feeding the four year old…illustrated with crappy pictures™

Four. Food.

On a random night for dinner:





On another random night for dinner:


Four. Fickle.

Or perhaps it is another "F" word I'm thinking of. 

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29 Responses to feeding the four year old…illustrated with crappy pictures™

  1. Heather says:

    LOL they don’t call it the “fucking fours” for nothing.

    • Heather says:

      LMFAO!!! A girlfriend and I were sitting around making up synonyms for the different ages. I can’t believe we didn’t think of “fucking fours.” We’re not there yet, so maybe that’s why.

  2. That’s our dinner tonight, too. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. The “fucking fours”!! I wish I had heard of that when my kids were four! Heck, I am in the “fucking fives” and “terrible tens”.

  4. Mara says:

    Or even better when they happily put the pasta pesto in the mouth and then… out it comes again. down the front and all over the floor. Awesome!

  5. This started at 3 in my house. Nothing I do can possibly sway him on the “I Hate That” nights.

    I’ve found that the nights he doesn’t want to eat usually correspond to him needing to drop a deuce.

  6. Mel Smith says:

    Oh that sounds so familiar. Have you been spying in my window?

  7. Sherry says:

    My 2-1/2 yr olds first response to everything is “NO” until she realizes it might be something she actually likes.

  8. Hope says:

    My four-year-old is the same way! LOL For some reason he has something against dinner in general. : )

  9. Nicole says:

    My 16 month old is already doing this! He eats a mountain of strawberries in the evening, I pack them for his lunch at daycare the next day, and when I pick him up I’m told that he can’t stand them.

  10. KC says:

    We are totally on this boat! IT happens with all my 21 months old’s favorites like three times a day. So frustrating.

  11. mama d says:

    Yep. Mine has been for the last 4 years.

  12. hilary says:

    Also: “I want pasta and pesto but not together. Can you take the sauce off? Then I’m not gonna eat it. Waaaa! ”

  13. JenJen says:

    Still happens with my 8 year old

  14. Melissa says:

    It was while my younger brother was at that fickle stage that we developed a new family saying: “Remember, this is , and you LIKE it!” 😉

  15. mummyoftwomunchkins says:

    effing fours! amen.

  16. Anna says:

    My kid are always down with any kind of noodle or pasta but vegetables seem to be much more attractive when they are on Daddy’s plate. They’ll push their own aside then come back later and scoff up his. Only if I’ve already throw away their serve of course!

  17. Alex says:

    and everything is suddenly better when it is drowned in ketchup 🙂

  18. Tasha says:

    My son is exactly like this! One day he likes steak and the next he hates it.

  19. Aaaaand we just had this at lunch. Last night’s dinner (too hot to really cook): scrambled egg, toast with butter. Today’s lunch (at his request, yet): scrambled egg, toast with butter. Except today, after eating all the toast, he announced he really doesn’t like eggs. Suck it, kid.

  20. Ashley says:

    Lol. My policy on this is I KNOW you eat it, so it’s this or go hungry. Sounds harsh but it’s amazing how quickly ‘ew’ changes to quiet eating when they realize they aren’t getting anything else. Lol

  21. Love it! My cousins eldest three children went through a phase for ages where they would pretty much only eat pesto pasta! I still have those joys ahead of me. 🙂

  22. Gina says:

    So spot on! I thought Four was supposed to be easier/better than Three!!

  23. Mar D. says:

    I teach four year olds and have four sons. They all get the same response “eat it.” There is no starving, no going to bed without dinner/lunch, no going to your room to pllay with your toys while we eat, etc. You are eating some of everything…..no question. Start this routine when you have time to sit and wait. It gets better after the first week. They get the idea, then. They are looking to control something……healthy food will NOT be it!!! BTW….at this time, I fed the kids first, so we could have a peaceful dinner. I’m all for the family eating together…..it didn’t take long.

  24. This is my life! DH and I are laughing (ever-so-slightly manically) after reading this. And our kids are 9 and 6 respectively. It never stops!!!

  25. kristen says:

    You totally crack me up! So true! My son exactly!

  26. Gt, mommy of 4 says:

    Love the posts! But Americans don’t seem to have a problem with undereating. The solution of forcing kids to eat what you’ve made sounds appealing at first, perhaps, but not so much when your child becomes overweight from the parent forcing him/her to eat. When a child wants something one day but not another, it’s often thought that the child’s brain knows what nutrients it needs and which aren’t currently needed. Broccoli provides certain things and carrots bring different things to the table, so to speak. Giving strawberries when the brain needs nutrients found in bananas will be rejected. By nature’s own design.
    It made more sense before the days of pasta and frozen dinners perhaps, when meals were more nutritionally sound. But their instincts live on. And parents continue to strive for kllling off nature’s programming of a child’s internal cues.

    That being said, my four year old DARLING son loves his peanut butter sandwiches, but “Mommy, not if you cut it THAT way, I wanted it cut the OTHER way…”

  27. Naomi says:

    HILARIOUS! My kid is only 2 but he’s very fickle. I can’t imagine it will get worse. “Mmmm noodles mama!!! Noodles and mushrooms” one night and the next time? “AAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHH WWWAAAAAHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO ICKY MOMMY ICKY!!!!” I think sometimes he thinks when I put a plate in front of him, I’m asking him to jump on it and be eaten.