Crappy Cat & His Post Poop Run

You’ve seen Crappy Cat in a variety of my posts here. But we actually have two Crappy Cats.

crappy cat 1

I usually draw the fat one on the left with the yellowish eyes. He thinks he is a dog so he is always around. The smaller, green eyed one keeps to himself like a normal cat.

And being a normal cat he does normal cat things. Like this…

crappy cat 2

He poops in the litter box.

When he is done, he buries his poop. All normal cat stuff.

crappy cat 3

But then he gets cocky.

He leaps out of the litter box:

crappy cat 4

And tears through the house, racing past us at full speed:

crappy cat 5

We call this his “Post Poop Run”.

He has done this after every poop his entire life. For eleven years.

Crappy Boy was curious about it.

crappy cat 6

We have several possible answers, given that during our pre-kid days we talked about our cats incessantly. We’ve covered this topic at length.

crappy cat 7

crappy cat 8

We share a few ideas back and forth from the cat glory days. Maybe he wants everyone to know that he pooped? Maybe he wants a high five? Poop recognition?

Then Crappy Boy cuts in:

crappy cat 9

He has a hypothesis! (Thank you, Dinosaur Train. Hey, isn’t Buddy going to eat his family when he grows up? Those Pteranodons are taking a huge risk. I worry.)

crappy cat 10

True. And he is making sure it is dispersed in equal parts throughout the house.


Actually, we looked this up. There are various reasons in this article and even more listed in this article – including the shaking the poop off possibility. 

Thankfully Crappy Cat is healthy and doesn’t usually have clinger problems. In his case, it is just a victory lap. 

Another cat post in case you like or hate cats. And another one too. 

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232 Responses to Crappy Cat & His Post Poop Run

  1. nadine says:

    My cat does the post-poop run too. I imagine he is running away fast because poop smells and he doesn’t want to get chased by ghost poopies.

  2. Sara Houghton says:

    My cat does this too while meowing as loud as he can. Only he doesn’t bury his poop. He leaves it there to stink.

    • Michelle says:

      One of my cats doesn’t bury his poop either. WHY??? I have to bury it for him. Blech. I am actually considering toilet training my cats because of this.

      • We had this problem as well. I don’t like cats anyway, but my husband loves the creatures. So, we bought a catgenie cat toilet. Yes, we are those people. But guess what? It makes a huge difference in my relationship with the cat. And, it saves bunches of money on cat litter. Plus, we don’t have to have someone come clean it out when we’re gone.

      • Mandie Devoe says:

        Do it! We toilet trained our three this past winter and it was the best move ever! (We used Citikitty because it is a smaller business and they actually respond to questions and concerns)

        • Bobbi says:

          Mandie! How on earth did you do it?!?! I spent a whole year trying to toilet train my two cats and they did ok until it was time to remove that last ring, and then they could never make the leap from the last ring, to no ring at all. And one of them started pooping on the floor and never went back to the ring unless I noticed and put her on the toilet myself when it was time to go…

          • Melanie says:

            @Bobbi – my two girls are the same 🙁 They’re both fine with peeing on the toilet and occasionally will poop in the toilet on their own but most of the time they’ll both do a ninja poop on the bathroom floor after we’ve gone to bed. So yes, any advice on how to overcome this hurdle would be greatly appreciated. I’m considering going back and starting from the beginning again.

      • Devon says:

        When cats don’t bury their poop, they’re asserting dominance. What they don’t KNOW is that WE DON’T CARE, we just think it stinks! Silly kitties. 🙂

    • Maxine says:

      Yup, a cat who doesn’t bury his or her poop (i have one of these, it is unpleasant!) is showing their dominance to you, it is like they are saying ‘here is my poo. Look at it. Look. At. It. All your bases are belong to me!’ Covered litter boxes is the best solution!

      • Laura says:

        Two words! LITTER ROBOT! THE best! :). Saves tons of litter, works for years, American-made – I love mine!! A little noisy while it rotates maybe, like a hair dryer, but the payoff is big, especially if you can put it somewhere out of the way so it’s quieter.

        Love it!!

      • Moose says:

        My cats are inappropriate eliminators. They shit upon all sorts of things to punish us for our wrong doings. They are truly superior assholes. *sigh*

  3. JJ says:

    So funny! My cat does this TOO! We call it poop insanity.

  4. Amy says:

    LOL I can’t imagine running around like a crazy person after I poop. But maybe I should try it.

  5. jill says:

    Can I just say I adore the way you draw your cats?

  6. Joslyn says:

    Haha, our Himalayan does this too. He also adds a “pretend air attack” at our legs as he races by. We’ve decided not to over think that one.

  7. Beki says:

    I dont have a cat.. but I do have a dog who spins in circles when he poops. Quite a sight.

    • Jess says:

      I have a dog who spins in circles while pooping too! Then he does a crazy post poop victory lap. My cat has no routine though.

    • Warmfuzzyfeeling says:

      I used to have a dalmatian who span (spinned? spun?) in circles before he pooed, like he was finding exactly the right spot, except that sometimes he would spin for so long first one way and then the other then back again – I figured he was working up some centrifugal force to expel the stuff more expediently.

  8. Jo says:

    I know a beautiful writer called Debra Anastasia who compared her post constipated happy self to a cat doing this very thing. Which er, ‘backs up’ your theory.

  9. Melissa says:

    I have no cats….ever. I have always lived with those afflicted with cat allergies. However, our Molly dog is 16 (gasp!) this December and does a crazed-dog post-poop run, too. So, this is not specific to cats.

    Also, watch out for Crappy boy to follow suit…but hopefully not spreading poop throughout the house.

  10. Jessica says:

    When I had a cat, he would poop and then scratch until the part of the litter box he was standing in had no more litter. He got the poop and the litter everywhere. What a weird animal. Glad I let my ex keep him. lol

  11. Nessie says:

    We call that PSM (Post Shat Mania) in our house!

  12. Jennie says:

    Our dog does a post poop run around the backyard. EVERY time.
    The other day the fair was in town and we were betting a little on the ponies. My daughter and I decided to bet on the one who had pooped using the theory that all animals like to run fast after pooing. He lost.

  13. Jen says:

    LMFAO at the worry for the Dinosaur Train family. That made me laugh out loud and nearly spit out my coffee!

    • Danielle says:

      Yeah, this! I was cracking up over the Dinosaur Train comment because my husband and I have discussed this at length! Great show though otherwise. 🙂

    • Lacey S says:

      The minute I saw “I have a hypothesis!” I knew he was a Dinosaur Train fan <3 I too worry for that family down the line…

      • Dawn says:

        LOL…I wonder about that all the time! My husband tells me to stop it, that I’m going to shatter our son’s innocence. 🙂

        • Jill says:

          We wonder the same thing at our house along with what happened to Max and Ruby’s parents. One of our cats also does the post poop marathon through the house, granted this is the same cat that at times forgots to bury his treasure, so I’m sure that’s why he runs!

          • Sarah Kuriger says:

            My kids also wonder where Max and Ruby’s parents are. I just tell them they must be at work!

          • islajmom says:

            Is Ruby Max’s primary caregiver? I wonder this myself, I know grandma pops over once in awhile, but really? All she does is try to distract him with toys and ignore him to play with her friends. No wonder he has such a small vocabulary.

    • BeckyKay says:

      I worry about this, too. Someday, that little TRex is gonna get hungry and start wondering what Pteranadon tastes like.

    • Sara Munoz says:

      They always tell other dinosaurs stuff like, “don’t worry, he’s a nice carnivore”. And I’m like, “Pffffffffffftttttt…. They don’t eat other dinos to be MEAN.”

    • Bobbi Kilbarger says:

      I’ve worried about this too, but I also wonder about the stability of the pterranadon’s marriage if Mrs. Pterranadon had a T-Rex egg.

    • Connie says:

      OMG, as soon as I read “I have a hypothesis” I knew he had to watch Dinosaur Train. I often wonder about the fate of the pteranodons as well. Someday fish just aren’t going to cut it.

      • Christiana says:

        I’m wondering how many people had to click over to another window or scroll up to the original post to check how to properly spell “pteranadon” 🙂

        • KAREN NOE says:

          I am so surprised, none of you are TRUE Dinosaur Train fans – you didn’t mention the “Every dinosaur poops” episode!!! lol

    • Jennifer Scogin says:

      We are DT fans as well!!!! We explain the Buddy diet this way…”Just like most humans are omnivores and eat animals, we are vegetarians and choose not to eat animals. Buddy eats the fish around his family because he was taught to show respect for what they eat, however, on special occasions (i.e. on the Dinosaur Train and on some excursions) he is allowed to order/eat carrion”. Notice how they only say the carnivores eat carrion (dead decaying flesh of an animal) and not that they chased down an animal, killed it, and then ate it.

  14. Daniele says:

    My dog used to do this. He’d poop and then tear around the yard– especially if he saw I was looking. My cat, however, has an expression of absolute dignified indifference while he poops– and then he carefully buries it (he’s very tidy) and walks away as if he just did the most important thing and now has other very important tasks to accomplish.

  15. Sherry says:

    Mine comes out of the laundry room, where the litter box is located, looks around to see if anyone is watching, and slowly walks away. She’ll go lay in another room and look at you like, “What? I didn’t do anything!” 🙂

  16. Sara says:

    I worry about Buddy, too! All the dinosaurs are so friendly and welcoming but, really, don’t the little pteranodons look like a tasty snack to most of them? This seems like careless parenting to me, maybe cavorting with carnivores isn’t the safest place for their children.

    I need a life.

  17. Laura says:

    ah ha ha ha, my chihuahua does this too. He’s just so HAPPY after a successful BM, lol.

    • Chanda says:

      I have 2 chihuahuas and they do post poop dashes too. They also prance around till I go look at it and clap for them. I know I’m crazy for doing it but then they don’t poop in unwanted places.

  18. Charity says:

    LOL! I can’t watch Dinosaur Train without thinking that exact same thing. Adopting Buddy might not have been the smartest move for the Pteranodons.

  19. Melinda says:

    I too wonder when Mr. Conductor will finally let the poor Pternanodons know they are doomed! We have a victory lap cat…she even flys through the yard after enhancing the mineral content of my flower bed. Weird creatures. I think they do strange things just to make sure they’re still a major topic of conversation.

  20. Benjamina says:

    My kids constantly worry that Buddy is going to eat his family when he grows up because that is what dinosaurs do. Thanks Dinosaur Train.

  21. This is much better than what my cat used to do… He would run and after he got a decent distance away from the poo, he’d scoot his butt on the floor. Granted, this was after he pooped ON THE FLOOR. He had issues.

  22. Mary says:

    I have that same thought about dinosaur train… they should make a parent version where buddy does eat his family… just kidding (sorta).

    • amber says:

      That would be awesome! I bet someone has spoofed that already.

    • Lacey S says:

      Rule 47: If some can think of it, it’s already on the internet. But just to be safe, you probably should NOT google “Adult Dinosaur Train”… might not be what you hope it is 😛

  23. Ashley says:

    All but one of our menagerie predates our children, so I get those long hours of pet analysis. We have one that’s a dog, too. And one that’s a ninja suffering from Vietnam flashbacks. And one whom we call “maggot Maggie” because of that time the fly laid its eggs inside of her. And a dog we call “Poo” (the kids think it’s “Pooh”, as in “Winnie the”…they’re wrong!).

    I also fear for the lives of the Pteranodon family. One day their kindness and willingness to overlook species differences to further the plight of an integrated dino-society will bite them in the butt, literally. But my 7 year old still wants to be a paleontologist, and she doesn’t even watch the show anymore…so that’s pretty awesome.

  24. Leah Cusick says:

    “I have a hypothesis!” we LOOOOVE Dinosaur Train!!! 😀

    We also had a cat that would post-poop run, lol.

  25. Jennifer says:

    We have two cats as well and I can relate well to this post. But what made me really laugh was your parenthetical reference to Dinosaur Train. That is my son’s favorite show and the hubs and I can now pretty much sing the theme song by heart. I often can’t remember why I entered a room, but I can remember “once upon a time, there was a mom, her name was Mrs. Pteranodon…..”.

  26. Kim says:

    Our cat takes a victory lap, too! We always know when she’s pooped because she’ll go tearing past.

  27. Darcy says:

    Woo Dinosaur Train reference! I figure my boy will start saying stuff like that soon. He loves that silly show.

    Now, about the cat. I wish my cat did a victory lap. Sadly, he digs to China before and after. Digging to China is messy. Or he’s looking for fossils/land mines and wants to avoid them…. I can’t tell which.

  28. Erin says:

    Love the Dinosaur Train reference, as that show is big in our house. I, too, have concerns for the Pteranadon family. 😀 Hilarious post as usual!

  29. Jennifer says:

    Hahaha! Our dog does this right BEFORE he poops. He will get this burst of energy out of nowhere and run laps around the house at full speed. We just open the back door a minute later, he runs out, and poops immediately. Every time! It must be that dogs do the pre-poop run and cats do the post-poop run. HA!

  30. Jenna says:

    They very instant I read, “I have a hypothesis” my brain clicked and I thought, “Ah-ha, they are watchers of the Dinosaur Train as well.” One of my 5 year-old’s favorite shows! And yes, I totally agree with you about Buddy. Don will be the first to go.

  31. Andi says:

    My old cat this did and we used to call this “doody and dash”. 🙂

  32. Angie says:

    BEst post evah! Please do more posts about the Crappy Cats, I lurve them!

  33. Sheala says:

    We’re having a lot of hypothesis moments around here too lol thanks dinosaur train! I also agree Buddy will eat his family…

  34. Do you go throughout your day with the “Hungry, Hungry Herbivore” song in your head too? It’s enough to make me want to give myself a lobotomy.

    Speaking of PBS, does anyone else dream about backing over Caillou with your car?

    My black cat does not do the post poop run, but her new spot is on top of the giant package of TP in the hallway. I should really take a picture-she could become the spokescat for Angel Soft.

  35. heather says:

    One of our cats likes to do the post poop run too! The girls are very tidy and do their business, cover everything, and go off to do their own thing. But the boy, he has decided that covering his poop is too much to ask and it is such a terrifying thought that he must run away as fast as possible before any one can ask him to do such a thing. He also likes to come around for a post poop snuggle, he is his most affectionate then, bringing his cloud of stink with him. Sorry, I don’t want to pet you when you ran straight from the litter box to my lap!

  36. Andie's Mommy says:

    We have 3 cats and only 1 does a poop victory lap. But he also does a pre-poop run. My theory is to try an loosen it up before going. But we always know when he’s about to do his business because that’s the only time he runs anymore (he’s 14). I’m waiting for the day when our daughter asks about this because both my husband and I laugh like little kids when the cat does this. The other 2 cats are females and prefer to poop with dignity and not announce it to the house!

  37. Ashley says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know so many others had cats who do this! Our races throughout the house after, yelling “MrowMROWmrowMROWW!”

    We call it his “poo siren”. It’s nice of him to let us know that it’s going to be stinky.

  38. Sara says:

    I’ve got three crappy cats. The crappiest one likes to pee NEXT to the litter box, rather than in it. Ick!

  39. Emily says:

    Mine actually only does this when he DOES have a clinger (usually attached by a small bunch of hair that he has consumed, which I assume is too narrow to “push” out like regular poop). In fact, if he tears ass away from the litter box, I know to chase him around with a paper towel IMMEDIATELY. We always do the Stuart voice, “My poop is chasing me!” (

    He does the crazy run after eating. I’ve always assumed it’s a victory lap to celebrate his “kill.”

  40. Bridget says:

    Laughing so hard about the Dinosaur Train part. I worry too! You always make me laugh – thank you!

  41. TechnoGirlWonder says:

    Mine only does the victory bolt when she notices that she has one still stuck to her. Then she scooches around on the floor and signs autographs with her brown, stinky crayon.

  42. alexis says:

    Crappy Boy is pretty darn bright!!
    Happens here too. One cat has always done this and she has had a history of irritable bowel syndrome and now she is in the early stages of colon failure. Glad yours is healthy : )

  43. Tally says:

    My dog does this (after he poops outside, we don’t have a litter box for him) and I always ask him “Feel better now that you got the lead out?”

  44. Sarah says:

    How odd. My cat does that too. And it’s also my more “normal” smaller cat :/

  45. Woolies says:

    One of our crappy cats announces it to the world. She HOWLS. She walks around the house for a while post-pooping, howling.
    Is this because she is in pain? She doesn’t look in pain. Does she object to the litter in some manner? Does it offend her somehow?
    I think she just wants everyone to know. She wants a reward.
    Just some kitty hypothesis. (BTW just knitted a black kitty yesterday – must have been psychic that you were going to do a kitty post today). 🙂

  46. Becky says:

    Do you remember the TV series Dinosaurs back in the early 90s with the Henson Studios dinosaur family that sorta reminded people of Roseanne?

    I fear that Dinosaur Train is eventually going to have a series finale like Dinosaurs did… where the family ends up causing the Ice Age and destruction of the entire species because they used too many pesticides. Yeah, funny! /sarcasm

    I loved that stupid Dinosaurs show when I was a middle schooler, but was TOTALLY traumatized by that last episode. Dinosaur Train is on the same path. But I let my daughter watch it anyway. Fingers crossed no cartoon Pteranodons will be harmed in the making of the show!

    • Carey says:

      I know! The series finale of Dinosaurs traumatized me as a kid! I was so upset it was gone! I cried at the end and I remember my dad got mad lol.

  47. Heather says:

    Our cat does the post poop run as well, tearing through the house like a freak, meowing as loudly as he can. We just figured he was neurotic, and I had no idea so many other cats did the same! I assumed the run was because he felt awesome, or because he’s a neatfreak he’s just running away from the poop.

  48. Julie M. says:

    My first thought was that the kitty was trying to out-run the stink.
    : )

  49. Angela says:

    We have a dog that does “the poop dance”. Much like a little kid that dances around when they have to pee or poop and are intent on holding it instead! Our dog’s poop dance, which consists of racing around the “suburban circle” in our house (kitchen to dining room to family room and then back again) signals us that it is time to let her out. She races out the door and comes to a screeching halt to assume the position. A small little sprint away from the site and she is done. So much drama for such a mundane task. Oh well, to each his own!

  50. Alli says:

    Is it sad that I knew the origin of his “I have a hypothesis!” before even scrolling down to the next line to see that it was, indeed, Dinosaur Train? And I’m with you: a bloody end is in store for the whole Pteranodon family.

    Also, one of my cats does the same. And we came to the same conclusion. She wants litter and poo particles ALL OVER the house. Showoff. 🙂

  51. Ceilidh says:

    I have the same Dinosaur Train worries. I also routinely wonder where the hell Max and Ruby’s parents are.

  52. rachel says:

    my cat has a “post-poop meow”. he only uses it directly after using the litter box. it’s a very low, loud, pathetic sounding meow. apparently he feels the need to announce it!

  53. Laura says:

    I worry about Buddy eating his family someday too!

  54. Theresa says:

    As soon as Crappy Boy said, “I have a hypothesis” I knew he watched dinosaur train! My son is only 8 months old and loves it. There was an episode a couple weeks ago that ties in to this post that was all about how every dinosaur poops. Buddy says, “If you have to go, just hide behind those rocks over there and I’ll stand guard…” Needless to say, they weren’t rocks…and instead of saying something to the effect of “Eeeeeew” they were like “Wooooow, those are brachiosaurus poops?” Be glad you don’t have “rocks” around your house. 😉

    …oh, and Don, totally the first to go. “Buddy, why are you licking me, do I have some meat on my back or something? La la looooo!”

  55. I once knew an old dog who would slowly amble from place to place. Except immediately after a bath, when he would gallop throughout the house like a puppy. It was as if the bath had washed all the old off of him.

  56. EmmaK says:

    oh if only cats could speak and we could really find out what the post poop run was all about. One day computers will feature a cat to people translator…..until then we’re just whistling in the wind!

  57. NinaN says:

    My dog does this too. I always figured he was feeling lighter and frisky. The way a good poop should make you feel 🙂

  58. Annette says:

    I too worry about the day that Buddy realizes that his family is made of meat.

  59. Jennett Swan says:

    Every cat I’ve ever had did the post-poop run and it never failed to crack me up! One of my cats refused to use the litter box if it wasn’t freshly cleaned. She would go to the box, give a little sniff, and if she gagged, she would (literally) put her nose in the air and walk away. Then she would stare at me from across the room as if to say, “Yo, I need to do my business. Are you going to clean that thing or what?”

  60. Kim says:

    That’s it.

    Next time I poop at work, I’m taking a lap.


    • Jennifer says:

      HAHAHAHA yes, do it!

      • Kim says:

        People around here wouldn’t bat an eye. Two weeks ago, we had Ninja Friday. Four of us dressed like ninjas and instead of walking around the building during the day, we crept, leaped and somersaulted. It’s radio broadcasting. We’re all whacked in the head. 🙂

  61. Sallie says:

    Our bulldog does this (outside)! He poops, pauses and then takes off like a madman running all the way around our house (which for a bulldog is A LOT!!!). Too funny!

  62. Nelle says:

    We used call that “poo-phoria.” Our cat was so elated, he was “poo-phoric.”

  63. Misty says:

    Am I the only one with a kid who does the post poop gallop? lol

    And I disagree that Don will be the first to go. Buddy will accidentally inhale Tiny (because she’s so, well.. tiny!) and that’s how he’ll get a taste for pteranodon. Don will be next.

  64. Jes says:

    I don’t think about Buddy eating his family, but I do think about this: what are they going to do when he’s too heavy to carry? Logistical nightmare for *that* family.

  65. Julie says:

    Can someone please explain HOW these dinosaurs even invented time travel? And with a TRAIN nonetheless? That show has SO many unanswered questions. And don’t even get me started on what a bossy brat Shiny is, and how utterly annoying Don is. I hope Buddy does eat them. Now THAT I would watch.

    Or better yet, let’s see a crossover episode where the dinosaurs travel to Caillou’s house and eat him. Solve two problems at once.

    • Lacey S says:

      *LAUGHS* I watched an episode the other day where the Pterodon family talked about making a net, and I scoffed at the thought. Then I realized that I’m watching a show about dinosaurs who invented time-travel (with their BIG Troodon brains!) and smacked myself in the forehead.

      I am worried about Don – it is obvious that he has develomental delays. While I appreciate the fact that his family and friends do not mock him for it, he also doesn’t appear to be getting any help, and his family just leaves him behind with his Dad all the time….

      • Michelle says:

        I am just overjoyed that I am not the only one trapped in crazy mom world where I actually have concern over these neurotic kids shows.

  66. Lacey S says:

    I love Dinosaur Train, but my son’s favorite show is Wonderpets (he’s 20 months old and the insane repetitiveness is apparently a BONUS to him…) We have watched the entire show (all 3 seasonss) 5 times now, but it was just yesterday when I was re-watching the Mother’s Day episode that I realized that while the main characters have aunts (Ming-Ming), cousins (Tuck) and Grandmothers (Lemmy), NONE of them have mentioned parents. And that made me very, very sad.

    Kids shows are traumatic and worrying!

  67. MissV says:

    Our old kitty used to do this (RIP Lucille) and one of our current chihuahuas does it now. My husband calls it “shit n’ git”…

    Oh, and I worry about Buddy too. But “Dino Dan” and his classmates? Oy. I’m totally hoping those freaks get munched by an imaginary dinosaur….

    • Devan says:

      I HATE Dino Dan!! When it comes on we change it! My girls say, why can’t we watch it? I say cause mommy thinks that show is stupid. LOL.

  68. Celeste says:

    I think it’s a little disturbing in the opening of Dinosaur Train how Mrs. Pteranodon suggests taking a vacation as soon as she confirms Buddy *is* her child. It’s as if she were caught in the aftermath of a torrid love affair with a Tyrannosaurus, afterall Mr. Pteranodon isn’t in the opening at all. Though I’m sure we’re supposed to assume it was a misplaced egg and she simply adopts him as her own out of the kindness of her heart. I like my hypothesis better.

    I don’t have a cat, but I felt the need to confirm the fears that Buddy will eventually eat them all as nature intended.

  69. Sarah says:

    I love your Dinosaur Train reference! Glad to know I am not the only one wondering what will happen to the poor Pteranodon family when Buddy becomes of age!

  70. Jen says:

    My cat does the same thing. He is 15 years old and still takes off like a bat out of hell after he poops. My husband just recently noticed this and thinks my poor cat has lost his mind is just crazy. My 4 year old thinks so too…he tell me “Mommy, Bubsy is being crazy”…he’s tattling on the cat for being psychotic after his poop.

  71. Emily says:

    My dog does this *before* she has to poop. It’s how we know she needs to go outside. She’s 85 lbs so it gets real obnoxious when she’s tearing through the house with her bunghole protruding from the rectal pressure of poo. Tons o’ fun.

  72. Jordann says:

    Can we just talk about what the T-Rex egg is doing in a Pteranadon nest in the first place???

  73. Jenny says:

    When I read that he had a hypothesis, I *knew* you guys must be Dinosaur Train fans ♥

  74. Jordann says:

    OR, that there is a whole episode dedicated to the fact that the conductor is a nocturnal dinosaur. If so, what’s he doing with a day job?
    There should be a support group for parents who try to make sense of children’s programming…

  75. Kara says:

    Hmmm… I just realized while reading this post that crappy papa has a pretty nice crappy butt!

  76. Melanie says:

    LOL! The Dinosaur Train reference made me laugh out loud! I’ve often thought about the fact that Buddy would likely eat his family when he grew up!

  77. Natalee says:

    We call it the ‘victory lap’ in our house 😉

  78. Jen DeLong says:

    I swear you live in my house and just draw my stories. EVERY. TIME. lol
    Black cat, post-poop run, Dinosaur Train, and all. 🙂

  79. martinet says:

    I’ve never had a post-poop runner, but I’ve always been amused by the broad variations in privacy preferences of my cats. I had my first cat for five years and I think I saw her go to the litterbox once or twice during that time. Her companion, I saw EVERY DAY. She very clearly chose to go when I was in the bathroom with her and was quite cheerful about it.

    Our current personnel are both pretty private–one of them vastly prefers going outside so it’s very uncommon for me to see her in the box. Our other one doesn’t seem to care much one way or the other (although it’s a challenge to change her box sometimes because she comes and stands RIGHT NEXT to me and hops in the second the fresh litter hits the thing).

  80. Jessi says:

    I don’t have a cat, but my dog does a post poop run in a very excited way. Oh the relief! 🙂

  81. Susan says:

    My cat does this too! To funny with the I have a hypothesis! Buddy is Totally eating his family!!! LOL. I just think it is sad that I actually dont mind that cartoon and find my self singing the Alphabet song of Dinosaurs! augh what happened to me!

  82. Claire says:

    We had a dog that did that too. And as for Dinosaur Train, I’ve said that exact same thing about 50 times. 😛

  83. Christy says:

    I had an 85 lb English Bulldog that would do the exact same thing! It was funny to see him do his post poop run since he never moved faster than a snail…funny that is until we would find the elephant size pile of poop somewhere in the house. I always wondered why he did that…thanks crappy boy for clearing that up for me.

  84. Rachel M says:

    “I have a hypothesis!” is also common language with the 4-year-old around our house… I smiled knowingly as soon as I read that! The 2-year-old just roars.

  85. julie says:

    for some reason you & crappy papa’s thoughts made me snortlaugh really loud. i’m sure my cube mates appreciated it.

  86. Lenore says:

    OMG. I am dying! Our cat we had pre-kid (she passed away of kidney disease and old age when I was preggers) used to do that after every single poop! Up until she got really sick, near the end. But when she was still healthy, she did that daily for the 17 years we had her. My husband and I referred to it as her “POOP PARADE”. As if she were throwing a huge parade to celebrate the poop. Now our son is two and a half, and is learning to be potty trained. When he has pooped on the potty, we all cheer, and he sometimes tries to jump up off the potty and round around while cheering. And so the poop parade continues. 😉

  87. Eleusis Kore says:

    I totally agree with the above mentioned “ghost poopies” hypothesis (totally cracked me up, by the way, as did the whole post!) because of what we’ve all done as little kids…my husband tells the story of when he was young, getting up to use the potty in the middle of the night and running back to bed super fast after flushing because the loud flush alerts the monsters as to where you are in the house. Apparently the cat scratches covering poopies is equally alarming. Who knew the kitty must book it so as not to become ghoul chow? 🙂

  88. Erin D. says:

    Our basset hound does this. I like the carefree, “lighter” hypothesis as well.

  89. Amy says:

    My dog used to do the Poo Poo Victory Dance, but being on a leash, he could only run in circles around me. Even worse, I’d cheer him on. “Yay for Stoody! Poo poo champion of the world! Speed-pooping AND pooping for distance!” God, I miss that dog. 🙁 (He had a very long, happy life, though, so no worries)

  90. Tahlia says:

    I always figured the poop dash was so that he could claim that it wasn’t him who did it. “What? No, I’m nowhere near that! Wasn’t me!”

    That dash came in handy when we were supposed to get a poop sample for the vet that had to be fresh and he was not a super frequent pooper. We were waiting and waiting and waiting and then finally one time he came tearing out of the laundry room where the box is and I said, “I bet he pooped!” and sure enough, he had.

  91. Willow M. says:

    I dated a guy in high school whose cat would poop the same time he did. The litter box was in the bathroom and every time he would go in, the cat honed in on the poop vibe and did it’s business at the same time. The really weird part was the cat would meow at him until he made eye contact with it and then would stare him down until it was done…Cats are f*cking strange!

  92. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh! My cats do the same thing! I always know when they’ve gone poop, because they tear through the house, jump on tables, and have huge wide eyes! They’re crazy!

  93. Amanda says:

    Does your husband always have bell bottoms and a noticeable ass in all the drawings? because i just noticed it now and it cracked me up!

  94. Murphy says:

    Don’t worry about the Pteranadons:
    1) They can fly. Buddy cannot.
    2) Buddy cannot grab them with his tiny arms.
    3) As described in the show, TRex’s like carrion. They do not
    hunt live animals. Buddy does not even love fresh caught fish.

  95. Lacy says:

    No no, I think the Pteranodon family is just being smart. It’s like in The Lion King when Timon and Pumbaa decide to keep Simba for protection when he gets big. You don’t have to worry about them anymore! You’re welcome. 🙂

    PS I could very much see Crappy Boy coming up with this answer if you asked him.

  96. Shannan says:

    One of our cats does this sometimes, but her streaking across the room is always followed very shortly by the stench of said poop. We say that she has released her demons and is fleeing from them!

  97. So funny! Now I feel like I should be doing a victory dance around the house after every bowel movement hahaha!

  98. I’ve been wondering about the whole Dinosaur Train thing, too, glad to hear I’m not the only one puzzled by that strange adoption choice – hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt, literally!

  99. BeeSue says:

    The funniest thing is about the Dinosaur Train! I think that EVERY time I see the show. Why would they take a T-Rex in? Don’t they have foresight? He will eat them! Ha ha!

  100. ashley says:

    Best part of that post was th dinosaur train reference! I always wonder that about buddy!

  101. reily810 says:

    Hahaha-my black cat, Pippa (who has yellow/copper eyes) does the post poop run quite often but that hypothesis would be correct in our case. Many times there is a poop shaken loose by this method and if we’re lucky it’s picked up before stepped on. We must devise a better poop scanning system before crawling occurs here.

  102. Kim says:

    looks like crappy papa got some new white pants – way to keep it summer, dude. 🙂

  103. I have TOTALLY had the same worry about Dinosaur Train. We’re just one disgruntled animator away from “A Very Special Episode” which will give our kids nightmares.

  104. Kim says:

    Am I the only one who has no CLUE what Dinosaur Train is? I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old…I wonder if THEY know what it is? I’ve never heard of it!

  105. Christa says:

    My mom and I always say that it looks like the cat got shot out of a cannon after they crap. It seems as though a lot of people have had this conversation…..

    On a complete aside, my grandma used to have a pug that HAD to have his butt on something when he went poop. One time there was NOTHING around but this twig, and he’s backing up on top of this little twig so he can take a dump! What a dumb dog…I still laugh out loud when I think about this!

  106. Johanna says:

    We have a similar situation with the Jack Russell. Except his is the “Pre-Pee-Prancing”. He toe taps around the house, piddling everywhere. The restored wood floors, Pottery Barn rugs, under beds, even on the couch; he doesn’t discriminate. It looks like someone had a restaurant condiment bottle in each hand and squiggled figure-8s all over. The worst is waking up in the middle of the night to his tip-tapping nails picking up the pace, and I scramble out of bed to get him out the back door.

  107. Shelli says:

    Our cat does this too! I recently posted about it on “the Facebook,” and lots of other theories, such as, “dude! Would YOU stick around after taking a dump in a box? With all of the aromas?” Or:

    Good times. Good times.

  108. Lauren says:

    Our dog does the same exact thing, but luckily does it outside 🙂

  109. Jennifer F.M. says:

    Love your Crappy Cat drawings & posts! cuz I’m a crappy cat lady lol

  110. jen says:

    My son…yes, SON, does this!! My theory, the bathroom smells SO BAD, they have to get out of there!

  111. Rebecca says:

    I’ve always thought it was because my cat was afraid the poops would climb back up into his bum.

  112. Michelle says:

    My husband and I have the Dinosaur Train conversation ALL. THE. TIME. It’s sad how often we talk about Buddy eating his “brothers” and “sister”!

    I do agree with previous commenters though…time traveling train riding dinosaurs wtf?

  113. Kristin says:

    I thought our cat Buddy was the only one who did this, or at least we had never heard of another dump and run kitty. He was a medium-long haired kitty so we definitely were in the camp that it was to shake all the leftovers off and disperse them throughout the house! Why you ask, because we often found bits here and lil droplets there – he was a very giving lil guy! 😉

  114. Rhonda says:

    Our cat doesn’t do the dash, but he does WAIL loudly after he’s done sometimes. We can hear him on the other side of the house, and even though we know he’s already done, we still cheer him on. “That’s right, Louie! You show that turd who’s boss!!!!”

  115. Julie says:

    The original characterization of T-rex was way off. Look at those tiny arms – they aren’t hunters. T-rex was a scavenger, probably. So Buddy will probably only eat his family if they die first. I don’t expect he’d be able to or want to kill them. It will just keep funeral costs down when the parents pass.

  116. Thank you! Now I know that:
    1. Crappy boy is smarter than me
    2. My cats are totally eating my hair, and I’m a bad, bad mother.

  117. Mariah says:

    Thanks for posting things about your cats once in a while. I love the cute things your kids do, but I miss my kitties so much and it’s nice to be reminded of silly things cats do. I won’t sink to the level of finding a cat blog. I do look at cat pictures sometimes though 🙂

  118. Bronwen says:

    Why do Americans not just let there cats go outside, like we do here in New Zealand???? I have never noticed the poop habits of any of my cats, because they do it outside when we’re not watching.

  119. Pat says:

    Cats have super-feline powers and can see things not visible to the human eye. They know what they’re fleeing from but we don’t. Good thing, or we’d never clean the kitty box.

  120. Katia says:

    Love this! I had a cat who did the same for 19 years, including bouncing off the wall. He must have been SO relieved. He would also turn his back to us while pooping being dignified and all.

  121. I so enjoy your blog! I make sure to read every post as it always has me in stitches. I know you have received several awards but I think you deserve one more. :0)

  122. Melanie says:

    We have a 110lbs French mastiff named Mauli. You can always tell when she has gone poop because she comes up to you all playful and grunting almost like saying “Oh Yeah I did it” lol Pets are so awesome

  123. Great blog as usual, and an exceptionally interesting comment thread! 😀

  124. Emily says:

    My dog sometimes gets really excited and hyper when she’s done a particularly spectacular poop. I’m pretty sure she is proud of herself/feels 10lbs lighter and thus needs to celebrate.

  125. Jennifer says:

    I can’t stop laughing over “and then he gets cocky” LOLOLOLOL

  126. Lily says:

    Too funny! I do have a suggestion for the people who say their cat meows right before, during, or after pooping. It’s likely that the cat is in pain due to constipation or some other digestive problem. Please take your cat to the vet to have him checked out. Believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to get to the point where your cat is so backed up that the vet has to sedate him and manually pull poop out of his ass. 🙁

    Oh – and about Dinosaur Train. I don’t have kids yet, but I accidentally ended up watching a few minutes of it the other day and thought the exact same thing as all the parents here — it’s a *science* show about dinosaurs where they ignore the scientifically-proven characteristics of herbivores and carnivores? WTH?!

  127. Marianne says:

    OMG I have tears from laughing so hard! I can’t believe you drew a cat going for a poop in the litter!! It is the funniest thing I have seen in ages!!

    FTR, my cat doesn’t so this but my dog has been seen making a victory lap around the yard after a #2.

  128. Kelli says:

    And here I was thinking my cat does it just to piss me off because he knows how much I hate the way it spreads litter all over the house as he races around. Blah!

  129. Matt says:

    If the dialogue is correct here, I’m really impressed that Crappy Boy correctly used the word “hypothesis” instead of “theory!” That’s some quality nerd-parenting.

  130. D'Arcy says:

    One of our cats does the post poop run too. He is a hefty 20 lbs and we have hardwood floors and stairs so he is not only annoying, he is also loud. It sounds like a dinosaur is stomping around. Sometimes he gets going too fast and loses traction and crashes into something. That is funny.

  131. Alicia says:

    My doberman always did the post-poop craziness, too; we called it the “poopy dance.”

  132. Kristin says:

    Is this similar to my 13.5-year-old dog walking away from her poops? While she’s pooping? She’s done it for 13 years. Normal dogs poop in a pile in the yard. No, no. Not *my* special dog. She walks and poops, walks and poops, leaving a long, wobbling trail of poop behind her, assuring that the poop-picker-upper will never find every little chunk. It’s joyous!

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  134. Laura says:

    Two words! LITTER ROBOT! THE best! . Saves tons of litter, works for years, American-made – I love mine!! A little noisy while it rotates maybe, like a hair dryer, but the payoff is big, especially if you can put it somewhere out of the way so it’s quieter.

    Love it!!

  135. Rebecca smith says:

    My cat does this too. We thought it was to shake all the liter off her paws. And space aliens get a hold of her.

    On a side note. Our dog fart blasts his way up the stairs.

  136. hay says:

    I used to have a cat that did this. Because we live in the south, we referred to it as the “shit n’ git”.

  137. Bethany says:


  138. haha, dinosaur train reference.

  139. Kelly L says:

    Omg, my cat does this too. The initial leap always scatters some litter (of course) and then she’s off like a streak for no apparent reason. Oy.

  140. meghan says:

    “This is usually a sign of discomfort or pain. This can be due to inflammation in the colon or rectal area or the scent glands in the anal area called anal sacs. It is sometimes related to food allergy or sensitivities. The underlying problem can be difficult to diagnose and I have even had a few patients in which the problem ended up being urinary tract pain. I recommend having your cat checked out by a very thorough veterinarian that is well versed in both cat medicine and behavior. “

  141. Angie says:

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