Well That’s Honest

Crappy Boy and Crappy Baby are arguing over a toy.

Since it isn’t a toy that Crappy Boy ever plays with I ask him why he won’t let Crappy Baby have it.

Does he even want the toy?

I try not to laugh at how candid he is.

And then Crappy Baby says exactly what I’m thinking:

And I burst out laughing.

I explain that honest means that Crappy Boy is sharing the truth about how he feels.

And Crappy Baby is annoyed. Probably because what I just said sounds complimentary towards Crappy Boy.

He says:

After laughing a bit longer, Crappy Boy has a change of heart.

He hands over the toy and says:

Aw, that is a great trade!

At least it is until Crappy Baby says:

And he tosses the toy down on the floor.

He only wanted it because Crappy Boy didn’t want him to have it.


Sibling rivalry sucks.

Well… that’s honest.ย 


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  1. BeckyKay says:

    Love it! Out of the mouth of babes. Like the other day when my 3 year old said, “Butter is SO yummy!!”

    • Vanessa says:

      my 21mo daughter *loves* butter! We give her a slice of buttered cinnamon swirl bread for breakfast sometimes, and she face-plants into it, she’s so excited to eat the butter. Its like a pie eating contest, except instead of pie, its butter.

      • Mariette Jessup says:

        I used to give my son the whole pound of frozen butter to bite & eat … he loved it! I have pictures of the butter with his teeth marks in it ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Alison says:


        • Rebecca says:

          My mom told us that when we were little, she had set the table for a family gathering or holiday or something of the sort, and she’d put a stick of butter on the table so that it would be nice and soft by dinnertime. By the time she got dinner on the table, the butter had disappeared. She never found out which one, but one of my brothers had stolen it and eaten the entire thing! (It couldn’t have been me or my sister, since we were too young to be able to reach it.)

      • Aleigh says:


        My 4yo has to be watched around butter (when baking, for example) because he likes to take a scoop in his hand and eat it plain. At (Canadian) Thanksgiving this year , before everyone came to the table, I caught him with his fingers in the butter dish — but I just flipped the butter over and no one noticed the finger holes.

      • Hah says:

        My mom loves to tell the story about how I used to sit in front of the open fridge eating a stick of butter as a toddler, the part she leaves out is that we lived on a dairy and got our butter from a creamery, those “sticks” were 1 lb blocks. So basically I would sit and eat a box of butter. I still love butter, but I won’t eat a stick. My daughter eats her bread dry, its a crime in my opinion.

      • S says:

        Sounds delicious! What is cinnamon swirl bread?

        I like butter, as a topping on toast. I was very surprised the first two times my kid kept asking – nay, demanding! – more butter on his bread (non-toasted).

        “Butter!” he says excitedly.
        “Yes, I’m putting butter on your bread.”
        “Yes, I’m buttering your bread.”
        “Yes, butter.”

        Then he says the magic word: “More?!”

    • Josh says:

      My wife and I have both said “butter is yummy.” within the last month…

    • annemarie says:

      my daughter has exclaimed more than once that “butter is my favourite snack!”

  2. Jamie says:

    HILARIOUS!!! I’m an only, so I am constantly asking my hubby, is that normal that they are SO mean to each other?!?! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess it is!

    • Ditto that ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband doesn’t usually answer – he just points to the scar on his head from when his younger brother took a 9-iron to it when they were little. lol

    • Lori says:

      Oh yes, it’s normal. My boys are 1 and 3, and they only want to play with the toy that the other one has. Even if it’s a toy they don’t like. There is a constant supply of “Your brother was playing with it first, so don’t take it from him. Give it back.” and “Well, you’re going to take turns. Let your brother finish and then it will be your turn.” This works. Sort of.

  3. Matthias says:

    Love it! This happens about 47 times a day at my house!

  4. Theresa says:

    Ah sibling rivalry…and it never goes away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kim says:

    bloody hell. this is my house every day!

  6. Jenn says:

    Yeah story of my life and mine are only 3.5 years and 19 months. I tell my daughter all the time that if she waits five second her brother will move by then neither want the toy and are fighting over another

  7. Jana says:

    This made me laugh out loud! Mainly because it mirrored my life so well… My daughters often use words, in correct context, of which they do not know the full meanings. It always leads to hilarity!

  8. Hilarity! When they say things adults say AND use them in the right context, cracks me up. The other day my 2yr old and I were grappling and my 4yr ok’d says, “You guys are giving me a headache!” Ha!

  9. Jasmine says:

    I’m a middle child so yes it is completely normal for things like that to happen. I am 7 years older than my sister and boy the fights we got into were epic. Now my brother on the other hand is 2 years older than me and when we were younger he would take everything that was mine and claim it as his own like my bottle, paci and the like. He was mean lol

  10. Jo says:

    Perhaps he didn’t know what it meant but he used it in perfect context (and likely inadvertent comedic timing)…that’s impressive!

  11. Sara Walther says:

    It’s like you have a hidden camera in my house, and you’re writing about MY life! *sigh*

  12. Tracy says:

    Story of my life! I have 2 boys, 5 and 2.5, this is an everyday occurrence. My 5 year old’s newest where-in-the-world-did-he-get-that-from saying: “Well, that’s awkward.”

  13. Jessica S. says:

    How well I know the “I don’t want it, I just don’t want him to have it” syndrome! Sigh. Boys!

  14. I’m an only child so the sibling rivalry thing freaks me out completely! My GAWD, the hair pulling, screaming, shoving, crying, scratching… (etc).

    I laughed the hardest at Crappy Baby using “actually”. That is current favorite in our house.

    “Do you want some veggies?”
    “No………well ACTUALLY, yes!”

    “Do you want to go outside to play?”
    “NO! Well, ACTUALLY, yeah, I should go play on my swings.”

  15. leslie says:

    Love it! My 3 year old and my 9 year old constantly fight. I thought the age gap would prevent it, but boys just have to fight.

  16. Gotta respect that honesty! Yup!

    The whole toy thing happens constantly in my house. The kicker is that it is always over something that the one who wants the toy would NEVER play with otherwise. It’s maddening! Kids. This is why parents drink.

    • Trena says:

      haha, coworkers were discussing going for drinks after work on Friday and one turns to me and asks, “Do you drink? Stupid question, you have 4 kids. Of course you drink.” lmao – I’m not a mom, I’m a referee and messenger – “Mooooommmm, will you tell him to stop?!?!?”

  17. Geneva says:

    I have been dealing with this ALL day even though one was sick this morning! Going crazy here! LOL

  18. Jamie says:

    This is my house every day.

  19. Tannah says:

    Same in my house…every day. all day. all the time. kids are crappy! lol!

  20. Sarah says:

    LOL! This happens allllllll the time in my house. Even arguing over the white crayon, the white crayon that “doesn’t work” on white paper and yet they still argue over it *sigh*

    • neal says:

      Ah, that damn white crayon. My daughter always wants me to color with it and I have to tell her it doesn’t work very well.

      “Why?” she asks.

      “It’s a metaphor for life,” I say. “Sometimes no matter how hard you draw, you can never really get any color out of it.”

      White crayons are depressing.

      • Tanya says:

        You haven’t learned the white crayon trick? After four kids I finally learned to color a spot with any other color and then color with the white ON TOP of the existing color. Kids are fascinated by the color change. They love it so much they want to color with the white one all the time! Now I hide the white crayons to keep mine from fighting over it. LOL

      • Shawna says:

        Get out the watercolor paint and paint over the white crayon marks…it magically appears! It’s not useless, It’s magical ๐Ÿ™‚

        • neal says:

          Shawna and Tanya, you should be motivational speakers with your ability to turn the White Crayon Problem upside down, making it a smile, instead of a frown. I’m going to try both of those things you mention.

  21. Soniya says:

    my sisters and I are 32, 29 and 25…we still do this. I don’t think people ever really outgrow it. My son is an only child but he’s been known to do this with things that we are using.

  22. mistie says:


  23. M.J. says:

    Awe these two are just too cute ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. Kim says:

    Oh lord, this happens 256 times daily in my house. My 4 yr old consistently always HAS to have the toy that her 3 yr old sister is playing with…immediately, right then and there, as a matter of life or death! It is normally something as meaningless as an acorn or a leaf!

  25. Lacy says:

    This is a great post! Thanks.
    This reminds me of one of my favorite funny things my daughter has said:
    A: I’m a genius!
    Me: What’s a genius?
    A: I don’t know.

  26. Madeleine says:

    Excellent! I love it! My toddler and 4.5 year old have similar altercations though I don’t think I’ve heard either if them being so candid about it all (or hilarious!)

  27. Rebecca says:


  28. Katrina says:

    Kids are such jerks! LOL You capture their jerkiness perfectly!

  29. Fenny says:

    ROFLMAO (or any non-offensive acronym you care to think up!).

    Allegedly, one of the first words I uttered as a newly ambulatory toddler was “Mine!”. Mostly because I’d muscle up to whatever Big Bro was doing and grab hold of it. He’d say “But it’s mine”, but he’d been told not to be mean to his baby sister and wasn’t allowed to snatch it back. Once Ma realised what was going on, she eased up on the restrictions somewhat.

  30. Denee says:

    Oh man! Your boys (and the way your capture them in your drawings) crack me up! Having a 2.5 year old and 10 month old at home (both boys), I know this scenario all too well.

  31. Christopher says:

    Apparently, most people never mature beyond this mentality…and I have no empirical support for that assertion, unless you count practically every ex from my whole life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. I have caught my 3 year old son playing with a set of pink, sparkly clacky keys just so his 1 year old sister can’t get to them… *sigh*

  33. Carol says:

    Reminds me of my brothers, well observed, and of my grandsons now, age nearly 2 and nearly 4. We had little of this problem, because our girls (note, GIRLS, now 34, 30 and 27) were all three years four months apart. I was the eldest of four in six years, and remember my mother telling the baby to cry, he couldn’t have his breakfast because his brothers and sister needed theirs first.
    Re grownup words – our daughter, the mother of the two boys, was a voracious reader, and still mispronounces unusual words, bless her.

  34. Angela says:

    This is one of the funniest ones yet! I love it!

  35. Erin says:

    I really do enjoy reading your posts. My boys are 3 and 7 months and can relate to so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for keeping me laughing.

  36. Crystal says:

    Boy am I glad I spaced my final two years apart. The first two almost killed each other and, in turn, I almost took them out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoyed the pics.

  37. Sara says:

    We’re just reaching that stage, now that the baby (18 months isn’t really a baby anymore I guess…sob!) is old enough to have very strong desires about what he wants and when he wants it. And the 4 year old then only wants what the baby wants and vice versa…

  38. Heather says:

    I’ve got a big sibling rivalry going with my two boys (5 and 3). The five-year-old has even told me that he wants me to take his brother back and that his name is stupid. He tells his brother not to look at him and the only one that can look at him is his twin sister. Sigh.

    One night, the five-year-old was yelling to the three-year-old not to look at him and the 3-year-old said “I’m not looking at you! I’m looking at the…ummm…the…bag!” A few minutes later this was repeated except the 2nd time it was some other object he was looking at.

  39. When I was a little kid, my brother (two years younger) and I warred for what seemed like several weeks over a Mr. Potato Head – specifically his plastic glasses, God knows why. My brother would walk around the house with them mounted on his nose, the plastic earpieces squeezing his little temples, and as long as he was wearing them, I had a burning desire to wear the Mr. Potato Head glasses for myself. So Mom prevailed on my brother to give me a turn. I squeezed the glasses onto my face and lost interest almost immediately.

  40. My boys fight over invisible hotdogs. With toys at least I could pull the ol’ “fine, if you can’t share then nobody gets it.” And put it on top of the fridge.

    My two year old runs up to my four year old and mimes snatching away his precious hotdog and scarfing it it sends my 4 year old into rage tears.

  41. Denise says:

    My kids (7&10) peeked over my shoulder while I was reading this and when they saw it was Crappy Pictures thy both erupted into a chorus of Yay! Yay! Yay! You are pretty popular around these parts! Thanks for giving my kids and me something to giggle over together. (*I preread for any adult themes. Okay, I mean “bad words.” Because then I get a chorus of “oohs!”)

  42. Rebecca says:

    This is also my house! – My boys aged 4 and 3 would fight over a pile of dog poop if there was only one!

  43. islajmom says:

    I remember very well the time (circa 1986) my mother made me give back a red, white, and blue beaded necklace I took from my older sister.
    I proceeded to smack her with it as hard as possible, she had the biggest welt ever. Although in my 30’s I feel I should have some remorse, I still don’t feel that bad about it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ahhhh, Sisters.

    • Em says:

      lol-there’s truly nothing like sisters! One of my friends still talks about how horrified she used to be coming to my house when we were young- “you guys would throw shoes at each other! you’d scratch!” I’m like, I know; embarassing. But we love each other like no other now!

  44. Jen says:

    Thanks for the laugh! I so remember feeling that way and possibly behaving that way as a kid. I am so in for it in the coming years! My mom always said “you will love them when you grow up”, and she was right.

  45. Kim P says:

    I found this to be true with my 4 daughters. It’s not that they really wanted the thing they were fighting over, it that they didn’t want anyone else to have it. Very annoying. They lost more toys that way. My policy…if you fight over it, no one gets it.

    • nopinkhere says:

      I keep finding toys in the oddest places. I say what you do way too often, and then stash the toy in the nearest high place.

  46. Em says:

    My kids fighting over pointless things all day, is what drives me to say “can’t decide between suicide or murder” when my husband asks how my day’s going. Maddening! But love how you describe it here:)

  47. Heather C says:

    This is soooooo freakin hilarious!!!! What smart little boys you have! From the baby using vocabulary well above his years (even if he doesn’t know what it means) to the older boy so articulate with his feelings. All your posts hit home since I have two boys 4 yrs apart, but this one especially had me spraying my drink and pounding the desk. It sounds soooo much like my older son, however his younger brother would probably just tackle him and take the toy. Crappy boy should be warned that his brother might get bigger than him eventually, in our case just 5 years.

  48. Sarah says:

    Awesome interaction! And sibling rivalry is making me crazy, as soon as my daughter gets up my son sits in her spot. every. time. lovely.

  49. Toya says:

    Love it! Rotfl! Sibling rivalry at its best

  50. Lidia says:

    I love this! How honest of both of them. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Katie says:

    I take things away from my children when they insist on fighting over it. Now, hear my older ones intervene with, “mom is gonna hear you and take that away”. Sure solves a lot of the sibling rivalry around my house…honestly.

  52. Laura says:

    I just discovered this blog and read the entire archives in one night (after my two kids were in bed- I feel like I rushed and should have read a little bit each night).

  53. Alli says:

    I usually end up saying, “meh, give him five seconds and he’ll lose interest.” But I’m never sure which of then I’m talking to and whom I am referring to.

  54. Ancy says:

    I’m 33 and my sister will be turning 32 in 2 weeks- our sibling rivalry is still going… but we love each other intensely and couldn’t imagine our lives without the other.

  55. Debbie says:

    My brothers are very close twins. But one did ask for a divorce one day. Cracked me up.

  56. Anon says:

    Honestly I think that parents should teach children very early on as early as 3 years and younger that they are in a loving environment and that behaviour like this is not allowed. Why nurture the possibility and probability of family disfunction that they will not grow out of. ‘Growing out’ of bad behaviour is an excuse for not spending the time sowing incredible love.

    • Christiana says:

      So I shouldn’t have thrown all those tennis balls at my brother’s head? Ah, that was way back…..last week.

  57. Katia says:

    I love the way you’re able to relay everyday often mundane situations in such a refreshing light. This is so funny and heartwarming ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. mrsmouthy says:

    Seriously, do you have a hidden camera set up in our house? This is straight from my life! Only it’s not funny when it happens to me.

  59. Krista says:

    Yes, yes, it does. My boys are EXACTLY the same way and they don’t see it at all. Drives me bananas!

  60. Kimmy says:

    Wait, how old is Crappy Baby???

  61. Christiana says:

    Ah, the noise sibling fights create.
    I once heard Bill Cosby say, “Parents are not interested in justice, they want QUIET.”
    Truer words were never spoken.

  62. S says:

    If it’s not sibling rivalry, surely it’s rivalry-with-parent/s.

    Recently my kiddo has resumed taking my things ๐Ÿ™
    I’ve lost my bits of my lunch/dinner salad to him – he’s got the same salad on his plate, and the same bits so it can’t be envy.
    Now he’s started taking my chair at meal times. If I then sit in his chair, he decides to move again to the one I’m sitting in. Tonight I fooled him, by moving to sit on the picnic mat (it was spread out to dry on the dining room floor) ๐Ÿ™‚
    I figure I’m teaching him strategies for when other kids start taking his things.

    I’m proud to say, when he first started grabbing my things earlier in the year, I taught him to fight back. He then used this knowledge to stand up for himself at daycare.

    I’m not proud of how I taught him though. (Basically, I reacted like a 5yo. I grabbed it back and said, “Mine!”)

  63. Chris Carter says:

    This happens ALL. THE. TIME. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. tracey says:

    This was so freaking awesome. And so typical of so many households around the world.

  65. Trena says:

    My daughter (8) and oldest son (13) were arguing one day when he turned to her and said, You are so annoying. she replied, I know. It’s a gift. LMAO, I almost peed myself.

  66. Lain says:

    I had this printed on the fridge when mine were toddlers. Just to remind me they were normal. Lol

    1.1- If I want it, it’s mine
    2- If it’s in my hand, it’s mine
    3- If I can take it away from
    you, it’s mine
    4- If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine
    5- If it’s mine, it must never appear
    to be yours in any way
    6- If we are building something together,
    all the pieces are mine
    7- If it just looks like mine, it’s mine
    8- If I think it’s mine, it’s mine
    9- If I give it to you and change
    my mind later, it’s mine
    10- Once it’s mine it will never belong
    to anyone else, no matter what

  67. SDW says:

    This. This is my future. At least I know what to expect.

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