Non-Crappy Giveaway – Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

Crappy Pictures has sponsors. Sponsors do giveaways. Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is doing a giveaway! Yay!

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So before I chatter on and on I’ll let Tania Elfersy tell you what her book (co-authored with her friend of 15 years, Andrea Katzman) is all about:

“Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: A Gift for Mothers with Short Stories, Journal & Toolkit” is an inspiring and critically acclaimed book for new moms and mothers of young children.”

They sent me a copy. I was struck by how beautiful it was. And then the kids got the flu (followed by me) and I forgot all about it. A week later, I was behind on life and drowning. I had no posts written, 638 unopened emails and nobody had clean underwear.


So naturally, I decided that the most important thing for me to do would be to read this book. Nobody really needs underwear. They just think they do.

I’m so glad I read it.

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is not a parenting book. It is a mother book. It is written by a whole bunch of mothers who share seriously real stories. Each story is just one page. Which makes this book deliciously digestible for the audience it is intended for. (Um, mothers, in case that wasn’t blatantly obvious.)

It has little to do with kids even. It has everything to do with how every single aspect of our lives change once we become mothers. Sex. Careers. Our bodies. Expectations. Relationships. Are you listening yet?   

Some of it may make you laugh and some of it may make you cry. And I guarantee that you will relate to many of their stories. I sure as hell did.

You can Download Two Free Chapters since me describing it is pretty pointless when you can actually read some for yourself.    

The illustrations in the book are by Nomi Melul Ohad and they are absolutely stunning. 

Here are three of them: 

Body PurpleLeavesRedCherries 

And this one: 

Love PurpleLeavesRedCherries

and also this one:

WiseWoman PurpleLeavesRedCherries

And you can win one! They are giving away a print of your choice. See all 12 prints here.   

Tania describes:

“A Purple Leaves, Red Cherries poster print, 24″X16” on semi-gloss poster paper, valued at $21.70. The winner can select their poster print from 12 full-color designs featuring the illustrations from the book. All available posters can be seen in the Purple Leaves, Red Cherries online store. The giveaway is open to residents of US, Canada, Australia and the UK. (Poster sizes outside the US may vary slightly to meet the country standards.)”

Also! Tania is also offering a special deal of 30% off the book to US & Canada folks just for the next 48 hours.  

You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter

Please visit Purple Leaves, Red Cherries!



Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is giving away a poster print of winner’s choice to one lucky winner!

How to Enter:

Comment on this post! One comment per person. Comments will close Tuesday, March 20th at 8PM PST & winner will be picked via random # generator, notified and announced here at the bottom of this post.

Comments are closed, thanks everyone!

Congrats to…

Alyssa Rogers: Such unique beautiful work!  

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527 Responses to Non-Crappy Giveaway – Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

  1. Julie says:

    What a beautiful book!!

  2. Amanda Huckins says:

    I would love the Who I Was, Who I Am Poster! My home could sure use some brightening up for spring!

  3. fl. says:

    I love the Love poster!

  4. Natashajk says:

    Who I Was, Who I Am

    There are no words to describe this poster.

  5. Anna says:

    Am fascinated to read this book! All these issues have been circulating in my head. I started a blog on motherhood a few years back but haven’t touched it in over a year. Maybe this book would inspire me to write again?

  6. Janice Allen says:

    These illustrations are so beautiful – I would love to have a print for my home! ‘Wise Women’ and ‘(In)Sanity’ are my favorites.

  7. Kelly says:

    Sounds like an interesting read.

  8. Kira says:

    While I am not a mother yet, I look forward to the day I will be, and this book sounds wonderful!

  9. Laurel says:

    This book looks perfect for what I need right now!

  10. Lindz says:

    Sounds like a book I should read. I really like the “Love” poster and the “Mom at work” poster. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Karoline says:

    The Expectations poster is beautiful, as is the book … after reading the first 2 chapters, I’m eager for the whole thing!

  12. Esther says:

    the illustrations are beautiful!
    i cant wait to read the entire book.
    Thank you for hosting this great giveaway.

  13. Kelly says:

    I read the first chapters and now I think this book is wonderful and will make wonderful gifts as well. Thanks!

  14. katie says:

    The pictures are so womanly and soothing. Love them!

  15. Jackie says:

    Love the wise woman print and am pretty excited about the book. Not sure when I’ll get to read it though…

  16. Carrie says:

    Sounds like an amazing and inspiring book, can’t wait to start reading it…

  17. Kathleen says:

    beautiful prints! and much needed message for the soul!

  18. Alice Rudin says:

    Stunning artwork, I’d be so proud to own something so beautiful and symbolic in my home!

  19. Sally says:

    I love the poster, “Difficult days.” That just says it all and would look lovely on my wall! What a wonderful book!

  20. Amber says:

    This book looks wonderful!

  21. Tanya V says:

    So Beautiful and the book sounds like a must read

  22. Rise says:

    Looking forward to this book!!!!

  23. Amy says:

    Sweet cherries, I want to win!

  24. Jennifer Dousay says:

    This looks like a great book and the prints are beautiful!

  25. Sarah says:

    One page stories? Sounds like the perfect book for this twin mom!

  26. Kristen B says:


  27. Brittany says:

    The book sounds wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to read it!

  28. sarah heimer says:

    I’d love to win a beautiful print!

  29. Mary Dunz says:

    I doubt I’ll win, and when I don’t, I’m totally purchasing this book! It sounds beautiful, and the illustrations are amazing.

  30. Jessica Jones says:

    Absolutely stunning pics!!

  31. t. timoshuk says:

    Looks like a great book!

  32. Jennifer Garcia says:

    I’d love to read that!

  33. Candace says:

    Those prints are stunning!

  34. Samantha Moore-Schwermann says:

    I will enter.

  35. Sarah Albertson says:


  36. Heather Bridges says:

    Oh I’d love to win that book, it sounds amazing!

    • Heather Bridges says:

      Oh, I just realized the book isn’t being given away, it is a print. Sorry, my bad. Would still like a print!

  37. Emily says:

    Wow… the book looks great and the prints really are gorgeous!

  38. violet slowey says:


  39. Ashley says:

    I would love any of these prints. They are beautiful.

  40. Nicci says:

    The photos are beautiful!! I would def enjoy this read….my mom friends and I share stories all the time and help each other through our daily lives with everything under the sun….parenting is a part of our lives that we learn and expierence newness each day…

  41. Stephanie Ward-Estep says:

    Loving the Motherhood and Sex print.

  42. Amy says:

    These are super cute! I WANT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Lisa says:

    Gorgeous! Would love it!!

  44. amy k. says:

    i’d love any of the prints, they are lovely. would be hard to pick! book sounds great, thanks for this giveaway!

  45. Jessica says:

    sounds like a great read!

  46. JWD says:

    Please pick me! I need some beauty on my walls! The book is tempting, I think it would make a great gift.

  47. Melody says:

    These are lovely. Would be wonderful to have a print to decorate our new home ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Amanda says:

    LOL “Nobody needs clean underwear, they just think they do!” Truer words were never spoken.

  49. Sara Cohen says:

    What a beautiful book! I can’t wait to read it for myself, and I believe many of my clients who are mothers will benefit from it and enjoy it as well.

    All the best,
    twitter @fertilitylaw

  50. Brandi says:

    Like many others, I love the who I was, who I am print. All are lovely! My empty walls would love some decor.

  51. NinaN says:

    This sounds like a great book! I am going to check it out now!

  52. Lynn says:

    Wow those prints are beautiful – the hard part for the winner will be picking only one!

  53. Michelle stack says:

    Love the pictures, they are beautiful! Would love to win a print as my house could use a little redecorating ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Karen says:


  55. Mary Beth says:

    Sometimes it pays off to slack on your chores and check Facebook instead :]

  56. Jennifer W. says:

    I just want to tell you I’m loving these giveaways! I thought I’d hate them but they are actually fun to read. I can’t believe you get that much email, I would cry over that. Off to check out the book now.

  57. Karrie says:

    Ooh how lovely! Definitely checking out the two free chapters and just liked the FB page!

  58. Rachel says:


  59. katherine says:

    I just bought a copy after reading the preview!

  60. Charlotte says:

    Gorgeous prints!! And it sounds like an awesome book.

  61. Erica says:

    Those are stunning!

  62. Delfina says:

    What a cool concept. Love the posters… sure hope I win one!

  63. sandy says:

    So beautiful! Can’t wait to read the book. I love (in)sanity and in the beginning.

  64. Karen says:

    Oh man, now there’s something else I want to buy. Shoot.

  65. Kellie says:

    Love the posters. Not sure I can read the book, I got teary eyed at just the 2 free chapters….even the intro made me feel emotional…but I may have to read it. just because it made me teary eyed and emotional.

  66. Susan says:

    I love your blog as I am a mother and can relate to you. I am also an artist and these prints speak to me!

  67. Rachel A. says:

    The posters are beautiful!

  68. Veronica says:

    This book looks so lovely and the illustrations are just magnificent. I would love to have one of them hanging in my home.

  69. Natasha says:

    Darn you, making me want to buy things!

  70. Melissa says:

    Wow! The illustrations are stunning! I’d love to win this book!

  71. Jen Shirley says:

    Looks beautiful! Would love to win – thanks!

  72. Lisa says:

    ohhh love them!

  73. Lindsey says:

    New first time mommy. Could use some reassurance:). Beautiful work.

  74. Rosemary says:

    It looks lovely and the prints are gorgeous! Pick me! ;o)

  75. Amanda H. says:

    Those illustrations are amazing. I would be so pleased to hang one (or 5) in my home.

  76. Nicole says:

    Beautiful art work.

  77. Jamie says:

    would love a print for my home! beautiful!

  78. Rosalinda says:

    One page stories sound perfect
    for busy moms.

  79. Danielle says:

    I would love to win the Who I Was, Who I am poster! It is lovely.

  80. Jessica A says:

    oh those prints are lovely. i love the mom power.

  81. Melissa says:

    I plan to buy this for my good friend who is due in June. I wish it would have been around when I was a new mother.

  82. Allison R says:

    I could seriously get used to one page stories! I would feel like I was neglecting my children less if it only took 5 minutes to read a story instead of 5 days ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Sara D says:

    Beautiful prints!

  84. Kate says:

    what a beautiful celebration of motherhood ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Kim Hawkins says:

    I’m a mother! And I love reading about expectations that are shattered!

  86. danielle says:

    Lovely Prints!

  87. Stephanie says:

    I’ll have to check out the book- 1 page stories sound great. Could always use beautiful art too.

  88. Johanna says:

    Love this :0)

  89. Deb Betancourt says:

    the prints ARE lovely & the book sounds wonderful!

  90. Maria H. says:

    I’d love this!

  91. Zilah Joslin says:

    OMG!!! I just read the 2 sample chapters!!! You must read this book if you are a mom!!! And the illustrations are so lovely. Who doesn’t want to own a book that looks like this?!?! XO Z

  92. Tricia says:

    The prints are so pretty! I’m looking forward to reading the free chapters when I have some free time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  93. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    Those prints are gorgeous!

  94. Katelyn Dziedzic says:

    Love the artwork!

  95. Reisha says:

    So pretty!

  96. Tanja says:

    Beautiful Art!!

  97. Ashlee Nemes says:

    I love the cherries in the bowl!

  98. Maur says:

    Love it!

  99. DebbieKL says:

    I love the Difficult Days Poster!

  100. Janet says:

    I would love to read this book.

  101. Susan says:

    I love those prints! Can’t wait to get the book, it looks lovely.

  102. Keri Trimble says:


  103. Cortney says:

    The artwork is amazing and the book sounds perfect. Thanks for featuring it!

  104. Michelle Patry says:

    Hope I will, gorgeous!

  105. Lisa says:

    Beautiful pics! They would make such nice Mother’s Day gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Stephanie says:

    Nice! I like Expectations a lot, but I think that Boundaries and Balance would look great in my family room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. Natalie B says:

    pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Janna says:

    Beautiful work!

  109. Meg says:

    What a glorious idea for a book. One of those illustrations would make such a nice contrast to my walls covered in times tables and kid’s drawings.

  110. Angelene says:

    The book is a wonderful idea, and the prints look beautiful!

  111. Kate says:

    I would love to donate one of these prints to our local birth center.

  112. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like a great read!

  113. Larissa says:

    I love the Who I Was, Who I Am poster! Beautiful.

  114. Paul says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  115. Noel C says:

    I hope I win!

  116. kris says:

    Those illustrations are gorgeous!

  117. stephanie says:

    This sounds like a great read!! And so beautiful!

  118. Tracie says:

    looks fantastic! look forward to reading this!

  119. Jenny Quick says:

    Love that this is a book just for me and not a parenting book!

  120. Jackie sheridan says:

    Sounds beautiful

  121. Michelle says:

    Inspiring and beautiful illustrations! I will have to check out the awesome book!

  122. Katie H says:


  123. Lucy says:

    I want!

  124. Amanda says:

    Very nice. Would love to read.

  125. Tiffany says:

    I <3 the In the Beginning poster!

  126. C Smith says:

    I read the first two chapters. Great stories, I would love to have a print.

  127. Jennifer W says:

    Love it!

  128. christina valenti says:

    me please!!!

  129. Allison says:

    beautiful sentiments. looking foward to reading the rest of the book!

  130. kara says:

    What beautiful prints! I will be checking this book out; it sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing (and giving-away)!

  131. Katie Louden says:


  132. Kim D. says:

    Beautiful illustrations! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  133. Karla says:


  134. Sasha says:

    The book sounds wonderful and the prints look really lovely.

  135. LeaAnne says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Your timing is perfect as I need to do laundry too.

  136. Jennifer says:

    Love the Wise Women poster! (But really, they are all lovely)

  137. Raelyn says:

    Just downloaded the 2 free chapters, and wish I could read more of them! what a great book. I love the (in)sanity poster!

  138. Cori says:

    Beautiful! My favourite print is the “Who I Was, Who I Am.”

  139. Ronda says:

    Beautiful prints. I would love to win one of these.

  140. Stephanie M. says:

    Those prints are stunning.

  141. Tammy says:

    Sounds like a loverley book!!

  142. Kelly C. says:

    The Who I Was, Who I Am poster is gorgeous, like the rest!

  143. Louise says:

    Lovely posters and touching words.

  144. Danielle says:

    I am a firm believer that anyone who really needs clean underwear will learn to wash them on their own. And this book sounds amazing.

  145. Kylie says:

    Looks like a great book and such awesome prints!!

  146. Lisa Powell says:

    I like the ‘love’ poster, but all are beautiful!

  147. Melisa says:

    read the sample chapters, would love to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Marguerite says:

    The pictures are beautiful!

  149. Val Blaha says:

    I love the Love and Insanity posters. And I’m looking forward to reading the book… thanks for turning us on to this!

  150. Renee Harden says:

    I’m buying the book! I would like a print though.

  151. Shannon S says:

    Gorgeous book! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  152. Jessy B says:

    How generous! I’m downloading the chapters now (while hubby has all 4 kids distracted) in hopes of being able to read them a bit later tonight (when all four kids are sleeping… hehe… at least all in bed anyhow.)
    As for the prints, wow! I love them all, but ‘Who I was, Who I am’ made me stop and look again. <3

  153. Carrie says:

    Pick me!

  154. Hannah says:

    I’d love to win a poster, they are so preatty. So happy this is open to UK mums, it is Mother’s Day here today!

  155. Tina Worth says:

    But how will I choose if I win?

  156. Erin says:

    pick me, pick me!

  157. Mandy says:

    Every mother needs a book like this. Thanks for the chance to win!

  158. emily g says:

    This book sounds fabulous … can’t wait for the awesome read!! Thanks for sharing!!

  159. TheDaisyGirl says:

    <3 LOVE <3 As a mother of four, I must read this book!

  160. Sign me up for the give away….its gotta be my turn by now!

  161. Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful book!

  162. Vivian Bouza says:

    I want to win, please!

  163. Hunter says:

    I love reading the viewpoints and stories of other moms! Neat!

  164. melissa says:

    The prints are awesome! Love the blog!

  165. Jordan McBride says:


  166. Megan says:

    I can’t wait to read this.

  167. Cassandra says:

    As a fellow artist I love looking and collecting work from others that I find inspiring. I particularly like the picture of the woman in the forest. I use circles in my own art and a friend of mine paints trees with circles and dots instead of leaves. Reminds me of some of Nomi’s work. Beautiful!

  168. Amanda Taylor says:

    I’d love to win!

  169. wendy says:

    I’d love to win!

  170. Meera says:

    This book sounds like an excellent read. I love the Who I Was, Who I Am Poster.

  171. sarah says:


  172. WandaS says:

    I love that who I was who I am one.

  173. keril says:

    I love this blog! Off to download those chapters too.

  174. Heather S. says:

    I really would love one of those on my wall.

  175. LeahM says:

    I like how the underwear is calling you from their separate pile, like they were pre-sorted. I’m fairly certain that was just for the sake of the post… and for good reason, as it was mighty funny. Good work to you and your underpants.

    Here’s hoping I win a cool poster!

  176. FreyaMum says:

    Thank you so much for making this open to us mums across the pond! Those are lovely paintings!

  177. linda says:

    I love all your posts, even the giveaway ones! This book looks fab, gonna check it out.

  178. Eleni O'Neill says:

    I think I will order this book. Sounds like just what I need right now!

  179. Lee says:

    I really do think I’ll love this book, thank you!

  180. Veronica says:

    This looks wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. sarah says:

    Omg I love them…if I don’t win ill have to buy starting with the love poster

  182. Ruchika kohli says:

    Yay! Would love to get this book!

  183. Olivia Lasting says:

    Those are so lovely! I particularly like Body and Wise Women.

  184. Jeri Thurber says:

    Beautiful prints! Sounds like a great book, I would love the ‘Mothers at Work’ print!

  185. April Ellis says:

    Wow. Beautiful! The illustration of the woman standing in the trees looks like she has a baby in her belly. I would love that one cause I’m a doula!

  186. Amanda says:

    Looks like a great book with beautiful illustrations! Can’t wait to get my hands on one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. AngieG says:

    Sounds like a nice book, and the prints are beautiful.

  188. Rach says:

    So pretty, the book sounds intriguing too.

  189. Fran Steele says:

    I think I’m going to buy the book after reading those samples. I’ll probably give it to my friend who is due with her first baby next month. And I’d love a poster for me!

  190. Cat says:

    I want a print!

  191. Jenny says:

    I would really love to win, I know just where I’d put it. It would hang just over the chair I nurse my son in at night.

  192. katie says:

    Beautiful artwork!

  193. D. Weston says:

    I’d love to enter to win a beautiful print!

  194. Maranda says:

    I hope I get picked!! I would love to read this!

  195. TiaWendel says:

    This book sounds great.

  196. Yolanda says:

    I really have no room on my walls for another piece of art but I might have to make room for this. Either that or give it to a friend. The book sounds like something I’d really enjoy reading.

  197. Brittani C. says:

    Aw, love the illustrations! I hope I win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  198. carrie jen says:

    Please pick me! I love that cherries one.

  199. Lani says:

    I feel like I’ve seen this artwork before, simply beautiful.

  200. jenni bennett says:

    LOVE the Who I was, Who I am print. Pick me!

  201. Holly says:

    What beautiful artwork!!

  202. Rhiannon Turner says:

    I have THE perfect spot in my house for a print one this!!

  203. Pam Hulse says:

    Children do indeed change everything…forever. And then there’s the real payoff, grandchildren!

  204. Mindy says:

    I feel both inspired and hopeful about a book just for mothers and the unique and life changing experience of becoming and being a mother. Thank you for featuring this book!

  205. Heather says:


  206. Meggin D says:

    What a beautiful way to fill a wall!

  207. Emiko says:

    Beautiful illustrations! I really like the insanity print.

  208. Kathryn Wiggins says:

    Yes please!

  209. Kristen says:

    I would LOVE this book. My husband and I just had 3 beautiful children placed with us for adoption Friday! Two boys (5 & 7) and a girl (14). We are so in love and so over our heads! Anything will help.

    Your blog has been great for me in the past few months – lot of laughs. We have already had a bathroom trip where we could have used your friend’s toilet seat she carries in her bag!

  210. Becky Fox says:

    I am looking forward to reading this book. My husband just bought it for me.

  211. Holyn says:

    Oh how beautiful! I love the Body print. Can’t wait to read more of the book. ๐Ÿ™‚

  212. Nicole says:

    I just ordered the book, and I’m really tempted to order a bunch from my friends!!! This book sounds like just what doctor ordered for me right now!

  213. Stephanie says:

    Mothers At Work is so beautiful. And yeah, it’s just like that, only with more dropping things.

  214. LOVE the “who I was, who I am”. It perfectly matches my daughters room. pick me, random number picker!!

  215. Maria says:

    Pick me!

  216. Sara says:

    Those are beautiful! And I am looking forward to reading the book!

  217. Kristen says:

    Sounds like a beautiful book! I have definitely added it to my list of books to read.

  218. ooooooo. Love the prints!

  219. Kylie S says:

    Love these posters..although winning would cause a huge problem for me..which one to pick?!

  220. Tiffany says:

    Me please!

  221. Mollie says:

    How amazingly beautiful!

  222. Andrea says:

    I want want want. Wow. What amazing art!

  223. Murphy Rowan says:

    The Love poster is exactly what I’ve dreamed could be over our family table! I hope I win.

  224. Ted Isham says:

    Those pictures are beautiful.

  225. M S Watkins says:

    Such beautiful pictures – beautiful words to match.

  226. Mona lisa says:

    Pretty book. I like.

  227. Those illustrations are really beautiful!

  228. Rye says:


  229. Heather says:

    Holy cow! These are beautiful…I adore several of them and would have a hard hard time choosing. Thanks for the chance. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Going to check out the book, too. Mothers need quick reads!

  230. Red says:

    Pick me!!

  231. Kirsty says:

    Oh we need some new artwork and beautiful artwork at that!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  232. Laura says:

    Beautiful illustrations!!!

  233. Richard says:

    My Tanya would love it.

  234. Jessica says:


  235. Annie says:

    So lovely!!!!

  236. M says:

    You picked amazing sponsors. Thank you for not giving into crappy ones. Also, this books sounds like some much needed Mom therapy. The art is lovely.

  237. JosieY says:

    Finally! A giveaway open to us Aussies! I’d love a print to put it my son’s room.

  238. Rebecca smith says:

    Yep, I keep trying to get back to my Pre-mom self. Never gonna happen! Not even sure if I want it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  239. Jessi says:

    Love it.

  240. Christina says:

    What a cool idea– the art is gorgeous.

  241. Jenni says:

    Would love to read that. An the prints are beautiful!

  242. Devon says:

    Lovely to look at! I’m sure the book is lovely to read as well.
    Hope to get my hands on both!!

  243. Sarah says:

    Whoa.. what mama doesn’t need this book? So gorgeous.. I have a few choice walls around here that would love some new clothes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  244. Pamela Shelley says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to read.

  245. Leah Crane says:

    Beautiful! I would love to win this!

  246. Becky says:

    I know just the friend I would give a print to.

  247. Sheena says:


  248. Randi says:

    I loved reading the two free chapters and can’t wait until payday to get the book!!! Thank you!

  249. Jackie says:

    How nice. Definitely checking out the book. Maybe send my hubs a link so that he can buy and give it to me for Mother’s Day.

  250. Rachael says:

    It’s too early and pre-coffee for me to attempt wit, so I’ll just add my praise and admiration for the material!

  251. Julia K says:

    those pictures look beautiful!

  252. Alexis says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  253. Karen says:

    There are a lot of Karens on here… Anyway, pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  254. Monica Smith says:

    Gorgeous! I need the book AND a poster! Thanks non-crappy sponsor!

  255. Sheri O. says:

    Who I was, Who I am is a beautiful print! I’d love to win it.

  256. road2vba2c says:

    I love your blog, and I would LOVE to read that book! I could use some encouragement while we go through the process of diagnosing my son with ASD/SPD. <3

  257. Liz says:

    LOVE this. I am in the thick of “it” (my friend with kids age 5 and up tell me) with a 5 month old baby girl and a 3 1/2 year old boy… and just those two chapters, spoke VOLUMES to me. I hardly have time to shower and so, the one page stories are PERFECT. Sooo very perfect for me, right now. I plan on buying myself a copy of the book as well as a few for friends. Thank you for letting us know about it Amber and thank you Tania Elfersy & Andrea Katzman for a beautifully crafted, much needed read.

  258. Amber says:

    Stories and images of what it is like to be a Mum are so universally true. I hope Australian mums like me are eligible to win!

  259. Nicole says:

    Looks like an interesting book!

  260. rebecca says:

    Looks really nice!!

  261. Trisha says:

    Oh, I would love to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  262. Angelina Shumaker says:


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    commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    sounds like lovely food for the soul ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I recently got it for someone so it would be nice to get a copy for me :o) Gorgeous illustrations. Can’t wait to read it!

  270. monica says:

    such beautiful prints! i love the illustrations.

  271. Debi says:

    Sounds like a great read!

  272. Erika says:

    Cherries and strawberries make me happy. It’s definitely tough but I love being a mom.

  273. Janelle L. says:

    Body & Mother At Work are stunning. Either of them on my wall would be a welcome reminder of self and the world I’ve been given to live in. I would hang it in my bedroom on the wall on my side of the bed. Then everyday I’d be greeted by it. And I would smile knowingly and find peace to start each day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Definitely getting the book. ๐Ÿ™‚

  274. Sara says:

    yes, please!

  275. TulaDoula says:

    My top three favorites are [In]Sanity, Body and Difficult Days but they are all lovely!

  276. Dani says:

    The first print is absolutely stunning and my fave!

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    Well, I think I need to order that book and maybe a couple for some friends. Stunning artwork. Thank YOU and THEM for the give away! and the discount. ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. kristen t says:

    Had my eye on the book since you added as a sponsor… love the prints.

  279. Erin C. says:

    These are all really thought provoking…

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    Those illustrations are gorgeous, would love to read!!

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    What a fantastic opportunity! Can’t wait to see who wins!

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    Great giveaways!

  283. Lindsay Jobe says:

    Beautiful! I love the picture of you reading while there is so much to be done because THAT IS SO ME! Just finished a fantastic series by Francine Rivers, The Mark of the Lion Series~ READ IT!! Now I can’t wait to read this one!!!

  284. Kristi says:

    beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  285. Cdnkaro says:

    Sounds lovely! *crosses fingers*

  286. Tricia says:

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  302. Kathryn says:

    How beautiful! If I were to win, I don’t know which I would pick. Which would be a good problem to have. Think I’ll get the book. We don’t need underwear either. Especially since we’re potty-training and going through four or so pairs a day.

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    I don’t generally like art reproductions like prints or posters but I wanted to comment just because I love this blog! So don’t pick me, lol. The book sounds amazing though, just what I need to read.

  327. kimmie says:

    pick me please random number picker

  328. Hannah says:

    Would love to win one of the posters to add a little “girl power” to our home!

  329. Megan says:

    this would be a great book to read for my 2012 new years goal!

  330. Sara Gray says:

    I would love the difficult days print or the (in)sanity or the who I was who I am. I like them all but those are my top 3 and speak to me the most. It sounds like a cool book and a good gift idea for new moms too! Thanks for the heads up!

  331. Amy says:

    Beautiful! Love it

  332. Jenn says:

    I never realized just how much I could love another person until I became a mother … and with that I also have days where I wonder how my life could be so different. Reading this book sounds like it could be very normalizing ๐Ÿ™‚

  333. Jill says:

    You post is very timely – just what I needed today. When I am done here I am downloading the two chapters. I did look at the posters and they are lovely. “Love” is one of my favorites. Thank you!!!

  334. Rachel B says:


  335. Ashley J says:

    This book looks awesome! I would love to read it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Oh, wow. The Body Poster or the Difficult Days Poster are the two that “spoke” to me the most. Gorgeous work.

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    The free download was wonderful and I would love to finish the rest of the book….lovely. I think it would be such a beautiful gift for my married daughter.

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  341. Jen G says:

    The book sounds wonderful, and the prints are very, very pretty.

  342. Priscilla says:

    Love it! Will be buying the book! …. 5 min reads – perfect! ….. stories that show my reality is like so many other realities – perfect!!

  343. Charity says:

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    Your works both written and visual are lovely. I look forward to reading the book and would love to have a print for my home!

  348. Kara says:

    What beautiful, inspiring prints. Just what every mommy needs on those days when things start going wrong from the time a foot hits the ground first thing in the morning until the head hits the pillow finally at night. Thanks, guys! :O)

  349. Bronwyn says:

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  350. Liz says:

    Those pictures are beautiful! And I LOVE the statement that nobody really needs underwear!!

  351. LMom says:

    So the very first print I see is of the obvious man and woman/father and mother. Remember us lesbian mothers! We love your blog and sponsors too!

  352. BellaDiva says:

    Oh I so related to ‘Fractions’. I still have the nap schedule I wrote, trying to create some semblance of order in my upturned life and to try an prove that I really was getting some sleep!

  353. Anika Klein says:

    The “Who I was – Who I am” poster is awesome!

  354. Simone says:

    Can’t decide between Body and Difficult Days. They are all beautiful and embody womanhood so well.

  355. Magaly says:

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  356. Leshelle says:

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  357. Michelle Rosiek says:

    After I comment here, I’m off to purchase the book….really sounds like something I’d enjoy reading and passing on to my mamma friends!!! Great blog, I literally snort out loud at times and make my husband read it!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway….will be a tough choice if I win!

  358. Jenn D. says:

    The Who I Was, Who I Am Poster would be perfect in my bedroom!

  359. Chelsey says:

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    I am so excited about reading this book! Thank you, Amber!

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    I don’t know if I could decide! I like “Who I Was, Who I Am” and also “Love” – they’re beautiful!

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    Who wouldn’t love one of these prints- I would. A great give-away and I am asking for this book for mother’s day!

  373. Charmaine says:

    I need to see if this book is available at the public library. I am pretty frugal and I don’t buy books and when I do they certainly aren’t new to me. This seems like a good book!

  374. Heidi says:

    Beautiful images. I love [In]Sanity

  375. Rose Wynne says:

    One page stories. Perfect for those minutes I get free when the kids are in the bath. Or the toilet, before I get the ‘mamma, need you’ and the serenity is broken…. Ahhhh reading… Would be nice to read a real book again… Or look at a pretty print… Hehe

  376. Joanna says:

    I would very much like this book – looks very non-crappy ๐Ÿ™‚

  377. Meredith says:

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  378. Mary-Michael says:

    Such gorgeous illustrations. It would be a treat to win one!

  379. Hollie Welch says:

    I love your blog, and I love that you are open and honest about products you use. It’s helpful to get a real perspective from someone who has “been there” and “done that”. Thanks!

  380. Caitlin says:

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  381. rich says:

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    Please pick me, I would love to win a print! And I’d buy the book in a heartbeat if I had any money in my paypal account right now.

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  396. Mary says:


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    Love your Blog!!

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    I love reading, but have to restrict myself because I’m like an addict needing a fix – I can’t put a book down until it’s finished and as a mom life doesn’t stop happening around me! So I stay up late and lose lots of sleep and get hooked on caffeine. I’m such a lame mess! But I’m always willing to sacrifice some sleep for a good book, this one sounds amazing and the pictures alone are worth it to look at!

  405. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous! I am just waiting for payday to order the book from Amazon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    A woman who reads instead of does laundry is a woman with a heart after my own.

    The artwork is gorgeous! Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.

  412. Michal White says:

    This book looks awesome!

  413. Misty Pratt says:

    oooo, as a doula, I LOVE the first print!!

  414. Linda Smith says:

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  415. Lynn says:

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  417. Tara Burress says:

    Sounds amazing!

  418. Donna says:

    What a lovely idea; something for the mamas! Love the one-page-per-story idea, as that’s about how much reading I can get in at once these days. It just took me four days to do my own manicure (one day for each hand, one for buff and shine, one for polish).

  419. Michelle P says:

    This book sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing about it.

  420. Jessica says:

    This sounds lovely! Hope I win!

  421. Teresa says:

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    Sounds incredible!

  423. Sabrina Rodrguez says:

    If I won a print, I would give it to my daughter. She is a single-parent to my beautiful 3-year old granddaughter, and I couldn’t be more proud of the wonderful mother that she is.

  424. Alyssa says:

    All of the prints are beautiful!

  425. Attie says:

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  426. Janelle says:

    Woah, over 400 comments for a poster! Here is another one. Hope I win!

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  428. Amber M. says:

    I’d love the who I was who I am one, it really would look great in my daughters nursery.

  429. Tammy McAllister says:

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  430. Sal says:

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  431. lisa says:

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  432. rhoda mills says:

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  433. Biolith says:

    I have a pile of washing that is saying the same things to me, and have been reading instead.

  434. Sara T says:

    This book sounds like a fabulous baby shower gift. I would love the poster as well!

  435. Tracey says:

    Would love this book! It’s just beautiful

  436. Betty says:

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  444. Kristin P says:

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    My hubby made me mad tonight. I hope I win so I can put a big picture in our bedroom. He doesn’t like things on the wall! (insert my evil laugh)

  446. Lidia says:

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  447. Kara says:

    Beautiful! Look forward to reading this!

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  449. Mandy Griggs says:

    This book sounds simply wonderful. I’m a brand new mom and these thoughts have been running through my head often.

  450. Crystal says:

    Pick me! I’d love that pretty pregnant mommy one!

  451. Michele K. says:

    Thanks for sharing about this book and these prints. Do you know if the artist sells her originals? Off to search.

  452. Nicole Sheridan says:

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  453. jacqueline says:

    I love that you ignore laundry to read. Be my best friend, please? Or if not that, maybe pick me to win this as a door prize?

  454. R.Oster says:

    I would not know which print to pick!

  455. Ashlee says:

    I’m going to go download the freebies now because the kids are in bed and I have a few moments to myself. I’d love to win one of these prints!

  456. Kye says:

    That first image is the one that strikes me. She is what the mother goddess version of me looks like.

  457. Charley says:

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  458. Kara Lesperance says:

    The Wise Women poster is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  459. puasamanda says:

    These prints are beeyooteefull! I just moved into my first home, and would LOVE to put one on the wall!

  460. Alyssa Rogers says:

    Such unique beautiful work!

  461. Angela says:

    I love the “Difficult Days” poster. I like how the baby is strapped on her back and she is determined to climb up that hill. There is no changing her mind. It must be done and so she goes. Doing whatever she must because that is what mothers do. I am looking forward to reading this book.

    Amber, I love reading your blog. I love your honesty and integrity in experiencing motherhood that many moms just kinda avoid talking about.

  462. JoAnne Hepp says:

    This sounds fabulous.

  463. Inga says:

    Love the beautiful prints! I could stare at it late at night zenning out at a peaceful mother while my lovely baby stays awake, giving her own mother a very ragged, non-peaceful look… Needless to say, my favorite print is “Difficult Days.” I can relate!

  464. Jessica says:

    I just ordered a copy. I would love one of the beautiful prints.

  465. Vanessa says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ I love mommy stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  466. Andrea says:

    I would love to win this drawing. The book sounds wonderful and I love those prints.

  467. Jodi Zagrabelny says:

    The bowl of cherries looks beautiful.

  468. Lindsey says:

    I’m SO excited to read this! Yay!

  469. Jen says:

    Would love to display the “Difficult Days” poster in my office!

  470. Jels says:

    Looks gorgeous!

  471. Amy Kane says:

    Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  472. 12tequilas says:

    I read Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul when I was nursing for that quick-bit reading quality.

  473. Laura says:

    Pick me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  474. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I can always use a good pick me up!! (just like your blog!)

  475. Rebecca W says:

    It is so important for mothers to share their stories. Just so one other mom knows she isn’t alone.

  476. Gina Book says:

    Love these prints! Love the idea of the book too, a for sure read on my list!

  477. CAA says:

    Looks like a beautiful book!

  478. Melissa Ewing says:

    Beautiful artwork. I shall have to check the book out too.

  479. NumbersMom says:

    Looks lovely!

  480. Raychel says:

    Beautiful illustrations!

  481. tamaqua says:

    they are absolutely gorgeous!

  482. Elspeth says:

    Sounds like my kind of read… easy!!! while baby-wrangling!

  483. Jan Sneddon says:

    I’m waiting to bring my 18 day old daughter home from the hospital again! We just did an overnight stint due to RSV. Scary at first but what a relief that she’s ok! Would be great to read some mama stories about keeping it real… That’s critical to making it through the hard times!!!

  484. MamaKara says:

    Looking forward to a great read!

  485. Katie says:

    Looks fantastic!!

  486. Amy says:

    Love your blog, love the illustrations. Beautiful!

  487. Robin C says:

    Sounds like a good book! And the posters? GORGEOUS!

  488. Rosalie says:

    Awesome book! I’m about to be a new mom so it’s perfect.

  489. Liz says:

    What a great book!

  490. Yessie says:

    PIck me! I’d love a pretty picture!

  491. katrina says:

    This book sounds great!

  492. Bethany says:

    Love them! I even know exactly where it would go if I won!

  493. FElicia says:

    looks like a great book!

  494. Jimin says:

    The book is beautiful.

  495. This book would fit beautifully in my Children’s Boutique! It would be a great gift for any new or expecting mom!

  496. Joy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  497. Shawna Culp says:

    This book sounds exactly like what I need right now. Motherhood is my biggest blessing in life… and sometimes, the most frustrating.

  498. sarah says:

    oh so gorgeous!!

  499. Jenny says:

    A new book is often on the list of “must” when there are too many other “musts”. I’ve just discovered crochet granny squares. That will be up on my “must” list when I have too many other “musts”. Like the giant pile of laundry waiting to be folded. I mean two piles. Actually, I mean three. (our room, child’s room and the stairs inbetween).

  500. Jennie Stevenson says:

    Not sure when 8 pm PST is (can you enter from the UK?) but love these prints.

  501. HyunJin says:

    Just trying my luck.

  502. Hailie says:

    Just read couple pages…beautifully put it together… Love it.

  503. Jessica Leduc says:

    oh this sounds like a great book! would love to read it ๐Ÿ™‚

  504. Grace Elton says:

    Ohh my gosh, fingers crossed I win! ๐Ÿ™‚ sounds amazing!

  505. MelissaH says:


  506. Sarah V says:

    Wow those are so pretty!

  507. I have a giant, mega, giga zit on my forehead today, and a bunch of small zit cousins on my chin. That’s one thing I didn’t consider would happen after giving birth and now nursing – experiencing teenage acne in my thirties. Mother Nature, why are you so good to me?
    The zit has two heads. His name is Gert.

  508. Michelle Wright says:

    I freaking LOVE your site and the book your giving away is cool too!

  509. Cigal Shaham says:

    looks like a beautiful book

  510. Cargy Zorc says:

    Can’t wait to read it. Haven’t read in so long.

  511. Cathy Zorc says:

    Can’t wait to read it.

  512. Natalie says:

    Those pictures are beautiful! Sounds like a great read.

  513. Jenn Stark says:

    I hope it’s not too late! Kids just went to bed here. Sounds like an amazing book which I will definitely look for in the library whether I win or not ๐Ÿ™‚

  514. Amy says:

    Beautiful artwork!

  515. Emily DB says:

    Those prints are stunning! Beautiful.

  516. Kate says:

    I’d have to say I had a hard time choosing a favorite… but if I have to decide my favorite is probably the Motherhood and Sex poster. Simply beautiful.

  517. keri says:

    Stunningly beautiful pictures. Picking one would be tough!

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