Guest Blogging Today! on TucsonMama

Well, I'm not from Tucson. But my friend Julie is. So I wrote a post for her blog about the day we met in person after being "friends in the computer" for quite some time.  

You can read the whole thing here: babies, bars & breastfeeding: no big deal



TucsonMama is up for "Best Local Mom Blog" just like I'm up for "Funniest Mom Blog" over on! So you could vote for both of us at the same time. Wouldn't that be swell?  

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11 Responses to Guest Blogging Today! on TucsonMama

  1. Angie says:

    I love it! I met a few of my closest mommy friends online that same way but it was through a local message board. 🙂

  2. Radha says:

    I probably should comment over there but wanted to make sure YOU see this. Thank you so much for this post because I felt the same way about nursing with the latch and relatch and the milk spraying and it taking two hands. It did get easeir but it took a few months for me to get the hang of it. Course now at nearly two my daughter can handle it all herself. I so remember those early days, your post made me misty.

  3. Amber Dusick says:

    I’ll see it here, I’ll see it there, I’ll see it everywhere! I’ll see your comment in a box, I’ll see your comment with a fox…

    NIP sure does get easier and then difficult in different (toddler grabby pulling your shirt off) ways. 🙂

  4. Amber Dusick says:

    What did people do before the internet? Seriously.

  5. Janette says:

    I left this comment on TucsonMama’s page but wanted to leave it here, too! 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed your posts Amber, they are so funny! Now being on baby #3, I’m not really nervous at all about being out in public in the sense of breastfeeding and having a crying baby, but for babies #1 and #2, especially the first one, I was pretty nervous! However, I was and still am fond of the “if you don’t like it, don’t look” motto (much like the “if you don’t like it, put a blanket over YOUR head” motto), so I was determined to nurse in public regardless… but it took some getting used to! I also had a diaper bag full of things I never ended up using, and it always got in the way (still does!). I just like to be prepared… much to my husband’s dismay (“I’m not making three trips just to carry in/out all of this stuff you won’t use anyway!”) lol. I think all of us moms go through the same thing when we’re newbies, and it feels good to know that we can connect with others who are going through/have been through the same things! It’s also great that we can all look back and make fun of ourselves for it! hehehe

    I have to add that now, the embarassment comes from me trying to deal with my two toddler daughters with one hand while the other arm is occupied by my 4 month old son, nursing him. They seem to sense my unavailable arm the second it becomes occupied, which to them means they can wreak havoc in whatever store/food court/park we happen to be in at the time. My weakness is that I tend to show some frustration with them, which only adds to their enjoyment! lol However, I have learned to multitask while nursing, and one thing that has come in quite handy (when I can position him in it correctly for this) is nursing him in one of my 5 wraps/slings! Hands-free nursing rocks! 😀

  6. Katie says:

    I commented on the other blog, but this is EXACTLY how it is to meet people from the internet. I have great friends I met from online mom groups and once you get past the first meeting, its all good 🙂

  7. Jen says:

    I am a newish reader to your blog and I just to tell you that you are awesome and funny and I think that I might be in love with you.

    Sorry, if that is creepy. I am not trying to be a creeper. I found your site from your post at Scary Mommy and well, I just like it. You make me laugh and your post about your friend with breast cancer, that made me cry.

    Thank you.

    And meeting bloggers in real life is awesome.

  8. Amber Dusick says:

    Oh yes, I never could have survived babyhood with #2 if it weren’t for the various carriers I (obsessively collected) used.

  9. Amber Dusick says:

    Yes, so true! And you already “know” each other so it isn’t quite as bad as a blind date. At least I think, I’ve never been on a blind date.

  10. Amber Dusick says:

    lol @ “creeper”.

  11. Tami says:

    Did the famous crappy pictures lady really just comment on MY blog post?!
    I think I could feel special at this moment.
    and a little creeped out.
    But mostly special.