favorite thing to do?
    a: doing stuff for kids.

    q: what is my job?
    a: doing stuff for kids.

    she’s not exactly wrong on either count 🙂

  111. Dusti says:

    Bahahaha– my kids always tell their dad we go to Target every day, even though its down to once a week 😉 I may have had a Target addiction in the past 🙂

  112. Marla says:

    My daughter has CP and has difficulty speaking, but she actually used her communication device at school to do a Q&A about herself (when she grows up she wants to work at her favorite grocery store, she loves her cats, etc.) so I should ask her stuff about me and see if she’ll play along…

    Love your blog! <3

  113. I asked my two year old what my favorite drink is. She said, “Dink? I dunno.” Oh well. Maybe next year, kiddo!

  114. Heather says:

    Your kids are hilarious.

  115. Julie says:

    What do I like to do?
    5yo: Cook
    8yo: Cook and play on the computer

    What do I want to be when I grow up?
    5yo: A cooker
    8yo: An inventor

  116. Kelly says:

    I asked my kids (7 and 4) what they think I do when they go to sleep at night…
    The 4 year old said “sleep” (yeah right) and the 7 year old said “no, um…you do important stuff and work and use the computer and then go to sleep later in the night.”
    She’s not too far off, except add wine…

  117. Daphne says:

    My 15 month old thinks the answer to everything she is asked is either “No” or “Daddy”. And she may be on to something there….

  118. Lisa says:

    Not about me so much, but the Tarjay made me think of this. For the last few months my son has claimed that he needs to go to work. He is three, so clearly I am confused. I ask him where he works and he says “Circle work”, whatever that means. Until this last Saturday when we went shopping at Target and he points up at the sign and says “Circle work!” So apparently, my three year old works at Target. Good, he can get me a discount.

    • Devan says:

      I love it when something like that comes together and you can actually know what they have been talking about. 🙂 My kids call it “the ball store” cause of the big red balls out in front. 🙂

      • Dee says:

        my son often randomly says “Mum? I wanna go home” Mostly I say, you are home but on rough days I will say “yes, please get your other parents to come get you” Late one night he called out from his room and was sitting up in bed “I wanna go home” I said ok I will take you and tucked him in and he was asleep before his head even hit the pillow. I have no idea where he wants to go when he says that.

        • jenw says:

          I completely forgot we had that phase too! About 2.5-ish I think. He would say it so sadly when we were at our home “I wanna go home”. We never did figure it out either…glad it past though!

  119. Kim says:

    I can’t wait to read the responses. My son is almost 2 and we have one on the way. I will *try* to remember this when they are old enough to participate. Great idea, thanks!

  120. Andrea says:

    Can only imagine what the fur-kid and 6 month old would have to say … Probably something related to feeding a d cleaning up after them…

  121. Stefanie says:

    My baby thinks I’m the 24 hour buffet

  122. LadyPru says:

    Me: The Girl, what’s Mommom’s favorite thing to do?
    The Girl: Laundry!

    Not true!!!!

  123. Sarah Kohn says:

    My 2yo daughter is sleeping, so questions will have to wait, but pretty sure she can tell you about how much I like coffee – a few weeks ago I was having the most stressful Friday evening (tired after a long day, screaming toddler all round supermarket, card refused at till, unexpectedly £500 overdrawn, all roads home to get cash blocked by roadworks, etc.) – she suggested we go to a coffee shop – how I love that child!!! Oh, and when she says coffee the cake / brownie is implied… 🙂

  124. Megan says:

    I interviewed my kids about my husband for Father’s Day this year. To the question, “What is your favorite thing about Daddy?”, my two year old responded, “because he’s like a pirate.”

  125. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait until my kid can talk and says things like this.

  126. Kristen says:

    My three year old said my favorite thing to do is “be a mama.” True!

  127. Krisha Collins says:

    No time today for questions and answers today besides the Boy is sleeping and there is a wasp in the house I’m still trying to find and kill.

    • Tina says:

      i have one in my house too. we decided to follow the policy of out of site out of mind…

  128. Melanie says:

    I asked my almost 8-year old daughter what I do with my friends…

    “Kiss them.”

  129. Laci says:

    Aww, too bad my little guy can’t talk yet! I bet he’d have a lot to say…

  130. Heidi says:

    I asked my 4.5 year old all of the questions and all I got was I drink Coke and I play with my friends. He is very literal so my what do I eat and what do I wear were answered with exactly what at the time. Still cute! 🙂

  131. Melissa Go. says:

    Im in love with your blog (:

  132. Emily says:

    I asked my 3-year-old “What do I drink?” He answered “Mommy milk.” Untrue. His two month old baby brother drinks Mommy milk. I’m not sure why he thought I did…

  133. Leslie T says:

    so funny!

  134. Katy says:

    I asked my 3 year old daughter-

    Q: “What is mommy really good at?”

    A: “Cutting. Mommy remember when I really wanted some broccoli and you cut carrots?”


  135. Elonwy says:

    My son doesn’t really have conversations as such yet (unless he’s demanding things from us). He currently answered almost every question with either “E ce len!” (Excellent) or “Bee?” (Boobie). So therefore, I have excellent boobies.

  136. Stacy says:

    Unfortunately my daughter is only 10 months, and hasn’t gotten any actual words down yet 🙁

    My 8 y/o nephew, on the other hand, thinks I’m the tooth fairy…and I’d totally put that on an “About Me” page if I had one.

  137. Kay says:

    Love your blog and while my babies are too young to answer this I can’t wait to hear what they’d say one day!

  138. Jennifer Castillo says:

    Me: what does mommy want for her birthday?

    6-yr-old Alexis: a drink. *Mischievous smile*

  139. Chell Black says:

    Since she was about 2 years old and knew that daddy “worked with airplanes” (he is a noise engineer):

    Us: What does daddy do?
    S: Fixes airplanes.
    Us: How?
    S: With screwdrivers and batteries.

  140. Renee says:

    I asked my 3.5 year old son several questions about me and he said, “I don’t know, tell me!” each time.

  141. Sarah says:

    Great idea! My son is at a pointing and going ‘nuh!’ or ‘nuh?’ at everything pre-speech phase but will be great fun when I can hear all his thoughts. I bet it will be hilarious!

  142. Ginger says:

    My son is 23 months old and he doesn’t know how to talk much…yet (backstory: he couldnt hear well, eventually had to get tubes put in to drain them, now he can hear clearly, my bionic eared boy), his favorite word right now is “doo (two)” so im pretty sure whatever i asked him he would say doo lol, or see “three”.

  143. Cala says:

    This is a story from a while ago, but at my bridal shower my cousin made up a game that was who knows me the best. The winner was my son.
    What’s her favorite color: my son who was 5 at the time said blue.
    Favorite show: greys anatomy (while he rolled his eyes)
    Craziest thing she’s done: his reply was great , when I was a baby she put me in the car and drove a thousand miles because you all made her mad.

    Lol so funny at the time I just shook my head, it wasn’t a thousand miles, we went to see my mom 2 states away.

  144. Sarah Almond says:

    I had the idea to have my kids interview me for a blog post a while back. I totally need to do this!

    I’m super excited that you illustrated Jenn and her son! I do her Theme Thursday most weeks-it’s a riot! I can’t think of a more cool person for you to illustrate. 😀

    I’m so surprised that they don’t consider you the authority on frogs!

  145. Keyetta s. says:

    Great idea…I’m trying this with my girls.

  146. mspimom says:

    Me: how does daddy snore?
    My first born: grrrrhuurrrrrrrrrrrrr roarrrr (imagine wild animal snoring)

    Daddy: how does mommy snore?
    Me: silly daddy! Mommies don’t snore, right? Right.
    (insert nervous laughter)
    My first born: an even louder grrrrrrrhuuurrrrrrrrrr (wtf?)

    Me: okay smartypants (read smartass). How do you snore? (btw, first born totally snores, allergies, stuffy nose, you know…)

    My first born: silly mommy..little childen don’t snow. Only gwon ups snow.

  147. Tiffany says:

    I do an “All About My Mom” with my kindergarten students for Morher’s Day.
    Some of those answers are hilarious! I wish I could see the moms reactions.

  148. teresa diseker says:

    i asked my 7 year old what i dream about when i sleep and he answered “you dream about spending time with us”. so sweet!

  149. Olivia says:

    This is awesome!

    I asked my 3.5 year old which food he thinks is my favorite. He said, “Peanut butter and jelly. Also, I’m pretending you’re me.”

  150. Catherine says:

    That was fun… what do i do for fun, “play with us and make moon dough”… what do i drink? “milk or water” (true) what do i eat? “everything in the world” what do i do when you guys are asleep? “cry cause your not with us…” 🙂

  151. AKD says:

    I only recently convinced my kid (age 3) that I, too, work for money. He was clear that Daddy went to work to make money, but Mommy apparently went to work just for the hell of it.

  152. Sarah says:

    My 4 yo said my favourite thing to do is our early morning bike rides (which involves me chasing her down the street, in pyjamas, wiping sleep from my eyes at 6am). I guess it’s nice she thinks I enjoy them so much!

  153. Amy Lynn says:

    Love this idea! Too bad my 15 month old can’t participate yet. I may have to use this in the future for my “About Me” presentation to my 3rd graders and the first day of school. 😉

  154. Lauren says:

    My three year old just said that Mommy is 5 years old and Daddy is 2. Her 9mo old friend is 3 tho…I don’t think we have totally got the concept if numbers down yet lol

  155. Christy says:

    I don’t have any children of my own yet but I’m a preschool teacher and I am totally going to ask questions like this!

  156. Amber says:

    I asked my 6yr old niece what I do for work, she said that I set people on fire. (I do NOT set anyone on fire nor do I advise doing so, but she did overhear me a month or so ago saying I had to fire someone at work!)

  157. Kristin says:

    Haha, My kids don’t really know me very well, they just kept saying “I don’t know” when I asked them questions. Except what do I eat? “nuts” (yes, often) and “Peanut butter toast”(hardly ever any more!) and what do I do when they’ve gone to bed at night? “go to bed!”
    Actually both of those are pretty true, except I usually watch some TV or read a book first before I go to bed.

  158. Anne-Marie S says:

    What do I read? “You read your book.” (My almost 5 yr old walks over to the bathroom and grabs Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.) Yes, I stash your book in the bathroom. I have walked into the bathroom to find her “reading” it as well! =)

    • Anne-Marie S says:

      Oh and apparently I’m 69, my favorite song is Old McDonald, I dream about a bear and a moose, and I like to wake her up when she takes a nap (if I do that it’s definitely not intentional!).

  159. Melissa K says:

    Me: How old am I?

    JJ (5): 5
    Miles (2): 1

    Me: What does mommy like to do?

    JJ (5): You like to play with me 🙂
    Miles (2): cry (he makes me fake cry so he can give me kisses/hugs to make me feel better, guess we’ve been doing it a lot…lol)

  160. Christie says:

    I asked my 5 year old how old she thinks I am.
    She said: 100?
    My reply: WHAT?!?!
    She said: 1000?
    My reply (after picking myself up off the floor): SOPHIA!!
    She said: As old as Jesus?

    Here I thought I had her convinced I’m 21.

  161. Susan says:

    Asking my kids about myself is always hilarious 🙂

  162. Melissa says:

    My 2.5 year old daughter plays “Mommy” by rushing from room to room crying: “Now WHERE are my Keys?? Where’s my coffee? Hmm, where’s my phone?”
    Safe to say she knows me real well 😉

  163. Raizy says:

    My almost 2 year old answers “yeah” to almost everything. At least she agrees with me

  164. Heather Salas says:

    “Mama, uppppp” was my one year old’s response. 😉

  165. Eva Knox says:

    (Asking my 5 year old) What is mommy’s favorite movie?

    Answer: Um, I don’t know. Is it the news? What is it? I don’t know! What is it called? I don’t know what it’s called!!

  166. Ellen says:

    LOL! Love this. Just tried this with my 4 y.o. Apparently my job is to ‘cook’. Quickly followed (in response to my snort), by ‘keeping us safe’. Not bad! But she has no idea what I like to do with my friends, other than go to dinner… oh wait, yeah, that IS what I like to do with my friends. 😉

  167. becky says:

    I asked my 3yo daughter what my favorite thing to do is. She said “work! So you can make lots of money and buy me nice things!” She is way off!

  168. Stephanie-jean says:

    I asked my 5 y/o, “what do I do for fun” he said “sleep” touche

  169. beelee says:

    can’t wait to do this with my son! hurry up and speak dangit!

  170. Becky f says:

    My daughter did this for preschool! My two favorites.

    What is Mommy’s favorite drink? Wine
    (Literally the only kids who said booze! Oops! Though I have probably only had wine twice while she was awake!)
    My mommy always says – “I love you!”
    (Who could resist that!?!)

  171. Chelsea Ballard says:

    Asked my 2.5 year old:
    “Whats mommy’s job?”
    -be mama
    “Whats mommy like to do?”
    “whats mommy’s favorite thing?”
    He knows me too well! 😉

  172. Jen D says:

    According to my 8 year old son…

    What’s my favorite food? … salad
    What’s my job …. a whole lot of nothing, or making us do school.
    What’s my favourite thing to do? …. kiss Daddy

    The never ending diet, “nothing” Really? I do like to kiss his daddy. Lol!

  173. Tracy Ulrich says:

    Love it! Going to have to do this with my 3yo!

  174. Crysta WW says:

    When I asked my daughter who is 10 and my son 2 what my favorite thing to do was she responded with “either go to target, for coffee or go to Grammy’s house (my in-laws) and have a drink”…just about accurate…I usually have at least 2. My Son said “ride a car a hockey a daddy truck.” As you can see he has his mind on all things guy…not at all my favorite thing to do.

  175. Amanda says:

    My six year old has told people that I’m 7 since he was 3. He picked 7 because I have to be older than him, right? So I’m still curious as to what age I’ll be when he turns 7 next year. Maybe 8? Or will he figure out how old I really am? Hmm …

  176. Thalita Dol says:

    My cute daughter is 3y10m

    our interview went like this:

    what is mommy’s age?
    what is mommy’s job?
    to sew dolls! (quite right!)
    what is mommy’s favorite food?
    Pasta! (actually, that would be pizza, but pasta is nice too)
    what is mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    to talk with others!

    (and if I win, I want a book!!!!!!!)

  177. Ceri says:

    I asked my 18 month old what I like to do. Her answer “drink tea! Teapot!” (The exclamation marks are because her answer was extremely enthusiastic). Pretty good, kid. Also, I am very excited about a worldwide comp – sometimes it sucks to be in New Zealand, we can never win anything.

  178. Brandi Stern says:

    I asked my son why he thought my job was he said “You help people get jobs and then you fire them”. Doesn’t it make my job as an HR manager seem so simple!

  179. Skye says:

    Me: what’s mommy’s favorite color?
    Tot: blu……uhh…black!
    It’s actually blue, but I do wear a lot of black.

    Me: what’s mommy’s favorite food?
    Tot: cheese!

    Me: what’s mommy’s favorite movie?
    Tot: black.
    Me: no, what’s my favorite movie?
    Tot: cheese!

    Ok, then.

  180. Kayla R says:

    I asked both my son (6) & daughter (3.5) what my favorite cereal is:
    son) “that oat stuff” (hehe, true… at one point I guess)
    daughter) “muffins” (ok, she knows, we stop daily for muffins)

  181. Matthias says:

    My daughter’s answer to how old I am? “I can’t count that high.”

  182. Allie says:

    What is mommy’s job? “Couch” according to my 2 year old. I’m not always on the couch I swear. But I do have a 1 month old also and often nurse him on the couch also while changing said 2 year olds diaper, putting 2 year old in time out, fixing snacks, and various other household things. Poor second child.

  183. Michelle Lee says:

    My 20 month old and my 7 month old declined to be interviewed at this time, but I definitely want to try this one day! 🙂

  184. Jackie says:

    I asked my kids how old I was.
    My 3-year-old said 6.
    My 6-year-old said, “No, you have to say, like 16 or 14 or something. But not 100!!”
    My 4-year-old said 32. He’s right.

  185. Kylie says:

    Can’t wait til my little man is old enough to do this!

  186. Kim says:

    Just asked our 5 year old a few questions. He said my job is to watch daycare kids (true). He also said my favorite thing to do is play with him and his little brothers and read them books (yes, I do love spending time with them). Great answers, though not as entertaining as I’d hoped.

  187. Marlene says:

    My 5yo: Dwight Howard is my dad’s favorite!
    Me: Really? How do you know?
    My 5yo: Mom, don’t tell me you don’t know that my dad LOVESthe Lakers.

  188. Michele says:

    I like to drink tomato sauce & I like to wear my pj’s, t-shirts & costumes!!! (We went to a fancy dress party last week!)

  189. Chriss says:

    I asked my 4yo son what my favorite color was – his response- black and red and white. I guess cause I have a lot of t-shirts in those colors. I asked my almost 3yo son what my I liked to eat. The response was chicken-pot-pie. Not one of my favorites but he likes to say it. The 12mo boy old just said ma ma ma. I asked the almost 3 yo old “what’s the question” he said “G-d made the sun and the moon and the stars and the ladybugs and the beetles”. He has a very good vocabulary. Never dull at my house!

  190. Lola-at-Large says:

    I have a 19 year old daughter. Is that too old? Because I decided to try it, and her response to the question” What my least favorite thing?” was hilarious. She said, “Pets I would like to have.”

    We’ve had a new pet moratorium in our house for 4 years now (Yes, it did take me THAT long to learn to say “No”.)

  191. marissa says:

    our 2 year old isnt a coversationalist yet, but daddy taught her “who is daddy’s favorite?” she responds with her name. and mommy is not a substitute!

  192. Kim says:

    Middle girl’s teacher did this with her for mothers’ day. My favorites were, she thinks I’m eight years old, my favorite food is salad, and my favorite thing to do is exercise. She is five, and sometimes I wonder where she lives.

  193. Sally says:

    My 4 year old son told me last night “I know what your job is, Mum. It’s to help me always be a good person.”

    I’m happy with that 🙂

  194. Lindsay says:

    Me: “What’s Mommy’s favorite color?”

    2.5 y/o: “Umm…” (Looks at shirt I’m wearing) “Black & White!”

    Lol, my favorite color is actually purple, but the shirt I’m currently wearing is black & white. 🙂

  195. Sarah Bradley says:

    Well my five year old boy says my favorite things to do are: watch tv, play basketball, soccer and wrestle. Not even close 🙂 those are his favorite things. And he thinks my job is to go to the baby store. And the nearly 2 yo thinks my job is outside.

  196. Marie Weihing says:

    “What’s my favorite food?”
    7yo – coffee! (This is true, if you ignore the technicality that coffee is actually a beverage.) 9 yo – eggs. 11yo – edamame.

    “Favorite animal?”
    7yo – cat (We have two, and I’m pretty sure they’re HIS favorite.) 9yo – horse (true)
    11yo – koala (Okay, I talk about going to Australia, a lot, so I guess he’s been listening.)

    “Hobbies of mine?”
    7yo – reading, fb chat
    9yo – gym
    11yo – parenting, playing on the iPad.

    Is parenting a hobby??

  197. Noelle says:

    I asked my 13 year old how old I am because she knows the freaking answer. Her reply? “Old and crusty!” followed by hysterical laughter. Smartass. She may not make it to 14 now, even if she did make cookies earlier…

  198. Karina says:

    We’re getting EVERYONE we know with kids your book for christmas

  199. I asked my eight year old what I do for a living. (I am a proof-reader/copy-editor). He replied, “You yell at the computer screen because people don’t know the difference between its and it’s.” When I asked my 11 and 13 year olds what I was good at, they both said “baking” and in response to what I was not good at, they both said, “basketball.” Basketball? Well, at least they didn’t say, “Parenting!”

  200. EmilyRose says:

    the only word my 1-year-old knows is bop and it means everything from “mama” to “kitty” to “help”!

  201. Elissa says:

    Well, I kind of did this for Father’s Day (asked my son about my husband); the one that got the biggest chuckle from dad was this:
    “What did dad do before he had kids?
    -He ran a lot, and then I found him.”

  202. Colby says:

    I asked my 3 year old son what my favorite drink was. His answer,”Water. No, you like cocktails better!” He’s not wrong 😉

  203. Karen says:

    If he could kiss anybody, my 3year old son would “kiss mommy. And then Kate”. Which I find to be perfectly acceptable. Minus the trampy Kate part.

  204. Anadine says:

    On a Mother’s day questionnaire he filled out for school my (then 6yr old) son answered the following questions:

    “What does your Mom like to do in her free time? My Mom doesn’t have free time.”

    “What is your Mom’s favorite thing to wear? Nothing.” (This question concerned me a little bit because I don’t lounge around naked, so I asked him what he meant. What he really meant was that he didn’t know what my favorite thing to wear was!)

  205. Lynn says:

    I love this idea. 🙂

  206. MichelleP says:

    My 17 month old is not quite up to answering questions like that yet, but I can’t wait until he does! Fun answers you were given!!!

  207. Amanda says:

    I asked my 3 1/2 yr old some of the questions…
    How old do you think I am? 11
    What do I wear ? Clothes
    What’s my favorite book? Stories
    What’s my favorite song? ABC
    What do I do after you go to sleep? Do dishes
    What’s my job? Sweeping the floors

  208. Jesica Lambertson says:

    I asked my boys (ages 6 and 7):
    What is my job? (i’m actually a stay at home, homeschooling mom) 6- “cleaning and helping me!” 7 – “Cleaning, dishes and drying clothes and washing them” (apparently i dry them BEFORE I wash them, lol)

    How old am I? 7- 60? 6- 60! (damn kids, I’m 32!)

    What do I dream about at night? 6 – “stuff that’s good” 7 – “I think….wonderful stuff?”

    What is my favorite food? 6- “chicken and lettuce” 7 – “potatoes”

  209. Stacy Hill says:

    For Father’s Day, my ds’s school did a Q & A. One of the questions was: How much does your Daddy weigh? Ds’s response was: “ALOT!”

  210. Brooke says:

    Love the ages your kids guessed!

  211. Laura says:

    My twins were both asked how I relax. They both said (separately) that I like to take a nap! (I do like napping)

  212. I love it! Thanks for drawing me from my good side.

  213. Lisa says:

    My six year-old filled out a questionnaire for Mother’s Day at school. She answered “I know my mom is smart because:” with “She can read my mind.” I want her to believe that FOREVER.

  214. Kate Wilson says:

    So, I tried to ask Dennis a few questions… I asked him how old he thought I was, and he stared at me. I asked him to name my favorite tv show, again he stared at me. I tried to ask him what he thinks my favorite thing to drink is, this got a head turn. I then asked him who the cutest puppy dog in the whole wide world is, to which I got puppy kisses and a waggy tail. I probably should have mentioned, Dennis is my fluffy kid, a 40lb schnauzer mix 🙂 No human kids yet!

  215. Michele Gaffney says:

    Apparently I’m 16 too(according to my 4 year old). I told her that I was actually 31, she said, “Well, I can’t say that one.” My favorite thing to do is bake, specifically instant pudding ;).

  216. Lindsey says:

    If my 4 1/2 month old was capable of answering, she would say my fave thing to do is lie on a blanket on the back lawn, because that is HER fave thing to do and babies are so, omg, mom-nesia just kicked in…grandiose (the psych. meaning). wow. my brain is fried.

  217. Robin says:

    I asked my almost 4 year old and 6 year old a few questions

    me: “what do I like to drink”
    T: “alcohol”

    “how old am I”
    T: “8”

    “If I could go anywhere for a trip where would I go”
    T: “the beach!”
    G: “camping”

    and then G proceeded to answer camping for every other question

  218. Sacha W says:

    Ribbit, Ribbit. I wonder if I should try this with the kids I teach, since they like to ask me questions anyway. I am always relieved to find that they think that I am young, whew.

  219. Ashley says:

    These are my favorite two from my littles-

    Hey guys, what is mommy’s favorite book to read?
    Girl child: Rapunzel!
    Boy Child: Harry Potter or that book you read “it’s hard being at home” the one with the kids on the front “mama? mama?”
    *He meant Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures* lol

    What is my favorite song?
    Girl Child: (bursting out in song) “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…. banana nanu so call me maybe!!” *note: this is definitely not my favorite song.* lol
    Boy child: Coco Pebbles! *I have absolutely no idea what that could be…* lol

  220. Anja says:

    I must try when boys get older 🙂

  221. Amy Clendennen says:

    This was pointless with my preteen…
    what do I drink … “liquids”
    what do I eat … “food”
    what do I read … “text”
    what do I wear … “clothes”

    However he did hit the nail on a few heads…
    What do I do for fun … “bore me”
    what do I do when your in your room (since of course he doesn’t nap) … “call for me to do things”
    what do I do after you go to sleep … “how the heck am I suppose to know or care, I’m sleeping”

    Love that boy 🙂

    • amber says:

      🙂 LOL, not pointless at all! His attitude comes clear and he’ll never answer that way again. It’s awesome.

  222. Michele Beth says:

    One more- I’m a kindergarten teacher so I get lots of good ones. I did a survey for mother’s day. My favorite was Mom’s favorite thing to do is rest. Her favorite place to go is anywhere she can go and rest by herself. Oh no, that’s going to be my kid!!

  223. Kristie says:

    Question for my dog, Scarlett: What does Mommy do all day?
    Answer (I am assuming it goes something like this): She just sits in chairs and lies around and goes out for walks without me. (This really translates to studying, sleeping, and going out to make $$. Pretty sure she assumes that work=walks without her.)

  224. Archie says:

    The local police station is about two lanes away from where we live. So our days and nights run on the background score of blaring police sirens. The other day my husband playfully asked my daughter if the police was coming over to our house. She replied, “No daddy. They are scared of mommy. She can burn them down with her bat.” Turns out she is still too young to understand the difference between swatting a fly down and torching people. Oh, I will surely miss my ninja powers once she is grown up. DH hasnt let me live that one down since that day.

  225. Carra says:

    How old am I?
    6YO: 17?
    4YO: 300!
    What is my favorite thing to do?
    6YO: run
    4YO: create things

  226. Sara G. says:

    I just asked my almost-10-year-old son how old he was the other day, and he cheekily replied, “10,000!”

  227. Tifany Ede says:

    I asked my 5 year old what my job was. She said “to let me have a pink unicorn for Christmas & to give me a baby sister.” I then asked her what my favorite color was and she said “every color.” I’m pretty sure she is already bored of this quiz. 😉

  228. csa says:

    this is great!
    unfortunately, i don’t have a child of my own, but i had this conversation last week with the daughter of a friend. i think she’s about 3 now.
    Me: *crouched down with hands in my lap*
    her: “HANDS!” /grabs my had in her tiny own
    me: “yes, that’s my hand (blah blah blah)”
    her: (mumbles) “…missing…” /turns my hand around in both of hers.
    ok sure. just be careful, because my wrist can’t turn at any angle.

    (btw, thanks for the awesome giveaway. and thanks for it being international and open to all)

  229. Chantel says:

    I remember asking my mom if she rode in a covered wagon as a child. The answer was “No, but I was allowed to shift gears for my dad when he was driving, when I was 6” My mom is cool like that.

  230. DeAnn says:

    Me: What does mama do all day?
    Him: (While sticking quarters in his underwear) Work on the computer.
    Me: Get the money out of your underwear.
    Him: (Takes quarter out and sticks it in his mouth.)
    Me: NO! STOP!
    Him: What? It was just in my underwear, not on the floor.

  231. Amanda says:

    I asked my five year old:
    What do I dream about at night
    His answer: a car
    What do I do for work
    His answer: you work at a hosbital (hospital)

  232. Katharine says:

    Liam what does Mommy do?

    Mommy is big. Bigger than Liam.

    Ok then

  233. Gabrielle says:

    What do I do with my friends? (long pause) “…I don’t know.”
    Well, what’s my favorite thing to do? “Um, computering?”
    How old am I? “31.” (right!)
    What is Mommy really good at? “Watching TV.”

    All delivered with perfect deadpan boredom. Apparently my 5yo is too worldly for mama already…

  234. Amanda says:

    On a funnier note… we were watching Monsters Inc. When they burn up the sock that gets stuck to George my five year old yells out “so THATS where all my socks go”
    I like this answer much better than the empty pit of a dryer monster 🙂

  235. Michelle Campeau says:

    Whats tour favorite thing about mommy? “You always take good care of me.” (Phew!)

  236. Jennifer Bevan-Dangel says:

    I asked my three year old what I do at work and she said “Go to meetings and eat chocolate.” She isn’t that wrong. I work for a non-profit advocacy organization – there are way too many meetings and often (if I planned the meeting, anyway!) there will be chocolate.

  237. Jennifer says:

    I asked my 3 year old what daddy does at work, she said he works. If you ask daddy what he does at work its work so I think she got it

  238. Jen says:

    Apparently, my job is driving my son (almost 4) where he needs to go.

  239. Katie says:

    My son is only five months so I’m still just a walking, talking, cuddling pair of boobs. I can’t wait to find out what he thinks of me as I get older lol!

  240. Misty says:

    Great blog! And hilarious comments 😉

  241. Jolleen Washburn says:

    Well, of the 3 children only one is left at home and she’s headed for her freshman year of high school so instead of ask her questions I told her to describe me!!
    Her first two words? CRAZY and LOUD. I quit listening past that…

  242. AZim says:

    How tall is your mom?
    A: really tall
    E: 80 (inches? feet? not sure)

  243. Karena says:

    Awe! I can’t wait till my LO starts talking all she says is “BA GA DA”

  244. Laura Cameron says:

    I asked my 5 year old what I did before I had him. His answer? “Go to the hospital.” He will be an engineer.

  245. J DeLo says:

    I asked my daughter how old I was and what I like to do.

    She told me I was 20 (thank you) and that I like to clean (umm, no, but at least she does pick up on what I feel like I do ALL the time!).

  246. Sara Golden says:

    I wore a black and white striped sundress the other day. My almost 3 year old told me I looked pretty because I looked like a zebra. And a few days ago a friend of mine told him he was one cool cat, to which he replied “meow?” He didn’t get it.

  247. Stephanie S. says:

    I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to do this! What a great idea!

  248. Tori Michel says:

    My four year old knows me pretty well… my favorite food is bread, and he guessed that right off the bat (there’s a reason I’m fat lol), and he thinks my favorite show is Jeopardy, which is the only one I fuss at him about for being loud (I don’t record it, it’s not THAT important). However, I don’t get to like any of the music on the radio, as apparently my “favorite song”, according to him, is the Jeopardy music. Hm.

  249. Tina says:

    “How old is mommy?”
    6-32 (accurate)
    2- no you are 9

    “What is my favorite food?”
    2- chicken

    “What do i do for fun?”

    6- read. at least i’m guessing. (again accurate)
    2- ride on fast cars

    “What is mommy’s job?”
    6- Life skills (this kid is listening.)
    2-to ride.

  250. Amy says:

    Just asked my 3yo “what does Mummy like?”
    his reply “ummm…uh….Dinosaur Train!!”

    I have a feeling his answer was related to the ad that came on tv…lol…although he replied with the same answer each time I asked even after the ad was finished…
    my nearly 2yo’s reply was “dummy!”. Yes, I like that plug, uh, dummy…lol

  251. Amanda O. says:

    I did not get any sort of a coherent answer out of my 5 month old, but she made a lot of hard K sounds and kept talking with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Huh-kuh-aaaahh-kuh-ahhh!

  252. ericka says:

    i interviewed my kid a little bit. 😛 im horrible at coming up with my own questions so most of these are from the link. 😛 heres what he said:

    what do i like to do outside? nothing apparently! (so true, i guess, there isnt a lot i like enough to deal with sunburn and bugs in the summer and heavy clothing and cold in the winter…)

    what do i drink? (after laughing) milk, water and juice. (i guess he covered all the bases, though i dont like to drink milk that much)

    what do i like to eat? IM GOING OUTSIDE! i need to go outside. (what? ok, you can go outside) you can start the interview after, mom.

  253. Andrea A says:

    I asked my 15 month old “who does mommy love”… she said “who dat. who dat.” Well, at least that’s what it sounded like to me. 🙂

    When I asked my 4 yo the same, his response was “ME!!!” Yup kid.

  254. Jenn says:

    What does Mom like to eat for breakfast?

    Daughter: What are they called? Chinese bagels?
    Me: English muffins?
    Daughter: Yeah those!!

  255. Jennie says:

    4 year old dd:
    What does mummy do? “Goes on the train and goes to school and plays with Girl and boy Alex and the nice boss” (I’m a phd student, have two colleagues named Alex one male one female, and a supervisor she calls the good boss)
    How old is mummy? “4260” (wahoo world record!)
    What’s mummy’s favorite food? “Chocolate” (by gosh my kid is brilliant)

    11 month old ds:
    What does mummy do? “Shakes head” (i swear i dont say no alot. Maybe i do… 4 year old interjects- I already told you that mum!!)
    How old is mummy? “Makes the hand sign for more” (yup I’m more than you. I think this is totally randomly playing out perfect)
    What is mummy’s favorite food? “Sticks his hand in my mouth. (Ok either he’s brilliant… Or that was just crazy)

  256. reba says:

    the girl(3) said my favorite movie is Pampire Diras (Vampire Diaries) she’s pretty spot on, it’s my guilty pleasure. the boy(2) said Johnny Test–if he’d said Aqua Bats he would have been close, i freaking love Aqua Bats, mainly because it pisses my husband off–he doesn’t get their comic genius.
    The girl said my favorite hobby is swimming to get wet. very important to know it’s not swimming to catch mermaids. the boy said it’s jumping–pretty sure that’s his favorite not mine.

  257. Gina says:

    My 3 year old thinks I dream about Panda Santas. Um. Okay.

  258. Jenn says:

    Who’s your Mommy?

    Son (16 months): Daddy!

  259. Jessica Roe says:

    Mine’s a little backward,lol. The other day I was talking with my three yr old girly and just started asking her random questions.

    Me: So you want to be a princess?
    S: nods head yes
    Me: But you want superpowers?
    S: shakes head no
    Me: Oh, so you just want to fly?
    S: shakes head yes
    Me: Why only fly?
    S: find Docty Who (she LOVES doctor who lol)
    Me: you want to find Doctor Who?
    S: yeeess

    To sum up a very long conversation she wants to be a world dominating flying princess who goes into space with doctor who and has sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads….. she was very adament about the last part…. lol.

  260. Annabelle says:

    If ask my 2 year old, but he’s asleep and I’ll probably forget by the time he gets up. Anyway, pretty sure his answer to everything is “no.”

  261. Stephanie S says:

    I asked a few questions regarding my “job” as my 3-year old’s mom. I guess I expected her to be all thankful and respectful of the mammoth amount of stuff I accomplish in such a short amount of time while she hangs out and plays…
    “What does mommy do while you are at school?”
    “You exercise so your booty won’t jiggle.”
    Thanks, kid.

  262. Jessica says:

    My son thinks I’m 3 :)!

  263. Priya Nalkur says:

    I asked my daughter (2 years old), “Who is mommy talking to on the phone all day?” (I am a life coach and I work with clients over the phone).

    Her response: “Monsters.”

  264. Laura Negrete says:

    I love this. I’m sure I’ve asked similar questions but never wrote them down. Time to try “About Me”.

  265. Amanda says:

    I asked my 18 month old, “who’s this?” (pointing to myself). He responded, “car.”

  266. Elva says:

    I asked my 31 month old what Mommy’s favorite thing to do and she replied, “take a bath”

    I guess she senses my “Calgon, take me away!” moments.

  267. Briana S says:

    My daughter only knows how to say dada dog and stop so maybe I should ask her where all my Money goes 😉

  268. LeAnna says:

    What does mommy like to make?
    4 year old “you like to make almost anything”

    Awe I’m always crafting, but most never gets finished.

  269. Amy Knoup says:

    I asked my 2 & 3 year olds what my favorite food was. The conversation went like this:
    E (2yo) C (3yo)
    E:Tacos! Because I like tacos. Tacos are good, they are my favorite.
    C: Pizza, no salad. Wait, I don’t want tacos for supper!
    E: I want to eat tacos, not pizza!
    C: We’re not having tacos!

    This argument lasted all of 2 minutes, until they were distracted by Mr. Potatohead feet. 🙂

  270. Audrey says:

    My oldest told my other kids that I was a “risk-taker for them everyday.” Not real funny, but I thought it was sweet.

  271. Lauren A. says:

    Me: What’s Mama’s favourite thing to do?
    Jack (age 2): Play puzzle game. NO! How ’bout, watch airplanes!?

  272. Holly says:

    Asked my almost 2 year old what mommy does while he’s at Ms. Francine’s (our in home childcare provider).

    He picked up a piece of paper, put it on his head and said excitedly “Make me hats!”

    Uh…he is in a hat phase?

  273. Amber says:

    My 3 1/2 yr old says I am 6 years old and my job is to give the baby milkies (baby is due in 3 weeks.)

  274. Jamie says:

    hmmm, I asked my three year old a bunch of questions and just got an irritable “I don’t know!”…he just got up from his nap…crabby like daddy after a nap 🙂

  275. Rachel s says:

    Asked my five yr old “what is mommy’s favorite thing to do is? ‘have fun as a family’. Pretty smart girl

  276. Erica says:

    Well my wonderful 18 month old is in the stage where he simply shakes his head “no” to everything so I didn’t get any good answers.. however; June 21st is my birthday so it would be nice to win! 😉

  277. Mama Bean says:

    What does mommy do for her job? Answer: the dishes.
    Where does daddy work? Answer: The teetee (University)

  278. Jewel C says:

    I asked my dear angels what my greatest accomplishment was so far in life….the response; “Having 3 amazing daughters like us!” First time they have EVER all agreed on something. *sigh*

  279. Emma says:

    Love it…. will try this tonight & report back tomorrow!

  280. DonnaB says:

    Me: What do I like to do with my friends?

    My 11-year old: Argue about politics.

    Me: What’s my favorite thing to do with dad?

    11-year-old: Ride bikes. (I haven’t ridden a bike in years. Thank goodness she doesn’t know the real answer).

    Me: What’s one word that describes me?

    11-year old: …Interesting>..?!

  281. Julie says:

    My 3 year said my favorite food is ‘Blackie’. Blackie is one of our dogs…..and no, we don’t eat our dogs!!

  282. MissChelle says:

    This wasn’t my daughter, but I am a special education teacher, and one of my students told me, “You help people with mental issues!” I love to tell people that now when they ask what I do 😉

  283. Karleen says:

    I asked my two year old, “What does mama like to do?” She responded with, “You can fill my water table!” Can you guess what she was busy play with when I asked?

    I asked her what else I like to do, she said, “You can play with my animals.”

    How old is mama? “One. You can be one.”

    What does mama like to eat? “You can eat the green leaves.”

  284. Grammy says:

    Grandson: Grammy, how old are you?
    Me: I’m 52
    Grandson: Oh, I thought you were 100.

    WHAT? He used to be my favorite grandkid.

  285. Sarah Wesch says:

    I have two boys, ages 3 and almost 6. One due on June 25th (next week!)

    How old am I?
    6yo: “38” (correct.)
    3yo: “Three!”

    What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    3yo: “Clean up!”
    6yo: “No! That’s not right, mommy, right? [correct, not my favorite thing.]” “Going to the fair? Is that right?”
    Me: “That’s your favorite thing to do.”
    6yo: “I can’t guess.”

    How much does mommy weigh?
    6yo: “I have no guess” (right answer)
    3yo: “8 pounds.”

    How tall is mommy:
    3yo: Stretches out arms.
    6yo: “100 inches.”

    What’s your favorite thing to do with mommy?
    3yo: “Play.”
    6yo: “Playing.”

  286. Kimberly says:

    What is mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    2yo son says : “love me!”

  287. Celina says:

    Me: What do I do all day?
    Son: Pfpthrrphrr.

    He’s only 5 months old so doesn’t say much.

  288. Abbey says:

    My son’s teacher asked him questions about me for a Mother’s Day project. He talked about my love for Starbucks & target.
    My favorite was:
    Q: What does your mom do while you are at school?
    A: She plays with my hockey guys in my room. 🙂

  289. Cristi Brown says:

    Me: how old am I?
    Son: 4, you’re older than me.
    Me: who are my friends?
    Son: you don’t have any mom.
    Me: *sad face*
    Me: what is my favorite thing to do?
    Son: you love to play and spend time with me.
    Me: *happy face*

  290. Andrea says:

    Give away, yay!

  291. Cindy says:

    Me – What is my favorite thing to do?
    1st 5 y/o – Hug Me
    Me – What is my favorite thing to do?
    2nd 5 y/o – Go on the computer
    Me – What is my favorite thing to do?
    9 y/o – Sleep (she is the winner)

  292. Tejchy says:

    I don’t have kids, but I loooove reading your blog! It is so
    amusing and funny, it makes me want kids right at the moment!
    Not really (yet) 😀

  293. Tara says:

    My (then) two-year-old was not okay with having her hieght measured at her well-visit. To make her more comfortable we started talking about how tall she was and how tall other things were. I said, “How tall do you think Mommy is?” She replied, “Tall enough for your own cookie shelf.” Busted. I need get less smart children. Really. She was just two.

  294. Pami says:

    I love how my 4yo DD is *always* right, even if she’s wrong.

    Making a reusable tote for my mom for Mother’s Day:

    Me: Which fabric should I use for Grandma’s bag?
    DD: The pink one.
    Me: No, the pink one is for your friend A. Grandma likes green, so which of these green ones?
    DD: No, Grandma’s favorite color is pink.
    Me: Trust me on this kid. I have 32 years experience on you. Grandma likes green, not pink.

    We had a similar argument the other day. She was insistent Daddy’s favorite color is black. Daddy was pretty sure his favorite color is blue. 🙂

  295. Jessica says:

    I asked my almost 3 yr old daughter this morning (after a friend’s FB post) “What is Daddy good at?” She replied, “Putting away my pacis”. (Pacifiers)

  296. Tarina says:

    Asked my 4 year old what my favorite show is and he said “The one we watch where they sing and dance all the time!” (Glee)- I Asked my almost 3 yr old daughter the same question and she said “The one that means it’s bedtime.”

  297. Melissa says:

    I just asked my 5 year old daughter a series of questions for our annual Father’s Day “All About My Dad” questionnaire.
    Q: My dad’s job is…
    A: To go to work every day, five days in a row.

  298. Amanda says:

    Q: What do you dream about at night.
    The 3 year old: Coffee!
    So true! 😉

    Q: What’s my job?
    4 year old and 3 year old at the same time: Working out at the gym.
    As much as I would LOVE that, it is not in fact my job 🙂

  299. Jessica B says:

    I would sooo love a book!

  300. Colleen says:

    Your kids are so funny! I can’t wait til my son is old enough to be interviewed.

  301. Melanie says:

    I asked my 2 year old son how old I was and he said, “10.”
    I asked my 8 year old son what my favorite thing to do was, and he said, “Play SongPop.”
    I asked my 9 year old daughter what I did with my friends, and she said, “You talk to them on facebook.” Clearly I need to better manage my tech addiction.

  302. Erin says:

    When asked, what does mommy do, the answer was why? All almost 3 year old says these days!

  303. Tiana says:

    Ok, this was fun. My kids are B (10-year-old girl) and O (8-year-old boy). I used Something Clever 2.0’s entire question panel and questioned them separately. I would have asked them how old I am, but I had a milestone birthday this year and everyone made a bid deal out of it, so they already knew. 😉

    “What do I do for fun?”
    B- Tease us. And arts and crafts. Knitting sometimes.
    O- Tease us. [Me: anything else? O- No, not really.]
    Well come on, it is awfully fun to tease them.

    “What’s my favorite TV show?”
    B- That’s a tough one. There’s Mysteries at the Museum or Glee. And Grey’s Anatomy.
    O- Grey’s Anatomy…?
    Ok, I do watch Grey’s Anatomy, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite. To be fair, I don’t think I have one favorite, although I do love all of these.

    “What do I like to drink?”
    B- Pepsi brand.
    O- Pepsi. And alcohol.
    Ok, the Pepsi thing surprised me a little. I do like Pepsi, but I don’t drink it very often. Although maybe they got that impression because when I do drink it, I make a big deal of it…As to the alcohol, I would have said wine, but close enough…

    “What do I like to eat?”
    B- Exotic foods.
    O- Enchiladas.
    Enchiladas are exotic, right?

    “What do I like to read?”
    B- Mysteries.
    O- Harry Potter.
    I do like both of those…I don’t know if Harry Potter would have been at the top of my list, but its still true!

    “What do I like to wear?”
    B- Clothes.
    O- Shorts and tank tops.
    Very astute as that is exactly what I’m wearing today. Although I wonder what kind of answer I’d get in the winter…

    “What do I do with my friends?”
    B- Talk and arrange play dates. Maybe go out to restaurants.
    O- Talk Have girl days out. Go for mani/pedis.
    Ok, this is pretty fair. I love that in their eyes the purpose of my friendships is for arranging play dates…

    “What is my favorite song?”
    B- ‘Fireflies’ [by Owl City]
    O- ‘I Kissed a Girl’ [by Katy Perry]
    Um, no. I don’t even know where the Katy Perry one came from…

    “What do I do during quiet time?” [They’re too old for naps, so we have ‘quiet time’ 😉 ]
    B- Nap. Or read articles on your phone. Research. Work on your thesis. It depends…
    O- Take a nap or look at job applications or look at cars.
    Alright, so maybe I like a good nap…The thesis comment is completely fair. Job applications too. I’ve only been looking for a car for a couple of days though, so I’m not sure where that came from…

    “What do I do when you’re in bed at night?”
    B- Talk with Dad about stuff and watch shows that are inappropriate for kids to watch like Falling Skies and Grimm.
    O- Curl up in your bed and sleep while watching a movie and cuddle with Dad.
    Because I am one HELL of a multi-tasker!

  304. Mandy says:

    I asked my 3 year old: how old do you think I am?
    Answer: you’re not 10 right?

  305. Lisa says:

    Me: What does Mommy like to do?
    6yo – feed the baby
    3yo – eat cereal
    7mo – [screaming because he’s hungry]

    Guess we have food on the brain today…

  306. Melanie Brooks says:

    I ask my just turned 5 a little over two weeks ago platinum blonde haired blue eyed girl, “What does mommy love to do?” To which she whines, “I don’t know… Hang out with us?” I ask my just turned 2 years old 3 weeks ago not as platinum blonde blue eyed girl the same question to which she enthusiastically shouts, “Dada!!!” Lol… I love my girls, so funny!!

  307. Kristy says:

    My 4.5 year old was saying if he thought people were old, and I asked him if I was and he said “No, but you have old hands.” (My hands do usually look like they belong to someone twice my age.)

    I asked him what my real name was and he said “‘Mama’, but your nickname is ‘Kristy.'”

  308. Suzanne says:

    I just did a series of questions with my 3 year old about his dad as a father’s day gift. One of my favourite… my dads job isto fix his house (we have been renovating the house since before our son wads born so I can understand why he is confused!).

  309. casey says:

    I asked my 5 year old “What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?”
    His answer “rest” and then “play chess”

  310. Beth says:

    Me: What do I like to do?
    4yr old: Exercise
    2yr old: Dance

    Me: How old am I?
    4yr: 20 (only off by a decade)
    2yr: 2

    What is my favorite food?
    2yr: Candy
    4yr: Waffles (this is what he says to everything when he’s trying to be funny)

    And just for the heck of it….
    Me: What does mommy do for work?
    2yr: Exercise (actually I am a librarian)
    4yr: Waffles!

  311. Nenny says:

    I just put my son to sleep and it feels so nice to sit here and laugh at your hilarious posts. Thank you !!!!

  312. Jean Mercado says:

    My 3 yr old is hard of hearing/deaf and doesn’t quite understand how to answer those questions yet, but I imagine when he can it’ll be AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

  313. Catherine says:

    This reminds me of when we went to walmart the other day and my 5yr old says I know what we have to do after walmart. I asked what and he said go to the coffee store (starbucks) I have him trained well. I need my starbucks.

  314. Kristy says:

    Where is my favorite place to go?

    My six year old: Starbucks 🙂

    What do I dream about when I sleep?

    Six yr old answer: coffee

    He’s pretty dead on

  315. Theresa says:

    Per 4 year old my favorite thing to do is make popsicles.

  316. Jespren says:

    Me: hey, Thomas, what is Mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    Thomas (4): um, probably work.
    Me: work huh, and what is my work?
    Thomas: like dishes, cleaning, sewing, and, um, vacuuming.

  317. Stephanie says:

    Love this idea!

  318. Crystal says:

    I asked my kids they were not interested: BUT my Autistic child what mommy’s favorite thing was and he said to be happy 🙂

  319. Mabel says:

    I asked my boys, but I think they are too old, at 8 and 11, to give fun answers. My eight year old said, “I don’t know.” And my 11 year old answered, “Me?”

  320. LeanneM says:

    Because he is only two, and not a much of a talker, this is the best I can get. Mommy: “Baba, who am I?” Baba: “Dada!”

    Yup, he calls me dada and his father mama.

  321. Morgan says:

    I asked my 4 year old several questions and every answer was “I don’t know”

  322. Sarah says:

    When I leaned in to get my almost two year old daughter out of her car seat today she said “mama’s nose lellow!” (yellow) Ummm…. not quite the look I was going for today 🙂

  323. Jennifer says:

    Me and my 3 year old (after lots of shrugging on her part):
    How old am I?
    E: 68

    What’s my favorite food?
    E: Carrots.

    What’s my favorite drink?
    E: Chocolate milk.

    What’s my favorite thing to do?
    E: Eat.

    Man, this kid doesn’t know me at ALL!

  324. Melissa says:

    My almost 3 yr. old son and I:
    me: “What does mommy do when I get mad?”
    him: “clean up”
    me: “So do we have a clean or dirty house?”
    him: “It’s a very clean house! ha ha. That’s funny!”

  325. Laura Taylor says:

    My 18 mo son says I’m “hot”, because I’m always carrying a coffee cup.

  326. Just last night at dinner I was asking my kids (4 and 3) questions like this for fun. What’s mom’s job? You teach! And what does Papa do? Papa…. Papa… And he turns to papa: “you don’t work at Ikea do you?” Where did that come from? He’s a musician!

  327. Jessica says:

    Your book made me laugh so hard my husband thought I had mental problems….more than usual I mean. Keep blogging!

  328. Jessica says:

    I did something like this for Father’s Day, I asked both of my boys (at different times and by themselves), ages 3 & 4, “what does daddy always say?” And they both answered “go to bed!”

  329. Kim says:

    My daughter Kelly, age 3
    What makes mom sad? “because you are alone sometimes.”
    What is her favorite thing to do? “nap” 🙂
    If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? “‘she would be famous for popcorn or something, or snowcones”
    What does your mom do for her job? “work with clothes, um, she does the laundry”

  330. Nicole says:

    I wish I had kids because:

    a) they say hilarious things

    b) I REALLLLY want the crappy cats shirt

    Does it count that I have 2 crappy cats of my own?

    Really, I should just support you and your crappy family and buy a shirt. 🙂

  331. Lisa Lang says:

    I just asked my 5 year old daughter what I do for a job (I’m a legal clerk). She told me “you clean up and make those cookies). I said “no, you know when I go out to work”. “Oh” she says “you do what the boss says”. Sounds about right!

  332. Hayven says:

    I asked my 5yrd. What my favorite thing to do was, she told me… “Weeding, and you like to wear jewelry.”

  333. Elizabeth says:

    My little boy is too young to answer but I’m sure it would be “rabies” (aka rice) or buses. 🙂

  334. Sarah M says:

    My 4 year old son says I’m 15!

  335. Lynn says:

    I just asked my 3 year old son what I do at work, and he replied, “bananas in the car.” when I asked what my Dave thing to do was, he said “grapes” and cracked up laughing. I think he’s having a surrealist day.

  336. Tessey says:

    I tried this with my daughters. Unfortunately, they are 10 and 14, so they give all the real answers instead of cute kid answers.

  337. An'e Perez says:

    Love your blog. My 6-yr old tried to persuade me to take him to the science museum instead of grocery shopping by arguing: “because science is more important than just food”

    love the crappy merchandise…daydreaming about choosing one 🙂

  338. Jessica says:

    I’m job hunting.
    Me: what kind of job should I get?
    My 8yo: You’d be a good police officer. Because you’re good at breaking up fights and cleaning up accidents.

  339. Alice says:

    I don’t have kids of my own yet but I am a Nanny to a wonderful two year old.

    I asked her what my favourite food is and she said ladybugs.

    I asked her what I did while she was napping and she said nap too.

    And I asked her what my favourite move was and she shouted THE LITTLE MERMAID! (OK she might be right on that one. :p)

    • Alice says:

      Having a lot of fun with this so tried again today.

      Me: how old do you think Alice is?
      2 year old: uh… I think your… Zero!

      Me: what is my favourite shape?
      Her: J

      Me: what is my favourite story?
      Her: *holds rubber duck up to her face* microphone national park! (Um..
      What? )

      Me: what is my favourite food.
      Her: *blank stare* it smells like prencils.
      Me: what smells like pencils?
      Her: strawberries!
      Me:… What do strawberries smell like? *laughing*
      Her: um… Chocolate sprinkles?

  340. Lynalice B says:

    When my husband was deployed to Afghanistan last year our two year old went through different phases of missing daddy. We’d ask him where daddy was and what he was doing. His responses were as follows:

    0-4 months out- “Daddy’s at work”

    4-6 months out- “Daddy’s gone… Working again more”

    6-8 months out- *sighs* “Daddy needs to come home…”

    When we finally got to see our daddy again our (now 3 year old) was just too excited. We finally asked him where daddy was and what he was doing. His response? “daddy doesn’t work now! He wants to play with Lukie!!” And since I had our second child only four days after he got home his response was “daddy brought baby Peter with him!!” Lol my body wishes.

  341. Sarah says:

    This is awesome, when dd is old enough to respond verbally I’ll definitely do things like this.
    As a teacher, I asked my kindergarten students how to make cookies. My favorite responses were
    “Mom is going to help me. We share them with our friends at school. I will bring water if they want a drink. I got the cookies from a man at a restaurant.”
    “Put some crab in the bowl and then cut it with a hard knife. Take the shell off and break the crab in half. Get some flour and salad and put it in his arms and face. Break him apart and put him in the oven at 98 degrees. Put him on plates and wait until lunch.”
    “Put 1 inch of flour in the bowl. Add vinegar. And stir in 4 eggs. And a little sugar. Put it in the over on HOT for 2 minutes. Put in chocolate chips. Let them cool and then eat them.”

  342. Anna R says:

    “What do I like to do with my friends?” DD, 3- You like to sing with them in the play (not an actor)!

    “What do I like to do for fun?”- DD, 3- play with teeny tiny baby clothes (WTF?! Does she mean laundry?! She thinks I LIKE doing laundry?!)

    “What’s my favorite food?” DD, 3- Salad (well, at least my healthy eating habits are making an impression??? Good guess, I guess??)

  343. Audry says:

    I asked my almost 2 year old what does mommy do?
    Son: kiss boo boos
    Me: where does mommy like to go?
    Son: sodor, topham hatt go back to sodor with choo choo
    ( we just went to a day out with Thomas, so now where ever we go its to sodor to see Thomas).

  344. Erinn says:

    I asked my 2 year old what mommy liked to do. She said “um, Gymboree.” (We just came from there so I guess it’s fresh in her mind).

  345. Alice says:

    I also gave you a shout out on my last blog post. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    I love your blog BTW, and would love to get my hands on a copy of your book. Unfortunately being an student who is much too far in debt makes that hard right now :p

  346. Beth says:

    I asked my kids various questions and they both either said they didn’t know or just answered with what I was doing right then (which had nothing to do with what I was asking). Rotten kids ruining my fun and not playing right :/

  347. Kboyce says:

    We did the for Fathers Day.
    What is daddy’s job?
    3y/o: make money
    What does daddy do at work?
    Pay taxes

    LOL future politician I guess! No clue where that came from.

  348. Shannon says:

    Interview with my 3 1/2 yo:
    Q: How old is mommy?
    A: 7 (She then asked “how old is daddy?” and “how old am I?”

    Q: What does mommy do for work?
    A: “Help people who are sick. That’s why you’re smart enough.”

  349. Lori H says:

    My 4 year old thinks my favorite food is Mac & Cheese with Hotdogs. Umm, not quite. But it is cute to see what they come up with.

  350. Donna says:

    The answer to “what do I like to do”, “what do I dream about” and “what do I do when you are napping” = sleep, sleep, and sleep. And they know my favorite food = chocolate!

  351. serenity says:

    I am 1 or 13.
    My favorite thing is my family.
    I just asked if they liked my new haircut as I just shaved a mohawk and they said yes, maybe I should shave the whole thing, LOL

    (they are 3 and 5)

  352. Talina says:

    Me: How old is mummy?
    Mr 2:”Mummy goes ‘Rrrroooaaarrrr'”
    He made T-Rex arms -_-
    Me: What’s mummy favorite colour?
    Mr 2:”Yellow”
    Real answer: Ummm, dark Purple?
    Me: What does mummy like to do?
    Mr 2:”Yellow”
    Me: What does mummy wear?
    Mr2: “Yellow Glasses”
    Real Answer: Purple Glasses…
    Me: What is mummy’s favorite drink?
    Mr2: “Pink”
    Real Answer:…. Milo? (Hot chocolate)
    Me: What is mummy’s favorite food?
    Mr2: “Yellow”
    Real answer: Sushi.

  353. Erin M says:

    I love your blog! It never fails to make me laugh and spray milk from my nose (considering, of course, that I’m drinking a glass of milk while reading it.)

  354. hellokennedy says:

    “What is mama’s favorite food?”
    Oldest: Bananas!
    Youngest: Nooo, cat juice!

    Um, neither, definitely chocolate all the way. I don’t even want to imagine what would be in cat juice.

  355. JZuver says:

    My husband tried the “what does Mommy like” question with our 3 year old son, AWZ, after watching your fathers day video. The responses we received were:

    Daddy: What does mommy like?
    AWZ: huh?

    Daddy: What does mommy like to eat?
    AWZ: Candy!

    Daddy: What does mommy like to do?
    AWZ: Go to the park!

    AWZ: Mommy, get in the shower!

  356. Kortney B says:

    I asked my 8 year old boy what my goals are for the future, he said “I don’t know same job you have now.” I asked him what I want to be when I grow up, he said ” A doctor” So not even close at all haha. He says my favorite food is lentils ( I do love them) and I like them.

  357. Sabine says:

    Apparently my favorite foods are apple and banana! Hehe
    And my favorite activity is snuggles, play and workout.
    My kids do pay attention!

  358. Erin says:

    My daughter’s daycare interviewed the kids about their Dads and put the answers on a painting for Father’s Day. One of the questions was “What does your Daddy drink?” My daughter’s answer was, suspiciously, apple juice. My husband (her Dad, to be clear) does not drink apple juice. I can guarantee she said beer. I’m dying to ask her teacher just how many kids said beer.

  359. Linda says:

    This is very cute!

  360. Mel M says:

    For a Mother’s Day questionnaire this year, my five year old was asked, “What is your mother’s job?”. Her reply: “My mother does not have a job.” During my most challenging parenting moments, I find the voice in my head sarcastically commenting, “Yeah right, you don’t have a job!”

  361. Stephanie says:

    Alas my son’s speech is not yet to the point where I can ask him such questions. But I really like this idea, so I’m going to store it for later.

  362. Melanie Rozwood says:

    When the teacher asked my son what he was going to do when he’s older he said “eat salad, win at video games and drive dad’s car to work for 1,000 days.”

  363. Tammy says:

    I asked my two year old what color my eyes were, and she replied, “Mommy has purple eyes!” (Brown. I have plain ol’ brown eyes. I am not a Targaryen.)

  364. Kathy says:

    To my 4 year old DS (with my 6 yo chiming in once in a while):
    What do I like to do?
    DS: read and play on your computer
    What do I do with my friends?
    DS: Who are you talking about, what friends?
    DS (6): Talk
    What do I like to eat?
    Salad, you like salad a lot. And carrots and broccoli. OH, and pizza!
    What do I dream about at night?
    DS: God!
    DS (6): Unicorns flying out of your butt!
    Neighbor kid: yeah and ponies!

    So he is pretty observant and apparently I hide my bad eating from my children. He seemed skeptical about me having friends, or maybe felt he could not answer if he did not know who I was talking about.

  365. Jess says:

    Me: What is my favourite food?
    Miss 3: Spaghetti

    Umm, no actually that’s YOUR favourite food (I think she’s trying to give me some sort of idea for tonight’s dinner…)

  366. Noelle W says:

    I asked my daughter what I did for work. She thinks I go shopping at the grocery store all day. I work for a University in their financial admin department. Close 🙂

  367. Karianne says:

    Pick me, pick me!! 😀 My lo is just 14 months and would probably answer any question with either “wowow” (he just learned about dogs) or “cinco” (with a long “iiiii” – our nana is teaching him to count to 5 in Spanish, and “five” is the only number he can pronounce perfect at this point. Plus it’s the last number and will produce happy clapping from me – always a motivation 😉 )

  368. Amy says:

    My 5 year old boy said:

    Me: what does mom do after you go to bed?
    Him: go to sleep. <= me: when I'm lucky enough to be able to go to bed early, heck yeah!

    Me: what does mom do at work?
    Him: study bugs and everything

    Me: what does mom do for fun?
    Him: play with me!

  369. Christina says:

    My daughter thinks I’m 5. 🙂 that makes me laugh considering she’s 4! Lol

  370. Nicole Lea says:

    I asked my two year old how old I am, and he said “two”. I asked him my favorite food and he said “two”. Geez…so egocentric. 😉
    (I personally like what he said after, which was a frantic “I need cake in my mouth!”) Me too, buddy, me too.

  371. Kate says:

    I asked my 2.5 year old how old I was and he said, “I’m not talking.” Way to plead the fifth, kid. Very smart.

  372. Christine Carter says:

    How old am I?
    – Twenty-Seventeen!
    What’s my favourite colour?
    – Rainbow!

  373. Kelly says:

    Kids say the funniest things! My 3 yr old asked me to find her toy because “you’re good at finding things Mom!”

  374. Tammy says:

    We did this very thing for our Father’s Day card this past weekend. My husband loved it so much it might become a tradition. My two year olds response to his favorite food: chocolate milk. My five year old was a little closer with sandwiches and spicy peppers. For Father’s Day lunch we had chocolate milk and sandwiches with banana peppers (just on dad’s though).

  375. carolyn says:

    I quizzed my 3 year old…
    How old am I? “3, like me!” (a mere 34 years off!)
    What is mama’s job? “Not to pee in your pants.” (No honey, that’s YOUR job!)
    What do I dream about? “Sleeping.” (Yes, yes I do…But, it’s more about sleeping past 6:30 a.m.)
    That’s all I could slow him down long enough for. 🙂

  376. Sarah says:

    What do i do for fun? 6yo ” play scrabble and watch movies-thats pretty much all you do.” 3 yo ” clean up?” Yah, no- I hate cleaning up, but he probably doesn’t know that because its what he see’s all the time. How old am I? 6yo “um I think daddy is 21 and you are 31”. 3yo “16!” (Maybe thats just the highest number they can think of). For the record I am 30 and husband is 32.

  377. Jen says:

    I asked my 3.5 yo what clothes do I wear and she said, “The BIG clothes!” Uhhh, thanks. Hehe

  378. Angie says:

    I asked what my hobbies are. “Reading and making things. Like cakes and stuff.”

  379. Alexandra (infertile gourmet) says:

    My daughter was asked what does daddy get in trouble for most? She said he never picks up after himself. I also asked her what is the nicest thing I do for daddy? She said to kiss and snuggle him but she said just please don’t do it in front of me!

  380. Jessica says:

    If I asked my 19 MO anything, her answer would either be “uh-oh” or “no” because those are her answers to EVERYTHING!

    My 4 YO just wants me to watch him “parelley park” his trike right now. 🙂

  381. Kristy says:

    I asked my kids all the questions from your friend’s blog and most of their answers were “I don’t know.” My favorite answer:

    Me: What do I do for fun?
    5yo: Play tickle!

    This is absolutely true! My husband even agreed… I love to tickle my family and giggle while they giggle (or, in my husband’s case, giggle as he fights me off). I tried convincing them that it’s a sign of affection, but they don’t believe me.

  382. Lisa says:

    Asked the following of my three kids (7, 5, 2 1/2):
    What’s my favorite thing to do?
    “Be with your kids” “make us pudding” “no thing”

    What would be the best present for me?
    “Us!” “Your kids!” “No presents”

    What do I dream about?
    “Us!” “Making pudding” ” you dream ’bout me!”

    I prefer to to think they consider me dedicated and not boring.

  383. Emily says:

    Well my son is too young to understand the question but I’m pretty sure if I could ask him what he likes most about mama, he’d answer “Boobies!!!” 🙂

  384. I asked “what is my favorite thing to do?”
    4 year old- go to bed
    and YAY he also guessed i’m 16!!

  385. Bethany says:

    Just asked my barely two year old a few questions. Here are the funniest.
    “What’s Mommy’s name?” “Hon” (As in short for honey, what my hubby calls me).
    “How old is Mommy?” “10 years old.”
    “What music does Mommy like?” “Pandora.”
    The last and most funny to us requires some explanation. We just found out about an excellent potential job opportunity for my hubby in Dallas so we’ve been talking about it all evening (mostly
    how I really, really don’t want to move there).
    “Where does mommy like to go?” (I was expecting Costco or something). Of course she says “Texas!”

  386. Rachel says:

    My daughter just turned 2 and lately her answer to every question is, “ummmmmmmmmm.” Sometimes an answer follows and sometimes not.

  387. Amanda G. says:

    My 4 y.o. son tell’s me my job is to stop his little sister from putting a lot of things all over the floor. Also, he says I’m 13… or maybe 15 🙂

  388. Robin M. says:

    I did something like this just a few weeks ago here: – and my favourite answer? When I asked my 5-year-old how tall I was, he measured me with his hands and said, “Eight kilometers.” HA!

  389. Jenny says:

    It’s actually my birthday today and my hubby asked my daughter how old she though I was… She said “3 like me” and then exclaimed “Mommy! You’re a big girl like me now!”

    I love this idea by the way. Going to do this at the beginning of every year and put it in their scrapbook (that I am 2 in a half years behind…. never mind, make that 3 🙁 )

  390. Julie A. says:

    My little guy is only 9 months, so we don’t get any real words out of him yet. However when my husband, Brian, is home from work my son will look at me and babble “ma ma ma ma ma”. He’ll look to his dad and babble “Bri Bri Bri”. Guess I should work on calling the hubby Da-Da.

  391. Julia K says:

    When ever someone asks my son what my favourite thing to is ~ he always says either cleaning or laundry (just because I am always doing it doesn’t mean I like it…)

    Also, once someone asked him how tall I was, his response “as tall as daddy!!”

  392. Lisa says:

    I asked my four year old what I do for a job.

    He said JELLO.

    I’m a teacher.

  393. Flatlander in VT says:

    Ha my favorite was when I asked what I dream about at night, without consultation both my 3 and 5 year old yelled out ‘Us as octopodes!” something tells me having a science minded mom is warping their little minds. For the record I have never to my knowledge dreamed of any of my three kids as an octopus.

  394. Michelle says:

    My daughter is too young to be interviewed, but very fun topic! 🙂

  395. Meg says:

    My little one can’t answer because she is currently nursing. Also, she is 3 months old. Looking forward to hearing her answers!

  396. karlie says:

    9 yo

    What do i do ?
    Watch jacim and me

    What are my dreams?
    I don’t know

    What is my favorite color?
    The rainbow

    Who are my friends?

  397. Tammy g says:

    I would love a copy of your book!

  398. Tricia Maze says:

    I don’t have my own children to ask (yet), but my preschoolers think I’m either 6 or 100, I live in the toy shed on our playground, and my mommy does my hair in the mornings.

  399. Kendra says:

    My kids have me pegged. Every morning after breakfast they ask, “is it time for you to work on the computer now?” By “work” they mean play Candy Crush and goof about on Facebook.

  400. Jlynn says:

    Me:how old am I?
    G: Two!(he is two so this makes sense to him
    H: five(she is four and wants to be five)

    Me:what is my favorite color?
    G: don’t know
    H: purple

  401. Vaiva Turner says:

    I asked my 5 yo what my job is, and she said to take all the kids (I have three) to special places (like a circus). 🙂

  402. Emily (best aunt in the world - you can check my references) says:

    My niece and nephew know I am an art teacher but when I asked my niece (4) what I teach she said “You play with your girls (dolls) and show them my pictures and make pictures too.”

    But my favorite happened a few years ago. I was watching one of my students after she finished her state testing so her classroom teacher could turn in all the testing materials. I showed her how to draw some cartoon animals and she loved it. She looked at me and in a serious matter of fact tone said “You are good at teaching. You should be a teacher.” I replied, “I am a teacher. I teach you art every week.” She looked at me surprised. “They pay you for that? I just thought you came to show us how to do cool stuff.” I told her “I got lucky I found a job that was fun and could pay my bills.”

  403. Mama Beck says:

    Super cute! Can’t wait to do this with my son.
    He’s only 3 months old at the moment, but I’m pretty sure that if I asked him what I did all day he would respond; “sit on the couch with your boobs out”. haha

  404. Jen says:

    Oh and I forgot this one…What do I read? “The book about the circle heads.” Huh?

  405. Sarah V says:

    During this conversation with my 5 year old I found out that he thinks my husband and I are 70, my favorite thing to do is give hugs and my favorite food is love <3

  406. Lisa says:

    When I ask my 2 yr old what mommy does at work, her answer was Get gas. Not sure if that means she thinks I toot all day, or fill up the car 🙂

  407. Danielle says:

    My 18 month old is going to be a fish when she grows up apparently…..

    My favourite conversation comes from a friend:

    Mummy: My favourite flowers are lilies and roses (her daughters are lily and Rosalie)

    Lily (3): thinks hard ‘my favourite flowers are mummies’. Love the logic 🙂

  408. Gail says:

    My 4 year old son’s preschool interviewed him about me for a mother’s day gift.

    “My mom is -18- years old” (I’m 33)
    “My mom weighs -40 miles- pounds” (undisclosed, but I do not measure it in miles!)
    “My mom’s favorite color is -pink and purple-” (I actually HATE purple. Not crazy about pink either, I like green)
    “My mom’s favorite food is -subs-” (no)
    “My mom always says -I don’t remember-” (maybe, I can’t remember)
    “My mom cooks the best -Mac and Cheese-” (If dumping a box counts as cooking, then yes I do!)
    “My mom laughs when -Daddy and I tell jokes-” (not usually)
    “My mom’s job is -nothing-” (oh really? Is that what I do all day? If only I’d known!)
    “Mommy and I like to -watch a movie-” (oh yes, because I have this burning need to watch Sharkboy and Lavagirl for the 792nd time)
    “My mom really loves -cars-” (That’s your dad sweetie)
    “I love my mom because -I just do- (melt)

  409. Amanda says:

    Lol. My son thinks I’m 59. He also thinks his grandma and grandad are 59. I’m pretty sure everyone is 59, actually, except him 🙂

  410. Whitney says:

    I can’t wait til my kid thinks I’m 20 years older than I am

  411. Answered by my 3 yo and 9yo
    What’s my fav color: Brown(3) – I don’t know (9)
    What’s my fav food: Mac n cheese (3) – IDK (9)
    What do i do when you’re sleeping? Play candy crush(3) – IDK (9)
    So it all boils down to my 3 year old knows more about me than my 9 year old.

  412. Psychsarah says:

    I wish my little man could answer these questions. Whatever I ask him right now he just says yeah, no or mama. One day this will be fun to do 🙂 Thanks for always making me laugh with your posts!

  413. Kerry says:

    Love this! I will have to interview my kids tomorrow since I just put them to bed. But this reminds me of my son (then 3.5) telling my mother “Did you know that grown-ups stay up later than kids?” She pretended this was news and asked what grown-ups do after the kids go to bed. My son’s response? “Chores.” Ha! Would be even funnier if it weren’t half-true.

  414. Charlene says:

    My 4yo knows me all too well…she was recently having a check up with the nurse and the nurse asked her what her favorite drink was, she thought about it and replied ‘water’ (good girl!!) and then continued on to say…’Mummy doesn’t drink water, she prefers wine’ LOL 🙂

  415. Karen H says:

    Loooove your blog!

  416. Joanne W says:

    My interview with DS 4yrs (birthday today!)
    How old am I? 21yrs! (I may have trained him previously in this response :P)
    What do I dream about? Tigers and nice dinosaurs
    What is my job? Cleaning up :/
    Which dinner do I make the best? Butter chicken

  417. Lauren says:

    My husband and I still are cracking jokes about “windows”!

  418. Amy F says:

    I recently did this for my husband for Fathers Day!
    My favorites…
    What makes Daddy Happy? 7 year old son1 “cleaning up the basement”
    What TV show does Daddy watch? 7year old son2 “Golf” 3yo daughter “Dora”
    What did Daddy like to do as a child? My 3yo daughter said “play with Mommy.”
    Next I’ll ask about me!!

  419. Christina says:

    My son is 2.5.
    How old is mommy? One! (Daddy gets to be 5)
    What do I do with my friends? Paint their toenails. (No clue where he got that)
    What does mommy do? I don’t know. (Sounds about right)
    What does mommy dream about? You’s not has dreams! Mine has dreams!(that one really upset him)
    Oh well.

  420. Holly says:

    I am totally going to do this with my kids. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say 🙂

  421. Magi Williams says:

    I asked my 9 year old what does he think Daddy and I do in the room at night, this is his response:
    ” you go in the room, watch tv, brush your teeth and then get NAKED!”

    to which i had to do a follow up question to that one! i asked: “what are we doing naked?”

    he said: ” I dont know! thats adult stuff mom!”


  422. Breenah says:

    I really hope I don’t dream about frogs tonight.

  423. Honnah says:


  424. Ginger says:

    I would love to win your book! My daughter is about to turn one, but if she could talk I’m sure she’d say my favorite thing to do is pick up food off of the floor, that must be why she’s always throwing food, to make me happy.

  425. Zinat Ara says:

    I asked my 5 year old about my age. He said ” 16, you look like a teen ager” (love it)
    Me – What does Mommy like to do for fun?
    His answer: Going to the playground and reading book while I play.
    Me -What do I do whole day?
    His answer : Fix food for me, take me to school, take me to the play ground, take me to the library, take me to the pool. (Now I realize why I am so tired by early evening)

  426. Steph W. says:

    Lol I did this for a birthday gift for my daughter to give to to him 🙂 it was soooo cute! We also did one for her 3rd birthday, from some fill in the blank thing on Pinterest 🙂

  427. Katie H says:

    I asked my two-year-old what color my eyes are & she said red. Maybe because I’m always in a perpetual state of anger/frustration with her lately? Parenting fail! :/ (Funniest answer, though, was when I asked her my skin color & she said clear. I guess my whiteness surpasses pale & moves into see-through territory …)

  428. Steph says:

    When you ask my daughter what does Daddy do at work she says, “Make the money!”. If only his boss could hear her 😉

  429. Andrea B says:

    yay I’m glad we can just comment. Cuz my little guy doesn’t talk yet!

  430. Lorelei Vella says:

    I asked my 5 yr old son what he thinks I dream about and he said ” me?” Aww. Yep i do dream about him. Love him!

  431. Angela Medina says:

    Sounds hilarious! My kids are too old to give funny answers now. 🙁

  432. Lina H says:

    Turns out my four year old know’s me pretty well!
    The funniest answer was to the question “what do I like to do for fun?”
    He answered, “Say cheeseburger!”
    This is actually kinda true. When he’s telling me he’s bored and wants to do something, or hungry and wants to eat something, or really wants to watch something and I’m rattling off a list a mile long and everything is No, no, no, I’ll toss a chesseburger in the mix and it always makes him laugh.
    Do you want to color?
    Play a game?
    Have a cheeseburger?
    Hahaha, noooo mom, not a cheeseburger!
    Play cards?

    It always makes us laugh. 🙂

  433. tara says:

    I don’t have any kids, but I know if you asked my niece my favorite book she would probably say “Harry Potter” because I have been trying for the past year to get her to read it-she finally caved in and “likes it so far.” (she should be LOVING it!!!) 🙂

  434. Jay says:

    My preschooler kept asking me about how old I am, so after all his guesses, one day I replied, “You can tell everyone I’m 28.” – so the next day at preschool he literally walked up to every other parent and said, “My mom said I can tell everyone she’s 28.”

  435. Kate says:

    I asked Master 3 what I dream about at night and he said ‘Big fairies’….. I then asked him what my fave movie was….. he said the News. Ummmmmm no

  436. Sarah says:

    unfortunately my 4 legged children don’t speak English. 🙁

  437. Sara says:

    Can’t wait to do this!

  438. Stacey says:

    When I asked my 4 yr old what I was good at, he said “asking a lot of questions.” The sarcasm runs strong in that one.

  439. Alison M says:

    I used Something Clever’s questions. Here are my four year old’s answers with my comments in parentheses.

    What do I do for fun?
    Play dolls (This is true, actually. I collect Asian ball joint dolls that I customize and dress up)

    What’s my favorite TV show?
    Doctor Who (correct!)

    What do I drink?
    Alcohol (um.)

    What do I eat?
    Different foods. My favourite food is cheese. (Well, I like cheese. Don’t know if it’s my favourite)

    What do I like to read?
    Knitting books (correct!)

    What do I wear?
    Striped shirt (what I was wearing when I asked her)

    What do I do with my friends?
    Talk to them (true)

    What is my favorite song?
    Whatta Man by Salt n Pepa (Shut up, It’s a good song!)

    What do I do when you’re napping?
    Close the door. (ha)

    What do I do when you’re in bed at night?
    Go to sleep. (I make sure she thinks this so she she doesn’t feel like she’s missing anything)

  440. My 4yo son just gave my husband a card for Father’s Day that he made in preschool where the teacher’s did this. He said my husband is 13 years old, weighs 114 pounds, and his favorite food is Mommy’s cooking. I have to say this card kicked all of the hallmark cards right in the behind. Love the way kids think.

  441. Michelle Zonca says:

    I asked my three year old yesterday what she thinks daddy does at work. Her answer, “he does jobs, and fixes things, and catches butterflies.”

  442. Laura D says:

    Love their answers! DS is too young to talk yet, but he likes to call his food “mama”.

  443. Anne says:

    My almost-2-year-old would undoubtedly say that Mommy’s job is “cuddles”…which sounds cute, but is not so much when ‘cuddles’ have to happen every 5 minutes! Agh!

  444. Angie M says:

    My 3-year-old’s preschool teacher did an “All About my Mom” paper with her for mother’s day. One part said, “My mom is really good at…” Chloe answered, “Kissing Daddy!” Oh boy!

  445. I was having an incredibly rough bout of cramps one month, and after the 3yo threw herself into my stomach and I winced and cried out she asked what was wrong. I said, “mommy’s tummy just hurts a lot right now.” My 5yo said, “I think it’s probably because you’re going to have another baby.”
    WTF? We had NEVER had a birds & bees talk with her. We have NO clue where that came from. I assured her that was NOT going to happen, but since I couldn’t say, “Because Daddy got a snip-snip” I told her it was because babies cry too much and I didn’t want any more. (what? I panicked.)

  446. Jenn says:

    Me: What’s momma’s favorite thing to do.
    My 3-year-old: Candy!

  447. Kimberly says:

    A teacher did this activity with my son in preschool a couple of years ago. When asked what his daddy did at work he answered that he “makes medicine so that people don’t die like Michael Jackson” (Daddy was a pharmacy tech)

  448. Ursula D says:

    I love this! My 7 month old just smiled and laughed when I asked her how old I was. I can’t wait until she can answer these questions. I love your post and I read your book! Thanks for all the laughs. My DH and I read you together all the time!

  449. Alicia says:

    I did something similar with DH for father’s day and it cracked me up. I have no idea what he did with it though ,s o can’t post any. But would love the book!

  450. Pamela says:

    My 4 year old did this for a Mother’s Day present from school. My two favourite answers were; “If you could buy mommy one thing what would it be? His answer: make-up. “What is your favourite meal that mommy cooks? His answer: Oatmeal.
    Good thing I need to look better, but obviously can spend less time in the kitchen. 🙂

  451. Priscilla says:

    me: How old am I?
    3yo: 5! Wait, I mean 100!!!

  452. Cindy says:

    I asked my 8 year old the following:
    Me: Hey Luke, How old am I?
    Luke: uhhmm 40? No wait! 42!
    Me: Luke, what do I do all day while you’re in school?
    Luke: Mom Is today your birthday???

  453. Melissa says:

    Me: Ask me something about my childhood.
    7 y/o: Did you have to ride in a horse and cart?

  454. Jessica says:

    I’m 4 months pregnant and absolutely love your blog. It makes me laugh and my baby loves when I laugh. 🙂

  455. Beverley M says:

    What do I do after you go to bed? Watch a show.
    What do you think I watch? (shrugs)
    What’s your favourite meal that I cook? Sausages and perogies!

  456. Angie B. says:

    I asked my 8 month old all of these questions. And he replied “ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaa”

  457. Susan says:

    Me: What does mommy like to do for fun?
    5yo: have alone time.

    What does mommy do at work?
    3yo: after you finish working on the computer, you dance.
    (This is because she saw a version of a Harlem Shake my office did:

  458. kara says:

    I wana Crappy Book!

  459. Karla says:

    I did a father’s day card with questions for my husband. My favorite:
    What is Daddy good at? Working.

  460. Julie says:

    Aww! It’ll be so fun when DD can answer questions like this (she’s 7 months now). 🙂

  461. Ashley B says:

    My boys just turned 1, so they were no help. But as a preschool teacher, I do this kind of this for mother’s/father’s day. You’d be surprised how many moms’ favorite thing to do is “vaccuum”…

  462. Jenni C says:

    Unfortunately my kids’ answers were not very funny! They are 9 and 6. I asked them what I do for fun, and at first my 6-year-old didn’t understand the question! LOL, I guess moms don’t have fun. Then she said, “Be with us,” and my 9-year-old said, “Look at the computer … all the time.” Poor kid – I’ve been doing some research today and haven’t spent as much time with her as usual!

  463. Lawahine says:

    I cannot wait to interview my son when he is old enough to talk!

  464. Oldtime mama says:

    I asked my 22 year old what I dream about and she said “a world where you can strangle you students.” No where near as cute as a 6 year old but a lot more fun to go to happy hour with:)

  465. Clarice says:

    Me: What do I do with my friends?
    2 y/o: Play peek-a-boo!
    Me: What is my favorite food?
    2 y/o: Banana King!! (I have no idea what that is, btw)

  466. Christina Tapia says:

    Asked my 4 and 2 yr old how old I was and what my job was. My 4 yr old said I was 4 and a half and that I do nothing. I got sad for a second, then he said “cause you’re my patient”. Guess I interrupted them playing doctors office. My 2 yr old just kept saying “lay down, lay down”. She was the nurse.

  467. Kami says:

    Me: Grant, how old am I?
    Grant: 2 (He’s 2)
    Me: What’s my job?
    Grant: You help someone (I’m a doctor, but saying it this way makes me more like a fireman. He’s loves firemen)
    M: What’s my favorite color?
    G: Probably blue
    M: What do I like to buy at the store?
    G: Presents (LOL!)
    M: What do I dream about?
    G: Presents (Do you see a theme here? LOL)
    M: What do I like to wear?
    G: Your hair. (HAHAHAHA. Yes, I like my hair on every day)
    M: What color are my eyes? ( There is no way he is getting this one right. We are sitting in the dark, snuggling before bedtime.)
    G: Brown. (He got it RIGHT!)
    M: Grant, you are so smart!

    We have great bedtime conversations every night. I post them often. Last night, when my husband was playing with him, Grant said, “Dada, go to sleep. I’ll meet you there.”

    He’s an awesome kid. <3

  468. Jami says:

    I had a conversation with my two-year-old about how some bees can give ouchies and it’s best to not touch any of them. He then asked me if turkeys give ouchies. I told him no, but don’t back one into a corner. We don’t want to find out for real.

  469. Shannon says:

    My oldest filled out a bunch of questions about me at school for Mother’s Day. I am 32 (37 really but I like her answer). My favorite food is tuna and noodle (my husbands favorite – not mine). And I knit all the time (not really).

  470. Erin D. says:

    For my daughter’s Mother’s Day tea party all the kids filled out these questions. My daughter said, “My mother is the prettiest when… She doesn’t have baby drool on her.”
    Kids… 🙂

  471. Jessica says:

    What’s my job?
    U play with toys at work. (2year old)

    What does mommy like to eat?
    Vegetables. (3year old)
    Apples. (2)

    How old is mommy?
    Huge. (2)
    Mommy, you are five years old. (3)

  472. Wendy says:

    I asked my 9 year old what kind of stuff I liked to do when I was his age. He says “old timey stuff”.

  473. Lauren M says:

    This is fun!

    I asked my 4-year-old what my favorite thing to do was, he said make diapers. Haha I recently made one cloth diaper, just to try it.

  474. Veronica Ramirez says:

    What does mommy love?
    *tear* of course I do!

  475. Virginia W. says:

    I asked my dd what my favourite thing to do is, and she said, “Boobie” and proceeded to get into the nursing position. le sigh. Nursing my 2.5 y/o isn’t my MOST favourite thing to do, sometimes it drives me crazy, but it sure is HER favourite thing to do!

  476. Lori says:

    I asked my 2.5 year old daughter, “What is my favorite thing to do?” and she responded, “Um, go home. You like to go home.”

    It’s true. It’s all hot and loud and busy out there. Home is nice.

  477. Kara says:

    Can’t wait to interview my kiddos 🙂

  478. Laurie says:

    My kids are constantly asking me how old I am. They can never remember.

  479. Niki says:

    Q:what would Santa bring me?
    A: (from 5 year old DD) Wine and Jewelry!

    Probably true, if Santa knows what’s good for him. But it does make me sound materialistic…

  480. Lori says:

    My daughter doesn’t really have any words, she’s only 13 months old, her answe to everything would probably be …

    “What is it?!”
    “I NEED yogurt puffs, now!”

  481. JessicaPuterbaugh says:

    Asked my 2.5 year old what my favorite thing to do is. She very enthusiastically answered “clean!” I guess it would appear that way to her, since I am always cleaning up after her!

  482. Stephanie says:

    I interviewed my 3 1/2 year old about her father for father’s day. One of my favorite responses was this:
    Me: What do I like most about Daddy?
    Daughter: Kissing, just like at your wedding!
    (I do have to say, she definately hit one of the top 3 things I like most!)

  483. Heather says:

    2 boys, 5 & 6:

    How old am I: 32 (off by a decade, but in the right direction)
    What is my favorite thing to do: Spend time with us
    What’s my job: Taking care of us
    What do I dream of: Um, us probably?

    Geez kids, self-centered much?

  484. Angela says:

    I had my 2.5 year old answer questions about his dad for Father’s Day, when I asked him why is daddy smart? He said “because he knows the muffin man!”

  485. Kim says:

    My daughter is only 14 months, so she can’t really answer a question….but she could probably say “OOF!!!” or “SHHHH!!!” Since she duplicates our pug, followed by the noise I make to shut our pug up when he is barking at random things on our TV.

  486. Me: What do I like to do?

    Kid: Be on the computer!

    The kid’s accurate, that’s for sure.

  487. Laura says:

    My son is about to graduate from 5th grade, but he made the cutest mother’s day picture when he was in preschool. It included a fill-in-the-blank section. My mother is 10 years old. She likes to wash the dishes. etc.

    By the time he was 5 he knew I really enjoyed reading the newspaper. Once when we had invited my friends’ two children over he remarked “Ms. Shawna won’t have any kids at her house. She can read the newspaper in peace & quiet!”

  488. Jennifer says:

    I love you. A lot. That’s my comment. My kids are cute and say cute crap, but they are in bed. And lets be honest. I’ll totally forget all about asking them questions tomorrow.

  489. Shavonne Wood says:

    My kids are non-verbal still but I’m looking forward to the day they can tell me how old/young I look, haha! I really enjoy your blog and your book!

  490. Skye says:

    OK, I interviewed my three-year-old son (there is audio) and here are the highlights:

    Alistair, how old am I?
    You are nine years old.

    OK. What is my favorite food?
    Celery (strike two)

    Hmm. And what do I drink?
    Wine (OK, one point.)

    What do I wear?

    What is my favorite book?
    Curious George (He is beginning to project here.)

    What is my favorite song?
    Thomas and his Friends (Not so much.)

    What do I do while you nap?
    Poop. (FTW.)

    • kat says:

      haha too funny!

      My crappy 3yr young girl was asked “whats mumma’s favourite thing to do?” and she said “SLEEP!” haha so so true… if only I got the chance to do more of it 😀

  491. Christina F. says:

    my little one is just starting to talk. i canNOT wait to hear what she has to say as she acquires words beyond “coo” (cookie), “mrow” (cat), da-da (dad or dog, depending), “buh-fly”, “star, sky, high,” “scoo” (should be excuse me, but really is “scootch,” which I apparently say too often to the dogs), and the classic “no.”

  492. Emiko F says:

    Recently, my daughter was asked how old her dad was. Her answer was “big”.

  493. Lori says:

    My preschooler did a form for Father’s Day and said that his daddy is as handsome as Cocoa Pebbles! For Mother’s Day he said that mommmy is so smart she can even unload the dishwasher!

  494. Melissa says:

    My 19 mo old cant really speak well, but if he did, the answer might be “apple.” (His current favorite word)

  495. Lauryn says:

    My baby’s one and a half… Right now any question I asked him would be answered with car, uh-oh, moooo, wow, or whoa! 🙂

  496. chelsea says:

    I wish I kept trac of all the quircky things my kids said over the years! LOVE your blog!

  497. Amber says:

    I am a SAHM of 2 boys. I recently graduated with an associates ( electrical engineering)so I was not expecting my 6 yr old to say,” Clean the bathroom.” when asked what he thought I did as a job.

  498. Susie N. says:

    I have three female minions. Their ages are 9, almost 7, and almost 5. (Those are important distinctions.)
    Here is our Q&A:

    Me: What is Mommy’s job?
    9: Being a stay at home mom.
    6: Take care of her kids.
    4: You take care of us. Your job is to keep us happy so you take us out to lunch, so that we don’t fight.

    Me: What do I do for fun?
    9: Volunteer for my school and ballet.
    6: Take us to fun places!
    4: You go buy coffee.

  499. Karri says:

    LOL!! I just asked my oldest daughter(6y/o) how I looked in a pair of high heels and she says, “You look 50 mom!! That’s so 20/20!” I really have no idea what she means but she seemed happy!

  500. Angelina says:

    I asked my 4 and 7 year old ‘What do I like to do with my friends?” and got this as a unanimous response– “TALK!”. Pretty much true :). My 7 year year old also commented (when trying to answer what I like to do) that I don’t ever get to watch TV shows.

  501. Elaine says:

    I’m 40, which isn’t that old. The kids’ dad though – he’s REALLY OLD. REALLY REALLY OLD. He’s 45. I love my kids and their perspective. I might have had some influence here.

  502. Krystal says:

    I just asked asked the kids the other day a bunch of questions about dad to give to him for Father’s Day. The best answer was from my 4 yr old daughter when I asked what Daddy is good at. She said Juggling. Like my husband has ever juggled or has the hand eye coordination for it

  503. joanna says:

    My 5 year old filled out a survey like this in Pre-K for Mother’s Day. My favorite answers: Mommy’s favorite TV show is about clothes (He’s right – Project Runway!) and “My Mommy is pretty as a Horse”. When I asked him if he thought horses were pretty he said, “Oh yes. Especially unicorns.”

  504. Hannah says:

    When asked a couple of years back at kinder what she loved best about her mummy (ie. me!), DD replied “She smells a lot better than Daddy and doesn’t fart as badly!!!”
    I thought that was a real “ripper”. 😉

  505. Pat says:

    Me: Baby Bear, how old am I?
    BB: 12
    Me: What is my job?
    BB: You are my humble servant.

  506. Tricia says:

    I asked my 2.5 year old a bunch of questions for a Father’s Day gift. Here are my two favorite.

    What does Daddy like to watch on TV?
    Lightning McQueen, Mater, Tractors and Fire Trucks.

    What does Daddy smell like?

  507. Amber says:

    I have a 1 year old, so she can’t answer any questions except “do you love [insert stuffed animal name here]?” (takes stuffed animal and pulls it up around her chin and sways back and forth as cutely as possible) or “do you want more food?” (signs “more”).

    Anyway… I think Crappy Boy was politely saying that you have sex dreams.

  508. Beth says:

    Looking forward to the day my dd talks.

  509. Lauren says:

    I just found your blog and LOVE it! While I don’t have kids, I do work with Kindergarten and you wouldn’t believe some of the stories. We interview the kids a lot. My personal favorite? Me: What does dad like to do? Child: Sleep with my mommy.

  510. Stephany says:

    Lol! Great post! Going to try tomorrow with my 3 year old!!!

  511. Jessica M says:

    My son is only 1.5 so I have a feeling if I asked him what I do he would say something like “doggie” or “bye bye”

  512. Brenna says:

    Hah, so awesome.

  513. Michelle Q says:

    My survey was wholly unenlightening except for what Mommy drinks: wine. Yeah, that one’s true. 🙂

  514. Jenn says:

    My daughter just told me that she thinks I’m 100. FML

  515. I wish I could ask my 5 kids, but they’re all either too old or too young to make the answers funny/intelligible. It’d be easy, though – I’m pretty sure you could answer “tired” to almost any question about me and be correct.

  516. Shannon says:

    Just asked my 3 year old what my favourite thing to do is. His reply “play with me”. I then asked what my favourite food is. His reply “me”. No I’m no a cannibal. He’s just a typical egocentric 3 year old 🙂

  517. Kelly says:

    I did the interview thing hoping to get a funny response from my eldest Mr4, but he thinks I like all the same stuff he does! Including Kmart, LEGO & all of his friends! He did however list pink as my favorite color ‘because its a girl color’ 🙂

  518. Becky Marie says:

    yay! I can’t wait until my little one is old enough to answer questions!

  519. Billie says:

    I’m going to have to quiz my 8 year old twins in the morning.

  520. Ali says:

    I am going to ask my kids in the morning what they think I do with my friends. I am guessing their answer will be go shopping or eat, but I could be way off. I would love to win a signed copy of your book! Thanks for the most awesome blog!

  521. Erin says:

    I just asked my almost 4yo son a couple questions. “What is mommy’s favorite thing to do?” His response, “brush my teeth”. Then I asked him, “what is my favorite thing to drink?” Without even skipping a beat, he says, “wine”. Lol

  522. Emily B. says:

    I asked my 11 month old daughter whether she thought my 5 month pregnant belly looked pregnant yet, or just fat? She said “gggaaaggghhhppptthhh” and proceeded to head bang her forehead into it. Yep, still in the fat stage, or she really has it out for her baby sister.

  523. Sarah VM says:

    I asked my kids about daddy for father’ day:
    What does daddy like to wear? 4.5-underwear 2.5 -an “O’ (?)
    What does daddy like to eat? 4.5 -grilled cheese 2.5 -food
    What does daddy tell you to do? 4.5 -to stop saying bad words 2.5 -to not talk
    (there was a lot more, but this sample was the best)

  524. Theresa says:

    My sons are 12 and 11 months, neither a good age for cute answers to questions. My older boy did tell me that he felt sad for me that I was so short that he was already up to my chin. I’m 5-9.

  525. My 6 yr old son helped me with this.

    Me: What word do you think of when you think of me?
    Boy: “I love you,” because you tell me that all the time.

    Me: What do you want to say about me?
    Boy: I like all those photos that you took [I had let him look at Facebook photos while I was writing earlier today], especially when you gave the phone to someone else, and we were all in the photo.

    Me: What do you not like about me?
    Boy: When you get angry.
    Me: Yeah, I don’t like that part of me either. I’m working on it.

    Me: What’s the funniest or silliest thing that I do?
    Boy: That’s hard to choose. When you do this (puffs out his cheeks, presses his hands against his cheeks, then blows all the air in my face).

    Me: If you wrote a book about me, what would you call it?
    Boy: The Greatest Mommy [that made me a little weepy]

    Thank you so much for suggesting this.

  526. Clair Melville says:

    My stepson was talking to his dad whilst I was pottering about and they started to talk about work. Dad asked boy what I did and he answered that I work in the hospital (correct) and this was followed by and we don’t work dad “cos we’re boys”. Luckily he no longer holds the view that boys stay at home and play Xbox all day.

  527. Amanda says:

    My kiddos aren’t verbal yet, but I have got to remember to do this when they’re older! Some if these responses are hilarious!

  528. Heather Mohr says:

    hi! too tired to come up with a creative comment right now, lol 🙂

  529. michelle stack says:

    I asked my three year old why she loved her daddy so I could write it in his Fathers Day card. She said because he is furry! Lol!

  530. Julia says:

    My little one can’t talk yet but what a cute idea!

  531. Brenda says:

    I once asked my 2.5 year old how old she thought I was. She said 600. When I asked her how old she thought her daddy was she said…. 7. Seven. Actually, that sounds about right most days.

  532. Amanda says:

    I can’t wait to try this tomorrow with my kiddos.

  533. I remember being in the Marshalls dressing room with my son when he asked me if I remembered what the dinosaurs looked like before they were “estink-ed” and did I pet one. All I heard was laughter from the other dressing room.

  534. Andrea C. says:

    What does mommy dream about?”
    My 4 1/2 yr old daughter said: Fish and trick or treat
    LOL I don’t think I’ve EVER dreamed about either

  535. Sandra Mort says:

    I want to go do this with my kids tomorrow, but wanted to share a laugh while I thought of it. Topaz (14.5) is my oldest daughter and currently finds the absolute height of humor to be making fun of my height, my advanced old age, or better yet, a joke about how I’m a short old person.

    Recently I was talking to her about how I had to get up and get something but didn’t want to move. She told me that what I SHOULD do is just have my teenage daughter do it. After all, “the only reason you had kids is for servants and grandchildren.”

    After I stopped laughing, I said “Yes, but I am in NO HURRY for the grandchildren!”

    She put her hand on her hip and said “Well! One would think at YOUR age, you WOULD be in a hurry!


  536. Laura Walsh says:

    I wish my daughter was young enough to ask her these questions… She would give me true answers now!

  537. Sammy Greer says:

    Well, I asked Amelia if my milk tastes good, and her answer was “duh!” This is her answer to everything, and it has been interpreted “duck,” “that,” and “duh.” So I’m taking the complementary answer (she’s ten months).

  538. April says:

    Me: what does Mommy say to Nate?

    2 year old Nate: love you.

    Melts my heart.

  539. Lisa W says:

    From the father’s day and mother’s day projects by our 4yr old.
    How old is mom? 100
    What is dad’s favorite thing to eat? Anything mom makes! (smart kid and dad)
    How does mom make your favorite food? She puts the hot dog in the oven and cooks them for 100 minutes at 100 temperature.

    He does have a thing about 100.

  540. dreamyowl says:

    My toddlers are verbal, but not to the point that they can answer questions about me yet 😉 entering anyway! <3

  541. Chakolate says:

    I once asked my grandson what my name was. He shouted it out. “What’s daddy’s name?” “Dave!” “What’s mommy’s name?” “Mommy!”

  542. I am still laughing over the Q&A with my 4 year old daughter. Ready?

    Me: “What is your favorite thing about mama?”
    Tiny: “When you don’t have your period.”
    Ahem, I may or may not have been PMSing today.

    Me: “What one thing do I do every day?”
    Tiny: “Get grumpy at daddy.”
    Ahem, did I mention that I may or may not have been PMSing today? Er, this week?

  543. Jessica says:

    I asked my three year old, “how old is mommy?”
    BTW I hate that I refer to myself in their person.
    And she said “26.”
    DANG IT! Why does she have to be so smart. 😉

  544. Mindy says:

    Love your blog! I just ordered your book and it came in today! I’m so excited to start reading it. (My son is only 9 weeks old so I can’t contribute to the interview questions.)

  545. C Smith says:

    My 4 year old says that I am 5 years old since I am older than her. When asked what I dream about she said, “nice dreams about her”
    She says I must because she dreams nice things about me, awwww.

  546. SMR says:

    My 10 & 12 yr old keep saying that being more than 30 years old is OLD. I’m 41, so I guess I’m just VERY OLD.

    PD. I LOVE your blog.

  547. Todd C says:

    Me: “What should we get Mommy for her birthday?”
    4-yr old: “I don’t know.”
    “Well, what does she like to do?”
    “She likes moving furniture around. We should get her a new chair to move around.”

  548. Elizabeth says:

    From my 8 yo son…
    For Fun: read, knit, watch netflix
    Drink: coffee, dr pepper (he forgot beer hehe)
    Read: about people and audio books
    tv shows: buffy,
    eat: pizza, bread, donuts, ice cream

    Damn, this child has got me down!!!

  549. Theresa says:

    My little guy’s only 16 months, so he can’t quite answer my questions yet…other than, “do you want some juice?” To which his reply is running to the fridge. But I do love your blog and would LOVE to win some crappy gear! 🙂

  550. Rebecca Guss says:

    Asked my 4 month old a variety of questions and she said “EH!” Every time 😉

  551. Erin says:

    I can’t wait til my kids are old enough to answer questions like these 🙂

  552. Lizbeth C says:

    My 8 month old bby cant talk yet but im sure she’ll be talking all kinds of truths about me when she learns to speak! Lol

  553. Renee Hornhardt says:

    Miss 2 1/2 is learning Mummy, Daddy and Grandparents names. The other day it went:
    What’s Daddy’s name?
    Ross (correct)
    What’s Granny’s name?
    Robyn (correct)
    What’s Mummy’s name?
    Scallywag!!! (at the top of her lungs..)
    I think Daddy’s been playing this game when I’m not looking…

  554. Nicole says:

    I did this with my oldest son when he was about 2 1/2 years old.

    Me: What does mommy like to eat?

    Son: Meat! And… Placenta!!!

    I just about died trying to hold in my laughter.

    I was pregnant with munchkin #2 at the time and we were planning a home birth so we were talking a lot about what it would be like, what was going to happen, what he might see… We talke about the placenta and what it was. I guess he misunderstood when I told him it was how the nutrition in food mommy ate got to the baby….

  555. Michelle says:

    I’m pretty sure my 12 month old would describe me like so: “She has boobies. She’s very snuggly at night, and constantly foiling the plans of innocent babies all day. Did I mention she has boobies?”

  556. Georgia says:

    Me: Charlie, what is the best part about me?
    Charlie: Your fat stomach.
    Me: *lifting my jaw off the floor* Why is that?
    Charlie: Because if it weren’t for your fat stomach, you couldn’t keep me warm and cozy during snuggles.
    Me: *he has a point…plotting how to turn this into an awesome justification for eating mad loads of ice cream* Well, that is sweet. Just be careful who you say things like that to, because some people might feel insecure about things, and they might feel offended or hurt. I, however, do not. *maybe a little*
    Charlie: What does insecure mean?
    Me: It means that some people don’t feel good about themselves, and they worry that people won’t like them or a certain feature they have. Some people get made fun of.
    Charlie: Ohhhhh…I know what insecure means. It’s how I make friends.
    Me: *huh?* What do you mean, Charlie?
    Charlie: I find the people at school who are insecure, and I make friends with them so they know that they deserve friends, too.
    Me: *heart melts* What a good friend you are! *and what a great son/future husband/father!*

  557. Debbie says:

    I don’t have my own kids yet, but work in daycare. One of the little ones in my group was checking (with her wonderful 20-month-old pronunciation of names) who had to have a nap while I was changing her just before naptime…

    Child (I’ll call her S): Nunny sleep?
    Me: Yep. Sunny has to sleep.
    S: Law sleep?
    Me: Yep.
    S: Max sleep?
    Me: Yep
    S: Chiawa sleep?
    Me: Yep

    And so we went through the names of every child in the group (even the ones who weren’t in that day). So she moved on to asking about the adults…

    S: Bebbie sleep?
    Me: No, I’m going to have lunch.
    S: No! Bebbie sleep!
    Me: There’s no bed for me.
    S: Share my bed. Bebbie sleep!

    Apparently everyone HAS to sleep during nap time, even the big people. 😉 So questions like ‘What do i do while you’re asleep?’ are automatically void.

    Honestly wish I could have crawled in next to her on her teeny little bed! <3

  558. Laura says:

    I can’t wait to ask my daughter such questions, as soon as she talks a little better! She is just under 1.5 right now so it’s a bit early 🙂

  559. Sherryn Jones-Vadala says:

    Here are my DDs responses.
    What is my favourite thing to do?
    Miss 4: Sleep (I wish!!!!)
    Miss 2.5: Swim (I’m a swim teacher)
    What do I do at home when not working and you are at kinder?
    Miss 4: Really important stuff
    Miss 2.5: Play with me and give me timeouts
    Gotta lovd kids. Just read your new book Amber & loved it. Laughed and laughed. S xo

  560. Chew Ee Wei says:

    My daughter is 3 years old and my son is 6 months.
    I ask my daughter how old is mummy?
    Daughter: 4 years old?
    Me: how do u know I’m 4 years old?
    Daughter: bcos u r older than me. Right?

  561. Juls says:

    Asked my 4 year old what does mama do after you go to bed?
    Answer: you and daddy eat salad.
    Ok then.

  562. Moogette says:

    I asked my 9 year old “What do I dream about at night?” because I couldn’t think of anything else to ask.
    Her reply: “Ummm, nude people!”

  563. Emerald says:

    Ahahaha I am definitely doing this tomorrow.

  564. Bectron says:

    Ok I’ve just asked my 4 year old lol

    Me: ‘Noah, whats my favorite thing to do?’
    Noah: ‘Ummmm….play with me?
    Me: ‘What do I love?’
    Noah: ‘Me?’
    Me ‘Whats my favorite food?’
    Noah: ‘Chicken?’
    Noah: ‘Did I get it all right? Do you love chicken?’
    Me: ‘….yes Noah’

  565. Heather says:

    I asked my 2 year old daughter what my favorite thing to do was and she said “fart” and then she farted. She is clearly her daddy’s.

  566. Lea says:

    My twins are babies so I can’t interview them, but I’m excited to hear the cute things they’ll say in a couple of years.

  567. Laura says:

    What a great idea – If my son wasn’t asleep, I’d ask him right now! Will have to remember for tomorrow, and to video it!

  568. Gwen says:

    I did one of those questionnaires with my daughter for Mother’s Day. My favorite was:

    Q: I love my Mom because….
    A: She loves me to the moon and back

    Yup! She was right! I do! 🙂

  569. Shirley says:

    another brilliant idea from my most fav blog <3

  570. Hilary says:

    I asked my almost 3 year old what I like to do on weekends:
    “You like to do lots of errands. But sometimes your errands fly away on the beach. That’s just what errands do.”
    Ah, if only they would all fly away!

  571. Ben says:

    Well, my 17-year-old isn’t speaking to me today, which makes this assignment almost as much of a challenge as interviewing someone little enough to be non-verbal. But I know from what she said just before she stopped speaking to me that her answers might not be printable anyway, so it’s all for the best.

    Oh — I should explain that she has an excellent reason for not speaking to me — I went to a play she was in. Three months ago. (I know this is an excellent reason, because she told me, very emphatically.)

    Anyone interested in an even trade for a preschooler? Funny answerers preferred.

  572. April says:

    my baby is teething.

  573. Hazel says:

    My 4.5 yr old son asked how old I was. I told him (42) and he said “42? And after that you will be 25.” Yes please.

  574. Karin says:

    According to my five month old, every answer is giggles and grins or hysterical shrieks of “you have never fed me ever in my whole life”. Personally, I prefer the first one myself.

  575. Caitlin says:

    my son greyson is only nine months old (and blissfully sleeping at the moment, thank jesus) but i would like to think that our little interview would go something like this….

    M: hiii baby, who is your favorite person in the whole wide world?
    M: very good baby! now who do you think should go down to the liquor store, grab a bottle of wine, give a foot rub to MAMAMAMA and also maybe do the dishes and/or laundry?
    M: you are a genius. he should probably get you some ice cream too!
    G: …..blank stare.

  576. Cookin’ stuff and eating stuff aaaand…
    SO cute! XD I love crappy baby’s voice!

  577. Jessica says:

    My almost 14 month old said “na” and clicked his tongue a few times. Not sure what he thinks about me, but it was followed by a smile. 🙂 Now I definitely know what he was thinking about me an hour ago when I finally had to take away the beverage he was squeezing out all over the floor…

  578. Natalie says:

    The interview with little Mr 3 and a half went as follows:
    Me: How old is Mummy?
    Mr: Old
    Me (pushing my luck): Yes, but how old. Can you give me a number?
    Mr: Four five six seven
    Me: yep, that’s really really old
    Me: What is mummy’s job?
    Mr: Hurting me! (Note: no hurting involved I promise, he was just cranky that I closed the lid on the iPad!)
    Me: What’s daddy’s job?
    Mr: Daddy’s job is good and mummy’s job is bad! (Again with the cranky, and guess who was bad cop today?)
    Me: What does mummy dream about?
    Mr: Books?
    Me: Which books?
    Mr: The Foot Book (huh?)
    Interview terminated due to another attack of cranky and the return of bad cop

  579. Kelly says:

    When my son was just over 2 and told me “Papa’s job in office”, I had to ask him what my own job is.
    At first he was confused. He thought about it for a while. Then his face lit up:
    “In bed. Mama’s job in bed.”

    (I was pregnant with his sister, and spent a lot of time sleeping.)
    Best part? I was filming it, so we can show it at his wedding. Or graduation. Or every time he brings home a date.

  580. audre says:

    Hah! I love this idea!

  581. louisa Bone says:

    My kids are not here (well the one who is, is asleep thank god!) and I would forget to comment if i waited… so I am commenting because I want a signed copy of the book 😉

  582. Alisha says:

    I’m pretty sure if I asked my son the question “What do you like most about mom?” his answer would be, hands down, BOOBS! He isn’t tiny, but he goes straight for them when he’s tired or teething. 🙂

  583. Cherish says:

    I don’t think my 4 year-old grasped the concept.

    Me: “What’s my favourite colour?”
    Woo: “Don’t you know your favourite colour?”
    Me: “…yes. But do you?”
    Woo: “My favourite colour is rainbowy.”
    Me: “I meant what do you think MY favourite colour is?”
    Woo: *sigh* “You actually really need to pick one by yourself.”

  584. VB says:

    Haha, would love to do this one with my son (16 months old today!) when he’s old enough to actually talk :)…

  585. Amanda says:

    yay a worldwide contest!! I love these, i’m always bummed when its US only 🙁
    I asked my daughter(4 in 2 weeks) the same 2 questions her answers
    -49 because Papa just turned 50 and he is older then you(my poor dad, having his 3rd daughter at just 1!)
    -Me, because i dream about you 🙂

  586. Patricia Oliveira says:

    What does mommy like to do with free time?
    7yr old:relax

    What does mommy dream about
    7yr old: turtles (?!)

    What’s mommy good at?
    7yr old: cleaning (o joy)

    What’s mommy bad at?
    7yr old: (after much pained consideration) mommy, you’re perfect!

    Someone got a very squishy hug!

  587. Amanda C says:

    My little boy is only 1, so his answer to anything would be a grin and a scream.

  588. Mel says:

    My 3.5 yr old often dreams of frogs! Scary ones though – I had to convince him that when they were coming into his room, they just wanted to be friends.
    Right now he’s on the ipod so all I get is ‘I don’t know’. But for mother’s day they made a card at kindy that said “I love my mummy because… she likes to cuddle me” which I assume was his answer and is absolutely lovely. He also told me today that I am a beautiful princess, and that gran (my mum) is coming over to our house because she is very good at cleaning up mummy’s messes! (pretty sure it’s not all my mess…)

  589. Elizabeth says:

    In preschool the teacher asked my daughter what her mom does all day. Her response was: “Sit on the couch and watch ‘Ellen.” 🙂

  590. Nuttara says:

    I’ll ask my dd when she can talk 😀

  591. Elizabeth says:

    I asked my 8-year-old, “What’s my favorite thing to do?”
    “Snuggle!” Then I asked my 5-year-old, “What’s my favorite food?”
    “Ice cream!” Lots of projecting going on in my house! 🙂

  592. Melody Ketterer says:

    Too funny! When I worked in daycare, we would always ask the kids how old they thought we were, because the answers were hysterical! One girl said, “you are old, like 13.” We laughed a long time on that one!

  593. mappermom says:

    Some years back, a teacher asked my daughter what her mommy likes to do and she told her that I like to read and sleep. Unfortunately, she was entirely accurate.

  594. Mandi says:

    I asked my daughter what I do for fun and she said “work.” Wow do I wish that I worked for fun. She also states that I drink coffee all the time, which may or may not be true! 😛 Apparently I dream about coffee too. Coffee is a pretty important part of my life.

  595. Daisy Chaytor says:

    me: What’s mommy’s favorite color?
    2 year old son: blue, no red, umm black? Green? no yellow right?

    me: What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    E: Treats? right?

    me: What does mommy do when you’re napping?
    E: Call Ethan? right? (Ethan is his cousin)

    Needless to say he’s in a new phase where everything he says ends with “right?” lol

  596. Heather says:

    On my Mother’s Day card my 4 year old made at preschool: “I love my mummy because…” and he said (and the teacher dutifully wrote in the blank space), “she cleans my clothes.” WHAT? That’s all you can come up with after all these years of choosing library books that will delight you, making funny faces with food on your plate, hugging you silly and soooo much more? Well well.

  597. Rebecca says:

    My girls are only 16 months old, so I can’t do this yet. Love the answers in the comments, though!!

  598. Jessica says:

    I get so excited whenever I see one of your posts show up in my Facebook newsfeed. I always know the day is going to start with a laugh!

  599. Jessica C says:

    I would love a copy of your book!

  600. Laura says:

    It’s always such a pleasure to read your blog!
    My kid is not old enough yet to answer very metaphysical questions, but when I asked him “What is mom’s first name?”, he replied – of course: “Err, Mommy?”
    Not funny. 🙂

  601. CuppaJo says:

    I did this a couple years ago with my then-3yo. The best answers I got were:

    What is something mom always says to you?
    – GO

    What does your mom do when you’re not around?
    – Go to where I am

    How are you and your mom the same?
    – We like to ride bikes and grow flowers

    How are you and your mom different?
    – We have on different underwear

  602. AmyH says:

    We got some great answers from our 2 year old for Father’s day this year: What color are daddy’s eyes? “Green!” (They’re blue) What color is daddy’s hair? “Green!” (Brown – ha!) What does daddy do at work? “Eat .. . and go to meetings!”

  603. Jennifer Haislip says:

    I want to win, but I’m just leaving a lame comment cuz my kids are with dad this summer. I thought I wouldn’t start missing them for a while yet (til I was much more well-rested) but I was wrong 🙁

  604. Jenny Carpenter says:

    My 4 year old and 3 year old boys were trying to decide what to wear this morning. I went to try to give them some clothing advice and they told me “only people can help them pick out clothes.” I asked them if kids were people, and they said “yes. But, adults are not people.” So if adults are not people, what are they? Their unanimous answer: “poop!”

  605. AmyR says:

    My son (3) did this for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year. My favorites:

    What does your Mom eat?
    “Peas, salad, and blueberries”
    I wouldn’t say peas are one of my favorite things…

    What does your Mom do at work?
    “She goes up to work and works.”
    Vague, but pretty much correct. I have a hard time describing exactly what I do (avionics software) to some adults, let alone my son…

    What does your Dad like to eat?
    “Chicken and corn”

  606. Christina says:

    At playgroup Monday I ask my 2 year old:
    Me: Where is mamma’s baby?
    Boy: proceeds to lift up my dress and expose my underwear – right there!

    We are still working on that one….

  607. Christi says:

    Me: What does mommy do when you are at school?
    Joseph (age 4 1/2): Nothing.

    Yeah, like that EVER happens! But that is what I dream about doing when he’s at school!

  608. Jill McCormick says:

    While we’ve done similar projects for both Dad’s Day and for my Mom for Mother’s Day, I haven’t done it where they answer questions about me – I see a project in our future. I think I will have to make a video so as to capture all the cra cra things my DD5 will say about me!

  609. Nicole says:

    Me: What does Mama like to do?
    My 2.5 year old:Go pee pee.
    Me: What does Dada like to do?
    My 2.5 year old: Go skateboarding

  610. Heather L. says:

    My son on his mother’s day card said my favorite thing to do was….sleep and to be left alone while sleeping… yes and yes lol.

  611. Sara Anderson says:

    I asked my three year old if she was ever going to go potty and she replied that no she didn’t need to b/c it was “ouchy with it’s teeth and claws and wanted to kill her” …then she told me I could go. I also asked my two year old why he loved me so much and he said “b/c you have BOOBS” then he giggled uncontrollably.

  612. I am so doing this with my kids! Great idea!

  613. Valerie says:

    I don’t have kids, but I teach kids. I was helping them make a father’s day book, which is found here:
    For the question about what Dad does at work, one of the children said, “He eats.” 🙂

  614. So, the summary of my interview is that I don’t really exsist outside of my children. My favorite book is their favorite book, likewise for tv show – the only thing they really know about me is that I like coffee! lol I will surely be blogging all of this soon!

  615. Michelle says:

    My son is only 11 months old, and currently focused on walking, not talking, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway…
    Me: Hey buddy, what does Mommy like to do?
    Baby: Dadadadadada aaaaaaaaaa nananamamama wawawa
    Me: Wow, really?

  616. Nikki says:

    For Mothers Day my daughters 2nd grade class made cards about mom. Cute. One of the questions was “what does your mom do all day?” My daughters answer was “take care of the boys!” I am so grateful her teacher knew I was SAHM with two young sons b/c that answer just sounds BAD!

    Also, my daughter drew a picture of me in gray sweat pants and an over-sized blue t-shirt. I have not worn either since!

  617. Aisley Gash says:

    My son is only 8.5 months old, so all he can say is “babababa” in increasingly louder steps until it’s just a scream of “BAAAAAAAAH”. Or “dada”. But he calls everything dada, so I’m not calling that his first word just yet 😀

  618. Larissa G says:

    I really want your book!

    (My boy is 5 months and is pitching a fit at the moment.)

  619. Rachael P says:

    My kid doesn’t talk, but I love this post. Love the wacky things that kids come up with!

  620. Carolyn Collins says:

    I asked my 5 year old how old I was he said 60 – gee thanks. I asked him how old Daddy was he said 40/60. I said do you mean 40 + 60 he said yes. So on that scale I guess I did okay I am 60 and my hubby is 100. He looks good for his age. I asked my two year old how old I was he just laughed (I assume that cant be good).

  621. How old do you think I am?
    Thing 1: VERY old!
    Thing 2:100 old

    What do you think I dream about?
    Thing 1: Uhhh. Old stuff. We don’t care!
    Thing 2: Daddy, Ruby

    What do I do with my friends?
    Thing 1: Talk. For a very, very, very long time. About us. And how we misbehave and fight.

    Thing 2: Talk about cereal.

  622. Liza says:

    Me: “What do I do for fun?”

    5 year old son: “Wash the dishes.”

    **Within certain parameters, this is actually true. I’m not sure how I feel about it.**

  623. What do I do for living? Feeding and Cleaning
    What do I blog about? You go on Wrinkled Mommy. You do words.
    What do I like to do for fun? Couponing.
    Do you think I’m funny? Um…um….

    (questions answered by my 6 yr old triplets)

  624. Avrael says:

    My DS2 says that all I do is boring stuff around the house. Sadly, that’s at least partly true.

  625. JeaLinda says:

    I asked my kids the “What do I like to do for fun?” question and I got these responses:

    “Work” ~ 9yo daughter
    “Play on your iPad” ~ 4yo daughter

    I can’t deny that it made me a bit sad that they think I’m such a dud. 🙁

  626. Tanya says:

    From an interview with my four year old son:

    1. How old am I? “21” (He’s SO smart – ha!)

    2. What is my favourite place to go? “Shopping.” (Hhhmmm… I was hoping for Thailand or Mexico but we do live for the mini-breaks so shopping will do).

    3. What is my favourite food? “Broccoli.” (Not even close… serves me right for telling him that broccoli is the best veggie and he should try it).

    4. What is my favourite colour? “Pink” – 1 for 4 isn’t bad.

    My husband joined in:

    5. How old is daddy? “16”. (WTF? 5 years younger than me??)

    6. What does daddy do at work? “Not really anything.” (OK, vindication. LOL).

  627. Rachelle says:

    My daughter is only 6 months old, but I can’t wait to try this when she is older!

    The questions reminded me of some things I asked my second grade class last year. They thought I was 16 (I’m in my 30’s!) and they were really shocked to find out I did not still live with my mom!

  628. Holly says:

    I did this last April for my hubby’s birthday. Here are some of my favorite q&as.

    Q. How tall is Dada?
    A. He’s the tallest guy I never saw

    Q. How much does Dada weigh?
    A. 4 inches

    Q. What isn’t DaDa good at?
    Dropping things & breaking them. And stepping on Baby Sissy.

  629. Courtney says:

    My 2.5 yr old thinks her daddy’s job is golf. Me thinks he plays too much!

  630. M says:

    How did we ever entertain ourselves without kids?

  631. Rachael says:

    Rad idea! Can’t wait until my babe starts talking… oh wait, yes I can 😛

  632. Marcy says:

    For Mother’s Day one year, my daughter’s teacher asked her questions about me. She was 5 at the time. She was asked what colour hair I had. Her response: Brown…and sometimes grey : /

  633. Katie says:

    My niece, who sees us mostly over through Facetime, thinks I live “in mommy’s phone”.

  634. Sara says:

    What’s my favorite food?
    – chicken, skettys
    What’s my name?
    – Mommy
    Who’s your favorite, Mommy or Daddy? (yes, I ripped this off)
    – Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy (very diplmatic)

  635. Polly says:

    Asked nephew (8) because daughter (1) knows very few noticable words 😉

    Talking about his new bike……

    Do you like your new bike?
    -Yes! It’s awesome! It’s the coolest!
    -How much did it cost?
    Like eighty hundred dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Well, when I start working, I’ll buy you a bike for $114.

  636. Caryn says:

    We don’t have kids, but my fiance and I are often a little creeped out by how well we know each other.

    Like, I can ask him what I had for lunch (we don’t live together, so chances are he wasn’t there…) and 9/10 he guesses it correctly the first time.

  637. amanda says:

    Mommy: Kaila whats mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    Kaila: I dont know
    Mommy: what does mommy like to do with Kaila?
    Kaila: UMMMMMMM kiss me.

  638. Beth says:

    I love the things that kids say! They just view the world in such a unique way.

  639. Tanja says:

    Hey! Love your blog. I dont really have children because I´m 17, but I love reading your blog. I have two cousins ( 4 and 6 years old) and I love to spend time with them because they really tell all the truth and of course, I can be totally childish with them and they dont judge me 😛 It would be really nice if I could meet you and your crappy boys :))

  640. Mary says:

    w/my 5 year old.

    Me: How old am I ?
    G: 27
    Me: What is my favorite thing to do.
    G: Make me sit still while you brush my hair.
    Me: What is my favorite food.
    G: Honey Due, no pizza, no umm…what is that meat you order when we go out to eat that I don’t like?
    Me: Steak?
    G: Yes steak is your favorite, well that and cheese, oh and ice cream.

  641. Amy says:

    Om my goodness…I can’t wait to see what my daughter as to say when she comes back from visiting grandparents! Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  642. Janine Scott says:

    Each Mother’s Day I plan to interview my children with questions about me. Here’s an excerpt from this year: How much do I weigh? “3 dollars.” What’s my favorite food? “Water, pears.” Lol

  643. Katrina Ford says:

    I want to come back and write a proper comment with an answer from my son, but I’m worried I’ll forget. I can’t ask now as it’s 3.15am! 😉

  644. Ariana says:

    Ha, I love it! I will be sure to try this when my baby starts answering questions!

  645. Lucie says:

    Hi, I don’t have kids! Super funny post! I would like to win the book hehe

  646. Jennifer says:

    I don’t have kids but I’ll tell you a funny story for my entry. When my parents were first married my mom wanted to be super-wife so she was cooking every night. One night she made macaroni and cheese and my dad said, “This is really good, hon, but it’s not like my mom used to make.” It was like a gauntlet had been thrown down. We had every macaroni and cheese recipe that exists and there are A LOT. Everytime my dad would say, “This is really good, hon, but it’s not like my mom used to make.” One day (I was maybe 13 so my parents had been married for 20 years at this point) my dad’s family had a reunion and my aunt had my grandmother’s recipes. Everyone agreed that the macaroni and cheese was “just like Muz’s” (my grandma’s nickname) so my mom went and got herself some. It was the style that you cut and it makes perfect squares. She tried a bite and it was awful! She dumped the rest, tracked down my father and said, “I had that macaroni and cheese and it’s like wallpaper paste!” and my dad replied, “Yeah, just like mom used to make.”

  647. Kelly says:

    If I asked my son (11 mos) what my favorite thing is he would probably answer “ceiling fans” if he could. And he would be getting closer to the truth since I now love when I walk into a store and see it has ceiling fans to distract/entertain my son while we’re running errands.

  648. Leah says:

    No kids, but a signed book would be amazing!

  649. Jana says:

    Loved this. Used to do it with my son and we would tape record his answers. I haven’t asked him anything about myself, we typically would ask him what his favorite color was (for awhile at 2 it was pink, then purple, now red but sometimes blue or green….), favorite food etc.

    Would LOVE to get something from the Crappy Shop. My son and I truly enjoy reading your book together.

  650. Christine N. says:

    How old am I? “I don’t know.” “33?” “36” “32” One of them is right. 🙂

    What’s my favorite food? “I don’t know.” “Bread?” “Cheese with bread.” “I don’t know.”

    I think most of my kids have moved past the time when they make up answers when they don’t know. I hadn’t realized it. It’s sad.

  651. Jenny M says:

    My baby is 6 months old, so I only get random sounds like a cat meowing or a dog panting.

  652. Emily S says:

    I’d love a copy of the signed book! When I get home from work I’ll ask my kids some of these questions. It’s a great idea!

  653. Sra van Boven says:

    My son (4yr) often says I am a good mom ( I thought about cooking, cleanning, nights, sickness..), one day I got suspicious and asked why does he think I am a good mom:”because you are so good at video games!”… so, it wasn’t the vegetables..

  654. Erin says:

    My two year old will put my purse over his shoulder and announce “I’m going to the farmer’s market.”

  655. Preshus Me says:

    Haha! This is totally awesome and a fantastic idea. I’m totoally gonna do this with my 4-year-old. Can’t wait to hear what he thinks about his mama!

  656. Jody says:

    I would love to get something from the shop!

  657. Leigh says:

    My daughter’s preschool did this for us, for Father’s Day! She gave us this “Dad” painting she’d made, with a bunch of questions and answers about him pasted on it. Our favorite: What does Daddy do at work? Hammers stuff. (He’s an art teacher). LOL

  658. Theresa says:

    What is my favorite thing to do?
    Drink Tea

    What do I spend my time doing?
    Cleaning and giving John milk

    If I go back to work, what kind of job should I do?
    Work at a shelter, and bring me along so I could see the kittens.

  659. Jan L. says:

    Ha ha! We ALWAYS call Target “Tarjay” – it sounds waayyy fancy!

  660. Roxanne says:

    My daughter (who is 5) gave her daddy a Father’s Day card she made at daycare, which included some questions and answers like this. Apparently my husband is 10 years old and is as big as a bear.

  661. Elise says:

    Me: “What did I say when you were born?”
    Briseis (age 3): “PEEKABOO!”

  662. Olivia says:

    Me: “What do you think I do all day when I’m at work?”
    3-year-old: “I don’t know… Making puzzles!” (we were making puzzles right at that moment)
    Me: “What do you think Daddy and I do when you’re in bed?”
    3-year-old: “Sleep”

    We basically do the same things as he does…

  663. Erin says:

    My question: What’s my favorite food?

    Matthew (age 10): Everything I hate.
    Noah (age 6): Spaghetti. And pickles. Just like me.

    (no…not together, of course. because we have standards.)

  664. Amanda says:

    I’ve no children, but I swear my cat thinks that when I leave in the morning, I just go and stand in the hallway all day.

  665. robin phillips says:

    my son is only 10 months, so no funny quotes from him yet. I will say that when I was a kid, I misheard the lyrics to a certain Beatles song to be “the girl with colitis goes by”. One day I asked my parents what colitis was. When they in turn asked me why I was asking, I explained to them that it was in the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. They got a big kick out of that!

  666. amy says:

    Q: What’s the best thing I cook?
    A: Mac & Cheese.
    Well gee, thanks, Buddy. I’m glad the made-from-scratch dinners you get every night are second only to the microwaved Easy Mac you get for lunch on days that I’m being extra lazy.

    Q: If I were a vegetable what would I be?
    A: A mushroom!
    Then he cackled. I’m pretty sure I’m being made fun of, just not sure how.

    Q: What’s the weirdest thing about me?
    A: That you fart from your mouth.
    When he was four I told him that burps are basically farts that didn’t make it to your butt. It stuck with him.

  667. Amber says:

    I’m pretty sure my kids think that all I ever do when I leave the house is go to “Tarjay” (the french discount store as we say in my family :))

    It is also the ONLY store I can bring my 3 year old to where he does not throw an absolute fit about being there. He actually gets excited every time we pass it – “Mommy, we go Target!!”

  668. 2kidsalso says:

    Love the dreaming about frogs part! too funny.

  669. Karen H says:

    Asked me daughter Age 7:
    How old am I?
    “Forty something”
    What do I dream about?
    “Ummmmm Ummmm Ummmm Ummmm Something?”

  670. 2kidsalso says:

    I love the part about you dreaming about frogs! Oh, and also being 16. My husband jokes with our two kids about how he’s a teenager, and I always thought they knew it was a joke, but it turns out my then 6-year old though there “was a 50% chance he WAS actually a teenager.”

  671. Riza says:

    Here are three questions to ask children about mommy:

    1) What does mommy want to be when she “grows up”?
    2) What is mommy’s idea of a great day?
    3) Describe mommy’s dream vacation.

  672. DrL says:

    What do I do for fun?
    Um, play with me? (FTR this was her answer to half the Father’s Day questions this year)
    What do I like to drink?
    Water and lemonade (um no, that’s Daddy’s go-to restaurant drink order. sorry kid)
    What do I do when you’re napping?
    Go downstairs (my goodness, she’s right!)

  673. Jules says:

    I love how uninhibited and unfiltered the boys are!

  674. Kristin says:

    According to my 3 year old, I am 4 years old. Oh, and when I go to work, I am “sleeping”.

  675. Jenny says:

    “How old is Mommy?”
    2 yr old says “tree, pup-el” (apparently I’m 3 & purple!)
    4 yr old says “32” (she’s actually right!)

  676. Laura says:

    I asked my 2yo what my job is and she said I make candy. I’m actually a receptionist I just always have candy at my desk. Making candy sounds way more fun!

  677. Too funny! I think I will ask my kids questions about me but I’m a little afraid of the answers…. :0)

  678. Barri says:

    I asked my DD5: What do I do when you’re in bed at night? Her reply was, “That’s a challenge.” *Deep thought face* “Oh, you take a picture of me when I’m sleeping funny.”
    Which makes me sound kind of creepy. LOL

  679. Cassandra says:

    I love reading the comments as much as the blog. It always leaves me laughing so hard with tears streaming lol. As mommy to 6, I can relate to all of your posts!

  680. Sarah G says:

    My 5 yr old: what is mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    Wear make up, curl your hair, sleep.

    My 3yr old:
    Eat, go to purse parties(I sell ThirtyOne), love me and tell us stories and you like the baby bears at the animal park and that’s all the words I have.

    🙂 this was fun! Thanks!

  681. My daughter says my job is Facebook. I wish!

  682. Amanda says:

    Umm well, the only thing I can really ask my 18 month old about me is ‘where’s mama?’ But since he immediately responds with a HUGE smile and ‘mama!’ while pointing at me I’ll take it 🙂

  683. Lena says:

    “Lilly, what’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?”
    “Ummmm…Pick up!” (Not so much, but it’s probably what she sees me doing most often.)
    “How old is mommy?”
    “Ummmm…3?” (I’m surprised she didn’t say eleventeen)
    Lilly turned 2 in February and her next statement was “I want to play Angry Birds, okay?”

  684. Krissy Mosqueda says:

    I asked my 9 year old what she thought I did during the day while she was at school. She simply said, “Well, not A whole lot! Just A lot of TV watching & sleeping!” :/ Truth is- she’s not too far from wrong!

  685. Jordan Courtney says:

    Haha! I’m looking forward to part 2

  686. Alicia Owen says:

    I wish I had a funny one for the question/answer thing…But my daughter is 8 months old. She mostly just yells at me. And says “dadada”. -_-

  687. Heather C says:

    What is my favorite thing to do?
    G: Sleep
    What was I like as a child?
    G: Probably adventurous like me.

  688. Cdnkaro says:

    I’m totally doing this!

  689. courtney hennagir says:

    me-“hey kid,what is my favorite kind of music?”
    kid-“gangnam style!” he then proceeded to get up and whip his wii remote around like a lasso before knocking himself in the head. doh! didn’t have the heart to tell him i hate that song…

  690. Patty D. says:

    1. What do I do all day?

    6 year old “Cook me food”
    4 year old “Clean the kitchen”

    It’s true, sometimes I feel that’s all I do all day.

    2. What do I like to wear?

    6 year old “underwear”
    4 year old “dresses”

    I’m glad underwear is one of my favorite things to wear, can’t go wrong there. Dresses would be nice but I don’t have to many places to wear them. More like my old trusty sweatpants would be the answer. LOL.

  691. Lauren says:

    I asked my two year old, “what’s mommy’s favorite?” to which he replied, “Francesco!”
    hehe, must be those open wheel wells

  692. Lauren Elysia says:

    My little babe is only 10 months old, but I know she would say ahwaw! or UP! if I asked her something.. Would love to have a Crappy something-or-other from your shop, I totally love your blog!

  693. Elizabeth says:

    The only answer my daughter (4 yrs) gave that was funny is:
    How old do you think I am?
    – 60. You’re not 60!
    – No, you’re right. How old am I?
    – 80.

  694. Leanna Thompson says:

    Oh…my boys are 14 & 10 so their cuteness is less well um cute. But I love your blog & this giveaway ends on my birthday!

  695. Jeeva says:

    My kids are bit young for this. I would love the Parenting mug. Most of the days i look like that. ok everyday. Pick me please.

  696. Jessica says:

    Love this idea! Will have to try with my oldest 🙂

  697. Justine says:

    My 4yr old told me my job was to make him food :-/

  698. Kristine says:

    I asked my 4 year old son what my job is… ( I have several jobs. I am a stay at home mom, work part time as a blackjack dealer and boudoir photographer) . His response was “you take pictures of naked chics and take money from people.” Well…basically.. 🙂

  699. KipT says:

    To my 2 yo daughter – ‘What does mummy like to do most of all?’ Replies – ‘Cuddle MEEEEEEE!’ as she hurls her entire body towards me for a monster cuddle. Actually, I think she’s right…

  700. Josh says:

    These are great! Can’t wait to ask my boys!

  701. Gretchen says:

    Mother’s Day card from daycare from my 4.5 yo:
    My mom’s favorite food is: Doritos (he meant burritos!)
    My mom is *16* years old (thank you!)
    My mom is really good at: cooking bacon
    My mom always says: I love you!

  702. Kristin says:

    I never get the cute sayings about me. I’ve got three boys 5,4,2.
    I ask them how old I am, they say 90 (really 34).
    My then 4 year old at school earlier this year, on a school project was asked what he loved about Daddy… “he makes money”!!
    Then at Sunday School for Father’s Day daddy was great at “making Murphy beds” (which he made over Memorial Day weekend).

  703. Karl S says:

    my daughter is just learning to talk and knows words like goose, ball, dada, and elmo but still no mom (or some other form of the word)

  704. Catherine Steffen says:

    My David is 13 months old. But pretty sure his answer to “What was mama put on God’s green earth to do?” would be, “to give me milkies and mandarin oranges and cheerios.”

  705. Sophia says:

    My little brother’s teacher pulled me aside one day after school to tell me that they had a MOST INTERESTING time during class discussions about ‘what jobs our family do’ at school that day.

    He had decided to tell the entire class about me. I was very flattered – until I found out that he told everyone I was a ‘porn-worker’.

    I was actually a pawnbroker!

  706. Christina says:

    Who DOESN’T go to Tarjay with their friends?! 😉

  707. Heidi says:

    I’m sure if I could ask my son he would say something like “you make weird faces with me all the time!”
    …we do like to sit around and make funny faces at one another.

  708. Lisa says:

    I asked my six-year-old daughter how old she thinks I am and (because we have been talking about big numbers and how to read them) she said 3,296. OK, fine. My oldest daughter, 12, then said that that was how old I was when I had kids, but now I am older. And she knows better. ;-(

  709. Doreen says:

    Can’t wait to do this with mine. So far all his answers are “BABABABA “…

  710. Cheryl Dietz says:

    So to preface this comment, this was a conversation with my adult daughter (25) prior to my 50th birthday. She asked me how old I was going to be, when I said 50 she adamantly said “no way, you don’t look a day over 46”. To which I replied, “What’s the difference?” I laugh every time I think about it. Now that I am approaching 61 I can only imagine how old she thinks I am. I enjoy your blog a lot, wish it had been around when I was raising my “brilliant children”. heehee

  711. Jourdan says:

    Im pretty sure my kids don’t understand;) I have a 3 year old boy, who is speaking better and better everyday, but still not answering questions 100% correctly. And a girl who is 17 months old….I asked if mommy sleeps at night. My boy said “no ni night. No sweep”(like, heck no! I’m not going to bed now!) and my girl said “no! Daddy!” wait. Maybe she did understand;) that would be an accurate answer!

  712. Filaree says:

    Our kindergartener wrote us “fill-in-the-blank” poems for Mother’s and Fathers Day that were pretty funny. My husband’s was the funniest. You smell like….”a sweaty man” was just one of them:)

  713. My son can’t quite talk yet…but I asked him what he thinks I do when I’m gone all day and he said….nothing…so i asked again and he said…nothing…so i asked one more time and he took a big drink of water, choked, and then said UH OH…

    that’s all i can get, i’m kinda asking at the wrong time, it’s dinner time and with daddy at work late we’re feasting on walmart bbq chicken chunks, mac n cheese, and tater wedges..YUMM

  714. sarah freeman says: old do you think I am anna? A.Ummm are you three? (she is three) ….or are you this many? (holds up five)
    Q.What do you think my favourite thing to do it? A.Do POO’S!! (laughs uproarously)

  715. Melissa says:

    I asked my four-year old “What do mommy and daddy do when you and your sister go to sleep?” and she answered (with enthusiasm) “Have free time for themselves!” She’s a smart kid I think! 🙂

  716. Lisa says:

    Such a cute idea!!! I can’t wait till my kids are old enough to do this with!

  717. Jessica says:

    I asked my 5 year old what my favorite food is. Her reply “um, zuccihina? Zucchini….something.”

    Does she think those are zucchini wrappers in my bedroom garbage can? Lol…

  718. Krystal says:

    I teach 3 and 4 year olds. For Mother’s Day, I had a list of questions which I asked each child, and wrote the answers down for a keepsake for their Mommies. I asked one little boy “What is your mom’s favorite thing to do?” He replied, “Yell at Daddy!”

  719. MommyOfOne says:

    Daddy asked our 2 year old, “Where’s my hug? ” And she pointed to his shoulder and said “Right there!” (then gave him a hug, of course).

  720. Heather Cribbs says:

    Me: what do I want most of all

    5 year old: to shower by yourself, then drew me a picture of me showering alone.

  721. Jasmin says:

    I can’t get an answer out of my kids yet(2 yo and 4 mo twins) but Im sure all they think I am is a food supplier :/

  722. Alice Rudin says:

    My kids think I’m really really old, 59! That’s what they say when they tell me how old I am. I love the school projects when they ask the kids questions and write down the answers, My middle son was going to roast the thanksgiving turkey for 15min. uhhh…

  723. Kate Aaronson says:

    Me: What’s mommy’s favorite thing to eat?
    Son (26 months): the water
    Me: Where does mommy work?
    Son: the monday
    Me: How old is mommy?
    Son: old.

  724. Tara Erskine says:

    I asked my 6 year old what I do at work. He said “You are busy! Wait, what do you do at work?”

  725. Erin says:

    I used to LOVE asking kids how old they think I am. Their answers are SO SO funny. All over the map, you know. 7, 59, 812. Sure. I’m 812. Let’s count to 812. Ready? 1, 2, 10, 24, righhhhht.

  726. Lucinda says:

    Interview with a three year old –
    how old am I? uuuuuuuhm, I dunno?
    where do I work? at the book shock.
    what’s my favourite thing to do? cuddles! (then I got one)
    happy with that

  727. Lynette says:

    I have two generations of kids: college age and pre/grammar school age. My eldest (a wee sprat of 26) still loudly insists that I am still only 31. Despite the wormhole effect with the mathematics, rip in the space-time continuum, etc., my boy still holds the title of “Mom’s Favourite.” 🙂

  728. Jess H says:

    I asked my middle daughter whose mommy I am. “My mommy.” Am I big sister’s mommy too? “No, my mommy.” Am I baby sister’s mommy too? “No, my mommy.” Will you share me with your sisters? “No, my mommy.” Will you share me with Allan (my fiance)? “No, my mommy.” Will you share me with your toys? “Ya.”

  729. Fuzzy says:

    My little one is still non-verbal, so here’s a comment. Maybe I’ll win something other than a diaper to change. 🙂

  730. Emily says:

    Definitely going to remember this for when I have kids. Love it!

  731. Meleece says:

    I interviewed my 4 year old about my husband for Father’s Day. His response to “What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do?” — “Be lazy.” As he read that answer, the husband looked up at me and asked, “Is this really what he said?” Haha, yep!!

  732. Jenny says:

    No kids to ask, but I went to ask one of my cats, and she ran out to her food dish and meowed. I think she says my job is to feed her, and I don’t do it often enough.

  733. Mary burgess says:

    My Little girl is 20 months, I asked her can mommy have a kiss, she batted her lashes and said “park”. She has apparently learned charm and cause and effect negotiations

  734. Karen says:

    I interviewed my 4 yr old for Father’s Day and it was awesome. The best / worst answer was…
    Me: What is Daddy’s job?
    A: He showed me the guns.
    Um… Hubby works in IT, but they have a couple nerf guns around the office. I swear.

  735. Sara says:

    We are reading the Warrior Cat books out loud to our kids and it’s now their favorite game of imagination. They give themselves awesome warrior names, like Lightening Paw. I asked what my warrior name would be and my first son said, “Elderly Woman” and other son said, “The One Who Cooks”. That summarizes what they think of me.

  736. Esther says:

    My 9yo son had to do a Mother’s Day survey. One question was “what does Mum say the most?”

    His reply was “Be quiet and stop fighting”.

    When I read it I asked his brothers the same question (age 11 & 7) and they both said exactly the same thing. At least I know they’ve heard me but I wish they’d actually do what I asked.

  737. Melissa says:

    Had to check out Crappy Shop to see what I would choose in case I win – definitely without question, the “I can because I do” shirt – love that saying and I use it often ever since I read that post. And I’ll have to remember this exercise for when my son gets a little more verbal….

  738. Kim says:

    Me – What do you think mommy dreams about?
    4 yr old – I think you have PUPPY dreams?
    Me – Why?
    4 yr old – Cuz I have puppy dreams!…Can we have a puppy?

  739. Jessica says:

    I love this idea! I remember asking some of the children that I work with (as a preschool teacher) where they thought I lived, the obvious answer was at preschool of course!

  740. Rowan says:

    I asked my 6 year old what my favourite thing is. He said ‘nice smelly soap’!

  741. Raponsje says:

    I don’t dare ask my three year old.

  742. Kim says:

    My 2yo dd regularly grabs her toy laptop and proclaims “I’m wooorking on my laptop” when there is something that she does not want to go (bedtime, bathtime etc). Hmm. Been watching mommy much?

  743. Pingback: Thoughtful Thursday | One King, One Princess, and Three Queens

  744. Lesley says:

    I asked my 2 year old what sound mommy makes
    Baby: beepbeepbeep (while flapping her arms like a bird)
    me: oh mommy is a bird?
    baby: yeah yeah, mom, dad! dad!
    me: dad? what sound does dad make?
    baby: beepbeepbeep (flapping arms) , mom! meme!
    me”: oh he’s a bird too? (enthusiastic baby nod) what sound does baby make?
    baby: beepbeepbeep(flapping arms)
    me: we’re all birds?
    baby:ya! yay!!!

    lol so if i am a bird of course dad and baby have to be birds too 🙂

  745. Vivian says:

    Me: What is my name?
    Leyla: Mama
    Me: How old am I?
    Leyla: Three!

    *I win on the age one!* Or do I…?

  746. Me: What is Mommy’s favorite thing to eat?

    2-year-old twin #1: “Yogurt!” (Nope. That is so not my favorite.)

    2-year-old-twin #2: “Peas!” (Wow. Okay I guess I’ll take yogurt.)

    Me: How old is Mommy?

    2-year-old-twin #1: Blank stare. No response. It’s as if she can’t possibly imagine a number that high. Thanks, kiddo.

    2-year-old-twin #2: “6 months!” (Huh. So I’m a couple of months younger than the baby. Weird.)

  747. Heidi_Australia says:

    I asked my daughter how old age she thought dad was, THREE! Was her reply. My husband thinking that he was being smart asked her how old mum was. TWO! was her reply. Nailed it! The 3yo knows that mummy will always be younger than daddy. I’ve done something right in my parenting!

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  749. Amanda:) says:

    I asked my 4 1/2 yo what mommy’s favorite drink is, and he said, “coffee”. He knows me well! 😉

  750. Nancy says:

    My daughter thinks my favorite drink is wine. Can’t say she’s too far off!

  751. LenaS (@SugarBearEvents) says:

    Oh, I can’t wait ’til my baby is old enough to answer. Sounds like it will be hilarious!

  752. Chloe says:

    “What’s Daddy’s favourite animal?” At the same time, my 5.5yr old daughter & 2.5yr old son: “Us?”


  753. I got my almost 2 year old to say a new word last night…dinosaur. I was so proud, and then I realized he just figured out that I was momma and not dada last month. The child can say dinosaur, but momma was tough. Children are amazingly weird sometimes.

    • Charity says:

      Oh my gosh, my now 2.5 year old took forever to call me momma. I was dada too for 18 months (she could say 15 other words then too. Now our 7 month old says momma and baba. Momma was first! I was so excited. I was trying to get her to say momma the other night and my husband looks at me and says, “Don’t you think we should start trying for a dada now?” What!? I got 18 months of dada….the least you can do is give me a couple months of momma bliss.

  754. Tara says:

    When my oldest was about 4 he kept asking how old we were. We’d reply with random ridiculous numbers like 245, 179, and 406. Well, 406 stuck. Now 2 years later he tells everyone that we’re 408 years old. People tell him that it can’t be right but he sticks to it. I wonder how many more years we can keep this up1

  755. Patricia says:

    My 5 yo daughter’s preschool teacher asked her questions about me for Mothers Day! She asked “What does Daddy call Mommy?”

    My daughter replied with 10 didget phone number. It was my cell phone number. 🙂

  756. Ally says:

    I can’t wait until my son is able to give me answers for these questions! 🙂

  757. Mel G says:

    What a great idea! My kids are probably a bit too old now… they’d tell some hard truths!

  758. Kristin says:

    I am afraid to find out of what my children would answer. I friend of mine did this q & A with her kids and then repeated it 6 mos later to see how their answers would change.

  759. Amy says:

    I love this blog – so funny!

  760. Sandi O says:

    In my experience, some reallly bad dreams have come from frogs.

  761. Tricia says:

    I love this!!!! I just hope all her answers aren’t “I don’t know!”

  762. Jeanette says:

    Asking my 3.5 year old daughter-
    What do I do for fun?
    Her answer: Play with me
    What do I do when you are in bed at night?
    Her answer: Play with daddy
    Lol too funny!

  763. Charity says:

    I love this idea, and I will do it as soon as I remember to when I am home. (forgot last night)
    For now I will tell you a story from when we were on our way back from the beach last weekend. We stopped because my 2.5 year old had to “poopie wery bad, momma.” (she says her “v” words like a German)
    We were in the stall and she leans over and whispers, “I have a stinky poopy in my butt.” I say, “Ok, well just push it out.” So when it’s my turn to pee *only*, she YELLS “You have a stinky poopy in your butt too momma?”
    “No honey, I just have to go pee pee, thank you very much.”

    *hear snickers coming from at least two other stalls in the bathroom*

  764. Katie says:

    Since my child is only 10 months, I imagine if I asked her what I do she would look at me and then start to laugh, much the same way she does when I’m singing…like it’s the funniest thing in the world, which is why I don’t ever sing in public.

  765. Maria says:

    My little one doesn’t quite communicate yet, but I will love to hear her answers when she’s old enough!

  766. Kelley B says:

    I love this! I am a new mom to a 3 month old and I can already tell once she starts talking, she won’t stop – this is on my future to do list for sure 🙂

  767. Karen B. says:

    What size shoe do I wear?
    “I know it’s less than 100. . . 20? 19? 18? … “

  768. Erica says:

    Mine have been sick so haven’t redone this .. but I remember a long time ago miss 5, then miss 3, wanted to go to work with daddy… she’d been to my work, which was just a desk in an office, so she wanted to go to his, trouble is he works in construction so we said it was too dangerous.

    About a year later the topic of ‘daddy’s work’ came up and we asked her what he did and she said:
    “well it’s a real job, not like yours mama, dangerous and stuff. No girls allowed”
    Which we explained that girls are allowed they just have to have been trained, so about a month later it was
    “it’s dangerous, only boys and supergirls allowed”

    Close enough.

  769. Sox says:

    My daughter is about to turn two. Her speech isn’t great, she mostly communicates without words.

    I asked her, “What does Mum do?”

    Reply: “Mum!” Which is pretty accurate really.

    I asked her again, “What does Mum do?”

    Long pause. Then, “Miao?” It’s her default answer. Cats have the answer to everything apparently.

  770. Monique says:

    I love your blog! Hope I win 😀

  771. Alicia says:

    I do love your website and I think I might add those type questions to my blog. We’ll see I don’t use it much right now.

  772. Jamie says:

    I actually asked our 5 year old some questions about his Daddy for Father’s Day. These are my favorites:

    How old is Daddy? 14
    How big is Daddy? Bigger than a monster.
    What’s Daddy’s favorite food? Beanie weanies.

  773. Angie says:

    This is a great idea! I did something like this for Father’s Day. I asked my son questions about Daddy and made a magnet with a photo of my husband and son and the questions and answers.

  774. Sara says:

    Writing a comment because I really need a copy of your book

  775. Joni says:

    I asked my 4yo, Stella, some questions (my 20mo will only say uh-huh in an adorable little voice).

    Me: what is Mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    Stella: play with me.
    Me: where does Mommy like to go?
    Stella: to the children’s museum to play with me.
    Me: What does Mommy dream about?
    Stella: playing with me.

  776. Ali says:

    I asked my 3 year old what I do for fun… “No mama, you’re not fun.”

  777. Angela H. says:

    I need your book! My daughter isn’t old enough yet to answer questions, right now all she would respond with is “yeah yeah” or “go”

  778. Colleen says:

    With my little guy almost two, I find myself saying “It’s a good thing you’re cute” at least a dozen times a day. The other day I asked him what he should say when he burps – his response was “you’re cute!” I’d say its a mommy win!

  779. Shannon says:

    I do this for my husband for Father’s Day every year. I ask my girls all kinds of questions about him and their responses are always crazy funny (well, to me.) “What’s daddy’s favorite food?” 4 year old: “All of it.” Damn straight. Hilarious.

  780. Amy says:

    Not quite the same thing but now my 3 yo daughter walks around with an empty phone case and says things like “Hello, hello Daddy? Are you there? Ugh Lost the call, STINKING PHONE!” and looks at me and tells me I have to be quiet because she is going to try to call him back. I work from home so I guess she hears that a lot :).

  781. Michelle M says:

    “How long do you think Daddy and I have been married?”
    4 year old answer: “A long time. Like, since two days after the dinosaurs died.”

    “Do you think I will be a good grandma someday?”
    6 year old answer: “Probably, ‘cuz you’re already old, and you’re nice and squishy like grammas are s’posed to be.”

    Thanks for the opportunity to make myself feel like the 41-year old dinosaur I am!!! LOL 😉

  782. Mommy2twins+1 says:

    Q:What does your mommy do with you before bedtime? A: she yells at me. Well, that’s just lovely. He did go on to explain that I only yell because no one is listening to me and not doing anything in ask them too. At least he knows why! 🙂

  783. Tricia says:

    My 2.5yo is with her Daddy at the moment, but I will for sure ask her a few questions when they get home!

  784. Lisa says:

    If you had one wish what would it be? I would wish I was a mummy bird and have babies, then I would wish to be a monkey and say ooh ahh ooh ahh and throw breadskins.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? A multi (I asked what this is) I would do something different everyday.

    What is the meaning of life? Ooh ahh, ooh ahh (said like a monkey).

  785. Tenisha says:

    Loved reading all of these comments! My LO is a big 6mo this week!

  786. Emily says:

    I used to work at a camp and we would ask the kids how old they thought we were (I was 20) and we got answers varying from 10 to 70!! haha!

  787. Yay! I’m 102 years old and dream about money.

  788. Taylor says:

    At church they did one of those “All about mom” questionnaires for my 4yo son. My favorite q & a was “My favorite thing about my mom is ___” and he said “gives me bussun” which is his word for nursing. Melts my heart.

  789. Julie says:

    My 8 year old does yet have a firm grasp on weights and measurements, so I asked him how much he thinks I weigh. 60lbs. And you, my favorite son, may have a cookie! 🙂

  790. T Fly says:

    Love your blog! Makes me laugh every time :0)

  791. Tobi says:

    I so wish I could contribute something awesomily hilarious, but unfortunately my 21-month-old isn’t able to answer anything more sophisticated than “Do you want (fill in blank)?” And even that, he doesn’t do very well. For some reason “Oh!” is “yes.” He nods furiously and says “Oh!” every time. No idea why!

  792. Jen C says:

    When my daughter was about 5 she described my job as: “computer, computer, blah, blah.”

  793. Charlotte says:

    I dreamed about frogs once. That dream is now infamous, thanks to my husband. They were frogs, in helicopters, wielding machine guns, who descended upon a school, where I happened to be with my aunt and uncle. We hid under the desks as they started firing. It was a highly disturbing dream.

    I’ve also dreamed about penguins eating orange wedges… I have mostly odd dreams.

  794. Jodie Jackson says:

    Great idea! I can’t wait to ask my baby, though it might be a while, he’s only 6 months! Haha.

  795. Elena says:

    Can’t wait to ask my kids some questions about me and my husband! Love your blog!!

  796. Megan Smith says:

    I asked my two year old son what my favorite thing to drink was and he said “Mommy’s milk” … which is what he called my “milk” at dinner last night when he pointed to my glass of wine. That’s my boy 🙂

  797. Katie says:

    I asked my 2 year old what I dream about, and apparently my dreams are filled with blue sharks in water eating fishes. Oh, and I am 5. Ha!

  798. Dani says:

    I asked my 2.5 yr old daughter “what does mommy like?”. “Onions!” ?????

  799. Dianna says:

    that’s such a good idea. I’ll have to remember this for when K is old enough to speak more coherently and have more to say than just “banana” and “bobo” and “maomao” lol

  800. Laura says:

    Me: What do I like to do with my friends?
    My 4 year old: Talk! Talk! Talk!

    Me: How old am I?
    My 4yo: 5? 12? I don’t know. Please tell me.

    Me: What do I dream about?
    My 4 yo: Scary things.

  801. MichelleP says:

    Every answer to any question I posed to my 3year old was “playing.” Probably shouldn’t have asked during park time.

  802. Eedee Martin says:

    I asked my 4yr old how old he thinks I am and got this in reply:


    …short pause while he wears his “thinking” face…

    “No. A hundred. You’re a hundred.”

  803. Sheili G. says:

    I asked my 4yo : what does mommy do all day? His answer: cook dinner. lol! I guess it’s good that our dinners taste like I’ve spent all day cooking them. haha I stayed away from asking what my age was though. I don’t want to hear how old he thinks I am. haha

  804. TeresaC says:

    I love all the answers!

    I had a birthday earlier this month and my 3 year old thinks I turned 2 🙂

  805. Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE to win your book. It’s on my “must buy” or “please buy for me” list!!

  806. Hayley says:

    How old is Mommy?

  807. Hayley says:

    Q: How old is Mommy?
    A: 2
    Q: What does Mommy do?
    A: Drink water. And Mommy drink pill.

  808. Erika says:

    Q to 5 year old: What does mommy do for a job?
    A: School work
    Q: How old is mommy?
    A: 43 (I am 33!) 🙂

    Gotta love kids

  809. Melody says:

    I love this idea and I will totally remember it for the day when I do have kids!! (Or at least kids that live with me since my step-son currently lives in Nicaragua, doesn’t speak English and has only spent a grand total of 3 weeks with me. I don’t think asking him would get very far.)

  810. Stephanie says:

    love the interview your kids idea! I’ll try it out tomorrow when they’re awake. Your blog always cracks me up!

  811. Dale Tara Mackay says:

    I love the funny things kids say. It’s great to get an insight into their amazing little minds. My DS is 2 in August and I can’t wait for the funny things he will say when he starts to talk properly 🙂

  812. Mystelle says:

    I asked my 21 month old “What is the meaning of life?” and he gave me a hug.

  813. Bernie says:

    Highlights from interviewing my 3yo daughter:
    How old am I? …20 months
    What do I dream about? ..going potty and seeing bears
    What do I do while you’re asleep at night? …just wait for Papa