Before & After Kids Giveaway!


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4 Responses to couch-before-after

  1. Angela says:

    Let’s see I found a cashew, some raisins, a few fruit snacks, and various crumbs. A tube of bubbles and toy fuzz. 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    Yay…I found cat hair…yes, that’s it….my kids are teenagers now and they keep everything under their beds and all over the floor of their rooms…..

  3. Alithea Zetter says:

    As our sofa has sewn-in cushions, we thought the joke was on our toddler.
    Not so much: in the past 2+ years, it has been assaulted with everything that goes in *and out* of that boy (you get the picture). As I periodically clip coupons to get it cleaned (and let said coupons expire), my hubby just wants to light the damn thing on fire. I think I’m leaning toward option 2.

  4. Cindy Haughton says:

    Nothing, as I check it daily afraid ill find the hamster, dead. Don’t even ask, too many animals and just the right amount of kids (I’m working on “what I’m supposed to say”).

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