How I Open A Jar of Nutella®

Okay, so this is in reference to the last post I wrote called How Kids Open A Jar. You will notice that there are five stages that kids go through, depending on their age.

These are the exact same five stages that I still go through. Only I’m really mature so I do all five with the same jar. 







Sometimes I’ll slam a jar on the edge of the counter (ahem, no, that fight with a spaghetti sauce jar couldn’t possibly be why the tile is chipped in that one spot) or run it under hot water or use a towel or try to wedge a butter knife up under the lid. You know, just to loosen it up for Crappy Papa so he can look like a hero.

By the way Nutella® is a brilliant product. It is chocolate frosting wearing healthy nut butter clothes. Or maybe it is the other way around? I don’t know, but it sure tastes purdy in my mouth.


No, they didn’t send me cases of Nutella® to write these things. Does that happen? I have no connection to the brand other than that I recently bought some and ate it. I blame the internet and its hazelnut pushing ways. 

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159 Responses to How I Open A Jar of Nutella®

  1. Chelsea says:

    They do also come in handy dandy small packages, like ketchup. Easier to open, but then again it IS a smaller package, so on the one hand you eat less, but then on the other hand there is less to eat.

    Okay, pass the jar this way.

  2. Marie says:

    Nutella is the bain of my waistline. But I love it. And nothing stops me from opening that jar!

  3. Ms Burrows says:

    This is excellent and spot on! Only substitute something else for Nutella.

  4. Dominic says:

    You are amazing. Keep posting.

  5. Vero says:

    Uhmmm Nutella!! My SIL brought us a 6+ lbs “special edition” from Europe once. That thing was humongous!

    Btw, I blame my limited abilities to open stupid jars on the tendinitis and D’Quervain’s I have in my wrists after holding and breastfeeding two babies…

  6. Emommy says:

    You must buy this! Best invention EVER!

    • Tracy says:

      I have this too! BEST investment ever! My husband works 24 hour shifts, so I was SOL when he was at work and I needed to open a stubborn jar.

  7. M says:

    Duct tape, my friend. If you put duct tape on the top of the jar, from one side to the other, and twist, it will open like magic.

  8. Katie says:

    Bang a knife along the edge of the lid. Well, that works if it’s a metal lid. At the moment, I can’t think of what type of lid Nutella jars have. It’s on my “do not buy” list because I end up eating the whole thing myself in less than a week. 😉

    • Shari says:

      This little trick works and will save both your teeth and your counter top.

    • Melanie says:

      I do the same with metal lids, tap a knife 2-4 times around the edge. As for nutella we get it here with a plastic lid and no issues, gosh I love that stuff…

      • Caroline says:

        If you’re left-handed, hold the jar w/lid facing TOWARD you, then tap lightly on the left-hand side of the lid, rotating the jar clockwise – that’ll loosen even a rusted-on jar ring! (Oh, & your righties, hold the jar w/lid AWAY from you.)

    • sarah says:

      or you could thump the bottom (yes, bottom) of the jar a few times, then try to open the top… Seems to work for me!

  9. Desiree says:

    try banging all around the top of it with the blunt end of a butter knife next time 😛 It works.

  10. Erin says:

    Ive never had Nutella. I think of it as a gateway drug. I will be hooked with the first taste so I don’t touch the stuff. Nutella aka the crack of spreads.

    • Mrs V says:

      Great post.. again – and Erin – I loved your comment… ‘the gateway drug – aka the crack of spreads’.. he he he love it 🙂

  11. Lisa Lutes says:

    It’s even worse when the tempt you with their nutella samples at Costco and you end up buying 2 giant tubs of it. It’s hard to have that much deliciousness in the house at once.

    • Cressa says:

      Giant tubs of Nutella at Costco??? *runs out the door to costco*

    • Rebecca says:

      That is an aisle I avoid on purpose at Costco. However, how is it that I’ve
      never gotten Nutella samples there? Occasionally my parents get them in the frequent flyer lounge at the airport and bring them to me when they visit.

      What’s really sad is how cheap it is in Europe compared to here in the US… I remember it being ~$1/jar. In France we used to buy a baguette and a jar for a total of $2, and that was lunch. Yeah, we were hyper, then starving, but isn’t that how it’s supposed to work when you’re a teenager? Screw the cheese, pass the Nutella!

  12. Bernadette says:

    Mmmmmm… nutella……. *drool* (I secretly hide in the pantry and eat a spoonful while the kids are banging on the door asking me if Im eating. Cause you know that means they have to eat to.)

    • Bernadette says:

      (By a spoonful, I mean like 2-3)

      • Laura says:

        …And by ‘spoonful’, I mean half the jar… But my 3 yr old has a nose like a bloodhound, and the moment I open my chocolate-y gob, she instantly says, “where’s the chocolate, mum? Can I have some??”. Um, no. No you can’t. Mummy’s chocolate spreaddy goodness.

  13. Cat says:

    I tap the lid four times (yes, it must be four, one on each quarter of the lid) with the handle of a butter knife. This method has yest to fail me!

  14. Jordan Foutz says:

    Nutella is amazing on shortbread cookies, Pecan Sandies, and Ritz crackers. This is a great post. Few things deter me from Nutella.

    • Connie Marshall says:

      OMG- I never thought of putting it on shortbread. Even reading about it is making me drool. And I felt guilty eating it by the spoonful until a friend said “You mean you put it on toast? Why?”

  15. Tara says:

    Get yourself a jar gripper girl! They’re a lifesaver, though admittedly not funny fodder 😉 Oh and buy 2 or 3 sets because they always seem to lose themselves 0:)

    Like these –

  16. Stacey says:

    “It is chocolate frosting wearing healthy nut butter clothes.” SO TRUE! It’s the most incredible stuff.

    My grandfather taught me to use the blunt side of a ‘butter’ knife to open things. It works pretty well, but you still have to be careful. Certainly not something to teach young kids to do.

  17. Nessie says:

    Nutella crepes with bananas are to die for!! LOVE your blog and so glad you got an award – you deserving it!

  18. Vanessa says:

    I bought the 2 huge jars of Nutella from Costco when I was pregnant. I gained 12 lbs in one month! I seriously LOVE that stuff.

  19. Melinda says:

    I love nutella so much I tried this recipe for an after dinner delight: It’s delicious!

  20. Melly says:

    Best evil treat ever invented in a 12 hour shift requiring a sugar hit for my friend and I was 2 Choch chip cookies sandwiched together with a LOT of Nutella. So good!
    As for Jars, I have a can puncturer handed down to me by my Mum from the 60’s that we have always used to pop the air seal (instead of butter Knife). This is a family heirloom.
    Now I need a Nutella sandwich….

  21. Ariel says:

    You are seriously funny. Thank you for the laugh:)

  22. Sonia says:

    Putting on oven mitts help, specially if they are have the silicone grippy stuff on them. The commercial for Nutella says its healthy, so…..

  23. Jessica says:

    Wouldit be alright if I used “By the way Nutella® is a brilliant product. It is chocolate frosting wearing healthy nut butter clothes. Or maybe it is the other way around? I don’t know, but it sure tastes purdy in my mouth.” as my FB post but gave you all the credit? It is truly brilliant. Please let me know. I will “share” this page of course… xoxo love you!

  24. ginny says:

    Graham crackers + nutella + marshmallow creme+ little bit o’ microwavin’ = pure sinful bliss. Waaaaay better than a s’more!

  25. Apple says:

    I just used Nutella to liven up my sopapilla cheesecake recipe and it’s now the sole reason I can’t lose weight right now!

    MMM, hazelnut goodness!

  26. Amy says:

    They sell an 11# jar on Amazon. Just sayin’

    • amber says:

      Nobody needs to know that. Especially not me. How can I unknow this now?

    • Tina says:

      There is a waffle shop across from the office that serves nutella waffles, with strawberries, powdered sugar, and icecream on top….and the nutella comes out of jars as big as my torso…. they sell them….109$….

  27. Hofmama says:

    The Dutch have something even more evil, called Duopaste. It is Nutella with a ribbon of white chocolate in it. How are those European women so thin with such decadence available?

  28. Maria says:

    Crack in a jar, yo. DH brought back the European version from Italy (OMG they give you little packets of Nutella & biscuits instead of shitty coffee packets!) Anyhoo, since then, I’m ruined. It’s so much better than American Nutella. He found a huge jar of the EU version at an Italian shop near his work & I’m hiding it from the kids!

  29. Amanda says:

    This? Yes.

  30. Erin says:

    During both of my pregnancies, I would go threw fruit and a jar of nutella within a few minutes (felt that way at least). Try on strawberries, pineapple (especially grilled) and apples. Makes it feel healthier!

  31. Jen says:

    nut butter disguised as chocolate… what you actually mean is sugary, cocoay spread… have you read how much sugar is in that stuff? I thought ah well it will have protein or fibre cause of the nuts.. but not much at all, it makes me seriosuly question how many nuts actually go in there.

    • Erin says:

      (hate making stupid errors)

    • Lacy says:

      I was going to say the same. The commercials lie. Sugar is the main ingredient. How can they promote this as a healthy breakfast options?? Promote it’s tastiness, ok. Promote it as healthy? Not so much. But it most of the comments seem to know that it is not good for the waistline and better suited to sneaking. 🙂

      • amber says:

        I haven’t seen the commercials but I’ve heard the uproar over it. I agree, would never feed this stuff to my kids. I protect them by eating it all up myself.

      • Bénédicte says:

        I’d think oil is the main ingredient actually. :-/ And I’m sorry to break it to you all (I didn’t read lower than this comment yet, so maybe someone else did), I was a Nutella-addict too but just stopped buying the stuff since studies showed that besides a lot of oil, Nutella also contains a lot of phtalates.

        (also, for the lid, I agree with the comments above, hitting it with something lets the air er…in or out ? whatever, and you open it without any struggle)

  32. K says:

    I’ve never had nutella. Weird, I know. I’m afraid I’ll try it and love it and have to eat it every day.
    Best way to open a jar is to turn it upside down and smack the bottom a few times…like you would a Snapple bottle. Hitting the edges with a butter knife like others have suggested is a good way, too.

  33. Tasha says:

    I should know by now not to drink anything while reading your blog. I almost spit my coffee out everywhere. You are the bomb dot com. =)
    I will now say, “This feels purdy in mah mouth” with a western accent every time I eat Nutella.

    • amber says:

      Yes, you really have to! It makes it even more tasty.

    • Rebecca says:

      If you can say it *while* there’s Nutella in your mouth, you get extra points.

      I “pictured” it in the voice of the Shake ‘n Bake girl (“and ahhhh haylped”).

  34. Sapphyre says:

    Love your blog, but wanted to tell you about a technical glitch on the new format. Some ‘next post’ links aren’t there. For example, under today’s blog, click on ‘How Kids Open a Jar – Through the Years’, then go to the bottom of that entry – there’s no link back to this one.

    Thanks again for a hilarious blog 🙂 Don’t worry, I know how to find my way around, never miss an entry!

  35. Makenzie says:

    I have a big fat rubber band that I put around the lid. Helps open stuff, you know, about 25% of the time! 🙂

  36. Megan says:

    Perhaps you’ve seen this before, but there was actually a comparison done between Nutella and Noname chocolate frosting to see which one is healthier. Guess who won? (not my blog)

    And don’t even get me started on the “Healthy choice” deli meats!

    But yeah, I still love nutella even though I don’t buy it anymore.

    • Chrystal says:

      Oh wow! I’ve only had the stuff once and thought it was too sweet to have for breakfast. It’s truly like munching on chocolate frosting (which I don’t mind doing) but wow! Thanks for postin this.

  37. Sarah says:

    I reaaallly hope you get a crate of nutella now..

  38. Sarah says:

    Went grocery shopping this week and saw they had nutella and fluff together, I said YUM and decided to walk away…

  39. Mary says:

    Try a peanut butter and nutella sandwich – pure heaven

    Also – grill some pineapple and then drizzle it with Nutella – you will be in heaven 🙂

  40. Nerissa says:

    I find a spoon under the lid works quite well…more leverage than a knife.

  41. linda says:

    I am on a low carb diet at the moment and would kill for some nutella right now. I adore the stuff, and tend to eat it right out the jar rather than tarnish the flavour by putting it on stuff. Never had a problem opening the jars though. I wonder if the jars we get it the UK are designed differently from the US? Big white plastic lid with ridges?

  42. Chris says:

    you need to find some hazelnut praline paste, that is used in making chocolates.

    OMG it’s like nutella on crack. expensive… but worth every cent!

  43. Parker's Mommy says:

    Once, after a rather long stressful week, I tried to find a spoon that would fit in the Nutella jar w/ the lid closed – I was tired of washing so many spoons!

    • linda says:

      I have done that before – wait until 1/3 of the nutella has gone then you can squish the spoon right to the bottom corner of the jar , the spoon should just fit and no more.

  44. Charlene says:

    Mmmmm, Nutella….it’s a huge problem for me. And now, everyone who reads this will hate me. Here is my favorite Nutella recipe. I take wonton wrappers (found in the produce section of the grocery store) put about a teaspoon of nutella in the middle fold over the wrapper into a triangle and seal with a little water on the edges. Deep fry, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Soooooo goooooooddddd!!! I’ll be in the kitchen by the deep fryer, if you need to find me. 🙂

  45. Melissa says:

    YUM! Tastes like the creamy inside of a Ferrero Rocher

  46. Julie says:

    Sigh at having kids with nut allergies, I miss nutella. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have found chocolate soynut butter.

  47. Ebony says:

    Mmmmmm Nutella 🙂 And I was being so good on my diet….. oh well

  48. Sally Marian says:

    Hilarious! I go through the same thought process. Next time if you want to, try putting a rubber band around the lid of the jar – it’s acts as a grip and allows you to open the jar as if you had Crappy Papa’s muscles!

  49. Lori says:

    Careful with that stuff, girlfriend! Its main ingredient is sugar. Proponent of the old muffin top.

  50. Dona Mayes says:

    I’ve seen several mentions of the butter knife against the lid trick…i used to use it until my youngest, then 12, showed me the best trick ever…use the bottle cap opener to break the seal of any jar. Much, much easier and no risk of breaking glass. My youngest is now 23, sigh…

  51. AudnZaxMom says:

    I love me some Nutella – on a similar note, have you tried Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter? o.m.g. delicious. They stopped selling it at the commissary, and I was both sad and glad. Thanks for the excellent posts and congrats on the award!

  52. Upstatemamma says:

    I have never had nutella – crazy, right? I need to give it a try. By the way those are the same steps I go through in order to open a jar – are you implying those are unnecessary? 🙂

  53. Jenna@CallHerHappy says:

    Honest: I am eating Nutella as I read this. With a spoon. It is the sweet world’s answer to Rotel and Velveeta. Crack.

  54. AnnaPK says:

    Maybe Nutella will send you a case now! 🙂

  55. Melanie says:

    My 3-yr-old has NO problems opening the Nutella jar. I love catching him on the counter with mutilated bread and Nutella all over his face making himself a sandwich- He’s just so darn cute when he licks the butterknife and tells me it tastes so delicious. . .

  56. ceb104 says:

    You forgot the next step – when Crappy Papa hands the open jar back to you and you say “Thanks. I loosened it for you.”. 🙂

  57. Jen says:

    ***drooooooolll* nutella and marshmellow toasted sandwich – closest thing to heaven this side of life!

  58. R says:

    You can make yummy nutella substitute by whizzing chick peas, cocoa and a *little* sugar, thin with water. Add a spoon of peanut butter if not nut free. Way cheaper and healthier than the real stuff! Promise your kids will still love it ~ it is chocolate after all 🙂

  59. TJ says:

    I’m a counter banger 🙂

  60. Christy says:

    I have incorporated nutella into many recipies. Our favorite – banana/nutella bread!

    (BTW, a girlfriend of mine gave me this jar opener gadget after I had a melt down because I couldn’t get a jar of pickles open while I was preggo. It has saved me. I think it’s made my pampered chef.)

  61. April says:

    Use a rubber band wrapped around the lid of the jar next time. Gives you just enough extra grip to open any bottle. Works every time for me!!
    Congrats on the bloggie btw! You rock!

  62. Lacy says:

    When Canada Post delivered Nutella Samples to everyone there were a lot of leftovers and my mom got 2 bags full of the little packs. I got one of those bags and it covered half the kitchen table when I dumped it out. We handed it out at Halloween along with the candy but still had tons left.

    • johanna says:

      FREE nutella in the MAIL? Maybe THAT will convince hubby to move back north of the border!

      • Lacy says:

        Yes, but a terrible tease because it’s small and you only get one… unless you know someone in the post office. 😉

  63. steph says:

    peanut butter and nutella together…mmmmmm

  64. Kathy says:

    When I can’t open a jar of Nutella, I add in an extra step that involves tears of frustration at having to ask for help mixing with my Nutella-anticipatory drool. This helps to prepare me for the subsequent gorging.

  65. Catherine Gould says:

    My 75 year old neighbour taught me this trick recently. Put an elastic band around the cover and twist. 🙂 That easy and it works every time.

  66. ItsJustMe says:

    I haven’t dared open a jar of nutella since that last time in 1992 when I discovered it and finished the jar in 48 hours. the odd headache I got….

    I just hand any jar right over to spouse. I don’t care if it’s sexist. It’s like making your parents put on your pants when you can. it’s easier.

  67. Parker says:

    Pasta sauce jars are the worst to open, especially Classico. I love the 4 cheese sauce, but it is murder to open. If you take a knife and put a tiny little hole in the lid, you can open it with two fingers. You can use the back corner of a big chef knife to be safer (does that make sense? The back part of the blade is easier to tap the lid with than the tip of the blade). If you are worried about the little air hole, just stick a little piece of tape on the lid. Not sure that trick would work with Nutella though.

  68. Natalie says:

    Buy yourself a jar opener already! It’s just this little plastic U shaped thing that has grips for different jar and bottle sizes. Best decision I ever made. Jars are no longer such a source of angst.

  69. Stephanie A says:

    Best Nutella concoction ever… Raw sugar cookie dough slices (as if you were about to put them on the sheet and ruin them by baking), Nutella and fresh strawberries. Yum!

  70. Laura Donk says:

    Hilarious and completely accurate post, as usual!

    My favorite anytime snack, peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets dipped in Nutella…so.freaking.delicious. However, total bitch on the post-kid waistline!

  71. Tracy says:

    Nutella is awesome! Have you tried smearing it on a graham cracker topping with a marshmallow (or fluff) and then sticking it under the broiler? Heaven! and nutella and graham crackers are healthy right? So it’s good for me! That’s what I’m sticking to anyway! LOL

  72. Laura says:

    You should try using dry rubber gloves, then you can be the hero!

  73. Carole says:

    If you don’t mind the lid having a hole in it, you can stab the lid in the very center with a knife, which releases the pressure and allows you to open it. But then you have a whole in the lid. (But if you’re eating the whole jar of Nutella in one sitting, it really won’t matter.)

  74. Alison says:

    Here in France they sell ginormous novelty Nutella jars that are like a foot tall! When my daughter saw the huge display of those jars stacked up at the grocery store, she said, “Nutella for giants!” (BTW they’re not fake—each one contains like 2 gallons of Nutella, which blows my mind.)

  75. Karin says:

    It sure tastes purdy in my mouth has to be the best line of the day. Because it’s true. You rock.

  76. sarahS says:

    oh my god im gaining weight just reading the comments. haha. i eye the nutella jars every single time im in the grocery store but i never get it. i was unsure of how well it actually tasted. guess i will have to try it now. i have to admit i’ve been buying that dark chocolate peanut butter by that one brand that has the monkeys on the jar. forgot the name. they have packets of their stuff too. it’s ok.
    and i need to get one of those jar openers. i’m getting so fed up with jars sticking and the plastic lids on juice that are all ribbed and sharp and cut up my hands when i try to open them.
    I bang the side of jar lids on the side of the counter or stove lightly as to not break the glass.

  77. Tanja says:

    Somebody wondered how “those European women can be around so much deliciousness and still be so thin”. a European. Woman. And I’m not thin. Chocolate (in all it’s facets) has ruined my waistline.

  78. Erin says:

    Want to serve Nutella at a classy dinner party? Mix equal parts Nutella and mascarpone cheese, spoon into little dessert dishes (layered with raspberries, if you really want to show off), and refuse to divulge the recipe to your amazed and grateful guests. While doing the dishes later, eat the rest of the Nutella.

  79. Liz says:

    I was watching my friends’ daughter one day & put some Nutella on her peanut butter sandwich. Her mom called me the next week and asked why L. was now saying, “I want CHOCOLATE on my sandwich, mommy!”

  80. Naomi says:

    I used to fight with jars all the time. “Oh you really want Jam for that PB & J sandwich your child has been screaming for? No”
    Then I learned a trick. I know open jars with a butter knife. Not by wedging it between the space and prying, oh no. I smack the outter part of the lid (in about thirds) and it finally does my bidding. Another trick for unopened, say, spaghetti sauces, is to hold it in your had sideways and smack the bottom of the jar with the heel of your hand. I nearly pooped myself when my friend did it, facing me, but numerous jars later and all is well! As for nutella…. if I have troubles getting it open I saw open the jar cause we all know all the Hazlenutty chocolately goodness is gonna be eaten with a spoon by at least 1 person in the house anyways!

  81. Jessica says:

    Yup, thats what I do! My husband watch’s and laughs. Yet again…you have made something so ordinary, so completely funny!

  82. lezlie says:

    Brilliant observation.

  83. Jackie says:

    Nutella is alright. I’m not in love with it or anything, yet, anyway. It did taste good in some pastry thing my hubs made. So good right out the oven…mmm.

  84. Karen says:

    I bought a very large jar of Nutella in Italy. On the plane, I was seat mates with an Italian man who didn’t speak much English, so we talked to each other with the help of an Italian/English dictionary. When he saw my large jar of Nutella, he found the word on the Italian side of the dictionary that translated to “glutton”. Yep. I sure am.

  85. Janelle says:

    I remember when it was ME who could open jars and my husband couldn’t ever by herself. Fast forward after having my daughter last year… I am now completely INCAPABLE of opening jars. I use our silicon pot holder to open the bottle of brosci (Galeffi Effervescent for indigestion from Italy) which ALWAYS sticks due to the gas inside. I even leave the damn jar a bit ajar (if you will) when I put it away and it STILL sticks. I abhor it.

    Nutella is plastic lidded here so usually not a problem. The big soup spoon dipping into it frequently for a “snack” is, however.

  86. kelly c says:

    Amber, I love your blog! Congrats on the Bloggie. Here is a recipe for homemade nutella that looks divine and skips the palm oil that is unfortunately in the US nutella. It’s a project, but think of how virtuous you would feel eating giant globs of homemade choco-hazelnut love.

    Also, Le Pain Quotidien makes an uh-ma-zing noisette spread that makes regular nutella weep with envy. If you order anything breakfasty with toast there they’ll give you a whole big jar to yourself and politely look the other way when you scoop it all out onto your plate.

  87. Eternal Caterpillar says:

    Staying away from the jar of Nutella in our house has always proved to be difficult for me. So one day I thought I’d be really clever and buy Nutino instead (it’s a similar choc-hazelnut spread available here in Australia). Surely since it wasn’t the real deal I wouldn’t be tempted? And it was cheaper too.
    Well, turns out it is even better than Nutella! That jar did NOT last very long and I have stopped trying to be too smart for my own good 😉

  88. Jem says:

    Nutella is one of best and delicious partner of the bread. If you know the ferrero roche, the chocolate inside is exactly the nutella. To open it just twist it counter clockwise.

  89. Elle says:

    You better control yourself eating the nutella because it is so delicious until you dont want to stop anymore. Remember too much sugar will cause diabetes.

  90. Stephanie says:

    I am in love with nutella but I just had to hide the jar from my husband who is often found sneaking spoonfuls. He’s even been caught by the 5 yr old, who was my accomplice in the hiding! Of course, he found it…

  91. Claire says:

    Nutella is brilliant! And it’s low GI too 🙂

  92. Jamye says:

    Have you tried smacking the bottom of the jar? My husband showed me that trick. You usually hear a pop like the air being broken so you can open it.

    I have never tried Nutella. I have a friend who is obsessed with it and out of fear I don’t try it because I don’t want to be addicted haha.

    Love your work….seriously, you need to make a book!!!

  93. Erika says:

    As the child of a German immigrant, I ate a fair amount of Nutella growing up. Never really cared for it though. I don’t want my chocolate disguised. Pass the frosting can please! 🙂

  94. Esther says:

    it’s so weird, how sometimes i look down when i’m trying to open a bottle or jar, and i’ll see my mom’s hands on the ends of my arms…

  95. I don’t want to mess with your jar-opening routine, but I bought this cool little tool from Pampered Chef. It has a 2 liter bottle opener on one side, and a little lever on the other size. You slide the tiny lever under the side of the lid and it lets air into the jar, breaking the airlock, and VOILA – open jar…just sayin’!

  96. Ginny King says:

    Do you suppose there really is a way to get cases of Nutella shipped to us? *sigh!* That sounds dreamy!

  97. Elin says:

    Use a butter knife. Stick it in the lid and push out the side until air gets into the lid and it “pops”. Super easy. works with pickles too!

  98. Katherine says:

    The best trick for getting tight jar lids off I have ever seen, I found in a magazine: use a rubber glove. You don’t even have to put it on your hand, just lay it over the jar lid, grab tightly, unscrew, and voila! You feel like a superhero.

  99. Laura says:

    If you ever find yourself asking…what could be better than Nutella, well let me tell you– peanut butter AND Nutella on graham crackers…. stupid good I tell you!!

  100. Rachel says:

    Have you ever made a Nutella smore !? If not you must,just WOW!

  101. Susy says:

    Hit all around the top of the jar with the back side of a table knife. Then it will be a lot easier to twist off.

  102. Kimberly says:

    Put on a rubber glove like those household rubber gloves and you can open any jar (at least after gotten rid of the vaccum of new jars) read that tip years and years ago and it has helped me so many times. Sadly I can’t eat nutella sinced I’m allergic to hazelnuts, I miss it.

  103. Christy says:

    I too am a Nutella fiend!!! It will always be first in my heart, but the last time I went to the store to get my hit I found another spread that is just as amazing. BISCOFF SPREAD. Some wonderful food angel decided to ground those Biscoff cookies you get in airplanes into a tasty delicious treat! It has the consistency of Nutella, but it tastes like awesome almond cookies. My husband loves it. He’s allergic to peanuts, so he’s never had peanut butter. He put some Biscoff on some apple slices and he just about jumped out of his boots. He ran to me all excited “Is this what peanut butter is like?!? I really have been missing out my whole life!” LOL

  104. Lauren says:

    How is it that none of you have discovered Euro Cream??? It has the same chocolatey goodness, but the other half is white hazlenut creme. It is heavenly.

    I know live in Eastern Europe, and every restraunt, café, and fast-food joint has crêpes offered with Euro Krem.

    The best is to buy Petit Buerre biscuits, and then slather on Euro Krem.

  105. T. says:

    I think that all the products sold in the US have more sugar than the one sold in Europe. That goes for everything, from Coca Cola to Nutella ò.ò I don’t know why, but I remember I couldn’t EAT anything in the US. Everything was so sweet O_O
    And I usually like sweet.

    There are other nut cream, but Nutella is the best 😀

    Sometimes in Italy I was given that as a kid, for breakfast in hotel or for, very rare, snack in mid-afternoon.
    So did all the kid around here, more or less.

    And we are by far healthier than the average US °-°

    I don’t get the US.

    I really, really don’t.

    Btw… you are one of the coolest US mother I have ever read 😀 And I won’t talk about the one I met. <.<

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    An easy way to open jar lids when the crappy daddy isn’t around? Using a blunt end of a butter knife and hammer around the top of the jars lid… don’t know if someone else suggested this since there are so many comments but hope it helps in the future!

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