Decision Making Is Hard (plus 4 book giveaway)

I’m in the kitchen and Crappy Baby is in the next room.


He requests water and even remembers to say “please” at the end.


I ask about ice. This is where it gets complicated.

You see, unless it is over 100 degrees outside, I’m not fond of ice water. I like water room temperature because I’m cold all the time and ice water doesn’t help this problem. When I get water for myself it is sans ice. However, Crappy Papa is an ice water sort of a guy. He likes ice in his water. It is just the way he is and I’ve accepted it. If I get him water I know what to do. I add ice.

Crappy Boy and Crappy Baby have not yet decided where they stand on this issue. Sometimes they want ice. Sometimes they don’t. Eventually they’ll outgrow this annoying wishy washyness and take a stand. Or perhaps they’ll grow up to be a hybrid “sometimes ice, sometimes not” type of person. I’ve heard that those people actually exist and have friends.

Since Crappy Baby is still developing his preferences, I have to ask about his ice requirements.


He wants ice so I head to the freezer.


No ice then.


Ice it is!




It’s tough to make important decisions.




Decisions, decisions. So many good books just came out by funny friends of mine and even more are coming soon. Which one should you get? Answer: all of them. 

I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert. (aka Baby Sideburns) I asked her to describe her book in one sentence and this is what she said:

I Heart My Little A-Holes is a hilarious (seriously, strap on an adult diaper or read it on the toilet) book about allllllllll the crazy crap that babies and kids put their parents through on a daily basis.

I Just Want to Be Alone  by Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat (and 22 other authors). I asked her to describe her book in one sentence and this is what she said:

From “boy meets girl” to “boy marries girl” to “girl could really use like 40 minutes to herself.”

Ketchup Is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves by Robin O’Bryant from Robin’s Chicks.  I asked her to describe her book in one sentence and this is what she said:

“A book about motherhood that will make you nod with recognition while simultaneously reminding you to schedule a hysterectomy.” Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess & Author of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Her sentence is better than mine.

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures by me from here. It came out last year and it isn’t even a re-release, I’m just tossing it in this bundle because I haven’t given a copy away in a long time. I asked myself to describe my book in one sentence and this is what I said:

I’m sorry I forced those guys to answer this question, that was lame. It’s just the usual illustrated parenting stories and stuff. And now I’m up to three sentences.


Enter below to win a copy of each of these books!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Books will be mailed separately from each author so you’ll get mail four times and feel really popular. Winner will be emailed and then displayed here above after it ends. Links above are Amazon affiliate links which means that if you purchase I get a few coins which helps support this site. Thanks!)

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747 Responses to Decision Making Is Hard (plus 4 book giveaway)

  1. Jill says:

    I’m so with you on the no ice and being cold all the time. I hope I win the books!

  2. Amy Corbet-Elsbree says:

    Your posts reinstate my sanity sometimes!!

  3. Carrie says:

    OMG, I seriously thought my kid was the only one who does this. JUST DECIDE!!!!!

    • Pam says:

      Ice AND no ice; two glasses. Then they can be wishy-washy to their heart’s content.

      • Liz says:

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one to be that sort of lazy.

        I’ve also brought just ice in a separate cup.

  4. Julie H says:

    I dont even give my kids a choice, I like ice, so THEY are going to like ice! End of story!

  5. deanna says:

    Ha! My son is wishy washy too.. sometimes he wants ice, sometimes he doesn’t!..

    Would love to win the book, thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Kathy Damron says:

    I, too, am cold all the time but sometimes I still like ice! That being said, I totally get the baby/child wishy-washyness and sometimes even I have yet to outgrow it! 😉

  7. Aimee says:

    No ice. Ice machines are filthy.

  8. Trinity says:

    If it’s lemon water, then I like ice. Otherwise, no ice.

  9. Mindy says:

    I could have written this myself. This scenario is played out daily with all 3 kids!

  10. Babs Kerns says:

    I have a hard time drinking water that isn’t cold. The taste registers differently. Maybe the cold dulls the tastebuds so the water doesn’t taste like the rest of my mouth or something. Anyway, ice! Yay! 🙂

  11. Angie W says:

    This is so true. My daughter can. not. make. up. her mind about the most trivial of things. Do you want the pink cup or the purple cup. Pink! No purple! No pink! GAH! Why do I even ask? Because if I didn’t ask she’d flip out and automatically want the opposite one.

    • Emily says:

      Another tough decision: sandwiches cut into squares or triangles? 🙂 It is tough to convince a 3 year old that it will taste the same whether it is a triangle, a square or (another) failed attempt to use that little sandwich cutter to make it into a dinosaur! Oh, and my vote will always say that ketchup is a vegetable! I love reading your posts, too!

  12. Kristi says:

    I don’t usually give them a choice. We have french doors on the fridge though so the freezer is at kid level. If they want ice they can get it themselves 😉

  13. Kristin Wall says:

    Pick Me! Pick Me!!

  14. Nicole says:

    When I was pregnant, it HAD to be ice water in a styrofoam cup, because it felt infinitely COLDER then. I still can’t drink it without ice….

  15. DeRae says:

    I often drink a glass of ice water…underneath an electric blanket….

  16. Jodi B. says:

    Room temperature with an ice water husband. All the kids (so far) have sided with him.

  17. Lisa says:

    The word “actually” as part of the indecision had me cracking up, he sounds just like my son!!

  18. chesney says:

    this is why I have the “get it yourself” rule, that way you can’t complain about what you got

  19. Lea says:

    I’m one of those weird hybrids. Sometimes ice, sometimes no ice.

    • Denise Moore says:

      Lol!! Me too. I was trying to think of a rule, such as, I like ice when it’s hit. Nope. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Glad I can now be classified and not have to worry about picking a side.

  20. Amanda says:

    God bless toddlers. This is our life every day.

  21. Jen says:

    I’m so glad you are posting here again! I’ve missed your posts! Hooray funny books!

  22. Jeanna says:

    I love your illustrations! LoL!

  23. Ginger says:

    I having a spicy lunch atm, I could use some ice right now…ps…glad your posting again! 🙂

  24. Ashley Pugg says:

    I absolutely adore your blog/comics! Makes my day 🙂 as a mms with 2 kids under 3, I can relate!

  25. Megan M. says:

    We don’t have the ice dilemma in our house, but my son will be wishy-washy on whether he wants water from the tap or from the container I keep in the fridge. Such fun.

  26. Jennifer says:

    My kid just drinks straight out of the faucet.

  27. jmsiowa says:

    Are all women cold blooded?

  28. Katie says:

    This is so true! Kids are so indecisive!

  29. Megan O says:

    Water tastes nasty to me unless it is super cold. So ice is required. Otherwise I forget about my cup of room temp water until my kids spill it all over.

  30. Kristin Utphall says:

    No ice, all the way!

  31. Saleena G says:

    Working on boy#3, I’d say that deserves some books so I can go hide in the bathroom and read!! lol

  32. Brian says:

    My son (2 1/2) asks for a sip of my ice water, takes one sip and gets the shivers as though he just ate the worst bite of food in his life. He keeps asking for it though whenever I have a cup. On top of that I read somewhere that drinking ice water burns a few more calories, so you have that going.

  33. Ann says:

    I already own the Heart My Assholes book and the Ketchup is a Vegetable book AND your book, but the Be Alone book is new to me! If I win I’ll pass them onto friends!

  34. Estey says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway – I could use some summer beach books!

  35. Melissa K says:

    I’m a hybrid person. I like ice in the summer when I’m too hot and no ice in the winter when I’m too cold 🙂

  36. Inese says:

    I would have gone crazy, if not your hilarious posts! Thanks for each and every of them! Makes my days way more joyful. 🙂

  37. Ainee ramos says:

    No ice in our home

  38. Kylie says:

    My sons the exact same way! Who knew getting water could be so hard….or anything else he wants for that matter! Lol

  39. Ladybug says:

    I’m a hybrid. grew up an ice always, then realized I drink much more water when it isnt cold. but sometimes I like ice because I want to chew on it as I sip the water. I especially like the ice from sonic, or any other good slushy making ice. that is good gnawing ice.

    • Kara says:

      YES! Sonic ice is the best ice ever, hands down.

      • amber says:

        Well, that IS true. We don’t have a Sonic near here, but I traveled somewhere that does when I was pregnant (in August!) no less. BEST EDIBLE ICE EVER! I’ve called it Crunchy Ball Ice ever since and I totally want some now. Maybe I need some iron…

  40. Angie says:

    I like the crisp feeling the ice makes my water.

  41. Lauren Snyder says:

    i don’t give my kids options on anything, haha! “you git what you git, and don’t have a fit!”

  42. Erica says:

    toddler will be toddlers…. and these kinds of decisions happen ALL through the day – not just with ice!

  43. I have a toddler who will say no to any question, but then want the item 🙁

  44. Robin D says:

    Pick me, pick me!

  45. Rach says:

    It is healthier to drink room temperature water. Ice water inhibits your body from being able to digest properly. So I’m team no ice! LOL

  46. Heather says:

    I’m weird, because I’m cold all the time, but love to chew ice. Snow cones, FTW!

  47. Hannah says:

    I’m cold all the time, but I don’t like the way luke-warm water tastes. It’s a sad, sad thing.

  48. Rebecca t says:

    No ice for me…I usually add Mio flavoring though

  49. Julius says:

    I’ve slowly been trying to trick my wife into being a no-ice person. I think it’s working, but I’m just hoping the switch happens in time for when our daughter starts asking for it. Because ice is such a hassle, you know?

  50. Catherine says:

    Love your crappy family!

  51. Jenny says:

    These books sound amazing! 🙂

  52. Meg says:

    I’m usually too lazy to get ice.

  53. Lindsay boyle says:

    Love love all those ladies!!

  54. Jaymi says:

    These books sound great! Hope I win!

  55. TC says:

    Life is tough when you’re a toddler!

  56. Sarah W says:

    My 3 year old daughter does the SAME thing about ice in the water, and many other issues.

  57. Katie Pearson says:

    I really love your sense of humor, & I hope I win the big prizes! 😉

  58. Katie says:

    So true!

  59. nicole says:

    I prefer cold water. It doesn’t matter if there’s ice or if it needs ice to reach a cold temperature. Room temperature water is sometimes okay, but chilled water is where it’s at, yo.

  60. Jana says:

    My son, who is 7, still does this. My daughter, who is 2.5 tries to do this, but I tell her I wasn’t really asking and make the decision for her.

  61. Krista B says:

    Can’t wait to read these books!

  62. Heidi says:

    I love books!

  63. Mandy says:

    My younger son always wants ice, the cup can be 3/4 full but if it doesn’t have ice I’ll be hearing cries for “more!!!”

  64. Morag says:

    My kids don’t get ice – ok, sometimes my daughter does, but she’s only just started this. She mostly only gets ice when we’re at my mother-in-law’s house and she can do it herself (we don’t have a fancy fridge with a dispenser). I only have ice if it’s REALLY hot outside, which it soon will be.

  65. Autumn says:

    I must have ice

  66. Courtney says:

    These books could really help me get through the day!

  67. Toby says:

    I am a perpetually cold person as well. Even during a hot shower I am sometimes cold. I order water at restaurants without ice, unless I am ordering hot tea on a hot day.

    We have a Soda Stream (that makes carbonated water) so imagine how that adds an additional element. My son only drinks sparkling water, but my daughter only drinks flat water. I haven’t even really introduced them to ice in water – it’s too complicated already!

  68. Miriam says:

    My first son always wants ice water.

    My second son wants ice in his cup if he sees my first son with ice water. Otherwise he doesn’t care.

  69. Kimberly Riley says:

    I hope I win!

  70. Kat D. R. says:

    Life is hard for a kid!

  71. Liv says:

    I’m a hybrid ice person – what I really want is a single cube (2 if it’s a really hot day) that will almost completely melt by the time the cup of water is filled (ice first, then water). Then it’s cool and refreshing without being frostbite cold. Room temperature water makes me sad.

  72. Heather says:

    I prefer ice. My oldest son prefers no ice. My youngest son prefer drinking anything but water, and could care less whether it has ice or not. 🙂

  73. Karin says:

    These are some of life’s hardest decisions! 🙂 Oh to be that age again! I am definitely a hybrid ice gal! I go back and forth all the time! I hope your boys can make a clear stance for your own sanity!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  74. jamie says:

    Cooooooooollddd water please

  75. Allison says:

    Ice, all of the ice. I used to not have a freezer (vintage fridge from 1940, do not recommend) so now all of my beverages are barely liquid.

  76. Beth says:

    Yep, this is my life with my 4-year old. Every decision takes about 45 minutes!

  77. Yul says:

    I’m one of those strange people that have their water sometimes with ice, sometimes without.. and I even have friends.. 🙂

  78. Robyn Capone says:

    This could have been written by me about my daughter. And she’s 9 already. When will they decided, one way or the other!?

  79. Nancy says:

    hubby makes fun of me all the time for not wanting ice in my water.

  80. Rebecca says:

    I like room temp or slightly cooler than room temp. I am always cold and always thirsty so I need to get that water down fast.

  81. cindy smith says:

    My ice maker broke so it is a non-issue at my house. If I was an ice drinker I’d have had it fixed already!

  82. Andrea H says:

    Sometimes I feel like you’re actually in my house when I read these. Then I remember that I don’t know you in real life, just on the interwebs.

  83. Veronica says:

    I’m hot all the time, so I love Ice!

  84. kristan says:

    Im a hybrid… we do have friends! I dont guve my kid a choice or I’d probably be standing there all day. Lol

  85. mia says:

    I used to read every day…and now I have 3 kids. But maybe I could squeeze in a few minutes to laugh at these. 🙂

  86. Rebecca says:

    My whole family are ice people. I don’t like the taste of room temperature water.

    Books tho, I love all books. They smell goooood, but I don’t know how they taste – with, or without ice.

  87. Santana says:

    No ice and room temp for me! But I will take ice at a restaurant….. OMG! Does that make me a hybrid?!?

  88. Majda says:

    “I’ve heard that those people actually exist and have friends.” This got me lol.

  89. Jamie says:

    I like ice water, but my daughter just drinks water without ice. She’s not old enough to know the difference yet lol.

  90. Marti says:

    I really enjoy your blog! My favorite was the car seat monster post. Seriously….until I saw that post I thought that only happened in my family!

  91. Alison says:

    I don’t like ice in my water, but I’m not cold, either. I just don’t like my water to be cold. I also don’t like the ice bumping into my face when I tilt the glass.

  92. Michelle C says:

    ICE!!! Because I’m not bougie enough for bottled water sometimes! And ICE fancies my water to at least make me feel (and taste) slightly better about my non-filtered tap water! lol

  93. Jennifer Haislip says:

    Want to win funny books please! And I’ve been in this exact position. With the same circumstances.

  94. Liz D. says:

    I’m a hybrid and I have friends. At least I think I do. Not that I ever see any of them now that I have two kids. But, I used to always avoid ice – I hate the way it bumps into your nose when you try to take a drink. Then I got pregnant, and I wanted my water so cold my teeth would chatter. And now I want a few cubes, because tap water just isn’t quite cold enough any more. One of a thousand changes kids bring.

  95. Kirsten Glinke says:

    I like mine at refrigerator temp, no ice

  96. Rae says:

    Ice in the summer, otherwise none.

  97. Guen says:

    All of the books sound hilarious! Hope I win! 🙂

  98. Mimi says:

    Have you ever used eeny meeny miney moe to decide which one you don’t want? “oh it landed on green I think I really want pink”

  99. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    We currently has this issue with syrup, or no syrup for pancakes, and waffles. “I want syrup, I don’t want syrup” but times 3 with a 6,4, and 2 year old.

  100. Maren says:

    Well, he’s really thinking about it. Better than being brash and then regretting it, I suppose. (Read as: better than doing what my kid does) heh.

  101. Jenn says:

    Ice drinker here lol

  102. Laura says:

    When it comes to h2o, I’m definitely a hybrid… depends on the weather, my mood, and my health…lol. It’s complicated! hah

  103. Jill says:

    Would love to win these great books to enjoy while sipping my ice cold water.

  104. A says:

    Totally agree – ice is only for 100 degrees or higher!

  105. Amy Ham says:

    My 3 1/2 always starts his sentences when he changes his mind with, ‘Actually’ make it (slightly) less annoying 😉

  106. Shannon Bratton says:

    Single mom of a 3 year old that could totally use some laughs! I’m an ice girl.

  107. Denée says:

    We call this the toddler waffle in our house and it applies to much more than just ice and water. Jam or no jam with your PB? The blue spoon or the green spoon? In retrospect we’ve been really unfair to waffles in choosing our terminology 🙂

  108. Christie says:

    Good grief, give him a plain glass and a bowl of ice and let him figure it out himself?

  109. Natalie says:

    I am a weirdo hybrid. I don’t love ice unless I’m drinking juice but I love frozen drinks like icees.

  110. Lori Kenney says:

    Thank you for showing everyone that everyday issues with kids are really just something we should laugh at!

  111. Dawn says:

    I feel your pain with the indecisive kids!

  112. BeckyKay says:

    I guess I’m a hybrid. Sometimes I need ice, but mostly I just drink what comes out of the tap. My husband is a strictly no ice guy. He doesn’t like ice in ANY of his drinks. The only time he uses ice is in coffee. Too cool it down.


  113. Tiffany says:

    LOVE your blog!

  114. JENNIFER says:

    Ice, always ice.

  115. Sarah says:

    I too am a no ice kinda girl, I’m cold all the time so ice is unwise but my bigger issue is that I don’t like the flavour ice adds to my drinks, especially water.

  116. Tanya says:


  117. Terri says:

    I love to drink my water ice-free. And speaking of ice, who is crushed vs. cubed? My husband and son are both crushed and it drives me bonkers!

  118. Desirae says:

    This sounds just like my four year old! 🙂

  119. Marissa says:

    My hubby is room temp, no ice guy. I am a very cold but usually no ice gal. My 4 year old is enthralled by ice, and wants it in everything! Let’s see what my 20 month old turns into…

  120. Brenda says:

    Ice all the way!!

  121. Nosheen says:

    I usually try not to give my kids any choices because by the end of the decision making I’ve pretty much lost my shit. Especially when the three need to come to a joint decision. Never again! (Until the next time I make the same mistake)

  122. Heidi O says:

    I used to drink water with ice. Now it’s just too much work.

  123. K says:

    Love this giveaway! Thanks!!!

  124. Marsha says:

    In a glass, sometimes I want ice, sometimes not. With a meal, yes. Bottled water, I like room temp.

  125. Cadence Morrison says:

    Ah…a collection of parenting facts, the way they should be told! Hope I’m able to enjoy them all!

  126. Kelly says:

    I’m definitely an ice person but I’ll sometimes fill cups of water without ice because my fridge is from the stone age and getting ice takes actual effort. See – I think I’m saving myself work but then those ice-less glasses of water end up sitting around mostly un-drunk about 100% of the time. So I’m pretty sure I’m just making extra work for myself. Decisions ARE hard. 😉

  127. Jill says:

    I must always have ice, even when it makes me freezing cold! Love this blog. 🙂

  128. MamaLaw says:

    I’m one of those weird hybrid people. Sometimes ice is necessary, other times (usually) I’m too busy to take that step!

  129. Kellie says:

    Hmmm…..this conversation seems like one I have with my husband. Ice, no ice. Hot sauce, no hot sauce. Salt, no salt. Spoon or fork. Spoon, no fork! No, spoon.

  130. Angie says:

    What a great giveaway!

  131. Erin says:

    I love ice water! Mainly because I like to chew ice, even though I know it’s bad for your teeth. Sadly we have no ice maker, so I only get ice water when I buy the big bag of ice, and that doesn’t happen very often. Sad face.

  132. The colder the better. A frozen bottle of water that slowly melts is best 🙂

  133. Renee says:

    I also prefer no ice in my water, and if there is ice in my water (at restaurants) I really like having a straw–I hate ice hitting my face or teeth!

  134. Carolina says:

    I love ice cold water. Doesn’t have to have ice in it. Just cold cold cold please. If it has ice, I usually chew the ice which annoys people around me, or intrigues my 3yo who then wants some ice to chew too.

  135. Sara says:

    My toddler sings “ice ice baby!”

  136. Betsy says:

    My kids (toddler included) love to eat ice. Too bad our fridge doesn’t have a water line hooked up and we are too lazy to make ice in trays.

  137. Delora says:

    I can’t be the only person wondering when mom’s will have time to read 4(!!!) books when we can’t even get 40mins to ourselves? I’m down for trying though!

  138. Rebecca says:

    I’m so glad my son is past this stage. The problem I have is him wanting ice water ALL the time! I guess I shouldn’t complain when he wants water. At least he wants it. He could be bugging me about all the *other* things he wants to drink!

  139. Janel says:

    Ice water all the way!

  140. Nicole says:

    Our girls have decided its called Fresh water when it has ice and reg water when it is without.

  141. Rebecca baker says:


  142. I prefer no ice. But I’m not going to go crazy at a restaurant and demand no ice or anything. I’ll still drink my water if there’s ice in it, and because I’m polite, hopefully no waiters ever spit in my food.

  143. Michelle says:

    Have this conversation multiple times a day with my toddler AND my 18 year old…they never grow up!

  144. Tina says:

    I like no-ice. The kids and I have glasses of water for ourselves out on the counter all day and the water is never cold. My husband can’t comprehend drinking anything less than the coldest ice water, silly man!

  145. Kathleen says:

    Decisions, decisions!

    My kids have wanted ice since I had to put it in their sippy cups.

    I have always wondered why I am the only one who knows how to refill an ice cube tray, though.

    I hope that I win the books; with three kids, I need all the laughs I can get. Your blog has been stolen from my life, only funnier and with pictures:)

  146. Jennifer says:

    I’m a need ice kind of gal! 🙂

  147. Jessy says:

    Team hybrid here! I even have a couple of friends!

  148. Lauren says:

    I’m totally an obnoxious ice chewer… so I’m most likely to ask for just a glass of ice!

  149. Tricia says:

    Mmmmm. Books.

  150. Allison says:

    My daughter isn’t so much wishy washy as she says, definitively, the opposite of what she actually wants and then gets mad when you give her what she asked for. In this case, she would say, “yes I do want ice”and then after I gave her ice water, she would say “NO I DON’T WANT ICE!!” Psycho. But I love her anyway.

  151. Margary says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for your hilarious posts. My favorite by far is The Tea Party Invitation. Keep up the great work!

  152. Emily Winters says:

    At my office there are a lot of pretentious people who claim that ice water is bad for your heart because it is too cold….so I used to be a hybrid but now I always get ice at the office…I have to rebel against this notion because what does that mean for ice cream??? There are already too many reasons ice cream is bad for you, I can not buy into another one!

  153. Barbara says:

    Definitely struggle with the “yes! no wait, no… yes? no! no definitely not. Well, maybe… No, better not. Yes!” syndrome of toddlerhood and early preteen nonsense. It’s always over ridiculous things too.

  154. Michelle says:

    I don’t even give my kids the option. Which sometimes works in my favor, while other times sends me back to the kitchen for ice!

    Love your blog!

  155. Lisa says:


    My husband and I have the same problem. He is an ice person. I am not. He’s brainwashed our daughter to be an ice person. It’s unbelievably annoying. She’s 6 and she requests “a cup of nice, ice-cold water with some little ice and some big ice, please.” GAH.

    Maybe I can brainwash our toddler to be a non-ice person…

  156. Lisa M says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  157. Stephanie Leasure says:

    Ah toddlers and decisions….

  158. Cherie says:

    Sometimes the easiest decisions are the toughest!! Thank you for the chance to win some really awesome books -Fingers crossed Hoping I will win

  159. Laura Sheriff says:

    Totally a room temperature drinker here.

  160. Kate says:

    Love these!

    No ice in my water – yes ice in my rum & coke 😉

  161. jason says:

    my 4 year old does this too! I like ice and so does mama but the youngster is undecided.

  162. Olivia says:

    Yay for this post, and Yay for books!

  163. Asia says:

    you’re my favourite amber in the whole world, crappy mama 🙂

  164. Raelee says:

    I don’t let my daughter choose ice.

  165. Lynn N says:

    Comment! 🙂

  166. Becca Owens says:

    I already bought 3 of the 4 books. Ketchup is a vegetable is the only one I need. 🙂

  167. Lynn N says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  168. Suzzanne says:

    Lol I just love all your stories

  169. Barbra says:

    No ice for me.

  170. Lybelle says:

    I don’t necessarily put ice, but i need damn cold water….. In a bottle (either tupperware or whatever). For some reason, I cannot drink water out of a glass…. I find it smells funny. Don’t ask, I’m odd.

  171. Lori Miller says:

    I’m a no ice person myself.

  172. Sarah says:

    Nobody in my house gets ice. 😉
    Love your blog!

  173. Soo Ping Ng-Bronson says:

    My little Z is like crappy baby and crappy boy. Ice! No Ice! Ice! No Ice!!! It’s like a game with her… Grrr….

  174. Allison says:

    The struggle is real!

  175. Sparki says:

    I prefer my water cold… but I also prefer to just chill it, rather than add ice cubes. My fridge has about 3 gallon jugs full of water getting nice and chilly at any given time. =)

  176. Heather Holter says:

    kids are so indecisive!

  177. Charlotte says:

    No ice. I have sensitive teeth and the cold hurts.

  178. Jenny says:

    Iced water but no ice, lol. AKA kept in the fridge but not with ice in it, and definitely not room temperature!

  179. Alex Segal says:

    Ha! This is soooooo my little girl’s outlook on life!

  180. Tiffany B says:

    I am an ice person and my husband is no ice. Our 3 year old hasn’t decided yet so I have had many instances just as you have drawn!

  181. Audrey says:

    No Ice! It gets in the way.

  182. Geneva says:

    My husband is the indecisive one. Drives me crazy!

  183. Jean Russell says:

    ground work for learning to make decisions in adulthood. Last child in this family was a yes no yes no yes individual. argh!

  184. Erin says:

    I LOVE when the kids can’t make a decision… jam or butter, ice or no, juice or milk…. I love that my kids are getting older and get their own things so I don’t do the dance to and from the fridge/freezer while they make up their minds!!

  185. Jackie Baker says:

    I’m always cold too (hubby says my ass feels like a frozen butterball) so no ice for me.

  186. Indy says:

    Aw man, life decisions *are* hard! Except the ice one. No ice. Unless it’s super hot. I’m always cold, too. Hoping my wee one will have his dad’s decision making skills, not mine! 😉

  187. Stacie says:

    Always ice! These books look great!

  188. mariah says:

    I have an indecisive one too. He’ll finally decide and then cry five minutes later because he changed his mind. Growl.

  189. csa says:

    you’re giveaways are so awesome. and you’re blog is awesome. it makes my internet session.

  190. Gwen says:

    Definitely ice.. but the kid is a hybrid 🙂

  191. Cearrow says:

    I really really want these books! From a mom of TWO (twin) two and a half year olds, I could seriously use an excuse to be alone. 😉

  192. Katie says:

    I love ice but only when it’s crushed.

  193. Lenetta says:

    I’m mean, and impatient. I go with the first decision and make her stick with it. Otherwise we’ll BE HERE ALLLLL DAY.

  194. esther says:

    Ice water. Always ice water.

  195. Erin Anderson says:

    Actually we have cold water in the fridge so I’m not sure if that counts as ice.

  196. eliese says:

    ice when pregnant; otherwise, none

  197. Julie says:

    I hate I em it bumps against my upper lip and makes me spill!

  198. Christine W says:

    I used to prefer room temp until my new fridge came with a chilled water dispenser. A third option!

  199. JAN says:

    Normally I want my water room temperature but when I’m pregnant, it MUST have ice!

  200. bahar says:

    I’m a no ice person, husband’s an “ice in everything” person. Now I wonder what our son will be lol

  201. Jennifer Mannino says:

    Love this! My son is 8 and still can’t decide if he wants ice!

  202. Jess says:

    Love ice in my water so I can crunch it!

  203. Michaelina says:

    Situations like this make me wish I was the type of parent that said, “This is how it is, take it or leave it.” But alas, I give options, and proceed to accommodate them.

  204. Nicole says:

    My kids are this indecisive about everything. EVERYTHING.

    I am a hybrid ice drinker I guess. I didn’t even know that that might be a weird thing. Depends on the time of year mostly I guess.

  205. Erin says:

    Ice is for fancy drinks, that’s hoe I roll 🙂

  206. Rachael says:

    Indecision is a family trait for my In laws… I hope my kids learn to make decisions!

  207. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this giveaway!!

  208. Sherri says:

    Ice + sippy cup= leaky rattle!

  209. Julia says:

    I don’t even offer the option of ice!

  210. Margaret says:

    I have literally watched this exact scenario at my friend’s house. LOL!

  211. Chessie says:

    I am in between. Most of the time I could care less whether it has ice or not. These decisions are hard! My little girl does this with clothes, shoes, food, and pretty much everything.

  212. Amy Boylan says:

    That’s when you give them a glass of water and a small bowl of ice. Decide on your own time, Kiddo!

  213. Lisa says:

    I drink ice water all day. Every day.

  214. Deandra says:

    Love your posts! Lol @the ice situation. Im mostly non ice. Husband is pro ice. We have 5 kids…1 is to young for water at all, but the other 4, its ice battle no matter what goes in thier cups!

  215. Roxanne Gardner says:

    No ice EVER!

  216. biha says:

    I love the “actually”

  217. Rebecca says:

    I’m all about the ice. Also club soda because the carbonation feels colder to me.

  218. Ruth says:

    NO ICE! 🙂 Freezes my teeth and makes my already vampiric cold skin colder.

  219. eva says:

    no ice for me 😉

  220. Heather says:

    Sadly, so true.

  221. Emily says:

    No ice!

  222. Julie says:

    We have this discussion in our house ALL the time! Now that they are all tall enough to reach the ice dispenser, I can just hand them a cup and they can decide themselves.

  223. Kamron says:

    Lol, my life rewritten.

  224. Leslie F. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. Laura Martín Reolid says:

    Have a bad experience with iced water. Gulped the whole glass after lunch and got a sore tommy for nearly a week!

  226. avital says:

    I hate ice, but as long as my daughter is willing to treat it as a meal, i’m ok with it. 🙂 #ihatecooking.

  227. Jamie says:

    No ice! And btw I retweeted but cannot for the life of me find url to post to get points :/ I’m a noob to twitter!

  228. Amanda B says:

    I can see and hear this discussion so clearly! love it. 🙂

  229. Anna says:

    You have forgotten the third choice… Only at Grammie’s because they have, an ice crusher on the door! Yes, three stinking water choices… We have ice trays at home. ; )

  230. Robin says:

    I have one ice drinker and one no ice-er, unless he has a straw, then he wants ice. Gotta love them!

  231. Nichole Crawford says:

    I read and I like humor! Sounds like a win win! Thanks for always making me smile.

  232. Kylie says:

    I like ice in sodas but not in water 🙂

  233. Doreen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. brenda correa says:

    Decisions, I prefer mine with no ice unless we’re at a restaurant. Lots of ice and lemon!

  235. Tina says:

    I kick myself when I Give my kids choices. Btw, ice I can take it or leave it, depends more on my mood than the weather

  236. Amanda Havens says:

    This sounds like my kid but, in our house, it’s milk vs. water. Argh!

  237. Fenny says:

    I’m British, so rarely drink iced water. Iced G&T is a whole other matter and I’ll make smoothies with ice in the summer. But as I keep a jug of filtered water in the fridge, that’s usually cold enough for normal drinking.

    And there’s no room in the freezer for ice cube bags (nowhere flat in the freezer for ice cube trays) and no room in the kitchen for a freezer big enough for an ice dispenser! My freezer drawers have nifty ice cube makers built into the handles, but I have to remember to actually put water in them at least 3 hours before I’m likely to want ice.

  238. AmyC says:

    Love your blog. Always reminds me I am not alone!

  239. andrea w says:

    I like water with ice and without ice.

  240. says:

    I don’t use ice because I would have to make it first! If I had a fancy fridge with an ice maker & dispenser, then maybe? But of course I live in PA – if it was hot here all the time, I might be more worried about ice!

  241. Emily says:

    Love your blog.. First time
    Mum and loving it but wow!!

  242. Brandi N says:

    I prefer ice- it numbs my tongue so I don’t taste the gross water. But our ice maker has never been hooked up- so we keep water in the fridge, at least it’s kinda cold.

  243. Sarah says:

    No ice all the way. I have sensitive teeth and it kills me when I drink something icy cold. Plus no one looks good drinking a glass of ice water without a straw, especially when an errant cube come flying out of the glass!

  244. Julia C K says:

    Looks like a great pack of books – though I already own one of them 😉

  245. Amber says:

    Sooo true! It’s hard being a kid LOL

  246. Katie N. says:

    I’m one of the weird hybrids, but I promise it’s okay. I have friends and even graduated college and stuff. 😉

  247. Janice says:

    This is what happens when I babysit my cousins.

  248. Amanda says:

    I am a hybrid person. I like ice in my water whenever I am drinking it out of a glass. Bottled? I prefer room temperature. Don’t ask me to explain; there is no logical explanation.

  249. Terri says:

    Exactly what we’re going through with 4 1/2 and almost 3 year old. Mommy get me water with ice. Gatorade cannot have ice in it though.

  250. Dani L says:

    These books look hilarious. Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. Jamie says:

    I love the humorous twist to each of these posts. They are all lessons for me to be sure to look at the funny-side of raising my kids when the time comes (and that countdown is winding down quickly!!).

  252. Julie P. says:

    I am one of those illusive people that sometimes likes ice and sometimes doesn’t. I do have a few friends.

  253. Kristin Daniels says:

    I prefer my water ice cold, but not necessarily with ice… Am I weird?

  254. Laura says:

    I would love to win these books. Please.

  255. Maia LeDoux says:

    I like no ice. My kids always like ice. I like funny books about parenting. My kids like me more when I laugh. Amber, thank you for making me laugh.

  256. Lori says:

    I prefer water out of The Britta pitcher in the refrigerator. Nice and cold to start and then continue to enjoy it after it starts to warm up to room temp in my bottle.

  257. Rita says:

    If it has ice it NEEDS a straw. Usually no ice for me because its one less step…

  258. Natalie says:

    Thank you for the belly laughs. : )

  259. Melissa C. says:

    Yeah then it gets really complicated when you ask, do you want shake cheese on your spaghetti, or no shake cheese? (yeah it’s that craptastic “parmesan”)

  260. Alice says:

    Just wanted to tell you that I am in UK and I bought your book because I love your blog so much. Do you have an agent?

  261. Whitney Ulsas says:

    I can only imagine how my 15MO will be like!

  262. Elissa says:

    Right now I’m pregnant and with ice is the ONLY way I can drink water. When I’m not a baby oven I can go either way.

  263. Shannan says:

    My almost 3-year old daughter does this with just about every single question I ask her all day long, then has a fit when I decide for her. KIDS!

  264. Jill says:

    Your blog is absolutely hilarious and brightens my day every time I get the email (although it’s sad how similar our lives are and I only have ONE crappy baby!). Would really like the books.

  265. Olivia says:

    I don’t even ask my son… never thought he’d want ice 🙂

  266. Stephanie says:

    I am glad to hear that my kids aren’t the only ones that practice their decision making skills on things like this! lol

  267. Katrina Ford says:

    I agree – no ice!! It makes my teeth hurt.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  268. J says:

    love it! just when you think you have them figured out… they change things up on you! good luck 🙂

  269. Emili says:

    This got shared with my husband. We have the exact same situation in our house.

  270. Michelle L says:

    We all get ice except the baby 🙂

  271. Brian says:

    I never really outgrew this.

  272. perl says:

    Same issue in our house. Right down to the “actually…”. Where do they pick that one up? Is it on tv somewhere? I blame Calliou.

  273. Kayla says:

    Ice. No, yes, no yes no, umm, crushed ice. One is a “crushed ice” kinda kid, one is a “whole ice” kinda kid… dont… I reapeat DONT mix that up!

  274. Melissa says:

    Love this. I am a room temperature water person myself.

  275. Leah says:

    My daughter is the same way! I’m a non-ice sort of person at a restaurant (I have germ issues with ice, I know, I’m a crazy person) but at home I LOVE ice, mostly because I know it’s made with filtered water and more importantly it’s made by ME! In star shapes!

  276. Cathy says:

    I hear ya!

  277. Mary Dickerson says:

    Definitely no ice. I’ll choose water out of the faucet over the Brita because my husband keeps it in the fridge. 🙂

  278. Amelia says:

    I don’t understand non-ice drinkers. Water just seems more refreshing with ice!

  279. Cherie says:

    What about fridge water or tap water? If the water is pre-chilled doesn’t it negate the need for ice? Unless someone forgot to fill up the fridge water…. Hmm – possibly just adding more confusion.

  280. Kristi says:

    I would love to win any of these books! We all need humor in our daily stressed filled parenting lives…

  281. emily goodyear says:

    No rules?!!? WOOOOOO!!! Actually, I’ll probably just go take a nap.

  282. Jessica says:

    I love your comments describing your book! Too funny!

  283. Kelli says:

    The ice maker is broken, so I told everybody there’s no other way to make ice. They haven’t figured out the truth and I’m hoping they’ll be totally past the point of wanting a choice by the time they get the science behind frozen water.

  284. Yolanda says:

    I feel his pain! I can never decide either!

  285. Laura says:

    Would love to win these books! And it’s ICE all the way for me 🙂

  286. Melanie says:

    Sonic ice.

  287. Sean says:

    Hybrid as charged.

  288. Sonia says:

    I love ice and I have little ice lovin’ children. I can’t wait until they are old enough to help make the ice.

  289. B says:

    I am so glad you posted this! I thought we were the only ones! Now my littles (3 boys) change their minds mid-drink. Plus, when they want the ice back, it has to be the RIGHT ice. All ice must be inspected before being added back to the glass. Turns out there is a lot of inappropriate ice out there.

  290. Carmelle says:

    These books all sound so cool! Would love to read them 🙂

  291. Jane says:

    I’m generally a no-ice person, as I’m too cold most of the time anyway. I remember reading a magazine article talking about how it was time to “put away your winter clothing, bring down your summer clothes and go through them to see what’s still currently in fashion”.

    That’s when I looked down at my polar fleece and thought to myself: “Separate summer wardrobe?”

  292. Amber says:

    My 3 year old does this with everything! When does it end?

  293. Megan says:

    bahaha! “And now I’m up to three sentences”

  294. Betsy Allen says:

    Every question to my 7-year-old is that way. He’s even getting to where he asks me things a second or third time just to confirm what I’ve answered!

  295. Sylvia says:

    Would live to win!

  296. Nikki H says:

    I love Sonic ice, especially with a Diet Dr. Pepper with lime.

  297. Melissa Poling says:

    Love it! My own little crappy 3 yr old is all ice, allllll the time. No ice? Don’t bother…

  298. Paul Stackhouse says:

    My daughter always knows when I’m reading your stuff… lol is more than an abbreviation!

  299. Lynne says:

    I hate ice. When waiters ignore my request for water without ice, I am forced to offload my ice into my hapless husband’s water glass. He is so kind to accept the terrible burden of my unwanted ice.

  300. Kelly says:

    I’m not an ice person, but my mom TOTALLY is. When she comes to visit, my poor ice maker can hardly keep up!

  301. Laurie says:

    Just found our daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild. If I win, they will certainly be passed along to her, but not before the baby arrives!

  302. Megan B says:

    Kids, they’re so fickle…
    This is probably why I love the “Reasons My Kid is Crying” pictures and posts.

  303. Doug says:

    Ice is for mama and papa after the kid goes to bed. Room temperature martinis are gross.

  304. Amy Reed says:

    so glad I discovered this blog!

  305. Patricia S says:

    Ice Ice Baby…Ice Ice Baby….ok, now you have Vanilla Ice stuck in my head!

  306. Kylie Johnson says:

    I could do with some books- new mum to a 10 week old!

  307. Kylie says:

    I always tel my kids if they want cold water you have to refridgeeate your waterbottle

  308. Laura says:

    I love books! Especially ones that I can relate to. Hearing other moms stories is awesome! It let’s me know I’m not the only crazy one with little life ruiners (some people call them kids).

  309. Kim D says:

    We still go through this with my 7 year old. Maybe not about ice anymore, but equally important decisions!

  310. Amanda says:

    Too funny! My 2-yr old is starting in with the wishy-washyness! Can’t decide on anything!

  311. Bea says:

    thank you for your blog. I love it!

  312. Tanya says:

    I hate when I dig myself a hole without even realizing it. What’s a simple question to you and me is a tough one to a toddler.

  313. Meredith says:

    I love that you have boiled down the entire bane of parental servitude–ice it is ;). Thanks for sharing Be Alone!

  314. Elise says:

    I’m an extra ice kind of person, I like a little water with ice. My husband likes ice, but no more than 3. Our 5 year old is not a big fan of ice. The 5 month old is undecided.

  315. Ken says:

    Absolutely no ice… in my water, at least. I’ll take a little in my scotch. 🙂

  316. Melissa Russell says:

    Giving your kids a choice is a BAD choice 🙂

  317. Moragan K says:

    I’ll take it any ol’ way. Love water!

  318. Sarah G says:

    I have friends, but I am super wishy washy. Like no ice, or 3/4 full or just 2 ice cubes please!!

  319. Hillary says:

    I shall call my son Crappy Baby Too :o)

  320. Jill says:

    Love all these blogs.
    PS yeah ice!!!

  321. KimCS says:

    I’m a hybrid and much depends on the weather and if I am pregnant (ice). Also I’ll have ice at my in-laws as they have a fancy ice dispenser on the fridge.

  322. angie nesper says:

    I like to have ice, but hate when my kids have ice! my kids can get ice out of the door on the fridge and there is a constant problem of ice all over the floor all the time because they can’t seem to get ice into the cup. sigh.

  323. My kids don’t even know ice is an option! 🙂

  324. Michele H says:

    Definitely ice and water please!

  325. freezer says:

    My 6yr old wanted to know what I was reading. So I told him. So now his head is in our freezer getting ice for his drink. This is after he spent most of the morning huddled under a blanket shivering. Go figure.

    I’m with you on water temp. The only time ice is welcomed is if vodka is involved! My eldest knows I get cold easily, and calls me a freezer. And calls himself a heater. On really cold days he will hold me hands to warm me up with his “heater hands”… it’s the best.

  326. Meriel says:

    No ice, thanks, too much like hard work.
    But really cold from the tap please.

  327. Cassandra says:

    I just want my water to be cold. As cold as possible. I prefer no ice, but if that’s the only way to cool the water down then that’s what I have to do. Does that make me a hybrid? I don’t like getting ice in my mouth…but I can’t drink a warm or even semi-cool glass of water…It must be cold.

  328. Trisha Bowers says:

    I am always cold also, but for some reason I will not drink water that is not ice cold. If the ice melts I have to go add more.

  329. Tina says:

    I am a hybrid. I only like ice in my water when I am cleaning house or right before bed. Otherwise I don’t like ice in my water but I like it cold, I keep a jug in the fridge so I don’t have to use ice.

  330. sarah freeman says:

    must be an American thing….nobody has ice in drinks over here unless they are being fancy…and if we did, reckon I would go with the ‘pretend the option doesn’t exist’ idea.

  331. Chandra says:

    My kids do the, “I’ll have what you’re having” after-the-fact-decision. As soon as all snack-making materials are put away, they want one!

  332. Pick me, Amber. I never win anything! And people keep borrowing your book from me. I need another copy!

  333. melanie thomson says:

    OMG! you could be writing about my family!!

  334. Angela B. says:

    Ice. Definitely ice.

  335. Amy says:

    Holy cow, did I need a chuckle today. Thanks.

  336. Jennifer R says:

    My kids only want the ice so they can play with it. Then we usually deal with water spilled all over the place.

  337. Hayley says:

    Is the giveaway open to Canadians?

  338. Jean says:

    Sorry, I am always hot so I am an “ICE, ICE, ICE” person! Love your blog and book.

  339. Wendy M. says:

    PLEASE let me win so I can read and have my sanity return after the end of tax season!

  340. Stephanie S. says:

    Too funny! We don’t drink ice (in fact my husband makes us keep the Britta pitcher on the counter so it is room temperature), and it is always a problem when people come to visit.

  341. Tahlia says:

    I drink it with ice in the summer and a bit less ice in the winter. And then I complain that I’m cold.

    Also, the wishy washy-ness drives me up the wall! I got to the point where I will go back and forth three times, so first choice, then change to something else, then change to the first choice again, and then I draw the line and that’s what he gets. For some things I won’t even do that many. I understand the control thing, but usually it’s really that he just doesn’t know and he doesn’t complain about me putting my foot down. Yet. He’s only 2.5.

  342. Julia K says:

    I am always cold too ~ but I can only drink things with ice in them!! (no coffee or tea here!!)

  343. Cheryl says:

    I will not drink warm water. Ice all the way! (Actually, I don’t need ice because I keep my water in the fridge and then I drink it out of freezie mugs.) If I had no ice, I would get dehydrated and die.

  344. Stacy Crawford says:

    I would love to read all of those books!

  345. Sara says:

    I like ice. And your blog. My daughter is exactly like your son with the ice. Have a lovely day.

  346. Emma says:

    I already bought your book (yay supporting you!!), but I’m out of money and I’m dying for more of the same mommy humor! I would love love love to read these new books! Plus, it’s my birthday, so I deserve to win! =)
    BTW, all of these books should be in the local libraries so we can spread the love even more! Any ideas on how to get my local library system to get some of the books in this new AWESOME genre?

  347. kate says:

    Love your blog and would sure love to win these books!

  348. Heidi says:

    Ice is only for fancy fridge making ice people. We have no fancy fridge, therefore ice is a restaurant only treat. That and a slice of lemon and dessert is served!

  349. Kelly Moore says:

    I enjoy water with ice most of the time except the ice out of my refrigerator has a weird taste associated with it. So, I guess, now, I am a “no ice” person.

  350. Jen says:

    NO ICE!! 🙂

  351. Wolfy says:

    Hahaha! I so love this blog. My youngest is like this all the time! And then when you do what he settled on, then he turns around, usually after he’s enjoyed whatever it was, and starts to whine that it’s not what he asked for! It is rather obvious that with him, it’s a ploy to try to get both what he asked for, AND the choice that he didn’t choose! I think he’s finally figuring out that this ploy just isn’t going to do anything but irritate mom. ;0)

  352. Melissa says:

    Ice if the water isn’t cold, else no ice. and sometimes with a lemon!

  353. Nicole says:

    Those books all sound very funny!

  354. Christine R says:

    My boys are too young to be wishy-washy. It’s coming soon for the older boy…

  355. Heather S says:

    It took me forever to figure out how to comment…so much scrolling. The things I’ll do to win 😉

    • Heather S says:

      and that sounded totally creepy and not at all how I intended. See my brain is fried. I need a little humor in my life 🙂

  356. LaToya says:

    My 3yr old has the same indecisiveness, lol. And I’m with you on the ice thing. I dont really use ice unless its a hot can soda, lol

  357. Joy says:

    Crushed ice, all the way!

  358. Savanna says:

    When I was pregnant I could only drink ice water, warm water just tasted gross, don’t ask me why. It unfortunately still hasn’t gone away, I’m constantly having to add ice to keep the ice cold taste. Trust me it has a taste.

  359. Kristen M says:

    I’m a no ice kinda girl. My hub likes ice. My kids are still wishy washy though my 9 year old is leaving toward no ice.

    Your book is awesome and if you like the others, I know they are awesome too!

  360. Kirstin says:

    I’m an ice in my water gal… As are both my children, mostly so they can stick their hands in the cup, grab the ice, and throw it on the floor to make puddles to slip in. So, yeah. No more ice for them.

  361. Stephanie says:

    We have started a policy of not asking preferences with my two year old. She doesn’t know what she wants!

  362. Alicia Owen says:

    Oh man. Not that I wouldn’t love to have ALL of the books, but Baby Sideburns cracks me up too! I bet her book is hilarious!

  363. Jennifer K says:

    I’m a hybrid :)And I even manage to have a few friends…LOL!

  364. Sarah says:

    Ice water, FTW!

  365. Daniela says:

    Does it make me wish-washy if I have a preference depending on weather?

  366. Jessica says:

    I think this is why I became a pseudo-gymnast at 3. My mom wouldn’t tolerate my indecision. I wish my 7 year old had half of my creativity! I’ve even tried bringing a glass of each to solve to problem, but that of course is wrong too……

  367. Bethany says:

    Hybrid all the way. Depends on the weather and whether I’ve been sweating or not. 🙂

  368. Kelly says:


  369. Alicia says:

    I prefer ice even if I’m cold

  370. April says:

    No ice! Husband is the same way. We don’t even have ice in our freezer right now.

  371. Karin says:

    Love your stories! Are these books on sale in the bookstores if I don’t win?

  372. Kellie Holzer says:

    Other difficult decisions: what pajamas to wear, undies or diaper, and throwing sh*t all over the house or not. I have a threenager and her powers increase daily.
    Also, I’m a NO ice person, but my kid likes to chew on it.

  373. Blanca M says:

    My son is going through that phase right now

  374. Rachel says:

    I am a hybrid! And I love the giveaway!

  375. My son is in a no phase. And by phase I mean since he’s learned to talk 2 years ago this has happened. He says no to every question. Do you want a cookie? “No.”
    Waits a second
    “Yes, yes I want a cookie.”
    It annoys me to no end.

  376. susie says:

    I don’t usually like ice, but when I have birth I wanted ice. Now that the kids are a little older I’m back to no ice

  377. Anu says:

    I was totally anticipating the request for ice turning into one for ice cream 😛

  378. spencer says:

    Love your stuff!

  379. Jess says:

    Would you like to watch bob the builder? Yes. 5 minutes later ‘ Thomas Tank!’ Ok put it on ‘Bob the builder!’

  380. Jennifer says:

    That looks like a great bundle of books. I already have yours so I would give it to a friend and keep the rest for myself!

  381. Clearly we could all use a few good laughs to survive parenting!
    Thanks for writing!

  382. stacie says:

    So true for my girls, 5 and 3.5. Once I’ve given whatever they ask for no take backs.

  383. Denise Z says:

    I’m an ice person – even in my wine sometimes if it’s not chilled yet. I had such a hard time going overseas in the Peace Corps because there was literally no ice (except up on the mountains and during winter!) in the country. I slowly adjusted, but once back in the U.S., I was so grateful for ice! 🙂

  384. MamaMia says:

    No ice all the way! Hurts my teeth.

  385. Delia says:

    Never ice at night, but sometimes during the day, but only if I’m hot…hubby is so uncomplicated & easy: no ice, ever.

  386. GR says:

    No ice for me!

  387. A Swanson says:

    Give me ice! Trying to guide my kids to safety is giving me a sore throat.

  388. Julie Ghrist says:

    These books all sound great! I loved ur book tons! Laughed so much! Thanks for the giveaway

  389. heidi says:

    My husband is always asking the kids what color cup they want. He gets so frustrated! I keep telling him to make it easy on himself, and DONT give them options! Then just ignore their demands for a different color, if they’re thirsty they’ll drink it. Otherwise it goes back in the fridge.

  390. Lindsey says:

    Reading your blog posts make my life feel somewhat normal again it’s amazing watching my kids grow but kids do and say the darnest things. You let me know it’s not just mine 🙂 awesome giveaway too.

  391. carole says:

    I’d love to win the books!

  392. Breanna says:

    Love this blog. Our tough question of the day: to go home or not to go home? Walking the dog is fun but I’m tired, I don’t know, cue meltdown in the middle of the street.

  393. Jodell says:

    I like ice in a margarita!

  394. Lynn says:

    I sometimes like ice and sometimes not 😉

  395. Katie says:

    I like ice and love books.

  396. Laura says:

    I personally can do with or without ice. However, my hubby is a major ice person. The problem is that he crunches his ice after he finishes his drink! Talk about wanting to throat punch someone!! It drives me nuts! So…I don’t give my four kids ice…ever! Don’t want any other crunchers in the family.

  397. Chelsea says:

    Ahh fickle children… Just love em..

  398. Erin says:

    PLEASE PICK ME!!! I want to read all of these!

  399. Amber says:

    I love books, my kids love books, it’s my dream to have space enough to make a “library” corner in the house somewhere. Please help me by getting me more books!!

  400. Beth says:

    My husband is a hybrid. It baffles me. I am an ice in my water, ice in my OJ kind of girl.

  401. Olivia Beal says:

    This is my house exactly.

  402. Sarah A says:

    Yeah…ice is only an option if I am already getting some for myself…which is rare since I am a room temp gal myself. I would love to have 20 minutes to myself to even look at those books!

  403. AJ says:

    My MIL believes drinking ice water is bad for you. And I am an I ice water. Of course.

  404. Charissa says:

    Always ice. And half moon shaped ones at that. And just soft enough that I can eat them. Boy, I’m spoiled….

  405. Cindy says:

    You always make me laugh, even on a day when I don’t feel like laughing. Thank you!

  406. Tiffany says:

    I have to be truly miserably hot to not mind ice in my drinks. Any other time, I start shivering. There are so many reasons it’s awful.

    1) Unless it’s water, it fouls up the drink.
    2) It’s excessively difficult to drink around ice, even with a straw.
    3) If you’ve purchased the drink, and you ordered it by size, you are being gypped out of your purchase, which was already ripping you off.

  407. Kat says:

    I’m dealing with that now with a 21-month old!

  408. Jenny says:

    I’m a COLD water – no ice person. 🙂

  409. Laura Jo says:

    Just wait till they’re Crappy Teenagers. Mind-Making-Up abilities are no better. And the girl versions change their minds at the last minute. Sucky!

  410. Geni says:

    Love the image of you at the fridge being directed by your son. Hilarious!

  411. Kara says:

    Those books all sound great!

    My kids are like this. What makes it harder is my 5yr old has a speech delay and he says “don’t” for both do and don’t, so it gets confusing when he says he doesn’t want something then starts crying when he doesn’t get it because he does want it.

  412. Rachel s says:

    My son does this bit only with open cups all sippy cups need ice. Even at two am my kids try to demand ice water not just water.

  413. Mandi G says:

    My kids are the same.. of course I have trouble with Dr idioms at times too, so.. well not really. Okay, I do. LOL

  414. Kerri-Anne says:

    With 4 kids I invested in a refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser. Problem solved! Even my 3 year old gets her own lol. I love this post!

  415. Jenny B says:

    I take my water cold, but no ice. Unless it’s the awesome kind of ice only available in hospitals or Sonic. Then…ice.

  416. Katherine says:

    My son is also wishy-washy about ice in his water. We go through the same thing with bread crusts. Although it is hard to put them back on after you’ve already cut them off!

  417. D says:

    ice makers are gross 🙁

  418. Stefani Clark says:

    I like ice because I chew it after I’m done with my drink. Yes it’s bad for my teeth but it’s a habit I’ve had for a long time.

  419. Jim DuBois says:

    I like your blog a lot!

  420. Michelle Ngafoe says:

    I need to freeze the whole bottle of water and then drink it as it defrosts. Does that count as ice or no ice?
    Anyway… books filled with sarcasm? Yes, please!

  421. lorraine ferland says:

    thanks for having a fun contest!

  422. Katy says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love ice water. My husband loves ice water. My daughter #1 loves I’ve water. Son (kid #2) couldn’t care less either way. My #2 daughter (kid #3) always wants ice but I HATE giving it to her because it always ends with a game of “Whoa I’ve is slippery and cold and now I’m crying because my ice fell on the floor even though mommy told me to LEAVE it in my cup.”

  423. Autumn Isom says:

    Your candidness about parenting has brought me lots of laughs…especially on the tough days!

  424. Marianna says:

    I don’t even know whether you would actually send the books all the way to China or to Italy but I’ll give it a shot anyway 🙂

  425. Christina says:

    I hate when they ask for something (ice, ketchup, chicken, etc) and wait until AFTER you’ve given it to them before they change their mind. Then they act like YOU made a huge mistake.

  426. Tory Dresser says:

    I love your blog and those books look great 🙂

  427. Devon says:

    You are hilarious! My daughter will soon be making similar requests and I’m boosting patience points in advance!

  428. Emily says:

    I am totally stuck in the indecisive preschooler phase. Please let it end soon.

  429. Charissa says:

    We had this fight over bath time tonight. I want one, I don’t, I do, NOOO.

  430. Andrea says:

    Yay! Fun book giveaway!

  431. Sara says:

    Imbyryi to type in my phone bit the baby keeps grabbing t fingers and Dickinson them….

    (I’m trying to type on my phone but the baby keeps grabbing my fingers and sucking on them.)

  432. Theresa says:

    I’m one of those weird hybrid people, and yes, I have friends. If I’m chugging water on an average day I like it cool/no ice. (I’m preggers with baby #2, so I drink A LOT of water.) If it’s super duper hot out or I’m having it with a meal in a restaurant I like ice.

  433. Karla says:

    I definitely need to look into these books. I have of course already read yours. 🙂 Awesome.

  434. Tobi says:

    I love getting the email that there is a new crappy pictures post!! It makes me smile every time.

  435. Ashley Kozy says:

    All of these books are on my wish list, and because my kids bleed me dry, they will remain there forever unless I win them. Pleaseee let me win them. I’m sick of reading Splat the Cat books.

  436. Cristin says:

    Oh man…my kids change their minds like this all the time and it drives me batty!

  437. Kara says:

    You have described my 3yo perfectly. Though our argument usually involves bread. I make home made bread for my soy intolerant toddler, plus we buy bread (daddy bread).
    Do you want a sandwich? Turns into a 10minute decision.
    I’ll have mummy bread. No. Daddy bread. And I want it toasted. No actually I don’t want it toasted. Wait! I do want toast! And make it mummy bread…

  438. jessica says:

    you make me laugh! i am a hybrid, but i dont have friends (at least not ones over the age of 7 and that dont live in my computer) so im not sure how that helps your case LOL

  439. Leah McManus says:

    My 2 year old is not talking much yet so he often just gets what he gets, unless I can figure out what it is he wants that I am not giving him. I think he will be a no icer though, because there is no ice in our house even right now. That might change in summer.

  440. Alyssa says:

    I’m all ice, all the time. On road trips I fill a big water bottle halfway with water, freeze it overnight, and fill it the rest of the way when I’m about to leave the house. Then it stays icy cold for hourrrrs.

  441. megan says:

    I guess I’m a hybrid. Never thought about myself like that.

  442. Ginger says:

    My toddler daughter is very pro-ice, she’s been known to refuse her water if it doesn’t have ice, or enough ice, or the right size of ice, or if the ice doesn’t make noise when she shakes the cup, or if she can’t reach into the cup to eat the ice, or… you get the idea.

  443. No ice! Never ice!

  444. Amy B says:

    I am always cold, too! I also prefer my water sans ice. We were meant to be besties.

  445. Rebecca Emmm says:

    I’d love to win these books. And I hate ice.

  446. Nicole R says:

    Yup…right there, except when they can’t talk and they just cry, then cry harder when you give them a different option, then bang their head on the floor when you offer the first option again.

  447. Sanjida says:

    I want those 4 books!!! Especially the Crappy Illustrated one!!! And I’m a hybrid person that actually exists like you said 😛 and I have friends and would love to be your friend too!

  448. Shannon says:

    I too am cold all the time, but I have to always have ice in my water. Maybe I should rethink this decision.

  449. Feyza M says:

    How exciting—books! If only my little one enjoyed them as much as she does my phone. Sigh. Your blog is awesome!!

  450. Jen L says:

    It just doesn’t feel refreshing if it’s not cold!

  451. Jasy says:

    My 4 1/2 daughter drinks water without ice during the day but right before bedtime, ….after I have shut down the light, read five books, asked for another snack, asked for a different stuff animal or have put “her babies” to sleep in a pattern, etc…she asks for ice in her water (that will sit in her night table all night, she would only have one little sip right after I put the ice in it and that’s it) by then is already 9:40 p.m.!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. Pam says:

    I love reading about other moms and their parenting woes. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in my, at times, utter despair.

  453. Angela says:

    Just like my house, except it’s about barbecue sauce.

  454. Felicity says:

    My water has to be cold. Doesn’t necessarily have to have to ice, but I don’t like it room temp.

  455. Erica says:

    Same issue here. I’m the only one who likes water straight from the tap.

  456. Shae H. says:

    Ah, I’m a room temperature kind of gal…I thought I was the only one of the kind! People always tell me it’s weird?! Haha

  457. Marnie says:

    I absolutely loved your book. I swear you were talking about my life!

  458. Jen says:

    Room temp. Unless it’s summer of course, but still no ice, just refrigerated. Is that a hybrid?

  459. Michelle smith says:

    Cold, ice and drink through a straw.

  460. Liz D says:

    I definitely prefer it cold. Either with ice or cold water from the fridge. My kids are the same. They act like regular room temp water is poison 😉

  461. Debbie says:

    It’s nice to finally read a post on your blog again. I’ve missed them! And I’d love to win those books since we’re finally actually going to be parents in October!!

  462. Kristin says:

    I’m a hybrid I guess. I only really want ice if its really hot out though. I hate how restaurants jam your glass with ice all the time. And if you have to ask for “no ice” you kinda sound like a water snob. 🙁

  463. Kelly C. says:

    Even though I am always cold, I still like ice.

  464. Ali says:

    I would love to get mail 4 times! (All I get is bills, bills, bills.)

  465. Emma says:

    I can’t drink ice water unless it has a straw.

  466. kate l says:

    Wishy washy is everything these days. Better than me assuming I know the answer and totally failing with almost every choice even though it`s exactly what they would have chosen if they didnt know I chose it first!

  467. emily says:

    I need books like these to help me believe I can be a parent some day!

  468. Rachel says:

    Ice in the kids’ water inevitably ends up not in their cup + dripping on the floor….

  469. Jenny says:

    It’s funny, for a soft drink, ice is required, but for water, I usually prefer it cold out of the tap with no ice. As long as the tap water tastes good! (I’m very luck — Seattle tap water is awesome.)

  470. Amy says:

    We had the epic ‘Water!’ ‘No water!’ debarcle with our firstborn (where no mater what I did I was wrong) consequently ice (if requested) is placed on a plate, adjacent to the cup of water but not IN the water. From there on, whatever happens is not my fault!

  471. Julie says:

    My kid’s indecisivenes is clothing choice. He is super particular about his shirts, there is always something uncomfortable about every shirt he owns. Collars are definitely out. The only one he ever wants to wear is an old, nasty t-shirt that he cut the sleeves off of. Because obviously we’re classy like that. Get that kid some cut-off denim shorts and a mullet, and we’ll be good to go. :/

  472. polina says:

    4 books by the 4 best authors on the net would love to win!

  473. xeladc says:

    ICE! But usually I forgot to fill the tray so there is none. ;( Sadz

  474. Janalynn says:

    Love your blog! I have your book and it is awesome!!

  475. Diptee says:

    Because you are awesome and I am a huge fan!

  476. Someone said books? I’m all in! And thank you for the great giveaway!

  477. Sounds hilarious! Might have to get these books even if I don’t win, always need some Mama humor!

  478. Franca says:

    I can’t afford to get these books, so I hope I get them!! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  479. Deborah says:

    I keep your book out for guests to read. It brings people together :). Would love to have a collection!

  480. Jolene says:

    Im am a weird hybrid I have to confess. I am sorry! The other halfs an ice man and the little one has never had the choice to have it, but when u live in blighty, ice water never needed anyway. Haha x

  481. Megan Di Mattia says:

    Ice, always ice, even if it is snowing outside.

  482. Dyana says:

    I am only commenting because I want to win. I am not usually a commenter, but I don’t have twitter so I figured I’d take the easy route for more entries.

    Also, your blog is hilarious. And so true.

  483. Laura says:

    Ice, no ice. Doesn’t it depend at least SOMEWHAT on the quality of the water?

  484. Annabelle says:

    Cold water for when I don’t feel like drinking water, room temp for a big drink is desperately needed. So excited for the books!!

  485. Melanie says:

    Decisions like this are hard. Although personally I prefer ice when I can get it. But my freezer doesn’t have an automatic ice maker so i have to use the icecube tray so sometime the hassle of it really really isn’t worth it.

  486. Samantha says:

    My 3 year old is going through the same indecisiveness… About everything. “Yes I do, no no no I don’t… Yes I dooo!!!!” Must be hard being a kid.

  487. Maureen says:

    We live in Europe so there is no ice. You would think it makes life easier, but it doesn’t. Papa and daughter like mineral water (bubbly), while son and I like tap water. Only bubbly mineral water does not play well with sippy cups, and I don’t like still bottled water either, much to the confusion of the other family members.

  488. Meri says:

    My niece used to do things like that. Now she has strong opinions about what she likes and doesn’t like and she makes them known!

  489. Katie Bishop says:

    This issue has clearly started a national debate! My 4 yr old treats every decision as if it was going to determine her quality of life, it’s fantastic!

  490. Jenny says:

    haven’t had to deal with the ice issue yet…we’re still at ‘the sippy cup, no sippy cup stage’.

  491. Jennifer Womack says:

    Ice just slows me down.

  492. Jessica says:

    I am an ice all the time drinker, even though I am always cold.

  493. Jennifer L says:

    I am so giving your book away to give you another fan! I just had a conversation with my dentist that I converted last year! 🙂

  494. Lindsey says:

    I am one of those strange hybrid ice people. Depends on the day, depends on the mood. My son will probably be the same way!

  495. Jen says:

    love these books!!!

  496. Charity says:

    My three year old daughter is the same way about every single decision. No……actually yes, wait, no…..

    It’s enough to drive you batty.

  497. Sarah Bucior says:

    Lots of ice, I don’t think I could ever visit Europe……..

  498. shatcher says:

    Would love to read them all!

  499. Sara says:

    We have the same issue, only with condiments. Mustard? Yes. I mean, no. Finally is becomes an issue of what his brother has on his sandwich, who incidentally is waiting to see what the other one is getting on his!

  500. Cindy G says:

    These are some awesome sounding books. They sound like a great laugh!

  501. g says:

    i got your book on preorder and cried happy tears through most of it. i NEED to do that again.

  502. Sarah Reed says:

    I would love to read these books, I am not a parent yet but I like knowing that there is humor mixed into the crazy thing that is being a mom.

  503. anna says:

    best giveaway ever! yay for awesome books!

  504. Rebecca says:

    For me, it just depends on how hot it is outside too. I recently gave another copy of your book to a friend, its one of the best “parenting” books out there!

  505. Cyndi R says:

    Water must be cold. Would love to win 4 books. And I love the one sentence descriptions, and that you didn’t follow the rule.

  506. Elaine says:

    I’ve given away a lot of copies of your book. Every time I do this, I read part of it. I’ve almost finished it! If it weren’t so funny, I wouldn’t feel compelled to give it to any friend who announces she is pregnant.

  507. Yay for all of these books!

  508. Amy Logue says:

    My son can never decide on anything! I love these blogs and really want to read the books! Makes me feel SO much better to know that these crazy things aren’t just happening in my house! Thanks!

  509. My husband has bizarre rules for ice – yes in water, no in citrus sodas, yes in cola. Thank God he doesn’t put ice in milk. That’s a deal-breaker, right there.

  510. Hubs is all ice, all the time. I am like you. And my kids are like yours. Basically, we’re BFF ice/no ice families.

  511. Tarah says:

    Haha! My sons are the same with their drink selections. They ask for milk and as I’m pouring it “I want apple juice!” ARGH!

  512. Krista R. Wilson says:

    I’m a chemistry professor so when my kids ask about ice they get alot more than they were looking for.

  513. Tara says:

    Ice please…no wait. It makes my teeth hurt…no ice please…but it’s so hot outside. Ice please!

    Rinse repeat.

  514. Jill says:

    We are just the opposite in our house – I love, love, love ice water even in the middle of what has been an extremely cold Wisconsin winter. Ice water just tastes better. My husband is a no ice kind of guy even in the throes of summer’s heat. His belief is that ice takes up precious space in all types of drinks. My daughter is still in the wishy-washy stage but she’s starting to figure out her preferences.

  515. Jenn says:

    They can only make firm decisions about the hard questions, the ones that don’t matter are impossible.

  516. Breenah says:

    I’m cold all the time, but I have to have ice in my water otherwise I can’t drink it. I have to have my water cold otherwise it seems to have a wonky taste. Except bottled, no ice is fine there.

  517. Laura Kent says:

    I love cold water but I hate maneuvering the ice to get the water quick enough to quench my thirst! So I guess I’m a ice melter!

  518. Caitlin says:

    This is a lot of comments. I had to scroll a long way.

  519. Stephanie Eichholz says:

    Our fridge ice maker was broken for the first five years my kids were around. Using the old fashion trays was just too much darn work, so we only ever had ice when we bought bags of it for big holiday dinners. So now my kids associate ice with really special occasions and being extra fancy. Set the bar low ladies, set the bar low.

  520. Holly says:

    Gah. We are just entering this phase right now. At least I’m finally allowed to help him with things, as opposed to him trying to do something, getting mad when I offer to help, and then throwing a fit when he can’t accomplish whatever he was trying to do.

  521. Michele says:

    I need a lot of ice in my glass. My husband, on the other hand, knows this and still manages to fill my glass with like 3 ice cubes. Oh well. At least he gets me water.

  522. Patti says:

    I’ll put ice in my water, but not drink it until the ice melts a bit. I want the water cold, but I don’t want to deal with stupid ice clanging against my teeth. Last night my four-year-old decided to be a dick and demand ice in his water….while he was in bed. “But Maaaaaaammmmm. I really really like cold water. And only ice can make it cold enough.” Hope he remembers that when he won’t get up one morning and I put an ice cube on his back. Heh.

  523. Beth Hatch says:

    Oh yes. This happens to me all the time. My children actually prefer specific cups at specific times of day, i.e. big kid cup with lunch, Thomas the Train, no ice and sippy cup with handles, with ice, at night. God forbid, I give them the wrong cup or ice request or they start screaming. I am going to try this tactic at a restaurant just to be contrary and ease my stress levels a tad.

  524. Lauren A. says:

    No ice all the way. It’s better for your digestive system.

  525. Annette says:

    So funny! My son is not at the ice stage yet but he certainly has a tough time deciding if he wants water from the sink or the fridge. It can be pretty devastating to get a cold glass of water from the sink when he wants a cold glass of water from the fridge!

  526. Sarah says:

    I’m one of those freaks who doesn’t need ice, just cold water.

  527. Elizabeth says:

    When I’m pregnant I’m the same way!

  528. Ooh, I hope I win.

  529. Amy U says:

    My thumbs are worn out from scrolling AALLLL the way down to the comment box so I’m to exhausted to say anything clever. Just please pick me, okay?

  530. Laura says:

    I always ask my 4 yo “Pants or skirt?” (she’s a girly girl and loves dresses) “Pants! no wait… SKirt! uh… how about both? I can wear a skirt OVER pants!” haha

  531. HL says:

    My 2 year old is in this indecisive phase too and it’s driving me bonkers. I feel your pain.

  532. Jenn Haley says:

    Wow, I feel like I’ve stumbled across some long-lost soul sisters here! I too am cold ALL of the time, and I felt so lost and alone after dealing with the jests and ridicules from hot-natured friends and family. No longer! I belong! 😉

  533. chrissy says:

    I could use some new books to read. Thanks.

  534. Catty says:

    I like ice if I have a straw. I don’t have any ice cubes at home- the trays are filled with coconut milk cubes

  535. Michelle says:

    What an awesome giveaway! My kids want ice all the time…in anything…even drinks where ice should be forbidden (like milk, gag!).

  536. Andrea says:

    My husband is an ice guy. The kids and I are those rare “sometimes yes, sometimes no” ice people.

  537. Jennifer Pierce says:

    Another giveaway! Yea!!

  538. TeeJay says:

    I like chilled water but no ice. I’m cold all the time and I like to chug water because I’m also thirsty all the time and if it’s too cold I can’t drink it fast. Who knew that water/ice could be so complicated?

  539. Shannon says:

    I am a “no ice in anything” person….just waters everything down. Of course that’s not a bad thing in water….lol

  540. Kimberly says:

    I love your blog. Just found it and I am enjoying going back through all of your posts. Laughing and reading them aloud to my husband and almost grown sons. (I have five) They think you are funny, too. 🙂 Thank you! And God bless!

  541. Marie-Claude says:

    Decision, decision, decision. Life is so hard 🙂

  542. Jenna says:

    No ice, for sure

  543. Ha ha, sounds like me when I’m PMSing. Except it’s like this:
    I want chips.
    No, make that chocolate.
    No, chips.
    No… chips with chocolate.
    And white wine.
    No make that red.
    No, definitely white.

    Loved this. My children are the same way. About EVERYTHING!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  544. Rebecca says:

    I live in Miami, so it’s usually hot and I usually want ice in my water. However, I hate it when the water glass sweats and then drips on my clothes. So, if I’m with my kids and don’t care if I have an extra spot or two on my clothes, I’ll go with ice. If I actually find time to go out and care about how I look, I’ll probably go without.

  545. Jill says:

    This is me about lots of things. I feel you Crappy Baby. I also feel you Crappy Mama. I wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t slave to your children. But we all do it. Unconsciously. This is what we’ve become. 🙂

  546. Alicia says:

    My son’s version of this (he is almost two) is he’s upset and I ask him if he wants something (usually to make it better) and he says/cries, “NOOOOOoooo….yahhhh.”

  547. Sophia says:

    I though I was a hybrid, but I like that chilled water/no ice comment above. I agree!!

  548. Jessica Harlow says:

    I’m definitely an ice person. I used to be cold all the time, but even then I’d be an ice person. Because unless the ice is coming from a glacier, I dislike the taste of water.

    PS I wanna win, I wanna win!

  549. Rachel says:

    You know, you just can’t rush that kind of decision.

  550. sally says:

    🙂 I too, only like ice water when it is really hot out. however, the water that comes from the faucet is lukewarm, which i find gross.
    so, I drink water heated in the microwave.

  551. Veronica N says:

    My oldest is also a hybrid though seems to be leaning towards the ice persuasion currently. Only time will tell. 🙂

  552. A says:


  553. nicole says:

    always ice!

  554. Charlotte says:

    Im a freaky hybrid sorry! :p

  555. Libby says:

    I worry for the day when my son decides to like foods which I do not like and therefore never learned to cook.

  556. Vickie Ballard says:

    I sooooooo need to win these books for my bathroom!!!!! 😉 <3

  557. Seberina Thrush says:

    At home, I have my huge, plastic mug, from the hospital when I had DD, constantly filled w/room temp water….I’m cold a lot, too! Different story at a restaurant, though! The more ice, the better!!
    P.S. – I would looooooooove to win I Heart My Little A-Holes!!! Def. gonna buy it if I don’t! 🙂

  558. Angela says:

    I like ice water, but only with a straw. No straw, no ice!!

  559. Dawn says:

    I drink it with ice in middle of the night feedings…helps is taste better since water is generally gross while halfway asleep!

  560. Alison M says:

    I need the ice in my water and these 4 books!!

  561. Angela says:

    Hilarious! I NEED ice, husband is a sans ice guy, kids don’t get a choice until they can get it themselves! 😉

  562. Stephanie says:

    I am so glad DD is old enough to get her own drink, because she is just like that with decisions. I hate adding her to pick anything because it takes fffffooooorrrrreeeeevvvvveeeeerrrrr and she will change her mind 136337864397658 times.

  563. Cortney says:

    I dont ever have ice in drinks. Therefore neither do my kids!

  564. Sandy says:

    Hilarious!! Hubby and I are the same as you when it comes to ice 😉

  565. Tara Lynn says:

    Ahh a day in the life of moms everywhere! If wishy-washy-ness was cute, it was cuter when they were little.. now it’s just annoying lol

  566. Alyssa McCord says:

    HAHAHA! been there!

  567. Carolyn says:

    Well, I’m actually not a big water drinker, but in my soda – lots of ice!!!
    But yeah, I lose my patience pretty quickly with the indecisiveness of my littles.

  568. Sarah P says:

    I follow these ladies and I would LOVE to read these books. I have the same ice problem with my 5 year old. 5! Unfortunately (or fortunately) he is not tall enough to reach the water/ice dispenser himself yet.

  569. Jessica says:

    I don’t have kids yet, but boy am I excited after reading your blogs and will probably be more excited after reading your book! 🙂

  570. Megan Shawver says:

    The day in the life of almost every mom, love it!

  571. Joanne says:

    My family thinks I am weird because I like my soda flat and don’t care if it is warm. Yep..cold all the time too.

  572. Lisa Stover says:

    I can so relate to this… with just about everything though. My son has trouble making decisions

  573. Katie says:

    Definitely ice! It makes me freeze but im obsessed with chewing ice and have been since I was Pregnant lol.

  574. Melissa says:

    Ah, the joys of parenthood.

  575. Sarah says:

    Oooo I need some new reading material, and hysterectomy.

  576. Kyla says:

    I love everything about this. You are all amazing!!!

  577. Natasha Kyles says:

    Haha my kids only ask for ice in the summer!! And only if they remember ice exists because I have it in my drink! Also hate how autocorrect keeps changing ice to I’ve …grrrr!! Xx

  578. Tricia says:

    Ice is totally overrated anyway.

  579. Sarah says:

    Great website! Just found it today and really liked it.

  580. If it ain’t 80 degrees, I’m freezing! We aren’t to ice or no I’ve stage yet. Still trying to kick the bottle habit! Should’a just kept breast feeding. So much easier than getting a bottle in the middle of the night!! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be reading these books! I need a good laugh!!

  581. courtney says:

    I’m the wishy washy type when it comes to ice!

  582. Kristin says:

    I am a cold drinks person so definitely ice! I need super cold water, milk, soda, juice, horchata, everything 🙂

  583. Rebecca Roland says:

    This is amazing! Thanks for the chance to win some of the books I’ve been coveting!

  584. Kirsten says:

    LOL! This conversation happens in my house, too!

  585. Alexandria says:

    My kids are like that too. Drives me crazy! But I can’t say too much because I am one those hybrid types 🙂 This is a great giveaway, all of these books are on my wish list. Thanks for the opportunity!

  586. Lori says:

    Its not so much about the ice but which cup my son wants. When my son was a toddler, God forbid I gave him the wrong cup.

  587. Siobhán says:

    I’m a hybrid… like my water wet; with cubes, without, cold from the fridge or luke warm from sitting on the counter in the sun.

    Awesome book offer!

  588. Rachel Conner says:

    I am always cold, and I mean always, but still have to have ice in my water. I can never get my drinks cold enough for me!

  589. Melissa Dulimba says:

    I would have thrown the ice at him…

  590. Micki says:

    I’m MUCH older than all of you but I so enjoy the blogs. Menopause mostly cures the “I’m cold all the time.” That was me before. Now I’m usually ready to spontaneously combust and singe all near me.

    Although I must say, I still like my water on the room temperature or just a bit cooler side.

  591. Uh, there are no ice people? eww.

  592. Darcie says:

    Can totally relate, with EVERYTHING! Not just Ice water!

  593. Rochelle Callahan says:

    Love the indecisive moments in our house too LoL

  594. DJ says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win some of the books I’ve been coveting!

  595. Wesley Read says:

    Our children will have this problem… I am for ice, DH is against. Poor things.

  596. Analia says:

    I want to win!!

  597. Maria says:

    Thanks for the laugh!

  598. Jessica says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Baby Sideburns!!!

  599. Is it wrong that it would make my life if I won all of these books?! My fingers are crossed!

  600. Morgan says:

    I’m a no ice girl! Hubby has converted our 4 year over to ice. Ugh!!

  601. Laura w says:

    I love all the ice- Texas is hot! I love that my 4 1/2 year olds get now reach the water/ice on the fridge! More water for me!

  602. Melissa says:

    No ice for sure; I just run the tap a little!

    My daughter is 3 in a few weeks and cannot make similar life-critical decisions. This comic reminded me of her 🙂

  603. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    I’m with you on the no ice front. I prefer my water room temp. When we eat out I tend to just let the water sit a bit until the ice is halfway melted. I do like my milk ice cold though. I can’t explain these things.

    • Laura says:

      Yes! While water can be anything up to room temperature, milk must be very cold. I don’t know why. Maybe all those breakfast commericals about frosty glasses of milk?

  604. Beth says:

    Yay books!

  605. jodi says:

    I like water out of the fridge, no ice…

  606. Kimberly says:

    I think I’m going to influence my kids to be non-icers, like me, however just like everything else I attempt to get them to do, they do/request the opposite. Perhaps reverse psychology might work?

  607. sarah says:

    I am always warm so unless the beverage is coffee first thing on a winter day it must have ice in it…..even in milk..

  608. Jennifer W says:

    I used to be a no ice person, but then pregnancy screwed everything up and now water doesn’t taste right without ice.

  609. Jessica TA says:

    Just had to say how much I love your crappy pictures.And also when people give away free stuff! So thanks! YAY!

  610. Ansley Russell says:

    There are too many crappy comments on this post.

  611. jamie says:

    My kids demand ice. Unless they change their minds.

  612. Laura says:

    When younger I was an ice person, mostly because my parents had an incredibly loud icemaker in the fridge, which made getting a glass of water sound like some kind of action-movie event.

    Now that I have my own, non-ice-making fridge, I just drink regular room temperature water out of the giant colorful plastic glasses my brother gave me. Rest of the family is also non-ice, but possibly for different reasons. Or not.

  613. Jessie Gadbury says:

    Your pictures are my all time favorite!!!

  614. Amber says:

    Ice water for me in the summer, and no ice in the winter(as long as the water is cold). I can’t drink my water at room temperature. So I guess I’m a hybrid? lol.

  615. Jennifer Stahl says:

    I so feel you. I do. I have two kids that cannot make the decision on certain things without waffling so hard. However, if the weather is above 65°, it always has to have ice. Now they get it themselves and I have to ensure the freezer door is closed, as our freezer is on the bottom of the fridge. Yikes.

  616. Tracy says:

    Love your blog and your book!

  617. Jess says:


  618. Liz says:

    I like room temperature water at home, ice water elsewhere

  619. megan london says:

    Would love to win these books! Not sure when I would have time to read them, but they could stare at me when I yell at the kids and whisper “You are not alone”. Then I could go back to the argument I was having with my four year old about ice or no ice because she hasn’t decided what way she will swing either.

  620. Diane Elizabeth says:

    I don’t use ice, but my kids always wanted it. Once they were old enough to get their own, they found out the ice cube trays don’t magically refill themselves. Funny, they go without it just fine now.

  621. andrea says:

    ice. all the way.

  622. Heather Burns says:

    I would love to win!

  623. Jenn says:

    My 2.5 year old is the same way! Except she doesn’t flip flop back and forth and *tell* me about it… oh no! She tells me she wants ice, then when I give her a cup of water with ice in it, she screams “noooooo!” and dumps it on the floor. Lovely.

  624. Linda Kish says:

    I need to win. I need the laughs. Please pick me.

  625. Linda Kish says:

    Water…no ice. Soda….ice. You figure it out.

  626. Monique says:

    love your stuff!

  627. Alison says:

    Too funny! I love your blog and your book. I tell every new parent I know to get it.

  628. shannon says:

    Totally happens at my house too!

  629. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for the mammaries. Er…memories.

  630. Rynanne says:

    I prefer non iced drinks. I run really hot, but I find them more refreshing. I like my ice on it’s own, so I can eat it! lol
    Thank you for the chance to win the books!

  631. Ella Freeman says:

    No ice. Unless I’m at a restaurant, then I’m too lazy to say those extra words…..I have to save my breath for grumping at the 3-yr old!

  632. Brittany sanders says:

    Mine keeps asking for “really, really cold water” aka lots of ice. I wonder where he got this from since I almost never have ice in drinks. Is he my kid?

  633. Fuzzy says:

    Nice to see a new blog post from you!

  634. Stacy W. says:

    I sometimes miss when my kids were younger but at least now they can choose which side of the ice battle they’re on… for the record it’s ice…. weird children, I always have and always will prefer no ice unless it’s really hot out.

  635. Jessica H says:

    I would love these books! Great summer reading with my glass of ice water 😉

  636. Cindy says:

    I never win these kinds of things, but it is worth a shot. I have two kids that routinely change their mind about ice and everything else. I need some reading to keep me sane!

  637. tina says:

    I’m an ice person, so are 2 of my kids so far.

  638. Rachel Nguyen says:

    Funny blog! My daughter is getting this way about who reads to her.

  639. Mandi says:

    Never mind the ice or no-ice dilema. BReakfast is the worst in our house. Every morning, I ask what do you want for breakfast and EVERY morning my kids ask what there is. There are ALWAYS the same 3 things on offer: Cereal, a sandwich or a toasted sandwich. Every day each kid ALWAYS chooses the same thing to eat in the end but heaven forbid I actually take the itiative and just go ahead and make it for them without asking.

  640. Mel G says:

    Room temp, no ice.

  641. jenny says:

    Hilarious! I’m an ice girl all the way. I get annoyed when people order soda without ice. What’s the deal with that?! I’m assuming my son will be an ice guy. But I’ll have to wait and see as he’s only 6 months now. 🙂

  642. Heather says:

    I love crunching ice 🙂

  643. Mandy says:

    Sometimes I wonder if my little one is wishy washy on purpose. I think she secretly wants me to have a mental breakdown. 🙂

  644. Deckled Edges says:

    I’m solidly a no ice person. I hate how the ice hits my teeth when I’m drinking!

  645. Alisha says:

    I’m an ice water fan. So is my little guy… but he just likes to play with the ice. 🙂

  646. alexandra says:

    love the blog. however, with this comment i’m in it for the books 🙂

  647. Lauren says:

    I sometimes feel like I’m the only mom in the world who has NO artistic ability! Thank you

  648. Felisa A says:

    Hope I win!! I need a funny book.

  649. Amy Sanchez says:

    Although I’m usually hot, I still prefer no ice!

  650. Erin E. says:

    My biggest problem with ice is when I want some there is never any made

  651. Misty says:

    To ice, or not to ice… That! Is the question. Really, ice is an undeniably important decision. I LOVE ice. Hmm… Now I really want a glass of water… Or maybe I’ll just eat some ice. Decisions, decisions…

  652. Vanessa Rosage says:

    Just had my second baby and could use a good laugh to get through the days!

  653. Amanda says:

    Myself and my husband are no ice as well as our 2 year old that we have together. My step children, son age 7 and daughter age 9, live with us and they are ice users.

  654. Melissa says:

    Sounds so familiar lol

  655. ACsMama says:

    I like my water cold, but I don’t like actual ice in it. I just keep a pitcher in the fridge.

    I don’t really like ice in other beverages either, unless it’s Sonic ice. Sonic ice is the bomb!

  656. Suzyq76bella says:

    Ice, ice baby here in Arizona!

  657. Jamie says:

    Love ice water

  658. Sarabeth says:

    All these books look funny and I could use a good laugh.

  659. Kari says:

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and already a hybrid. She goes through phases where she wants ice all the time for a few weeks and then back to no ice for a while. And if you say “take another drink of water” and it’s ice water, she WILL correct you. “It’s not water; it’s ice.” “Fine, drink your ice.” Stinker.

  660. jennifer cashin says:

    I am new follower. So funny.

  661. Amanda says:

    LOL I hate it when my kids do that!

  662. Rachel B says:

    New follower. I think this blog is awesome and i have told many people about it and to follow you!

  663. Trisha_K says:

    I’ve been reading Robin’s Chicks since Fall 2013, and I really enjoy her posts! Thanks for including her book in your giveaway!

  664. Laura Smeby says:

    I would hide in my bathroom and read all of these!

  665. Lauren says:

    It’s be awesome if I won these…I’m pregnant with my third child (because my husband and I are apparently nuts) and I have terrible mprning sickness and can’t really get off the couch. This would give me something to do other than barfing!

  666. Vickie Marks Allbright says:

    awesome books would love to win em and bottle water only for me i have a tap water phobia !!!!!!

  667. barrie says:

    me. win. yay. thanks.

  668. Quynh Anh Tran says:

    ice all the way!

  669. Bex says:

    Ha, my sister is a hybrid person. I’m only an ice person if it’s in the thirties (that’s something hot in fahrenheit).

  670. Maddy says:

    My little sister used to ask for peanut butter and jelly, WITHOUT the jelly.

  671. Koren says:

    I used to always need ice…now that my two kids always need ice, I’m too lazy to get it for myself!

  672. Lisa says:

    yeah! I wanna win! pretty please?

  673. Heather P. says:

    Ah children and their indecisiveness. We go through this kind of stuff with my niece (4) all the time.

  674. Alice says:

    Yes!! I can so relate! And what a great giveaway…I can use all the laughs I can get these days 🙂

  675. Sarah says:

    I used to be cold all the time but haven’t had that problem since gaining my “baby weight”! Still a no ice gal though!

  676. Kathleen McLennan says:

    I DESERVE these books!!! Pick me please!

  677. Marie Hong says:

    I’m a wild one…hybrid all the way.

  678. Erin says:

    Ice. Pretty much ALWAYS

  679. Katherine Fleming says:

    No ice please! 🙂

  680. Kathy says:

    No ice, but I want my water COLD. Straight out of the fridge. One of my biggest pet peeves is waiters who fill your glass with ice every time they add water. Then wonder why you drink the 2 tsp of water that fills the crevices so quickly.

  681. Monique S. says:

    Ice with a lemon. I know picky right. The lemon is required even at home and because my baby drinks my water, she is beginning to require a lemon in her day water and ice in her sippy at night. Oh good god, I created a monster!

  682. Emily says:

    I love ice in all my drinks but am just too lazy and don’t ever seem to refill our ice trays 🙁

  683. Lauren says:

    Ice, no ice… great. My daughter is all about pink socks, red socks and I don’t know what else 🙂

  684. Sydney says:

    Ohhhh toddlers! They can never make up their sweet little minds. It’s maddening but forgiveable since they are so damn cute.

  685. Mary says:

    Sounds familiar!!

  686. Leigh says:

    I guess I’m a hybrid. I like no ice most of the time, but once the temps go above 90 degrees, then I need me some cold, cold ice.

  687. skye blair says:

    I’m a happy hybrid! with friends! (at least a few good ones) 🙂

  688. Megan Smith says:

    My three year old thinks ice is food… “May I please have ice for lunch?” Uh…

  689. Flurina says:

    hahaha, I’ve been warned about this deciding issues, cant wait for my kid to get there.

  690. Jo says:

    So happy when I see a new post! X

  691. Tejchy says:

    OMG, I’m totally “sometimes ice, sometimes not” type of person!! And I do have friends 😉

  692. Ashley W says:

    This is so funny! My kids are the same way! Four of my 5 girls! The 5th is still too little (only 3 months old)

  693. Charissa says:

    I’m something of a hybrid, but mostly lazy. I like cold water. We keep a gallon jug of water in the fridge, refilled from the filter pitcher–we also keep a gallon jug on the counter next to the filter pitcher. We also have a Sodastream, so cold water. My mom & the cooking like room temp water, hubby and I like cold water, and hubby is like CrappyPapa in that he goes for ice, but I’m too lazy, so I just go for fizzy water. The kids have the same level of commitment as your kids, though. *sigh* The joys of an ADD household.

  694. Tracey says:

    I’m in Canada. Always ice…like ALWAYS. -40 and snowing and I go to 7-11 and get a slurpee!

  695. magnoliachica says:

    For awhile this was the same scenario my daughter but about milk in cereal: “Do you want milk in your cereal?” “No.” “Okay. Here you go.” “But I want milk!”

  696. Chriss says:

    I’m definitely a no ice gal too! I. Get too cold too easily to use any.

  697. Elizabeth says:

    Boring comment because I’m tired.

  698. april says:

    LOVE the titles of these books almost as much as I love the honest mommies who wrote them… making me feel like I am NOT all along on this ride…

  699. Christina says:

    I love ice with my water, but I’ll take it without.

  700. ah yes, the indecision filled life with kids. i usually take ice.. with lemon. but i will take room temperature if i’m in the mood.

  701. Emily says:

    The consensus at our house: ice is weird, but if giving it a chance, it is only good in water, and only with a straw.

  702. Katie W says:

    I hate trying to sip around ice cubes!

  703. Mindy says:

    I don’t like ice either unless I have a straw..I don’t like it hitting my upper lip. 🙂 The books all sound awesome!

  704. Barb Andrews says:

    Cold water only for me! Ice or no ice, it just has to be cold!

  705. Briony says:

    Decision making is hard.

  706. Sally McGouran says:

    Too cold and it hurts my teeth. No ice!

  707. ElizabethN says:

    I just bought your book for a friend who is a new mom. Problem is, now I want to keep it! I forgot how awesome it is. e

  708. Chelsie says:

    Your motherland is calling. And it wants books. 😀

  709. EConnell says:

    I love funny books!

  710. Heather says:

    i am hot all the time so i always want my water cold! i can’t relate to cold people at all…or lukewarm water drinkers….it’s just strange to me.

  711. I must be the meanest mum of all time, my kids get ice in their water as a special treat, usually it’s just straight from the tap hahaha

  712. Lizzy says:

    We are refrigerator water people. I don’t like warm water or ice cubes 😉

  713. Errol says:

    I am getting ready to drive 1400 miles with a two year old, his dad, and my dad. I wouod love to have something to read to keep me from going crazy. Also, I bought a copy of your book but my boss “borrowed” it months ago so I would he most pleased to have a copy on the shelf again. Well at least until some other mom who doesn’t have tim and I have to remember where she got something from wants to read it and I have to buy another one anyways!

  714. Traci says:

    Both my husband and myself are Ice lovers…. the boys…. well that all depends on what day it is 🙂

  715. Maggie says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  716. Sarah Cantine says:

    The only way I get my 8 glasses a day is by opening a bottle of water, drinking half, leaving it somewhere, forgetting where, opening another bottle. Repeat4x. By that time, there are half full bottles of water everywhere I turn, and I finish them as I come across them!

  717. Chelsea says:

    I’m a hybrid. I MUCH prefer water out of the fridge because it is cold, but in a pinch I’ll use ice. I think ice gives water a weird taste once it melts. I may be crazy, though.

  718. Brandee H says:

    These all look awesome! Would love to read every one of them! !

  719. malinda says:

    He makes hard decisions at least as well as I do!!

  720. Vanessa says:

    I love ice in my water, but sometimes I’m REALLY lazy and just drink cold tap water sans ice.

  721. Mary Pierce says:

    There should be no decision. No ice! It’s to cold on my teeth and gets in the way of trying to actually drink my drink. 🙂

  722. Jen says:

    Ah, ice vs. no ice. A major debate at our house as well!

  723. Taylor Tracy says:

    Just found this website and I am SO happy I did!!!! Thanks you for the amusing pictures and relatable anecdotes. While I am not a mother in the traditional sense, I am a step-mom-in-training (my boyfriend has two sons [4 and 5 years old] from a previous marriage and they are with us half of the time). Thank you for keeping this up, even with your hectic schedule!

  724. Kamber says:

    I do not like drinking water without ice. I don’t think it is a temperature preference, it seems to be that I enjoy the satisfying clink of ice in my water.

  725. Jenny says:

    I don’t really care if there’s ice, but I want it to be really cold. Tap water is not cold enough. I guess ice keeps it nice and cold longer, but it does sometimes get in the way of drinking it.

  726. Lydia says:

    I don’t understand why so many Americans put ice in their water/drinks! We don’t do that in Europe. Unless you go to MacDonalds, where they put lots of ice in on purpose to save up on the Coke. Plus, iced drinks aren’t as good for your body! It’s better to drink water at room temperature or even warm/hot like they do it in China! But that’s a little too weird for me, in that case I’d rather have tea. Decisions decisions!