Before & After Kids Giveaway!

My book comes out three weeks from today. Today I’m going to be giving away TEN rare and very limited edition, signed BLADs.

What the what?

A BLAD is a booklet thingy. It stands for “book layout and design” which publishers use to help sell the book to bookstores and stuff. It has a few sample snippets from the book. It has only 19 pages while the book has 224 pages.  So it is like a super secret sneak preview of the book. An appetizer. Plus, it will be signed. With a pen. (By me. Not by someone famous or anything. You probably can’t eBay it for much.) It will also be shipped directly to you from me. So my fingerprints and DNA will also be included. You know, if you are creepy like that.


The first chapter in the book is Before & After Kids. So that brings me to the theme of the giveaway.

You know what was in my couch before I had kids?

I don’t remember. (This post is riveting so far, isn’t it?)

But you know what is under my couch cushions now?


A bowl worth of assorted cereal, four lego pieces, two cars, one pretzel, one book, one puzzle piece, a red Candyland guy, an infant sock and a dime.

I kept the dime.

To be eligible to win a signed, very limited preview booklet BLAD all you have to do is lift up your couch cushions and leave a comment, telling me what you found under there. You don’t even have to clean it out. I don’t care. I won’t judge.

(I’ll ship anywhere in the world. And you don’t have to be a parent of young kids. Or a parent at all. And if you have nothing at all under your cushions that is totally okay. And if you don’t have a couch you can just tell me why you don’t have a couch. Maybe you live on a boat? In a wagon as part of a gypsy caravan? In a yurt? It’s all good, people. Just leave a comment. One comment per person.)

Winners will be picked at random using random # generator on Thursday the 7th and notified by email and posted here.

Comments closed, thanks everyone!!

Winners have been emailed:  Amy, Sara, Erin, Tara, Wendy, Tiffany O, Jennifer Smith, Emily, Amber & Nikki

I’m mailing these out on Tuesday, March 12th so I’ll pick alternate winners if I don’t hear back. Thanks!


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1,822 Responses to Before & After Kids Giveaway!

  1. Stephanie D says:

    Goldfish, puzzle piece, 2 magnetic letters, crumbs. No money : (

  2. Chrystal Lowder says:

    I am fairly OCD so I’ve got just a few Cheerios and a sock. I vacuum it often. 🙂 can’t wait for the book!!

  3. Alyssa Lewis says:

    Just shortly before giving birth to my sixth child, we invested in a set of leather couches where the cushions are stitched together so nothing can hide in them. Parenting win!

    • libby quinn says:

      definite parenting win!

    • Brooke says:

      No fair my leather couch still hides a wide variety of scary gross things. Guess its all in the stitching.

    • Thalia says:

      Our couch is also constructed in this fashion yet there is enough space between those cushions for crumbly, crumbs and dog hair to survive. So much so, that once when we left the dog inside as we ran out for dinner (more crumbs to add to our collection), we returned to find that the dog had left scratch marks on either side of the cushion crack digging for said crumbly treasures. I should probably clean more often. lol

    • Stephanie says:

      We got a couch like that just before our first baby came, so everything ends up on the floor under the couch! There are a bunch of business cards for my husband’s business, a keychain, and a pen. Looks like hubby is messier than the baby 🙂

    • Kathi says:

      I have a couch like that, but my slob of a teenage son (whom I love dearly even though his super-messiness drives me up a wall!) will try to make it look as though he DID NOT eat in the family room by crinkling up his candy wrappers, pretzel bags, used napkins, etc and shoving them down into the cracks between the cushions. Under the sofa itself are the empty water and soda bottles. I don’t get it–the kitchen (with a BIG TRASH CAN) is mere feet away.

    • Sara says:

      I’ve got one of those too! So Lego pieces and dried sultanas hide under the couch itself, not under the cushions. Parenting win!
      We bought it 2 years before having kids. Clearly we weren’t planning on having kids yet, because the couch is white leather… Was white leather, currently a yucky shade of grey, big parenting fail 😉

  4. Olivia says:

    Hair, old dried rice, and a toy truck. Fun times!

  5. Courtney says:

    I’m ashamed to say that under my couch cushions is an ugly sight. There’s usually some cheerios, a remote, socks, pens, and random silverware.
    So excited to see your book on shelves soon!

  6. jenbloomer says:

    Crumbs and cat hair! Lots of both.

  7. ericka says:

    NOTHING is under my couch cushions because i just vacuumed it a few days ago! lucky me!

  8. Tomomi Shimomura says:

    Hair. Lots and lots of hair. My hair. I’m losing so much hair, I’m surprised I’m not bald yet!

  9. Sarah says:

    There’s cheerios galore; a random plastic frog that I didn’t even know we owned at any point, let alone lost; assorted pacifiers; two socks (mis-matched, of course, couldn’t possibly find a pair, sigh); and my husband’s lost moneyclip. Good times!

    • Tori says:

      Did you find money in the money clip? If it did and now it doesn’t, we won’t tell your secret. 😉

  10. Erika says:

    I found a snake (plastic, thank God!), three pennies, some nasty looking Cheerios and a long lost remote wedged in a crack in the side.

  11. Jean Davis says:

    I have your book pre-ordered. I am just waiting for it to arrive! Looking forward to it.

  12. Laura K says:

    Glitter, crumbs, and shards of the cat’s claws.

  13. Tina says:

    I don’t have to check because I cleaned one of our sofas out yesterday.

    1 dora the explorer puzzle piece
    1000 Cheerios
    1 half eaten cereal bar
    missing remote

  14. Michelle Glick says:

    I found a fork, a truck, a car, nuts, an unidentified chocolate(I think) and several ‘fruits’ from the HiHo Cherrio game.

  15. Tarah says:

    Lots of assorted crumbs!

  16. Under my chair cushion is a very scary place. There’s a dog sweater, several mismatched socks, a cat toy, hair bands, popcorn, candy wrappers, a hole the dog ate in the cushion despite the fact that he knows better, nail files, and an assortment of other paraphernalia. I figure someday I’ll have to throw the chair away. Why waste time cleaning?

  17. Joanne says:

    Under my couch cushions, I’ve get let’s of Cheerios (multigrain and Honey Nut), lego, crayons, and dust bunnies.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Random Lego pieces, a popsicle stick, quarters (thanks!), and a moldy PB&J.

  19. cathy says:

    My couch cushions don’t lift up! If it helps I did stay in a yurt last summer with the kids. There wasn’t a couch in there either, but there were raccoons under the floor.

  20. A hot wheel, cheese nips, and brown crud I can only hope is dried mud. Gross. Why did I even bother to look? Oh yeah, I want your BLAD BAD! (Ha! see what I did there?)

  21. Martha Kitler says:

    Love your blog! Under my couch cushions was some change, an earing and a magazine insert..

  22. Holly D says:

    Lets see – I found $1.86 in change, 2 dog bones, a plastic ball, 3 matchbox cars and (no judging) fingernails – EEEWWWW

  23. Nicole says:

    At the moment, I have nothing under my cushions. (Booooring.) My father is staying on my pull-out-couch to help me “prepare for” and “clean up” after my one-year-old’s first birthday. (Read: just live at my house and point out things I had forgotten or laugh when my son wouldn’t wear the felt crown I made him, etc.)

    Anyway, I’d still like the book. 🙂

  24. Janell says:

    A pen, a littlest pet shop animal, a dog toy, several tiny rubber bands and a few cheerios. Sadly, no money for me either.

  25. Natalie says:

    Cracker crumbs, a couple peanuts, a sock (so that’s where they go!!). None of the missing toys were found, drat.

  26. Sophie says:

    One sock, a pencil, yarn, 3 pieces of colored macaroni from a macaroni art picture, and THE REMOTE!!!! (I’ve been looking for that all week…..)

  27. Tara says:

    hotwheels car, 2 pens, a pencil, a fruit snack, crumbs galore, and an Entertainment Weekly

  28. Cassie Griffin says:

    Four crayons
    a hair brush
    3 hair ties
    some crunched up goldfish crackers
    a toy car

  29. lesley says:

    no way for stuff to go under our couch cushions, they are attached. but last night i found my son’s butterfly teether that he loves!

  30. Lauren M says:

    A cat toy with a bell in it, half of a cookie (yuck), and one sock

  31. Krista says:

    I can tell you that there *might* be a stray Hot Wheels car or Lego. I can tell you definitely that there are NO food particles in it…. we have been battling ants (IN THE COUCH TOO!) so I’ve been on a “no-food-or-drink-in-this-room-not even water-EVER!” kick.

  32. ArkEteKchic says:

    Thankfully I don’t have that problem because my couch cushions are all attached, there’s no way to get anything under them. Underneath the couch is another whole story though, I have no idea how the stuff I find under there gets under there. And no one ever seems to notice anything is missing, except the dog, he is frantic when a bone or toy of his gets stuck under the furniture.

  33. Jill says:

    Nothing because I just vacuumed it out on Sunday. What great timing, usually I’d have embarrassing things to report!

  34. Brianna Sledge says:

    3 bottles that have been missing for months, my daughters favorite blanket, some lost bills I’m not sure were payed, Cheerios, a sock, and $1.72 in change.

  35. Amber says:

    I think my hubby must’ve cleaned out under the couch recently because I only found one hair tie, two bobby pins, a paci, and a penny.

  36. anna says:

    a quarter, a missing sock (that’s where it went!), a goldfish (ew), magnet abcs, ABC flashcards

  37. Jen Peak says:

    I found the Roku remote! and a pen cap, handful of cheerios, 3 graham crackers, a wadded up issue of “Parents”, a used baby wipe, hair rubber bands, a capri sun straw and a baby sock. the scary thing is that we just vacuumed out the couch 2 weeks ago

  38. Beth says:

    dog toys and duplos.

  39. Elena says:

    We don’t have a couch. For the very reason of what could possibly be in a couch if we did have one. Just kidding, we just moved and will be getting one soon : )

  40. Angela says:

    Crumbs, a packet of wheat-free soy sauce, a half-chewed up dog bone, more crumbs, hair barrettes, and a barbie shoe. And some used tissues.

  41. stephanie says:

    Sand. so. much. sand.
    popcorn kernels.
    a very small princess crown.
    i think (hope) this is a raisin.
    two nickels, one dime, four pennies and a quarter. (i’m keeping them, too.)

  42. Susie says:

    We have a corner sofa just like Alyssa’s where the cushions don’t lift up and the kids can’t hide anything.

    When we were getting rid of the old one though I emptied it out before we tossed it and found many colouring pens, a folded £20 note (which I had lost months before after my youngest was playing with my purse), a few coins and a handful of toy cars.

  43. Jenni Heiden says:

    A mini marshmallow, which is now as hard as a rock. A few raisins, goldfish, crumbs from assorted who knows what. And three clothespins.

  44. Tara says:

    – What must be an entire sleeve of crushed crackers.
    – 3 lint-covered gummy bears
    – 2 socks (mismatched)
    – approximately a dozen legos
    – the Wii remote I’ve been looking for!

  45. Jessica says:

    A broken toy car. 3-4 Cheez-It remnants. Socks (about 2 of my son’s, that did not match – and 1 of mine). $.83 in various coins. What looks to be dried cat vomit (sexy, right!). A Gatorade lid. One shoe string (??). Hair (I do believe between the cat and myself, we could knit a rug). A half used, half melted tube of chapstick….that looks like it came from 1984.

  46. Valerie says:

    A piece of dried string cheese, crackers, hair elasticity, crumbs, marbles, crayons

  47. Andrea says:

    One dime, one quarter, one train car, one pair of toddler underwear (??), and what seems to be a used tissue.

  48. Sarah says:

    A horrifying amount of dog hair, several coins, a remote, a few hedgehog quills, and a plastic dinosaur.

  49. Kristin says:

    I just cleaned my couch (yay OCD), but prior to that, there were goldfish crackers, a few coins, and a couple of dinosaur toys.

  50. Kellie says:

    crumbs, puzzle piece, a baby shoe, half chewed dog rawhide (hopefully chewed on by the dog) dead phone, batteries, toy train, crayons, nail file and a very stiff part of a banana peel

    ****hangs head in shame******

    • Joanna says:

      I found a banana peel last time I cleaned out the couch but it was not stiff, quite the opposite..

  51. Tiffany Worland says:

    Dirt and granola

  52. Yasmin says:

    Two nit combs, Who’s Tail? By Sam Lloyd, two normal combs, a shiney silver pencil, two hair bobbles, four Cards Against Humanity, four wrappers off gold coin chocolates, an iPod touch, my husbands football shorts, assorted cereals, and 5p. I kept the 5p.

  53. Cassie says:

    Used kleenex, ear plug, Visa gift card, $0.37, a spoon, 3 socks (all left ones), 8 Hot Wheels cars, Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, 2 hair ties (hey, I was looking for those), a cat toy, 4 bobby pins, and a mystery spot that I hope is melted chocolate…

    • Rebecca says:

      How do you have left socks? I thought socks could go on either feet (unless they have a design or something on them)…. Ohhh… I guess I just answered my own question.

  54. Julie Miller says:

    Cheerios, the remote and an M&M’S wrapper. The wrapper was shoved in there by me earlier today so the kids didn’t see the evidence of me sneaking chocolate while they weren’t looking.

  55. Misty says:

    A bunch of change, used tissues, crayons, remote control, and dog hair (from a dog who hasn’t lived with us in a long time).

  56. Shannon says:

    cherrios, popcorn, fridge magnets, a wooden spoon, crayons, chalk, and unopened fuit leather

  57. Kat says:

    I looked under mine on Sunday! Crumbs, crumbs, half of a pizza crust, a deflated balloon that was probably a part of a balloon animal at one point, the Lego batgirl mini-figure (That Santa brought last year. That I’ve been looking for since August) and crumbs. More crumbs. No money, though.

  58. mrs wormwood says:

    ha! I’m sensible, my sofa doesn’t have removeable cushions. Plus it’s chocolate coloured so most stains don’t show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a slummy mummy, but these little things help right? Now… why am I sitting on a stuffed tiger covered in chocolate icing?

  59. Tamsin says:

    lego, marbles, a pen, a receipt, Asterix in Corsica and a giraffe … still no TV remote though, where can it be??

  60. Wendy says:

    I had to get off the couch to check….crumbs, some
    of which were suspiciously sticky. Lego pieces. Cat hair from our late cat.

  61. Ariel says:

    Well, I know what’s NOT under the sofa, my diamond earring that the baby stole. But the cat is, because he’s being chased by said earring stealing baby.

    • Linda Mechel says:

      When one of mine was little, they stole and ate something- it was 35 yrs ago so i am not sure what, but I do remember having to go for a treasure hunt in their diaper every time they went for a few days- NOT FUN!

  62. Joee Stephan says:

    Hmm, crumbs of unknown origin, a wallet that has money printed on the outside and a million dollar bill inside (not real, but there is a lovely invite to get to know Jesus,) 3 Hot Wheels, a small toy horse and that cat we thought ran away 3 months ago 😉

  63. helen says:

    A plate complete with rock solid hot cross bun ( I bite taken out of it). A tv remote ( hooray!), loads of hair bobbles, missing footy sock, bits of pasta and more crumbs than a crumb factory

  64. Amy says:

    We have a futon. Easier to clean and cheaper to replace when broken, smells too strongly of unidentified kid stuff or the snake gets stuck in it and WE have to break it to save said reptile (yes, it has happened before). Under our couch we have:
    cat food/water, first aid kit, seat to Little Tykes Cozy Coup car, stuffed lady bug key chain, plastic unicorn toy, 3 scraps of paper

  65. jaci says:

    So many pieces to various Lego hero factory that together they make up one total hero factory.

  66. Bryna says:

    Currently there is nothing under my couch cushions because it has a slip cover over it because the kids have totally ruined it and we can’t afford to recover it at the moment. However, I recently moved a different couch in another room and found a pacifier. My youngest child is 9 1/2. I love you.

  67. LizJane says:

    I’ve got a Goldfish (cracker, not an actual fish), some random change, a few small broken pieces of various cereals, a popcorn kernel & a couple broken pieces of popcorn. Gross 😉

  68. Dana says:

    nothing under the cushions but on top, tin foil to discourage our cat from urinating on the furniture! my friend’s son found her daughter’s phone the other day in her couch. it had been missing for a year. they thought she lost it on a field trip.

    • cassie says:

      Wait… tin foil on the couch, like where you sit?

      • Colleen Potvin says:

        We too have a cat that has suddenly decided that furniture makes a good littler box. Every thing is covered in painter’s plastic sheets and we have put tin foil on top of the seats since she found plastic works as substitute for the seat cushions. Apparently, according to the vet, animals dislike the feel and sound of aluminium foil. This seems to have done the trick (fingers crossed) so the answer to the above question is “yes tin foil on the seats).

  69. Erin says:

    Two pencils, assorted crumbs, Ramone from Cars, a piece of bread crust, and copious amounts of dog hair.

  70. Mindy K says:

    crumbs… lots and lots of crumbs…. and a sock

  71. Leslie says:

    cereal, crackers, chips, 3 Lego hands, a paper towel, a sock, and a pencil. And I just cleaned it out about a week ago 🙂

  72. Neha says:

    My kids are young, so while there are only 2-3 stray bristle blocks and a grape under my sofa cushions, there are soooo many milk stains on top of them! Milk gets absolutely everywhere. Darn the non-valve sippy cups!

  73. Jen says:

    I actually vacuumed recently, which is totally not like me (somehow I felt I needed to vacuum before my daughter’s third birthday party, which was clearly a rookie mistake). Anyway, all I found was a perfect line of unidentifiable crumbs at the junction of each cushion.

  74. Christina R. says:

    I am a single, childless 20 something. My couch has nothing under the cushions–at all. But when I lived at home with my mom and two little sisters, I found spoons, entire lollipops (licked once, shoved in couch), TV remotes we thought fallen into an abyss, a knife (what were they doing with a knife?!) and a pair of wadded up underwear. I can’t wait to have kids!

  75. Tori says:

    My cushions don’t lift, but in the ugly middle there is crumbs, cat hair, my hair? Man hair, mmm a pretzel! Cheerios :/

  76. Sandy says:

    A ton of crumbs & hair-eeeeuuuu

  77. Brooke says:

    My phone!! I was looking for that, thank you!

  78. Julie says:

    Some cereal, a few coins, and a pen.

  79. Kim says:

    Fun game. I found-crumbs from various foods, popcorn kernels, a rubber band, 2 pacifiers, a toy train, dog hair, a hamburger (game piece, not real food), and a smooshed raisin.

  80. Kacie says:

    Took us 20 months after our son was born to get a couch. He is 21 months. I thought it was totally clean until I lifted it up 5 minutes ago. I found a puddle of pee. 🙂

  81. libby quinn says:

    tositos, doritos, popcorn and a beautiful pink heart sticker. 🙂 Guess the kids wanted to show they loved me!

  82. Abbe PB says:

    Tons of dog and cat hair, dry cereal, goldfish crackers, crumbs from…I’m assuming crackers or chips, and a couple of hair ties. And I don’t even have kids yet.

    Future parent me is in trouble, isn’t she?

  83. Brea says:

    I vacuumed it out last week…and we’ve now got 2 duplos (no wonder it hurt to sit there!!), 5 peanut butter sandwich crackers, peanut butter licked out by my 2 year old, 3 action figures, a plastic saw, a plastic stethoscope, and some rice from our rice bin. I WISH I’d found money :/

  84. Fuchsia says:

    Cracker bits, a quarter, several socks of various states of laundry, a my little pony, a playmobile side table and a film of miscellaneous crumbs and dust.

    I am so glad we are not taking this couch with us when we move! The dump can have everything except the quarter, pony and playmobile bits. It can keep the socks.

  85. Kate says:

    Nothing. The cushions are stitched onto the chair. However, there is still a gap between the cushion and the arm of the chair, which falls into an unreachable void. An educated guess as to the content of this: at least 6 Connect 4 pieces, a couple of Top Trump cards, and the crumby remains of my daughter’s plate from the ritual upturning of said plate upon completion of her snacks.

  86. Julie P. says:

    crumbs, a pen and hair. Now under the couch is probably a more interesting hoard of toys and anything that can roll.

  87. Alex Lambert says:

    Dog bone, cheerios, glitter, those nail clippers I lost (yay- this was worth looking!) and more glitter. There’s something sticky too… not going to guess what that is/was.

  88. Jan says:

    I have a 4yo and a 2yo and so far I have found an Octonauts figurine (Shellington), 10 cents, one popcorn, part of an apple and lots of fluff.

    I just went and cleaned it all… now onto the vaccuming…

  89. KB says:

    I live in Austria, where pacifiers are called “schnuller.” The word is often shortened to “schnulli,” or for the really young ones, “lulli” (yes, my kid is old enough to talk & is still using a paci- I’m over it). So yeah, there are lullis under my cushions!

  90. Jenny mcd says:

    Umm.. Gross stuff.. We have stopped food in the livingroom for about 2 years but my 4 and 2 yr old have hidden..alot of cereal dust a spoon, a gewy section that im not souching again..(gross) a few cents..popcorn?? Oh and a 22 yr olds pair of pants

  91. Beth says:

    A small reindeer, a plastic orca whale, raisins ( or grapes from ages past?) 5 toddler hair clips, and a super ball. Lots of good finds in my 4 year olds eyes. Love your blog, have your book pre-ordered at my local bookstore (also my employer, want to come to MI for a signing?)

  92. Mandy says:

    A bunch Cheerios, Fruit Loops, mashed up crackers, 2 raisins (please be raisins and not small pieces of cat poo), 6 pennies, couple pieces of dog or cat food, 10-12 pieces of lego, three mismatching socks, MY HEADPHONES!! (I’ve been looking for those!!) bits and pieces of torn off pleather, 2 very small t-shirts and a slipper… -___-

    Apparently I need to clean under my couch cushions more lol.

  93. Li says:

    Umm..this is embarrassing but I’m super glad I looked before someone else did! One old navy receipt. One pair of thong underwear (no idea how THAT got there), a dog bone, several small squeaker balls. A pen. And one pacifier. No judgement, right!?

  94. Clodia says:

    Lego Duplo blocks, Kix cereal, Goldfish crackers, tissue, cat hair and a Wii remote; all from within the last two days. 😛

  95. Amanda G says:

    An animal cracker with the head bit off, a sock, and Mr. Potato Head’s left arm. I cleaned the couch yesterday morning!

  96. Helen Kuczerska says:

    Two wooden pirates

  97. Andrea says:

    Popcorn hair and yarn. Looking forward to the new book

  98. MG Coffee says:

    ACK. WHY, WHY did I let you talk me into this?

    There is a three-quarters of a blueberry waffle, the Blu-Ray remote (score!), a ridiculous amount of dirt, a filthy sock (belonging to an adult male), three raisins, a copy of Minnie’s Rainbow Picnic, a green felt-tip pen, a plastic shark and Rusty (Handy Manny’s wrench).

  99. Allison says:

    Matchbox cars, socks, and my missing crochet hook! Hey, thanks for having this contest, I was wondering where that hook had gone!!

  100. Julie says:

    Our couch cushions are attached and so they don’t come off. Up side? Nothing is under them! Down side? No dimes for me 🙁

  101. Mercedes says:

    crumbs, a few pennies, plastic animals, baby teether, hot wheels

  102. Kristy says:

    Cat furr and a quarter.

  103. Kerry says:

    Crumbs, hair ties and clips, puzzle pieces, a spoon and more crumbs!

  104. Cate Witter says:

    My bra. Not because me and mine got lucky but because the minute the day ends, I sit on the couch with a g;ass of wine/bottle of spirits and rip that sucker off. Then a few months pass and you write a post like this and voila! I find that missing bra.

  105. Erica says:

    My couch cushions came sewn down to the base so I can’t lift them up. Great for not collecting junk, but a pain when trying to “re-fluff.”

  106. Lisa Robertson says:

    We were suprised to find just a few crumbs!

  107. Tiffany O says:

    guess i got lucky! just vacuumed on Friday so just a crumb 🙂 had you asked before Friday…let’s just say you don’t’ want to know.

  108. Leigh says:

    A USB drive and a few assorted crumbs.

  109. Rosalie says:

    My expired license from 6 years ago… yup 6 years, crayons, ooh there’s the wii nunchuck! An entire doll wardrobe, my nikon coolpix, $2.23 in change, bobbypin, eraser, kids’ homework that’s 12 weeks late now… and that’s only lifting ONE cushion… time to clean! FlyLady would not be impressed!

  110. Maria says:

    Dog hair, cat hair, crumbs, and a pen. Score on the pen!

  111. Caty says:

    Lot’s of crumbs, cat hair and human hair, 1 sock, 3 hairbands, and a cat toy.

  112. Rachel says:

    Too many crumbs for having only vacuumed last week, a puzzle piece, spoons from a plastic tea set and a magnet. All of which will be back under the cushions before the days out, I’m sure 😉

  113. Amanda says:

    Under the couch: you can see the sticky on the floor from where something spilled (I don’t what to know what or when), countless toy cars, a few random socks, the missing flip flop, a bottle of J&J lotion, and so many crumbs

  114. Tamara Turner says:

    M&M’s and the dog’s chew toys and various bits of lint.

  115. Coral says:

    3 balls of varying sizes, goldfish, furballs, 6 puzzle pieces, 1 strawberry shortcake doll, 2 pieces of dollhouse furniture, 1 belt, 4 socks and 3 Cherrios.

  116. Debby says:

    I’ve found the following:
    65 cents
    several legos
    pony tail holders
    hair clip
    Barbie shoes
    Bratz feet (their feet literally come off rather than shoes)
    Old crusty play-doh
    some crackers
    a water bottle cap
    soda tabs
    the remote
    leap pad 2
    cartridges for said leap pad 2
    and the finishing touch
    a couple of pairs of underwear (don’t ask cause I haven’t got a clue why they are in my sofa!)
    And that’s just the loveseat! My life is never a dull moment!

  117. Renee says:

    I have a baby boy infant sock…one. A pair of knee high socks. A hot wheels truck. A dried mango. And a back massager. And I left everything still in place.

  118. Kimberly says:

    3 pens, 2 colored pencils, 3 markers, 1 paperclip, 3 hairbands, 2 hair clips, lots of crumbs, lots of dog hair, and a nickel.

  119. Alicia says:

    Leather couches are amazing! Love them for oh so many reasons…
    Lucky me, today I found one green Angry Bird head, yep, just one!
    I am very excited for your book. 🙂

  120. warmfuzzyfeeling says:

    I have a large throw on the sofa to avoid this very scenario, and yet there are still a million billion crumbs 🙁

  121. Angela says:

    I was too scared to actually look since the bottom is grimy and . . . . well I’ll just leave it like that. But last time I checked there was scrambled egg bits, a toy, broken iPhone I thought was stolen -_- and a lot of dirt. 🙂

  122. Erin O'Brien says:

    Two pieces of Pirate’s Booty(score!), lots and lots of crumbs, one grown up sock and two toddler socks, not matching, and a library board book. Thanks, I’ve been searching all over for that!

  123. nopinkhere says:

    dog fur and food crumbs plus mulch and sand.

  124. Nikki says:

    some fruit loops, cracker crumbs, half eaten dog biscuit. several small legos. and a missing Spider-Man!

  125. Julie says:

    I took a photo of everything I found- it was astounding. I wish I could upload it for you. I have to clean when my husband’s not home- he wouldn’t let us use the couch any more if he knew what ended up in and under it!

    Anyway- the highlights include a baby shoe, a newspaper, a bottle, a remote control, lincoln log, a mini-piggy bank, a stacking ring, and a half dozen matchbox cars. (My middle one likes hoarding things out of sight.)

  126. Sharon says:

    Dog hair, a Mac and cheese noodle, a penny, a chocolate chip, and mouse poop.

  127. Jenifer says:

    Leather couch with cushions attached (1 of the reasons I got the furniture…the other being that you can clean them up with baby wipes…manufacturers recommendations be damned) 🙂 HOWEVER, a few crumbs have managed to work their way into the crevices…

  128. Erin says:

    Our couch is in a warehouse somewhere waiting for us to find a place to live! When we moved there was a lot of dog hair underneath, cereal, unidentifiable crumbs, and a lot of balled up tiny hair binders for little girls.

  129. Theresa says:

    We finally got the couches where the cushions don’t detach…….. Everything that falls besides gets stored and then the kids go along and open the back flap to reveal all the nasties … Dust bunnies, dog hair, hair clips, books, and lots of socks that some how got separated from their mate. The joys 🙂

  130. Jill Henderson says:

    I am currently not at home so, I am doing the imaginary cushion lift. I am Mommy to two 1 year olds and if I wait until after I leave work and go home, my mommy-brain will have eaten the memory of my need to look under the cushion. So here’s what I’m imagining will be there (I have past cushion lifting experience so I feel my assumptions are safe) – food bits of random origin (to be fair this is far more likely my husband’s fault as he loves to snack while watching t.v.), at least 3 kid socks (none matching), 2-3 of the missing pieces to our stacking toy train, at least one book that ran away to hide after being read for the 579th time last Friday (1 year olds are fond of repetion) and a couple of quarters (this is my imagining so I’m saying quarters but likely they’re actually pennies or raisins).

  131. Deni Hibbs says:

    assorted crumbs, a lego, a pen, a pony, dried up milk that dripped down from in between the cusions. yum.

  132. Kathy Damron says:

    My cushions don’t lift up so I looked under. Boy am I sorry I did *THAT*! Found two dirty pennies, 1.5 goldfish, 3 cheerios and a large handful of crumbs. Also found a tissue. Ew. I DID clean the mess! 😉

  133. Kara says:

    Only about half of a box worth of smashed Goldfish. And 43 cents. Oh, and my husbands sock… ew.

  134. nicole says:

    Four pieces of popcorn (the husband is responsible for these), two goldfish crackers, a monkey head from a japanese eraser that has been missing for months, one m&m, and a disgusting amount of d. And cat hair

  135. Lori says:

    Just cleaned mine out the other day…Barbie shoe, hair, hardened fruit snack, squinky head (my cats bite the heads off them!)

  136. Jlynn says:

    A torn page out a book, a glow in the dark bracelet, fruit snack wrapper, rubber band, dried out wipe, popcorn, and some cheerios(that was only one cushion I am too scared to life the others)

  137. May Paring says:

    There isn’t any foreign material under my couch cushions, thanks in large part to my whole sofa cover thing. The tops of my cushions are currently housing: A dog. A seven year old. The game Mousetrap, an Xbox controller, a throw blanket, a nursing pillow, and a guitar.

  138. Lauren says:

    We just got a new couch, and there are no cushions on the bottom – it’s all one piece. Just don’t ask me what is on the floor under the couch. That I cannot be responsible for! 😉

  139. Brandy says:

    My husbands worse nightmare is the constant state of “disgustingness” the couch has become. He cleans it weekly and had just done so yesterday. Here is what he claims he found: multiple assorted legos, a “sh** load” of cereal, two mismatched socks, a piece of cheese, five Hi-Ho cherry-oh game pieces, crackers, chips, four match box cars, two sandwich bags, and one pencil. All collected since his last clean-up just one week ago. Yuck! haha!

  140. Rebecca G says:

    Baby skirt, clear nail polish, pencil, set of earplugs from dh’s work, large glass bead, small bead, plastic ornament, cough drop and a baby Jesus. Am going to parenting Hell. At least the loveseat was clean.

  141. Stacy Hill says:

    PJs, socks, hot wheels, a remote (that’s where that went), lego guy, book, “poopy bear” (it’s what ds calls his vitamins)

  142. Michelle says:

    A sock, one cheez-it, 2 remotes, and an empty lunchables..

    Along with mysterious little pieces of paper my daughter puts in her mouth and I take out and shove under the couch cushions because I’m too lazy to get up and throw them in the garbage.

    Thank goodness for vacuums!!

  143. Carrie says:

    Crumbs from chips and popcorn – I wish I could say I have kids. I don’t. I’m just a messy eater…

  144. Lore says:

    A knight’s sword. Actually, 2 knight’s swords. He needed 2, because he has 2 hands.

  145. Sheena Bell says:

    Under my red couch cushions: white cat hair, white dog hair, a penny, crumbs from some cracker-type snack, and a lump of dried blue Play-doh.

  146. Joanna says:

    Under the cushions of our built in window seat: a purple sock, some stuffing from a broken stuffed animal, a kleenex (unsure if it is used or not), pink paper scraps, a feather, a star wars action figure of the emperor, an elastic, and several small stickers with a traffic sign theme. (Though I last time I cleaned it out I found a banana peel.. That was pretty gross.)

  147. Beth says:

    Crumbs from many sources (goldfish, Cheerios, and granola bars to make it sticky). A portable phone that had died and been lost for a while and a remote. A plastic tomatoe and a Thomas the train. The sad part of this is I cleaned under the couch a week ago. Very excited about your upcoming book.

  148. Beth says:

    There’s a five-year-old hiding behind the big cushion on the back of the couch. I’m not allowed to look under his secret hideout right now, but I’m pretty sure there’s a collection of Tinker Toys, a bunch of little plastic dinosaurs, and a truckload of Cheerios and cracker crumbs.

  149. Sherry says:

    Goldfish crackers, a DS stylus, a Thomas the Tank Engine brochure of other trains my son wants me to buy for him, two trains, one truck missing all the rubber wheels, and a partially gnawed on Baby Einstein DVD (Baby Beethoven to be exact) without it’s case… I’ve been looking for that. Thanks for making me check.

  150. Krista Oliveira says:

    I once found a hamster in my couch! It had gotten out and we thought it was in the walls or had left the house. A few days later we heard it scratching around in the couch. We had to cut the back open to get him out!

  151. Kimmy says:

    empty crushed juice box, remote control that I have been looking for for two days! (thanks for making me look there!) toddler socks, crumbs, ohh so many crumbs, unidentifiable as to what they might have been before they were crumbs, 2 intact very stale cheese doodles, the headphones for the DS that I’ve been asking where are the headphones so I don’t have to hear that damn thing (again thanks for making me look!) a hot wheels car, a scrunchy for my hair, spiderman and wolverine (hanging out together) a paper clip (I don’t remember owning a paperclip) and…and…wait for it… A WHOLE DOLLAR BILL!! Woo Hoo! Thanks, that was the most productive thing I’ve done all day 😉

  152. Bridget S. says:

    My husband is pretty anal about cleaning under the cushions, so all I found was a tag off of something. Under the couch is another story: 4 matchbox cars, a spider (Real! Eeek!), and lots of dust bunnies. Time to swiffer under there!

  153. Krystal says:

    Crumbs… oh my God, the crumbs… and a macaroni noodle? One single noodle.

  154. Jennifer Schulz says:

    2 paci’s, tv remote, undefinable sticky crap, 3 pencils, an assortment of toys and a handful of dominos!

  155. Molly says:

    A petrified pea, many many cracker crumbs, and some Cheerios.

  156. Jodi DeMay says:

    lots of cheerios (probably enough to fill a whole new box of cheerios), 3 legos, barbie shoe, granola bar wrappers and lots of crumbs and dust.

  157. Misty says:

    Under my couch, I have: 2 map pencils, 3 magnets, a holey pacifier, crumbled goldfish and a few broken naked crayons (their paper is missing; probably in the recliner somewhere). I’ve pre-ordered your book! Can’t wait 🙂

  158. Heather Leili says:

    dog fur….lots and lots of dog fur

  159. Mandy Leech says:

    Enough dog hair to make another dog, candy wrappers, three socks, and two dryer sheets.

  160. Meggan Musselman says:

    4 Legos, a Nerf dart, a hair elastic, discarded chicken teriyaki stick (thankfully, without chicken. Ew.), yarn clippings, yarn needle (I was looking for that one), green guitar pick and 327 feathers (ok, that’s an estimate). So pretty much what was there before kids. Except there are more feathers now because the couch cushions only started molting when our son turned 6.

    Thank you for all the laughs. Can’t wait for the book!!

  161. We have a leather couch where there’s no removable cushions. There are, however, gaps between the attached cushions, so things CAN slip between them but unless we’re lucky we can’t ever even see them again. Some such things may end up on the floor underneath the couch, in the carpet of dust.

  162. Melanie says:

    A sleeve from a box of ritz crackers with one cracker still in it (what?!), pretzel fragments, the cap to my purple pen (I’ve been looking for that!!) and the wrapper from a Hershey’s kiss.

  163. Laura says:

    The remote! Thank you!!! 🙂 (Oh, and crumbs, many many crumbs.)

  164. Leanne says:

    -one bright yellow ear plug
    -a “happy birthday” sticker
    -random crumbs

    not bad, I expected more!
    (congrats on the book, btw!!)

  165. Liz says:

    Dried up strand of spaghetti, various unidentified crumbs, dried up milk that leaked down between cushions when milk was spilled on couch, Hot Wheels car, several puffs (what my son calls those craft pompoms. oh, and he calls my boobs pompoms.)

  166. Lauren says:

    2 Hershey Kisses, Lip Gloss, Barbie Shoes, Assorted crackers such as cheezeits and goldfish, popcorn kernels and flecks of what appears to be fingernail polish my oldest must have peeled from her finger nails…eeekkkk….

  167. Deborah says:

    some random bits of escaped cereal, hair, LOTS of crumbs, a piece of a jigsaw puzzle….. but there is also a rip in the material under the cushions that goes into the vast cavity of the “lower couch”, truely I am far too scared to put my hand down there and feel around for what has fallen into the dark ibis!

  168. Sylvia Korver says:

    Dog fur, old popcorn, fingernails, sand, a rock, and an Angry Bird made out of construction paper.

  169. Nieves says:

    I thought I’d be cute and get to say “nothing” because we just bought new couches. Guess what. Dog hair and sand. How did it get there so fast? Meh.

  170. Annette says:

    Dust, hair, food.

  171. various assortment of crumbs, 1/2 a goldfish, random lego pieces, a pokemon card, a matchbox car, a random lone black sock and lots of various dog and cat hairs…beyond disgusting!

  172. Kami says:

    Chex cereal, 3 different socks (yes, one from each pair), a matchbox car, a bib, a paper towel, and no money. Grant (2 y.o.) likes to take things off on the couch and hide them. If I ever find a diaper, he is in such trouble! LOL!

  173. Kristin B says:

    Assorted crackers too crumbled into a mix to be able to sort out particulars. Probably a conglomerate of goldfish, Annie’s, and Cheez-Its. Half-crunched yogurt covered pretzel. Several yogurt smears. An applesauce stain. Enough popcorn to possibly make it through a movie. Part of a broken crayon — blue. Yesterday we had to dig Grandpa’s iPad out of there before he left for home (visiting across country.) I’m pretty sure my kids figured it was a perfect hiding spot where it would magically be “found” only after Grandpa was long gone. Hopefully the iPad didn’t ingest too many Annie’s bunnies while hiding there — could be a problem for its future performance.

  174. Andrea says:

    A scary prospect, let’s see:
    Thomas the tank engine and his friend Percy
    A grape
    Two soothers

    Okay, no too bad which is good considering I cleaned it out a few days go.
    Can’t wait for the book!

  175. lenore says:

    Seaweed. (Our son loves eating those little sheets of seaweed snacks). 4 kix cereal spheres. Some magnets from the fridge that I guess he tried to get to stick to the non-metallic couch. An expired metrocard. Some popcorn. And two small dinosaurs.

    And yes, I cleaned it all up before posting! 🙂 Cannot wait to read your book! 😀

  176. Adrienne says:

    My mother-in-law pays for us to have maid service once every two weeks, so I’m lucky that the couch is as clean as it is. I did find a screwdriver (flat head) and the plastic part of a princess tent that my daughters just put together and then crushed.

  177. Jen says:

    Goldfish crackers, petrified fruit snacks, hair, assorted crumbs, and a toy car.

  178. Yasmin says:

    And that’s just under the cushions, I’m not sure I’d want to look under the sofa…

  179. Tricia says:

    A twist tie, all sorts of different crumbs, glitter, a toy centipede, a sticker, iPod, pretzel, infant sock, littlest pet shop hamster, animal cracker, tiny babydoll, and a Popsicle stick

  180. Veronica says:

    Under my couch cushion (which is really just a large couch seat and goes all the way to floor) are several squished spiders. *shudder* And dust. Lots of dust.

  181. Kate says:

    Finger nail clippings, petrified crumbs, half a crayon, a barbie shoe, a straw, hair (both human and animal), 5 cent piece and a hair clip 🙂

  182. Emily says:

    OH MY GOSH! A crochet hook I have been looking all over for. Lots of dog hair, some ponytail holders, a pencil and a business card.

  183. Megan says:

    Cat hair! Lots of cat hair! And crumbs 🙂

  184. Joy says:

    One scrap of paper from clipping coupons. I’m in no way a neat freak; our couch cushions are just really tight to the new couch & held in place with velcro!

  185. a remote (that I had given up for lost, thanks for helping me find it!) enough crumbs to rival a highchair, and my hair bands

  186. Katja van der Sluijs says:

    A hairpin, some unidentifiable crumbs, a pen and my boyfriend’s sock. With his foot in it.
    (no, nothing creepy about that; he sits on one end of the couch and stuffs his feet underneath the other cushion so they stay warm)

  187. Emma says:

    Oh good lord i need to clean…
    14 hair bobbles
    2 Hair pin
    2 toy cars
    1 lollypop
    1 cracker
    Half a magazine
    1 clip on earring
    6 crayons
    46 pence

    Please note i have 2 large sofas, 3 children and, believe it or not, i cleaned under my cushions last week :S

  188. tara says:

    My couch is weird and the cushions don’t come up, which is actually kind of annoying because then I can’t vacuum up the dog hair that manages to fit into the cracks but that I can’t dig out.

    So my couch cushions have dog hair underneath. And in the cracks. And probably some popcorn kernels. Definitely some popcorn kernels.

  189. Maggie says:

    Tortilla chip crumbs. And honestly, they’re all from me. My kids are forbidden to eat on the couch and they rarely do anything but watch TV there, while I am allowed to sit there and stuff nachos into my piehole all the livelong day (whenever they are sleeping). Thank you for the giveaway!

  190. kayk says:

    Apple core, tinker toy round, rocks, hotwheels, banana peel, long-lost shoe mate, Library dvd, pens, silverware, beads…
    this list continues, I’ve been searching and searching for some of that stuff, thanks for making me look! :p

  191. Elizabeth says:

    A cloth baby wipe, three plastic spoons, half a Graham cracker and enough crumbs to pull out the vacuum!

  192. Amanda L. says:

    Under my couch cushions as of this very moment, are 3 socks, 4 puzzle pieces, 2 hot wheels cars, 1 fridge magnet, one of the baby’s missing shirts, the front cover of a book, and some random bits of cheetos. >.<

  193. Becky F says:

    Fruit snack, some popcorn, and a colored pencil! Not too bad!

  194. Leona says:

    A spoon, a paperclip, dirt, and a chicken feather.

  195. Sarah says:

    A sofa bed!

  196. LaurenC says:

    Our couch cushions don’t detach but under the couch itself is…scary. If I really itemized that list…OMG. OK – here goes. An old pack of diaper wipes, cloth diaper wipes (unused – don’t worry), dirty nightgown of DD’s, pretzel, Kleenex, goldfish crackers, puppy toy, my shoe (ah-ha there it is), cat hair, and…I’ll just stop there. There’s a ton of toys and other things I can’t reach. A couple weeks ago the puppy went behind the couch and pooped. YES I cleaned it up. When I scooted the couch out did I clean under the couch? No. But I did get the puppy poop.

    Puppy poop requires cleaning up. Other couch junk can wait.

  197. DebbyD says:

    Wow, just found a tv controller we spent about 3 hours looking for over a year ago and replaced. Our sofa is one that has the cushions stitched on but noticed a hole in the stitching a few weeks ago, so your post prompted me to check and there it was haha!!!

  198. Susan says:

    Plenty of fuzz balls and a few crumbs- not too shabby! 🙂

  199. AmyH says:

    I think I do more contributing to the Under-Cushion than my girlie does: yarn scraps, a stitch marker, a crochet hook, a playing card (8 clubs), and a bouncy ball. The last two were courtesy of the 2 year old. 🙂

  200. Lydia says:

    Unfortunately, I just vacuumed my couch so there is nothing in there currently, but it did contain about a metric ton of toy cars and unidentifiable petrified food particles.

    However, the funniest thing that I have found inside a piece of furniture was a giant rubber dinosaur no smaller than a foot tall. He had been missing for a few weeks and I had searched every where for him. He wasn’t discovered until we moved the recliner out from the wall again in order to search for something else. My husband noticed a slight bulge in the back of the chair and upon investigation, produced the elusive dinosaur. I guess my son climbed behind the chair, stuffed the dinosaur under it and then shoved it up into the inner workings of the chair. The only remaining mystery is WHY?? Seriously, do they think we enjoy searching for their crap? “Oh, mommy will have sooooo much FUN looking for this here! I’ll hide it and then scream really, really loud so she’ll be forced to search for it. Yay!!”


  201. Katherine says:

    4 single baby socks, one mama Berenstain Bear doll, one good luck bear doll, 2 strands of beads, something that was maybe a piece of banana or maybe dog barf and an unused (thank GOD) baby wipe.

  202. Lisa says:

    two infant socks (which dont match, darn!) lots of cat hair, a quarter (yesss!) and lots of unidentified crumbs….

  203. Denise Krieger says:

    Hair, hair from a build-a-bear wig, enough crumbs to make chicken cutlet, assorted change, guinea pig poop (they got loose one day!!) and partylite candles along with a formerly missing mouse (from my laptop) and a bra. WTH????

  204. Ally says:

    Crumbs…lots of crumbs. But that’s mostly my husband’s doing 🙂 Good luck with the book launch Amber!

    • Sanj says:

      Aha! We don’t have cheerios in our house because they are portals through which random objects enter this world. That is why our couch is clean. (If you don’t count cat vomit and dog hair. Those things have their own laws, I’m afraid.)
      So, um, our *clean* three-piece couch/love seat/chair is for sale. 🙂 But you’ll have to find me some other way, and probably also wait 20 years so you can be ready to live without cheerio portals. Oh, but then come grandkids…. They are portals too.

  205. Anne Bladon says:

    Our settee cushions are sewn down so I thought I’d tell you about my tumble drier filter instead. That had two tissues, a shimmery sticker, two Lego bricks, a 5p, £1 coin (yay, keeping that!) a stone, 11p in play money, and one of those plastic things that keep mends shirt collars stiff.

  206. Marilyn says:

    A loaf of bread’s worth of crumbs, about a dozen ponytail holders, a dvd case, a nintendo dsi game (THAT’S where it went! Do my kids not realize those games can be 30 bucks a whack??), and NO MONEY. Little misers must have snarfed it all into their piggy banks. Just kidding. We don’t have money left to fall into the cushions, now that we have kids.

  207. Riki W says:

    My husband, both kids, and I are all recovering from the stomach bug that’s going around. My children don’t really gag much before they vomit – it just suddenly starts spewing all over. So for several days, no matter how hard I tried, I had at least 6-7 spews all over the couch. We have scrubbed it so much this past week, there isn’t anything left under the cushions.

  208. Heidi says:

    Missing sock, lots of crumbs, toy grapes, gogurt sleeve, used bandaid. No judging, right? Pretty good, considering I have 14 kids!

  209. Nita says:

    I have a leather sofa with attached cushions just for this reason. 🙂 Although in the cracks there are Popeye’s biscuit crumbs because the my crappy fuzzlebutt toddler can’t eat the biscuit at the table, he has to leave a trail everywhere he goes. You’d think I had Hansel & Gretel up in this bitch.

  210. Amy says:

    A binky, 2 different baby socks, a board book, a pen, (no change:( ), and boogers!

  211. Candi says:

    We have a futon, so there are no cracks in the cushion for things to fall into. Under the cushion, there are metal bars, so everything would drop to the floor. However, underneath the futon, there is a secret horde of cat toys. And a giant dust bunny made up of cat hair. Dust kitty? That IS shameful. Guess I need to sweep under there a bit more often.

  212. Lauren Elysia says:

    Unidentifiable crumbs, dried up quinoa, popcorn kernels, pen and leaves from the ficus next to our couch. You’d think more baby stuff, right?

  213. Carol says:

    I was actually searching the couch for a missing toy the other day. Just lifting up the cushions yields a treasure trove of crumbs. Reaching down into the cracks (yikes!) got me lots and lots of pens/pencils/markers (son loves to play with them), cereal, crackers, and a flashlight, but alas, no missing toy.

  214. Andrea says:

    Goldfish crackers, hot wheel and a lift the flap book.

  215. Lucy farr says:

    Our cushions are stitched to the base, so really only crumbs, bogeys, dead skin and dog hairs between the cracks. Does it count that I once found a flat hamster under our couch as a child? He was missing for 2 weeks…we’d been sitting on him the whole time. RIP Hammy.

  216. Ivy Berres says:

    I found dog hair (who had to be put down last week), sparkles, a couple random beads from my daughter’s latest project, a purple Zooble and a piece of popcorn were in my couch cushions 🙂

  217. Alessa says:

    Don’t make me look. Its waaaay to scary under there. What, I don’t win anything if I don’t look? Ok going under the couch….ACCKK!! The IT clown is there. HEEEELLLLPPPP!

  218. Angela G says:

    lolipop sticks X3, popcorn, gummy fruit snack that was obviously wet at some point since it is stuck in place, of course crumbs, a pacifier, and 3 quarters!

  219. Christina Sholty says:

    key chain, cereal, my tweezers, some sort of red substance,a comb

  220. Vanessa says:

    10,000 cheez-its….2 random-non-matching socks….1 binky…too many go-gurt wrappers to count & $1bill (SCORE!!)

  221. Brittany says:

    Enough Corgi hair to construct a third dog, $1.13 in change, crushed pita chips, and 4 hair ties. Oh, and a tea bag (that’s pretty gross actually).

  222. Maria says:

    I found:

    a skittle, a spoon, a lego head, various coins, a chocolate wrapper, a barbie hair brush, a hair tie, lots of crumbs, a plastic bracelet, a used bandaid, some pretzels, a remote 3 different socks, an ice pack, and some popcorn kernals. Yummy…..

  223. Hahaha. Under our cushions, I often find my son who is seeking sensory input and space away from people:

  224. Laurie Smith says:

    Cheerios, pretzels, goldfish crackers, THE missing cookie from our Melissa & Doug set…..that’s as far as I got….we’re still celebrating finding the cookie here!!!

  225. Melanie Forrest says:

    Believe it or not, nothing at the moment! Just last night my 2.5 year old crushed up an entire bowl of crackers on the couch so while I was vacuuming that up, I cleaned under too! But last night, it was crushed crackers, several Cheerios, a mitten and two dinkies.

  226. Cindy says:

    A purple stitch marker for knitting, a lot of fringe from one of the sofa pillows, and confetti from New Years – which is weird because I thought I vacuumed under the cushions in January, but I guess I didn’t!

  227. Allison says:

    A remote, a pacifier, and a sock!

  228. Karen says:

    My couch cushions don’t detach! But there’s a shameful amount of crumbs in the little trenches between them, ugh 🙁

  229. Lindsay A says:

    Two bibs (we have a thieving dog)
    Half a crayon

    WTH is a yurt?

  230. Sara says:

    3 pieces of lego, a soft dorito, 3 pens, a felt tip pen lid, some crumbs, my missing cat sock!! (I wondered where that had gone! I thought the washing machine had eaten it!) the back off the t.v remote (also wondered where that was) a few beads a head off a lego man and what appears to be maybe juice, which is all sticky and ugh (yum) more crumbs.

    Now I’m gonna have to vacuum, haha. I wonder what’s UNDEr the couch, hmmm.. this should be interesting.

  231. Melissa says:

    Under my sofa cushions at the moment: crumbs, an overstretched hair band, more crumbs, a square from the shape sorter and a hole to another world… Oh and no loose change 🙁

  232. Darcy says:

    Um… the couch was empty. But the underside was not!
    20 envelopes
    4 books
    2 DVD cases
    1 cookbook
    1 ball
    1 truck
    length of TP the kid was playing with
    empty yogurt can, complete with spoon….

  233. Rachel says:

    Due to the snowstorm in MN, I’ve beening staying at my sister’s house to avoid bad roads. It was interesting to find her cordless phone (maybe that’s why she doesn’t answer my calls, or my calls could be the reason it’s there in the first place), her remote (okay…that one may be my fault), cat and dog hair, and a variety of crumbs.

  234. Kim says:

    I live in new zealand…do i get bonus points for being so far away?

    my couch cushions don’t come off..but down the back crack i found:
    chips, cracker crumbs, two pens, an ice cream stick and $5!!! SOOO keeping the fiver!

  235. Corinna says:

    The cushions on our couch don’t come off. But I have found rocks, cars and Cheerios under the couch all the time.

  236. Emily says:

    Dog hair. Lots and lots and lots of black, brown and white dog hair.

  237. Amity Jones says:

    Glowstick, flag football mouthguard (which we’ve been searching for), $1.47 in change, conversation hearts, BeyBlade launcher and eleventybillion pound of stale popcorn, cheese crackers and cereal.

  238. Rosie Lutherborrow says:

    Eeeeeeeek a spider!!!! And weirdly one solitary pea…..does that make me a princess??

  239. Sarah says:

    It’s gone 9pm here in the UK so getting off the couch to lift up the cushions was quite a feat! Boringly though it’s just lots of crumbs and muck. And a pen lid/choking hazard… probably good I looked then!

  240. kristen j. says:

    Our couch cushions are all connected but we still manage to lose stuff in them. The remote somehow gets lost in there about once a week and we have to go digging for it. Theres usually lots of crumbs and pet hair down there too. Gross! I cant wait for your book and would love an “appetizer” as you call it!

  241. Aimee says:

    Lots and lots of crumbs. Mini My Little Pony. Lego in various shapes and colours. Cat fur. A pen. A crayon. And scraps of ripped paper.

  242. DWigger says:

    Hair. Lots and lots of MY hair. Luckily, my 11 month old hasn’t started stashing things under the cushions….yet. 🙂

  243. Sheryl says:

    Plastic beads. Lots of plastic beads.

  244. Kathleen says:

    Everything you mentioned – PLUS….boogers.

  245. Mandy says:

    My cushions are attached, but that doesn’t stop the stuff from getting between my cushions! Lots of nasty crumbs and a dime. I thought for sure I’d find my missing tweezers.

  246. Libby H says:

    pretty much a whole box of Cheerios. A popular find, I know. We will call it an “emergency food stash.” Thanks for the chance!

  247. Sarah Z says:

    I found a baby toy hanger thing, a sock, and a piece of potato chip.

  248. Trisha W. says:

    Fortunately nothing gross was found — just some springs poking through the fabric of my 20+ year old couch.

    • Trisha W. says:

      P.S. I can’t wait until your book arrives in my mailbox. When I’m done reading it, I will pass onto other moms to read too.

  249. Sarah says:

    Dead cockroach, 10c, spinning top, kids golf club, kids claw grabber thing, tv remote

  250. Rachel says:

    Cheerios, assorted crumbs, veggie stick, brave pencil, remote (to hide from toddler), leg of play tool bench and tool from bench! Looking forward to the book!!

  251. Leslie T says:

    Thankfully I don’t have that problem because my couch cushions are all attached – but under the couch on the floor are potato chips, cheerios, and toy cars

  252. Jessica says:

    Assorted plastic baggies and wrappers. A corn dog stick, and the handle to my husbands razor that jelly stole like a month ago! I picked up the razor handle and just left everything else their 😮

  253. Jacqueline says:

    Oooh boy…

    2 batteries, a wee baseball cap for a lego person. 3 duplo blocks, a couple raisins, a pink sock, and a spatula(!?!?!)

  254. nikki says:

    A whole bag worth of mini pretzels, where the heck was I when that happened?… tinkerbell’s shoes, a little pet shop puppy, and two plastic wands (aka bibbidi bobbidi boo’s), also two dimes and 6 pennies…. jackpot!

  255. Tabitha says:

    peanuts, three bobby pins, two plastic horses, a gooey (ya know, the green slimey fake bugger from the horrible childrens game gooey Louie) a few shreds of cheese , and several small rocks.

  256. Melanie says:

    Fuzz and dust. My kid is too short to climb on couches yet!

  257. Andie's Mommy says:

    Hair, cat hair, cat whiskers and nails (gross, I know), fuzz, puzzle pieces, legos, puzzle pieces and cheerios! Man, I need to vacuum right now. 😉

  258. Kelly says:

    Three forks, lots of cereal, two mister potatohead features, a camera, an old paystub, two crayola markers and a few crumpled tissues. Yep, we are disgusting!

  259. Laura says:

    Stickers, cheerios, and that sock i’ve been looking for! Thanks!

  260. Claire says:

    Apple (half eaten) – unfortunately this happens more than I like to admit.
    Hair bands (red, blue, brown, pink, and a green one)
    Multiple bobby pins (this is from me – not the kids)
    a gray crayon
    a doll hair brush
    a human hair brush
    Crumbs – from multiple crumbly snacks… who knows what?!
    Preschool homework never turned in

    THIS IS REALLY SAD – seriously, I clean it out often, but I find this much or more all the time!

  261. Kristine says:

    I just cleaned under our couches/cushions over the weekend looking for a necklace I lost. I found lots of goldfish/cheerios, magnet letters, a Dora dvd that was missing, another Sesame Street dvd case that was also missing, & a pacifier but no necklace! Love your blog!

  262. Donna says:

    Well… I found 3 Loonies (Canadian $1 coins), 9 socks (carious colors/genders and sizes. 2 were hubby’s, and not a match), 4 broken crayons, several triscuits, a baby shoe (my kids are almost 5 and 3.5), a dustball the size of a small dog, and enough black dog fur to make another dog. Oh… also my curling iron that has been missing for 9 months, so thanks for this challenge…. I got my curling iron back!

    I think I need to clean better….

  263. Krista says:

    Lots of misc. crumbs, wheat thins, hair ties, barrettes, a baby sock, random small toys. Can you tell I seldom lift the cushions?
    Can’t wait for your book…I’ll still buy it if I don’t win 🙂

  264. Alicia says:

    Cheerios, Goldfish, Lucky Charms, pen cap, Kix, Cheerios, fruit snack wrapper, lone strawberry fruit snack, Cheerios, random Imaginex figure (which made my son squeal with glee, “It’s my lost toy!”). We may need to cut down on eating cereal on the couch.

  265. Kristen says:

    I had lots of hair, thread(I sew), a broken crayon and a quarter. There were unidentifiable crumbs so that might be kids choice of snack, granola bars. Upstairs in the loft sofa. Nothing. One piece washable microfiber slipcovers are glorious when you have kids- shake and vacuum. So so excited for your book!

  266. Michele says:

    Goldfish (cracker type, not real ones that escaped from the fish bowl), popcorn, cheerios and assorted crumbs that I am unable to distinguish.

    Can’t wait for the book!!

  267. Tricia says:

    My couch cushions don’t actually come up, but hidden between them a sock, train, and some crackers.

  268. Silly Me says:

    No cushions, but under my couch was some balled up socks, candy wrappers and paper plates w/crumbs on them.
    Always a treat to look under the couch!

  269. Justine Hutchinson says:

    Pencil, bobby pin , Ariel sticker, half a pretzel, barrettes (at least 3), Polly Pocket dress, .67 cents, empty package of Tinkerbell gummies, and an old Belle band-aid (probably not used for any real injury whatsoever but…you know how kids are with character band-aides)

  270. Sara says:

    HOLY SHIT I found a small dried up and completely flattened lizard. Why yes I have four boys, why do you ask?

  271. Emily says:

    pacifiers & pistachio shells…hopefully not from the same source.

  272. michelle white says:

    Too many lego pieces to count…lucky charms, froot loops, and goldfish….3 Lightning McQueens..2 socks…a light saber (no not a tiny one, don’t ask how that was missed in the couch!)…one of the remotes (normal lol)…4 pennies and 2 nickels…and SCORE!!!! Found the Starbucks gift card I had lost!!!

  273. Vani says:

    Crayons, Sketch pens, green toy car, straws, pieces of food(specifically rice, cereal crumbs), tiny princess shoes(of a toy princess), construction pieces of paper. Clearly shows I haven’t cleaned under the couch that much! 🙂

  274. Jessica says:

    I cannot BELIEVE THIS! I just vac’d under the couch cushions TWO DAYS AGO & still I find a crayon, a bunch of pretzel sticks, a spoon (sticky from applesauce), an entire roll of purple tape & an SD card. Glad I looked though, cuz I was all over the house yesterday looking for that SD card!

  275. Lilia Sawyer says:

    Inside my couch: coloring pencils, gluten-free pretzel crumbs, an orange peel, bits of paper confetti, and $0.03. No dolls or doll shoes this week.

    • Lilia Sawyer says:

      Oh, and a whole bunch of dog hair. I didn’t think I had to include that since it was implied. You walk in, you get dog hair. 😀

  276. Kirstie says:

    A load of crumbs (a variety of toast; sandwich; chips; and biscuit crumbs) which are really noticeable on black fabric!
    Today some grated cheese just slipped in there.
    One part of a pair of disposable sushi chopsticks (used as a drumstick).
    It’s really not too bad in there as my son likes to remove all the cushions and jump off the couch onto them. Tends to keep the mess down a bit!
    I love your blog! Have been following you for years (twitter, Facebook, email updates. Full electronic stalking!).

  277. Naomi says:

    A small red toy car, a piece of a tortilla chip and a couple of kamut puffs.

  278. Sarah says:

    Crumbs, 2 plastic bugs & one hot wheel – not too bad for us! 🙂

  279. Loni says:

    Nothing under there. However I used to have a friend who would randomly put quarters in our cushions when she visited to help us out with landromat money, especially when we fed her…

  280. Kim says:

    If I look under the couch cushions I see Legos, a battery, a nerf dart (the cat likes these), and an angry birds pencil topper. I decided to take this one further. Looking under my son’s bed I found a sock, two great books, baskets with legos and any other odds and ends that he decided belong in the baskets when he cleans his room, a reading light, and most importantly his long lost “blankie” that I’ve been looking for…..that he can’t sleep without…..thank you in advance for a great night’s sleep!

  281. Lisa Lutes says:

    We threw our couch out because of what was ON it (pee, snot, vomit, poop, peanut butter and a whole lot of popsicle drippings.) We’ll get another one when the kids are older.

  282. Lisa Martinez says:

    One snotty tissue, one dentist bill, one drum stick, one white toddler sock, one coaster, three craft puffs, one half eaten piece of cheese, one pen, one ball pit ball, various bits and pieces of yarn, and enough cereal, popcorn, and other assorted crumbs to feed a small mouse city for a whole year.

  283. Sarah says:

    A whole lot of crumbs, a few crayons, a computer cord, a toy car and the remote! (Oh wait, I took the remote out so the kids could watch a movie so it’s not there anymore!)

  284. Megan B says:

    Loads of glitter from my daughter wearing her Cinderella dress in her “fort”. There would be more things but I vacuumed everything else up so that she could play in there.

  285. Ashlee Jackson says:

    Under my couch is disgraceful… there are many things, some unidentifiable… I saw tissues, receipts, hair-ties, a chocolate wrapper (that I think I stashed when I saw the kids coming!), dirt and food crumbs, and I didn’t even dig down the sides for fear of what I’ll find!
    Think I’ll add vacumming my couch to my to-do list this week…!

  286. Gina says:

    Under my couch cushions, I found ( bare in mind this is a huge sectional couch) :
    6 hair ties
    1 cup popcorn
    1 cup goldfish crackers
    1.50 in quarters (woohoo work soda machine money for me!)
    1 ziplock full of Christmas and Halloween candy wrappers
    4 missing Littlest Petshops
    2 matchbox cars
    1 Missing TV remote
    1 missing DVD remote
    Enough dog and Cat hair to cover new animals
    2 mis matched socks
    Pittsburgh Steelers schedule magnet
    BeyBlade pieces
    DS games (3)
    6 inkkpens
    3 mechanical pencils
    And A Partridge in a Pear tree ( just wanted to see if anyone read my whole list)

  287. Jenny says:

    Surprisingly, only dust, lint and crumbs.

    My best couch cushion lottery experience over a year ago. I found:
    The purple crayon: MIA at least six months and dearly missed
    A green FJ Holden: MIA about a week
    A green jeep: MIA unknown – neither of us remember this vehicle
    A green bouncy ball: MIA a few months
    A green pump: MIA about a week
    A blue sock: MIA a few months
    A flip phone: MIA a few weeks
    $1.70: MIA unknown
    A picture of our housemate from a publication from his work: MIA unknown
    A toy pumpkin: MIA a few months

    I thought our son was on track to be some sort of colour blind Bowerbird with all those green things he’d stuffed down into the couch.

  288. Mellie says:

    We actually cleaned out under our cushions a week ago! (Hubby lost his iPod) But while looking for it under the cushions we found: Hubbys missing iPod, $20, 4 candy wrappers from Valentines day, a Valentines day lollipop, and an assortment of crumbs…which is odd because I distinctly remember telling the kids no eating on the couch! (The $20 is my sons from Christmas 2011 recently found in his second winter coat…apparently never put through the wash last year)

  289. Rosy says:

    Dry ramen noodle crumbs, unidentifiable dried up piece of fruit, 1 police hot wheel car, used paper napkin, 1 King of Hearts playing card with one corner chewed off, 1/2 broken panel from a plastic widow blind, random crumbs and a crayon.

  290. Shelley West says:

    Lots of crumbs, unused diaper, tissue and one of my husband’s socks.

  291. kelly g says:

    Popcorn, a pretzel and Nerd candy. Oh, and that is all from my husband and I. Late night snacks when the kids are sleeping.

  292. Jenn says:

    I found a bunch of German Shepherd hair, a purple mouse cat toy and a pen. Congrats on your book!

  293. Marina A. says:

    We have a futon couch, so we don’t collect much! But, you’ll always feel like you’re at the beach! (Because of all the sand and little rocks and stuff…) Now, out little couch is a different story…I found an old gummy bear, a bunny cracker, a lego samurai sword, a plastic thing that goes to the stair gate and a huge sewing needle (for yarn). We lost our phone for over a week in that couch once.

    • Marina A. says:

      Oh, and I forgot. Assorted crumbs and cat hair! And, I’m sure lots and lots of sand.

  294. Jessica says:

    A bunch of physics papers I need to grade, a magazine, a book, a goldfish, a chip, my missing nail clippers, twelve pens.

  295. Helen says:

    All the things we try and hide from our gorgeous girls… including a plastic toy hammer, a whistle, a recorder, shakers and a few other noisy toys… they love their uncle’s presents.. we don’t!!

  296. Laura says:

    A few raisins, tons of crumbs, two of those little screwdriver things that come with to-be-assembled purchases, a random assortment of my business cards (?), a puzzle piece, along with everyone else I found a sock, and TWO sharpies!!! Seriously, what on earth?!

  297. Meagan G. says:

    We.. don’t have a couch. Haha, we just moved and were planning on replacing it so we didn’t bring the old one with us as motivation!

  298. Melissa M. says:

    2 socks (non-matching), hair rubberband, pair of gold hoop earings, necklace, bracelet, chapstick, lego, smartie, pistacio, and half a pretzel. I did choose to vacuum it out after these discoveries. So gross. Thanks for the motivation… OR thanks for the extra chore… not sure yet how I see this. 🙂

  299. Michelle M. says:

    Crumbs, but only a few, I’m constantly cleaning the couch because i’ve been bitten too many times by bugs living in dirty couches back when i was in college.

  300. Jen says:

    One pretzel, one remote that when missing approximately 11 months ago when (coincidentally) my son began walking, and one random plastic accessory to a toy.

  301. Allison Atkinson says:

    Cat hair, Cheerios, Cheez-Its, a Lego and a penny! I guess I need to vacuum under the couch more often than 1x a month!

  302. Angela says:

    Two nerf darts, an eraser shaped like a car, a popped balloon, various crumbs and an old bandaid (eww).

  303. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    There’s at least a bowl’s worth of Cheerios under there and popcorn…

  304. Anna says:

    Mystery crumbs, a Samoa cookie (I ate it), three pennies, my husband’s sock, coupon inserts, a sparkly pink star from a fairy wand.

  305. Terri says:

    OMG a million dollars! ok, not really. Just some expensive organic candies I give them, countless pieces of cereal, and some pretzels. Yum!

  306. Amy says:

    Wellll, see, we ditched the couch for a ginormous Foof Chair (essentially a bean bag). It gets rolled around the living room. It’s a great stunt cushion, wrestle mat, mountain, oh, and place to sit. I squooshed it over and found a crayon, 4 sheets of stickers and a hotwheels car.

  307. Susan C says:

    Cereal, Woody’s hat, two cars and a kazoo under the cushions. Under the couch = a cup of milk.. or what now appears to be homemade cheese.

    • Tori says:

      OMGosh! You found Woody’s Hat! When we are looking for something and can’t find it, we joke that we are looking for Woody’s hat, since we used to LOVE that movie and always seemed to find our Woody’s hat when we were looking for something else. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

  308. Heidi says:

    My couch cushions are attached but I can tell you what I found underneath my front car seats: 1 McDonalds toy, 8 bottles of water (that had rolled underneath the seat over time), 1 sippy cup, 1 toy car, 4 gummy fruit snacks, 2 pretzels, crumbs, 3 pennies.

  309. Marna says:

    Perfect timing, since I just vacuumed yesterday. Here was the total: 2 deflated balloons, 5 nerf bullets, an army man, some pieces of popcorn (I think), 3 Lego pieces, various broken parts of “stuff” (the kids had no idea what they went to), a part from a Diego toy set that we had given away 2 years ago.

    • Kimberly says:

      All that accumulated since yesterday? Or is that what you found before you vacuumed?

  310. Richie says:

    its a sectional, so get ready for inventory! 🙂
    2 headbands
    baby sock
    todller sock
    assorted cereal/cracker bits/unidentifiable
    hot wheel car
    pink marker (w/o cap of course)
    dirty tissue
    and of course, a couple boogers for good measure!

  311. Yooz says:

    My cat. He scared the crap out of me, didn’t look any farther than that.

  312. Kimberly says:

    What’s under my couch cushions most of the time is more cushions and the floor. Sometimes a dog, cat or child. Never a couch, because for some reason my children object to having cushions *ON* the couch and must remove them and pile them in various places and jump on them and build forts out of them. But for some reason, when it’s time to either clean the living room or look for a missing shoe, the couch cushions are suddenly far to heavy to be lifted by a child and placed back on the couch where they belong.

  313. Dianne says:

    Crumbs, a unicorn ponytail holder, a pen, cheerios, 1 or 2 regular ponytail holders. I’m not even home to look, but I know what’s there. Someday I’ll vacuum it out instead of cramming the cushions back down in shame!!

  314. Sue says:

    Oh…. I just found the long lost retainer….bonus $500 for that, except we already replaced it ): Also found a variety of snack foods & something sticky ( I don’t want to know what it is ). More items found…. One Wii remote, one TV remote, and last….only because I don’t want to dig anymore…is some Christmas decorations and candy canes.

  315. Monica says:

    It’s scary and frightening looking under our couch cushions… but for this i’ll venture there.

    Verdict: (clearing off swimming goggles, xbox remote, and garbage BEFORE i can then move cushion) cut up cardboard(no clue i’ll not ask questions), a lot of string, a tiny comb, a plastic egg that may be from LAST Easter, tiny M&Ms, crumbs, popcorn, Lego Hero Factory parts, and yes…yes that is dog food and again i’m not going to ask question that i’m scared of the answers.

    After this my kids will be cleaning said couch as they are old enough to do so.

  316. Angela says:

    There is no longer anything under my couch cushions. ONLY because I vacuumed them out less than a week ago and they have had limited child interaction since then. However, when I went to clean them out I found: a paper with song lyrics from when there was a band playing in our living room, a nerf gun dart (yellow), an outfit for an 18 month old, a green and white bouncy ball from the grocery store, and a random black plastic marble/ball thing…I don’t know where it came from or what it is exactly, but it was there.

  317. Karla says:

    An old cell phone charger (for a phone we no ,longer use)

  318. Woolies says:

    Now it is my turn to leave stuff under the cushions.
    I found
    a pin
    yarn. Various colors, various lengths. I think it might be from my knitting.
    cat har
    dog hair
    crumbs. Not sure what these are from. I am on a diet, so therefore I do not eat things that cause crumbs.
    No legos. Those days are over. TRAGIC

  319. Jenn Rodriguez says:

    Crumbs galore, hair ties, bobby pin, small Cinderella princess, and her plastic blue dress…no money 🙁

  320. Kamron says:

    Dog hair. Lot’s and lot’s of dog hair. My hair, cheerios, one of my husbands socks, 2 crayons, a pen, and an unnameable object that I am hoping was chocolate at some point…

  321. Linnea says:

    Just some crumbs. Sadly I know they are from me as I don’t let my kids eat on the couch. 🙂

  322. Emily J. says:

    Crushed goldfish crackers, the remote (been looking for that!) and ponytail holders.

  323. Angela Hamilton says:

    Cheerios. So many I think a Cheerio tree is likely to grow out of my couch! I have a 12 month old with one of those snack trap cups ;o)

  324. Liz S says:

    Lots of crumbs (especially considering we don’t eat on the couch!), baby socks, a book, several pencils and a couple of small “guys” that had gone missing. Oh, and a crayon and a paperclip. And a butt-load of dog hair (especially considering the dog is not allowed on the couch)…

  325. Robin J says:

    A plastic spoon, a kiss wrapper, a package of stickers, an almost empty sheet of stickers, a blank sticker strip (my daughter really likes stickers), a kooshie pig, a creepy little man holding balloons that I have no idea where it came from, and a lot of unidentifiable crumbs (which is weird because we don’t eat on the couch)! I don’t even care if I win, I just thought this was hilarious!

  326. Karin P says:

    Nothing because I just vacuumed it yesterday. There was a full bowl’s worth of popcorn, 2 tissues, 4 Lego pieces, a minifig ball cap (red), a Cheerio and a clear bouncy ball with stars.

  327. Amy A says:

    My daughter’s hair bows that I’ve been missing for a year. Thanks!

  328. akmom says:

    Our couch is a futon, so nothing under the cushions. However, the fold is full of nasty crumbs, and there are used tissues and pens and other random assorted junk underneath the whole assembly, at least until I get around to cleaning under there.

  329. Melissa Highman says:

    Nothing. Mine is too little to bother being sneaky or to sit still to eat. He eats on the run so the chip and goldfish crumbs are just all over the floor!
    –Love your blog. It often gets strange looks from my husband and I read it snickering or Laughing out loud. I have learned to try to explain what’s so funny but clearly guys dont get it 🙂

  330. Sarah says:

    Dog hair, two Hot Wheels and crumbs of unknown origin. To think I just had my couch cleaned. Why did I bother?

  331. Melinda says:

    hair (dog and human), crumbs, and more crumbs…

  332. Grace says:

    We have a leather couch too, but the seats recline so there is a little space for things to fall into the couch, but mostly the stuff falls onto the floor. I found a crap ton of cat hair and dust, a few pens, some crumbs, and a lighter.

  333. Ashley C. says:

    3 lbs of dog hair (now I know where the dog has been sleeping when we aren’t home) and Evil Dr. Porkchop from Toy Story

  334. Meg says:

    Tv/cable remotes

  335. Erin says:

    OMG — the REMOTE!!! Wheeeeee! Even if I don’t win, this contest was worth it just for that!

    Oh…and most of a potato chip, two Legos, a Batman figure, and a ton of dog hair.

  336. Robin says:

    A remote, two yellow socks, and a tissue!

  337. ChristineW says:

    Under our couch is lots of dust and hairballs, goldfish, cereal, sticky stuff (soda or juice that leaked all the way to the floor), napkins, rubber bands.

  338. wendy says:

    batteries, nail clippers, cereal, rubber bands, candy wrappers, a business card, the instruction book for the carseat, a sharpie, crumbs and a hair band

  339. Gretchen says:

    One hair brush, a few dirty tissues, an old bandage. Yum.

  340. Erica C. says:

    3 hotwheels cars, 2 empty fruit snack wrappers, 5 unmatched socks and about 10 barrettes (my girls never leave those things in!!). Sadly no money!

  341. Monique says:

    I have two kids under 2… and the beauty of a couch that doesn’t have cushions that lift up! It used to be a very stylish gorgeous couch… now it has rips, missing buttons, and smeared who-knows-what on it…

  342. hannah says:

    two raisins, a big pile of assorted crumbs, a decorative pink rock, and Lightning McQueen.

  343. Christina W. says:

    crumbs, various cereals, 2 plastic rings, a Tinkerbell shoe, a valentine card, and 3 barrettes. Not bad. Usually it’s more… and stickier.

  344. Mary Castro says:

    Let’s take a look…one sock, 5 hair bands, the remote, 3 candy wrappers, $1.27 in change, something that looks like cat poop (thankfully not), a chewed stick and a “science project (sticky, green and fuzzy)”. EWWWWW!!!

  345. Merritt says:

    Ewww, food, hair, enough dog hair to make a fur coat for a small child, graham cracker crumbs and the remotes that always get sucked into the black hole that is the space between my cushions. It’s all very scarey really…

  346. Candice says:

    a vicks nose inhaler
    missing cover to the batteries on our remote (thanks!!)
    enough crumbs to make a pie crust

  347. Laura says:

    handful of fruit loops, and popcorn, a hairtie, a toy car tire, game pieces, two non matching socks and a sticky stick from a sucker.

  348. steph green says:

    Blimey a lot of people want your book. Im one of them (not in the creapy way just in the sleep deprived you make me laugh on a crappy day kind of a way) so anyway use my sofa cushions theres muslei or sometimes shreddies if im lucky. Today there was also a small toy cat.
    Ps its my birthday tomorrow so I should totally win as a present! 🙂

  349. Anita says:

    Random crumbs and one of those red plastic lids off a spice bottle.

  350. Monster Meatball says:

    Cheerios of varying ages (I think one is about ready to enroll in Pre-K). Travel-size Aquaphor that I yelled at my husband for losing. Dog hair, lots of orange dog hair.

  351. Fern says:

    …an entire unopened (thank God) pepsi. SCORE!

  352. Brajee says:

    I just invested in a couch where the seats don’t lift up, and the couch is leather so no stains :). But before we got new couches we had to clean our old ones. We found two forks, child nail polish, plastic Easter egg (half of it), mascara tester brush, tons of food (I could have fed a small country, and some more crap (ok not literal crap though there might have been traces).

  353. Christina O says:

    Our couch cushions do not come up but under the actual couch is a different story. A LOT of crumbs, 3 matchbox cars, 2 missing tv remotes, a 3T PJ top, a comb, a dog chewy bone and a small plastic blues clues plate. I did not clean it all up. 🙁

  354. Nina O. says:

    Augh! What an assignment!
    Well, not too bad – crumbs, assorted Lego and pet hair! Not as scar as I thought!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  355. Those damn infant socks are everywhere! I’m always finding them in purses I haven’t used for months, under the couch, in the bed, behind the toilet, wedged between the oven and the kitchen cabinets. We need an intervention.

  356. Summer R says:

    A quick glance at our sectional, which has attached cushions, showed a few candy wrappers the children tried to hide and our puppy. Yes, thats right, the puppy is wedged inbetween the couch cushions, napping.

  357. Cordelia says:

    I hate to say it but I’m that person who can honestly say that there is nothing under my couch cushions, with the possible exception of cat hair. But that’s only because there is cat hair all over the place in my house. My 3-year-old son regularly removes the cushions so he can jump on them, and he’s this total neatfreak who would remove anything he found in the process. Don’t get all excited though, neatfreaky toddlers have their drawbacks. The other day while I was scooping the litter boxes he poured an entire bottle of pet stain cleaner on the floor… and the new puppy. He was proudly mopping it up when I got upstairs. While I was giving the puppy a bath he mopped the entire house (I’m not kidding) with the Swiffer Wet Jet, so that was cool. But then when he was in the tub he used up all the rest of the puppy shampoo on himself. Ah, well. 🙂

  358. Mabel says:

    We have couches with cushions that are sewn in and I still found chip crumbs, cereal crumbs and misc. dust and dirt.

  359. jill says:

    i had kids. they got all grown up and know everything now, so they don’t live in my house any more.
    that will happen to you one day. it is simultaneuosly so long in the future it will take forever, and just around the corner and will take 5mins.

    under the cushions of my couch (although i live in ireland and i call it a sofa) i found:
    a nail clippers.
    2 cheap biros.
    1 pink marker pen.
    half a peanut.
    and the skein of embroidery thread i was actually looking for.

    i love your blog. you make me laugh. and i need that.

  360. Becky says:

    I found:
    brand-new orange pencil
    pencil with ghosts and “boo!” all over it
    old mechanical pencil,black and red
    see’s candy wrapper (probably mint)
    piece of old straw
    red pony tail holder
    pink scrap of cloth with flowers on it
    white lite-brite piece
    ancient peanut
    assorted crumbs
    And this is just the red couch– there are 3 others plus chairs!

  361. Sarah says:

    A pair of plastic kid scissors, a crayon, and a frog (stuffed;thankfully not a real frog)

  362. Christie P. says:

    Four candyland cards. Also several blocks from “Don’t Break the Ice,” which have made it unplayable, and of course I just got rid of in the last month (because I didn’t have enough pieces to play it).

  363. Kathy says:

    Hair (dog, cat and human) peanuts, socks, a barbie, 2 library books, and my cell phone. Seriously just lucky I didn’t lose a kid in there!

  364. Angie says:

    Enough dog hair for a six week old puppy, fruit snack wrappers, a Gatorade lid and loads of crumbs. I just cleaned under here a few weeks ago, so this is all pretty new trash.

  365. Jocelyn says:

    A tiny lego duplo shovel, 2 hot wheels cars, a random piece of foam choking hazard, and a smattering of crumbs

  366. Kirsten says:

    Used tissues, chocolate wrapping paper, a drumstick and a Euro – which is weird, considering I live in Canada…

  367. Sylvie says:

    3 peanuts, unknown number (but greater than 3) all crushed up popcorn pieces, cat hairs, lego pieces.

  368. Alicia says:

    Being that we don’t actually use our couches much I’m afriad to lift them up lol. There might be a dead mouse or something *shudders*

  369. Mandy Eastin-Allen says:

    The cat! :O

  370. Dalene says:

    Lets see here, we have a few hair ties, a half chewed on pop bottle (thank you dog and toddler), cat toy, some hot wheels, a straw, lots of hair, and crumbs galore!

  371. Justine says:

    Confetti, the letter G, a yellow ear plug, and a plastic glow in the dark skeleton.

  372. Amanda says:

    I hope I win! I’m kind of embarrassed… I found an assortment of cereal, cracker crumbs. The usual stuff, a kids sock, an adult sock (my husbands) a nail file, a sippy cup, about 7$ in change (woohoo!) and the creme de la creme? A bottle of lube. Bahaha! We’ve been looking for that. Oops! 😀

  373. Deborah says:

    The cushions on my couch don’t actually come off, they’re leather and sewn on. Don’t get excited, the only reason we have a leather couch and not our crappy old hide-a-bed one is cause we had a house fire when the baby was 6 days old and we got all brand new stuff, and we chose leather cause you can spill anything you want on it, (except perhaps acid), and it just wipes off! Plus it was free!!

    Anyway….. that being said, I can certainly tell you what’s under our couch:
    Froot Loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Corn Pops (at least 1 bowl worth)
    7 assorted Transformer toy pieces
    2 candy canes, half unwrapped and stuck to the floor
    cat hair
    dog hair
    bird feathers
    14 assorted pieces of lego
    4 hot wheels cars, 2 with at least 1 wheel missing
    2 nerf gun darts
    3 Christmas and 1 Birthday card (without envelopes or money)
    1 bouncy ball
    1 broken mini flashlight
    Some unidentified sticky substance that I think at one time was Coca-Cola and other unidentifiable things
    No cash 🙁
    2 socks (mismatched for an 8 year old girl)
    1 mitten

    Now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to clean….YUK!!!!

  374. Nicole says:

    Two pairs of socks (husbands, *sigh*) the letter A, a few goldfish, some cereal, and random crumbs.

  375. Brenda says:

    A few pennies, broken crackers, crumbs, little race cars, 1 pen, and a small action figure.

  376. Shauna says:

    Crayons, baby sock, a shocking amount of dog hair, a missing teacup from a tea set and very sad piece of doughnut…..with dog hair on it. Gross! Lol

  377. Brigitte says:

    Cheerios. Crumbs, so many crumbs. Goldfish. One… eggtimer? Must be from a game. Two puzzle pieces. A plastic coin.

  378. John says:

    3 Teenage mutant ninja turtles. I’m not sure why Raphael isn’t in there. A LOT of candy wrappers, I’m going to need to talk with my youngest now…

  379. Becky says:

    I just cleaned under the cushions last week looking for all my missing spoons. Sadly, they weren’t there, and I’m running out of ideas of where to look…

  380. Lori says:

    I have a futon, so whatever gets underneath falls between the slots. I don’t look under the futon so I have no idea what’s there. On futons it’s not under the cushions, but in the little crack where the mattress folds and all the mattress cover fabric bunches up. I will check tonight and report back. This will take some courage.

    (Hey, we found our red Candyland guy a few days ago. He’d been missing too!)

  381. Kelly Nelson says:

    Hair ties. Lots and lots of hair ties!

  382. Lisa says:

    I found some Cocoa Puffs and sunflower seeds. But from BEHIND the couch, I scored – found a wooden sword.

  383. Amy says:

    About 1/2 cup of oyster crackers (aka “octagon crackers”), crumbs, hair, a few headbands, 2 barrettes, a quarter, a penny, a mini plastic baby – naked, a few hair ties…but not the remote I was seeking.

  384. Talena says:

    My couch cushions are attached and don’t lift up. If they weren’t, I’m sure they would look very similar to yours.

  385. Elizabeth says:

    rice crispies, trix, deetdack (fruit snack), hubby’s sock, stereo remote, my bra

  386. Crystal says:

    about 11tybillion pens and pencils my couch eats them a couple of my little ponys Lots of chip crumbs some dried fruit and apple core, several pennies a necklace and a few random socks oh and a bra yeah my couch eats stuff

  387. Rachael says:

    Under my couch (curse you for making me look, I usually ignore it hoping everything will disappear on it’s own): a large amount of hair (mine, the dog’s, and the cat’s), many many Cheerios ground into dust, numerous toddler/baby socks (none of which match), a pen, a puzzle piece, a couple of receipts, and a dime.

    Can’t wait for your book!

  388. Chelsi paliczuk says:

    The cushions on my couch are attached but I have an assortment of crayons, some foam blocks, a domino, a packet of jelly like you find in restaurants, and some cat fur. 🙂 stain wise I have some light brownish stains from my daughter wiping her face on our couch.

  389. Jennifer says:

    Crumbs and my wedding band (my son was playing with it last night and I forgot to take it back from him) lol

  390. Erin says:

    From my living room couch I unearthed a mountain of crumbs, various Lego pieces, 4 hair clips, a few m&m’s, 2 books, 3 crackers and a pen. My family room couch was hiding markers and crayons, stencils, a book and 6 matchbox cars, oh and a Barbie shoe and dress ( the little minx!). I try not to look under the cushions very often….it’s a scary place!

  391. Jennifer Haislip says:

    Smashed popcorn pieces, smashed cracker pieces, smashed cereal pieces, a paper clip, a 1″ long pencil with eraser, 2 pennies, 6 Lego pieces, a pair of (still folded in half, so I’m hoping clean) underwear and enough hair to make another cat.
    Love your blog!

  392. Peta says:

    1 orange Crayola washable marker
    1 “pirate treasure” doubloon
    1 plastic Octonauts thermometer
    1 plastic spatula
    1 figure of a farmer holding a shotgun, a cane and smoking a pipe

  393. Jenele says:

    Well, I swept under there last week, but it doesn’t look like it. I found Kix, Cheerios, strings, stains, lint, a cup lid, the green Candyland guy (can he be friends with your red guy?) and a tiny Budda figurine someone gave us as a random housewarming gift that I swear I haven’t seen in years. Really wondering where he was and how he migrated there. Maybe it was the Kix that attracted him…

  394. Jo Sparkle says:

    This isn’t today’s couch cushion, but once after I had someone house/pet sit for a week I found a pair of not-my-undies under a couch cushion. hrmmm.

  395. Lori Scheffler says:

    Popcorn, always popcorn, and sometimes toy cars if my son hasn’t found them yet. It’s the first place he looks.

  396. Jennifer says:

    Thank you!!!!! I found my iPod Touch that has been missing for well over 6 months! Oh, and some goldfish, legos, and a my 2 year old’s pajama top that I couldn’t find.

  397. Sarah S. says:

    LOTS of dog hair… ( dog isnt even allowed on the couch!) Some Carrots that I thought MY CRappy kids where eating! Change, 3 different kinds of Cereal! Orange Peel, something that is kinda chewed up…To be determined! A fork, leggos, and a banana peel! NOTE**** I Just cleaned under there about a week ago :0( Just cleaned again! LOL

  398. Marianne says:

    I wish you hadn’t made me look…. soooo many crumbs and tiny rolled up pieces of paper. Its actually gross ( perhaps not enough to make me do something about it…) and on the side of the sofa, we have lots of mags rolled into half, and stuffed down the side! ( for later!)

  399. Andrea Kelly says:

    assorted cupcake crumbs/sprinkles (aka jimmies)
    One “Fast Track” disk
    One toy mouse (that’s the cat’s fault)
    One knock-off angry bird plush toy from cheap vending machine

    Fairly clean…we just moved.

  400. Marilize K says:

    Lemme see… A family of dog hairballs. A used handkerchief from my loving husband and a lego. We do not even have lego in the house, so that last one is a mystery item win.

    Oh – and no kids to explain the lego either.

    I’m confussled.

  401. Sarah S says:

    crumbs, cat hair, magazine, puzzle pieces

  402. Sarah says:

    Honey Nut Cheerios, 2 legos (one blue, one red), a Frosted Mini-Wheat, 1 adult men’s sock, 1 pink sock, a cordless phone (that’s where that went) and a Princess ring.

  403. Eric says:

    Let’s see…Puzzle pieces. Dried breakfast sausage that looked like poop. Socks. Loose change. Hair from our dog who ran away years ago. More dried breakfast sausage that looked like poop.

  404. Briana says:

    there’s some left over pop that i spilled last night, pens, baby socks, random pieces of paper, baby fingernail clippers (hey i was looking for those!)

  405. cori says:

    Under 1 of 5 couch cushions, I found 1 TV remote, 1 Wii remote, 5 lego pieces, a multitude of crumbs, and 1 feather.

  406. Krista C. says:

    a plastic Easter egg, a sock, two copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a paper doll, popcorn, Cheezits, tissues, a plastic bracelet, a paper princess crown, and THE REMOTE FOR THE DVD PLAYER!!! I KNEW it was around here somewhere!

  407. Julie says:

    We have a couch with affixed cushions, but we did have to lift up the couch to rescue my hubby’s phone. I found about 7 hair clippies, 3 pairs of nail clippers, a plastic snake, a 2 inch square of purple fabric (which I was told was very important and NOT trash), a few crayons and markers, lots of popcorn, and about a dozen assorted beads.

  408. Sara H says:

    Wow! Considering we bought new couches less than 2 months ago I am shocked to find- The remote for TV we haven’t used since Christmas, 4 Mega Blocks, 2 socks (non-matching- of course), half of a graham cracker, and a mini board book. Also lots of cheerio (I think?) bits. Awesome.

  409. Bahia says:

    Crumbs, cat hair, shedded cat claws, tv remote I couldn’t find for ages.

  410. sarah says:

    nothing… we cleaned it last week in hunt for the remote (which was in the 7 year olds room go figure, no TVs in our bedrooms!!!)

  411. Susan says:

    Two books, a sock, a Lego brick, a pen, a broken crayon, and a used Kleenex.

  412. Felicity says:

    A whole lot of sand/small rocks (unsure of where it comes from since we’re in Montreal and it’s winter …), 4 popcorn kernels, 5 unpopped popcorn kernels, 2 pens, a cat toy, a plastic spider

  413. Jodie says:

    1 CapriSun straw
    1 lolipop stick
    1 hair tie
    1 used tissue
    3 puzzle pieces

  414. tana says:

    luckily we have leather sofas (wipe clean :D) and the cushions are all sewn in BUT we have a new (beautiful) fabric sofa with removable cushions due for delivery any day now and I’m not looking forward to finding food/bogies/toys/pets(?!) under the seats!

  415. Kristie says:

    Popcorn, popcorn kernels, hair, a peanut, hair, a card & half a toothpick… Kinda wondering where the other half is!!!!

  416. Jessy says:

    That was disturbing and informative. I found 12 spoons, 8 forks (which explains where all of my silverware went,) a lot of random toys (matchless Barbie shoes, toy cars, doll clothes, etc,) and a blob of I don’t want to know what…. Really. Don’t want to know what it was. All I know is it isn’t there anymore, and we will never discuss it again. *shudder*

  417. Marleen says:

    Nothing under the cushions as they are attached but since my son discovered the cushions have zippers and how to open them I’m suddenly short of change which normally lies around the place…

  418. Rebecca says:

    My sanity! I thought I had lost it! It was under the cushion all the time…

  419. Rebecca says:

    Crumbs, bobby pins and my girls’ teeny tiny hair rubber bands.

  420. NinaN says:

    Ha! I have a new couch! And the cushions don’t come off!!! (Which could be very bad if anything is slopped on it, so no food is allowed anywhere near my beloved Joshua {yes, he has a name}). Between the cushions you will probably find cracker crumbs. And they are probably from me.

    Now, the cushions on are old couch…..all of the above plus more. We have 3 kids after all.

  421. Kristin says:

    7 Cheerios, 2 dog bones, 1 pen, 1 popcorn kernel, 1 teething ring and a partridge in a pear tree.

  422. Kelly says:

    Tons of pens and crayons, toy cars, a few barbie shoes and a couple of books.

  423. Lindsay says:

    My couch cushions are boring right now as I just cleaned the couch the other day then pile it with laundry to keep it child free for a while. I do have a very funny story about the couch though. When I moved out of my Mom’s she gave me her love seat. So I took it, moved it across town (flipping it in all sorts of directions in the process). A few months after I had been living in my new house I cleaned out the couch cushions and found a viking broadsword replica. It had been missing for THREE YEARS!

  424. Aimee says:

    Cat hair, all my favorite purple grading pens (7), a red ping pong ball, a wine cork, the syllabus (from a class my one of my college age daughters took a year ago), a laminated mini Paris Metro map, a Metallica CD (thanks son), a number of hair bands, a crummy romance paper back, a Colorado hiking map, and a gift card from an electronics store that no longer exists. Just because the kids are gown up, and only come home now and again, doesn’t mean the thrill of the parent treasure hunts has to end. I will make them look under the cushions next time they come home. I plan on leaving things that will make them wonder what I’ve been up to!

  425. Christel says:

    Two little wooden tree figures, doll, 2 hairclips, a book, popcorn, “little people sunday school sing along” cd case, naked baby bear (from the goldilocks set… though someone removed his clothes), green pom pon, wooden spatula, and assorted pieces of felt. Wow… that’s bad. I haven’t looked under there in like 2 weeks though.

  426. Tara says:

    Pennies, cookie crumbs, lalaloppsy dolls…

  427. SD Murray says:

    The remote –it is ALWAYS sneaking into the crevices of the couch underworld! Along with that we had 2 quarters, a pretzel piece, the dog’s chew toy, and a spoon. (My son might be guilty of eating spoonfuls of Nutella, but I cannot imagine where he learned such a habit!)

  428. Kate Wilson says:

    I actually moved my whole couch today and found a tug-of-war rope’s worth of string, random pieces of felt, pieces of plastic, and an antler. Under the couch cushions is the remote (that’s where that went!) more rope and toy bits, and a random dog treat which will promptly rehidden now that it has been revealed. As you may be able to tell, my kid is my puppy 🙂

  429. Cassi says:

    So that’s where my red Candyland guy went. He’s vacationing at your house.

  430. Elizabeth says:

    Under the futon cushin? nothing but air. But in the fold of the cover in the dent of the seat? Ahh – there’s gold in them folds!!! Mostly crumbs, the occasional penny, OK, so really not actual gold, just gross crumbs. sorry. I wish it was gold…

  431. Tara says:

    We are pretty OCD about not eating messy things on the furniture so there’s never much under the cushions. Underneath the couch though I have my 3 boys’ baby books so they will be easy to access whenever I would want to write something in them. That happens about 2x a year though. 🙁

    BEFORE KIDS, a friend of mine dropped her two kids off for a couple of hours while she ran errands after work. Her boy turned his pockets inside out while sitting on our couch and emptied an entire sandbox onto it. I think that incident shaved a year off this ANAL couple’s life span – especially since we were still childless and were not used to those sort of occurrences! Ha!

  432. Bekah says:

    im currently sitting on my sofa and my partner is laying on it, we’re tired an unable to move, but the last time i checked i found :dog hair, crumbs, hair clips, a bra, a dvd case, and a chopstick. 😛

  433. Heather Fahey says:

    My cushions are sewn together also but my kids like to shove things down the cracks so that they end up under the couch. Under there is a large collection of dried up French fries, cranraisins, cracker parts, and other food. Also some play utensils, a couple of cars, and a disgusting amount of dog hair.

  434. Erin Mazzariello says:

    I think this was just a big trick to get us to all vacuum because that is exactly what I did! But to answer your question I found a bouncy ball, toy car, goldfish cracker, chex mix (whole and crushed) and tons of dog hair and dust.

  435. AudnZaxMom says:

    Crumbs, popcorn, and plastic bugs. (I ALWAYS THINK THEY ARE REAL!!)

  436. Michelle M says:

    Couch 1 has a reciept, my sons’ dirty sock and my husbands dirty sock. Just one of each, not sure what happened their mates.

    Couch 2 has a chewed up blue colored pencil, the wrapper fom a straw, and… the mate to my sons’ dirty sock!

  437. Sarah says:

    My couch cushions are directly attached to the couch. So the only thing under the cushions is, well, more couch.
    (Now on top of the cushions…there’s more stains than I would care to acknowledge.)

  438. Shaina says:

    I found : toy remote, snack trap lid, crumbs, a penny, some veggie straws, some bamba (Israeli peanut snack), and a bouncy ball that lights up.

  439. Melody says:

    1/4 of a cheese stick, binoculars, 3 sets of flash cards, one green sharpie (oops!), a plastic play knife, an animal balloon pump, a small ball of yellow yarn, one hot wheels car, one rhythm stick, one tube of chapstick, one chop stick, two barrettes–one with a flower and one with a crown, a brown marker, a black jumbo crayon, one toy dinosaur, a block, a brio car, the seven year old’s handmade journal, a necklace and the three year old’s “magic trick wand.”

    I really should clean more often.

  440. Karin says:

    856,000 unidentifiable crumbs of all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, couple beads, orange crayon, and fabric scraps from my serger that mysteriously disappeared the other day. One cushion I could not lift up because it was the support system to clean laundry mountain. 🙂 So many congrats on your book, how very very exciting!

  441. Amanda says:

    1/2 a piece of toast, penguin crackers, Ernie (from Sesame Street) and a car.

  442. megan says:

    My cushions don’t lift.

  443. Grace says:

    Cat hair. And more cat hair. Oh, and a chocolate wrapper.

  444. Miranda says:

    A glove, some change, a crunched up cracker, and a shiny sticker

  445. Angela Ross says:

    Well, I have reclining couches, so the cushions don’t lift off. Don’t be jealous though… it’s much worse. So things fall down this giant crack and onto the floor, which means I have to get on my hands and knees to find every little thing that always falls between the middle of the sofa crack. If they don’t hit the floor, then they fall into this pocket of fabric on the rear of the sofa, which involves me maneuvering around the back and trying to decide which recliner needs to be in the open position for me to reach dropped object while kid is screaming, “UH-OH, CARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!”
    Today I found seven HotWheels, the remote control that has been missing for about five days (yes, I would rather get up and change the channel than look for it in this contraption), a pen, a rubber alligator and a giant toenail (really husband???). Ugh.

  446. Kelly Snell says:

    Yikes, I found chex cereal, dog hair, lots of lint, and a little pink pony with long pink hair. I rescued only the pony before replacing the cushions. 🙂

  447. Heidi O says:

    We have a recliner couch, so the cushions don’t move, but everything falls through to the floor. I found lots of cereal, a few books, a pencil, some toys, two quarters, and lots of crumbs and dust. I guess it’s time to pull out the couch and sweep again. I thought I just did that the other day…

  448. Amy V says:

    Pens! Lots and lots of pens. Finally answering the question of where all of our pens go. Also, crumbs.

  449. Erin says:

    A small handful of dried cranberries and a shiny quarter 🙂

  450. Sarah says:

    Crumbs! Lots of them 🙂

  451. Kristie says:

    Hmm – the tennis ball and baby doll concern me most (ouch!)
    Crumbs (clearly, since kids aren’t allowed to have food on the couch…)
    Hairs of all sizes
    A blanket (whose home seems to be beneath those cushions due to forts)
    A princess ring
    A heart window cling (with crumbs and hair stuck to it)
    A sippy cup (thank god it’s just water!)
    And a penny (surprising because my one year old is on a find-money-for-my-piggy-bank kick lately…I have no spare change! I’m keeping the penny)

    And now my kids…and they won’t move…thanks Amber! Thanks a bunch!!! Guess we’ll build a fort

  452. Meg says:

    Under our cushions were:

    Wii controller backing
    AA battery
    hair tie
    drinking straw
    Pokemon card

  453. Amy says:

    Under my sofa bed cushions – nothing. I guess we’ve had visitors fairly recently that slept there. But under the cushions on the other sofa? Gold!

    OK, not gold.

    A 5 pence piece
    a purple sock
    two crayons (green and purple)
    a random black plastic thinger, no idea what it’s from
    the missing wheel off a red car, that I assumed the baby had swallowed
    The little wooden dog that has been missing from the dollshouse for ages
    a business card for Dragonfly one-of-a-kind baby items
    a flyer about wateraid
    a birthday card for my husband (whose birthday was in December) with VW camper vans on the front
    annnnd…a random, long (half the length of the sofa) hollow metal tube. Absolutely no idea what it is part of. Maybe it is part of the sofa?

  454. Robin M. says:

    The couch we currently have has cushions that are sewn down (brilliant!) but I will tell you that at one point with our old couch, we found so much under the cushions that we had to take a a photo. There were TWO remotes, three baby teething toys (we no longer had teething babies), a soother (that had been missing for a year), a pen, two bobby pins, two cheerios and a board book.

  455. Katie L. says:

    A tiny sock, a pen, a pink hair clip, and lots of crumbs. Time to clean, lol. But I’ll probably just go find some ice cream and forget about it…

  456. Corie says:

    $1.43 in assorted change
    2 tootsie roll wrappers
    A spoon
    6 bobbie pins
    A Monster High doll
    A giant Batman pen
    A yo-yo
    And enough lint and other grime to make a lint grime monster

    I want to know how my whole family was able to sit on all of that and not have giant butt pains?!

  457. Brooke says:

    Although I move the couch and vacuum at least once a month this is the current treasures of our couch: 5 Legos including an arm and a head, Goldfish crackers,half a crayon, 3 pennies, dried milk,a buffet of crumbs, the letter “K”,a marble, a piece of a cashew and a drawing pad crammed into the area by the arm of the couch.

  458. Sarah says:

    My couch cushions don’t lift up… which I think is worse, because I can’t get in between the cushions to clean properly. So probably a petri dish or three worth of bacteria! I hate to think…..

  459. Wyndee says:

    beads, string, used tissue (facial, not bathroom), legos, cheerios, crumbs.

  460. Jimin says:

    My sanity, first of all; peace and quiet, etc. etc. *sigh* But, really, what I found under my sofa were: broken crayons (metaphor for my sanity again), cheerios, goldfish, crumbs, puzzle pieces, teeny princess underwear, a sock, and more crumbs.

  461. Rebecca says:

    Puffs (the baby cereal kind), crumbs from a bagel, a board book, 2 old kleenex, a lego guy and a remote control.

  462. Meghan McRae says:

    Fire truck, sticky patches from kids juice, & a whole assortment of kid’s snacks crumbs! Yuck, out comes the vacuum!

  463. Claire says:

    I’m in my bedroom, so I’m doing my bed instead. Some sweet wrappers, a clean tampon in a wrapper that evaded my handbag, part of Saturday’s newspaper, a page of a t-mobile catalogue with the price plans on it, a bed sock, a spoon, a receipt, crisp crumbs and a coaster.

  464. Kathy says:

    Sock, pencil, marker cap, penny, play quarter, hair, candy wrappers, cracker and assorted crumbs.

  465. Carolynn Chamlee says:

    My hubby hates cat hair on the furniture, so our couch is covered with sheets. However, I found under the cushions:

    Kazoo, puzzle piece, and the bullseye and Jessie Lego piece. (I now know what “Jessie hiding under blanket” means.

  466. The step daughters recently made a totally rad fort from the couch cushions, so their dad used that opportunity to vacuum. So today’s measly haul brought in a just a piece of a cheese cracker (I personally tasted it to verify), a few crumbs, and a hair tie. Normally I could make soup with everything that lands in there. Oh well, better luck next time.

  467. Amy Cantwell says:

    2 matchbox cars, a hair bow, 5 goldfish crackers, 3 teddy grahams, a petrified piece of cheese, 1/2 of a cheep yo-yo

  468. Meleece says:

    My little boy’s whistle–I hid it there on purpose. My sister-in-law gave it to him cause she thought he’d like it. Of course he likes it! But seriously? I mean, she’s a mom, she knows what kids do with whistles. Does she hate me? I really wonder now… Anyway, that’s what’s in my couch. ; )

  469. Rachel says:

    I know this probably disqualifies me from winning, but at the moment there’s nothing in my couch cushions. I just vaccumed them. Last week. For the first time in over a year (that’s got to count for something right?)

    There were various crumbs, hairs and dust bunnies hiding under there though…

  470. Iris says:

    One cat toy. Many cat hairs.

  471. Caroline Webster says:

    I really didn’t want to look, but I really want to win this competition so I dared myself and found:

    2 pieces of Lego Duplo
    1 mouldy half eaten sausage roll
    3 chewed, sticky sweets
    A comb I thought I had lost months ago (yay!)
    One penny
    Old receipts
    Chocolate bar wrapper
    A sock
    Several crisps
    Half a biscuit

    I really must clean more often!

  472. Cassi says:

    Under my cushions–I’m kind of afraid to go there–are three books, a My Little Pony trading card (all boys in this house, btw), a Magic card, two pieces of mail, a tissue, a paper towel, two soda bottle lids, several assorted crayons (mostly broken), an empty applesauce pouch, a piece of pizza crust, a dead strawberry, a piece of popcorn, a jelly bean, an airplane, a transformer, a Beyblade and a half, and two of those things you peel off a band-aid. Also, a handful of couch stuffing, as my couch has been slowly bleeding out for the last couple of years. Yikes.

  473. Yoli says:

    Brownie crumbs, stained cushion, 2 barrettes, and a pencil. 🙂

  474. Melanie Rozwood says:

    A lot of Tinker Toys, some Angry Bird pieces, 2 cars and some ‘jewels’ that hurt more than legos if you find them feet first.

  475. Allison says:

    My dog started barking because there was so much fur in there ( I swept under as well). Crumbs and scraps of paper from when my oldest started to use scissors about 2 years ago… i stopped looking when I found a mushed up and melted fruit snack holding the cushion down.

  476. Sarah F says:

    I found raisens, 2 hot wheels cars, 1 pacifier, 2 mismatched baby socks, a dryer sheet, lots of crumbs, and 4 pennies.

  477. Bridgett says:

    Just a few crumbs… Nothing very exciting. It is the first place we look when something is missing, though.

  478. Elizabeth M. says:

    I have crumbs, a candy wrapper, fortune (from a fortune cookie, which, sadly, wasn’t still there), popcorn, a lost grocery list and a marker cap.

  479. Allison says:

    Toddler hair clips, hubby’s library book, dog hair, a few dried cranberries and pretzels.

  480. Lani says:

    crumbs, 2 quarters, 3 pennies, darning needle, pop tab from soda can, pencil, 3 k’nex straws, 1 k’nex sun, beads.

    OMG!!! I have to do this more often and with a vacuum LOL

  481. Kylee Rowden says:

    So our couch cushions do not lift off so I am going to tell you what was under my couch… also I don’t have human kids I have a 5lb Yorkie, a 17lb Pug and an 18lb Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug)…

    Under the couch: 5 mini tennis balls, 3 cheetos (this was the yorkie), 2 dog toys, my missing earring (also the yorkie she loves shiny objects and steals jewelry), 42 cents (most likely from falling between the cushions), a sock (the Bug), wrappers and recycling of all sorts (the Bug thinks the recycling bins are a toy box), stuffing from a toy (this would be the Pug as he hides and destuffs his toys)… oh and dust bunnies… and I just cleaned this out 2 weeks ago… sigh…

  482. Meredith says:

    Our couch cushions are very, very heavy – so my haul was not too fascinating…a couch tag. (Upside: my exercise for the day!) However, DD loves to smoosh her toys under the throw pillows to put them down for “naps”, and there I found: one articulated wooden Pinocchio, one Hello Kitty, one felted baby from the “B” pocket in our vintage alphabet wall hanging, one blankie, and an old cloth diaper she uses on her doll, who is nowhere to be found.

  483. Tasia says:

    Stickers (sparkly ones of course), creepy crawlers (rubber and previously living), hair accessories and my favorite find of all…fossilized grilled cheese bits!

  484. Dawn H. says:

    Wow! Thanks for making me finally clean the couch out! haha! I hate doing it because it’s just kinda ummmm YUCKY! Lol! Ok to start off lots of crumbs! Popcorn, some kind of cereal I think PB Crunch?!? A doll hair brush,a broken clothes pin (I use them as clips for cereal bags/chips etc.) But my 5 yr. old daughter likes to take them apart! Glad they are cheap! lol Several different wrappers KitKat, Granola Bar, Fruit Snack! At least it was just the wrappers! I would be kinda mad to find an actual KitKat melted to the cushions! Rubber band, part of a Ritz cracker, 2 craisin, and 2 wadded up grocery list! That’s is all! Haha now on to the love seat?!?! No way! I will just clean it! lol

  485. Erica says:

    a band aid, a plastic cookie, a few crumbs and about a lb of dog hair 😉

  486. Amber says:

    This wasn’t recently, but when we were in the process of moving, my husband removed the couch cushions to find about 2 pounds of dog food stashed under it. We had only lived in the place for about 6 months…so it was totally random and creepy. Haven’t found a piece of dog food since…so it must have been the place.

  487. So many crumbs….oh the horror!

  488. Jessica says:

    Thankfully this couch’s cushions are sewn to the couch so they don’t lift up. However, crumbs and baby socks have still found their way between the cushions, and beneath the couch is dog hair, a doggie diaper (pee band, really), and some stuffing from the dog bed. I’m pretty sure the baby has pushed some of that under there for me…

  489. Kyla Blythe says:

    A sock, a coaster, an M&M, crumbs

  490. Nicole says:

    Hot Wheels, Barbie accessories, a brush, a sock, food particles, and a forbidden marker. Now to not only look under the cushions but the couch itself…

  491. crumbs
    the TINY pieces that come with dolls/toys and get lost immediately (doll size hair clips, doll size brushes, toy horse sized carrots, etc.)
    And… mostly… dog fur 🙁

    — Dana

  492. Janette says:

    Mostly hair ties and combs. I don’t let the kid eat on the couch as it is fairly new (less than 2 years) She has her own chair and tray on the floor.

    I never can keep track of those hair ties and combs, tho!

  493. beth s says:

    Couch cushions are attached but under the couch: dust bunnies, 3 puzzle pieces, food crumbs, an old TV remote (don’t have the TV anymore for it), hot wheel car

  494. Lorinda says:

    My sanity…. I have been looking for that since my second son was born! Knew it had to be around here somewhere!

  495. Emily says:

    Dog food, baby nail clippers, a quarter, and the RSA security token I needed to access my work’s VPN … oops.

  496. Lindsey says:

    Chips, a piece of a princess necklace and three pens! YESSS! I was looking for those. :). And that was only one couch cushion, on the side of the couch no one sits because you can’t see the tv.

  497. Sarah L. says:

    Not 1, not 2 but 3 dinosaur stencil rulers, an old princess bandage, a pair of underwear (my 3 year old pretty much strips naked as soon as we get home), panda puffs, crumbs and what I believe is sand…apparently we need to add vacuuming out the couch to our regular chores!

  498. Anu says:

    crumbs, a crayon, a sock ….

    OMG!!!! the back to my cell phone was way in the back corner (with a poop ton more crumbs O_o)!!!!! I’ve been missing it for like a week!

    I should probably clean out more often!

  499. Juli W. says:

    Our couch must be magical because I have three kids (ages 5, 4, 2 and another on the way), and all that’s under our couch cushions is a single white thread. I don’t know how that’s possible. I was shocked.

  500. Hilary says:

    Miraculously, there’s nothing under there – my son is obsessed with our new vacuum, so he cleaned it last night.

  501. Jenn says:

    Lots and lots and lots of dog hair (we have a corgi), a knitting needle, the couch’s warranty, and a very flat rag for quick access & panicked wiping-up of spills.

  502. Deirdre says:

    Popcorn, two legos, a pen, a gnawed pencil, and two hair ties. And about a gallon of crumbs.

  503. Kim G says:

    scissors (to hide from the kids), a wii remote, candy wrapper, rubber chair pad, fish-shaped crackers, crumbs, crumbs, and more crumbs

  504. Candy Gray says:

    2 dollar store ATV toys, blanket, Thomas train foldaway tent thing

  505. Michelle Taylor says:

    I don’t have a couch at the moment because we are crazy people and moved in with my in-laws. And nothing toy/food/kid-ish goes near the couch. BUT… under the bed in our room? Total goldmine! 🙂

  506. Lindsey says:

    Some ripped up stickers, part of a Netflix envelope and lots of crumbs!

  507. Mary says:

    Lots of candy wrappers, not any candy, but some loose cereal pieces. yum.

  508. Kim S says:

    Dozens of raisins. Oh, and look at that … ants.

  509. Susie says:

    So far I’ve only got breast milk between/on the cushions….yep, gross. I’ll blame it on having twins. That’s a valid excuse, right?

  510. Tracey says:

    I cheated and my couch has the cushions sewn on!! Under the couch though- that’s where it gets scary. I have underwear (kids), socks (everyones), crayons, pens, pencils, scissors, assorted chips and food items, dust bunnies from hell, a comb, and unidentifiable fuzzy things (barf).

  511. Heidi says:


  512. Bobbie M says:

    We clean our couch often so not much under there but some pet hair and a thing of chapstick that went missing yesterday.

  513. casie says:

    Cracker crumbs and coins!

  514. Jenny says:

    13 pieces of cinnamon toast crunch cereal
    4 nickels, 1 dime, 3 quarters, 11 pennies, a crumpled dollar bill
    A tiny miniature plastic goat (aye, treasure!)
    A thumb drive most likely with a work presentation on it
    A flashcard game toy from a Wendy’s fast food kids meal (their toys are the worst which means we never successfully lose them…)
    4 broken crayons
    Enough Bath & Body Works coupons to possibly start my own franchise
    Tiny Batman action figure (he and the goat are friends my three year old tells me,…and neither of them like naps either…)
    “granny candy” hard candy wrappers
    Bottle of glitter nail polish (admittedly mine but temping to blame on the 12 year old daughter)
    “Frencho Fralooulie” the italian race car from Cars 2

  515. Jennifer Bingaman says:

    We have a new couch right? Bought it just a few months ago. After reading your post and with twin three year olds and a hubby who still plays late night video games, I was intrigued to see what I could find. Popcorn, mini hairbrushes from some doll set, a car, yogurt raisins, candy wrappers (thanks hubby) and you guessed it, shoved way under the back cushion, a sippy cup full of nasty, moldy, have no idea how long its been there, milk. At least I think it was milk. Thank you for saving my family from some wierd disease cause you know if one of the kids found it they would have tasted it first. YUCK!!

  516. Rachel says:

    A purple Hot Wheel, lots of Cheerios, 2 1/2 pretzels, a sock, candy wrapper, dog hair and 47 cents. I need to clean under here… maybe later.

  517. Callie says:

    I discovered lint, two bobby pins, a coupon (expired), and an old pacifier! I was hoping for some serious coinage…no such luck.

  518. Tanya says:

    goldfish crumbs, a half chewed dog bone, legos and a sippy cup of milk – well it used to be milk, GROSS!

  519. Kathryn Carter says:

    Our couch is a recliner so you can’t reach under the cushions. However our puppy sometimes sneaks under there unnoticed until we start to click the recliner back down and he almost gets squashed by the machinery 😮

  520. My sofa seat is stitched together, so there’s nothing there that isn’t supposed to be. Under the sofa though there is dust…lots of dust! 🙂

  521. Jenn says:

    A Barbie shoe and skirt, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man missiles…hmmm, wonder what those toys are getting up to at night?! ;o)
    Also found a juice box straw and enough crumbs to rebuild the loaf bread they came from!

  522. Alison says:

    Haha I’m loving this…I just checked and got all excited as thought I’d found some money, however on closer inspection I have….a handful of PLAY money, a pair of my sons socks, 2 hair clips, a pen with no lid, sweetie wrapper, a ton of crumbs and a few cheese thingies and …I kid you not….a random plastic hook thing, of which I have no idea what it is (hubby thinks its from a happy meal) considering this is only one of my sofas I’ve looked under I think I need to hoover 🙂

  523. dragonintherain says:

    i am afraid to look. really. it’s been too long…. and i have disgusting children.

    a plate and corn husk from the play kitchen, a magenta crayon, 4 peat pots, 3 nickles, a dime, and a penny, grape stems from an entire bunch of grapes (i’m not even going to ask) and probably about a cup and a half to 2 cups of crushed goldfish and cereal.


  524. Katy says:

    Nail clippings, catnip mouse, cheerios, half a slice of toast, some lettuce, cat fur, a grippy claw grabber thing, the extending pole sections of a swiffer and a sock.

  525. Leigh K says:

    A gallon of rice cake crumbs. Under the couch itself is probably much more interesting.

  526. Brandy P says:

    Our cushions don’t come out, but in between them there is lots of sand (we live in Florida), hair, dust, a candy wrapper (stolen no doubt), a DS stylus, a pink pen, a mini pretzel, broken pieces of popcorn, and a single orange apple jack.

    Kids are 8 and 11 🙂

  527. Shelly Ryan says:

    What isn’t under there? Toy trains, remotes, nail clippers, and all different assorted snacks. Money would be nice!

  528. Alicia says:

    I’m kind of afraid to lift mine up, but here goes…ok. Not so bad. In my couch I found a goldfish cracker, cheerio, pink headband, and some debris/crumbs trash. I’m not going near the couch the kiddos tend to sit on..

  529. Krissa says:

    One Cheerio, crumbs galore, and an orange 1961 Jaguar E-type coupe.

  530. Kate says:

    $1.22 and a working pen. Score!

  531. Jen says:

    What’s with all the popcorn kernels? I found a bunch of those, a matchbox car, some ninja turtle weaponry, 2 Legos and a fruit snack wrapper.

  532. peter says:

    So wait… this isn’t a kids giveaway? You’re not giving away any kids?

  533. Sharon says:

    I don’t have a couch. The cat peed on it, so I’m kind of hesitant to buy a new one. But for now, it looks like there is only cat hair, batteries, legos, & small cars under the dining room table chairs that “temporarily” live in the living room.

  534. Tracy says:

    Dog hair, a bottle cap, and half of a cheddar bunny. And some more dog hair.

  535. Meriel says:

    Half a banana! Just hope the other half got eaten…

  536. Melissa Wright says:

    Woohoo for this post!!! I found the long lost Wii remote! Thank you!

  537. Tori says:

    a rainbow miscellaneous crumbs
    2 washers
    1 mechanical pencil
    popped bubble wrap
    2 of my daughters hats
    my sock
    my daughters tshirt
    beenie baby
    misc wrappers

    Pretty tame this time!

  538. Jackie says:

    I found some pulverized cereal, a pair of Thomas the Tank underoos (Gordon, the one my son doesn’t like), our extra house key, and 15 half-chewed lollipop sticks. Gross!!!

  539. Angela B says:

    Found enough dog hair to make another dog, cereal, and a whole lot of crumbs.

  540. Josefine says:

    Nothing, to my surprise!

  541. Kathryn Carter says:

    Our couch is a recliner so we can’t hide things under the cushions. Our puppy sometimes sneaks under while we’re reclining and we don’t know until we almost squash him with the machinery putting the recliners down and he vocally protests…

  542. Carolina says:

    Goldfish crackers, assorted Hot Wheels cars, items I have to strategically hide from my daughter (such as a nail file, a back scratcher, and small choking hazard toys). There might also be a puzzle piece or two, but I’m too scared to actually look closely.

  543. Meghan Misenti says:

    I found:
    A half drunk water bottle, a disgusting amount of crumbs, the title page to Lady and the Tramp (little golden books version), pa
    Part of my earbuds, a bottle cap, one oenny

  544. Pumpkinette says:

    2pairs of scissors, a teaspoon, an empty raisin box, a roll of Sellotape, toy money (got excited when I saw it then realised they where plastic ), chocolate wrappers, an a4 notebook, an old lotto ticket (still need to check it isn’t a winner but I doubt it) , my spare glasses I lost last December, a magazine dated August 2011!, my kindle fire (been looking for it for 2 weeks now), a reindeer print sock, a plastic pony, a magnetic fairy wand with 1 penny stuck to it, some dog hair and a selection of miscellaneous crumbs. Phew! That was under the cushions of 1 couch. I haven’t checked the other one yet – or worse still under the couch itself! I tend to swipe under the couch every once in a while with a coat hanger. It always brings a good selection of toys, hair, empty wrappers, old food and missing stuff. You should all give it a go and see what’s under there. It’s always more exciting than under the cushions. Oh yeah and I would love to say that my couch was better pre children but it was pretty much the same minus the toys.

  545. Joanna Wynne says:

    a crunchy, an old shriveled up carrot, a plastic ball, and lots of crumbs

  546. Marie says:

    Two dog toys and a bunch of goldfish cracker crumbs.

  547. Caroline says:

    My cushions don’t lift – but between the cracks is cereal (mostly rice bubbles) 🙂

  548. Elena says:

    The couch cushions don’t lift up, but in between the cushions there’s plenty of room for stuff to hide. There were lollypop sticks, a lolly wrapper, iTV remote (that sucker is way too small!) and Geo Mag -magnetic metal sticks and balls (yes, nice visual).

  549. RaeAnne says:

    An orange peel, a silver fingerless dance glove, a butter knife, and a pharmacy reward card still in the envelope.

  550. Christine says:

    I don’t have kids, but I love reading your blog, and one day I look forward to having my own kids 🙂

    Under my cushions I found an unbelievable amount of cat hair, three hairties, a book I had long forgotten I even owned, a mouse (cat toy), and a chocolate bar wrapper! I have now cleaned under my cushions lol

  551. Allison L says:

    Popcorn kernels, a pacifier, a coupon for 20% off at toys-r-us, a tater tot and Lego Pieces, an insane amount of Lego pieces.

  552. Dina says:

    We also have the kind of couch where the cushions are sewn down. BUT, in between them we have some quarters (my two year old is really into money right now), some crayons. AND underneath sofa, we have several magnatiles, some mega blocks, a puzzle piece, some markers without tops, some marker tops (of course they don’t match up), and several assorted balls.

  553. A hair rubberband, Duplo person, measuring spoon, a large green leaf, toddler sock, and about 1/4 cup of crumbs.

  554. Morag says:

    A pink plastic star (from a bracelet), a plastic leaf, feathers, fluff and a few crumbs.

  555. Jennifer says:

    6 Legos, crushed up golfish crackers, 2 fruit snack wrappers, 4 marbles, and a hair scrunchie.

  556. Tatiana says:

    A TV remote and a bit of dust … I expected to find at least one toy or puzzle piece, but didn’t see them! I do have 2 young kids though 🙂

  557. Avrael says:

    Crumbs. Lots of crumbs

  558. Lynn says:

    Can’t lift my couch cushions 🙂 Leather sectional and the cushions are stitched to the rest of the couch…now under the couch is a whole other story…

  559. Erin St. Jean says:

    A colouring book, hairs (they’re mine I think?), popcorn kernels, a polka dot barrette, the remote…

  560. Jocelyn says:

    Crumbs. Lots of crumbs. Maybe should vacuum more often. Lol!

  561. Sarah says:

    Nothing! I don’t have a sofa. Strange, but true. If I look under the cushions of the armchairs its only dog hair and random dirt…

  562. Wendy says:

    Baby socks, yay!

  563. Stephanie says:

    My couch cushions are in nonstop action to build forts. So right now, under my couch cushion, is a three year old and about 12 of her stuffed animals. On my couch where the cushions were…well, it is pretty much what everyone else has posted along with some Hungry Hungry Hippo marbles.

  564. Jolene says:

    I don’t have a couch. It was falling apart and we got rid of it and bought 2 “cuddler” recliners instead. So I can’t lift the cushions, but I can tell you what’s under our recliners; 4 abc blocks, a batman figure, and a teenage mutant turtle figure under one and the other has Sophie the giraffe and 3 doll diapers underneath 🙂

  565. Jessie says:

    Crayon, mini dinosaur figure and lint!

  566. T. Johnson says:

    I laughed so hard at these responses! But I’m laughing because I can relate: Cheerios, human hair, dog hair, cat hair, dirt, fuzzies, crumbs, teething ring, paci, toy monkey, and several mismatched socks.

  567. Anne says:

    OK, in honor of this I will repost something I put on Facebook a while ago…
    Today on “Things Found Under My Couch:”

    Several socks, some loose change, 3 bowls, 1 plate, 2 slippers (not matching), 1 hair clip, 1 purple hair ribbon, 1 pink toy thermometer, 1 glove, 1 Zhu Zhu pet (goes by “Chunk”), some goldfish, the TV channel guide, some dust bunnies, and 1 ukulele. Yes, that’s right…a ukulele. Oh, and …a Strawberry Shortcake doll.
    I also forgot about the acorns and the 2 wind-up ladybugs (one green, one blue).

  568. Heidi W says:

    Maine and a triangle block. More specifically, the Maine piece of the US puzzle 🙂

    Congrats on your new book!

  569. Beth-Anne says:

    A few books (bookshelf beside couch), popcorn, lego, magnetic letter L, hot wheels and unidentified crumbs. I should probably clean that today.

  570. Nicole says:

    Well I have one of those Ikea sofas where the cushions can’t be removed but I found a small dog worth of black Labrador hair in-between the seats! Yuk!

  571. says:

    My cushions are stuck together with spilled milk which subsequently dried…. yuck

  572. Ann says:

    3 pieces of Lego, 1 fluorescent orange plastic dinosaur, some dried rice, hair and broken-down foam from the cushions. Ick.

  573. Jenny says:

    3 Cheerios, 2 different socks, a fairie (to which my daughter exclaimed ‘Periwinkle!’), a bobbypin, my husbands long lost Transformer t-shirt, and enough dog hair to build an entire new one! All of which I left where they were (except for Periwinkle, my daughter is now flying her around the room. And yes, I left the Transformers t-shirt – it’s god-awful. It can stay ‘lost’ for a little longer 🙂 .

  574. Pumpkinette says:

    Update on the lotto ticket – not a single number. Oh well

  575. Liz says:

    To be perfectly honest, I refuse to look. I am just too scared to find out. It is just better to not know. 🙂

  576. Melissa Carle says:

    A whole bunch of crumbs, small rocks, a leaf, a fake toy cookie (too bad those aren’t fake, toy crumbs), and a single doubloon (fake coin from a Mardi Gras parade). Not even any REAL change. Boo. What’s the point of looking under couch cushions if there isn’t even any real change to be found?

  577. Anne Lu says:

    Just a couple chiweewee hairs (my kid is only 3 months old, I’m guessing this time next year the couch will yield more treasure).

  578. Mary R. says:

    A sippy cup (oh god, kill me now), indistinguishable cracker/chip/cereal crums, a variety of different adult socks (teenagers, ugh!), two mismatched toddler socks, a Fisher Price Little People goat (Sammie’s been looking for him for a while!), the remote to a TV we don’t have anymore, someone’s earbuds, a fork, a really scratched up Lion King DVD (RIP), and my husband’s watch.

  579. Karah says:

    Crumbs, dust, those baby “puffs”.. ha

  580. Ashley says:

    My couch cushions are actually attached to the couch, but between them I found cat hair and some fingernail clippings. Ick.

  581. Holly says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I did this last night, and found: a Go-Gurt wrapper (eew, not sure how old it is), 4 Legos, one Finn McMissile (for those of you without little Cars-obsessed boys, this is the spy car from the movie Cars 2), Berry Kix (assorted colors), a marker missing its cap, my son’s missing winter hat, and a hair tie (that one is mine!)

  582. Victoria says:

    We have a leather sofa that doesn’t have cushions but let me tell you what I found in the folds. Nerds (candy not people), ring pop ring with some melted sucker on it. Hair (I hope from someone I know). Plastic ponytail holder hot pink and green. Pen. I also found a dime which I kept and a bottle cap to a water bottle. Can’t remember last time I bought one. I now realize I need to clean more often.

  583. Sasha says:

    1 gold snow flake glitter piece, 1 pair of kids’ Ikea scissors (THAT’S where they got to!), 1 DVD remote (DITTO!), approx. 1 slice worth of breadcrumbs, 2 half-chewed apricots, a piece of orange peel, half an oatcake with butter, a small portion of an abandoned knitting project, and a mangled Christmas card. I think perhaps I should crack down on snacking outside of the kitchen, especially since this is a sofa bed!!

  584. Sarah says:

    I refuse to look because if the 18 month old realizes the couch cushions pull up my list will start looking like all those up there^. Currently probably just assorted food and change.

  585. toni adams says:

    I lifted…. i screamed in horror… i put the cushions down and backed away slowly

  586. danielle s says:

    2 pennies, a single kernel of popcorn, a bar towel, a fruit loop, a bib, two cheerios and a receipt.

  587. Andrea B says:

    Hair and some crumbs.

  588. Laurel says:

    One boardbook, two mismatched infant socks, the dvd remote, an assortment of unidentifiable crumbs and a lot of hair- my hair. I hope I’m not going bald.

  589. Margaret C says:

    Lots of crumbs, two plastic animals, cat hair and a toy spatula. Not bad, I was expecting worse.

  590. Nicole says:

    Lots and LOTS of dog hair, a paper clip, Polly Pocket’s skanky skirt and 2 hair clips.

  591. Sherri C says:

    Our missing sippy cup! Nice!

  592. Erinne says:

    I feel kinda bitchy even saying it, but we have one of those really small handheld vacuums and my 3 year old LOVES taking all the couch cushions off and vacuuming the couch. It’s not like my house is clean in general or anything, but the couch is probably about the cleanest part.

  593. Nicole Kennedy says:

    I have 2 little girls, Alexandra and Ginger. In my couch I found a nickel, 4 multigrain cheerios, 2 of those little plastic thingies companies use to package toys, a “Little People” lego doll, and a receipt. Lol.

  594. Alesia says:

    Tons of crumbs!!

  595. Macy says:

    I kept wondering why we never complete a puzzle, then I saw my 1.5 yr old son inserting puzzle pieces on the sides of the couch! When I lifted up the cushion, he was so excited to see the toys we have not seen for months. Next thing I saw was him shoving a cheerio inside his mouth!

  596. Jamie says:

    We’re in the middle of yet another military move and everything is kind of messed up, but the last time I cleaned out the couch it was something like this: a twisted up cardigan covered in cat hair, a ball of yarn, one size 9 knitting needle, a pair of infant socks that the devil cat has not yet found and hidden, three empty packets of fruit snacks (my husband’s, not my kid’s), a sippy cup, a receipt or two, and some change.

  597. Samantha P says:

    I haven’t cleaned under there in about a year. I got up and checked and there is absolutely nothing under there! We rarely sit on th couch anymore b/c our two year old uses us for a jungle gym when we make the mistake of sitting on it. He uses it all the time so I am surprised at how clean it is. Lol

    • Samantha P says:

      No if you had asked what was in my car good lord it was scary!!! I did find a missing sippy cup that I thought had fallen into the void never to be seen again and it wasn’t gross thankfully b/c it had water in it.

  598. Karen says:

    We have a couch, but the cushions don’t lift up……but I found the tv remote down the side…..awesome!

  599. Erika says:

    enough crumbs for a meatloaf (sigh)

  600. Charlene H. says:

    A ribbon, one and a half crayons, crumbs, and some kitty litter… i suppose it sticks to his fur or paws and gets distributed that way. 🙂

  601. Elizabeth G says:

    I have a single black ballpoint pen. I clearly do not have kids (yet!)

  602. Laura says:

    mostly just nasty crumbs. occasionally I find a train. I tried hiding books I hate there, but they found them!

  603. Nichole p says:

    2 little people people, 3 cars, 2 Legos, and lots and lots of popcorn. Sadly… The popcorn is from my husband and NOT my 1 or 4 year old lol they r much cleaner!
    Love your blog and cannot wait for the book!

  604. akorn says:

    So THAT’S where my kiddos went!

    Just kidding! Nothing but dust and the occasional bug under my folks’ couch cushions (sadly, I own no couch of my own just yet).

  605. Jenny says:

    All I can say is…I want to own a lot of stock in Cheerios. My God, if we eat half as much of them as we find, I’ll be a millionaire!

  606. Steve White says:

    Nothing under my couch cushions, but that is because every flat surface in my house is covered with bits of paper, string, googly eyes, stickers, markers, pipe cleaners, play-doh, glitter, and my little pony items. My daughter, the budding artist.

  607. Kia Castillo says:

    Crumbs, from myself…. He nurses and I eat snacks on the couch. LOL

  608. Len says:

    Lots and lots of crumbs. Must clean more often.

  609. Cameron says:

    We have a weird couch from Ikea. The cushions aren’t removable, so fun and/or gross stuff can’t collect under them. I often wonder what’s UNDER the couch, but it’s a huge heavy L and we haven’t moved it in the five years we’ve been in the house. There’s only about 1/2″ gap between the floor and the couch so I can’t see under there or vacuum or anything. It will be interesting when we eventually move!

  610. Veronica says:

    My couch cushions are sewn to the couch, but under. My couch I’d a lego man head, a homemade paper superhero (7 yr old selfmade boy paper doll), and a bakugan tightener.

  611. samantha b says:

    A toddler shirt
    A penny woop woop
    A lucky charm marshmallow
    And hopefully soon a crappy book 😉

  612. Lisa says:

    Under the cushions wasn’t as bad as I thought, a lot of dust, a couple pieces of popcorn, and a Ninja Turtle. Under the actual couch were a couple toy cars, and a Wii Fit and Mini trampoline that haven’t seen the light of day in longer than I care to admit!

  613. jodi says:

    I found cheese….. not a slice, not a little segment… a full 1kilo block. I have no idea where it’s come from….

    • Jade says:

      OMG- I’m dying over here! I guess someone felt the cheese needed to age a bit more! I can’t even imagine what your living room would have ended up smelling like if you hadn’t been inspired to lift up your sofa cushions just now!

  614. Rebecca says:

    hmm…pink pencil with hearts, granola bar crumbs, dog fur (even though they don’t lay on the couch), 3 pennies, and Hershey Kiss wrappers

  615. Karen says:

    A book, a fairy, and a few wooden blocks. The kids looked for me, and I’m almost certain that the cushions will be scattered throughout the house in a matter of seconds!

  616. Ashley says:

    some shopko magazines, cars, chips(a bag and crumbs) a pair of socks, car seat straps/buckle, tissue, and a bracelet.
    And that’s all under the smaller couch…the other has a cover and I’m sure MUCH worse under there XD

  617. Christina Eberhardt says:

    A glow stick, lot of crumbs, a glove and a random peice of fabrick that I am clueless as to where it came from

  618. BethH says:

    Oh my goodness it took me FOREVER to get to the reply spot!!! LOL, it took even longer to make the list of everything in my couch cushions…
    3 hair ties, a brush, wii remote, random AA batteries for the wii remote, crackers, cookie crumbs, string cheese wrappers, a fork (that’s where that last one went), chap stick, a sock, another sock, a couple of pennies and a dime (kept those too), a book, a sucker stick, and a pair of headphones…I think I need to clean my couch out a little more often :/

  619. Jenn says:

    Fruit Roll Up wrapper, one chewed rawhide bone, cat hair dust bunnies and a penny (keeper!!) Ill be putting that baby away for mommy’s day out fund! 😉

  620. Chris says:

    popcorn, explains why I found none one the floor…

  621. Robin says:

    I don’t actually have a couch at the moment, as I’m waiting for my new place to be built so I got rid of the ugly flowered hand-me-down from the grandparent in anticipation of something new we can coat with snot, juice and cheerio dust. However, not long ago I found a rock in my bed that my little one and I were sharing at the time. A big rock. A big rock that I didn’t even notice until I changed the bed.

    Ehrm, to clarify, we were sharing the bed, not the rock.

  622. Susan says:

    Goldfish cracker dust and Barbie shoes

  623. Alex Godfrey says:

    A pencil, 10p coin, 3 magnetic letters, cheerios, little plastic man with a leg cast (from my daughters toy ambulance!), baby sock and loads of dust!

  624. Lynny K says:

    2 hair combs, a McDonalds toy hairclip, lollipop stick and m&m’s.. whens the last time we had those in the house I wonder o_O

  625. Charlene H. says:

    A ribbon, one and a half crayons, crumbs, and some kitty litter… i suppose it sticks to his fur or paws and gets distributed that way. 🙂

    Someone must have the same things under their couch because I just got an error message saying, “duplicate comment detected” and I’m pretty sure I only pressed “post comment” once!

  626. Dirt, some popcorn and DUDE I found my keys! haha

  627. Kim Ellis says:

    goldfish, dog hair, and some change….i left it all there

  628. Kelli says:

    Oh boy. . . some Mardi Gras beads, a few socks. . . I think a Barbie leg and some sort of lego man. Thank goodness it was only one cushion!

  629. Cher says:

    Enough dog hair to make a new dog, and a piece of uneaten microwave popcorn (not sure how I missed that!).

    My cushions don’t really come up from the base of the couch, so doing this involved the level of courage reserved for reaching into the garbage disposal… so I just wanted you to know how cool I think the BLAD is, because I think if I ever drop something valuable in the garbage disposal, I will just stop using it. Forever.

  630. Sara says:

    Just lots of cat and dog hair and crumbs from who knows what!

  631. Owen's Mom says:

    Under my cushions? Nothing – but only because I had a home inspection today and vacuumed th yesterday while on a cleaning spree.

  632. Karen Hatch says:

    I have crumbs. But I am scared to look under the cushions because when I lived in Arizona I saw bugs on my couch, lifted up the cushion and there was a white “bubble” thing that had THOUSANDS of itty bitty spiders crawling out of. OMG it was the MOST DISGUSTING thing ever. I wanted to burn the couch. I am getting shivers goosebumps just thinking about it now. Who would have thought the couch cushions could be mentally scarring?

  633. Marielle says:

    My cushions don’t lift up but I checked the floor under the recliner parts and it’s just really dusty…eeek!

  634. Amber says:

    The cushions aren’t so bad…it’s under the couch itself that’s scary. We were in the middle of moving and the movers picked it up to haul out and low and behold!! Pretty much the entire fridge was under there. My then 4 year old, whether he finished his food or not would store the rest under the couch. I can remember if I was more upset at my lack of being clean or the fact that you could make dinner with what was under there.

  635. Amanda says:

    Cat toy and a bobby pin. Haven’t used a bobby pin since 1985 and bought the couch after that – go figure.

    Wait! Is the bobby pin a ‘lipstick around the collar?’ Has my husband been cheating with a bobby pin wearing tramp on our couch? Huh. Well, if he has that much energy, good for him, I certainly don’t 😛

  636. katie says:

    If I look,I’ll make myself clean it so I’m not going to look for a very long time.

  637. emily g says:

    I would have much rather just looked UNDER the couch (less scary) but… Since my cushions don’t come off, I had to reach down there. I found two handfuls of crumbs, a french fry and the remote. Terribly frightening and risky win.

  638. Nora says:

    Three crayons, a spoon, a bell and candy wrappers, no candy 🙁

  639. lucy johns says:

    Hubbys guitar pick, a pound, glittery hair band, lego man arm, fluff and some crumbs 🙂

  640. Rachel says:

    Crusts of toasts. So that’s where he hides them…

  641. Cathryn says:

    Lollipop, crumbs, Raisinets.

  642. Megan says:

    We just moved into a house and don’t have couches yet. But when we did, there were blocks, coins, and sippy cups/bottles. And usually one of the 4 remotes.

  643. Michelle says:

    Wow. I honestly thought when I lifted the cushion that nothing would be under there, but I found a cheerio, dog hair (from the dog that we have away last year!!!), a gobstopper, bobby pin and other random crumbs. Now I have the vacuum out LOL

  644. Rebecca says:

    Post kids – Hair, dust, food crumbs and a hair tie! Pre-kids was pretty much the same 🙂

  645. KL says:

    Baby sock, popcorn kernel from last nights popcorn, 1 cheerio (now eaten) 🙂 Not too bad:)

  646. Kimberly says:

    Oh, dear God. I just found like two boxes worth of q-tips. What the hell?! Why? Just…why?

  647. Claire says:

    Fruit Loops, cat fur, dog fur, dust bunnies, random dried up unidentifiable bits of food, smarties, little rocks, sadly no money.

  648. LeahM says:

    A sock, two matchbox cars, and smeared yogurt on the underside of the cushion.

  649. Allyson says:

    Half a bag’s worth of microwave popcorn, assorted coins, the missing remote to a dvd player we don’t own anymore, and about 27 juice box straw wrappers.

  650. Diane says:

    Popcorn pieces (yes I eat there too). Purple crayon, red lego piece. Yellow pencil stub – no eraser (it had been chewed off)
    A receipt from Walmar from 2011. No money – a baby bib (used).

  651. Jules says:

    Mainly what’s under my cushions is a random assortment of choking hazards meant to be hidden quickly from the always-hungry toddler….here we go…the dog’s ear medicine, half of a crayon, a memory card for my camera, a spool of ribbon, a phillips screw driver, a pen, another pen, box of kleenex, un-inflated balloons (she’s terrified of all balloons,) an individually wrapped piece of dark chocolate, a sharpie, paint swatches from Lowes, scissors and 3 socks, none of which match of course.

  652. Rachel says:

    Alright, I’m only going to lift one cushion, because we don’t have all day.. haha. But I’ll lift the one my 3yo likes to sit on most.

    Assorted cereal, cat food a pen, a pocket watch, a pom pom, a few playing cards, pony beads, a couple raisins, dried out pieces of cheese, sock, plum pit, rubberband, raisin box, wax from those damn babybel cheeses, popcorn.. umm, this is shameful, can I just stop?

  653. Bonnie says:

    Nothing. Can you believe it?! So anticlimactic. Husband had cleaned and tidied. He’s a keeper! (The couch is from Ikea and is OK.)

  654. mb says:

    Holy lot of comments!

    We have a futon, so things generally just get stuck in the crease where it folds: lots of candy wrappers (my husband’s, not the kid’s) and a few pens and bobbi-pins.

  655. Beth J says:

    We don’t have a couch! We were going to get this great, green sectional from craigslist but the guy never got back to us ): Instead we have a futon, so under that is the floor! The floor is covered in a few cloth diaper prefolds that don’t get used in our pocket diapers very often, three bowl/baskets for sorting play, a Strawberry Shortcake’s friend doll, 3 blocks, a Dr Seuss book, a pair of crocheted slippers, a password jewelry box, an Animals baby book, a Dr Pepper bottle filled with water, a pool noodle and a paper plate with some remains of food still clung to it, but I can’t tell what because I’m getting dizzy from leaning upside down to check xD Can you believe I only have one kid???

  656. Kimberly says:

    Goldfish cracker crumbs…but it is entirely possible they are from my husband and not my kids! :/

  657. Erin says:

    Lots of crumbs and dog hair, marbles, coins, little people (the plastic variety).

  658. Lisa says:

    Lots of crumbs, nail clippers, balloon, and paper.

  659. Alison says:

    I DREAD putting my hands under there, specially in the crack where the part under the cushion meets the back of the couch. We regularly use the cushions up to make forts etc but rarely do I venture a hand into that dark tight space, full of unpleasant surprises. I once wore gloves after touching something that made my skin crawl, just to find out it was a large piece of squashed banana, stored for a later snack perhaps? on my last venture into that abyss (about a week ago), the long lost remote was retrieved from the very depths of said crack, as well as magna tiles, a stray sock, a few marbles a dried up blueberry and of course lots of crumbs of unknown origin:)

  660. Pam says:

    Raisins, fruit snacks, and a toy car. Oh, and a few peas. Not sure how the peas got there 🙂

  661. Steph says:

    Reading everyone else’s makes me jealous lol. We just have some crumbs under there, as my husband likes to “snack” while lying down on the couch. So that’s all we have right now. Although we have, in the past, found cat toys, batteries, hair accessories, remotes, etc.

  662. Courtney R says:

    A q-tip (gross), 4 hair elastics, lots of dog hair, cat hair and popcorn.

  663. Amanda Reed says:

    A hairbrush, 2 pony tail holders, a few bobby pins, some cereal, crumbs of unknown origin, the remote control, pennies, and a pair of underpants… I hope they just fell out of the clean laundry basket.

  664. Becky says:

    Oh lord…cat hair, litter (long-haired cats kind of suck), fingernails, one penny, Lalaloopsie Mini pet dog, 8 raisins and 3 hair ties

  665. Andrea Cruz says:

    3 quarters, 6 pennies, cookie pieces, a dirty fork, 2 AA batteries (?), deflated balloon and scrap paper. 🙂

  666. Spencer Montlick says:

    cushions don’t lift up. in the crevices around the cushions I only found a loose staple (*ouch*) and lots of crumbs. I must have gone searching for something missing recently, b/c usually there’s tons more crap in there.

  667. Paula says:

    A spoon (and it isn’t clean, gross), 2 blocks, a book, a magazine, popcorn, a clean diaper, I am sure if I looked deeper, there may be a dirty one. A hair bow.

  668. Jennifer says:

    My couch cushions dont come out…but UNDER my couch…let’s just say it’s horrible. Even if I move it on Monday, sweep the dirt, cheerios, random toys, etc up…buy Wednesday it looks like a hobo has been living under there for a month!
    I’ve already pre-ordered my book on amazon! I can’t wait!

  669. Crunchy Cake says:

    goldfish crackers, rubberbands, comb, play food, and a flashcard.

  670. Michelle L says:

    I’ve got a type A husband who cleans a lot. Yes, he’s a dream! We’ve got NOTHING under our couch cushions!

  671. Yvonne Garnett says:

    No kids, three cats…… puke, hair balls, 7 plastic milk carton rings, 12 bottle caps, numerous rubber bands , a dead bug legs removed, popcorn kernels, hair tie, toilet paper roll, 40+ cat toys and last but certainly most important , my drivers license missing for 2 months. Wish you would of posted this sooner, then I would not have to of spent 2 hours THIS MORNING getting a new one!!!

  672. Kim says:

    Our missing cordless phone; LOTS of dog and cat hair, and random crumbs. And a sock that probably hasn’t fit my daughter for years. Maybe it’s the neighbor girls? I hope so! Oh, here’s a pen and a broken pencil! No money 🙁

  673. DeAnn says:

    A kid. (My 6-year-old thinks no one can see him under there and he’s waiting to scare his daddy when he comes home.)

  674. Beth says:

    My couch cushions are sewn to the couch iteself, but there is a huge gap between the cushions to the floor. There is juice or some sketchy liquid that was spilled from the top all the way to the floor. EW!

  675. Christa says:

    Lots of dog fur (enough to build another dog!), cereal, popcorn, pens, pencils, crayons, a library book, a few socks, puzzle pieces, a couple of toys, and a piece of a sandwich. And I just vacuumed them out a couple of weeks ago. :-/

  676. Debbie says:

    Crumbs and dog hair (and the crumbs wouldn’t be there if the dogs could get to them!). Our 2 year old won’t let a toy go missing for long, even the smallest ones!

  677. PattiJo says:

    A huge raisin (I hope) and the petrified crust of a sandwich from the days of yore…

    Looked under the arm chair cushion. I’m not in the right place mentally to check the couch right now… O_o

  678. Pip says:

    I found a headless $2 shop ‘barbie’, a small sock (yay!), crumbs, iceblock sticks and my daughters snotty tissues that she must think ‘disappear’ once she’s shoved them under the cushion. I also need to clean more often!

  679. Melissa Savitt says:

    Dog hair, crumbs (unidentifiable source), dog toy, key, scarf (lost since last winter?!?!?), sock

  680. Ailsa says:

    A ridiculous amount of toast crumbs, several beads and a lego head!

  681. Jaimee Gleisner says:

    2 pretzels, a toy car, the remote I was looking for, and a pinwheel.

  682. Genny H says:

    Cheerios, bobby pins, rubberband and a Valentine’s day sticker card.

  683. Kim H says:

    Dog fur, cereal, French fries (yes, my children do get to eat those occasionally – and occasionally on the couch too!), Barbie brush, mardi gras necklace, wrappers, toe nail clippings (EWW! Gross Daddy!), hair tie, THE REMOTE!!!! (Yes!!!! I found the remote!!! I’ve been looking for that!), Taiwan dollar (we just got back), that piece of that you we’ve been looking for (never fails – I go to put it back and now we’re missing a different piece too. Oy!), toy car, battery, dog fur, a book, a ball, 17 light bright pieces (that toy is annoying!), another wrapper, um, something else… I don’t know what it is, but I don’t wanna figure it out!, more dog fur. Oh, and with these discoveries the kid that I watch says “How did it get so dirty? That’s so messy!” Yup, definitely not my kid.

  684. Emily says:

    A sock, a dollar in change (cha-ching!) that missing shoe (yes!) and various trash items (cough drop wrapper, lint, cat fur).

  685. Kim says:

    Our couch cushions dont come off but there are lots of crumbs and cat hair in the cracks!

  686. Sandrea says:

    Let’s see…. Kix cereal, a sippy cup, 2 pens and a pencil, a butt load of change (thank you very much hubby!), a dog bone, fabric scraps, a dead bug, play food, plastic jewelry, a magic wand, the spare keys my husband lost last month, has already had replaced, but SWEARS he checked the couch already, and something else wedged in the corner that is sticky and smells kind of bad. I’ve removed the keys and the change, I’ll let the hubby take care of the rest since he need some practice looking under the couch!

  687. jenny says:

    Before kids I was what you would call a “clean freak” and I would dust vacuum scrub floors wash sheets, WASH my couch cushion covers just about weekly. YES OCD.. but once my lovely daughters arrived..I just had to let some of that go. Just the other day I decided to vacuum the couch so I lifted up the cusions and found a stash of barbie dolls (which Dear Hubby does not really allow) and empty Candy wrappers from my little hoarder, Lucy. Those “found” items made me smile. I felt it was my little happy secret that she got candy she didn’t have to ask for and joy for her carefree playing. Congrats on the book publishing! Thanks for giving us a chance to WIN!!!!

  688. Chelsey says:

    If you would have asked me over the weekend what was in my couch I would have said goldfish crackers and toy cars. My 15 month old found the goldfish crackers, though, so now we just have toy cars. Yay for having a human vacuum!

  689. Jason says:

    Lots and lots of puffs, puzzle pieces, socks. Who knows what else I’m afraid to dig too much.

  690. Davita says:

    Cheerios plus other assorted food bits, a car, two pens (dangerous in the hands of a three y/o-thank goodness he didn’t find it), and a plastic strawberry.

  691. Jessie says:

    Straw wrapper, Christmas ornament (wow!), Cookie Crisp, 4 pens, 2 crayons, 1 walkie talkie, toy wrench, popcorn, a seal shaped sponge, rubber band, schoolwork paper, 1 Go Fish card, and a spoon. This is embarrassing!

  692. Kelly says:

    You wanted honesty-I’m too scared to lift my cushions up!!! Have a feeling if I do I may need to burn my sofa and can’t afford a replacement – so in going to live in a bubble that they are clean!!! (And get hubby to Hoover them tomorrow!!)

  693. Tracie Osimanti says:

    Lots of unidentifiable crumbs, a green duplo block, a dried up blueberry, Pepperidge Farm goldfish (they almost don’t count because they’re EVERYWHERE), half a piece of turkey bacon and my husband’s wedding band.

  694. Corinne says:

    cheerios, legos, a small tank, marble, popcorn and a hot wheel.

  695. Nicole says:

    Bouncy Balls, Lots of cat fur (gross), French Fries, Socks 🙁

    BTW, I will buy your book. Your site has made me laugh too many times not to support the cause. I never feel alone thats to everyone that posts.

  696. Wanda B says:

    I cleaned on the weekend, but still found cheerios and a soother.

  697. melissa atchley says:

    feathers that have escaped from the cushions. wish there were more, but we recently cleaned. 🙂

  698. Sarah says:

    Baby sock, my watch (yay), teething necklace, crumbs from crackers (most likely goldfish and rocket ship cheedar crackers from Trader Joes)

  699. Kelsae says:

    Looks like a smattering of dog hair and a hairband thingy. I’m leaving it there.

  700. Nora N says:

    I found a million bobby pins…*ahem* Now I wonder who those belong too *blushes* haha

  701. Chelsea says:

    Dust, and dust, and dust, and toy cars……

  702. Sylvia says:

    I found two ink pens, a dryer sheet, one cheerio, a straw, and lots of crumbs!

  703. Katie says:

    I did this last night before you even told me to! No, I’m not psychic, I was searching for a lost kids DVD from the library that is costing us a dollar a day!! ACK! Anyway…under the cushions we found 10 (yes TEN!!) hair ties and approximately 348929834 lbs of crumbs. We did not find the lost DVD. Sigh.

  704. Chris B. says:

    Empty PopTart wrapper. 1/3 of a crushed PopTart. 3 pencils. An xBox 360 controller. A LOT of crumbs. 3 socks. And possibly Jimmy Hoffa.

  705. Natilie says:

    Goldfish, 2 ponytail holders and a Lego man.

  706. Boo says:

    A dinosaur (small toy, not real), a sock belonging to an adult male, many many crumbs and bits of Bombay mix, and some shrivelled dried peas…. Lovely.

  707. Jade says:

    Crumbs, a few bits of popcorn, and just one piece of a building kit. No, I’m not a clean-freak. It’s just that my little guy is constantly taking the couch apart to build forts. On almost a daily basis! I think I’ll actually miss this phase when he’s older. I enjoy playing in his forts too 🙂

  708. Cynthia says:

    A half chewed dog bone, a quarter, a pizza crust (seriously?), two remote controls, and loads of lint and bread crumbs!

  709. Christina F. says:

    There’s nothing under my couch cushions. We live with my parents, and they have those fancy, leather reclining couch things, the kind with built in vibrators. But we keep them unplugged because my toddler likes buttons too much!

  710. Lynnae says:

    my couch cushions don’t lift up because i am a genius who thought of these things ahead of time before buying the couch. of course, what i FAILED to realize is that without couch cushions to lift and clean, all the crap that *would* have been under there is now actually INSIDE my couch, where i can’t get to it to clean it out. did i mention i bought it 5 years ago? eeew.

  711. Nici says:

    Angry bird finger puppet, stickers from Sonic, 1 dime, 1 nickel, 5 pennies

  712. Jen b says:

    I found about a bowl worth of fruity pebbles, assorted goldfish, 3 wooden blocks from that evil wooden block set they sell at ikea, a fork, 2 chewed up straws and crumbs presumably from crackers or bread…. Yummy. I clogged my dirt devil sucking it all up

  713. Cristi Brown says:

    I just used 13 year old slave labor to vacuum out the couch just yesterday! I heard a lot of moans and sighs and saw a lot of eye rolling but was fortunate enough to not see all that was under there.

  714. Erica Pinedo says:

    Well I just cleaned it out the other day but I found a napkin, crumbs, my hair, a few Cheerios and goldfish crackers, my missing cell phone case and a marker. I am so excited for your book to come out! I can’t wait to read it!! 🙂

  715. emma sheppard says:

    My sofa (that’s UK for couch lol) cushions are sewn down so we only get stuff between them and at the back. I just checked and we seen to be stock piling cereal, raisins, crumbs and a pot of bubbles . Clearly u had to play with bubbles even though my little man is asleep in bed.

  716. MrsBeef says:

    Cracker, popcorn, hair bow, magnetic letter, straw, Captain America disc, toy screw, and a giant hole!

  717. hannah says:

    I have a futon, so no cushions. But moving the blankets around, I found 14 goldfish. Only the white ones. The yellow ones get eaten immediately. The white ones get hidden because they are not yellow and she doesn’t get more until her snack bowl is empty.

  718. Tracy Mailey says:

    Goldfish crackers, dish rags, fuzzy sock, medicine dropper, nose freida and my spare mail box key! I should look under here more often…

  719. kelly r. says:

    I found a bunch of crumbs, a chocolate chip, the tail piece to a toy airplane and a used Kleenex.

  720. Daniel James says:

    Just the usual cookie crumbs, lego, wifes sewing tape measure (the kids are attracted to this thing) AND FINALLY!!!! FOUND OUT REMOTE CONTROL!!!!

  721. S says:

    Ha! I specifically bought a couch that they cushions don’t detach for this very reason – although this has backfired as I can’t flip the cushions and they are sagging now. Can’t win.

  722. Sarah says:

    I don’t want to look!

  723. Laura says:

    Tons of crumbs, about half a dozen hair elastics, a nickel, my one year olds toy Giraffe, a pair of pajama pants, a dried out wipe, my eye make-up remover (I have been wondering where that went), a sharpie, a crayon, and my hair brush.

  724. Lisa Nuckols says:

    2 toddlers and a baby… a wii remote, a binky, a handful of goldfish and fruit loops, a breast pump storage bag, chapstick that appears to have been half eaten, fruit snacks, and half of a granola bar.

  725. Samantha says:

    Okay I looked under the one closest to me. Didn’t feel like putting them back together. Yeah I’m lazy like that 🙂 under this one I found, a sock I had seriously been looking for! lol a bottle cap, a pair of little boys underwear, a matchbox car, and the reload clip to my son’s toy gun lol.

  726. Kelly says:

    Luckily my couch cushions don’t come up… but don’t ask me to look under the actual couch.

    GL with the book!!

  727. Sarah says:

    Ummm lets see
    -A sassy with gross dust balls( pacifier in my own language, my native language is French so I speak my own English…don’t worry DH still doesn’t understand me!)
    – ripped pieces of papers that kids sneaked under the couch cuz they mess around with our mail again
    – a black sock
    – a few Legos from the princess castle
    – the stupid cat ( I’ve got nothing against cat I love them but not in my house) from the dollhouse set my daughter got from DH aunt when she was two and mistreat since she doesn’t realize how much it cost therefore she doesn’t care if it breaks
    – and surprising that’s it!!! Aside from tons of dust balls ( sometime I do think I have a cat in hiding with all these dust balls!!!)

  728. Gail says:

    4 Hot Wheel cars, 5 barettes, a comb, 2 quarters, 1 dime, 4 pennies, the TV remote, a DVD, half of a box of yogurt covered raisins, several kernals of pop corn, a car key, an ear ring.

  729. Jenn says:

    Peanuts. Lots of peanuts. We don’t have peanuts in the house, so where’d they come from?

  730. Sarah says:

    We recently got new couches so I’ve been really OCD about NOT letting anyone eat/drink/touch/breathe on the couches. The only thing are feathers from the down pillows…because I don’t feel like collecting them and throwing them out, so if one sticks out of the pillow, I pull it out and shove it down in the cushions. I’ll vacuum eventually…

  731. Meg says:

    lots of crumbs and a leaf of basil.

  732. KipT says:

    Before we had kids we bought a leather couch thinking it would be easy to clean. We had no idea that we had also bought something fr more valuable – a couch with cushions that are stitched on and stitched together, so *nothing* gets underneath! There is still a deep crease between the cushions and the back though. It’s filled with the most astonishingly crusty dust I have ever come across… no idea what it’s made of, but it feels like toast crumbs and looks like teeny tiny chips of road metal…

  733. Lauren A. says:

    Today, just a bit of lint and a few crumbs. But that’s only because I check it more frequently after FINALLY finding our portable phone that had been missing for two months! (Our couch has this odd black hole section that is actually part of the frame and it frightens me to stick my hand in it.)

  734. Sarah White says:

    So Funny that I read this today because I JUST got done cleaning my couch for the first time, in well…it’s be awhile. I found a TON of dog hair, a broken glass sand timer, a book, cereal, bottle cap, a pair of doll glasses and a sock.

  735. Jessica M says:

    Some candy wrappers!

  736. Rachel says:

    I almost gave up commenting when it took me 10 min to scroll through the comments on my tiny phone. But here goes hope i win…under big love seat only warranty papers. Under couch…wii remote we have been looking for so thanks for that 🙂 popcorn kernals dirt string tissue and hair. Yuck.

  737. Leonie says:

    Last night there was a mouse! – but the cat got him.
    Today there was a hair comb, a pencil, some orange peel, an activity playmat and lots of crumbs n cereals of various sizes and flavours!

  738. jen says:

    Crumbs under the cushion of the couch no one is supposed to eat on!!! Legos, 2 quarters….keeping those….and some Bendaroos, and a smelly sock, ugh!

  739. Rachel Shirron says:

    I have dog kibble in the corners of the couch, that and dog hair make up the contents under my couch cushion!

  740. Caren D. says:

    Today I was lucky enough to find cat barf in between the cushion besides a teething toy. At least the baby didn’t do the barfing.

  741. Michelle C says:

    Under my couch right now are various game pieces that I could probably put together in some way to create a whole new kind of FeedTheWildcraftCandyLandSquirrel game, about 93¢ in small change, lots of fuzzballs, a dusty sock, a doll’s shoe, 6 broken crayons, and some fuzzy raisins (I think).

  742. Ana says:

    Unidentified crumbs, quite a few pens, and a ton of broken hairbinders (my boy cat loves them more than any toy I’ve paid money for!).

  743. Melissa says:

    Nothing, sadly, nothing…

  744. Ann says:


    It’s not because I’m a clean freak (*snort*), but because we just got new couches 2 weeks ago. And because I’m freaking brilliant, I purposely got couches that have the cushions attached so nothing can get lost in them. I mean, what’s the point of that anyway? Oh wait, that’s right. To lose every piece of your Fridge Farm. Because that’s exactly what happened with our last couch. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  745. Melissa K. in Nebraska says:

    I have a fairly new couch and as I go to see what’s under the cushions, I learn that the cushions don’t actually remove. They are firmly attached. So who knows what’s under there!

  746. Deirdre says:

    I’m excited about your book, but I’m not sure it’s worth looking under my couch cushions. Ok, I’m an adult, I can do this: One small animal worth of assorted dog and cat hair; many, many hair bands–both teeny tiny elastics for braids and larger ponytail holders; 2 knit headbands; an entire pack’s worth of gum wrappers and several pieces of hardened, chewed gum; a variety of cereal, popcorn, raisins, and crackers (trail mix, anyone?); 3 Legos, a library book that I probably already paid for; crumpled homework pages; 2 pencils; 1 pen; and disgusting used tissues, because apparently my children all have broken legs and cannot hobble to the garbage can. In my defense, we have 3 children and 2 sofas. Now excuse me while I go get the vacuum cleaner!

  747. Christy says:

    One day way back when, we found a condom wrapper. Must not have worked too well since we have 2 kids 🙂 These days, we have the cushions that can’t be removed. And hubby had THE surgery, so no need to find any condom wrappers 😉

  748. Sharon says:

    Lots of dog hair. I only get money out of the washer. and I keep it.

  749. Karime says:

    A crayon and crumbs

  750. FannyCH says:

    Nothing under the couch cussions but under the couch itself an empty vanilla yogurt cup with spoon, two chocolate wraps and a half eaten banana in the skin.
    When we are at someone’s house the kids behave normally like crazy people because they empty all chips and nuts in record time. The running gag for the adults is that they are probably not well fed at home, so they have to see what they can get elsewhere. Now I see that there might be some truth behind all this…

  751. kara says:

    ooh a French fry! they say 99% of Americans have a lost french fry in their homes or cars. take a look, I betcha find one. ever notice fries don’t mold? theyre OVERLOADED with preservatives… so maybe it’s ok that my dog just ate that fry I found in the couch?

  752. Samantha F. says:

    We custom built our own couch a couple of months ago where we also can have nothing under the cushions! Currently on top of them though are two of my three children, tons of play food, 3 blankets, and something white is smeared all over one pillow but I don’t know what it is. : )

  753. Traci Easton says:

    Love, love, love your blog, but not loving what’s under my couch cushions…and I don’t even have children! So, what’s my excuse for the following: a pen, a marble, 2 dice (yes, not one but 2), enough dog hair to create a “soon-to-be-wildly popular miniature dog you can carry in your trendy purse”, random strands of yarn and a squeezy ball dog toy. Based on my couch, my hubby and I are obviously dog people with gambling problems… :/ hmmmm….. Might want to work on that after my hubby is done vacuuming and cleaning the couch since he literally dry-heaved when we lifted the cushions. Don’t judge. 🙂

  754. Cheryl says:

    Sadly, nothing funny. I actually had the vacuum cleaner out a short while ago and cleaned under my couch cushions.

    Another great contest idea: Contents of your purse before and after children. My sister-in-laws is pretty funny at both stages.

  755. Krissy Mosqueda says:

    Sand, sand, & MORE SAND! Also, there was a throw blanket, a T-shirt, 3 pencils, countless Cheerios, & A DVD.

  756. Lisa says:

    A raisin box with three raisins and a cat claw (what!) inside it, a flash card with a picture of a giraffe on acid (I think it’s just meant to look happy but, I’m telling ya, that animal is high as a flipping kite), some token crumbs and a few pens. And a spoon.

  757. Jordan says:

    The cushions don’t come off my couch. Everything goes into the bottom and I let it out by opening a zipper. I found DVDs, a baby sock, books, hair elastics, toys galore, enough cereal to feed a third world country, pens, jewelry…pretty much anything you can think of.

  758. Emily says:

    I found an old, crumpled streamer, a letter my 6-year-old wrote of all the people in her life she wants to make friendship bracelets for, an old dog fingernail, a spider sticker, and about 13.2 million crumbs. I threw up in my mouth a little at the last 3.

  759. Victoria says:

    Couple of legos, crumbs and lots of cat hair

  760. Kim says:

    Crumbs, legos, matchbox cars, wii remote, ds pen

  761. Jenn says:

    14 Cheerios, 3 Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (that I haven’t served to my kids in at least a month), 1 animal cracker (that my 22 month old happily picked up and ate – I shudder because I honestly do not know how long it had been there- popcorn remnants, pee stains (on the under side of cushions), spilled milk stains (some near the pee stains, some on top of the cushions)…. oh and an envelope attached to the couch that says “Important Warranty Information”. Which we have totally blown by now.

  762. Jess says:

    Let’s see…Cheerios (seems to be the trend), a few hair ties, some Lucky Charms, LOTS of crumbs, and some nail clippings…which only means hubby has been picking his toe nails and sticking them in the couch AGAIN! Yuck!

  763. Jill says:

    Chips, cheezies, popcorn and silly putty. That’s going to be a bitch to get off.

    • Rachell says:

      Try rubbing alcohol! (I went to bed once with glow-in-the-dark Silly Putty in my hand. I was 28.)

  764. LALewis says:

    We just vacuumed under the cushions last weekend, and it is something we do every few weeks. It didn’t look too bad – the required random Cheerios (I’m pretty sure the state can take your children away if you don’t have Cheerios under the cushions), a sock with no mate, what appeared to have previously been string cheese, one AAA battery, and the assorted dog hair, cat hair, and general debris that accumulates. But then I found THE HOLE.

    Right between the cushions, where little fingers love to poke, was a hole big enough for a tiny hand. I turned the sofa over to inspect underneath, and discovered that there is a cloth bottom as well, so no access to the “sofa guts.” Fearing the worst, I pried the little hole open a bit more. Inside was a toddler’s paradise. I found the missing pacifier, random pens, and puzzle pieces (I can’t remember the last time I did a puzzle). Further exploration uncovered her snack stash – cereal, popcorn, crackers, and bits of almost anything she has ever eaten. I ended up having to open up a very large hole to clear it all out (though just replacing the sofa was discussed).

    The best part was the indignation on the face of the toddler when she discovered me deep cleaning her treasure trove. There was yelling, there were tears, and finally she just laid on the floor – face in the carpet – and screamed. It was many hours before I was forgiven. The tantrum started all over again when she discovered that the hole had been taped shut (the fabric was too weak for stitching).

    She eventually got over it and now I know to carefully check every time I clean under ANY cushions. Lesson learned.

  765. Katie K says:

    Well… we have a 6 month old, two dogs and two cats (who are all allowed on the furniture). So I can safely say under my couch cushions have never been clean! Oh ya and I am also married to a farmer so please keep all this in mind as I leave you my list:

    4 bottle caps (beer – Keiths. The best kind.)
    two quarters
    a screw
    a drillbit
    chips crumbs
    some gravel
    3 pieces of straw
    various other food particles
    … and enough sand to one day fill our LO’s sandbox.

    Hmmmmm… now I need to go find my vacuum and maybe hire a maid!!

  766. ashley says:

    kix, lots of kix… oh, and cheerios too..

  767. Brian E says:

    lots of unidentifiable crumbs (some connected by lint), a barrette, 3 hair rubber bands, and a blanket (that’s there on purpose to make the saggy spot not so obvious). now I wish I hadn’t looked since I don’t have time to vacuum it out (too busy typing this).

  768. Sam M says:

    I actually just cleaned it out last night after my 2 year old spilled her drink between the cushions. I found an assortment of cereal pieces, a couple pretzels, two bracelets, a piece of orange yarn, a pink sparkly pen, a plastic balloon stem, four barrettes, a penny, and way more crumbs than I really care to admit. Congratulations on the book!

  769. Tammy1409 says:

    We have a sectional so although the cushions don’t come off I did find remnants of popcorn kernels hiding in the cracks between the sections.

  770. Dani says:

    Under the legs of the couch, if I’m lucky, I find a sippy cup with cottage cheese milk inside…yay!

  771. Rachell says:

    I had to choose what’s under my futon, because the futon has slats and there’s nothing under the cushion: 3 socks, 4 Korean floor pillows, 3 pairs of slippers, one pair of flip flops, a catalog, the empty box for a transcribing foot peddle, an atlas, and a cashew. (No kids here, but I still love your stories!)

  772. Amy S. says:

    Congrats on the book! Wow, I just found a yogurt raisin, several regular raisins, a tiny rubber band, a phone charger, a penny and goldfish cracker. What is it with goldfish and couch cushions? 🙂

  773. Melissa says:

    Under the cushions of my two couches combined: two pennies, grapes, stacking cup, pot holder glove (?!), bottle of corn oil, one sock, a knitting tool, two pencils, a toy fork, two pieces of pizza toppings, a hamburger patty, a toy car, crumbs, a sticker, a Fruit by the Foot paper, and a Wii game my son thought he’d lost. Oh, did I forget to mention that all the food is play food? 😉

  774. Flint says:

    The cushion monster’s mouth revealed,
    An unpleasant surprise.
    A sock, a shoe, a remote or two,
    A stale pile of fries.

    Some lost Legos, a bit of hair,
    Some pennies, a nickel, a key
    Lint, an earring, um, underwear?
    (They didn’t belong to me)

    All that stuff, lost ‘forever’,
    This list I am not fakin’.
    Just wish I hadn’t found the book,
    With a bookmark that was bacon:-/

  775. Ashley says:

    My cushions don’t lift up either. If my couch could store all our lost possessions, I’m sure we’d find at least 10 binkies (where on earth do they go?!), socks, Mega Bloks, diabetes test strips, cat fur, and crumbs.

  776. KristiP says:

    one sock, one ponytail holder, and a lot of crumbs/dirt

  777. Krista says:

    Cereal, Legos, cars, cat hair. Pretty standard.

  778. Caroline says:

    We have a 9 month old and last weekend got rid of our couch. so we could have more room. it was a perfectly good couch. Our living room has slowly become just a rug and toys and a chair.
    It began by pushing the coffee table out of the way…then getting rid of a hazardous end table…then shoving the couch to the side to have a visual of the baby while i was in the kitchen…now it is all gone. it’s embarassing. we always said before baby that we were going to be sure she would adjust to our life, ha yea right. she is super in charge and we both cant stop.

  779. Asha says:

    I’m actually surprised, there was only a few crumbs, bits of fluff and a fifty dollar note(to my misfortune it was only play money). I was expecting to see a few bits of lego, cereal and skylander cards as per usual but no, not today. Somethings not right.

  780. Cheri says:

    A half munched on section of a cutie, a laser pointer, pistachio shells, a stylus for our iPad, a leaf of spinach, a doll shoe & hair brush.

  781. Amanda says:

    Wow, I should really check down there more often! I found a whopping 23 pennies, plastic boat, misc crumbs, 2 pieces of hard stuck on candies I had to scrape off ewww, a sock, the missing lens from my 3 year olds glasses, and a pair of scissors accompanied by the missing gas bill cut into teeny tiny pieces (the 7 year old has some explainin to do when he gets home) AND while seeing how entirely gross it all was I decided to clean it and went overboard digging down into the sides of the couch and found my favorite camera I replaced 3 months ago! yay me!! HAHA

  782. Anne says:

    The rest of my couch..??

  783. Lee-Anne says:

    Crumbs, Cheerios, raisins, a pen, ear plugs and a toy mouse (we also have a cat)

  784. Miranda says:

    We have an awesome couch. It has no removable cushions, but it does have a pull-out pop-up section under it, which was meant to be practical and convert it to a full-size bed. But it really transforms the couch into a magical cave for hiding children! My 6-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl play under there with their stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, and whatever toys are en vogue at the moment.

    So, under my couch you will find a delightful hideout that I do not clean out ever 😀

  785. Julie says:

    We just purchased our couch so it is not as bad as it usually is. I found two hair ties, a Cheez-It, baby sock, and an old cell phone works as a toy now.

  786. Molly Burkholder says:

    I found raisins, goldfish crackers, Cheerios, the little people sheep that’s been missing for days, and a mitten.

  787. lauren says:

    i still find baby socks in the couch after leaning it out like a million times! i dont know how they keep regenerating!! my kids don’t wear baby socks anymore.

  788. Faith says:

    Our couch cushions don’t lift up, but underneath the loveseat there lies: a sock, an envelope, a massive cat hair/dust bunny blob (it may run the entire length of the loveseat!), and a few airsoft bbs.

  789. Jenny M says:

    Remote to the DVD player, 8 assorted hair elastics with lots of hair still attached, the plunger to a play doctors syringe, a bouncy ball, & a drum stick.

  790. Delia says:

    Can I just say…gross! I guess I’ve avoided looking in there for quite a while…you only had 4 legos? I scored 6, plus candy wrappers (from Halloween?), fruit snack plastic bits (multiple), a strip of plastic from the top of a gogurt tube, popcorn bits (lots), part of an oreo cookie, a toothpick, 2 pencils, rubber bands (presumably from the shooter my son made with legos), a spoon, a jelly-belly bean (tempted to eat but did not), and the only thing of value, a pocketknife that my 12 yr old son will be happy to see again! Plan on buying your book regardless if I win this…

  791. JTL says:

    One tennis ball (it was down the side), two dog bones, one battery, 3 chunk of lint/dog fur, a beer bottle cap, and a clean, folded tissue. The last one’s the weirdest.

  792. Kristy says:

    Amazingly enough, all we found was one lost racecar! It was the Japanese car from Cars 2 and he’s been missing for months now… my 4-year-old is SO excited!

    I think we lucked out because our couch just has one big cushion that goes across the whole length of it, so it’s harder for stuff to get lost under there.

  793. Kim says:

    Enough crumbs to feed a colony of mice for a year. I will never buy this design of couch again, because it is almost impossible to get the cushions out. I thought that meant there would be fewer crumbs to clean, but I WAS WRONG.

  794. Hooray! I love giveaways! I don’t have a couch, I have a lay-z-boy! And I found three pieces of crochet work inside. LOL

  795. Kayren Mosurinjohn says:

    a tiny domino, popcorn, the letter “y” and enough dog hair to make another dog.

  796. Susie says:

    3 pens, 1 pencil, 2 quarters, hair, 1 lego piece, a matchbox car, 2 hair thingies, and crumbs

  797. victoria says:

    A few leapster game cartridges & a Star Wars guy….. usually worse, but hubby got disgusted and annoyed last week & cleaned it all – including washing the slipcover…..and sending me a not so nice text at work 🙂

  798. Sara Grubb says:

    There’s a lot, considering its a big couch and we have 5 kids…

    There’s a clean, unused cloth diaper insert, at least a who,e packages worth of saltine cracker crumbs, $2.58 in change, 7 business cards (?), 13 die cast cars, 2 mini Barbies, an assortment of mini Barbie clothes (all of which are more stylish than mine), the empty case to Tangled DVD, the empty case to How to Train Your Dragon DVD, an old phone the kids play with, cat treats, a squished juice box, various alphabet letter magnets, lots of trash. No I didn’t clean it.

  799. Lindsay Lyman says:

    This was a frightening experience. 3 crayons (one partially melted…not sure how that happened…), 4.5 goldfish crackers, 2 socks stuffed waaaay into the couch, and one toddler fork. Apparently I need to look in here more often. Yuck.

  800. Steph says:

    as loath as I am to look ….. a red lollipop opened and stuck to the bottom cushion, plus a petrified seahorse. I was too scared to look under the other cushion…

  801. Evelyne says:

    Crumbs crumbs crumbs and the remote control I have been looking for for days. Thank you!

  802. Savannah says:

    Under my couch cushions… Well… In between reall because my cushions are attached… I have found enough Cheerios to sink the Bismarck, crushed up mum mums, bits of the last 6 months supper and a toy car… Oh look the remote!

  803. Rochelle says:

    The cushions don’t come off but under the couch I found: two matchbox cars, two girly hairties, one puzzle piece, two butterfly stickers stuck to the carpet, one game piece and a dead click beetle. Now the kids are trying to jam more stuff under there…

  804. Aubrey says:

    I am now married to a neat freak who doesn’t allow food out of the kitchen or toys in the living room (though we frequently break that last one). However, before I married him and the kids and I gave up our chaotic lifestyle of folly and indiscretion, I had a couch. It was so nasty from three kids and two dogs, that I kept slipcovers on it that were washed the night before he’d come to visit. When I moved, he helped me though it in a dumpster. I hated for him to see it, but we were married then, too late to run! BWAHAHAHA… Anyway, I cut out the bottom cloth to make sure I hadn’t lost a twenty in there or something. I found a LOT of cereal, ponytail holders, cat hair, Barbie shoes, a pair of Tweezerman tweezers I’d been pissed about losing, some change, and a petrified hot dog piece and chunk of string cheese which had turned to plastic.

  805. Angie Dowland says:

    A nerf dart, polly pocket plus high heel polly pocket shoe, disgusting used ice cream treat stick, goldfish cracker (this one seems to be popular) and approx. 3 lbs of dust/dirt. Who has time to vacuum now that we have kids?
    Congrats on the book 🙂

  806. Anna says:

    A quarter of a cats worth of cat fur… And no I didn’t clean it out!

  807. Christine says:

    1 Cheerio
    3 frosted flakes
    1 jelly bean
    1 pistachio
    (I ate the jellybean …. sigh)

  808. Allie Wiley says:

    Half eaten goldfish, legos, a matchbox car and lots of dog hair-gag

  809. Crystal says:

    There’s my missing knitting needle! LOL. A dirty sock and a wad of tootsie roll papers.

  810. Paula says:

    Ugh, lots of dog hair, crumbs and a dried blueberry.

  811. Skye says:

    I am almost embarrassed to divulge the contents of my couch, but … many, many countless Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies carcasses in various states of dismemberment, Finn McMissile, one men’s adult sock, several men’s toenail clippings, and some candy cane.


    I don’t have kids but I sometimes keep my 3 young cousins. We go in the car a lot. So before I started taking the kids on little road trips my car was spotless…maybe some change under the back seat. Now however there is melted candy, melted crayons, 3 Matchbox cars, plastic jewelry, about 15 tiny action figures, a My Little Pony hair brush, a mirror, lipstick, lip gloss, 2 plastic bags, a cereal and peanut mixture, food wrapper from McDonald’s, a smooshed happy meal box, press on fingernails, 1 Popsicle stick and probably enough change to fill a soup can…I would get the change, but it’s stuck in all the melted stuff. Don’t get me started on the seat cushion…it has been puked on, had slushy monkey spilled on it, peed on…not to mention all the dog hair. Ugh! I need to hire someone to clean this out!

  813. KB says:

    Crumbs. Lots of Crumbs.

  814. Michele says:

    Tennis ball guts and a single triangular piece of dog food. I vacuumed it recently when I was searching for my lost wedding ring that I thought my 19 month old hid.

  815. Sara says:

    Dirt, dog hair, popcorn, shredded bits of paper and a hole in the couch liner to the floor; which is a whole nuther story!

  816. Ashley Brown says:

    3 pens, 2 pennies, one ping pong ball, a spring, and a farm animal baby book. Plus crumbs.

  817. Cheryl says:

    Guaranteed there will be Lego bricks and marbles. I’m not even going to look. Legos and marbles have parties together in every room of my home.

  818. Mel says:

    SPOONS!!!!! Normal spoons, tea spoons, baby spoons, disposable coffee spoons, toy spoons. And hair (feline, and mine), jigsaw pieces, sandwich crusts, hair elastics, straws, parts of McDonald toys…

    Will your book be available in Australia, or will I have to get it from amazon? Can’t wait!

  819. Lisa says:


  820. Michele H says:

    We just got these sofas a week ago and amazingly nothing has found it’s way under our cushions yet.

    But funny story about our old sofa… One day last week we hadn’t seen our cat in a few hours and my son heard some meowing. However, every time he got up off the couch, the meowing stopped and he couldn’t find her. But whenever he sat down again she started up again. After a half hour of this, he lifted up the cushions and found her sticking her paw up through a hole in the couch. She was actually INSIDE the couch! Somehow she got in there and could wiggle her way back out.

    Anyway, hope this makes up for not currently having anything under the cushions.

  821. Lisa says:

    A penny, crumbs, wrappers, gum, ponytail holder, and a piece of plastic.

  822. Lisa says:

    Our couch is leather (cheap from Craigslist) and the cushions are sewn on so nothing gets stuck in our couch:)

  823. Christine says:

    1 ice-block stick, 1 marble, 1 ballpoint pen and a Bakugan. 4,565 crumbs.

  824. Karleen says:

    Yay! The lost remote! (Actually, not quite under, but sort of squished so far down the side it still counts as under.)

  825. Lisa says:

    A plate, sippy cup, fork, squished yogurt tube, crumbs, , a pair of kid underpants and a pencil.

  826. Joy G says:

    Our couch cushions don’t come off, so I just reached down in the cracks (panic inducing activity) to see what I could find. It mostly felt like the crumbs of a thousand toddler snacks gone wrong and I found one empty ziploc bag.

  827. Mai says:

    just had a look. a box of new shoes tried on last night, Plants versus Zombies — cherry bomb, dr. zombus, and the sunflower –, pieces of building blocks, slippers, toy car, and Power Rangers robots with no arms, arms of the Power Ranger robots at the other end of the couch.

    • Mai says:

      oh, these are not under the cushions but under the couch. we have a wooden couch with cushions on it but there’s a lot of space underneath, so anything goes.

  828. Heather Mohr says:

    Crumbs, crumbs, and more crumbs…and I don’t eat on it!

  829. Glynnis says:

    Nothing!…but my little buy is only 6 weeks old so that won’t last I’m sure…

  830. Amy says:

    A pocket knife, goldfish crackers, crumbs from other unidentifiable foods, dust, and (ew) hair.

    An odd assortment…

  831. jane says:

    a dried something that appears to be a fetticine noodle, one raisen, one metallic bead–suitable for choking.

  832. Kirsten Glinke says:

    Two socks, an undershirt and the nail clippers I had been looking for everywhere. But I was only brave enough to lift one cushion so I’m sure there’s some food or colony of mice under the other one.

  833. Gen says:

    Butterfingers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrappers because I’m a slob and that’s where I hide them when I’m trying to be sneaky about eating candy, a ball of yarn with a half crocheted sock attached (oh, that’s right, I took up crocheting for two seconds, didn’t I?), a pretzel, Lightning McQueen (thank god, the world ended when he went missing and now I can be Super Mom and return the idol to those that worship him), crumbs crumbs CRUMBS, and an assortment of Duplo blocks.

    *hangs head and gets the vacuum*

  834. Lea says:

    Hmm, some cheerios, a fortune cookie wrapper (we had Chinese last night), a missing remote, a toy cell phone, cat hair, several socks, a toy car, and other various types of dirt that I am sure a CSI lab would have a field day with.

  835. Kim McCarthy says:

    Crumbs 🙁

  836. Megan says:

    A handful of Cheerios, a bookmark, my missing spare key to my car, cat hair, three pens, and the remote control.

  837. Kathryn says:

    A raisin and lots of crumbs. However, after moving across the country a few months ago, several cats toys came out from three years ago! And I had vacuumed numerous times prior. ….makes me wonder what else is still hiding in there!

  838. Amy says:

    dog hair matted with crumbs of randomness, hard peices of dropped mac and cheese, fingernail polish stains, and a barrett.

  839. Charlene says:

    I don’t let my kids eat on the couch but it is somehow still full of cheerios, plus a sock, a pen, my digital camera (it’s always in there), a tiny cupie doll and her unattached head, a book, a spoon, a hello kitty hairbrush, and the sword from a tennage mutan ninga turtle. My couch has a huge collection area in it and is therefore a neverending a sinkhole for stuff.

  840. Heather says:

    Nothing! Our house is on the market to sell, and we’re trying desperately to keep it somewhat picked up with 4 kids trying their hardest to live in it “normally.” So the couch got a cleaning…

  841. Amy Verplaetse says:

    Crumbs, dime, sticky hand thing toy and lot of cat hair

  842. Sara says:

    Surprisingly only 1 marker! And a bunch of dog hair…

  843. Heather C says:

    Fortune from a fortune cookie, receipt, battery to my digital camera that I have been looking for forever and finally gave up and bought a new one, crumbs, dog hair, people hair. Thank you for making me look. Now I have a spare battery.

  844. Evgenia Athanasiou says:

    Tobacco (even though I don’t smoke) and cat hairs (even though they’re not allowed on the couch). I think my husband and my pets disobey the rules of this house when I’m away…

  845. Angela Butherus says:

    Crumbs, dime, penny & 4 matchbox cars

  846. Heather H. says:

    I found a Twizzler wrapper from Halloween, a wad of foil from some type of chocolate, tape with the letter D on it, a piece of popcorn, carpet fuzz, bright pink lint, and mint green fuzz. And a penny! This is a pre-kids house, btw.

  847. Krystal says:

    Dog hair and crumbs 🙁 Yuck.

  848. Renée says:

    Just some sunflower seeds and some crumbs.

  849. Andrea says:

    Cheerios. Not a shocker; they are indigenous to any home with kids.

  850. Lindsey says:

    A hole with a big spring popping through it! Who knows what has fallen into it…
    No more jumping on the couch!

  851. Lindsay C. says:

    Hair elastic, Maisy Goes Swimming book, a rattle, and a clear need for a vacuum

  852. Alison says:

    I DREAD putting my hands under there, specially in the crack where the
    part under the cushion meets the back of the couch. We regularly use
    the cushions up to make forts etc but rarely do I venture a hand into
    that dark tight space, full of unpleasant surprises. I once wore
    gloves after touching something that made my skin crawl, just to find
    out it was a large piece of squashed banana, stored for a later snack
    perhaps? on my last venture into that abyss (about a week ago), the
    long lost remote was retrieved from the very depths of said crack, as
    well as magna tiles, a stray sock, a few marbles a dried up blueberry
    and of course lots of crumbs of unknown origin:)

  853. Krisi says:

    So, I have the cushions that are attached to the couch, but that doesn’t stop the crap from getting between the cushions. Out of pure laziness and let’s be honest, sometimes it is better not to know, I decided to just glance down to my right. There, I see a piece of cheese (we haven’t had cheese in like 4 months), a broken red crayon, 4 cheerios and my husbands cell phone that he has been looking for ALL day. WTF??

  854. krystal whana says:

    I have a my little pony, 3 biros, fluff, cat fur and crumbs from ?various toddler snacks (chips, crackers, toast) ooooh and a dollar 🙂 pretty boring here

  855. Grace says:

    A used breast pad, the letter R from an alphabet puzzle, a yellow crayon and a remote control!

  856. carolyn says:

    Legos, 3 socks (all different of course), a puzzle piece, an envelope, 2 hotwheels cars, and a few hair ties.

  857. Amy Krajewski says:

    3 Legos, 2 cars, A dried Ramen noodle (or a worm…I hope a ramen), a battery, and a piece of one of those orange crackers with peanut butter.

  858. Christine says:

    NOTHING!!! My cushions are attached. However between the cushions…again nothing. I just vacuumed yesterday. Before that, a barrette and some not too nasty crumbs.

  859. nina says:

    oh i’d love a free book. i’d put it on my clean sofa. Today I only found remains of last week’s dinner: hard boiled egg whites (a teething favourite) and crusty rice.

  860. Reanne Burgess says:

    Plastic cow, infant sock, rice, the fortune from a fortune cookie, frosted flakes, a clothing tag, dog fur, dog toy, & three pennies.

  861. Ami NS says:

    I have a 5 year old so I have the usual tidbits of missing legos, veggie bootie, popsicle sticks, etc. However, I also have a 10 year old Jack Russell/Beagle and I came home from work one day after leaving 3 bags of frozen mullet fish on the counter out to thaw. As you can imagine the fish were no longer on the counter so I panicked that my dog ate 3 entire fish! I ended up finding one of the fish (still in it’s zip lock bag) buried under our sofa cushion. Whew, he only ate 2 fish! (I still called the vet and was told if your dog is consume bones, mullet fish is one of the safer ones because the bones are so frail and thin).

  862. Andrea says:

    Pencils, erasers, a halloween treat, a couple of playing cards and a hairbrush!

  863. Brittany says:

    goldfish crackers, a hair tie, a disney movie rewards insert from dvd, kleenex (hate to say it used), crumbs, fruit loop and a hotwheels car

  864. Helen says:

    Nothing under mine as we’ve just moved into a new place so it’s been cleaned! I will however share with you what the last tenants had left:
    half chewed dog toys, half chewed dog biscuits, crumbs, about €3 worth of change (woo!), and a half chewed subbuteo man. Oh, and lots of dog hair. If there was a business in making dog wigs I would have made a fortune selling it to someone, there was that much!

  865. Kadi Mahoney says:

    Oh jeez, what ISN’T under my couch? Let’s see, under my couch right now is a cat, pixi sticks, a spoon, baby bottle cap, a few pencils and a crayon.

  866. Aussiemum says:

    I bought a couch that doesn’t have “cushion” seats…its all attached!!! I haven’t moved them in a while though……god knows what’s *under* under them….it could have evolved into some small amorphous life form by now…I don’t want to know…

  867. Amber says:

    Nine matchbox cars, a sad, emtpy, flat applesauce pouch, a Starbucks giftcard (that has been missing since Christmas, woo!) and three mismatched toddler socks.

  868. Sarah says:

    Our couch doesn’t have removable cushions, its awesome. (Its an “antique”…” It also has the awesome feature of under couch storage space…where you will find Elmo, a dinosaur with a piece of yarn wrapped around its neck, dust bunnies, dirt, an unknown number of matchbox cars, a pink crochet purse, DVDs, and a sensory bin.

  869. Linda says:

    Assorted cereal, chip crumbs, hotwheels, a magazine from Christmas. Missing bill, costume jewelry, candy, anf socks of varying sizes

  870. Deidre says:

    5 mini Ritz crackers, 6 cheerios, 1 Goldfish cracker, 1 blue barrette, 1 tiny orange Playmobil squirrel, 1 penny and dust. Yup, dust. Oh, and did I mention the rips on the top and bottom of one of the cushions? No rips pre-kids…but then again, no real couch pre-kids either 🙂

  871. Scott hewitt says:

    Just got new couches. Removed handfuls of stuff from ones. Legos, batman, joker, crumbs and finaly found wife’s wedding ring.

  872. Man. I pulled back the cushion excited to see what funny things I would find. One toy fire engine! That’s it! I admit to briefly being temped to lie.

  873. Jenni says:

    Legos, playground sand, a broken stick from a Rapunzel flag 🙂

  874. AmyL says:

    alphabet magnets, storage bin lid (because our couch is sagging), and the cable remote.

  875. Chantel says:

    Under my couch cushions there is: marker, pen, penny, bag clip, piece of blank paper, part of a hot pepper, twist tie, a ton of crumbs, and hair. Now I need to go and get the vacuum.

  876. Sarah says:

    Crumbs and grit

  877. LisaS says:

    Boogers not stuck to any other surface that have fallen below cushion grade.

  878. Candice Moser says:

    lots of goldfish, some cereal, a few toy cars. its only 2 weeks old.. oh well

  879. Tina Pierini says:

    Hair, crumbs, pieces of thread,a penny,bobby boring!i used to have a couch that ate scissors and remote controls.

  880. Alex says:

    a toy car, a book, rice cake crumbs, one sock

  881. Faith says:

    I’m envious of all you who found a missing remote. Mine is still gone and there are DVDs I cannot watch without it.
    YES, That IS the reason why I’m not doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred! ; )

    I’m afraid it may be in the old couch that we gave to the neighbors. Would it be too weird/creepy to go ask if I can scrounge for it in their couch?

  882. Lee says:

    No seperate cushions so under the couch is pop corn, hair ties (three girls long hair many many hair ties) balls from the magnet game and pens because my Husband often does paper work sitting on the couch (not productive but comfortable) and is always loosing the pens.

  883. christa stumpf says:

    my hair…dog hair…a quarter….possibly a dried booger and a baby doll hat

  884. Vaiva Turner says:

    We’re currently living in a temporary housing/hotel on a Naval base where my husband is going to school. It’s a small two bedroom hotel apartment (very small for us and three kids), and the couch cushions are sewn to the base of the couch, so we can’t lift them 🙁 Thus, no couch treasures here. There’s nothing under the couch either cause we have housekeeping come every day, and kids are pretty good about picking up their stuff.

  885. Brenda T says:

    Humm my mom was over helping watch my guy so I could get a bit done. Under the cushion there was dried noodles, popcorn, crackers? Popped Dora balloon, safe keeping I guess. And all the crayons of the rainbow!

  886. Priscilla Valero says:

    Under my couch cushions is my fiances sock (1 sock always happens to end up underneath the cushions), cat hair, dog hair, crumbs, coins, a remote (i dont even know if we have the device it goes to), a hair tie and my hair (which is all over the house).