Guest Blogging Today! Boys vs Girls

I'm guest posting HERE on today. This time it is about the wonderful world of parenting girls vs boys. 

Head to Boys vs Girls to see the rest!

I'll be back tomorrow with a regular post right here.   


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7 Responses to Guest Blogging Today! Boys vs Girls

  1. Carol Gardens says:

    Ha Ha ha! Another one of your funny blogs hits the mark! I went so far as to tell my mother to give my 3-year old daughter TRUCKS for her birthday! The truck she received ,with a boat and trailer, was so impressive, that her brother and all his friends included my daughter in all their games and ‘traded’ toys with her. She was thrilled.( …but my Mom thought I was nuts.)

  2. Sarah O says:

    LOVED it! I was the same way with my daughter. Trucks and dolls in equal parts and blues, greens, and yellows for everything (although some of this was frugality so that everything could be passed on through our kids and their cousins). At 2 1/2 she loves shoes, purses, stuffed animals, and clothes. I prided myself that she was “just as active” as a boy (and really she climbs and explores like a little demon monkey). And then I had my son. I got to discover how “active” our high energy genes could be in “boy mode.” He’s only ten months old and he’s a whirling ninja of baby aggression. His way of saying, “Hi. I love you, mama,” is to head-butt me and then smack me repeatedly with both hands back and forth. He also shakes his crib until it bangs against the wall, and likes to plop down in the tub and make huge splashes. I now believe the moms who tell me there is a difference between boys and girls…

  3. Kelli says:

    I love your Blog. I live it all. My son is all about Cars. Everything is a car. He decided this on his own at a very young age. We didnt direct him at all. He has been car made since pretty much day one. The only thing my son has like as much as cars is diggers… well until Cars 2 came out. Now he is a “Spy”. sigh.

  4. I have tears of laughter—TEARS—every time I read your posts. I keep tugging my husband’s sleeve, and saying, “Just look at THIS one! It’s SO TRUE! Just one more…just look at one more and then I promise I’m done…” Of course he’s cracking up the whole time, too. This blog is such a good find. Whew—thanks for the laugh!

  5. Julie says:

    I read this yesterday and ended up going shopping a consignment store. I put my 9mo boy down as I look for pj’s and what is the first thing he goes for. The big yellow Tonka Truck (the old school metal ones) and plays with it for a solid 15 minutes… He IS such a boy 🙂 I just had to buy it after that!

  6. Mari Grider says:

    Gotta disagree on this one. My daughter loves “all things boy” and has ever since she was born. At three, when she was given a Barbie toll for her birthday and a cradle w/ doll for Christmas she informed me that the Barbie was “dumb and not fun” and then proceeded to show me all the ways she could climb into her cradle, make it a fort or a jail, or whatever. The doll? She became twelve or thirteen different kinds of weapons…

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