Blogkeeping (A good cause, a giveaway and other goodness)

Hey, ho, it’s a blogkeeping post.


If you are new here (or have a poor memory like I do) it means that this isn’t an actual illustrated post. Not that there aren’t illustrations. Sometimes there are.

It means I have other stuff I want to share about.

1. Good Cause

My friend Jill (aka ScaryMommy) has been busy pairing up families who need a little help this year for Thanksgiving with donors. It is called The Thanksgiving Project and it is awesome.


Unlike donating to a huge charity (though Scary Mommy Nation is a legit 501(c)3 charity so donations are tax deductible) you actually know that your money goes directly to a family who needs it. All of it. Not five cents of it. All of it. Check out The Thanksgiving Project if you can help.

2.  Giveaway

Do you know Karen of Baby Sideburns? She wrote about painting labias last week. You probably saw that. Have I not drawn her? How is this possible? Let’s fix this.


There. Better.

She wrote a book. About parenting. Called I Heart My Little A-Holes and because she is awesome she agreed to giveaway a copy to you guys!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


3. Other Goodness

Well, crap. I promised you other goodness and I’ve got nothing. How about a random crappy picture of something good?


I couldn’t decide between a sleeping kitty and the TARDIS so I combined them.

That’s good, right?


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